If you want to Steal A Slogan from me, steal that one, that’s the best thing I came up with in Jan 2013.

1. Your Race Is Your Superextended Family. The Team you were born on. Every race inherently wants to preserve and strengthen their race, but this subconscious urge CAN be subverted and overcome. With disastrous results!

2. You can probably strengthen your race, without wanting to Cleanse other Races. Not necessarily a zero-sum game. Grow the Pie, not necess steal the pie.

3. Clearly defined Racial States would help Objective 2: Room for everybody. Lebensraum hahahaha.

4. The states could peacefully coexist and trade for natural resources like oil, precious metals, water, etc. SURE THEY COULD!

////// Kind of an ADD Post 4 All U ADDultKidz (tm FP)

heh. I forgot how good Encyclopaedia Dramatica is. (always NSFW!)

I do not intend for the excessive amount of Racial Slurs in this post to diminish the uncharacteristic seriousness of the post, hahaha. But this little section is not superserious, because EncycDram is Fun Good Times For All Races. CELEBRATING Racism. See, Racism isn’t so bad!

heheh. even if they are at heart anti-racists, this stuff is HILARIOUS. And i’m not sure they CAN be crypto-anti-racists BECAUSE this stuff is so hilarious!

note to self: check out david allen coe “rated x” album (x rated hits??)

oh that’s just great. that put a big smile on my grim face. but it does not have the infamous song “n!663r-hatin’ me.” and i am doubtful he addresses the You Know Who question.

note to self: discover musicians who DO address the You Know Who Question.

it is funny how every review of “X Rated Hits” goes out of its way to mention that the drummer on the album was black, so thus DAC doesn’t Hate All Black People.

This one right here ^^^

Have been listening to “Ni993r F00ker” over and over again, VERY catchy. As you can expect, all the comments on the vid are Very Stupid. Not Representative of Smart Racists Whatsoever.

Or the rumour that the YKW Shel Silverstein actually wrote “N!663R F00ker”. I can’t really hate on Silverstein because I GREW UP ON “Where the sidewalk ends” and “a light in the attic” and “the giving tree” (Should You think twice about giving those books to YOU Children? Are they REALLY Anti-White Propaganda?) and of course Silverstein was a bit of a country songwriter too, most famously “A Boy Named Sue.” It’s POSSIBLE Silverstein MIGHT be “A J3w I Like”.



you have 2 seconds to tell me the integral of csc or YOU’RE FIRED!

– ln (abs (csc x + cot x) ) + C ????

Heh is that how engineeeeeeeeeeering careeeeeeeeeeeeers really work?

story idea: “engineering firm” (aka engineering building where engineers engineer in all manner of engineering all day, haha) where they employ a Company Cop from HR maybe who pops up and quizzes engineers to make sure they REALLY know their stuff and them passing the Fundaments of Engineering Exam was not just luck.  One young man stammers and temporarily struggles to remember Gabriel’s Horn or some really weird sh!t. He eventually remembers it correctly. The Company Cop then strongarms people from the young engineer’s Past to find out he was the Last Person To Leave while taking an exam in Calc 2 like 4 years ago. He did well on the exam,

best score in the class actually, but he did it very slowly and carefully. the teacher could not tell the Cop due to FERPA but the Cop got the information through less than honorable means, snooping and spying and hearsay. Then the engineer is Railroaded from his Good Job, the first Real Good Job of his life, and is blacklisted from The Good List Of Good Jobs for Life, all because he took his TIME on One Math Test many YEARS ago even though he got the answers RIGHT, and he is forced to live the rest of his pathetic life in his Parents Basement and work The Worst Of Customer Service Jobs, hahahahaha.


Neil Young & Crazy Horse: “The Losing End” is a Deep Cut that doesn’t get enough love. Honestly and powerfully describes Unrequited True Beta Love of a Niceguy Friend. But at least when he gets rejected, he’s smart enough to not be crawling around the wimmin like a lapdog. He’s just sad and lonely and alone. Great song. Great music, great lyrics. Kind of a “country” swing to it, crying in your beer sort of thing. However I’m biased, “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” is def one of my Top Ten Albums of All Time. And songs like this are why.

Entering huge Neil Young Phase again and quite liking it!




Customer Service. You can get a Job in Customer Service even if you tell them in the interview you hate serving customers and that you’re horrible at it, because everyone hates serving customers and it does not matter if you’re bad at it, they just need a warm body to sit there and attempt to deal with idiots. Anyway it is better to be grumpy while you are serving customers because then you are getting paid. better than being grumpy and NOT getting paid.



The Idea of the Unpaid Internship is Inherently YouKnowWho-ish. Whereas Whites are inherently fair and honest and just (well, the ones that aren’t Slaves to YKW) and will want to give an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. But it’s JUST LIKE YWK to EXPLOIT VOLUNTEERS. Repackage a Perverted Form of Volunteering as A Mandatory Part of Work. The idealization itself of careeeeeers is YKW (tm Mindweapon). Honest people realize there’s plenty of dignity in shoveling fecal matter as long as long as you’re not living off other people’s work.


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