go to bed at 7pm. This is necessary. It must be quiet and dark as a tomb. Silent and Pitch Dark. Paleo. Watching Retarded TV or even OK Movies will just give you a “hangover” of bad sleep. Even just laying AWAKE in the silent, dark, peaceful room is almost as good as sleep, OR at least a lot better than watching TV. And I need a ton of quiet time to be able to deal with People the next day.

was listening to Chapin (because I neeeeeeed More Chapin in my life right now!) talking about Dalrymple’s “Spoilt Rotten” (“Psychobabble”, link ) where he says, and this is Me Paraphrasing Chapin Quoting Dalrymple: the man who says “DAMN” ONCE in his LIFE expresses more Honest Emotion than the crazy broad who is always going off narcissistically wailing about her feeeeeeeeelings. You Cheapen the Currency Of Emotion by Expressing it so frivolously. When people Express Everything All The Time, it actually becomes HARDER to EMPATHIZE with other AND to even Know Yourself. Lose-Lose. It’s just Narcissistic Hamsterwheeling.

Chapin is a Serious Guy, a trait we both admire, BUT he’s also HILARIOUS, a trait which I def admire. I don’t think he knows how hilarious he is. Or maybe it’s just me. I die laughing at least once per Inferno, especially when Chapin goes into CHARACTER as a Feminist Mangina Marxist like Snevie or Rudolfo or Mr Dicklesby or let’s not forget Professor K.D. Baginsky Burly-Butch. Those are the funniest of all! I am thankful he does this on a regular basis. Serious is great for serious things, but you can’t take things TOO seriously all the time.


pretty good, but not as good as hoping. very nice score from swedish composer/musician Krister Linder who I should* look into, I know s/he did a remix for Katatonia which I enjoyed and remembered. Chill, dark, swedish. Movie seemed mainly swedish from the names of the crew. Saleh presumably a swedish citizen, sounds like an Iranian name but could be wrong there. Animation style very nice, like to see more like that. worth seeing just for that alone. Great voice cast of non-usual-voice actors, which was what Saleh was going for: Vincent Gallo, Juliette Lewis (would like to see them together in a real life movie!), Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgard. Nice. On a mini Vincent Gallo kick, I’ve always liked him, he was underwhelming here, though, but he did have one good joke (SPOILER: “Carl can’t have dreadlocks, he’s from Finland! FIN-LAND!”), yes, I realize he’s not a COMEDIAN, but he can be very FUNNY. Waiting for his 2008ish Gallo-directed movie on Netflix. And for him to become more conservatively politically active, hahaha. B or B+ just for the overall effort, but writing was kinda “meh.” Nice try at combining Noir with Dystopia though!


watching a history channel program on Actual History Not Pawnshops (to Grecycle Firepower’s Prescient Observation that Once-Pseudo-“Educational” Cable Networks have nearly eliminated all such programming in favour of reality shows, ALTHOUGH I actually kinda like watching the pawn shop and duck dynasty things once in a while, and “DOOMSDAY PREPPERS” shows some solid entertainment potential) about Thomas Jefferson and of COURSE it was all about how he was a huge racist and owned 9000 slaves and was such a bad man who disowned all his bastard mulatto slave children bla bla bla, anyway the most useful thing I learned from that program was that TJ had a LAP DESK. A Medium-Sized Wooden Box with a long, wide, slightly inclined surface that he could place over his lap while sitting … OR LAYING DOWN!!! …. and then have a nice little portable desk on which to read and write. I truly liked that. Ideally I would combine that with one of those big cushions that allows you to sit upright in bed easily. The main thing is that you’re in bed with your legs stretched out. That’s how much of a Morally Lazy Loser Enthusiast I am!


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