I suppose I may have Hit Bottom and not even known it. Re my No Chutzpah. I even avoid Socializing With People because of fear about people talking about their CAREEEEEERS, and I haven’t cleverly rehearsed my LIE there beyond “working on a degree” and I can’t say “don’t care what it is, just want a safe lazy cushy unionized office cubicle job where I can tune out and a monkey could do my job, and if you were honest, you’d recognize a monkey could do YOUR job too and you wouldn’t be such a big Tryhard True Believer Career Worshipper Every Day Is The Best Day Of Your Life Doing Something You Love AND Saving The World Careeeeeeeeer.” Because I’ve ALWAYS resisted Unpaid Internships and other Bona Fides for having a Real Careeeer. More interested in the Higher Purposes of Morality, Religion (I won’t say “Spirituality” because THAT word is faggy as f00k and for SWPLs who are AFRAID of Morality and Religion!), Family, (The 14 Words, hahaha), etc. And if you’re a SWPL Tryhard

and it’s Oppressive and Conservative to be Religious, well then you just make the Careeeer your Religion and say you’re Very SPIRITUAL! fucking f4gg0ts. Not the people I know, of course, but my Extremely Anti-Career Attitudes have had noticeable affect on me being much more Visibly Professionally Unsuccessful than They. Which only makes sense, because I wasn’t willing to Work Hard, and you Get Out what you Put In, No One To Blame But Myself, and of course it’s all true! However the people Closest in my Circle of Trust do not judge me for my Career Loserhood and I can Just Be Myself; and even those more on the Periphery of the Circle would not intend any Harm Or Offense Or Judgement by simply asking about my careeeer, in which case I would just

deflect with a polite half-truth and try to change the subject; if they didn’t get the hint, then I would be more direct with saying I Just Don’t Want To Talk About That. NO BIG DEAL. But, without Giving Away Too Much Biographical Information, I am at that Stage Of Life where it’s really not cool to “Still be figuring yourself out” and Normal People My Age have completed their Masterz Degreez a few years ago, used it to get in an Entry Level Masterz Careeeeer, THEN gotten promoted from that, and right now Marriage is the hot thing, AND, I predict, CHILDREN will be not far off. So the guy saying stuff like Careers are BS, Marriage is BS, can easily be dismissed as Loser Talk from a Lazy Loser who wasn’t willing to work hard enough to get the Careers and Marriages of his Peers he’s so Jelly Of.

BUT THAT’S ENOUGH NAVEL-GAZING, Although I DO believe the author NEEDS to share a bit of his OWN life a LITTLE bit so his audience knows where’s he’s coming from. No, you don’t want to Give your enemies your Weaknesses, but I’m not really trying to make any ENEMIES. If anything, I’m trying to be HONEST with my ALLIES.

But I will just say that I COULD & SHOULD “Apply Myself” some more, and with that I probably DO have the Power to Make myself “Respectable” enough to Socialize with Real Grown-Ups with Real Careers. Then I’d only be One Step Removed, and right now I’m Two Steps Removed, and that’s One Step Too Much. You’re Only Worth What You WORK!

So I don’t get into the Narcissism of Small/Minor Differences as Firepower so brilliantly clued me in to that term; nope, my own Narcissism is more enough for me! My rule is, if I agree with somebody 80%, That’s Good Enough For Me! HELL, 80% IS A SH!TLOAD! I could prob even make do with as low as 60%!

But I am inspired by “The 4 hour work week” to HIRE MY OWN INDIAN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to DO THE WORK FOR ME which I described 2 paragraphs above, and it would prob be within their power to “Achieve Results” for me, hehehe. Even If I were to hire them for say….16 hours a month. Maybe even 8. Assuming paying them 10$ an hour. Then I’d go with 8 hours a month, hahahahaha.

But I COULD just be Grumpy and Grouchy and Angry and Frustrated, the way I have No Chutzpah and EVERYBODY has SOME kind of Chutzpah, even if it’s not for their Careeeeeer Per SE. In other words I am not a Normal Healthy Average Human….assuming Normal Healthy Average Human is not a Decadent Jewish Faggot Careeeerist Consumerist SWPL Marxist America-Destroying Swine, hahahaha. No I said Average HEALTHY Human. Line up all the Real People in your life you Admire, and then find the person at the Bottom of that list and then emulate them and then work your way up. It’s good to Cut Out Losers in Your Life and Choose To Hang Out With Winners, and I am really stuggling to Not be that Kind of Loser I wouldn’t want to hang out with! Life Is

HARD! Give Baby His Baba! What do you do when YOU ARE The Loser? You Quit Whining, Dust Yourself Off, and Bust 4ss to make yourself the winner, not WHINE about how you don’t have the “CHUTZPAH” to Not Want To Work To Be A Winner anymore! But yeah That’s “Where I’m Coming From”. I have a VERY Bad history of JUST GIVING UP which I MUST Overcome, it’s a life or death struggle. Kinda scary, hahahaha. But yeah, Average People have not Given Up On Life to the extent I have. In the Past. Heh. This is why I say Joining The US Military woulda been good for me as a Wayward Giving-Up Little Punk, even if they do Sacrifice Children For Israel. Well Thankfully they still have Honest Hard Working Man Jobs in Bakken/Williston, that is one of the few remaining opportunities for me to Straighten Up and Get My Sh!t together.

BUT enough WHINING and FAGGINESS, I AM cautiously Optimistic, And I refuse to put any kind of Faggy Emotional Burden on the Real People I DO know, because when you get some sad sack who emails you a 9,000 page email about how he has nothing left to live for after some b!tch dumped him, well there’s not much you can do for him even if you want to, AND you really hope that even saying “I Sympathize For You And Your Pain” does not provoke EVEN MORE 9,000 page emails, but of course the 9000-page emailer is not in his right mind, and he doesn’t know any better anyway. ANYWAY, what I’m saying is, I don’t wanna be THAT guy.

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