Todd Solondz makes the best movies about Total Losers. I started this one laughing heartily at everything the main character Abe said and did. Great performance and writing there. Seemed more hilarious than awkward, another thing Solondz specializes in. And Solondz’s Huge Losers are usually Jewish. Losers and/or A55holes. There is a corny picture of “ISRAEL” prominently displayed in Abe’s home. Trying to figure this out. Obviously Solondz is a huge jew, AND obv he is a hugely insecure and self-loathing and depressed and has prob felt like a Big Loser most of his life or else all his movies wouldn’t be about Big Jewish Losers. But is he just being DISINGENUOUS and LOOKING FOR PITY??? Because he’s OBV successful: a respected filmmaker, he makes his LIVING as a FILM PROFESSOR I’m pretty sure. He’s not still living in his parents’ house. Of course if a Gentile portrayed jews like this he’d be called an anti-semite. So I kinda enjoy Solondz’s Political Incorrectness on portraying Jews in a less-than-holy light, although I’m not thrilled that only he can get away with that because he’s jewish. I, like a self-loathing white christian, will give solondz the benefit of the doubt, welcome him with open arms for him to stab me in the back, hahahaha.

He makes occasional jokes about marxists too. He might be anti-zionist AND anti-marxist, which in my book is a pretty Good Jew. But I enjoyed Solondz’s movies ever since “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Happiness”, before I had my Racial Awakening, hahaha. The Jewishness of those characters is a bit more understated; although ALL of Solondz’s Jews are “SECULAR” and “NONRELIGIOUS” and very Suburban White-Seeming, not so SWPL anymore since they had Children and moved to New Jersey, and us Goys don’t even think of them as Jews until Solondz throws in a blatant tell, like the “ISRAEL” poster or a prominently displayed star of david. What exactly is he trying to say?

But I will always like Solondz for his portrayal of these Huge, Pathetic, Failure Losers. They Lose at all aspects of life and should really just Kill Themselves, and indeed often think about it. The lady in Dark Horse has a GREAT line; her two children died by suicide, and Our Hero Abe says something about considering suicide once, and the woman says cooly, “EITHER DO IT, OR SHUT THE F00K UP ABOUT IT.” I howled with laughter! Only Solondz, in my movie-watching experience, gets THIS Pitch-Black with his comedy. In some ways he is even darker than Lars von Trier. Solondz’s thing is that he’s more attached to Comedy, and all his movies can be considered Comedies ultimately…but the darkest blackest bleakest most uncomfortable comedies imaginable. Very misanthropic and cynical and hateful. “The Human Race is a Sh!tty Hypocritical Cesspool! Waaah waaah waaah I want My Mommy!” Kinda like Jody Hill (Eastbound & Down; Foot Fist Way; the Mall Cop Dark Comedy with Seth Rogen) but better, even if Jody Hill is a gentile (Although Hill is at his peak with some episodes of E&D!). Solondz invented this kind of dark comedy, and though it’s the only kind of movie he ever makes, he’s the best at it. And he usually has great music too, uplifting “theme songs” that give comfort to the Loser Viewerz, hahaha.

And there was the hilarious idea that all Abe had to do was Go Back To College and Finish His Degree, then everything would be all right, hahahaha. Or his Handsome Successful Tryhard Brother who became a Medical Doctor because he Worked Hard, even though he was Smart, and Abe had a Bad Attitude, and was Lazy, and didn’t want to Apply Himself, so he became a big failure, and his handsome rich successful alpha nonbalding in-shape brother nods smugly and piously saying that he still had to work hard even though he was smart, he wasn’t handed his success on a silver platter. Great times 4 Lozerz! B+/A-.

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