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David Allan Coe lived in A CAVE. Well, according to YouKnowWhoipedia at least. But just the very idea. of him living in a CAVE after the irs took his house is AWESOME.


re A Man becoming somewhat less of a “woman hater” after reading the “no more mr nice guy” blog which has been Huge Boulderz In Both Shoes:

Besides, if A Man is not going to Not Hate Women one gay out of the year, it might as well be Valentines Gay!

Maybe A Man HAS been too harsh on Wimmin. (A Man has been catching up on Season 2 “Gay of thrones” and found an interesting way to escape the narcissism of saying I I I I I I I I over and over again! Might not work though. He tried something similar with his previous blog and concluded he liked Being Honest About His Opinions.) Maybe Quite A Lot of Wimmin Are Not Like That. Maybe even generally speaking, Women As A Group Aren’t As Average Promiscuous As A Man’s  accused them of being. All this talk of women have 5-ways with 4 different guys at once, and women vastly outnumbering men on partner count, well at least average wimmin vs average beta men, all this talk is exaggerated.

maybe beta men are having a lot more S than A Man’s  been suggesting. Maybe Wimmin have been having a lot less S than a man’s suggesting. Maybe Wimmin don’t “Hate Betas”. Maybe, Maybe.

Where is a man’s PROOF? Everything is ANECDOTAL, or taken from Mainstream Media which IS Objectively, Nonanecdotally Poison, but it’s NOT real women in real life, even though it may have some influence on them.

So A Man’s (heh yes this prob is not gonna last) gonna try something new for the next three months (hahaha), do a little Lifestyle Design Experimant. That whatever A Man would Normally Assume as a Woman’s Partner Count and/or Promiscuity, take that and cut it in half. Give them the benefit of the doubt (three strikes) unless they prove themselves as promiscuous and it directly hurts a man.

Flies in the face of A Man’s “Presume Promiscuous Until Proven Pure” rule!

However A Man never hopes to never be shaken in his belief that Female Promiscuity is Itself Inherently Bad. Bad For Society and Civilization. Bad for Families and Children.

While it might not make Wimmin more Picky like some PUAs say, a man thinks we can ALL Agree that it is a Big Risk Factor for Female Cheating, Female Crazyness, being a bad Long-Term Mate Investment. THAT’s the real problem with Female Promiscuity.

This is not to say Men should be as Promiscuous as Possible. They can just get away with a little more because they have to work for sex, it’s a lot harder for men to Choose their mate rather than get Stuck with a Unsatisfactory Mate, AND Men Have no Womb With Which to get Preggers.

Then A Man went through His Life List of Women He Had Felt Were Worthy of Long-Term Monogamous Commitment, and asked himself if Their Past Promiscuity would be a Dealbreaker. It might not
even! But A Man can assure you, it would not be a GOOD thing, and the less promiscuous they were, the happier A Man would be.

But If Most Women Aren’t THAT Promiscuous, then it’s not worth worrying about unless she reveals herself to be Above Average Promiscuous.

Just don’t settle for Crappy or Suspicious Wimmin, and you’ll be FINE! A Man’d like to think it’s pretty easy to tell when a Wimmin is trying to SCAM you; and then at that point, you say, “GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN!” and go on your merry way, sans scammer. Certainly don’t get married or get into a long-term monog rel with a Substandard Wimmin You Have Big Doubts On, just because you’re SCAWED of being LONELY. Even Being LONELY would be 6,000,001 times BETTER. Something truly worth celebrating.

Do a Thought Experiment where you no longer automatically assume All Wimmin Hate Betas. Maybe Lots Of Women LIKE Betas. If you’re not getting great tail at the moment, you have nothing to lose anyway!

it’s HARD to get definitive objective empirical answers on number of sex partners per year anyway. The Big Study of like 4 Big Universities said the Vast Majority of students, no diff bw male and female, had 1 OR LESS Partners per year. And these are people in the Prime Of Youth. That’s not very promiscuous!

of course there are Theories that Wimmin don’t get REALLY Promiscuous until AFTER college.

Whatever. A Man stoutly (heh) refuses to EVER believe that Promiscuity is Not Bad. A Man is just experimenting with the Notion (heh) that Maybe Women Aren’t As Promiscuous As A Man Thought. And won’t get all angry about it unless a Specific Wimmin attempts to Burn A Man with her Promiscuity. Which, if Women aren’t as promiscuous as A Man once thought, then the likelihood of this decreases.


this came on A Man’s Spotify Starred List and was just the right song at the right time, the hand of g-d, so  a man moved it to the “Super starred” playlist of the best songs of the best songs. a man doesn’t usu like “overproduced”, but a man is not sure this is that. In A Man’s Opinion, it’s heavy as f00k, plus the blast beats and Peter Tagtgren were very pleasant surprises for this band.

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