IF you’re curious about “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal” despite how F@GGY and WEAK it sounds – and there is a LOT of chaff to sift thru, and THAT will make you depressive suicidal REAL quick, haha – then a Good Band to Start with is TRIST from Czech. T (it’s one guy, that’s his name) is The Real Deal. I like to think of it more as CHILLOUT BLACK METAL. That is a MUCH better name for the GOOD DSBM bands. Like Trist. Heh. Kinda sounds like Hypothermia but a little better.

So I’m sold on the argument of the Gun Nutz. That Skool Shootings started increasing in the mid 1990s once there were big federal gun control laws passed creating no gun zones and such. So psychopaths who want to kill lots of people will go to a gun free place like a skool or campus or church. And also something tells me they won’t have a problem with getting their gunz illegally. Dunno. Just seems like SIMPLE COMMON SENSE to me. If someone can’t legally get a gun and they’re crazy enough to want to shoot people, they’ll find a way to get gunz. Now say the teacher had a gun and they could have shot the Sperg Psycho after he only killed 1 or 2 people rather than 27 and then the ziomedia would be saying how GREAT GUNS are, hahahahahah jk no they wouldn’t.

Following The Cap’s Advice, I will continue to Not Try and be a Morally Lazy Loser till I’m 35. Makes getting my STEM degree seem less intimidating hahaha. I HATE (as in, really annoyed by, not I wanna shoot them!) these f@ggot 18 year old TRYHARDS that take 20 credits of Hard Stem Classes every term. These are the kinda kidz that when Final Exams are over and Classes are Over, they’re STILL Studying in the Library 12 hours a day. SERIOUSLY. But I don’t really hate or blame them. Maybe they’re being Pushed. Maybe they’re serious about getting that Real Power. Maybe they haven’t reached the conclusion yet that it’s OK to Cheat the Cheaters. I certainly was Morally Opposed to Cheating when I was their age.

The Antiwhite Race Traitor Self-Loathing-White Leftist Seth MarxFarlane STILL can come up with some good jokes IMHO. My fave right now is
Peter: You AGAMEMNON (With) Me?
Quagmire: Huh?
Peter: Yeah I dunno either, I just heard that word and didn’t know what it means, so I decided to use it!

thinking again about Stories to get people Fired Up. Nourish the Soul. Defeat Laziness. Inspire Action. Books are fine if they’re good and not boring. Even 1984 or Turner Diaries got boring. you almost NEED something like a Big Movie or a Prole HUnger Games Novel to really Pump people up. I was thinking that Ideas Like Ours are not exactly getting money thrown at us by Ziowood Projewcers to make Pulse-Pounding Epic Moovies. However you don’t need money to buy talent, you can still make a good movie on a shoestring budget if you’re smart enough. Examples, though these do not promote Our Message: Paranormal Activity, Joe Swanberg.

But I was thinking some of the Stories we want to tell will have Big-Budget elements: wars, huge civilizational changes, future utopias and dystopias. I figured a good way to do that would be to do PLAYS or RADIO DRAMAS or RADIO PLAYS or something like Lars Trier’s “Dogville” where you just have the actors on a blank black stage, no props, no sets. Then have good actors deliver good writing and a good story. You don’t need 9,000,000 dollar cgi and renting out lavish settings.

heh. maybe cause I was listening to the 1950s Mystery Radio Shows on Sirius Radio and thinking wow this is corny as f00k but also pretty fun. Why can’t we bring this form back and do something REALLY Fun and Less Corny with it? We could use it to win hearts and minds!

You could theoretically do it ALL BY YOURSELF, although it would help a lot to get one extra person to help do voices. and that’s prob easily doable unless you’re a TOTAL Omega Virgin NEckbeard Sperg Virgin Butthurt Basement Dweller Unemployable Introvert Creep and don’t know ANYBODY. Heck. do it over SKYPE with you other neckbeard internet buddies. You could even have YOUR MOM do it in a pinch, hahahaha.

PLAYS. RADIO DRAMAS. Narrator will Stoke your imagination to get the setting, maybe some sound effects, but main thing will be dialogue. and narration to make sure the proles get the message. As Winston Smith says, they have the numbers, if they only REALIZED this strength, they COULD change society overnight.

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