Was thinking about Freemasons with their Degrees of secrecy, how it’s like an onion, and the lower-downs know less and the higher-ups know more, including dark esoteric secrets. in theory. Then I was thinking about Building A Political Party or Movement. If you take a “you’re either 100% for us, or you’re the enemy traitor approach,” IMHO, you’re not going to get the numbers you might need to take political power. Counterargument: a small army of highly-trained soldiers can accomplish more than an army MANY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE BIGGER in number. But FOR THIS PARAGRAPH let’s put that counterargument aside. I propose a Party with an inner core who are basically Supersmart Ethnonationalists; but then they “SOFTEN THE MESSAGE” or “EUPHEMISE” or “WATER IT DOWN” on the ground-level so as to attract a large, broad, big-tent, larger-than-the-tea-party sized following, using Basic General Conservative Principles Millions Of People can agree with, and saving the Scariest Racist talk for the people who have been with the organization the longest and are the highest “degree”, and the Newbs don’t hear anything of that.

Regarding the Watering-Down: think of it more as NOT watering-down or diluting or making concessions or being everything to everyone, think of it more as Selective Omission of the most controversial stuff. For example, say you want to Restrict Immigration. Everyone from Goose-Stepping, Cross-Burning Neo-Nazi Terrorists to Cowboy Hat Tea Party Fox Newz Types can agree on that much.

The Dividing line WOULD have to be drawn on Zionism and Neoconism. The party would NOT be Neocon. It would not Bend Over Backwards to be Butt Buddies With Bibi. But rather than say you want to wipe israel off the map or “questioning the holocaust”, just keep a tight lip and appear Cool or Neutral towards Israel like the Divesting Leftists do….only of course you’d be far from a Leftist!

Just an Idea. I’m an Ideas Man, it says so on my Res and CL, hahahahahahaha. That’s why I’m Entitled and Have A Right To Work a Living Wage Job, exit the Working Poor of Lower-Working Class, and enter the Proud World of Middle-Working Class!

_____A few weeks ago I said something like I appreciated Freud’s idea of Narcissism of Small Differences even though I Know What Freud Was, IE a Marxist Zionist Antiwhite Jewish Supremacist. Was I trying to Prove my Savvyness to The Jewish Question? Or was I Being Beta — Browbeaten to Always Take The Defensive, always assuming some Wimminz is gonna immediately Snap Back at you with some snarky, weak counterargument, so you neurotically spazz through a litany of But I Know’s and Before-You-Say’s? That kind of defensiveness is Beta and Weak and Gay; and honorable MEN aren’t gonna jump down your throat like that. My Beta Preemptiveness was Classic Feminized Western Male (tm Chechar) Behavior, which comes from being inundated by Western Females and Western Female-Empowering Culture.

I suppose the solution is just be calm and confident in your tone. That will disarm some Sh!t tests in advance. And then if they give you a sh1t test anyway, you already HAVE your countercounterargument, then just deliver than in a calm, confident, and now marginally more arrogant and superior tone. Because all it IS is sh1t tests! Tests given by WIMMIN to test how MANLY you are!

But there’s two kinds of sh1t tests: one where her hamster tells her she might be into you, and she’s testing you to see how manly you really are.

Then the second, worse kind: when she’s already boxed you into the Beta Box, and now she’s just Busting Your Ballz because Wimminz Naturally have an aversion to, Want to be hostile towards, want to shame and shun, Betas! And if beta sticks around for a few minutes trying to wave off stupid sh1t tests with supplicating little t-rex arms, the woman is simultaneously disgusted by the beta AND stimulated by herself shaming and shunning him. It’s more Ball-Breaking than Sh1t-Testing Per Se.


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