Polish National Catholic Church is a Breakaway Catholic Church
something about Polish Immigrants to Murka being frowned upon by other White Roman Catholics? Or Poles not being adequately represented in the administration of the Roman Catholic Church? But obviously millions of Polish Poles have no problem with being Roman Catholic, plus the Polish POPE was Kinda A Big Deal, so, I’z confuuuuuzed.

but not necess an Eastern Catholic Church
well Poland itself is full-blown Roman Catholic anyway
but Eastern Catholic are definitely not Eastern Orthodox (Catholic) Church
which are famously not communed with Rome.

I’m sure I learned all of this in my Roman Catholic Religion class in high school buttiforget alot of the deetz. Bad Catholic! Note: The Super-Catholic Slavic Catholic church I visited IS a Full-Blown Roman Catholic church where I could have received Holy Eucharist had I not been in a state of Moral Mortal Sin due to my Moral Laziness (Sloth), Despair, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, and Narcissism. Hahahaha.

Speaking of, before I forget, one of the Great Pickup Lines I came up with a while ago is “GIMME A BL0WJ0B.” You gotta try that one out. Just Three easy words. Especially appropriate when the girl has nice d!ck-suckin Lipps.

Note to self: do some research on “Traditionalist Catholics”, Monsignor Lefevbre and his SSPX (Society of St Pius X), the Liberal Modernizations of Vatican 2, how Rome might have screwed Lefebvre or might not have, depending on how nutty he was. But anything where you alienate Hamstery Churchian “Reformed Slutz” Wimminz and actually Demand A Personal Sacrifice is ok by me!

Will take the risk of personally identifying/”OUTING” myself by Exploring My POLISH Heritage and the Broader Polish-American experience, and of course, The Polish Experience. Still wouldn’t be as butt-spreading as the navel-gazing I did on the Previous Blog, WHICH, by the way, I will prob repost excerpts of The Good Non-Butt-Spreading Stuff every now and then so as not to throw out the baby with the bathwater – there was plenty of good stuff there, AND I intentionally Tried A Little on the actual Writing Quality, like doing Proofreading and Tightening and stuff. Now I obviously do NOT.

POINT: Inspired by Chechar’s talk of Secret WW2 History, and What The Allies Did During Peacetime was actually worse than What The Germans Did during Wartime, and the Rape of Berlin and Hellstorm and such; AND how Russia/Soviets were Allies at that time; AND in the Jewish Nature of Bolshevism and Communism in Russia; AND the evolution of Russia from Jewish Bolshevists to American Allies to Stalin to Krushchev and Cold War with the West, it’s all very complicated of course. ANYWAY, As A POLE, I don’t think there’s any Denial What Hitler’s Germany did to Poland, IE Slaughtered them like Pigs. Whites exterminating Whites. White Polish Gentiles getting sent to Gas Chambers and Human Ovenz just like they were Jewz. So you see I can’t Love Hitler TOO much. Even if I suspect the Numbers of The Jewish Holocaust are a bit EXAGGERATED. Do I think that the number of Jewz killed by Germans is…. small medium or large, if not 6,000,000? FOR ARGUMENT’S SAKE, let’s say the REAL number is 600,000. Can we say that Germans killed 600,000 POLES, and if they DID, I would be P!SSED at Nazi Germany, and should thus QED Allow Jews to get pissed as well, right?? Let them have a little bit of whining about their Holochaust? (Albeit 90% Less whining than currently, hahahaha.)

I just remembered I have “One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich” by Solzenitzyn on my shelf, and that I need to do some more HW on Solzenitsyn BUT I would prefer something a little more provocative than “One Day.”

How did the jewish presence in russian governance change over the course of trotsky to lenin to stalin to kruschev and beyond? To put it crudely it SEEEEEMZ like The Stalin Administration is “Less Jewish” than the Bolsheviks of the initial Russian Revolution, although Stalin was notable for being Brutal and Repressive as Fook in terms of Numbers Of Dead Russians and Gulags and such. Heh. You don’t LEARN this kind of History in High Skool, hahaha. You have to Autodidact it 4Yourself.

One thing’s for certain though: we CAN blame the ELEVEN million dead white ukrainians of the 1932 Holodomor on Jews, hahahahaha.

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