alex linder giving a VERY intense speech at a rally in knoxville in 2007 re the murders of channon christian and christopher newsom. “alleged” horrific torture and rape and abuse and mutilation by a group of black thugs that never really got big MSM treatment. I never HEARD someone give a speech this intense.

CNN bit on it, no I don’t LIKE CNN. It’s just an EXAMPLE. “white supremacists” trying to say it’s a “hate crime.” And that the mutilations never actually happened. real anti-white hatchet job on the pro-whites.

okay they can prove that both were raped and murdered. the detail about his penis being cut off and her breast being cut off is not proven.

alex linder is secretly a jew and anti-william-pierce and pro glenn miller who squealed to the feds about the order????

ward kendall sez AL is a jew and that VNN is a cesspool of idiots and that they should accept NS

this linder is a real controversial lightning rod kinda guy!

UPDATE: This shows how The Whole Modern White Race has become Huge Feminized Niceguys, always willing to give not just three strikes but 3000000; Oh, well, if they didn’t cut off the PENIS and the BREAST then it’s NOT A HATE CRIME, they can rape her and rape him with a CHAIR LEG and torture and pour chemicals into their mouths, but as long as they didn’t hack those body parts off, it’s not a hate crime. WTF! I even found MYSELF thinking like that for a few seconds, before I took a step back, slept on it. Yep, Alex Linder is absolutely right to use the “hate speech” he did. I was kinda shocked at first, because you rarely hear a white guy using The N Word like that, except on VNN hahahaha. Heh. Maybe more whites need to START hearing other whites saying the N Word like that. Maybe Nonwhites need to hear it too. Some whites aren’t just gonna lay down and TAKE IT UP THE 4SS and say GIMME MORE.

jewy mcjudasson does hourlong interview with kevin macdonald on “culture of critique” jewish influence on the west in 20th century. host is very patronizing.

heh I like people’s Biographies as much as their Philosophies. Like Kmac seriously wanting to be a Jazz Pianist. Doesn’t he know that Jazz is Black, hahahaha. But I get it, I like Jazz too. Was never that good at piano though! I think he’s got a good job now though!



1. start Chemical/Petroleum Engineering Program
2. Take ONE class per semester because SKOOL F00KING SUCKS
2a. Stay Away From Hamstery Wimmin bc they Rot The Soul
3. Get Degree when 40
4. Get Entry-Level Chem Engin Job with 21 year olds
5. Try not to get canned before death re increased health care costs for older employees
6. Work till death to stay out of hospital or nursing home or spare family having to change my ADDultDiaperz

But seriously. Maybe steer clear of the Fortune 500 and Best Companies to Work for, and focus on the SMALLER Companies (less than 50 employees) because they are not Handcuffed by the same Employment Quota Laws and might be willing to give a chance to an Older White Man who just wants to Work Hard and Do The Right Thing but who might not talk the best HR Marxtalk day in day out, just wants to not rock the boat and be a model order-taker.

any time you ever feeeel like a pathetic loser, stop thinking, jump up, get down and do 50 pushups. Sometimes our brains can be stupid and do more feeeeeeling than thinking, and turn thoughts into stupid feeeeeelings. So just get down and do 50 pushups until that’s all you can think or feeeeeeel. Like I should do it right now.


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