I would like to pay gratitude and Love to my Mother and Father for being Great People & Ideal Parents, and it is a tragic sign of the times that I am so LUCKY to have Two Great Parents, when this Should* (tm FP) be the AVERAGE, rather than the Average Of Just About Every Group Of Anything being Crap.

Recently found myself “trapped” hahaha in the Russian History section of A Liberry. Saw “Bloodlands” by Timothy Snyder which I knew Uncle Bern likes and I’m grateful for Uncle Bern reading and commenting on all these books, HEY BERN HOW ABOUT you do an Inferno where you just videotape your Bookshelves to show us all yer bookz. I looked in the index for “Holodomor” but nothing. Doesn’t necess mean the book is BAD though. Also I know Bern speaks highly of Robert Service who is a prof of Russian History and has wrote huuuuge histories of Russia and Acclaimed biographies of Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky. Obviously he has a Successful Mainstream Academic Career, so he hasn’t Spoken Out Against The Jew like David Duke or sommat, but this doesn’t necessarily make him a huge shabbas goy (new fave term, hahaha) antiwhite zionist….Right? I Mean Kevin MACDONALD has an Academic JOB, hahaha. If Prof Service is good enough for Uncle Bern he should be good enough for me…..right?

What would I do if Bern “came out” as a huge Zionist. I have ABSOLUTELY NO reason to believe he would, just paranoid. Classic Antisemitic paranoia where whites suspect whites of being shabbas goy jew-lovers hahahaha. Well despite Bern not really ever talking about “The Jewish Question”, I think he would have the sense to see Bibi and Israel as Huge Horrible Neocons at least.

Varg Vikernes has a new article up about how Breivik was expecting a “5 Star Hotel” re the Norwegian Prison System, which is why he did not fear prison; and that he is a Freemason Christian Jew who has done more to hurt Norwegians in one day than Muslims have in 40 years. Interesting Points. Then Varg gives a nice appraisal of the Jewish Question but then denounces All Christians as No Better Than Jews, Christianity IS Inherently Jewish, etc. Not that that’s surprising to hear him say that. I guess MY Job is to prove Not All Christians Are Like That. Or to somehow cleanly separate Christians from Jews. OR To disabuse Jews of Antiwhite Zionism, hahaha.

Negative Amazon Reviews for Bob Service (maybe I just like his NAME) describe him as a NEOCON puppet of the NEOCON Hoover Institution. BUT a lot of these neg reviewers are self-identified leftists. Now while rightists can agree with leftists that Neoconz Suck, it is possible that Leftists might Mistakenly Identify True Conservatives as Neocons?

took these 3 books out of the lib to peruse over CHRISTmas when I will have a little time to do so. I maintain that being a Language Nerd and Jew Nerd does not automatically make me a WANNABE JEW or a Shabbas Goy, hahaha.

My other big nasty secret is that I like Serious Subjects presented as FUNNY COMICS with LOTSA PICTURES AND JOKES.

For example, “Introducing Kafka” from Totem Books, who has a series of Funny and Amusing “Introducing” books. Eradica would certainly Ream Me Out for liking such Dumbed Down stuff and for taking FUN over TRUTH, but I think as long as you use these kinda books as your starting point, your hook if you will, you should be ok. I think you can learn the Basic Facts in a Fun, Rememberable way. I think I’m Smart enough to not EXPECT the Hard Truth out of Fun Books. I just kinda want to get a basic outline of things. Plus I am a Visual Learner Who Never Learned How To Read. So Bl0wme B!tch. I might get down on the whole “Introducing” series: Freud, Nietzsche, Lacan, Foucault, Quantum Theory, Jung, “Philosophy”, etc.

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