Yeah this blog is not really uptodate, trying even less than usual.

Officially in the midst of a Hateful Phase until about June 2013 approx. Just gonna celebrate the hate. no apologies, no excuses. K-kes have turned wh-te men into f-gg-ts and wh-te women into wh-res. K-ke poison infests everything: TV/news/media, health care, jerbz, careeeeeers (k-ke kareeeer kult), i have come out of the closet and begun using the word “k-ke” liberally in my private writing and now, I suppose, my public writing.  my other current favourite racial slurs are “sh-tskins” and “mudslimes”.

plenty of whites are wannabe k-kes. but they don’t even KNOW they want to be k-kes. they’ve just been poisoned by skool and media and Boomer families that didn’t know any better.

k-ke cancer. k-ke pharmaceuticals creating lifetime customers, not curing illness, not helping people. k-kes promoting all sorts of degeneracy and saying it’s right….because THEY’RE not right.

living in a CAVE eating BUGS and ROOTS would be healthier for the white soul than watching k-ke tv, working in k!ke careers, eating k!ke food.

K!ke FOOD! filled with chemicals and toxins and poison. not just k-kes but the Collaborator Race Traitor WHITES who LET all this happen because it meant more MONEY for them, to poison their own people!

Anyway I hope to let the Hate transform me in a Positive Way, make me tougher and meaner and stronger and healthier and better.  that is why i am putting the time limit on it.  If I am “Consumed By Hatred” after june 2013, then and only then I will start worrying, but before then, NO PROBLEM MON.

SOME of it is due to Personal Setbacks and Failures and Weaknesses and Regrets and things I’m not too proud of, that really are no fault of the K!kes, but MY fault alone. Although for a long time I wanted to believe J-w LIES!

And yet I am still the same Niceguy who started this “Blog” almost a year ago, except now I am not afraid to say the word k!ke.  KIKE.

I have not gone off “the deep end”, however I am prob more committed to My Racial Awakening.  It is a tuff thing and it did not happen overnight. But I feeeeeeel I might have turned a corner. Went past the point of no return. Crossed the RUBICON.  For me that is represented by not being afraid to say words like KIKE. For You it might be represented by something else.

There is the objection that “I’m Doing This” because I’m just into Acting Out, Getting Attention, and being POLITICALLY INCORRECT, and what’s more Politically Incorrect than being a RACIST? Next thing you know the most cutting edge artsy hipster Brooklyn SWPLs will be wearing Swastikas like Sid Vicious to protest the Man, or sommat, and will then be inundated with 18 Year Old White P-ssy.

However there are much, much, much more important things in life than P-ssy, even Wh-te P-ssy, if all it is is Decadent K-ke Poison!

Currently a big thing for me is, How Jewish IS Christianity. Is christianity a “jewish conspiracy” to make whites bend the knee to their jewish overlords.

At the moment I currently LIKE much of the characters of, for example, Jesus and Mary. I LIKE the priest at the church go to most often. I have a generally POSITIVE opinion of the churchgoers there, EVEN the nonwhites! However I can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing; and the idea of The White Race is Feeding My Soul more than the Christian Religion; and I certainly wouldn’t put it PAST those sneaky YouKnowWho’s to at least USE Christianity to SOME extent as a weapon against the goyim. the stupid, stupid goyim.

Also something about being BORN white, but you can’t be BORN christian.

Despite an awareness of the J Poison in Televitz, I have been watching tons of it: Gayme of Thrones – is it just filthy p0rn poison pretending to be “fantasy”, or is it actually ok to enjoy it? Star Trek TNG: great characters, but how “poisonous” is it; Breaking Bad (all “caught up”), actually all caught up on the undeniably Filthy K-ke Kancer “Girls”; picking back up on Battlestar Galactica again. wrote a bunch of stuff on these shows, might post some.

Ideally will free myself from this J-vvish “need” for ENTERTAINMENT but I have a gloominess and grumpiness and bawwwww feeeeeelz which overcome me during the cold bleak winter months. this is much less healthy than the Little Bit O Hatred, which is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, We must be careful of Trace Elements of POISON which SLIP IN to the things we LIKE and still manage to POISON us bit by bit.

Fun Entertaining New To Me Music:

SARGEIST: Let The Devil In. Sort of new discovery, Finnish Black Metal that proves Sweden and Norway have been Ruined By The J-w. This is exactly what black metal SHOULD* be. this album was released in 2010, quite a late date. Black Metal is alive and well.

TENHI another Finnish group I’ve heard OF but never really listened TO till now. Might make a “Dark Folk” fan out of me.

Even though these musicians might not be personally Race-Awakened, they are definitely still Honest Whites, and their Poison-Free Music can Nourish the souls of other Honest Whites. Especially if you have a hardon for FINNS, hahahahaha.

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