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I first heard about “The Silk Road” about 4 months ago. It holds appeal for us paranoid conspiracy types. Concerned with privacy and anonymity and overreach. So
it has a weird URL with a .onion extension, and these can only be opened by the Anonymity / CLoaking browser TOR, something about Onion Routing and proxies.

Theoretically you could look at Kiddie Pron all day and never get busted. (well prob not. I aint some security nerd where this is the sorta stuff I do for fun, and then mock all the guys that WORK in CompSec for being incompetent. Then why don’t YOU get a job and make some MONEY if yr so SMRT, hahaha, I know I would. ) ANYWAY The guy talked about it being an online black market where you could buy drugs and weapons and slaves and organs. I was completely incredulous. Well he was mistaken about everything but the drugs hahaha, part of The Silk Road’s mission is not to sell anything that can harm people. Like Weapons.

ok i downloaded the tor browser and am looking at it and it’s mainly drugs. w33d and “opioids” and ecstasy and whatnot. half ounce of w33d 10 bitcoins, about 80 bucks? actually right now 1 bitcoin is prob closer to 15 bucks. ok 13.

finally listened to some of PARAMAECIUM’s debut album and it is pretty SICK. REALLY Pleasantly Surprised. Australian Doom Death, VERY heavy, raw, yet listenable, 1993, great time. Back in my antichristian days I think I was put off by their Christianness, now it’s a bonus thing. It was a pretty ballsy thing to do when all metal people hate christians. the drummer Jayson Sherlock is also in Mortification, which I’d also heard of and unfairly mocked back in the day. That is more death metal. What I just learned today was Sherlock does a SOLO BLACK METAL PROJECT called HORDE, Christian Black Metal which is called “Unblack Metal”. will now listen to that. sounds like black metal to me! NOICE! PRAISE THE LORD! He’s a prty gud drmmr too! sick blasts brah! as a serious lifelong Metal fan now becoming more tolerant of the xtianz, this is RIGHT in my 2013 wheelhaus. AND it’s good enough to be enjoyed by antichristians as well. Prank them by telling them AFTER they start enjoying it! be like B!TCH you just liked CHRISTIAN METAL! TROLOLOLOL!

crimson moonlight swedish unblack christian black metal nowadays with huge death influences.

Antestor from norway had Hellhammer Blomberg playing on one of their albums, catchy melodic blackish.

Living Sacrifice. I shoulda given them a serious chance in my “Bad4ss Trog Metal” days, haha. They could well STILL be enjoyable.

But for the record, I’m still not THAT much of a Believer. I’ve only become 1% less Agnostic, but orders of magnitude more respectful, appreciative, and open to the Christians, that’s the Big Subtle Distinction You must Understand about Me, hahahaha. Maybe if one of these Christian metal bands were distinctly CATHOLIC? That’s my Identity Niche. Catholic Chillout Black Metal, hahaha.

O that’s nice! Good Godly Work Guys! Now a lot of the Christian Metal seems to be Emo Pussy Fag Metalcore Melodeth Fagcore like Underoath or As I Lay Dying or Devil Wears Prada or Whitechapel (and these ARE Christian bands, I was not aware!). I would be much more into Metal Less Faggy, like that Australian stuff I just mentioned, or Living Sacrifice, or something like BURZUM or Mayhem or Clandestine Blaze or Trist or any of the nonchristian good black metal bandz.

looked up “catholic black metal”, can’t find anything too conclusive.

“Bad Catholic” blog might be fun. I have used the term to describe myself. Although this guy is more of a True Believer than I am. I just go thru the motions because it can’t hurt and hopefully helps me pay off my Karmic Debt, hahaha. And it’s def better than Laying Around being A Morally Lazy Loser. I have accepted that I am Stuck Being A Catholic for better or worse, and I am starting to appreciate The Brighter Side of that. I am absolutely NOT at an EVANGELIZING stage, and “kinda sorta” don’t want to be. Although I would say it’s a good choice for Moral People OR white people OR antizionists OR antiWorldJihad.

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