Ideally I would like this to be a steady trickle of 600 word posts over my lifetime; still have lotsa backed up posts; will tent continue Releasing one per day until the Backedupness becomes More Reasonable.

[WRONG. March 7 2013. becoming disenchanted with that policy. lazy at best, dishonest at worst. kinda in a state of flux so my Official Opinion may have changed since I wrote this in…….approx Oct 2012.

so I AM AWARE of the “sh!tpost” problem and WOULD LIKE to get more recent posts Up In Here. eventually. gimme some more time hahahaha.

I was so pleased with this funny photoshop i made I had to post it TWICE just in case anyone missed it on twitter



end march 2013 update]

Actually saw a brief bit on Fox Newz on Oil Country in North Dakota (Bakken Formation.) Honest Hard Work with other Honest Hardworking Men. What %age of Violent Ethnic and White Trash who want to get drunk and start fights with other male workers? Probability of destroying back, getting addicted to heroin, and sucking D’s on the streetz for heroin, and dying under a bridge covered in heroin and crack and bumj!zz and disgracing famil? good whites have backbone and willpower and don’t get addicted to Heroin! If someone starts a fight with you, do some sweet combat moves to show them who’s boss! RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT HANDED OUT!

Science hypothesis: hotter coffee makes your body smell more like coffee when you drink it than cooler coffee. “COFFEE B.O.”, if you will. Like you’re just sitting there and haven’t drunk coffee for an hour and you smell coffee.

Heh. Trying not to drink coffee as fast. Hypothesis: drinking coffee too fast gets you super wired, which in turn makes you nervous and cranky and emotional. Better to just be tired and spaced.

books David Duke mentioned

charles krauthammer is jewish “but not religious”, a medical doctor, and paralyzed and in a wheelchair. did not know any of this. was asking self if he was possibly jewish. not sure if he is a neocon or a good true con. heh. want to have a good ultraconservative go-to writer who is not necessarily AS much about Race as the Racialists. Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow. These guys appreciate Race, but they talk about other stuff too. And I’m not sure if they “IGNORE” “The Jewish Question.” Cuz of COURSE “The Jewish Question” is IMPORTANT and should not be IGNORED.

Since I only post HALF of what I write (OR I just post it 10 years after it was written!), I will TRY to minimize the amount of Beta Weakness and Whining, since I am able to Pick and Choose the very Cream O’ The Crop here. I will include Whining when it’s funny or has a larger point Re My Heirs.


This was the big Tea Party and Fox Newz Luverz Movie Sensation of the Summer, and they had petitions to bring it into movie theaterz because The Ruling Elite doesn’t want you to see this movie. Now, I certainly don’t hate Dinesh D’Souza, but I found the Support Of Israel in this movie pretty….Neoconny, hahahaha. I would almost prefer “The United States of Islam” in the Arab World IF they could get along with America and Europe. These

mainstream conservatives or neocons or whatever you want to call them are overly concerned with muslim terrorists and not concerned enough about jews, israel, and jewish marxists. And then I was listening to my Jewish Buddy Mark Levin the other night and he got off on one of his Angry Rants “THERE IS NO TWO-STATE SOLUTION!!!’ and he made it abundantly clear that he viewed Israel as Poor Widdle Victimz. I shook my head, as I generally like Levin.

D;Souza talks about Obama’s Mentors: the Black Communist America-Hater Journalist Frank Marshall, Bill Ayerz, some Radical Leftist Brazilian prof at harvard named Unger I’d not heard of before, JEremiah Wright, then he mentions Edward Said as a very Anti-Israel figure, and I thought, hmmmm. I’d heard of Said but haven’t done nearly enough research. Heh. But I suspect he’s not an anti-israel Rightist; but more along with Dinesh’s argument, that Obama’s main political and life philosophy is “ANTI-COLONIALISM”, which was inspired by the life of his father, fighting for Kenyan independence from the British Colonizers. So extend that with all that Anti-American,

uplifting the third world, socialist social justice, liberation theology, etc. Overall I thought it was a pretty convincing argument on Dinesh’s part. The Israel-Loving of Mainstream Conservatives is really starting to get to me though. So Barry would oppose Israel moreso because they are Brutal Colonizers and Usurpers, whereas I would oppose Israel for being Sinister Antiwhites trying to gradually destroy America and Europe, hahaha. Although I’ve heard they did do some shady usurping when first getting the land for the state of israel.

Anyway, I suppose the movie is worth seeing, slightly more Deep than Fox Newz, although not nearly deep enough, and I prefer a much more ANTIZIONIST style of conservativism! HECK this movie could be NEOCON!

[march 2013: yes it most certainly is. might not be bad for newbs though, showing how the POTUS and SWPLs like him became Marxists. but if you wanted to watch star trek instead i would not stop you!]

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