[Time machine post from sept 2012. this one is somewhat acceptable because Arghoslent is a Sweet Band I want to Hype Up!]


ARGHOSLENT “Hornets of The Pogrom”

I heard about this Band, as I’m sure 99% of people who do, because they are supposedly “RACIST”, and write RACIST lyrics, and are all about how Inferior Blacks and Jews are, but they’re not doing it in a skinhead rock sort of way, but in a very Intellectual Racial Realist sort of way, and it’s uncertain if they’re REALLY Racial Realists or this is just their hook or gimmick, kinda like how Gore Metal bands don’t REALLY murder people, and Power Electronics people don’t REALLY molest children, etc.

(But you could at least infer from their lyrics that they probably don’t LOVE the “SHINES” when they come “Swaggering” down the middle of the street, pants falling down like prizon b!tchez, bouncing basketballz, saying “MUFUKKKA!” very loudly, guzzling purple drank sizzurp, smoking “sherms”, leaving a mess of fried chikkken carcasses, watermelon rinds, and grape pop bottles in their wake, initiating violence with every living organism in their path, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.)

Given my present predilection towards Racists, Racial Realists, White Nationalism, probz because anything REMOTELY “racist” is Politically Incorrect and Taboo in just the way I feel like being right now, it’s no surprise that I investigate Arghoslent at this moment. So the singing is just straightforward death metal growling and I don’t even try to decipher the lyrics; but the MUSIC jumps right out of the speakers. Very energetic, alive, passionate, powerful, melodic, serious, sincere, epic, majestic, classy Death Metal, crammed with riffs, blast-beats too. NOT BAD SON! Good Morning Drive music.


Fun Interview with band. Nice. Impressive. Intelligent Racists! That sealed the deal. I would TOTES go to a show and even started looking for T-SHIRTS. Wear that and totally silence all the Metal Hipster Leftist HIPPIES that are coming to Metal with all the Hipster Black (Green?) Metal.  (Yes, I Still DO like Wolves in the Throne Room!)

Spotifying, now on to “Incorrigible Bigotry” (GREAT name!) after “Hornets” (although Hornets came after IB chronologically). Think a diff vocalist on IB, sounds a little better / more convincing [note: though now I like the Hornets guy cause he’s a little deeper. But I think the orig singer is DEAD, gotta pay respects to him]. More ridiculous riffage. Constant, nonstop, air guitaring, headbanging, soaring, inspiring, uplifting stuff. THAT’S F00KIN’ BAD455! to paraphrase Philly Anselmo from the Pantera Live album. Yes, it is. This is why I listen to metal; this is why I listen to MUSIC.

The listener doesn’t have to TRYHARD. You just sit back and ENJOY and let your JAW DROP at the RIFFAGE. Start Banging your head the FIRST TIME YOU HEAR THE SONG.

Compelling Example of their style of NONSTOP STREAMS OF BAD4SS RIFF AFTER BAD4SS RIFF

“Quelling the Simian Urge”

BAND OF THE MONTH SEPT 2012. This is gonna distract me somewhat from seeing MOONSORROW LIVE in LESS THAN A WEEK, but you don’t find music, music finds you.

Hahahahaha, It’s like you can’t be HONEST until you STOP PRETENDING YOU’RE NOT RACIST. Otherwise you’re just a big fat (skinny?) hipster brooklyn swpl antiwhite PHONY who wishes they were allowed to like Arghoslent’s badass music but they HAVE to BOYCOTT them

Methinks the haters characterize Argh (hahahaha) as MORE Horribly Racist than they are; and the lyrics and members’ beliefs are ACTUALLY much more subtle & tame than you’d think, and I’m SURE they DO NOT CONDONE ACTUAL VIOLENCE. But they do revel in the Hate From the Left!

If they didn’t have these politically correct thoughts, the band would be HUGE on the strength of their riffage alone; they could quit their jobs, selling t-shirts in hot topic; not that it “sounds mainstream”, but more like it sounds so GOOD that it’s hard NOT to like for ANYone – mainstream or underground, black or white, jew or goy, hahaha. Yet they will not recant or tone down just to sell-out, and IMHO the sell-out would be both EASY and VERY LUCRATIVE. Speaks volumes to their Incorrigible INTEGRITY, hahahaha.

OK, I guess hipsters ARE allowed to like them as long as they throw in sufficient disclaimers and hand-wringing: “For a band that kicks so much 455 and has so many good riffz, boy are these guys disgusting human beings, 455holes, d!cks, racist pigs,” etc etc etc. ACTUALLY, as HUMAN BEINGS, they’re PROBABLY pretty GOOD GUY GREGZ!

This band is the ANTITHESIS OF FAGGY!

Heh. I’m gonna have to start searching for more blatantly Racist music, hahahaha.

Plus they WERE around during my Golden Age of Musical Taste Development!

Though I would almost like to see Arghoslent experiment with lyrics that were more broadly Anti-Leftist rather than Pro-Racist, at least just once, just to prove that you don’t need to actively mock nonwhites to be Anti-Left. There’s a whole WORLD of Creative AntiLeft Writing out there beyond “mere racism”. And I like my racists Anti-Left, rather than just dumb drunk racist redneck skinhead one-trick-ponies. Not saying Arghoslent are THAT, because their stuff is written with TOTAL CLASS, but they are somewhat “limited” to blaqs and YKW’s (me STEALING term from Mindweapon!) it seems.

Maybe the creative mindz behind Arghoslent  had the Love Of Their Lives Cuckold them with a Big, Strapping “Nubian Archer”, hahaha, and this is how they deal with it. Turn One Bad Experience into Great Music that Inspires Many. Turning a small Minus into a Big4ss PLUS, I’d say. Pure speculation!

“In Coffles They Were Led”

Example of how “Hornets Of The Pogrom” immediately seizes you from the very first song with Sweet Pwning Riffage

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