june 24 2012 is when this time machine post is from.

You know how you stop being Lazy? You Force yourself to DO THINGS when you FEEEEL like NOT doing things. The End. Don’t MAKE Things So COMPLICATED! Most things are Easy & Clear & Simple & Transparent & we already KNOW what we have to do! Don’t just SIT THERE, TAKE ACTION! Problem solved. B4ng B1tches!

Might change career to WELDING. Need some good old-fashioned, old-school, Unoutsourceable Man’s Trade Work, just some Collegeboy F4gg0try. Can pass college classes but all those collegeboys are f4gg0ts & all the collegegirls are Marxist Wh0res. NOT COOL, MAN.

BIG difference between “HATE” and “DISRESPECT.” I don’t HATE anybody! You can ABSOLUTELY disrespect people without HATING them! HATING is too much energy/work/effort/draining, plus it gives THEM power over YOU. There’s no Power Struggle in disrespecting. You can just be proud & HAPPY to be morally superior & go on your merry way LIKE A BOSS.

I don’t HATE Wimminz, but I sure don’t RESPECT them!

Anyway, it’s best for You if You spend time with people you Respect as opposed to people you don’t respect. So don’t go to College w a bunch of unrespectable f4gg0ts & wh0res! Become a Welder or Plumber or Cisco Network Admin. or electrician or HVAC or.

Ever feel like Every Limb of your Body weighs 5000 lbs, and you just lay Smashed Face Down on the Bed, even though you got Enough sleep the night before & didn’t even have a Full Bigboy Day & it’s sunny and Beautiful & glorious outside, but you’re still too tired to watch fresh episodes of one of yr current favourite TV shows? YEP that’s LAZINESS. FORCE yourself to DO SOMETHING Or be Condemned to a life of Lazy Loserhood!

we might be able to argue that there is a difference between the experiences of Banging, And/Or between the very essences of the Bangee themselves, of: an ugly wh0re, an attractive wh0re, an attractive stripper who does $100 f00k&sucks, a regular non-wh0re wimminz you pulled easily because she was more into YOU which means she’s likely old, drunk, or fat but you were on a drought & desperate for anything you didn’t have to directly exchange cash for, vs an FWB or a Wimminz who’s actually attractive, vs a Wimminz you’re infatuated in and the S is all Transcendent and Transformative & spiritual & religious & chemical.

The Lord revealed His Will to me recently, that when I return from my School Sabbatical, that I ONLY take THE HARDEST CLASSES, well, in particular, start off with the CALCULUS and PHYSICS classes I’ve been purposely AVOIDING. Won’t take 9000 credits per term to “graduate fast” because don’t care, no benefit to me to graduate fast anyway, already passed the Ageism Discrimination Spike, already be Working Till Forced Retirement Death, what else you got.

B34t-off 9000 times a day to the weirdest most extreme pr0n if it keeps you from THINKING about Lame Wimminz so much. The weirdness & “unrealisticness” of pr0n is VASTLY OUTWEIGHED by the benefit it gives you of NOT THINKING about b4nging b!tches AS obsessively. Just get it over with & go about MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE things.

for example, you’d THINK – ie, she SHOULD be – this girl is too young and pretty and radiant to do Gaping Anal Wh0ry, but you’d be H3114 Wrong: (NSFL)

[modern day decision to redact even the nondirect link to a pr0n video, an “example” of how this J Poison destroys white wimmins bodies, and white men’s minds and souls. some beautiful blond white 18 year old girl who is real young and innocent looking, real “QTP2T”, getting totally reamed up the 4ss for 32 minutes by some swarthy brute, lots of close ups and lip smacking, a bit of gaping. in order to walk my “new” talk I will remove the link so as not to support or encourage that filth. 1. this is what YKW does to W’s. 2. Though they want us to believe it is “normal”, it is not yet reflective of the Majority Of Reality and hopefully reality is never transformed into that trash. We are MORE than strong enough to RESIST it!]

she does THAT for $500, yet the avg man can’t pull a girl “that hot”? Hot enough to defile her body so Smilingly?

[ non time machine, march 21 2013. ok I was WAY OFF here. gotta do a 180. All Pr0n is J-Poison which has the power to destroy a man’s mind and soul.  his ability to get along with Real Life Women. Hand-Rubbing Christkillers making BILLIONS of dollars by paying weak-willed white girls to do things that should* ONLY exists in the darkest depths of a man’s perverted imagination, which, when brought to life, degrades EVERYBODY involved. All to YKW’s profit. So just give up pr0n altogether. Now I won’t pretend some white wimmin aren’t Poisoned Pigs who no amount of re-education can make into a Good Wife and Mother, but…um point is, do the “no fap challenge”, fix your warped mind, stop looking at J Mindworm Mindvirus p0rnography (tm Mindweapons who BTW I declare as Blog Of The Year 2013, DAMN that guy is GOOD, stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW, take the next day off, and read his ENTIRE BLOG RIGHT NOW!!), if you can’t find a decent monogamy-worthy woman, just charm a more decadent wimmin to drain your b4lls & you’ll find that Normal S with her is more satisfying that beating off like a Poisoned Little Hamster to that J FILTH where max hardcore’s girls are vomiting into each others rectums and whatnot.  ELIMINATE J POISON/FILTH FROM YOUR LIFE – START WITH PR0N.]

Yahoo Answers does not smile upon ppl asking what is the EASIEST ENGINEERING DEGREE. “You’re in the WRONG FIELD if you want an EASY DEGREE. Engineers are responsible for LIVES and BILLIONS of $, do you want them half-455ing their work?”

F00K THAT SH1T, I say resoundingly! I will now be your Travel Guide on How To Get A Lucrative Engineering Degree EASILY and LAZILY. Well, Computer Science, but it’s on the Payscale top 7 of Most PayingBack Degrees, so, Good Enough. But my program SHOULD prob be adaptable to petroleum or chem or biomedical or whatever else on there.

1. take ONE Class (Science/Math prereqs) per semester at yr local Cheapo Loser College. (didn’t say this would be FAST.) Befriend the “Creepy” Science & Math Tutors or become one yourself for extra cash. These are honourable Men just trying to do the Smart thing JUST LIKE YOU! Maybe tutor THEM on how to B4ng B!tches, they’d greatly appreciate.

2. Network & get Internships AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THIS is the key. THIS is much more important than graduating fast. Without internships, degree is useless. Even MORE useless than the internships would be without the Degree. You have BOTH, or you have NOTHING. This part should be harder than the actual classes. This is where the actual blood sweat tears martyrdom and grinding celibacy come in. Just keep j3rking off to Gaping 4nal Teens because in a few years, it will be YOU jackhammering those radiant-skinned “pure little 18-year-old angels” Up The 4rsch.

[march 2013 UM NO. in june 2012 my own mind had been warped a bit by The Filth, very happy to be out of that phase hahaha.]

More General Life Advice:

Take all that KINDNESS you waste on WIMMINZ & give it to OTHER MEN instead. They NEED it more, & they APPRECIATE it more. Plus they’re more likely to PAY IT BACK, both long-term AND short-term; both with Better Jobs, AND with immediate soul-nourishing reciprocal companionship.

Wimminz think “Nice Guys” are FAKING being nice just to “Put kindness coins in the Sex Dispenser & hopefully get some Sex!”. That’s only 40% accurate at TOPS, I Rebut that these guys are just nice to EVERYONE. Just easier to ACT nice to girls because men have been shamed into thinking it’s GAY when they’re overly nice to other guys, but maybe they wish they COULD be More Overly Nice to other Men without Seeming GAY. F00K THAT SH1T I SAY, be NICE AS H311 to Other Men. If they call you Gay, call them a F4gg0t. Anyone who doesn’t LIKE IT when PEOPLE ARE NICE TO THEM has a SCREW LOOSE. Show them a WIDE BERTH.

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