oct 4 2012 time machine post. that title was not properly introduced in THIS time machine post, wait for it. and is also a tribute to and I credit it to a friend of mine whom I cannot name here. classic quote!

We are in interesting times in the west, particular the US: This generation will do more poorly ECONOMICALLY than the previous, and will do more poorly with Wimminz than the previous. Negative Rate of Change vs a Positive. In the LONG TERM it’s not so big a deal, but considering the course of the previous four or five generations, when things were getting better and better, yes, I’d say it’s BLOGworthy, hahahaha. The best WE can do is try to turn it back to a Positive Rate of Change, or At least push the Negative Rate of Change closer to Zero. Like go from -1 to -.5.

what’s x and what’s y. number of people vs per capita gdp. or income. or wimminz they’ve banged. or length of the avg marriage. or number of male suicides. or number of people on welfare. I dunno. Get creative, make it interesting. num of c0x avg whores take between ages u and v.

Was skimming thru Bell Curve when it touched upon a point I’m very interested in: what about the high-IQ ppl who “fall through the cracks” and DON’T realize their potential by going to elite colleges and then move on to elite, high-IQ careeeeeeerz? The authors assure us that this number is small and getting smaller. THANKS, CHAS MURRAY, hahahaha. But yeah that’s kinda obvious considering the Cognitive Sorting Mechanisms they talk about; that spending pages talking about The Exceptions To The Rule is understandably beyond the scope of the book. So we can conclude these underachievers are 1. not as smart as they think they are 2. they’re lazy and unmotivated to a f00ked-up extreme degree.

Now, the book was pub in 1994, and I’d argue, what’s the trend SINCE then, is that increasing numbers of High-IQ people are underemployed, unemployed, or out of the labor force. The Unholy Trinity Of Underachieving, Low-IQ Lazy Loserhood. This Post-BellCurve Trend IMHO is due to Kollige Degrees becoming increasingly Worthless (See Aaron Clarey) COMBINED with the fact that Supply of Elite Education is NOT growing. By Def it CAN’T Grow: There is an eternally fixed number of spaces at HARVARD. You can’t just INVENT a New Ivy League College.

BUT, you “sort of” can. If anyone could, it’s ZOG Univ Executivez. Cause you have at least one gray area of “Public Ivies”, and I don’t doubt Zoggies could slowly push a school into that realm. Especially if there’s millions of Eager Young Tryhard True Believers desperate to drain their money into the skool.

AND there seems to be a growing “Law Skool Bubble” of young people who get Law Degrees but can’t pay off the 9,000,000,000 $ debt because they made the Life-Destroying Mistake of going to a Third-Tier-Toilet and NOT an Elite Law Skool. IMHO, If Third-Tier Toilets are 9000 times worse than Elite Skools for getting jobs, then they should adjust their prices to 9000X less than the Elite Skool. But YOU-KNOW-WHO would NOT like that!

Another Insidious Zog Morality-Destroying Idea is That Certain Jobs HAVE to be associated with Certain Intelligences. Here Leftist Elites prove themselves to be the Hypocritical Anti-Egalitarian Racist Pigz they really are, and me to be a nice, compassionate, Christ-like guy. I don’t think Janitors SHOULD be Associated with Stupid Underclass. What’s the alternative? Get a USELESS GRADUATE DEGREE in Education or Social Work or Public Relations or Management (Helllllooooo, Wimminz!) so you can get one of those “Higher Status” Jobs? My line of thinking is, who CARES if you have a “Low-IQ” job like say a Forklift Driver as long as you’re HAPPY with the MONEY. Why “Prove” you can get a Masters Degree for something that REALLY doesn’t require a masters degree anyway. Just so you can PROVE to B!tchez that you’re “living up to your potential” and “getting a careeeeeeeeer more in line with your level of intelligence” because you’re “too smart to be working on the line?”

But that’s just the way it IS now, at least that’s largely the way b!tchez and Managerz see it.

So what if you’re smart, but you’re not a tryhard, and you don’t WANT to go to Harvard? Even though your chances of getting financial aid at Harvard are pretty good? Just because you don’t want to live in a world of tryhard jewish faggots?

So my job is to write The Bell Curve 2, for 2012, with a special emphasis on High-IQ Non-Tryhards!

Also, Smart people can be just as, and even more, faggy and intolerable than dumb people! Would you rather work with a bunch of honest troglodytes, or a bunch of faggots “smart” enough to get a bullsh!t masters degree? Tell em if they were REALLY smart, they would have gotten into an Ivy! And then GYOW and start your own business.

That’s the beauty of GYOW. It’s NOT JUST AN MRA THING. It can be your response to the 5-Fingered-Fist (Firepower) of Marxism. Your reaction.  Your way of Scamming The Scammers. Breaking Beta (that’s somebody’s blog hahaha), Breaking Zog. Freedom and Liberty.

The amount of TIME you spend with a Woman/Wimminz/Whore should be INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to her NUMBER.

If you’re even THINKING about a monog longterm w a Wimminz, simply ask yourself “What’s Her NUMBER”? and if it’s not LOW AS F00K, you’re making a BIG MISTAKE. E-Z.

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