short term time machine november 2 2012

I like and respect Jodie Foster as a Director and actress and person; and I even more like and respect Mel Gibson as the same, and I am glad they are Franz. “Mad” Mel is a bright light of hope and integrity in Godless Hollywitz (tm Greg Johnson) Babylon. Average Entertainment Consumers prob don’t even really remember all the “shameful anti-semitic” details of his rants, just that he got drunk and did a few embarrassing rants and called the lady-cop “sugar titz” which is legit CLASSIC. But it doesn’t make me shake my head and think that Mel has somehow “fallen” from his “heyday” of “Braveheart” and “The Patriot” because of his own “character flaws”! I admire Mel’s willingness to Speak Out on the Zionist-Controlled Media! Even if he’s not fully aware and was just upset and drunk over his slimy Jewish Russian scammer x-gurlfran trying to scam him.

Add to this the story of an extremely depressed man trying to deal with his depression and I was sold from the very beginning. I am very interested in depression as I “suffer” many of the “symptoms” myself. (The little “Public Service Announcement” with the faggy song and the whales in the previews was HORRIBLE, btw). I like to semi-jokingly call it “Morally Lazy Loserness.” And while I don’t like the whole Marxist Corporate Psych and PharmPsych Industries, from Freudian M.D. Psychiatrists all the way on down to Feminist Antiwhite Self-Esteem Amoral Govt-Funded Social Workerz telling losers it’s not their fault; BUT, THAT BEING SAID, I don’t think the condition similar to what they describe doesn’t exist. We just need to find different ways to describe and “treat” it.

IMHO, I thought The Beaver was a brilliant method for this character to try to fix himself. I might have to try something similar myself. Initially The Beaver seems absurd, but it really makes a ton of sense. IMHO. So I was confused (SPOILER) when the Beaver seemed to turn against Mel near the end. I thought, well, (SPOIL) your youngest son isn’t as brainwashed as your wife and older son, the obvious solution is, you have your father and husband back, he’s productive and haaaaaappy and NOT HURTING ANYONE, who CARES if he has a BEAVER on his hand. You’re gonna say he’s crazy because he’s talking through a Beaver? There’s lots worse things he could do. Indeed, I saw The Beaver as the Voice of Reason. The Sane Person. When sleeping through a Blue Pill Life was the crazy part. It very well could take a straight-talking Beaver for you to deal with all that. So I ultimately did not understand the “twist” with the beaver, which IMHO takes points off of the movie. Started strong and kinda lost its way, but I think it picked up again near the ending. Which was pretty sentimental, but I’ll take Honest Sentimentality over Fake Feeeeeeelingz anyday, especially when it endorses the (SPOIL) Power Of Family Luv.

If More Depressed People used Beavers to Regain Control Of Their Lives (without hurting anyone), the world would be a much better place. Better than pumping him full of prozac and shrinks feeding him marxist blue pills! Well, prozac is controversial IMHO. My verdict is still out. OBVIOUSLY I have an Automatic Disdain for The Zog Industry which creates and sells prozac, but maybe it does truly help some people without having side effects and costs which negate that benefit.

I usually think Anton Yelchin is a huge jewish faggot, but even he was tolerable, even if the subplot with him and the girl was stupid. It helped a lot that the girl was the Exceedingly Lovely Jennifer Lawrence, who besides being young and beautiful, has this innocent, clean, low-number look about her, even though odds are she’s dirty and decadent and high-number; but you can easily mold that pure white fantasy onto her pure white face and body. Who knows, maybe she IS lower-number than the avg Hollywitz(tm GJ heh) starlet. She is quickly becoming my favourite young actress next to Emma Shvartzenstein. hehehe. Anyway if I were In The Bedroom Alone with Miz Lawlzrence, I would forget all about not being Decadent. I would do UNNATURAL things with her. Oh, My Lawd!

The detail about him Sleeping all the time was great, very accurate, and would have liked to seen that expanded even more than it was, to him having no energy at all times, etc. Very true. you just want to sleep all the time. no energy to do anything. Being asleep is better than being awake, being alive. If you don’t want to or can’t Escape With Drugs/Alcohol, Escaping with Sleep is a very attractive alternative.

So, better than average, a few complaints, a few notable Good things, ultimately ended ok and was a decent idea. B+ . Need to watch more movies about Depressed Men. Also it would have helped if Mel’s character was a Huge Loser, but he was A Success with a Very Good Job. I would have also accepted him throwing it all away with Drinking. Lots of Depressed People do that. See “Leaving Las Vegas.”

I know Mel did some action/comedy/mexican/thriller/str8-2-vid abortion, I would hope he doesn’t need the money that bad. I thought he was kinda rich. But in that case, then he is selling his soul doing crap like that. Well I’m sure his x-WIFE (the one he was married to for 20 years and thought he could trust, not the russian teen) is taking him to the CLEANERS.

I never saw “Apocalypto” and was honestly never very interested. I DID enjoy “Passion of the Christ” although it was a little too violent, hehehe. I liked what it represented: a devoutly catholic hollywitz outcast doing things his own way and blatantly saying screw you to the interests of his industry. Obv “Braveheart” is the better movie and I think he has another in him. Or I wouldn’t at all mind a Personal Drama about a Catholic Man dealing with his wife betraying him, his gurlfran betraying him, his colleagues betraying him, and him trying to keep his integrity and his strong faith while drinking a little too much and getting angry. Heh. I tried following Mel on Twitter but he doesn’t have an official account. GOOD.

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