Hello friends, gonna try another “off-the-cuff” thing here. Less than 1,000 words guaranteed.

Thanks Bill Powell for Liking my post. I have enjoyed Your own blog, esp the Advice for Young Men, & should* take some time to study it more fully. I first discovered You prob through more “MANOSPHERE” (MRA, Game) blogs, then saw you popping up on Mindweapons, which is OBVIOUSLY just a little more Racially-oriented. I do not want to Mischaracterize You as a Man in the midst of a Racial Awakening, or a “WN Sympathizer”, but thank You for not being Scawed to Associate with Scawy White Wacists!

“conservative minded red pill men”

Since I am in the middle of my own Racial Awakening right now, I am trying to chronicle that for anyone else who might be thinking about doing the same. It honestly CAN be A Widdle Scawy at times! but that passes. And then you’re Proud to Be A White Racist.

So I write &write THOUSANDS of words just for fun; listen to some music and write like a teen livejournaling. if i posted all this crap i would have 1000 word posts every day from now till the end of time. I figure this “live improvisation”, with a STRICT eye on the word count, is a good thing atm.

ANYWAY number one thing I wanted to emphasize today was the life and recent death of Jason Molina. Rumors of him having “organ failure” due to massive longterm drinking. Seeeeeeeeems like “lots” of musicians/artists/etc die of drugs, but fact is plenty of people die of alcohol too, ordinary white people.  first discovered Molina in 2005 &appreciated his themes: breddy emo feelzy brokenheart “sad bastard” stuff, but in an honest, unpretentious, non-hipster, non-SWPL, non-faggy way.

stuff like “mumford & sons” or “avett brothers” is breddy mainstream hipster alt-country, which I will have nothing to do with; pure faggotry. whereas molina was honestly sad & tortured.

right now my Album Of The Last Two Weeks has been Neil Young “Tonight’s The Night”.

“Albuquerque” is my Exact Wheelhouse right now, what I & 600,001 faggot music critics call “LONESOME HIGHWAY” songs, which I most often associate with Neil, but Molina captures a lot of that too. Desolate open spaces, emptiness, loneliness, tired, yet chill, wanting to get away, and a bit of tranquil proud beauty in there, perhaps a soaring guitar solo evoking a soaring bird or driving down a Lonesome Highway. Plains, fields, mountains or no mountains, not a lot of people, night, day. A slow but steady drumbeat, slightly fuzzy guitars. works best with that Rock element IMHO. IN many ways I am describing the Average Crazy Horse sound. (though TtN is not a Crazy Horse album.)

“Lookout Joe” is another defining song. Ridiculous lyrics that probably have a deeper meaning. Straightforward, Honest Rock. This one does not fit the Lonesome Highway and is more Gutter Rock Bottom stuff, much like the album as a whole is largely about Death &Darkness.

The other interesting thing I learned this week was that my Buddy Andrew Zimmern is not only JEWISH, but a recovering ADDICT. Of course TV is Horrible Poison and should be Eradicated, but I found myself watching a Zimmern marathon and reflecting on how nice and goodguy and likeable he is. My Kinda Guy. Then I said, “Gee, I hope he’s not JEWISH.”  So I went on J-O-Pedia and my worst fears were confirmed.

So that kinda sucks, but he will now go on the short list of Jews I Like. Also I wonder if Jews become Addicts at rates above or below whites? blacks? mestizos?

Anyway I can respect Zimmern for beating his Addiction and hopefully he stays clean and sober. But I honestly couldn’t TELL he was a J, other than I thought “there’s prob a CHANCE, it’s possible, his face might be kinda jewy”

Makes me wonder if he has Khazar blood, and if those Jews who look “more white” are more “khazar” than “semitic”, which is why they can pass for white much more easily than swarthy jews who look like arabs.

Of course K!ke-O-Pedia resoundingly denounced The Khazar Theory as Antisemitism.

So I HYPOTHESIZED that whites who become addicts do so out of depression, guilt, shame, escapism, self-medication, self-destruction, anger. Whites are very depressive and self-destructive and we must shake ourselves out of that. While Nonwhites are more likely to become addicts from the motivations of Pure Id, Hedonism, Pleasure, just want more and more of good times. YES, of course I’m Generalizing, don’t diss it til you’ve tried it. Hmm note to self, investigate SUICIDE rates of whites. Heh. Try to prove that whites successfully commit SUICIDE at a higher rate than nonwhites.

Note: The Lonesome Highway Airy Breezy Plains Midwestern Railroad Track Soaring Bird Rock need NOT necessarily be intertwined with the super-sadguy music that Molina embodied, which probably explains much of his drinking. BUT Lonesome Highway is def NOT inherently haaaaappy.

Molina’s “hold on magnolia” def betrays me as a Newfag to his music, but it does capture both of those worlds. just imagine slightly more cymbals on the drums and fuzzier guitars and less “alt-country” elements (slide guitar, violin) I guess. NOT saying I would change anything about this song, however. It’s just 60% Sadguy and 40% Lonesome Highway. When I find an example of Molina that has more Lonesome Highway, I’ll let you know, hahahaha, though I hypothesize that the LH Percentage of Molina’s Intimidatingly Huge Catalogue won’t get much higher than 40%!

So Neil Young is prob the better example of this “Lonesome Highway” kick I’m on, but for what he did, Molina is no chopped liver neither. Dead at 39. Of Drinking. Don’t let it happen to You.

(BTW of COURSE I take signif Umbrage when Marxist & J’ish Health “””Professionals””” screeeeeeeech “ADDICTION IS A DISEASE! BAWWWWWK!!” but I’ll have 2save that 4another time.)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand how about funny picture:


have a good day, be strong &Secure the Future of yourself, your Family, &your Super-Extended Family.

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