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My Internet Bloggerz ButtBuddiez over at Eradica were talking about this movie a lot recently, figured this was The Lord sending me a signal. Because I am an ADDultKidz (See What I Did There, hahahaha) I found the movie a little slow and had to break it up into 3 viewings. Plus I’ve been very low-T & low-energy lately. But it was all good, Charlton Heston was a good man’s man; but what I was surprised by was that his roommate/BFF was a Huge Hooknosed Jew named “Sol Roth.” In this future, Jews were punished all the same as whites and they could fight together against a Common Corporate Enemy.

There was too much of “Greedy Corporations are Destroying The Earth” for my liking. But it did have good themes of an Evil Government-Corporate Conglomerate, and hordes of rioting masses being dependent on The Govt for their food ration, welfare checks, etc.

I especially liked how the Hordes Of Rioters were literally picked-up by the “scoops”, big garbage trucks that actually scooped up 10 people at a time and then dumped them in the back, for god knows what: imprisonment, forced labor, torture, starvation, processing into Soylent Green. The other real good angle was that Young Wimminz were bought and sold as “Furniture” that accompanied Luxuy Elite Apartments. You were rich & powerful enough to live there, a young pretty servant girl came with it. Of COURSE you got to bang her in the A.

You also got hot showers and air conditioning and towels and fruit and if you were really lucky, meat. Strawberries for example were $150 a jar. Most normal people ate Soylent Green and Soylent Yellow and processed cheap food supposedly made out of soybeans and plankton, but even those were depleting. New York City has 40 million people in 2020.

The Church provided a legit Charity but they were strained beyond what they could provide, churches packed with moaning proles.

I was surprised the mobs weren’t MORE violent. Like instead of a stairway in a tenement crowded with starving, sleeping, pathetic whites, where’s all the brownz and crimmigrants getting hopped up and homicidal on CHEAP DRUGZ? So yeah this movie could really benefit from a Rightist Reboot 2012, like that will ever happen!

So, pretty good, but I didn’t LUV it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I was just in a Bad Mood, which is a shame if my Bad Moods are reducing the Effectiveness of my Intelligence and my Patriotic Action. Then I have to take Any Nonviolent Means Necessary to Get Happy!

I rented it alongside


to really compare old-skool dystopia with new-skool dystopia 4 postmarxist adultkidz. Jenniferz Lawlzrenzezlozzl certainly is a beautiful young gurl in the peak of her youth and I would eat peanut-butter-covered bananaz out of her Butt. The movie was competently made and I didn’t get bored in the first 50% (which is all I’ve seen upon writing this Review), but it was better than I expected (so far) in terms of Entertainment Value. Now “Katniss Everdeen” as I’ve always said, is a Horrible Whore name, and “Peeta Mellark” is a Balllicking Faggot name. The names are supposed to sound futuristic and kewl but they’re gay. Not a big deal, other than so many people don’t see this.

The bigger deal is that Katniss is Tuffer than Peeta. You have a Beautiful Girl playing the Masculine Hero role, and even Tomboys aren’t supposed to be THAT masculine. Though she cares about Honor and Doing The Right Thing, you just KNOW that she wouldn’t care about Cuckolding Her Men or Murdering her own children. The Modern Wimminz and the Future Wimminz is a COLD Wimminz. This might even be worse than the “Overemotional” Wimminz. Because you can be Underemotional and still have a Raging Hamster. It’s honestly pretty interesting bc I LIKE Tomboy Girls. But they need to be slightly Feminine insofar as they don’t have Big Whore Potential. And there’s nothing in here suggesting Katniss would not be a Huge Whore. And that’s just Not Right! In My Hunger Games, Honorable Warrior Women are Also Nonpromiscuous! I wouldn’t be surprised if TIUTA55-niss has Blown every (handsome) boy in District 12!

I guess there’s good themes like don’t get wrapped up in TV sensationalism and use Reality TV to KillKidz; don’t give up too much Power to the Govt; don’t get distracted by Bread and Circuses; Fight for What’s Right; and I did respond pretty favourably to the concept of Young Men AND Young Women in the Prime of Their Youth being sent out to KILL EACH OTHER. 24 people with only one survivor. I wasn’t sure how it worked, but that’s how it works, and that’s pretty good. And men can kill women, women can kill men, in a Pangender Bloodbath, despite them being trotted out to look Sexy in the pre-game pageant.

The Pangender Bloodbath IMHO was a good metaphor for what’s going on here and now: Wimminz kill themselves with Promiscuity and Immorality and Decadence; and they also kill men by taking Jobs from them. And fundamentally it feeeeeeeeels morally wrong for men and women to compete against each other so viciously; men and women Should Complement and Support each other rather than be each other’s Natural Enemies, fighting to the death for fame, power, sex, companionship, and even just mere survival.

So yeah, having Girls in the Games opens up that interesting angle. Interesting to see where that goes. Probably nowhere good, hahaha, but the first hour of the first movie was promising. And Donald Sutherland is and always will be a b4d4ss. RECOGNIZE.

Verdict: I didn’t find it as Morally Offensive as I expected, but again, it’s only the first hour of the first movie. And I WILL be VERY (pleasantly!) surprised if Whoreniss doesn’t fall off the c0ck-wagon at SOME point. That b!tch is a ticking time-bomb. But you’d LIKE for her to be a NAWALT because she is so young and purty and healthy and LOOKS kinda like a nawalt.

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