[live april 2013: yes this is another old post. from at LEAST 6 months ago, prob 9.  slowly weeding these out, except for the Movie Posts. so far. not sure why these are so acceptable.]

WEIRD movie maaaannnn. Not BAD though. Had some real bad parts and blue-pill beta themes and a big identity crisis & left turns, but ultimately still watchable and funny and enjoyable and scads better than the average Raunch Comedy – surprised it didn’t do better financially.

First, “I hope they serve beer in hell” is a terrible name: clunky, misleading, plus I always associate Tucker Max with Vodka Red Bullz, when he gets Tucker Max Drunk(tm.)

TM was my very first introduction to Game and “The Manosphere” before we even had Names for this stuff. It was 2005 and I was reading Kevin Solway’s classic “Misogyny Unlimited” and also discovered TM at that time, and found his writing fun and hilarious. By 2006 his book was out, at that time it was a New Thing for Bloggers to get Book Deals, and I bought the book IHTSBIH, still thinking the name was bad. But it was a fun read.

He’s a Smart Guy but doesn’t offer any Penetrating Red Pill Analysis, he just gets drunk and bangs sluts. I wanted to see where this empty hedonism would take him. Last I heard, he’d “sold out” and now wants to settle down with a Low-Number Wife, which is understandable; but this could well be a hoax.

[clarification: i don’t consider it “selling out”, i would considering it an awakening/enlightenment for max, a higher purpose in life beyond debauchery. cannot find fast evidence he is a J. he is one of those who, judging the book by its cover, could go either way. khazar suspicion, hahaha. “half”-J. who knows. obv his behavior – his fiat dollar bernanke butthexing MAKES him J, so until he repents for that, he will be a huge antiwhite philosemite! jerking off POOLSIDE while Our People and Our Country go down the CRAPPER! ]

Soon after, 2007 or 8, I discovered Roissy and the rest was history.

The movie is NOT based on the book, which is basically just posts/short stories of unrelated events. The movie attempts to create A Story. A Raunchy Buddy Comedy. Tucker’s friends Dan and Drew are just as big a part of the story as Tucker. Surprised there, but pleasantly: IMHO the CharDev for all chars was surprisingly deep, or at least convincing.

Drew was obv my favourite and the main reason to see the movie: a TOTAL MISOGYNIST who thinks ALL women are Whores because his Fiance Cheated on him. He spends 90% of his screen time talking about “Whore Logic” (Real Bad Hamster), saying pretty Red Pill Things, but interspersed with Creepy Violent Stabby things, which, while still funny, might mischaracterize Red Pill men as Violent Woman-Haters. Says some Great, True, Right-on, teach-your-children things about “Whore Logic”, but then he goes and sez something

head-shake-inducing about disemboweling cheating whores or sommat. SPOILER: he gets his “redemption” by falling in LOVE with a STRIPPER and he becomes a FATHER FIGURE to her bastard son. YIKES. We didn’t need to go THAT far to show that he’s a Good Guy at heart. He could have just volunteered as a Big Brother, or become a Single Father. He starts out hating her of course, until she challenges him at FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER VIDYA GAYMZ, because Strippers can beat men at video games and are smart and can do anything a man can do and she was named after a “FAMOUS MEXICAN INTELLECTUAL” hahahahaha, etc. Kinda hilarious, but kinda insidious too.

Now, Tucker Max co-wrote the screenplay, which is good considering I didn’t want outside influences tampering with his “work.” And he’s enough of a smart4ss so that he might not be taking this beta blue-pill PCery seriously. Of course, anyone who makes a movie sells out to some degree, and TM’s already sold-out to Bernanke and Blankfein anyway, so, not expecting him to be a man of Total Red Pill Integrity!

But if you can get past these sickening, disgusting, blue-pill Slave Mentality Tropes – and I wouldn’t blame you if you can’t! – you’ll find a surprisingly enjoyable movie. Just don’t take it too seriously or expect too much. Reading his stories is still much better. He also makes a cameo appearance. Would have liked to have him play himself but they guy they found is pretty good and has a Slavic-sounding name, good for Slavs! Don’t change your name for Weinsteinz! Although this was produced by the Richard Kelley Donnie Darko company. Not that he’s done anything good SINCE Donnie Darko! There’s also a short appearance by “Timothy Ferriss” as one of the cops who arrests Tucker’s friend Dan, the spelling of the last name really makes me wonder if that was “The Tim Ferriss” whose famous book I should buy already. It is not unreasonable that he would be buddies with Max.

Tucker Max HAS to be a You-Know-Who, because what kind of surname is “Max” anyway. I can see how some might view him as a Traitor or Running Interference, but I don’t care at this point. And with the blue-pill-serve-your-master themes of the man white-knighting for the wh0re, the other man enjoying the beauty of MARRIAGE, I should dislike this movie a lot more, but I didn’t. I credit the “Heart” of the characters and the theme of Male Friendship. I wasn’t expecting any of that. So, B final grade.

[fair warning: i have a huge 600,001 word “review” of season 2 of the FILTH show “girls”, and might post that. will do a Live 1000 word post pretty soon too.  BE strong and protect yourself and your fam from the J Poison, & do not accept the disgusting “values” of Tucker Max or Girls.]

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