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may 1 2013: this post is really dated and really decadent. i was not as far along in my racial awakening then, & was also a little Confused regarding Women. THAT SAID there is still some Good Points in here if I may say so myself.

Also to KAS: hope you didn’t find this blog, and then this was the first post you saw, cause it’s Not Very Indicative. Plus a writer and thinker of Your high caliber should be reading an actual serious person like Mindweapon, see sidebar. Yes I’m being very presumptuous, but JUST ON THE OFF CHANCE. Go read Mindweapon, or Ryu at Eradica. Pretty sure you already know about Matt Parrott, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke!  I will have a Realtime post coming up soon with my Latest Research. IE, crude notes-to-self and first impressions, haha. But I should stop NAME DROPPING so much lest Big People find me before I’m really ready.)


Well Beta Boy, ya got DUMPED because you don’t have the PERFECT CAREER. “But Nobody’s PERFECT!” You mope. Yeah, but some men are More Perfect Than Others and why shouldn’t a free-willed person be able to sample some of THAT C0CK?

THIS is the kind of “LOGIC” you face when dealing w Wimminz. You’re beginning to see why “F00K THAT Sh!T” YaoMing is the Best Possible Response to this NONSENSE. Talking SENSE to it won’t help it, getting ANGRY will help it even less, all you can do is grin and say F00K THAT SH!T, because, like, srsly. F00K. THAT. SH!T. SON.

What kind of MAN are you when you’re less of a Tryhard at YOUR career, and YOUR career isn’t as GLORIOUS as HER Career? You WOULD be the kind of guy who’s just Satisfied to Earn A Living. UNDERACHIEVER. SO UNAMBITIOUS. DON’T YOU HAVE ANY AMBITION FOR SOMETHING GREATER? DON’T YOU WANT TO APPLY YOURSELF, LAZY? GROW UP! MAN UP! BE A MAN, NOT A LITTLE BOY!

Tryhard vs Workhard. Tryhard bad, Workhard good. Wimminz not sophisticated enough to understand that nuance, they usually go for Tryhard Default. Men say, don’t tryhard if it doesn’t PAY OFF. Heck, don’t WORK HARD if it doesn’t pay off. If the Juice Isn’t Worth The Squeeze, STOP SQUEEZING FER CHR!55AKES.

If the Wimminz treats you loyalty, respect, & unconditional luv the way your platonic Men-Friends do, you may have found a keeper. Let MANLOVE be your MEASUREMENT of a Wimminz’s love. Odds are, it doesn’t even come close.

Average Working Stiff Uncelebrated Men are, on average, deserving of More Pure Love than Average Wimminz. But they don’t get it, only get shamed&shunned on the OFF CHANCE they try to STICK UP FOR THEMSELVES, rather than QUIETLY TAKE IT UP THE 455, LIKE A MAN.

Every day along the TRANSITION from Goatee Guy to Yao Ming is to be celebrated. Your Indignation & Anger should NOT be shamed and shunned. It is making you into a better person, gradually. Getting you CLOSER TO YAO.

Just to be FAIR to Wimminz: it prob IS easier for a Wimminz to lose her respectability than for a man. A man’s gotta really TRYHARD to make himself into a loser. A Wimminz just needs to ignorantly, drunkenly spread her legs a few times for handsome men. So I guess in that sense, Wimminz do have it HARDER. It’s EASIER for a Wimminz to become a Piece O’ Sh!t than for a man. I’ll CONCEDE that.

While I’m feeling FAIR, I’ll also CONCEDE That Not All Tryhards Are Losers. Some people Discover their True Calling Early In Life, then then Tryhard to become it, & Workhard once they get it. It’s less about Career-Worship per se than Lord-Worship. It’s almost like a Divine Calling, like aVocation. Not trying to prove anything to anyone. Just honestly wanting to use your talents & skills for the Lord & His will. These are more likely to be the Honest, Authentic, Moral, Respectable,  people who will respect you based on Human Value rather than Status Utility Career Value.

I also say, it’s OKAY to Show your Anger, to WRITE AND SAY ANGRY THINGS, as long as you are not BEING VIOLENT or ADVOCATING VIOLENCE. Don’t be afraid of calling someone a F4gg0t or saying “oh yeah you LOVE taking up the 455 you f00king filthy wh0re” when angrily b34ting-0ff to Gaping 4n41 pr0n. Just don’t go out and DO violence or encourage anyone else to. SAYING WORDS is a HEALTHY way of SUBLIMATING & RELEASING ANGER. Don’t be ASHAMED because some f4ggy TRYHARD wants to SHAME and LABEL you as “HATEFUL.” Saying Angry Words is a Good Way of Not Bottling-Up your anger! Just because you say Angry Words doesn’t make you MORE LIKELY to BE VIOLENT, shouldn’t put you on a “watch list.” I agree with Feminist Leftist Tryhards all DAY that VIOLENCE IS ABHORRENT.

(Even when tearing your Unborn Children into Little Pieces, too!)

More about “good” Tryhards, ie, not “real” tryhards. They’re not wailing and moaning and complaining like a martyr all day bc of all the hard work they have to try to do. If I were a tryhard, I’d be the WORLD’S WORST, complaining ALL DAY. “good tryhards” are NATURAL, ie, it’s EASIER & more NATURAL for them to Constantly Try/work. If you told them NOT TO try so hard, they’d find THAT harder. Because trying is their groove. being a priest or a scientist or an accountant or a welder is just Part Of Who They Are Deep Down, of COURSE they’re gonna try hard. See: Vocation, Calling From G-d.

But if you’re a Lazy Loser Anti-Tryhard like me who wants to cut corners, trying Hard at Being The Best Human Resources Manager would be Transparent, Phony, Annoying Tryhardism. This is what tryhardism really is. Fake, phony, dishonest, annoying.


Touche! Yes, this is 100% TRUE, and a Rub for my Argument that Tryhards Suck, but also explains why Tryhardism is so prevalent: you’ve GOT to be a g4y455 tryhard just to SURVIVE in this world.

I LIKE watching WIFESWAP on LIFETIME: TELEVISION FOR IDIOTS. Swapping one idiot with a different idiot. Sad how they Brainwash and RUIN their poor children. Also amazing that such losers can HAVE jobs and mates and children and survive rather than dying alone in a gutter. H3ll I’M SMARTER THAN THESE IDIOTS. If THEY can make it so can I. Ego boost.

SPREAD THE WORD: When you meet a TERRIBLY JUDGMENTAL 455HOLE LIKE ME, REALIZE THAT MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE **JUST AS** HARD AND JUDGMENTAL ON THEMSELVES. So it’s not a POT & KETTLE BLACK or HYPOCRISY issue AT. ALL. There’s just a TINY MINORITY of Hypocrites who ruin it for the REST of US, who BECAUSE we’re even more severe & unfairly judgemental to OURSELVES, THUS have the RIGHT to be SCATHING against OTHERS.

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