time machine: october 20, 2012

So, for the Omega Underachieving Lazy Loser Lost White Male Neckbeard who just Can’t Win, doing strength exercises until Muscle Failure is a very effective and easily-doable way to Remind Yourself You’re Still A MAN, G0ddammit! And that you have SOME power! So go out and Exercise this growing power. First until you can carry your own weight. Then you can take a long-term view. But I’m not sure you can ever be effective in the long-term if you don’t get the short-term squared away. Don’t wanna be Dead Weight.

So that’s the Tip / Hack of the day for the Desperate Loserz: do SUPERSETS until you cannot do any more reps. Then rest two or three minutes and do another superset. Don’t try to do more than 4 or 5 supersets. That’s good enough for now.

You’ll KNOW when you get there; You’ll get USED to this “extreme” experience and it won’t be so intimidating anymore, so you can do it again and again and effectively&efficiently IMPROVE your BODY; you’ll feel like you actually DID something.

Was listening to the Jack Donovan interview and he was taking a real “VIRTUES” based approach. I liked that. Strength, Courage, Honor, Skill/Mastery, these are the especially manly virtues. All virtues are good for All People, but some are more manly and some more womanly. Like “Temperance” is good for everybody, but especially good for women, because it keeps them from becoming whores/sluts. Virtues. There’s something I don’t talk enough about! It’s a little more concrete and teachable and learnable and doable than “MORALITY.” Building Blocks OF Morality.

To be completely honest, here is the big secret to how I “blog”: I just sit there eating flamin’ hot cheetoz and chicken mcnuggetz and guzzling Code Red (heh NO) but seriously folks, I simply crap words into the WHITE box of a gmail draft. After about a week, the draft gets really long. Then once a week, I go through the draft and copy & paste 700-900 word chunks into wordpress, add a title and some tags, and there’s my post. This results in about 10 posts a week, but I only publish 3 or 4, and put the rest in the “kitty”. Either to publish them way later as “bonus” posts, or never to post them. While making new posts, I sched posts for Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings, and Sundays sometimes. I try to get a mix of both older and newer posts but it tends towards the newer. That’s it. The End.

If someone’s nice to me, then I’m nice to them. It doesn’t matter what Race they are. If they’re real nice to me and I like and respect them, maybe I’ll want to be franz with them. If someone is not nice to me, I say, “screw you 4sshole!”, walk away, and stay away from their Useless Dead Weight.

Greg Johnson just used the word “dysgenics” which got me thinking that there is a sound scientific reason not to race-mix. You get less healthy babies. Not that I had PLANNED on Race-Mixing anyway!

And then I just read something on Counter Currents that sorta implied Lawrence Auster was wrong. [“Name The Jew!”] Ok the complaint is that he has histrionic jewishness which interferes with his paleoconservatism.

It might even be useless for me to Speculate and Mental-Mastvrb8 on Race and Economics and Politix and Philosophy AT ALL until I get my own personal affairs in order; until then, I might be WASTING PRECIOUS RESOURCES by spreading myself too thin. So uh expect more “Personal Development Self Improvement” on this Flog.

Avoid grainz and sugar, get enough sleep, do Big Muscle Group Lifting Supersetz FTW. And don’t let others make your Political decisions for you.

So how much and how bad are the Toxins in Non-Organic Mass Produced Factory Food, say the mid-to-low-shelf Budget Coffee I buy at Wal-Mart? Cuz I was reading on the Bulletproof Diet guy’s page that even Starbucks coffee is full of horrible additives that sap energy from your body, just like the additives in all sorts of cheap food, and if you “just” spent more money to buy organic food, you’d have a lot more energy. I’m insinuating my own Energy Agenda into that somewhat.

Come up with Fake Fictional Stories of how you are a Team Player for your job interview, cause to SAY you are a Team Player and you LOVE working with others isn’t good enough, you have to PROVE it with Made-Up Stories.

Ok so I was helping a customer and didn’t know the answer, and the Team Member near me was helping another customer and SHE didn’t know the answer, so we helped both customers together and together were able to answer BOTH customers’ questions so awesomely that they wrote thank you letters to the manager.

DONE. . That is prob the single best #1 go-to website for Socially Anxious Awkward Dorks Who Don’t Know How To Talk To People. I should be printing off at least 20 pages size 8 font there. HIGHLY recommended. Note: put in blogroll. I pray to to the jewgod that you’re never in the position to find this site useful; but if you need to, it definitely is. A Blessed Gift from the jewgod.

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