June 2013: I will use the “K” word a little less because I am concerned that my Level Of Anger might be beyond healthy levels, and yes there is a healthy level of anger, which is above 0! I would not like for my own anger at myself and my own personal failures to cause me to unfairly single out certain races! And it’s prob safe to say it’s The PLUTOCRATS who are the Bigger problem than the J’s, even if there are a lot of J’s in the plutocrats. Even if Plutocracy is inherently J’ish! But there are plenty of whites in there too.

Also I am taking a BREAK from this blog as I work on my other blog, which is a more personal venture with the mission of Helping Losers Win, by losing their bad habits and strengthening their good habits. Becoming more masculine, getting what they want, working hard, not giving up, digging deep within, finding the strength within, etc. getting in good health, body mind and soul. Stop being Fat Neckbeard NEET Kissless Virgins and Stop Failing at Work, Skool, Women, Life.  That kinda stuff.

People who write about Racial stuff are unfairly accused of being Haters. I will continue to write about Racialist stuff but I do not HATE anybody because of their Race!

However Class is very important too. I was taking a big break from class, now I might be taking a break from race and getting back onto class again. Riches and Poors. Plutocrats, Working Poor, Parasites, Helots, Babby Boomers, Job Seekers Over 80, Working Class, Upper Working Class, Lower Working Class, Middle Class, Elite Colleges, Not So Elite Colleges. It’s Tuff Out There and it’s not looking to get any better!


May 2013: Now I talk alot about YKW now. J3VV5. J00z if you will. The J. I even use the K word, Kke, rather frequently. I have CROSSED THE RUBICON. When I say that, I’m not talking about EVERY J THAT EVER EXISTED…….just 90% of them. I’ve actually gotten along well with a few individual J’s in my lifetime. But J’s do not exist in a vacuum. Even if these individual J’s were not Anti-Me per se, I am convinced I would not have to look too far in their own Jish Networks to find J’s that were antiwhite. Antigoy. And when you look at The Big Picture of Jry, it’s screamingly obvious. But the “shame” and “Stigma” of being labeled an “ANTI-SEMITE!!!!” is apparently a powerful one, especially if you’re putting your Real Name out there and you have a Good Career to lose. Anyway, I am finding that “coming out of the closet” as a Racialist is very LIBERATING, to use that fggy term. Freeing, hahaha. More HONEST, less PHONY. I think A Lot Of People are More Racialist than they themselves are Aware, ie, A Lot Of People are Just WAITING to be AWAKENED! And if I can start to awaken even one person, I would feeeeeeeeeel breddy haaaaaaappy.

I am also reading tons of Chans right now, and would like this blog to be the Venn Diagram Intersection of the Racially-Aware, J-Wise, Far-Right Manosphere O’Blogs, AND the Chanoverse. Chanosphere. 4chan, 4chon, Stormchan, 5chon, Wizardchan atm, gotta investigate 2chan (chon?), tagechan, krautchan, et al.

Feb 2013: Being honest w your allies, lying to your enemies. The nonserious tone of this bloggggz could be compared to Encyclopaedia Dramatica bringing the LULZ, except without those particular EDitors who hate whites, men, paleoconservatives, racists, religiouses, etc. I do quite enjoy ED. But I am not an EDitor.

Anyway I do not like TOO much attention on this blog, so I will post less regularly and not linkback to forums and might sometimes change URLs, so you have to make the obvious changebacks to visit them if you want.

January 2013: WARNING: as of right now, this blog is prob more about Race than it is about Sex! And of course some Class, Religion, IQ, mixed in there too. Also I think “PALEOCONSERVATIVE” would be a ok label to slap on me rather than “white nationalist.”

I “Blog” /write about those topics listed under “BKCTMOAPGHOW” in the title/”header” & the tag cloud. Doing this is a Fun Hobby for me. Like to keep at least 60%  Manosphere OR Political/Eradicasphere OR Alt-Right OR Scientific SmartyPants PointyHead Pseudointellectual topics, AND 40% other: such as movies, music, and stupid JOKES. Not polished writing. Try to limit posts to around 600  words (key word “try” haha.) Post on M, W, F, Sat, Sun.  OR more like Every Day until I clean out my older drafts. I should* just delete them, haha.

I have been researching White Nationalism pretty avidly the last 4 months or so, but am still a big NEWB about it. Would not CALL myself a White Nationalist, would simply say I am Not Anti-White, and that I believe the races are Different, sort of like the Sexes are Different, and I am not afraid to “Take My Own Side” as some WNs say. But I see myself as no more of a “WHITE NATIONALIST” than your Common-Sensical, Hard-Working GRAMPA who frowned upon Nonwhites Behaving Badly; and today would be called Racist by The Educated Bourgeois and Professional Young Millennials. (“The Grampa Analogy”)

FULL DISCLOSURE OF PREJUDICES AND RACISMS: I am MOST prejudiced against Wimmin and J00z. and then in descending order of Prejudice-Against: SWPLS & Marxists, then Blacks, then Homosexuals, then Chicanos, then Asians.

If you have to ask what “Alpha” or “Beta” is or “Game”  or “Hamster” you might have to do some internet searching and then come back here in one month or when you get bored with Game. All this stuff is on the internet. But I did put an Acronyms/Glossary way down at the bottom, hahaha. not saying Game is for idiots or lesser-developed men. for me it was just one step on the path & has many valuable lessons. And I still talk about Wimmin a lot.  For Me My “Slippery Slope Of Weltanschauung Development” went (roughly):

Conformist SWPL Kollige Marxism & Huge Niceguy Friendzone Beta Orbiter TO Game, TO Antifeminist MRA/MRM, TO Libertarians, TO Antimarxist Conservatives, TO Race Awareness, TO White Nationalist Sympathizer, TO Antimulticulturalist, TO Antizionist. Very ROUGHLY – it’s not THAT simple, hahahaha. And Ever-Evolving. So this drivel will appeal most to people who have a Similar Trajectory/Journey. You can’t call me a Flip Flopper because this progression IS pretty logical!

trying to minimize “Narcissism of Small Differences” (see Eradica) re people bickering like f@gg0ts when they have much more in common than they don’t. Don’t push away your allies! They do this in Manosphere, w Game and MRAs and MGTOWs fighting each other even though they’re clearly all pro-male and anti-feminist and isn’t that good enough? Or all the pro-white writers feuding with each other. You’d THINK being Pro-White would be enough to overcome the smaller difference but no, so and so doesn’t address the jewish question enough, so and so isn’t against homosexuality enough, so and so isn’t hard enough on race traitors. J35V5 CHR!5T!

ANNND now broadening to include the “Big Picture” of The Decline of The Western World incl Firepower’s Five-Fingered Fist Of Liberalism, of which misandry/feminism is but one-fifth. Been moving righter and righter and righter lately. Now  talk about this stuff more than the “Manosphere” stuff. Now I’m about more of the “Eradicasphere,” hahaha.

NOT a Full Blown White Nationalist, but def a Full Blown White, and a White Nationalist Sympathizer, as well as a Sympathizer with a lot of other dieVerse stuff, namely Blacks, Homosexuals, Cowards, Moderates, and Patriots, which makes me very Suspect to some, hahaha. questioning my loyalties.

Trying to Adapt, Survive, & Mate in the Average Modern Western World. Try to make above-average income, b4ng above-average Wimminz. Help Young Men not make same mistakes I made when young. Trying to get a STEM degree at a Third-Tier Toilet & Turn that into Above-Average-Income Bigboy Jerb with as little effort / tryhardism as possible. I never have or never will support violence against ANYONE.

-as I have decreased the Mens Stuff a LITTLE, my “MRA Mission Statements” become a little less important; besides, my newish Big Picture Racial Right Eradicasphere generally shares my Mens Views anyway, it’s all in the Venn Diagram.

If you wish to actually communicate a serious (but not TOO serious!) message to me, you can


gotta get caught up on email, going on hiatus for a while, will prob be back in a few months.




I steal/recycle ideas and words I like from Bloggers I like (IMHO Imitation Can Be A Very Sincere Form Of Flattery & should not necess be discouraged!) & might not always remember to give proper credit, but I do NOT intend to present these words as my own, so here are some of the Most Frequently Recycled Things:


Bernard Chapin: “Standard!”, “Pigs”, not using swear words (Me personally I want to be Family Friendly and not get flagged by Thought Police AND I think Excessive Swearing is very uncouth; So I Have My Cake And Eat It Too with my ridiculous “Censoring” of the horribly obscene words I use on a daily basis, you don’t have to LIKE it! Chapin takes the high road and just doesn’t use obscene language whatsoever. But he’s talking into a camera too.)

Wimminz/AfOR: “Wimminz” (by FAR the one I abuse most frequently; constantly, every single post), TIUTA (Take It Up The A5s),

Firepower: “Today’s Brandons”, Ritalin Rangers, AdultKidz, How America Dies, Grecycling, Coloreds, should* (*MRAs note correct use of the word “should”); Sperzerker; EvilGuns!; heh he likes inventing catchy new words even more than I do.

Ryu: ZOG (I think David Lane might have coined the term long ago but Ryu introduced it to me – Zionist Occupation Government), Asian Sunshine Girls, things “COSTING” you x minutes of Time,

Mindweapon: YKW (You-Know-Who ie J00z), the word “Mindweapon” to describe A Mindweapon hahaha

Chechar: “Feminized Western Male”

Heartiste: Manjawed Lawyerc00ntz, Lantern-jaw, Supplicating Lickspittle Beta Orbiters,

Mencius Moldbug:  like his Caste System & use terms constantly w some small mods of my own: Mainly Brahmin & Vaisya, how Vaisyas try to become Brahmin, “Upper Vaisyas” vs “Lower Brahmins”, Lower Vaisyas. Colleges, Status, Careeeeeers, Values, Pseudointellectuals.

Dalrock: “haaaaaaaaaaaaaappy” which I like to modify to “feeeeeeeeeeeling haaaaaaaaaappy” and its relative, the “meeeeeeeeeeeaningful careeeeeeeeeeeeeeer”. or “self-esteeeeeeeeem” or anything that’s written in overemotional hamsterspeak

Private Man: “You’re Welcome”

Also, MOST (heh, or “all”) of the IDEAS/CONCEPTS Manosphere bloggers blog about are not New Under The Sun, but I think diff bloggers can Say Old Things in a New Way and help people understand them better, educating more men. Sometimes.




Coining New Words is fun and important, and as I have stolen from the above Good Writers, I would like to Give Back some new words of my own the world, which you can steal:

Fagspeak: blanket term I use for SWPLSpeak or JezebelSpeak or Wimminspeak or PCSpeak and sometimes HRSpeak and Businessspeak.  Pretty Much, Kinda Sorta,  “Just Saying”, Basically, “Um No”, “YEAH NO”, “I just threw up in my mouth a little”, Creepy Creeper Stalker, Ugh, Ew, Ick, LOL, TxtSpeak, Totes, Notion, MastersThesisSpeak, the gayest GRE words, NYTimesSpeak, NPRSpeak. I will be sure to let you know when I spot more good examples. “VENTURING/INHABITING” (into) a conceptual “SPACE”, ie calling an intangible “place” a “SPACE.”; BUT ALSO saying “place” as in “coming from a place of  trust issues” “i’m in a better place now” etc;  “Trust Issues”, or “Issues” in general; “internalized”; Value-add; “growing” something used as a transitive verb like growing the business, growing the client base etc; Some Kinda; Not A Single f00k was Given; Intersectionality;

Unemployable Introvert: Introverts do not have the Soft Skills to Work With People, thus they deserve to be ForeverUnemployed and Not Survive, because they are Not Fit To Work Thus Survive Thus Raise Children!

Sperg Virgins: Spergs who cannot ever pull pvssy because they are sperg introverts who are socially awkward with social awkwardness disorder and cannot talk to wimminz

Unemployed Sperg Virgin Butthurt Basement Neckbeard Dweller Introvertz (heh not really):

saying hahahaha too much, less fagspeak version of “lol”, I am a Comedian who just wants to make ppl Laff.

Beta Power:  Betas are people too and shouldn’t be shamed just because they don’t YET have enough charisma, confidence, athleticism, Social Smoothness (ie “Game”) to be able to choose the mates they really want and thus have to settle for being chosen by Table Scraps at best. Betas ranging from Niceguys to Just Friends to Creepers just because they were raised in a Feminizing Poisonous Modern Culture and never learned how to Pull, unless they were born handsome and charismatic. But even Very Handsome men can be betas if they’re Uncharismatic or Feminized enough!

College Career Cartel (see Unmarried Man’s Cult of Career):   Mandatory Masters Degrees, Worshiping you Careeeeeer as the pinnacle of Your Existence because other forms of religiosity are uncool. High IQ Colleges lead to High IQ Internships lead to High IQ Careeeeers, see Bell Curve. To get a Good Job, forget a Careeeer, you have to have a College Degree and Unpaid Internships at a more competitive level than the 9,000,000 other kids with College Degrees and lesser-prestige Unpaid Internships. Job Credential Inflation. Alphabet Soup of Meaningless Certifications. Ignoring that 80% of jobs could be trained for on-the-job when life and death are not an immediate issue. The College Bubble. Skyrocketing Student Loan Debt. College increasingly Not Being Worth The Cost, yet dumber and dumber kids are brainwashing into going because The Trades have a Bad Reputation. And employers can get away with requiring a RECEPTIONIST to have a MASTERS degree because there’s so many Masters Degrees out there, accompanied by billions of dollars of Desperate Debt. F00K. THAT. SH!T.

Career Cvnts (although this coulda been Firepower and I’ll give it to him if he complains haha): Cvnts Obsessed with and Worshipping Their Career as their God;

Ziocons (I’m sure someone else has used this one): Zionist Neocons

You’re Only Worth What You Work: What do you DO? What’s your job title. WHERE do you work. How many HOURS do you get. What’s your TRACK. Are you still working THERE. How much do you MAKE.

Friends Don’t Put Friends In The Friendzone: Since Wimminz all too easily and to our society’s peril separate sex from love, and they don’t understand that niceguys don’t “just want sex”, they want a now-mythical pedestalized infatuatory combination of lifelong sex AND love, then if the guy disappears after being rejected then HE”s a Creep; and if the guy sticks around because of “the valuable sexless Friendship”, then she can’t possibly be his FRIEND because she’s realize she’s crushing his stupid weak SOUL, and Friends Don’t Crush Their Friends Souls.

Jews Are Cylons (ie the Bad Zionist Jewz, NAJALT): Jews are the most white-looking Nonwhites ever. Whites think they ARE whites. But many jews think of themselves as jews. NOT whites. Otherwise they’d prob be less antiwhite, hahaha.

NACALT, (o boy I’m really reaching here): Not All Christians Are Like That. Ie all the neg stereotypes of christians, be it “homophobic” or clinging to guns & religion or “exclusionary.” or ZIONIST or Antipagan.

The PRIME OF YOUTH aka POY, P.O.Y., etc:  pretty self explanatory; when women are the prettiest and most marriageable; their skin has a glow/radiance to it; approx ages 18-22 though you could say 17-23, though I don’t encourage ANY illegal activities. And 23 is REALLY pushing the upper limit. After the Prime ie PEAK, there’s a few good years before they Hit The Wall (early 30s) at which point the woman can still be Very Attractive.

A Little Racist:  (both as a Noun and an Adjective and a Little People Joke; prob stealing from that musical avenue q which I should finally watch and BlogggggAbout already!). Simply coming to terms with the Notion that Races are Different and Unique, much like Men and Women are different and unique. No ethnic cleansings, no genocides. Normal Average “Racist” like your Hard-Working Grandfather or Great-Grandfather were. Racially Aware or Conscious but not too meeeeean about it, just speaking the Truth about Demography; Paleoconservative Perhaps?

BabySlurry: what Babymurderers like to produce as a daily protein source since they’re vegan AND to intimidate women-haters who are Intimidated By The Power Of A Strong Independent Woman’s Sexuality. aka Murdered Baby Juice after Innocent Human Beings are chopped up into satanic slurry and sucked out by Abortionists.

MANNY COX: O GOD HOW COULD I FORGET MANNY COX?!?! This one is HUGE. I came up with this in 2006 when I wrote a short story about a SWPL Ivy League Grrrl who liked to Intimidate MIsogynists with her Sexuality, and she was a Wimminz Studies Comparative Colonialism Major, and the Professor of her Wimminz Labour Unions In PostCommunist Balkans 601 course was a Female-to-Male TransGendered Persyn who I think had a penis installed but still kept the vag because they wanted to be pangender or sommat, anyway the professor’s name was Manny Cox. One of my Best Names Ever. If you’re gonna steal one thing from me, steal (with credit!) Manny Cox. Usage is really EZ: “During her 20s Experimental College, Post-College, and Early Career Figuring-Herself-Out Slut Phase Riding the C0ck Carousel, Ms Hapsburg-Gleicher Took Manny Cox.”

Working For A Living: I think I stole this from “Glengarry Glen Ross.” People that do not have a meeeeeeaningful careeeeeer, but they just Work because it’s the Right Thing To Do rather than Suckle At The Teat and Expect Handouts. you don’t do it because you Worship the World-Changing Work you do, you do it because you have to survive, and you’re not expected to Worship it. Although Nowadays more and more you ARE expected to Worship it. see

Good Job: Not a Meeeeeeaningful Careeeeeer. But a good old-fashioned “middle class” working class job where you get FT hours, health benefits, maybe some retirement. College Degrees used to not be a mandatory qualification for, but now they are. and then Mandatory Masters Degree is the Next level.

Lower Working Class vs Middle/Upper Working Class.





I have been interested in “Racial Realism”, “White Nationalism (WN)”, and “Human BioDiversity (HBD)” lately. I wouldn’t call it “White Supremacy” or “Hating People Of A Different Race” and I DEF do not use quasi-nazi jargon like “14*” “88” ( = HH = Heil Hitler) or “SS” etc.  @Sir_Geechie aka Jamara Newell (AfroTraditionalist), @fwoodbridge , Barbarossaaaa, Thomas Sowell, possib Allen West (“OOOH, I GET IT, YOU LIKE BLACKS THAT ACT LIKE WHITES! OREOS!”) are all examples of Awesome Supersmart Blacks who I respect and do not want them to unfollow me because I talk about White stuff, hahaha. But I think they Get It too. They’re more than entitled to be interested in Black Stuff hahaha! I’m just generally talking about all people being interested and informed about Their Own Race, and also not being afraid to talk about Violent Black Mobs like Paul Kersey or Unamusement Park do. Not caring about my Internet self being labeled a “RACIST!” for talking about Whites and Whiteness. However, I believe Gummint Interference and Family Breakdown is much more responsible for Violent Black Ghettoes than Blackness Itself!

*OK I have been more understanding of The 14 Words lately:  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” Which I don’t think is “HATE SPEECH”, IMHO All Races might be behooved by following their own version of the 14 words.  In my feelgood bastardized watereddown ruined false coward moderate traitor version, this “means” that it’s good to be concerned about the world Your Children will live in, and keeping in mind that Race is more Real and Important than The Ruling Elites want you to believe. And that Each Race is entitled to want to keep Their Own Race Healthy and Strong.

Basically I like saying Very Politically Incorrect things about Blacks, Minorities, Jews, Muslims, Immigrants that “Tolerant” Leftists would consider Racist, but I’m NOT a HUGE Racist, and EVERYONE’s a LITTLE Racist, (Avenue Q?) ESPECIALLY those who would DENY that, and “Diversity”-Loving Leftists!

However I AM Concerned about not playing “Identity Politics” like a Cheap Marxist; and the associated danger of absolving INDIVIDUALS of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY because of their MEMBERSHIP to a GROUP.

Oct 2012: No more than 30% of my Frustration at the Marxist Modern World comes from MY OWN PERSONAL Beta Inability to Compete & Survive in the Marxist Modern World, so there IS a personal bias there, but I’m trying not to WHINE too much about it, and ACT on it, to FIX it. Because you gotta Fix Yourself before you can Fix The World.

I am more of a “White Nationalist Sympathizer” than a White Nationalist per se. I judge individuals NOT based on their group; but I DO judge groups based on their Average Behavior. I will be friends with a Conservative who is Black or Jewish or Wimminz, over an Obnoxious Marxist who is White.

In my adolescence I was a Sloppy Marxist; Since taking The Red Pill, I am Building a new Worldview which is much more Rightist. Join me as I journey through many interesting “texts” and “narratives” and figure out what is faggy and what is not. Right now I’m on a White/Racial Bent, but that doesn’t mean I agree with whatever I read automatically like a drone. Even if I am friends with Nazis on twitter, hahaha.

I make horrible jokes all the time and prob don’t take Life Seriously enough. Partially this is because of me being A Comedian or Joker or Jester than wants to Make People Laugh.  better than being a sad sack or annoying as5hole IMHO.


As it turns out, this is becoming a f4ggy Self Improvement Blog. As someone who def needs to improve his Physical, Mental, “Professional”, Spiritual, and Moral Self, this really isn’t so f4ggy after all. I would HOPE that other men who find themselves in similar need of Improvement might be able to find some Solidarity and Inspiration here, as I Chronicle the Progress towards my own goals, which are prob similar to the goals of Many Men. It’s tricky to Talk About One’s Self without being annoyingly whiny or Narcissistic, and, to avoid that, I’ve concentrated mainly on “Bigger” Issues, but more personal details have started to Creep In. I reason this doesn’t NEED to be a bad, blog-killing thing, as long as I make and USE this little disclaimer, hahaha.

IMHO a healthy body can be the ticket to a healthy mind, and then once you’re a healthy, powerful, confident, productive man, then you’re no longer dead weight and can do something useful for Your Ingroup, whatever that may be. But you need to fix yourself first, and I’ll be the first to admit that can be a LONG, HARD road. But I’m here to help! Or at least empathize/sympathize as I help myself. Which also includes Intellectual/Philosophical Development – the constant reading of books and blogs and Relecting on what they meeeeeeeean to me.

DEC 2012

And I will also be talking about more RELIGIOUS stuff, partic CHRISTIANS and CATHOLICS. I am pretty agnostic but have been warming up to the Ol Catholics. I too am obsessed with Morality. Was Baptized Catholic and don’t see any need to change that, starting to appreciate it a little more. Might just be my current way of protesting the SMUGNESS of SWPL Atheists. It’s my way of being Thankful For Not Dying On The Streets With Cancer, instead of being a Greedy Ungrateful Entitled SWPL Complainer. I see it as an OK thing to be “stuck with”, and a great set of motions to go through. But I don’t have a lot of True Faith and I wish I did. Hopefully it’s growing in a Boil The Frog fashion, hahaha. Anyway I will be talking about all the various sects and denominations and schisms because it’s interesting. And also Protestants and their Work Ethic and WASPs and Social Class and Ruling Elites, hahahaha. And also Jews and Muslims and World Religions maybe.

NEW COMMENT POLICY, OCT 2012 until ? :

NO Comments, Only Emails. Then I will repost your email In Context and Respond Publicly. [oct 2012: NOPE, Now on brief email hiatus] Though I might be a fag for being Too Afraid To Allow Criticism, my response is that Comments are generally more annoying than good, with EVEN MORE faggy cowardly pedants saying stupid sh!t that doesn’t contribute to the conversation at all.

If you are In The Top Decile of IQ, you may be able to figure out The SemiSecret Way to Sorta Communicate with me. Hint:  might be easiest if you have to have a WordPress Blog.

I think SOME pages actually ARE open to comments, If you’re dying to leave a comment then go find one of those pages. NO I won’t tell you which ones!





one of the 2 Real Life People who know who I am requested this. (I implore them to Maintain My Anonymity, because this is EXACTLY the kind of blog that makes one UNHIREABLE/PERMANENTLY UNEMPLOYABLE.) We were all Newbs once, hahaha. It’s like me trying to learn Fantasy Football I guess.  Note to self, maybe just have whole about page take form of Alphabetical Encyclopedia so You can find what you “Need” quickly haha

MRA – Men’s Rights Advocate/Activist. Firepower & “Big Picture” bloggers often mock MRAs for being Whiny, Cowardly, and Short-Sighted. I used to identify quite openly as. I still think MR is valid and important and there are still plenty of great MRAs out there, see blogroll.

MRM – men’s rights movement

MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way. I feeeeel this is more big picture than MRM because it uses The Red Pill for Lifestyle Design, and a great deal of flexibility. Maybe even too much.

The Red Pill -heh not really an acronym uh? Red Pill Blue Pill dichotomy is talked about alot in Manosphere And probably elsewhere. Anywhere there is Generally Accepted Common Knowledge vs Quasi-Hidden Knowledge for those with Eyes To See and Ears to Hear. Reference to “The Matrix.” I really shouldn’t have to explain this one

Manosphere – very loose umbrella term for Game, MRM, MGTOW blogs/bloggers. compare/contrast with Eradicasphere, Roissysphere, Sailerverse

Roissysphere – blogs that are associated with Roissy aka Heartiste who IMHO is The Godfather of The Manosphere with his intelligent talk on Game and Red Pillz. And he talks more about Race, HBD, and Political Stuff than You Think!

Sailerverse – Steve Sailer I would describe as a True Conservative (as opposed to a Neocon) that is very open to talking about Race and Immigration. Not sure if he or Roissy came first. I think Sailer. They both made it Kewl To Blog. I am actually only getting into Sailer quite late in the game, I Started out as a Roissy guy. To grossly oversimplify, Roissy was more about sex and Sailer was less about sex.

Game – how to bang b!tches. Some people like Alek Novy and Black Pill / OmegaVirginRevolt (NO I’m not going to say bad things about them, indeed, I’ve ENJOYED their writing!) deny game or are at least very against it (been meaning to dig deeper into OVR & see what I can learn from him). They’re entitled to their opinion but I’m a true believer in game. I usually think of “Game” as being somewhat more “intelligent” than “Pick Up Artists” or PUA, which I associate with Scammers Running Seminars. But that’s just my own connotation.

Alpha – a man who has Mate Choice.

Beta – a man who does not have mate choice. Average Men are closer to Beta than Alpha. Some say 80% of men are Betas. Uhh I’ll say it’s between 60% and 80%.

Mate Choice – being able to choose your mate. For a man – who you stick your d!ck in;    for a Woman – who you let stick their d!ck in you (see “Alphas”.)

SWPL – do I really have to TELL you what SWIPPLE means? Stuff White People Like, term originated by Christian Lander and his famous blog of the same name. in his satire, SWPLs are the Right kind of White people, and all the rest of us in Flyover country are The Wrong Kind. Needless to say I side with The Wrong Kind. SWPL is a great blanket term for all that is hipster or antiwhite or liberal or marxist or annoying or gay or Urbane or Cosmopolitan or Bourge or Brahmin. Greg Johnson suggests that SWPLs do have some pride as A Kind Of White People, in the sense they are smug and self righteous; however I caution you not to think that SWPLs are Pro-White, as they would gladly throw The Wrong Kind of White People (My Kind and Hopefully Your kind!) Under the bus to appease their Multicultural Marxist Moloch Mammon Masters.

FP – Firepower, founder of Eradica. Manosphereians might find his Red Pills a little too extreme, conservative, or racist, but I wouldn’t say he’s “Manosphere” so much his own sphere, Eradicasphere, which IMHO, is The Next Level for people tired of talking about pvssy and Wimmin, and are looking for the Socio-Political Bigger Picture. And what to do about it.

Wimmin – term for Decadent Modern Woman which I stole from Wimminz-The-Blogger.

NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That. You can substitute the W for Any GROUP you’re talking about and then someone calls you a racist or sexist or bigot or intolerant or bad or closed-minded or ignorant. then you call them a f@ggot and say it’s UNDERSTOOD that not EVERY SINGLE member of the group is bad. Just SO MANY are bad that it BRINGS THE AVERAGE DOWN.

WN – White Nationalist

ZOG – Zionist Occupation Government. these two are self explanatory hahaha, if you use either of these acronyms you are a racist anti-semite Holocaust Denier who wants to enslave and lynch blacks, and you wear this t-shirt every day

I do not USUALLY approve of prominently displaying swastikas, but this shirt is CLASSIC and I might buy it

I do not USUALLY approve of prominently displaying swastikas, but this shirt is CLASSIC and I might buy it

even though you believe 6,000,000 jews did not die in the holocaust but only 6.

TEOTWAWKI / TSHTF – The End Of The World As We Know It / The Sh!t Hits The Fan. Heh I don’t even use these that much. Popular in Survivalist and Prepper communities I reckon, but when you talk about the Decline Of The West, it’s possible there will be a Point Of No Return. For EXAMPLE Whites becoming a minority in the US by 2042. Come ON, I think I only used these terms ONCE.

InCel – Involuntary Celibacy. Guys who cannot Pull Tail because they have no Social Skills and are Fat Beta Neckbeard Sperg Virgin Introvert AUTISTS who get skurred of goils because they’re 30-year-old Virgins and don’t like having s3x, because the only wimmin that want to have s3x with them are 4-and-belows that the InCel’d have to take 9000 viagra to even do the job, and this damages their fragile self-esteeeeeeeem, knowing that this is the best they can do. See LoveShy.

But seriously folks, I CAN sympathize. I like InCels a LOT more than I like feminists. But I was more interested in them a couple years ago. It’s not like it’s really THAT hard to Pull Tail unless you’re morbidly Obese, or you CARE too much. (Stop CARING so much!) Pulling GOOD Tail, OK, that may be a problem. Pulling a Good Long-Term Mate to Be A Mother Of Your Children, and then raising those children up good and strong, that’s something I’m MUCH more interested in now. Creating a New Generation better than the Last. That shouldn’t be so hard, hahahaha. But it is.