Good Day Dear Readers. Good time for one of these uh?

THANK YOU BILL POWELL for Liking this post! I guess the logical thing to do would be for me to Like one of your posts, or I think we’re up to Two Now,  but that might bring me Too Many Readers. However I would DEF Recommend All Readers to Read Your Blog APOCALYPSE COMETH at

Heh. I should read him more often. Good Lord. Good Red Pill Guy. Unlike me, he isn’t all J this and YKW that, however I’m PRETTY SURE he’s not an antiwhite antiracist, haha.

Been thinking a lot about MATH, Math Education, Education, Kke Kollige, STEM, homeschooling, the best way to learn maths and sciences, taking a lot of pages from the MINDWEAPON book.

Yep still on a Mindweapon Kick, though haven’t had enough time to read lately, because free time was being eaten away by my CALCULUS 2 class, which will be the main subject here.

Also I would like to Officially and Publicly encourage Mindweapon to give a try to “THE MINDWEAPON SHOW”, which would be an internet radio show / podcast of Mindweapon talking to anyone who wants to get on a skype, or talkshoe, or however. Even just MW and his Top Commenters talking about stuff they talk about on the blog. A Talk Radio Version of

his blog and commenters. Hipster Racist and Brandon & Maureen Martin & Clytemnestra and Conchobar and April Gaede and g-d knows who else. Ryu, Kevin MacDonald, Matt Parrott, Robert Stark. and then that Dik Dik guy could complain about it all, hahaha.

But MW is really on a streak lately, right now, in 2013, and I would prefer talk on Hot New Stuff, New Ideas, like the Practical Political Ideas he constantly blogs about. The White Family Convenience Stores, the Homeschools, the STEM Military Academies, the martial arts, exercise, fitness, farming, taxi services, car sharing, multifamily households, investing.

“JUST READ THE BLOG AND COMMENTS, THAT’S WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT”, yeah I KNOW, but lemme Hypothesise that I’m not the only one who Likes Listening to Interesting Talk Shows of people Talking about these ideas. People Talking is a little better than people reading and writing. Yes, OBVIOUSLY people DOING is way better than Talking, Reading OR Writing!

heh for example almost reblogged this one it was so good:

h ttp://mindweaponsinragnarok.comdeletethis/2013/05/08/austerity-for-whites-cornucopian-party-for-non-whites-and-immigrants-whites-are-victimized-because-we-are-atomized-tribalization-and-feralization/

Calc 2. You can’t deny this is a good Mindweapon. I went into it with uncharacteristic optimism. (Mindweapon: the Other is delighted to instill a Culture of Pessimism in Our People, to make us despondent, despairing, and self-destructive.)

Mindweapon recommends Homeschooling Expert Art Robinson who said, re children learning math, some interesting things: that they should never be helped on a difficult problem, and that struggling towards the correct answer is the best way to learn math. To Think Mathematically. It’s not SUPPOSED to be EASY.

Well, I would agree the best way to learn math is to DO MANY PROBLEMS. That’s WHY there’s a lot of Homework. And there certainly was. The text used was Larson Edwards 8th Edition “Calculus”, and it epitomized a lot I Hated About Learning Math. The explanations were sort of there, but I would have written them a LOT more clearly. To get New Students through the Learning Curve. I argue you can use Training Wheels without Dumbing Math Down. 

So I ended up watching Khan Academy a LOT and he was very helpful. I wish he were white!

Several of the (young) students would go to the Tutoring Center after class and work on the homework as a group, having the help of a Skilled Tutor immediately available if there were any questions. I think this is the best approach, however it does fly in the face of the Robinson approach.

I either didn’t have time or was too burned out to ever really join them so I did everything alone, but ended up getting SUPER angry at the dumb obtuse book, or at the Tutorial Vidyas on where we did our homeworks. Muttering at the guy in the vidya, calling him a Kke Fggot because the explanations sucked, etc. I understand some

frustration is to be expected, but I would think the sense of accomplishment, achievement, and confidence from ultimately solving the problems would cancel out the anger. But it didn’t. Then again, I DO admit to being Above Average Angry, such that I’m above the threshold where Anger is Useful, now it’s just too excessive for all of it to be Useful.

The kids in the class were mainly young engineers in training, doing the right thing at the right age. Heh. I was trying to do the right thing at the wrong age.  Was angry when I learned Calc 2 IS essentially AP Calc BC, which The Successful Smart Kids who became Winning White Engineers took IN HIGH SCHOOL, and I should have too.

Learning this stuff as young as possible will give you a great advantage In Life.

My Role Model was a 20-year old young man originally from Syria. I think he was a christian not a mudslime. he looked at least 50% white. But he embodied the non-Murkan Work Ethic that most immigrants from Crappy Places have. The Real Old-School American Work Ethic of Work your 455 off, get paid. So I tried to emulate him, but now feeeeeel pretty burnt out. He did not seem nearly as burnt out. Great Attitude. Nice Kid too.

There were more GIRLS in the class than I expected, at least 30% girls. (Cute POY Girls are Distracting and Counterproductive in Education.) “Good” amount of Whites, prob 72% white? of the nonwhites I’d say most were Arabs, but there was one Albanian.

(ok this is a better time for the) BREAK TIME FOR U!


























How to Stanch Burn Out? Probably do math for 1 hour a day, Monday Thru Saturday, not in 3 hour marathons twice a week. There was at least 6 to 10 hours of Serious Homework per week. But it said so right on the syllabus!

Yeah Ideally should have gotten up at 3:45 am Monday Thru Saturday, did a Quiet Undistracted Hour of HW before getting Tired From the Day, to tired to really concentrate and work on HW without getting superangry at the kke book.

Found the exams SUPER STRESSFUL. Four Regular Exams, each taking the full 2-hour class period, and one Cumulative Final, just finished yesterday. Five Huge Exams, all very stressful to prepare for, and grueling as f00k to actually do. Can you teach Maths good without Ridiculous Exams? Just do the HW and get an A?

Some instructors allow you to bring in One Sheet of notes. Not this one. That would have cut down the Stress at least 50% hahaha.

Not REALLY complaining. I like Math, Math is So Beautiful, Math Is A Mindweapon, Math Makes You a Better Person, I just don’t like Math Class. Seemed to move VERY fast and Cram so much in. Would have liked class to be 6 credits not 4. OR be split up into 2 classes.

But then noting that this is only 4% of the Way Towards a Bigboy Winning Engin Degree makes me want to go on a Punching People In The Face Spree, Get Burned Out, Give Up, Quit. Not a fan of skool. “Hate” skool.

But I don’t like this modern “UNSCHOOLING MOVEMENT” which is like, oh just let kids PLAY all day, on their INTERESTS, and then THAT’s their school. I think you can RIGOROUSLY homeschool your kids in STEM and not have them burn out.

Developing Good Habits when you are Young is SO Crucial to Success In Life.

It is not impossible to Weed Out Bad Habits and Develop New Good Habits when you are an Old Crone like me, although you might be prone to fits of rage, Punching People In The Face, throwing huge math textbooks through walls and calling it a “Kke Fggot”, and only finally getting your Engin Degree by Age 80.

Which is making me think, this is fine if you’re YOUNG and doing this at the “RIGHT” time, have tons of energy and optimism and time and good habits, but when you’re an Old Fart and need to start Making Money Fast so you can have 3 White Children Some Day, you might need An Edj00cation with a little better Short-Term ROI. (Saw some Fggot Kke article in the Chronicle of Higher Education “IS ROI THE BEST WAY TO THINK ABOUT COLLEGE?”. YES, you horrible thieves, poisoners, vampires, leeches, parasites, yes it is.) Because having your children when you’re 80 is not ideal.

BTW even though i was very angry at the class, I did VERY well, had OVER 100% grade before the Final, was prob the #2 student in class, behind #1 Syrian Kid. Final was my worst exam, but it could not have brought final grade below A-. I might be Lazy and Burnt Out and Distracted By Anger, but I still did Real Well in this class.

Uh can’t stop listening to Nick Cave & Seeds “Murder Ballads”, but the Song of the Week is “The Kindness Of Strangers”, which in years past, I’d always skip over, can’t BELIEVE I just skipped over THIS song!, but this month I discovered it, and now like to listen to it back-to-back multiple times almost every day. SO GOOD.

Don’t usually care about lyrics but Nick is a BOSS at them. Music is gentle and romantic, and reminds of some of the Angelo Badalamenti, Julee Cruse, David Lynch, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet type stuff. Lyrics/story tries to be Overly Sentimental, comes off as Genuinely Heartbreaking, much like the whole album. Hope, Beauty, Tragedy, Death. One of the prettier songs on the album, but certainly not a happy one! Also slightly reminds of Tom Waits “A Little Rain” with the verse about the girl who had never seen the ocean and then she disappeared.

Have a good day, Love Your Race, Protect Your Race.

Practicing how Not To Leave Trackbacks. But here’s a good Stormfront Threat “College Is Killing The Middle Class”

h ttp://wwwdelete.stormfront.orgdelete/forum/t937333/

British Reality Televitz Show “Young Dumb and Living Off Mum” about Spoiled Losers Leeching off their Parents who have No Work Ethic, are just Lazy No-Account N’s. Haven’t watched any yet, sounds ridiculous.–Dumb-and-Living-Off-Mum_27351/

(heh i don’t care if they know i’m linking to them.)

But I would argue that it’s much better to Gratefully Accept Support from your Fam than to go into Huge Debt to be “Independent.” That is not really Independent at all, that’s being a SLAVE TO YKW. But I think the kidz in this show are not all that grateful.

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time mach: JUNE 20, 2012

[May 6 2013: More like DECADENCE Machine, uh? So, Right Now, for better or for worse, I am pulling the plug on Tiem Machine. For the short term. Just trying this out. It can’t hurt.]

ITRY not to talk about myself, re Privacy & Anonymity & Career Safety, but when I’m SO D4MN AWESOME & INTERESTING, it’s hard not to.

I’veAlways Sneered & Looked down on people with TATTOOS, esp Wimminz, cuz they are a permanently marker of their Stupidity, Proudly shown to the world: “Look how stupid I am, & here it is permanently on my skin, I think it’s worth BRAGGING about!” & Wimminz tattoos are subject to all the stupid ephemeral rules of Trendy Fashion. Just consider Locations: first the Tramp Stamp. Then became Ridic Gauche. then it’s wrist, then it’s NECK, then it’s FOOT. Meanwhile, REAL HIPSTER GRRLLZZ get tats on their ARM like a MAN.

[classic J divide and conquer, turning w men against w women; we should not have such contempt for our own women; our women are not are enemy; indeed, our women are our eternal allies against our enemies;]

Men aren’t that much better, but they ARE better re tats. All my Heavy Metal Heroes usu had tats so it seemed it’d appeal to me, but not really. Some metal dudes are notable for having NO tats.

Anyway if I were to get a Tat, which 90% chance I would never, it would prob be on the Bicep, & have to do with: USA/patriotism, DEATH, or JESUS. flag, eagle, grim reaper, grim reaper on pale horse, jesus carrying cross, jesus ON cross, jesus being scourged horribly, cross.

[i would also now open that door to get a Racial Tattoo. But I am 95% not likely to get a tattoo at all. Also I am theoretically not against getting Tasteful Memorial Tattoos for someone you Luved who has died. Key word tasteful.]

That’s the benefit of being a BORN AGAIN CATHOLIC , raised from 49% Faith to a whopping 51% Faith. You’re much more secure & positive in it, yet you can still get away with making blasphemous jokes & listening to Satanic Black Metal & b34ting the m34t to Young Tail. NO, you can’t really GET AWAY with it. Could just be The Great Deceiver deceiving me.

[still a big struggle for me. trying to reconcile European Race with a Non-European Religion. if I were feeling especially cynical I might say Xtianity was Intentionally Designed By J’s as a way to Genocide Gentiles. IT’S A TRAP!

search “kevin alfred strom perversion sexual morality national vaguard american dissident voices” or “PERVERSION OF THE SACRED” he does a great broadcast, paraphrased: “Crude Hedonistic Selfish Decadent Feelgood Pornography, and the Puritanical, Prudish reaction against it, are both TWO SIDES OF THE SAME JISH COIN.”  PREACH! ]

Had some Inchoate Ideas regarding Gambling, Fun, and Work, still hammering out. This applies to GAMES that involves SOME amount of skill & personal agency, rather than slot machines or other “games” of PURE LUCK. So people, in my THEORY, have FUN playing card games like poker or pinochle or bridge or whatnot. People usually naturally LIKE PLAYING GAMES to have FUN, even I’m no different.

[of course I been thinking lately that GAMBLING is INHERENTLY Degenerate, Jish, and it does not BECOME an honorable man to GAMBLE. Respectable Gambling is an oxymoron.]

Now you can make the game more “interesting” by putting money on it. Then your Skill is directly rewarded with money. Better you are, more you get paid, like a JOB, but it’s NOT a job, you get paid for being GOOD at a GAME.

Questions: money might make “interesting” but it also makes stressful, might turn the GAME INTO a JOB.

corollary: most realistic way to make a Living off Gambling might be Small-Stakes Grinding, which might take all fun out of, then game becomes less fun, becomes job.

Or is gambling more a way of GoingYourOwn Way, being your own boss, sticking it to the man, where you can make money doing what YOU want, having FUN playing GAMES?

Obv a little of both depending how your luck is going, hahaha.

[but sometimes we have to do less-than-savory things to Win and to Secure an Existence of Ourselves, Our Family, and Our People.  So if you have a Surefire way of making more money Gambling than Working a Deadend Job, I guess it’s ok to gamble.]

sure you can get a big jackpot but I’d HYPOTH that is the exception not norm. 90% of the time, you’re not making any more PER HOUR than you would at A Traditional Job.

Final Question: But unless you have a STEM degree, you’re not going to be making much more than $10 a hour IF you’re “lucky enough” to have a job. So even 8 hours a day of small stakes grinding could VERY WELL pay MORE than that, QED, you’re better off GAMBLING than getting a “REAL JOB.” Unless you have a STEM degree, hahahaha.

Always thought Bob Seger’s “Ramblin Gamblin Man” had a real good Alpha Swagger to it, one of my fave songs of this “icon” who I’m not a superfan of, but am gradually appreciating a bit more. But never superfan.

HIRILORN sounds pretty promising right from very first listen, “Legends of Evil and Eternal Death” (good title!) Kinda expected, Hasjarl is talented & creative, but I appreciate his perspective on Epic & Melodic that was nearly completely forsook in Deathspell Omega (which I’m also in a mood for, “Inquisitors of Satan” thru “Manifestations 2002” period.) LoE&ED was 1998ish, great year.  Have a feeling they were really young, no older than 20, could be wrong. But I like Angsty Young Man’s Metal. Nothing captures Adolescent Angst like an Adolescent making Metal in the midst of his Adolescence. & you often think “no WAY could a TEEN make this! This is too profound!” but they did! see Burzum, Dissection, heck all the greats were moreso YOUNGER than OLDER. Although as a Late Bloomer myself, I appreciate that the opposite can also hold true, like Leonard Cohen not releasing his first album till he was FORTY or so.

Hirilorn is PACKED with soaring, epic, majestic, triumphant, sorrowful, catchy, spine-tingling Melodies! DsO at above time was PACKED with Catchy, Evil Riffs! Why did Hasjarl turn his back so much on these styles for The Mathy & just not incorporate them both? Don’t misunderstand – he didn’t TOTALLY abandon, see “Carnal Malefactor” on SMRC, but the REASON it’s one of my fave DsO songs is BECAUSE he’s incorporating the older Melodic & Riffy styles! If I could Write Riffs like that, I would MAKE THAT my Style!

[Heh. My attitude or opinion about Hasjarl/Hirilorn has not changed significantly since beginning My Awakening. He is Bad455 and I should return to Hirilorn. And honestly DsO is Awesome when you’re in the mood. DON’T HATE hahaha]

Girl wears Sunglasses on top of her HEAD in buildings? TIUTA!


[yes, sure, agreed, but again, BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE THAN CURSE THE DARKNESS, tm Firepower. Instead of Shaming Your Own Women…..just shake your head, grieve for The Value That Has Been Lost, “Sharpen The Long Knives of Grievance” as I think Mindweapon said, and instead of participating in their Defilement, RISE ABOVE, RISE ABOVE

AND TAKE THE UPWARD PATH, Know that indeed NAWALT, and Be a Strong Masculine Warrior Man and do something productive with your Body Mind and Soul, and one day you will be able to use your Sex Drive as part of that Skyward Path, as something Beautiful and Sacred and NO I’m not talking in a strictly Churchian Chreebus (tm MW) sense]

My Twitter Code of Ethics is gen Tit4Tat; if a man retweets or favourites me, I will retweet, favourite, and/or replythank him. if it happens a couple times, he gets moved to my “favourites” list. simple, easy, effective.

Also, notice how often Wimminz Tweet: INSTAGRAMS or 4SQ’s (“Here I Am, Having Fun, Out and About, Center of Attention, I’mma Celebrity! RAWR! Don’t you Wish You Were Here Basking In My Hotness!”) & how often Men tweet like this, vs how often Men tweet Actual Content, Creative Thoughts, Jokes, or Links.

Wimminz: Want to be respected? Be Worth Respecting! YOU’RE WELCOME. (haha HatTip Private Man, will be stealing YOU’RE WELCOME forever.)

[all very, very true. Very insightful, me! But once again, no reason getting BUTTHURT. I was more BUTTHURT at that time. Actually I think there was some Women-related STRESS which thankfully I have since resolved, using my Masculine Power and Mind.]

Had Access to some Academic Databases (not Google Scholar); searched for “laziness”, tuff time finding new Laziness Expert. Term never used prob bc implies moral judgment. find more on procrastination or underachievement. Of Ivy League students whose “underachievement” is not gonna DOOM them. Will keep searching.

[I guess “laziness” implies “depression” or “low motivation.” I am still gonna talk about these things till the end of my time. BUT I am thinking about starting a Separate Blog for that! Since me getting Overly Emo &F4ggy  & Feelzy is NOT what I intended this blog to become! And Frankly (heh), it may undermine the credibility of Pro-Whiteness, ie, Pro-Whites are “Mentally Unstable Like That LOOSE CANNON BKC” and I – WE – cannot have that.]

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time machine: october 20, 2012

So, for the Omega Underachieving Lazy Loser Lost White Male Neckbeard who just Can’t Win, doing strength exercises until Muscle Failure is a very effective and easily-doable way to Remind Yourself You’re Still A MAN, G0ddammit! And that you have SOME power! So go out and Exercise this growing power. First until you can carry your own weight. Then you can take a long-term view. But I’m not sure you can ever be effective in the long-term if you don’t get the short-term squared away. Don’t wanna be Dead Weight.

So that’s the Tip / Hack of the day for the Desperate Loserz: do SUPERSETS until you cannot do any more reps. Then rest two or three minutes and do another superset. Don’t try to do more than 4 or 5 supersets. That’s good enough for now.

You’ll KNOW when you get there; You’ll get USED to this “extreme” experience and it won’t be so intimidating anymore, so you can do it again and again and effectively&efficiently IMPROVE your BODY; you’ll feel like you actually DID something.

Was listening to the Jack Donovan interview and he was taking a real “VIRTUES” based approach. I liked that. Strength, Courage, Honor, Skill/Mastery, these are the especially manly virtues. All virtues are good for All People, but some are more manly and some more womanly. Like “Temperance” is good for everybody, but especially good for women, because it keeps them from becoming whores/sluts. Virtues. There’s something I don’t talk enough about! It’s a little more concrete and teachable and learnable and doable than “MORALITY.” Building Blocks OF Morality.

To be completely honest, here is the big secret to how I “blog”: I just sit there eating flamin’ hot cheetoz and chicken mcnuggetz and guzzling Code Red (heh NO) but seriously folks, I simply crap words into the WHITE box of a gmail draft. After about a week, the draft gets really long. Then once a week, I go through the draft and copy & paste 700-900 word chunks into wordpress, add a title and some tags, and there’s my post. This results in about 10 posts a week, but I only publish 3 or 4, and put the rest in the “kitty”. Either to publish them way later as “bonus” posts, or never to post them. While making new posts, I sched posts for Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings, and Sundays sometimes. I try to get a mix of both older and newer posts but it tends towards the newer. That’s it. The End.

If someone’s nice to me, then I’m nice to them. It doesn’t matter what Race they are. If they’re real nice to me and I like and respect them, maybe I’ll want to be franz with them. If someone is not nice to me, I say, “screw you 4sshole!”, walk away, and stay away from their Useless Dead Weight.

Greg Johnson just used the word “dysgenics” which got me thinking that there is a sound scientific reason not to race-mix. You get less healthy babies. Not that I had PLANNED on Race-Mixing anyway!

And then I just read something on Counter Currents that sorta implied Lawrence Auster was wrong. [“Name The Jew!”] Ok the complaint is that he has histrionic jewishness which interferes with his paleoconservatism.

It might even be useless for me to Speculate and Mental-Mastvrb8 on Race and Economics and Politix and Philosophy AT ALL until I get my own personal affairs in order; until then, I might be WASTING PRECIOUS RESOURCES by spreading myself too thin. So uh expect more “Personal Development Self Improvement” on this Flog.

Avoid grainz and sugar, get enough sleep, do Big Muscle Group Lifting Supersetz FTW. And don’t let others make your Political decisions for you.

So how much and how bad are the Toxins in Non-Organic Mass Produced Factory Food, say the mid-to-low-shelf Budget Coffee I buy at Wal-Mart? Cuz I was reading on the Bulletproof Diet guy’s page that even Starbucks coffee is full of horrible additives that sap energy from your body, just like the additives in all sorts of cheap food, and if you “just” spent more money to buy organic food, you’d have a lot more energy. I’m insinuating my own Energy Agenda into that somewhat.

Come up with Fake Fictional Stories of how you are a Team Player for your job interview, cause to SAY you are a Team Player and you LOVE working with others isn’t good enough, you have to PROVE it with Made-Up Stories.

Ok so I was helping a customer and didn’t know the answer, and the Team Member near me was helping another customer and SHE didn’t know the answer, so we helped both customers together and together were able to answer BOTH customers’ questions so awesomely that they wrote thank you letters to the manager.

DONE. . That is prob the single best #1 go-to website for Socially Anxious Awkward Dorks Who Don’t Know How To Talk To People. I should be printing off at least 20 pages size 8 font there. HIGHLY recommended. Note: put in blogroll. I pray to to the jewgod that you’re never in the position to find this site useful; but if you need to, it definitely is. A Blessed Gift from the jewgod.

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Good afternoon friends, good to see You, hope You are doing well.

Time for another one of these. strictly adhere to 1000 wds. starting….now. ok 1025 or so.

enough jokes. my listening material this week has been Matt Parrott talks to Greg Johnson about the AmRen conference.

h t tp://www .

TRYING to hide trackbacks, not because I wanna troll these sites, I just want to keep a low profile until I’m a better White Warrior. Got a lotta personal work to do yet. Get strong, Get courageous. I would HOPE you can figure out how to crack my code.

So that’s a good talk. I like Parrott. Clued me into Bloc Indentitaire in France, had this guy at the conference. nationalist party in france that has not yet been “mainstreamized.”

h t t p:// m a j

I found this website Whte Ntionalist dot org, Christian Nationalist Forums, run by this guy Pastor Lindstedt, and I am gonna have to spend some time there. He has his own internet radio show too. (Da Dik Dik Show) I am a sucker for talk radio even MORE than blogs. It’s a great Medium. I listen to Pro-White podcasts, talk radio etc for education and

entertainment in case You hadn’t noticed! anyway , the Pastor guy bashes EVERYBODY. He is over the top in calling out just about EVERYBODY I like. Talk about dropping names. You name them, he doesn’t like them. He probably doesn’t even like MINDWEAPON.

Why does he not like so many people so much? why is he so much better? and he calls everyone fggots or mamzers or J-lovers or J’s or cowards or hypocrites or sellouts or traitors or moles or plants.

Now, I do drop names, but mainly just to give you an idea of who I’ve been listening to / reading lately. I might not agree 100% but I’m not gonna bash them unless they’re a total antiwhite J.

Although “San Fagscrisco” is GREAT and I started using that one immediately.


David Duke is coming out with a new book soon. And You Know Who it’s about, hahaha.  I for one am looking forward to it.

I was back on a Dr Pierce thing. I hope you can Love Your Race but not then have to prove it by working 80 hours a week being a White Ethnic Activist like Dr Pierce. Don’t have the energy right now.

Found a website National Alliance News, natallnews dot NET

which might be a sort of dissident national alliance group for people unhappy with the way Natall has gone since Dr Pierces death in 2002 and especially the leadership of gliebe in the past few years.

also see

white reference blogspot

pretty full of information, might be one of the few places WN/Christian Nationalist doesn’t dislike. full of good links. watch out for the widget that displays your city though! that makes me nervous. heh. so run TOR on Tails.

My hypothesis is that maybe these guys were actual NatAll Activists.

Which reminds me,

h ttp://w  w w .  n i n t e r n e t – r a d i o / i n d e x . h t m l

the national vanguard/alliance site with a ton of podcasts/recordings of american dissident voices. It’s not just the 308 Pierce on It’s ALL Pierce broadcasts, 500 or 600 or so, the Kevin Alfred Strom stuff from 2002

h t tp://w w w.n a

like that’s the memorial one strom did right after dr pierce died.

go take a break, the post got a little long.


there’s the picture of Dr Pierce I was looking for that was not coming up too readily in image search.



. Superior W Body, Superior W Mind, Crush The K’s, W Warrior.




. exercise your BODY, MIND, and SOUL







so that set me off on a strom mission, the guy is a great writer and smart thinker. that whole scandal kinda tarnished him but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in that I find it completely plausible that he was set up by a combination of vindictive, borderline, crazy wimminz + Zog Fedz.

so then I found strom on youtube and he didn’t have many followers yet, so then he followed me back, and I don’t have many followers. Then I panicked because strom is a big deal, he was friends with Dr Pierce.

heh. I gotta listen to the strom broadcasts, some of em looked real good. Can’t believe it took me so long to find this treasure trove. Maybe because National Alliance is not mentioned a LOT in my Blog World or Podcast World, maybe it is “going downhill” since Pierce died, but at least they have a ton of great podcasts.

h ttp://w w w . n ts/101803.mp3

“perversion of the sacred”, KAS, 2003, A Show About Sex. Decadence, Libertinism, Prudery, Towards a decent Sexual Morality. NICE.

note to self: to hide the trackbacks / make it not link, put spaces in the HTTP:// part. maybe. but then they can seach that string with that unique placement of spaces and then find this page in google, hahahaha. maybe.

Also I should try not to Name Drop in the TAGS.

Even if I do mostly support these people, I can’t really SUPPORT them in that I can’t ADD to what they’re saying, I’m pretty powerless and n00bish right now. Gimme a few more months. I gotta make more money and WIN first.

Heh. just going down my Recent Bookmarks list and seeing what stands out. talk about GRECYCLING (tm Firepower)! But I care much more about Spreading Information, than HITS! Sharing What I have Learned so that maybe others can learn too. Of course, You prob already know most of this stuff.

there is tension between harold covington and april gaede. she says he threatened her? if so, not cool.

attack the system. this is more an anarchist thing than a white thing, indeed I think they have Nonwhite Writers. but Keith Preston is on Counter-Currents Radio / Voice of Reason. So at least they aren’t Scawed of Us Scawy White Wacists.

OF course, Pastor L would say ALL these people are a bunch of kke fggots!

heh unrelated

h ttp://is it normal .com/story/i-hate-everything-29163/


(I WILL be using this picture again, this one is REAL good. You should use it too. Hope it hasn’t been played out in the chanfagosphere. Doesn’t matter.)

“I Hate Everything” on Is It Normal dot com. I can relate. Been at a Relative Minimum Lately. of course the trolls call him a spoiled trust fund baby who never had to Work For A Living. And the Other Side says You Need Therapy. Yep. Go to a JShrink and Get your MIND Warped by JDrugs. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

That’s also my Game Advice of the Post. With an Amused Alpha SMIRK, tell the POY Q2P2T that: “YOU NEED THERAPY.”

Also, “DON’T HATE!” is another great one.

This one For Professional Alphas Only: “CREEPY GIRL IS CREEPY!”

YOU’RE WELCOME. Now you can help Your Own Women DEFILE themselves. Remember, just because they Like getting DEFILED doesn’t mean YOU should LIKE defiling them! Better to avoid! Heh. My “new” argument against “The Poolside Approach.”

Song Of The Post:

“Death Is Not The End”, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 1995ish.

Trying to figure out the guy who sings the “the cities are on fire with the burning flesh of men” verse, thinking its Seeds drummer Thomas Wydler. Because I assume Blixa Bargeld has the blatantly german accent. Anyway this Wydler should become a frontman, his voice is GREAT, and only for ONE LINE. [Note: Wydler is from Switzerland and prob has a German accent too. So Now I’m thinking the burning flesh line IS Blixa. And Wydler DOES have his own Solo Project. not much vocals though. Wydler NOT Wylder. Im Dsilxeci]

The album “Murder Ballads” is all about death and murder and has many great songs. In a pinch, I listen to the first two, “Song Of Joy” and “Stagger Lee”, a one two punch of extraordinary intensity, then skip to “Death Is Not The End”. this is

the album closer which i guess is supposed to be a joke because it’s the only “hopeful, happy” song on the album, with no death….but it kinda is ALL ABOUT DEATH itself. I think it fits PERFECTLY. When I was in a real bad mood it lifted me up.

I did not find the song corny at all, but found it a sincere expression of (controversy) Good Christianity. I realise Christ was a J. I really hope he WASN’T a J. But when you get a real dark day where you are so desperate you are begging to G-d for Mercy and Strength, then this is a profound song. Even on normal days.

The kicker is, Bob Dylan is a KKE. (obvious, but more later.) BUT he went through a Christian phase. Death is not the End came out in 1988 and I think Dylan was in his christian phase. not that he’s still not definitely a Kke! And Cave, I think, is

a Classic Tormented Brooding Catholic, (ie neverkke) and makes this a classic song for other Brooding Tortured Catholics, haha.

Truly f00king beautiful song. I starred it once, then from my Starred Playlist, moved it to a new playlist of the Best Of The Starred Songs. Stars Of The Stars!

Ok I went over. So Go On The Internet And Complain About It. Or quit NECKBEARDING and go outside and enjoy the nice spring weather.

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time machine: june 29, 2012


may 1 2013: this post is really dated and really decadent. i was not as far along in my racial awakening then, & was also a little Confused regarding Women. THAT SAID there is still some Good Points in here if I may say so myself.

Also to KAS: hope you didn’t find this blog, and then this was the first post you saw, cause it’s Not Very Indicative. Plus a writer and thinker of Your high caliber should be reading an actual serious person like Mindweapon, see sidebar. Yes I’m being very presumptuous, but JUST ON THE OFF CHANCE. Go read Mindweapon, or Ryu at Eradica. Pretty sure you already know about Matt Parrott, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke!  I will have a Realtime post coming up soon with my Latest Research. IE, crude notes-to-self and first impressions, haha. But I should stop NAME DROPPING so much lest Big People find me before I’m really ready.)


Well Beta Boy, ya got DUMPED because you don’t have the PERFECT CAREER. “But Nobody’s PERFECT!” You mope. Yeah, but some men are More Perfect Than Others and why shouldn’t a free-willed person be able to sample some of THAT C0CK?

THIS is the kind of “LOGIC” you face when dealing w Wimminz. You’re beginning to see why “F00K THAT Sh!T” YaoMing is the Best Possible Response to this NONSENSE. Talking SENSE to it won’t help it, getting ANGRY will help it even less, all you can do is grin and say F00K THAT SH!T, because, like, srsly. F00K. THAT. SH!T. SON.

What kind of MAN are you when you’re less of a Tryhard at YOUR career, and YOUR career isn’t as GLORIOUS as HER Career? You WOULD be the kind of guy who’s just Satisfied to Earn A Living. UNDERACHIEVER. SO UNAMBITIOUS. DON’T YOU HAVE ANY AMBITION FOR SOMETHING GREATER? DON’T YOU WANT TO APPLY YOURSELF, LAZY? GROW UP! MAN UP! BE A MAN, NOT A LITTLE BOY!

Tryhard vs Workhard. Tryhard bad, Workhard good. Wimminz not sophisticated enough to understand that nuance, they usually go for Tryhard Default. Men say, don’t tryhard if it doesn’t PAY OFF. Heck, don’t WORK HARD if it doesn’t pay off. If the Juice Isn’t Worth The Squeeze, STOP SQUEEZING FER CHR!55AKES.

If the Wimminz treats you loyalty, respect, & unconditional luv the way your platonic Men-Friends do, you may have found a keeper. Let MANLOVE be your MEASUREMENT of a Wimminz’s love. Odds are, it doesn’t even come close.

Average Working Stiff Uncelebrated Men are, on average, deserving of More Pure Love than Average Wimminz. But they don’t get it, only get shamed&shunned on the OFF CHANCE they try to STICK UP FOR THEMSELVES, rather than QUIETLY TAKE IT UP THE 455, LIKE A MAN.

Every day along the TRANSITION from Goatee Guy to Yao Ming is to be celebrated. Your Indignation & Anger should NOT be shamed and shunned. It is making you into a better person, gradually. Getting you CLOSER TO YAO.

Just to be FAIR to Wimminz: it prob IS easier for a Wimminz to lose her respectability than for a man. A man’s gotta really TRYHARD to make himself into a loser. A Wimminz just needs to ignorantly, drunkenly spread her legs a few times for handsome men. So I guess in that sense, Wimminz do have it HARDER. It’s EASIER for a Wimminz to become a Piece O’ Sh!t than for a man. I’ll CONCEDE that.

While I’m feeling FAIR, I’ll also CONCEDE That Not All Tryhards Are Losers. Some people Discover their True Calling Early In Life, then then Tryhard to become it, & Workhard once they get it. It’s less about Career-Worship per se than Lord-Worship. It’s almost like a Divine Calling, like aVocation. Not trying to prove anything to anyone. Just honestly wanting to use your talents & skills for the Lord & His will. These are more likely to be the Honest, Authentic, Moral, Respectable,  people who will respect you based on Human Value rather than Status Utility Career Value.

I also say, it’s OKAY to Show your Anger, to WRITE AND SAY ANGRY THINGS, as long as you are not BEING VIOLENT or ADVOCATING VIOLENCE. Don’t be afraid of calling someone a F4gg0t or saying “oh yeah you LOVE taking up the 455 you f00king filthy wh0re” when angrily b34ting-0ff to Gaping 4n41 pr0n. Just don’t go out and DO violence or encourage anyone else to. SAYING WORDS is a HEALTHY way of SUBLIMATING & RELEASING ANGER. Don’t be ASHAMED because some f4ggy TRYHARD wants to SHAME and LABEL you as “HATEFUL.” Saying Angry Words is a Good Way of Not Bottling-Up your anger! Just because you say Angry Words doesn’t make you MORE LIKELY to BE VIOLENT, shouldn’t put you on a “watch list.” I agree with Feminist Leftist Tryhards all DAY that VIOLENCE IS ABHORRENT.

(Even when tearing your Unborn Children into Little Pieces, too!)

More about “good” Tryhards, ie, not “real” tryhards. They’re not wailing and moaning and complaining like a martyr all day bc of all the hard work they have to try to do. If I were a tryhard, I’d be the WORLD’S WORST, complaining ALL DAY. “good tryhards” are NATURAL, ie, it’s EASIER & more NATURAL for them to Constantly Try/work. If you told them NOT TO try so hard, they’d find THAT harder. Because trying is their groove. being a priest or a scientist or an accountant or a welder is just Part Of Who They Are Deep Down, of COURSE they’re gonna try hard. See: Vocation, Calling From G-d.

But if you’re a Lazy Loser Anti-Tryhard like me who wants to cut corners, trying Hard at Being The Best Human Resources Manager would be Transparent, Phony, Annoying Tryhardism. This is what tryhardism really is. Fake, phony, dishonest, annoying.


Touche! Yes, this is 100% TRUE, and a Rub for my Argument that Tryhards Suck, but also explains why Tryhardism is so prevalent: you’ve GOT to be a g4y455 tryhard just to SURVIVE in this world.

I LIKE watching WIFESWAP on LIFETIME: TELEVISION FOR IDIOTS. Swapping one idiot with a different idiot. Sad how they Brainwash and RUIN their poor children. Also amazing that such losers can HAVE jobs and mates and children and survive rather than dying alone in a gutter. H3ll I’M SMARTER THAN THESE IDIOTS. If THEY can make it so can I. Ego boost.

SPREAD THE WORD: When you meet a TERRIBLY JUDGMENTAL 455HOLE LIKE ME, REALIZE THAT MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE **JUST AS** HARD AND JUDGMENTAL ON THEMSELVES. So it’s not a POT & KETTLE BLACK or HYPOCRISY issue AT. ALL. There’s just a TINY MINORITY of Hypocrites who ruin it for the REST of US, who BECAUSE we’re even more severe & unfairly judgemental to OURSELVES, THUS have the RIGHT to be SCATHING against OTHERS.

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time machine oct 04 2012

[live commentary april 2013 : ok let’s start Assuming that Small Nuances have changed since the conception of these Old Posts. Small But Important. ]

Let my Life be a Cautionary Tale that MOTIVATION (faggy word) is IMPORTANT AS F00K. If you have Low Motivation, fix it IMMEDIATELY. Unless you’re Low-IQ. Then you couldn’t go anywhere in life anyway. But being High-IQ with Low-Motivation is real bad. Real faggy. Fix it now. I will try to help you with that, as I try to help myself.

[know what’s a good motivation? not dying on the streets! having a sense of self-respect! being able to hold your head up high! not being a leech vampire parasite on others! Being a Real Man! Being a respectable member of your race and not a shame to your race!]

Wimminz: At their Smartest, they’re just PSEUDOINTELLIGENT LEFTISTS. At average, they suck-up Low-IQ Trendz like they were Big D!x. What a Sh!t Sandwich, uh?

[yes I still agree with that! BUT now I am more compassionate to Women of my Race: Something Of Value Is Being Lost. Instead of getting angry at them I feeeeelz bad for All Of Us as a whole because they have been Poisoned.]

Entitlement. Always a controversial term. IMHO, Most ie Avg ie Beta Men ARE “ENTITLED” to E-Z Access Sex BECAUSE:

1. Wimminz are Stupid and Annoying and you should be compensated for suffering thru that

2. They’re promiscuous as f00k and have been defiled by MANY men with MUCH less time and effort.

Period. QED.

This does NOT mean you are ENTITLED to use violence or Force to get Sex.

It DOES mean you ARE entitled to get angry when you DON’T get sex. Just don’t use violence or force to get it. That’s Immoral. You’re better than that. Just use Game. that’s NOT Immoral.

[heh. Istill agree with that BUT to even USE the WORD Entitled is faggy. Jish. Besides, being So Obsessed With Sex as to write an ENTIRE POST about it, is inherently Jish Perversion! And EVEN WHEN Women of YOUR race are brainwashed to eagerly DEFILE themselves, it does NOT follow that YOU should ENJOY defiling them TOO!  Though I will allow you to enjoy defiling them once in a while.  Not sure how often would be acceptable. Let’s tentatively say once a month. Better than Jish Pornography!]

Now, this is prob gonna get me thrown into Thought Prison by the FedZogz, but I’m Warming Up to Violence. Sometimes Violence is Justified, necessary, not immoral. Like in a War for the Safety of Our Nation. But I’m NOT advocating anyone go out and try to violently overthrow the gov’t, or do Breivik-style Domestic Terrorism! That wouldn’t work anyway!

[OR to do Oscar Yaeger Style One-Man Race War. I’m not encouraging that either. or Any kind of Terrorism. Not sure what I was getting at here, other than Violence is not Inherently Evil, though it can easily be used for evil. It can also be used for good, or to defend Good. And When TSHTF, which uhhh 50% chance will NOT happen in our lifetimes, though our lifetimes Are Setting The Foundations Thereof, you better hope your Descendants are not so scared by Violence that when Violence approaches and threatens them, they are not too SCAWED to return fire with fire.]

When I see a Young Girl in the Peak of Youth (18-21), I 60% of the time, see a Pig who’s taken too Manny Cox. And that’s a SHONDE.

[It IS a SHONDE that You Know Who has perpetuated Social Machines – Media, Gummint, Finance, Education – which encourage Your Women to become Pigs! Grieve for them, and Never Forget Who did it to them!]

If there’s any Young Wimminz in your social circle, don’t shy away from the topic of their Promiscuity! If you haven’t seen them in a month or longer, start your reacquaintance-conversation with “SO, TAKE A LOTTA D!X LATELY? ” They’ll wither before your boldness, and spread their 455es for you if they haven’t already, which they should have!

“GOOD JOB, SPREADY MCA555PEADER!!!!” you can then compliment them.

[ this is WAY too decadent a course of action to take with Your Own Wimmin. If you HAVE to be THAT decadent, I guess make sure it’s with young Khazars, hahahahaha. Try not to be this decadent and cynical, Then you become like the Wimmin you’re shaming, more importantly, you become like The Poison that Poisoned Your Women!]

There’s a valid idea that Wimminz from FREE “Dating” sites like OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish are lower quality / higher number / uglier / crazier / worse than the Wimminz on PAY site like match and eharmony. And that OKC/PoG Grrlz just like ATTENTION whereas Pay-Site gurlz are more serious about actually MEETING you, and when you do meet them,

they’ll prob have a Lower Number and/or be more mentally stable. Maybe. Because the rationale is, they’re paying, you’re paying, everybody’s more serious. Or do they pay? I know the minz pay for the privilege of Having A Chance at Real Wimminz.

But yeah. Like the email from the young man asking Private Man for OKC Advice, or Wimminz and his horror stories about PoF, I just think: CONSIDER THE SOURCE, BABY. It’s a f00king Circus Sideshow of Freakz. (Tool Song?) Or like this guy on MGTOW Forumz sez, “Play Crap Games, Win Crap Prizes!”

But where prostitution is not legal and you’re a 50 year old man who just wants some quick, easy, filthy tail, I can Totes understand!

[ the constant drumbeat of, once you Awaken To Race, none of this neurotic jish kind of sex-talk really even MATTERS anymore. you don’t even think about being some Sleazy Phony to “Get Tail.” You awaken not only to Race but also More Fully to What It Means To Be Man Or Woman, which is what the Nobler Game Thinkers are talking about. You know in

your Marrow that being A Good Strong MAN is more important than “Getting Tail”, and once you become a honest decent strong good Brave Bold Manly Man, A Proud Male Specimen of your race, then you’ll never have to think about or TRY to “get tail” ever again!

okay with all the commentary this post is getting superlong, so go take a break at this halfway point. and enjoy an educational picture too.:














also I just found this great thing on of all/most of William Luther Pierce’s broadcasts for American Dissident Voices. There is that other classic thing with 308 audio files, and yes you should listen to all of those, but this pdf/text has all of those AND MORE. The OTHER ones.

yep this one is so good, I might have to put it in the sidebar.

And another great Pierce speech I don’t think was in the 308 speeches, “Why Marriages Fail.” Breddy Much an MRA speech, hahahaha. Use it to awaken your Conservative MRA Friends to the Even Bigger Red Pill Picture. He doesn’t even say the J word here, hahahaha.



Went to bed super early with the intention of getting 9 full hours of sleep. Woke up feeling like a Testosterone BAUSS. Full of libido and good Humor.

[yes sleep is VERY important. one SHOULD Make Sacrifices to get More Sleep.]


Dear Mr. von Trier:

You are one of my Cinematic Heroes who is still alive and I would love to be your Assistant. I would need to get paid enough to get health care and live in the worst part of Copenhagen, or Kobenhavn as the Danes call it. I know it’s a Marxist Hellhole, but could it be any worse than Oslo, and besides, even the most Marxist Scand nations are nowhere

near as bad as Spain or France or Greece, why is that, or could they be in 20 years, I dunno. And I know Roosh sez Danish girls are awful, but they’re prob marginally better than American girls. I have watched a ton of Scandinavian movies and can sorta understand the languages, although I’m pretty sure most Danes speak English anyway.

[heh. who cares about ROOSH, and who is really that Sex Obsessed that the “Easiness” of a Country’s Wimmin is a selling point. If anything it’s a symbol of how Decadent, Degenerate, Pornified, Jified, Rotten the country is! And in that respect I hear most of Scandinavia is breddy bad! But there are also Awakened People over there. I predict things are gonna get

REALLY BAD in Scand WITHIN our lifetimes, no more will it be the Idyllic Lily White Socialist Paradise, but it will increasingly become a Violent, Bankrupt, Sh!tskinned Hellhole, and they will not be able to deny it. Anyway Roosh is a smart guy and he’s really not THAT bad and I still read the Roosh Forums once in a while, he is honest about wanting a

Traditional Lady…but I wonder if maybe he has finally poisoned HIMSELF with Too Much Male Promiscuity, which is really not that common. Even taking into account that Men ARE allowed to be More Promiscuous than Women. Anyway I would like for Roosh to become More Racist. I know there was an Anti-Racist Post on his newer blog Game Of Kings

(name?) it was Really annoying because it said Race was Totes Unimportant to A Man, and that Getting Tail was The Most important thing to a man. Breddy Jish thing to write, amirite? But Roosh did not write that article.]

My qualifications are, I’m willing to work 80 hours a week, I know what makes a great film, I know You make great films, and I would just be happy to be doing your bidding provided it was a steady job and I was getting paid enough to live and send some back to my family, that’s very important – they took good care of me and I want to at least try to pay it back. And go see the Danish Doctor once in a while for my gluten and anaemia and cancer checkups and testosterone.

No, I don’t have a Film/Art degree like You do, but I think we would otherwise see 90% eye-to-eye. And I would unfailingly jump through Hoops for you and put the Job first; as this would be a VERY meeeeeeeaningful careeeeer for me, to work with one of my favourite filmmakers.

I appreciate your controversial remarks getting the loserz at Cannez all fired up, and I would gladly make Press Junkets around the world to make similar remarks on your behalf, fully appreciating your fear of flying, and definitely Increase Profit for Zentropa. (Europa?).

[His film-company does some really Jish stuff. Indeed LVT grew up thinking he was a J.  But I think he made some really politically-incorrect comments possibly involving the You-Know-What.  I still like LVT’s movies & I’d like to think he would be open to an Awakening. I like that he is always having some sort of Personal Moral Struggle.]

I would happily do all Your tedious grunt-work.

Please email me at blabla dot com to set up an interview.



Hmm, I might have to TRY a little HARDER!

“will be paid wages during training, except for the first 6 months”

kinda big. kinda high-profile. Lotsa supply of Free Work from Danish Harvard students. Was hoping for a Tiny Company but with Lotta Money to invest in Nonharvard people, hahahaha. Gotta Pay Yer Dues SON!

Zentropa UK in Glasgow. That’s in Scotland!

Yet I fully agree that Companies Have The Right to Hire Tryhards, Companies SHOULD Hire Tryhards, and what better way to Prove Your A Tryhard (sic, hahaha) than to work for free for 6 months.

OK. US Fed Min Wage is 7.25 an hour. Times 40 hours a week. Times how much would be a Good Tryhardship? I’d say 3 months. That would be $3480. That’s how much Value you’re Adding. I would much rather just BRIBE the company with that money up front. 6 months would be slightly under 7 grand, I’d just give em 7 and call it even. I’ve done this calculation before, the dollar value of A Tryhardship (use that word!), and used it to calculate my Bribes. I guess it’s more about the time than the money.

Was reading in my Bible “The Bell Curve” that the dollar value of higher Very Smart people vs hiring just plain old dumb Smart People is Astronomical, in terms of the vastly improved productivity the Smartest Elite bring to their work. So If you can get somebody from the 99th percentile, that’s WAAAAAYYYYYY better, in concrete $$$ term$, than someone from the 98th percentile – MUCHHHH bigger than those “close” numbers might suggest to The Dullard.

Moral of the story: if you’re lucky enough to be A Smart, you HAVE to go to Harvard, or you’ve wasted Your Potential. Smart people are SUPPOSED to go to harvard.

Remember: Third-Tier Colleges GET FOURTH-TIER JOBS. AT BEST. And don’t even get me started on the TAIL!!

[ Heh. I was “In A Dark Place” then, so poisoned by The Poison that Young Tail was my GOD, and that everything else served that master: your career, your Education that leads to that career, that it’s all about getting The Hottest, Youngest TAIL, and as Much of It as you can. Heh. when you start seeing things more thru The Lenses of Race, than through the Lenses of Sex/Gender/Nonrace, do you see how this is a Bad Attitude for Men to have about Women, ESPECIALLY the women of their Race, whom they would like to Mate with?

Also, I know for a fact you can go to a Third-Tier Toilet and still get a Third-Tier Job, hahahahaha. It boils down to Personality and Work Ethic a lot too. Lemme just say I know White Men who went to “Third Tier Toilets” and got Jobs that ANY White Man would be happy to have, and not even with Grad Skool!]

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[ live april 24, 2013: WARNING: when I first wrote this/that/those posts [recent 3 part series of Beta Power orig written July 2012], I was Poisoned by Decadence. I could only think about One Thing. Now I think about Two Things, hahaha. No I Kid, I think about Three Or Four Things.

Anyway, There are more important things than Banging Wimmin. Now, when you see an attractive POY (Prime Of Youth) Girl, it’s NATURAL to want to have Relations with her….within reason. No reason to take THAT to decadent, all-consuming, perverted extremes. CONTROL yourself!

Heh. PERHAPS, HYPOTHETICALLY, Gamers and Racists share A Common Ground that both groups of men have at one time, long ago in their Youth, feeeeelt True Luv for Women. Pedestalizing, Nuclear-Family-Making, Romantic, European Luv. Gamers try to “break” this “beta” urge by encouraging men to “never put the P on a Pedestal”, and sometimes

Gamers accuse Racists of doing just that, and being white knight phaggots. Heh. In My Ideal Racism, Racists will Appreciate and Respect the Power Of True Luv, however they WILL be CAREFUL and SMART about who they put on that pedestal. Not just any POY Pretty Young Thing. But someone who’s PROVEN to them that she DESERVES it.

See? nothing too extreme there. Just Common Sense. But the Ruling Elite has taken advantage of a Void Of Common Sense, to fill it with their OWN “Common Sense.” See TV Commercials for Common Sense Dot Org. Come On.

Fun Stuff On Recent PLaylist: / Non Whoring Linkage because I am explicitly trying to circumvent Trackbacks:

Nice interview of Tom Goodrich on his newly-legendary book “Hellstorm”; Counter Currents Radio w Greg Johnson & Matt Parrott. Goodrich’s Admirable Quest For The Truth shows us Things You Know Who never wants us to find out:

Uhh I see COunter Currents has kinda rebooted Voice Of Reason Radio since VoR went on hiatus in Summer 2012 but Mike Conner sez it’s coming back, hopefully it does, but now CC is hosting many of the old VoR Hosts doing NEW shows: Stan Hess, Attack The System, and my Buddy Robert Stark. NICE!

Eh here’s a shout out to David Duke. Some people don’t like him but I do, I think he keeps a great watchful eye on You Know Who. It’s always good to come back to the David Duke Show on a regular basis, to not forget about DD. He always has KMac on too.

Race is prob more important than Gender, prob more important than Religion, more on this later OF COURSE, hahaha.

Richard Spencer of Alternative Right (I think) and Natl Policy Institute has started his own radio program called Vanguard Radio, he often has Andy Nowicki on there with him. Somebody out there probably doesn’t like Spencer. Probably Alex Linder. Or Firepower. hahahahahaha. Come on guys, don’t hate, hahaha.

Matt Parrott went to the recent AmRen conference.

I’ve followed Kid Strangelove on Twitter for some time but never really read his blog til now, it’s a breddy good game blog that shows both the pros and cons of game. I found his ideas on Hipsters interesting, and especially his experience as an Engin Student at a Top-Tier Engin University. There were No Girls, but the guys built Real Camaraderie over Vidya

Games; disciplined selves against Instant Gratification of Hormones and Pornography, saying They’d Get Theirs when they Graduated and Got Good Jobs. 10 years later: got good jobs, “but” gave up dreams of Entrepreneurship for Comfort; never got the POY Girls they wanted and “settled down” with Avg Wimmin.

http://kidstrangelove.wordpress notlookingforatrackback .com/2013/04/22/the-revenge-of-the-nerds-never-happened/

[ ok too late, it DID track back. Listen Buddy, I KNOW Social Kenny would call me a Racist, and he’d be right! Anyway, I am NOT looking to Start A Dialogue, that’s why I try to Not Do Trackbacks, but oh well it still did.  FEEL FREE to delete my trackback from your page.

just sayin I liked your post, re STEM Education At An Elite STEM Skool Leading To Elite Top 5% STEM Careeeers, Vis-A-Vis:  No Girls During A Very Libidinous & Stressful Period in a Man’s Life, Instant Vs Delayed gratification; Being A Debt Slave vs Surviving Vs Thriving; Good Education Choices vs Bad Education Choices; so uh, just take the COMPLIMENT like a MAN, hahahahahahaha. Hope you’re makin good money too. As Mindweapon sez: BE SMART. WIN.]

I would argue that having a Good Stable Secure Well-Paying STEM job after going to a Top Stem Skool is GOOD ENOUGH, but I would hope You would never get so lonely and desperate and uncomfortable with Enjoying The Company Of Your Awesome Self, that you would Marry an Unsatisfactory Wimmin. However, I could understand Mating with a Physical 6 AS LONG AS she:

* is your Race

* is Great Moral Character (“Physical 6, But A Moral 10”)

* Great Mother Of Your Children Material

* Low Number. Prob less than 5….. I mean 3. 1 or 0 would be ok too.

* You Respect Her

* You Get Along With Her

* You wouldn’t mind seeing her every day, perhaps even Living With

* she is Young, in the POY

* Extra Credit: she lets you Chase POY Girls on the Side,  IF she is not attractive enough to fulfill approx 40% of your urges. Just not to a Decadent Extent. Assuming she is not POY herself. (Note: you should never shoot for 100%, that would be Decadent. I think 80% would be reasonable – not too decadent. That’s how I got that 40% – your “wife” (nonlegal) can be expected to fill half of your “needs” AKA WANTS. And if One Person can Satisfy at least Half Your Wants, then you should pay them the respect and gratitude of being Faithful to them. Assuming they are faithful to You! But that is covered in “superior moral character” stipulation above.)

Now this is mainly for MATING purposes: having healthy children. I would say Respect would be necessary and sufficient here, but not necess True Luv, and certainly not Decadent Perverted Pornographic Gaping Goatseing Anything Goes Whatever Feeeeeels Good Instant Gratification Revolving Door Disposeable Throwaway Dehumanizing Poisonous Cancerous Bestial J-Sex.

Pure Game does not seem to address these issues all that well, but Kid Strangelove, like Frost/Freedom25, digs a little Deeper. To the Deeeeeeeper Meeeeeaning behind the Decadent Chasing of Tail. More To Life Than. Not A Good Goal. Does Not BECOME a Healthy Man.

heh. back in the day, when I was a Young Man, I used to be more about Game than I was about Race. Now It’s less game, more Race. And Religion. Still a little game in there though.

OK this is becoming a Full Live Post. Have A Picture!


pretty sure I got that from 4 chon . net . So it’s not Purely White-Friendly, but there is a decent Pro-White contingent on the news board. Interesting News Source At This Moment. I guess for people who are sick of 4 chan news or pol

and here’s a good song for ya

I forgot how CHILL as well as BAD455 KRAFTWERK was. If you don’t like KRAFTWERK, GTFO.]

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