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I recently took a white privileged mini-vacation to an American City in the Desert which has a reputation for decadence and sin and vice, hahahahaha, but I have a feeeeeeeling it’s no worse in fact prob better than Certain Other Cities on either Coast. Anyway I cherished the opportunity to People Watch and observe Multiculturalism outside of my Home Environment, which I don’t often travel out of. LOTS more Mestizos than I’m used to, and Asians. Southeast Asians. Real “TUNNEL RATS,” hahahahaha. Those would the two most noticeable things. the Blacks seemed about the same, maybe even Better Behaved than I’m used to. The “bad” news is that I was Haaaaaaappy and probably seeing everything though rose-colored glasses. Even enjoyed a nice, friendly, fun Multicultural Dinner with some Gainfully-Employed nonwhites, hahaha.

But what I’m interested in today is the Sex Work. You could say that the city and state are somewhat known for their Sex Work. I expected to be Approached by Hucksters with little slips of paper advertising Wimmin Escorts, and I wanted to compare Pricing and Ethnicities, in that the Whiter, Younger, and Cheaper the Escort were, the more interested I would be in “HANGING OUT” with her. Of course, I predict the Younger and Whiter, then the more Expensive. But I think I was in the wrong part of town, and did not get approached.

So the Main Thing is The Strip Club. I figured, well, if a Cheap Young White Hooker doesn’t throw herself at me, I’ll just pick the youngest whitest cutest stripper for One Lap Dance, and appease a little bit of my decadence, and maybe if she were willing to do Full-Blown Penile Penetration for $100 I might. (Wishful thinking, hahahaha.) Figured the Party City Strip Club might be “better” than Flyover Country Strip Club. Nope. So you pay for valet, you pay per man to get in, you have mandatory two-drink minimum, and THE SECOND we walked in, EACH MAN was BESET UPON by at least one stripper. They had the strength and numbers. I hadn’t been to A Gentleman’s Club in at least Four Years and was not Mentally Prepared. I had wanted to take a few minutes, select my Favourite Goil, buy ONE Dance and evaluate her Pricing for Less Legitimate Decadence, and GTFO. I regret to say I had Horrible Game and Simply Made POLITE CHIT CHAT which I’ve become accustomed to doing thru CUSTOMER SERVICE. It’s short boring Chit Chat because I don’t want to MAKE FRIENDZ with CUSTOMERS; but in this case I’m the customer and the stripper VAMPIRE LEECHEZ are trying to suck ALL the money out of my pocket. They’re even willing to walk you over to the $9 surcharge ATM, HOW CONSIDERATE OF THEM. A BOOK FOR MY/YOUR HEIRS: Each Short Stupid SONG counts as One Dance, and they will not stand up and confirm after every song, insert money to continue like an arcade game. Get Mentally Prepared and Just Say No. And THEN you will be given cold stares by all the employees even though you already paid like $50 JUST TO GET IN THE DOOR. f00king ungrateful f4gg0ts.

This is NOT how I’d run MY Gentlemen’s Club. The Kind of Sex Work I want DOES NOT EXIST. I would do “Honest Brothels” where it is more like a Consulting Office or something. Very Transparent about Pricing and Services Rendered; you got a Good Pick of the girls and got to pick the one you wanted just as easy as going to WAL-MART and buying the pair of WRANGLER JEANS you want; then you take her back for a fair price, no hidden charges, no BS, she doesn’t patronize you unless you want, the decor is not all sleazy until you get in the actual Sex Room.

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I have decided to Write a CHILDREN’S BOOK, combining my interests in Educating The Children, Being A Single Father, A Book For Your Heirs, Raising kids up right, instilling them with good values, teaching them good lessons, winning minds AND hearts.


Bobby was a little boy about 6 years old but maybe 5 or 7 too. He lived at home with his Mommy and Daddy and he was a Happy Boy and they were a Happy Family. [oh jeezum crow]. Bobby’s Parents Home Schooled him and taught him lots of fun math and science. He got to play with other boys and girls too, his family weren’t complete nutcases. Bobby noticed that the girls and the boys liked to play in different ways. Generally. One of the girls was a Tomboy and liked to play with the boys. And once in a while Bobby would go play house with the girls and he would play the daddy. After about 10 minutes he found that was too funny though. “You’ll understand it when you get a little older” said both his Dad and Mom.

Bobby’s Dad worked Hard on the Oil Rig and sometimes Bobby wouldn’t see him for a few weeks at a time. But every night Bobby and his older brother (age 8) and younger sister (age 4) would gather round with their Mom and they would do a Skype Talk with Dad, and they looked forward to seeing his big red smiling bearded face, and were very thankful when he did come home. It wasn’t that bad. It’s not like he was gone for a year at a time. Ever 20 days or so, he would come home for 10 days and they would have a great time. Dad would join Mom in the Home Schooling and also teach some of his own lessons, like Shooting and Guns and Martial Arts and Weight Lifting and Camping and Hunting and Wood Working and Welding and Electrical and Plumbing and HVAC and Engine Repair. The kids couldn’t believe how much their Dad knew about everything. Their Mom was pretty smart too.

[heh. yeah I just started writing that right now. ruff draft son. hell no i don’t know where it’s going. hell no it’s not supposed to be “good.” but it is supposed to be easily understandable and teach Good Virtues and Values and Lessons! ]

[Heh maybe I should just read Bill Bennett’s Book Of Virtues. Hope he’s not a Ziocon. MY Story will NOT be Ziocon!]

[I might change the boys name from bobby. although it’s a good name and I might not! did not want to name him something like adolf or sth. and since I’m a big softie, the only racial implications in this nonviolent story will be that races are different, won’t be showing a bunch of Ooga Booga SpearChuckin Chongo-Molongo Mandingo Tar-Skinned Baboon Black Groids, or hooknosed shylocks drinking the blood of goybabies.]


If you like Franks Red Hot Sauce, then I also recommend Franks EXTRA-HOT Hot Sauce. The company’s probably owned by antiwhites but in this case I’ll still enjoy the Hot Sauce, hahahaha. I suppose the best thing would be to make my own but I am way too lazy. And I am Prescient to know no one cares!


SPERM BURPIN GUTTER SLVT is a GREAT Insult to use on Modern Wimmin. If you are pressed for time, SPERM BURPER is perfectly acceptable too. f00kin Sperm Burperz.
briefly tried researching who invented the term “sperm burping gutter slvt” nothing conclusive.



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Just used the Decadence Brandon Toy (Good Price Newegg Refurb Laptop Dec 2012 semi Time Machine) to read Eradica for at least an hour. I Can NOT argue with that! Talk vs Action. Waking Average White Men like me UP to DO SOMETHING before it’s too late. Things wont get violent for 20 or 40 more years, and when it is finally Showdown Shootout time, we will be very old or dead and it will be up to our GRANDCHILDREN to do the fighting. And do you think THEY’LL be ready?

This is where Emotion can be useful, to build attachment to a cause, to get people passionate enough for action, to care enough to do something, and FP’s writing is real good at that. And packed with more information than I even care to read with all the links and citations. but that’s good writing. you should cite your sources if you want to be taken seriously. I don’t care that ZOG Professors do it in their Publish Or Perish articles. Just drop a link to show you aren’t talking completely out of your 4ss. OR say IMHO like me, cause nowadays I specialize only In My Own Opinion, hahaha. So: I am Today’s Brandon only well past the prime of youth, my best fighting years are behind just like ZOG wants it, now I’m old and tired and just want 3 hots and a cot and to work a steady job and sleep. I can see the wrong turn the US and The West are taking but I don’t care enough to stop it, or to even resist it.

But there’s very little that separates me from the Handout-Hungry Hippos other than a Good Family, which I am thankful for. I had Good Nature AND good Nurture, and I still can’t figure out how or why I chose to Give Up. Because Not Giving Up was Not “Incentivized” (Fag Word) Rewarded? Because Giving Up Was Rewarded? Because Hard Work Didn’t Pay Off? I talk about wanting Children some day when I’m Able, but would it REALLY kill me NOT to? Will I really ever be able? In many ways I am a str8 up Mating Market Loser, have just Given Up, just don’t care. So uh let me be your cautionary tale, let me fill You with the Passion and Energy and Vigour that I do not have, that I feebly wished I had. Let me get YOU fired up cause I can’t seeeeem to get fired up no mo. At this point my life is dedicated to trying to pay back those individuals who have directly helped me survive. And I will be very lucky if I can do that, let alone go beyond.

Talk About A Whiny Screeching Beta Faggot! Heh. Time for bed. Maybe I can get both you AND me Fired Up tomorrow. Always been a Moooooody Baby.

ok had to come back here and right that wrong after a good nights sleep, didn’t want to start my “holiday vacation” on the wrong foot. This is just to show that I can be my Own Worst Enemy and a pretty convincing one at that. Don’t let yourself be your own worst enemy, my children! Streams of extremely pessimistic thoughts like that used to tempt me to Drink. Thankfully I have overcome the temptation to Drink, yet I still get the same streams of thoughts and feeeeeelings. I hope Firepower doesn’t get that from all the Bourbon he drinks, hahahaha. Nothing wrong with Jim Beam! I wish I had drank more “Bulleitt”, I hear that’s real good bourb. I don’t count this as “Oversharing” because IMHO The Writer Should* (tm FP) be honest with his audience about Who He Is, and Who He Is can and should be part of What He Writes. Just not in a bad or oversharing way. The Man Is His Writing Is The Man. At least in My Opinion. You’re free to disagree. But since that’s what I believe, I’m gonna Live Up To It.

Go read articles, go watch videos, write your own articles, intro body conclusion, just like they taught you in Gummint Union Skool. But you’re Smart, so take that simple format and make it work for you. Read interesting articles, be sure to cite and link to them. don’t be afraid to have an opinion hahaha. keep the intro and conclusion short, like one sentence saying “my opinion/argument is this”, make a provocative, poetic, profound statement to get the people fired up, awake the sheople from their slumber. Keep the whole thing 600 or 800 or 1000 words, I fully agree, long posts are stupid. If you can’t keep from writing a long post, just break it up into shorter posts. not so difficult.

Still listening to The Turner Diaries. Great example of a Rousing, Firing-Up Story. although it does drag in parts, other parts are real good.

To be honest, I am the world’s biggest truest True Believer in BOIL THE FROG. I’ve said this but it bears repeating. Baby Steps. (Pierce mentions it several times in the TurnerDiaries too.) Boil The Frog is an extremely effective and successful way of Making Big Changes. Both in your own life, and in The World. Our Civilization. One little thing at a time, one day at a time, 1% at a time (don’t think of OWS, I mean 1% in the strictly Percentage Sense!), and then 100 days later, you’re at 100%. It’s not overnight but it’s certainly not a LONG time either. If I were gonna do my part to Save The World it would def be thru Boil The Frog. I just gotta Boil my OWN Frog FIRST. Maybe help YOU Boil Your own frog too.

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G0DD4MN IT. I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED PUBLISH AGAIN. This was SUPPOSED to go out Jan 8 2013. but say someone reads the “early” version on Email or RSS and says NOW THAT’S A DAMN GOOD BLOG, I WANNA LINK TO IT, so, for the second time today, I have to have The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change. To Be Honest I did do a LITTLE nontryhard work today preparing a Ton Of Posts To Publish In Advance.

I always forget about LOBBYISTS. I really don’t know a darn thing about Lobbyists; never lived in DC and wouldn’t want to unless I had an EASY GUMMINT JOB from which I was unfireable, then I’d take every Monday and Friday off hahaha. Outsource my makework to a VA and travel to Poland and then during the winter a tropical area of Christian Arabs perhaps. But it would be pretty unethical and immoral for me to BE THAT GUY. Anyway. Lobbyists pushing a Zionist Agenda on Shabbes Goy Politicians. (Finally reading “The Joys of Yiddish” by Rosten for the first time, he spells it “Shabbes” and I know others spell it “Shabbos” but I like “Shabbas”, hahaha.)

Whenever I feeeeeel lost I turn to David Duke. Heh. Maybe I SHOULD read Stormfront More. http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t538924/
Here is the Introduction To Stormfront. OK that’s pretty good. I’m sold. Note to self, read Stormfront more than once a month. I like forums for providing a Variety Of Friendly Opinions when someone is Soliciting Life Advice, ie should I major in Business or Engineering, should I move to Montana or Texas, etc.

Oh Mindweapon How Do I Luv Thee Lemme Count The Ways: I like his serious concern for The Next Generation. This is a man who lives the 14 Words. Maybe this is how I lost a bit of steam for Game, because I’m not solely concerned with Banging The Hottest Harem, I am concerned with Being A Father and Fathering Biological Children. But not before I’m ready! And part of getting ready is thinking long and hard about how you are going to raise them, what you are going to teach them. You don’t just pop the kid out and play it by ear like Wimminz or Nonwhites breeding like drunken rabbits! At least K-Selected Whites don’t!

Anyway Mindweapon points out The “Tiger Parenting” strategy of Jews to FORCE their kids to become Lawyers or especially Doctors, nothing else will do, absolutely NOTHING. You get a MD or PhD or you’re out of the Family. And from a Good Skool. Although I think Good Skoolz are BS, they ARE nonetheless magnets for genuinely smart kidz. And then the Jewish Grads of these schools go on to Kareeeeers Of Great Power and Significance, like the Real kind. They Wield Power That Matters. So being the 4sshole Parent who Pushes your kid too hard might not be a bad thing. Heh heh I like to make the excuse that I coulda bee powerful too had I been Pushed/Forced enough, but I came from a more easygoing, unfamilar-with-the-KolligeKareerKartel Old-School-Of-Hard-Knox Whites Who Didn’t Need Or Want Kollige Or Kareeeers, we just wanted A Good Job to Raise Our Families.

Like it or not, History is written by Those Who Went To Harvard, not those who went to Western Tennessee Delta Silt State College, EVEN THOUGH some people from the latter DO have an equivalent IQ and WILL enjoy a good living and good careeeeeeeeeer, if “only” less prestigious and powerful, but certainly enough to enjoy a stable, healthy, comfortable, “lower” Brahmin existence. But I doubt you’ll see them: in Fed Govt, in top executive levels of Multinational Corps; top levels of Banks, Media Conglomerates, etc.

I don’t go out talking my racist talk in Public, and I almost don’t care to. I will socialize with Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, Wimmin, Jews, Albanians, just about ANYBODY

Wimmin may not be The Enemy, but they are definitely not ON OUR SIDE yet. They are just too easily brainwashed and turned against us. Conformity. And it’s in a Woman’s nature to seek conformity and Security and Stability and Safety and Protection, that’s why they Join Herds of Sheople, and why we as men can’t get TOO mad at them. Forgive them for they know not what they do. But that doesn’t mean we’ll LET Wimmin stab us in the back, offer it up, say “Oh here’s some nice clean BACK for you to STAB!”

but part of the thing is that I’ve reached that Certain Age where I’m not very interested in Making New Friends. I have enough Friends and besides my energy and Karma would be better utilized reaching out to Old Friends rather than trying to meet New Friends. It’s not out of the question if someone surprisingly impresses you, but don’t HOLD YOUR BREATH. I wouldn’t mind being swept off my proverbial feet by a Marriageable Woman though!

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great search term brought someone here: “MRAs are bitter because women get to choose their mates” . Maybe. You got a point there, searcher, albeit a bit crude. This is why I believe in Game/Charisma: Men must develop and perfect THEIR ability to choose THEIR mates, rather than hang out by the wall at the dance and WAIT to get picked by the Ugly Girl after all the Tall Handsome Charming Athletic Leaderly Charismatic Men have been chosen.

So I might be A Little Racist; But I don’t HATE Nonwhites for being Nonwhite; BUT I might also be A Little White Supremacist and believe that As-A-Group, The White Race is a More Evolved, More Intelligent, More Moral, and BETTER Than the Black Race, but I don’t hate blacks for it, in fact maybe even PITY them for it, and recognize that an individual black CAN be as Good as some individual white; but the main thing you CAN say about ME is that I’m Generally Against Mad Multiculturalism – the state essentially FORCING very different groups of people to live together. I say Resegregate the races and all races will be haaaaaappier. Crack down on Illegal Immigration, even Legal Immigration. Use Our Taxpayerz Money to Monitor and Punish Employers who Illegally Hire Illegalz. The End.

Lights were off at 6:30pm last night! Paleo Bedtime. I established that I need the Upper Limit of Sleep – 9 hours – and will make Big Sacrifices to get it: social life, hobbies, wimminz. Because the sacrifices are WORTH IT, because the cost of not getting 9 hours of sleep is THAT bad. BUT: Morally Lazy Loser Depressed people would want to sleep 24 hours a day if you let them, and I do have a little bit of that. BUT the Greedy Plutocrat Medical Establishment might be lying to you about both Sleep AND “Depression” just like they lie about CANCER! So they can SCARE you with CANCER, make a MILLION bucks off your cancerous body, then you DIE in  6 months or one year or 5 years or 10 years of CANCER, when you coulda just CURED yourself of CANCER with a DR HULDA CLARK ZAPPER and eliminating TOXINS from your diet!

Ok was reading something, possib a comment on West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) that American Renaissance and/or Jared Taylor referred to anti-semites as “DEGENERATES” or “DEPRAVED” or something else that could be construed as JT/AmRen being Soft On Jews. Jewlovers. Shabbas Goys, hahaha. I don’t know. I guess a quick internet search “amren jews” might help.

OK. had a breakthrough. On Day 48 of Rejection Grief. It’s not Grief over REJECTION, THAT probably only took 21 days or so. It’s MUCH moreso a Struggle To Destroy The PEDESTAL. A pedestal that was 100 MILES HIGH. And I can only take 1 mile off it per day. Thus, 100 days. This makes a lot of sense, considering it WAS a BIGASS Pedestal. At LEAST 100 Miles. Proverbially. So yeah every day I destroy 1 mile of it, and that’s nothing to sneeze at… until I remember the pedestal was at least 100 miles tall anyway. Heh. I considered that I might have to increase 100 days to….120 days or so. 4 months. why not.

Chapter 8 For My Heirz: How To Destroy The Pedestal Once You Realize It’s Not Really The Rejection Per Se That’s Crushing You

Uhh take 100 days and at the end of each day cross off that day’s number and say, “I have now gotten one day closer to destroying the pedestal, today I went from destroying the pedestal 50% to 51%, good job me.” Recently I passed day 50 and thought “does that feeeeeel right? does The Pedestal Reeeeeally Feeeeeel 50% gone?” It’s gone a little bit, but not yet 50% I don’t feeeeeel. So: let’s say 30%, that’s closer. 30/50 as 100/x. 30x = 50*100 = 5000 / 30 = x = 500/3 = 166.66667 days To Fully Destroy The PEdestal.  167 days. Yikes. OH WELL. At least I can do Almost The Bare Minimum Of Life, which, while unfortunately does not include Optimal KareeeeeerBuilding, it thankfully includes Not Getting Fired, not dying on the streets, not getting Raeped In Jail, not having cancer or aids, etc etc. NOT BAD UH?

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[BONUS HOLIDAY POST: I’ve been saving this one since JUNE, when I hadn’t really “FOUND MY VOICE” yet, haha. On “holidays” I might Purge some of these Old Posts Rotting In My Proverbial Verbal Colon, at the rate of One Per Day. Maybe even more. Expect a Slew during CHRISTmas/New Yearz / End Of The Year.]

Yes I AM “Coming From A Place Of Privilege” here but my Unshakeable Position is that College is Not Worth Going Into Massive (or even minimal!) Debt for.  [Proto-Videos/Blogz/Book-For-My-Heirs here!]Yes there are exceptions. Like if you go into minimal-to-moderate debt for a TOP university and in a TOP STEM field. Then you will 99% Guaranteed a TOP Job and will pay off your moderate debt almost immediately. But for any other reason, think again. Take 10 years to complete undergrad by paying tuition in CASH. Don’t have the money, just don’t take the class. You can’t hurt yourself by NOT IMMEDIATELY taking a given COLLEGE CLASS. It’ll always be there when you DO have enough money. Get as many credits AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from Cheapo Junior Dropout Loser Idiot Troggy Underclass Loser Community College, transfer to Cheapest Closest Possible University for STEM degree. Obviously if you’re privileged to have more than one of these in your area, do a CBA on the quality / job placement of the STEM programs VS the cost.

You DON’T go to college to “find yourself” or “learn about the world and yourself” or especially not how to “think and write critically.” You can do ALL that on your OWN for FREE. You go to college to learn a Marketable Skill To Get You A Well-Paying JOB, PERIOD, and if you DON’T, you’re an IDIOT who doesn’t deserve a job or to mate.

Not to be self-deprecating because I’mma Bold Alpha but yes that was me too, hahaha, I’m not Picking On You. So now I’m paying a big Karmic Debt, Totally Rebuilding Life from Rock Bottom. Not easy but DOABLE I hope.  Thank God for my 50-18-year-old-girl-Harem which relieves a no-more-than-appropriate amount of Stress, as part of a well-balanced life & stress-relief Regimen, alongside Prayer, Hard Work, Friends&Family, Community Service, Hard Exercise, Hobbies.

Had a Weird Dream that I was GETTING AN ABORTION and whole procedure was happening in a transparent crucible like a dyson vacuum. Only my preggers stomach was transparent too. I could see this hollow tube jabbing in, chopping up from Solid to Slurry Bloody Slurry, and sucking up the bits of Fetus Slurry, as some of it still Dripped and Sloshed around in my “Uterus”. The feeling was Horror and Terror and Torture and O GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE, I just wanted to HAVE SEX ONCE. Then when I woke up I was very thankful I was a MAN and that I would never have to face such consequences. NO I don’t believe even Pro-Abortion women have FUN when they’re sucking the Fetus out; and it prob IS better to get an Abortsch than have a Baby you are unwilling and unable to Raise Up Good. Although I believe the much better option is just to give that baby up for adoption, to paraphrase Raising Arizona, lotta ppl be REALLY HAPPY to get a healthy White baby. (& Who but Professional White SWPL Wimminz get Majority of Abos? #SourceNeeded) Sterile Betas, Barren Old Crones, F4gs, etc.

Is Tom Waits’ “Raised Right Men” a semi-homage to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”? RRM uses that “Aussie/Aborigine/Outback” sounding percussive “Doioioing!” instrument (djembe???) also prominently featured in RRH and Waits even says what sounds like the WORDS “Red right hand.” Have NOTTT Listened to TW’s “Bad LIke Me” 2011 NEARLYYY Enough, FOR SHAME! Although I pref THAT Cave song over THAT Waits song. Tho I pref Waits over Cave in General. Although “The Ship Song” is ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME, hahaha. Clear why people have used Cave’s more iconic songs in Big Life Moments like Weddings or Funerals. Of course Not All Cave Songs Are Like That!

Wimminz “Humor” or “Comedy” is almost always based on meaningless, centreless “irony” or SWPL Meta-ness (HT Heartiste).  Or references or meta-ironic-references. The meta is meta, the irony is ironic, it stands no moral, intellectual, or even comedic ground. If it wasn’t as funny as desired, although it will almost get laffs just bc OMG WIMMINZ CAN BE WITTY TOO, then you can just use the Troll Escape Hatch of “I was just being IRONIC, couldn’t you TELL”. Sarcasm has become commonplace that we must ASK if someone’s being SARCASTIC, and they can be sarcastic about BEING sarcastic. In a word: FAKE. DISHONEST.  Yet another glaring example of Wimminz DISHONESTY.

Actually DO wanna see Brometheus.

“Taboo” is another Mainstream TV Show I like. Recently saw one with Isabelle Caro, one of the world’s Most Anorexic Models, filmed shortly before she died at age 28. How MUCH are they Exploiting her, and how much am I exploiting her by finding show fascinating? Any rate it was sad and disturbing and she was UTTERLY GHASTLY, he face looked like a SKELETON, like the Guy In The Bed In “Se7en”. Nightmarish! She was something like 80 pounds at that time. I’d actually heard it on the News at the time, about her Controversial Nude Billboard Photo as an anti-anorexia Public Service Announcement.

Fascinating and sad. Nonanorexics like You or Me just can’t understand, we say “JUST EAT SOMETHING!! D4MN! I wish I ‘could choose’* to eat LESS! Have some of MY extra weight!!”

*See Theodore Dalrymple esp “Life At The Bottom” & his gen theme of ppl Making Excuses, denying their Agency, trying to rationalize what was really their CHOICE into something as uncontrollable as The Weather. Blabla made me do it. All the sudden I blacked out and the knife went it. If I didn’t beat them up I don’t know what I would have done!

Obv I like the Sex Fetish Taboos too, the commerc showed sth called “Puppy Play” which looked like a simple bondage master/slave thing, where one slave dressed up in leather and crawled around on all fours acting like dog. Compare “PONYING” where people dress up as HORSES and it also sounds like a MASTER/SLAVE thing. 50S0G anyone hahaha. Eat a Fat d!ck. But Srsly folks, I would be a Benevolent Master. Good Boss. I ain’t gonna hurt ya…………..MUCH. hahaha.


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