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Good Day Dear Readers. Good time for one of these uh?

THANK YOU BILL POWELL for Liking this post! I guess the logical thing to do would be for me to Like one of your posts, or I think we’re up to Two Now,  but that might bring me Too Many Readers. However I would DEF Recommend All Readers to Read Your Blog APOCALYPSE COMETH at


Heh. I should read him more often. Good Lord. Good Red Pill Guy. Unlike me, he isn’t all J this and YKW that, however I’m PRETTY SURE he’s not an antiwhite antiracist, haha.

Been thinking a lot about MATH, Math Education, Education, Kke Kollige, STEM, homeschooling, the best way to learn maths and sciences, taking a lot of pages from the MINDWEAPON book.

Yep still on a Mindweapon Kick, though haven’t had enough time to read lately, because free time was being eaten away by my CALCULUS 2 class, which will be the main subject here.

Also I would like to Officially and Publicly encourage Mindweapon to give a try to “THE MINDWEAPON SHOW”, which would be an internet radio show / podcast of Mindweapon talking to anyone who wants to get on a skype, or talkshoe, or however. Even just MW and his Top Commenters talking about stuff they talk about on the blog. A Talk Radio Version of

his blog and commenters. Hipster Racist and Brandon & Maureen Martin & Clytemnestra and Conchobar and April Gaede and g-d knows who else. Ryu, Kevin MacDonald, Matt Parrott, Robert Stark. and then that Dik Dik guy could complain about it all, hahaha.

But MW is really on a streak lately, right now, in 2013, and I would prefer talk on Hot New Stuff, New Ideas, like the Practical Political Ideas he constantly blogs about. The White Family Convenience Stores, the Homeschools, the STEM Military Academies, the martial arts, exercise, fitness, farming, taxi services, car sharing, multifamily households, investing.

“JUST READ THE BLOG AND COMMENTS, THAT’S WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT”, yeah I KNOW, but lemme Hypothesise that I’m not the only one who Likes Listening to Interesting Talk Shows of people Talking about these ideas. People Talking is a little better than people reading and writing. Yes, OBVIOUSLY people DOING is way better than Talking, Reading OR Writing!

heh for example almost reblogged this one it was so good:

h ttp://mindweaponsinragnarok.comdeletethis/2013/05/08/austerity-for-whites-cornucopian-party-for-non-whites-and-immigrants-whites-are-victimized-because-we-are-atomized-tribalization-and-feralization/

Calc 2. You can’t deny this is a good Mindweapon. I went into it with uncharacteristic optimism. (Mindweapon: the Other is delighted to instill a Culture of Pessimism in Our People, to make us despondent, despairing, and self-destructive.)

Mindweapon recommends Homeschooling Expert Art Robinson who said, re children learning math, some interesting things: that they should never be helped on a difficult problem, and that struggling towards the correct answer is the best way to learn math. To Think Mathematically. It’s not SUPPOSED to be EASY.

Well, I would agree the best way to learn math is to DO MANY PROBLEMS. That’s WHY there’s a lot of Homework. And there certainly was. The text used was Larson Edwards 8th Edition “Calculus”, and it epitomized a lot I Hated About Learning Math. The explanations were sort of there, but I would have written them a LOT more clearly. To get New Students through the Learning Curve. I argue you can use Training Wheels without Dumbing Math Down. 

So I ended up watching Khan Academy a LOT and he was very helpful. I wish he were white!

Several of the (young) students would go to the Tutoring Center after class and work on the homework as a group, having the help of a Skilled Tutor immediately available if there were any questions. I think this is the best approach, however it does fly in the face of the Robinson approach.

I either didn’t have time or was too burned out to ever really join them so I did everything alone, but ended up getting SUPER angry at the dumb obtuse book, or at the Tutorial Vidyas on webassign.net where we did our homeworks. Muttering at the guy in the vidya, calling him a Kke Fggot because the explanations sucked, etc. I understand some

frustration is to be expected, but I would think the sense of accomplishment, achievement, and confidence from ultimately solving the problems would cancel out the anger. But it didn’t. Then again, I DO admit to being Above Average Angry, such that I’m above the threshold where Anger is Useful, now it’s just too excessive for all of it to be Useful.

The kids in the class were mainly young engineers in training, doing the right thing at the right age. Heh. I was trying to do the right thing at the wrong age.  Was angry when I learned Calc 2 IS essentially AP Calc BC, which The Successful Smart Kids who became Winning White Engineers took IN HIGH SCHOOL, and I should have too.

Learning this stuff as young as possible will give you a great advantage In Life.

My Role Model was a 20-year old young man originally from Syria. I think he was a christian not a mudslime. he looked at least 50% white. But he embodied the non-Murkan Work Ethic that most immigrants from Crappy Places have. The Real Old-School American Work Ethic of Work your 455 off, get paid. So I tried to emulate him, but now feeeeeel pretty burnt out. He did not seem nearly as burnt out. Great Attitude. Nice Kid too.

There were more GIRLS in the class than I expected, at least 30% girls. (Cute POY Girls are Distracting and Counterproductive in Education.) “Good” amount of Whites, prob 72% white? of the nonwhites I’d say most were Arabs, but there was one Albanian.

(ok this is a better time for the) BREAK TIME FOR U!


























How to Stanch Burn Out? Probably do math for 1 hour a day, Monday Thru Saturday, not in 3 hour marathons twice a week. There was at least 6 to 10 hours of Serious Homework per week. But it said so right on the syllabus!

Yeah Ideally should have gotten up at 3:45 am Monday Thru Saturday, did a Quiet Undistracted Hour of HW before getting Tired From the Day, to tired to really concentrate and work on HW without getting superangry at the kke book.

Found the exams SUPER STRESSFUL. Four Regular Exams, each taking the full 2-hour class period, and one Cumulative Final, just finished yesterday. Five Huge Exams, all very stressful to prepare for, and grueling as f00k to actually do. Can you teach Maths good without Ridiculous Exams? Just do the HW and get an A?

Some instructors allow you to bring in One Sheet of notes. Not this one. That would have cut down the Stress at least 50% hahaha.

Not REALLY complaining. I like Math, Math is So Beautiful, Math Is A Mindweapon, Math Makes You a Better Person, I just don’t like Math Class. Seemed to move VERY fast and Cram so much in. Would have liked class to be 6 credits not 4. OR be split up into 2 classes.

But then noting that this is only 4% of the Way Towards a Bigboy Winning Engin Degree makes me want to go on a Punching People In The Face Spree, Get Burned Out, Give Up, Quit. Not a fan of skool. “Hate” skool.

But I don’t like this modern “UNSCHOOLING MOVEMENT” which is like, oh just let kids PLAY all day, on their INTERESTS, and then THAT’s their school. I think you can RIGOROUSLY homeschool your kids in STEM and not have them burn out.

Developing Good Habits when you are Young is SO Crucial to Success In Life.

It is not impossible to Weed Out Bad Habits and Develop New Good Habits when you are an Old Crone like me, although you might be prone to fits of rage, Punching People In The Face, throwing huge math textbooks through walls and calling it a “Kke Fggot”, and only finally getting your Engin Degree by Age 80.

Which is making me think, this is fine if you’re YOUNG and doing this at the “RIGHT” time, have tons of energy and optimism and time and good habits, but when you’re an Old Fart and need to start Making Money Fast so you can have 3 White Children Some Day, you might need An Edj00cation with a little better Short-Term ROI. (Saw some Fggot Kke article in the Chronicle of Higher Education “IS ROI THE BEST WAY TO THINK ABOUT COLLEGE?”. YES, you horrible thieves, poisoners, vampires, leeches, parasites, yes it is.) Because having your children when you’re 80 is not ideal.

BTW even though i was very angry at the class, I did VERY well, had OVER 100% grade before the Final, was prob the #2 student in class, behind #1 Syrian Kid. Final was my worst exam, but it could not have brought final grade below A-. I might be Lazy and Burnt Out and Distracted By Anger, but I still did Real Well in this class.

Uh can’t stop listening to Nick Cave & Seeds “Murder Ballads”, but the Song of the Week is “The Kindness Of Strangers”, which in years past, I’d always skip over, can’t BELIEVE I just skipped over THIS song!, but this month I discovered it, and now like to listen to it back-to-back multiple times almost every day. SO GOOD.

Don’t usually care about lyrics but Nick is a BOSS at them. Music is gentle and romantic, and reminds of some of the Angelo Badalamenti, Julee Cruse, David Lynch, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet type stuff. Lyrics/story tries to be Overly Sentimental, comes off as Genuinely Heartbreaking, much like the whole album. Hope, Beauty, Tragedy, Death. One of the prettier songs on the album, but certainly not a happy one! Also slightly reminds of Tom Waits “A Little Rain” with the verse about the girl who had never seen the ocean and then she disappeared.

Have a good day, Love Your Race, Protect Your Race.

Practicing how Not To Leave Trackbacks. But here’s a good Stormfront Threat “College Is Killing The Middle Class”

h ttp://wwwdelete.stormfront.orgdelete/forum/t937333/

British Reality Televitz Show “Young Dumb and Living Off Mum” about Spoiled Losers Leeching off their Parents who have No Work Ethic, are just Lazy No-Account N’s. Haven’t watched any yet, sounds ridiculous.


(heh i don’t care if they know i’m linking to them.)

But I would argue that it’s much better to Gratefully Accept Support from your Fam than to go into Huge Debt to be “Independent.” That is not really Independent at all, that’s being a SLAVE TO YKW. But I think the kidz in this show are not all that grateful.

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this is part 2 to part 1 which i posted Two Days Ago.

Pro-Whites DO have a Legit Concern that anti-whites will try to Plant Plants and moles and spies, because they have done so before. Troublemakers at least. I can assure you I’m not one of those. I don’t want any trouble.I don’t even leave comments! I just lurk and have my own blog no one is allowed to comment on. Of course, you’re Well Within Your Rights to use links and 65-word quotes to slander me, hahaha. Good Enough.

discussion topic: the albanians of today are not the albanians of history, scanderbeg and such, who were much whiter, and since then they are majority mixed with turkics. and/or more closely related to azeris. so there is something to questioning the whiteness of today’s albanians. shqipteri.
are albanians white?
the phora
majority rights
stumble inn
lots of racially-aware pro-white FORUMS/FORA as well as blogs. many accusing each other of being jew friendlies and sellouts and traitors, hahaha. whites will tear each other apart for small differences but will take oh i’m sorry mr jewystein, please continue genociding whites! Let me help you out with that!

stormfront Dating Advice forum, hahahah. heh I might have to donate to stormfront in 2013. For the record I did not donate to anybody in 2012. I thought about donating to counter currents but didn’t really. I still might even if greg’s enemies say he is an effete hysterical homo who can’t pull pvssy and only wants money and to milk gullible rich aristocratic WNs so he can live in San Fran and go to Operas.

But why shouldn’t I read Hunter Wallace either.

Heh. I think the bookstore I bought Greg Johnson’s book from was run by Matt Parrott, so now Matt Parrott has my Real Name and Address and could Ruin Me if he wanted. Stealing Mailing Lists and Contact Information has been a Big Deal and has led to conflicts between William Pierce and David Duke, William Pierce and Willis Carto, and in the Hunter Wallace Greg Johnson Debate, it was all about the Charles Martel Society, which publishes Occidental Quarterly and is headed up by 80 year old recluses like William Regnery and people who don’t know anything about computers or databases.

So yeah this is all very legitimate, as I am still trying to get a “Mainstream Bigboy Job” and FACT have to at least kiss Politically Correct Arse to do it, everyone does. Not happy about it but it’s one of the only options to survive. Now I like the Pioneer Little Europe “cultural terrforming” concept, where Blue Collar Jobs are once again made respectable for whites. So a White could be a Janitor or a Security Guard or a Housekeeper and it would be no problem.

Heh. I just learned Matt Parrott and Mindweapons used to do a co-blog. Interesting stuff. And Matt Parrott ran into some Antiwhites regarding his Hoosier Nation, is that why he shut it down? Anyway I’m certainly not Anti Parrott, I’ve liked his writing.

29 year old Pro-White WOMAN who lives in BROOKLYN posting on Stormfront Eligible Bachelorettes of Stormfront. WTF? Well good for her if this is for real.

http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t920862/ depressives
I also like stories of depressives and melancholics and other morally lazy losers too entitled, spoiled, and morally lazy to get out of bed and work for a living, hahaha. But srsly I Sympathize and even Non-patronizingly EMPATHIZE with Those People SOME of the time.

not sure how I got on the first page of google results for pioneer little europe. i think PLE is a GREAT idea, don’t like all this slander towards them. (see media matters hatchet job)

i spent large parts of my CHRISTmas vacation (which I shouldn’t* have had) reading Stormfront, in other words.

uh they don’t like hunter wallace at the beer barrel either. they seem to be a rowdy offensive bunch, like what I imagine australians to be be like, hahah. I kind of like it???

circle of crust? stumble inn doesn’t like alex linder and thinks HE’s a jew?


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IMMIGRATION POST (ie the immed previous one!) CONTINUED:

MY POINT IS, THE COOLING-OFF PERIOD, which was not Invented by Pat Buchanan but brought to my attention by him, as he talks alot about Demographics and Immigration. When Non-Anglo-Saxon – but still blatantly WHITE – immigrants came to the us in the early 20th century, namely POLES, ITALIANS, IRISH; OR, moreso SLAVIC than GERMANIC, then the old americans looked at these immigrants as poor barbarians, much as I do today with Albanianz. However, at least a full generation and then some, until The Big Immigration Act of approx 1965 which REALLY flung the doors open wide, there was a COOLING-OFF PERIOD where the brakes were put on and this new wave of immigrants became successfully ASSIMILATED into the Melting Pot. And Nowadays, Slavic-Americans are considered just as American and as WHITE as Germanic-Americans.

Not so with the New Immigrants, who defiantly refuse to Assimilate, Speak English, Act American, Act White, Obey The Law, etc.

BUT I think Most of the “Albos” in my area ARE Legal: many of the younger ones do not have thick Accents but CERTAINLY speak Albanian at home with the First-Gen Immigrant Families. My point is, even though legal and english-speaking, they absolutely have an Albanian Way about them that sticks out: Loud, Gregarious, Boisterous, Macho, Crude, Emotional, Clannish (ie hanging out with mainly other Albanians), often Violent. Very “Ethnocentric” or at least Ethnic Pride, namely Albanian Tattoos or shirts or Stickers on their heavily-tinted car windows.

Now I don’t mind a little (or a lot!) of Ethnic Pride, HOWEVER I want to see that balanced with Proper White American Decorum.

We were playing a public team game where one of the teams were suspected of cheating. One of the teams, not regulars to my knowledge, were named as “TEAM ALBANIA” and they certainly looked it, hahaha. But they were the ones that were cheating. I shook my head.

However, to the Albanians’ Credit, some of them are very, very NICE and Friendly to me, with an Outgoing Warmth that I don’t often see from Whites, but which is prob just an extension of their general Emotionality. But I hope they are not just Faking It so they can gain my trust and stab me in the back later, hahahaha. No.

Now, to the crux of the matter: do Albanians act so Albanian because they’re NONWHITE, or because they’re UNASSIMILIATED? I can ask this because they’re really on that gray area between white and nonwhite. VERY “MEDITERRANEAN” looking. (Although I HAVE seen a couple BLOND Albanians!)

And THEN I thought Of John and Jim BELUSHI. I was shocked to learn they were Albanian. I just assumed they were ITALIAN. But they were clearly very assimiliated, with their parents coming over well before 1965, or possibly even their GRANDPARENTS. It was only a generation or two later, after the fall of the Communism and the Balkan Conflicts in the 1990s, that a HUGE SURGE of Albanians started coming over.

Bottom Line: If The BELUSHIS can do it, then so can Today’z Vulajajez. And once they start ACTING more white, then they will SEEM more white. Like the Italians, hahaha.

But the idea of “ASSIMILATION” jives well with My Beliefs that Sometimes Diversity Can Work, when intergroup conflicts are subsumed by a National Identity….which is INHERENTLY More White than the Parent Country’s.

And THEN I thought how Old Anglo-Saxon Americans would sneer on the brutish, New Slavic American Immigrants, and THEN I thought about how Anglo-Saxons acted in THEIR Home Countries vs how Slavs acted in THEIR Home Countries. And how each group is either more or less “White.” Because I’m interested in the Groups Of Whites and their similarities and differences. Like for example Scandinavians are “supposedly” superior to Italians or Spanish or Greeks or Slavs. And me not really knowing What Albanians Really ARE. They’re not Slavs, so are they related to Greeks? (And at one time, Greeks were Blond and looked like Scandinavians, hahaha.)

FULL DISCLOSURE: WHILE I’m Killing My Career and Coming Out Of the Closet like an Uncowardly White Man, I guess I should say that A Major Portion of My Own Personal White Heritage is Slavic rather than Germanic, so I have an interest in that.

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Also, remember to check out Harold A. Covington and…. something something Rockwell. George Lincoln Rockwell of the American NAZI Party, hahaha.  Lord there are great debates among White Nationalists and all the “different” writers bashing each other, just like in the Game “community” or the MRA “community.” So by now, I just assume that Each Writer Stands Alone and is Hated by Similar Writers, hated by all except the people who come out and say they like so and so. Not sure if there’s a “rule” that sez if you like Hunter Wallace you’re not allowed to like William Pierce then you’re not allowed to like Harold Covington or Greg Johnson or Kevin Strom or whoever, and there’s a million anti and pro factions I can’t keep straight. Prob bc I’m not intimately familiar with each writer yet. I’m still in the learning process and taking notes. And In my BLOOOOGGGG I offer my NOTES to the world. Real Profound uh?


William Pierce talking about his Rel with GL Rockwell, followed by a notable 1966 speech by Rockwell at Brown Univ.

I used to want to “Build Bridges” in all these splintered “communities”, because it seemed pretty retarded: Like WHITE NATIONALISM isn’t enough of its own unique little isolated niche that it needs all the WNs infighting and saying pick MY WN, no pick MY WN, and HIS WN is FALSE WN, he’s a jew, he’s a traitor, he’s a coward, he’s a fag, he’s a liar etc etc etc. I Don’t Care About All That! But Building Bridges now seems like a Fool’s Errand. Waste of Time. You’d be better off watching 9000 hours of FAMILY GUY on TEEVEE. Can’t We All Just Say We’re ANTIMULTICULTURALISTS and Get Along? I guess it’s not that simple. This is why I don’t allow comments, hahaha.

But sometimes the 455Hole Commenter who gets Banned ends up coming up with a pretty good blog of his own, so that’s good. For people who like reading just for the sake of reading. And that’s just as good as Family Guy, hahaha. Mostly Informative but I won’t Lie, there’s a lil bit of Entertainment in there too.

Now if I were Harold Covington I would record an audiobook of myself reading “The Brigade”. One of my personal pet pleasures In Life is listening to THE AUTHOR read their own writing. Recall I really intended for this to be A Vlog like Bern Chapin but I’m too cowardly to put my voice on the internet, hahaha.

Will now be investigating George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party. Which I guess became “The Order”. And I think is now the ANP again. IMHO going around with Big Swastikas and referring to yourselves as Nazis and saying Heil Hitler all the time kinda limits your appeal. I am slowly warming up to Hitler but Heiling The Swastika is still a little MUCH for me.

Heh. I think what I’m looking for is VDARE.COM. Peter Brimelow, Derbyshire, Steve Sailer, Kevin MacDonald, Virginia Abernethy (always undeservingly forget about her), Richard Lynn. They are more against Ridiculous Immigration than Pro  White Nationalism Per Se; and might be WN Sympathizers like me. People that are willing to talk about Racial Differences but….aren’t as “extremist.” Moderate Cowards and Traitors, hahaha.

But I was thinking again. My area, as I’ve said before, and hopefully this is not Divulging My Identity and thus making me a Google Felon (tm Mindweapon) Kareeer-DOA, is A Hotbed of Albanians. We know Albanians are High On the List of Europeans with High Birth Rates. They are also Very Balkan. Also Very Non Slavic. And they are divided into Muslims and Catholics, despite looking the same. AND they look vaguely nonwhite. I guess if we can call Arabs “Caucasians” then we should call Albanians Whites, but….


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LONG: 2213 Wds

Been hearing good things about this Danish auteur for quite a while, time to bite. He did the acclaimed American movie “Drive” of course, but I wanna wait on that one. Plus I like Denmark/Danes/ the language. Maybe them being so close to Germany is how they get that real guttural “r” sound that sounds more like a “w”, like in the director’s last name. “Wefn”. Plus they like putting letters like f and n together which “should not” be put next to each other. Intradasting.

Wasn’t sure what to expect out of Refn. There was a VERY GOOD documentary in the bonus of this Pusher disc called “GAMBLER”, (outstanding, arguably better than the actual movie!) which showed a review describing him as “The Danish Scorsese” which seems pretty accurate from view Pusher. It wasn’t too artsy, but it was just artsy enough. He really captured the tone well and added just enough humor. Gritty scumbag drug dealers is all it is. Nothing Fancy, but very fun, very entertaining. Not a high-minded premise, but fleshed out very nicely, very honestly. He knows exactly what he wants to do, and he succeeds in doing it. Dunno if I was expecting von Trieryness just because they’re both Danish, but Refn was way less artsy, way more…Scorseseish. Apparently Refn and LVT do not get along with each other.

The view connects readily with all of the characters, the acting is top-notch, especially from the main character Frank. Really a good job there. Not a slow or boring moment. Refn clearly has a Gift For Storytelling. One of the most memorable movies I’ve seen in months, as far as establishing an Auteur and his Style in my mind. I’d been on a serious Aki Kaurismaki kick, but I think I need something more Danish and less Finnish now, hahahaha. I tried to get into Fassbender but he hasn’t stuck in the same way Refn seems to be sticking. I need ADD entertainment, and Refn delivers this in an Intelligent Film Buff way, without being too artsy or Pointy-Headed. I’m gonna come right out and give Pusher an “A”, even though “A-” might be more appropriate over the long-term. I did front-load my queue with a bunch of Refnz. Except for “Drive,” hahaha.

And about the doc “Gambler”: It was not made BY Refn, although it seemed to be his style; it was 100% ABOUT him and gave a very intimate view of his life, that was not all phony and fake like a reality tv show. You really got to know and like and understand the subject. Refn, or “Jang” as his friends call him, not sure what that means.  But it’s a serious look at Refn’s Rise, Fall, and Rise Again, and gives an interesting look at Making Movies in Denmark. Apparently the State doesn’t give you Million$ to make big-budget filmz willy-nilly; there is a signif amount of personal risk, and this is embodied by Refn “The Gambler”, who went BANKRUPT making his Tryhard Movie “Fear X” after initial success with Pusher. Success and Failure. Plus he’s got a new baby at home. And a Wife. See the young Family dealing with Real Financial Problemz. Working with Banksterz, Attorneyz, and Accountants to get out of bankruptcy and pay back the 5 million danish kroner he owes to…I’m not sure to whom he owes it.

I was unaware of any of this, and did not know Pusher 1 was in 1996 and Pusher 2 was in 2005ish and Pusher 3 was a scant 4 MONTHS or so after p2. See, Pusher2 and 3 were part of his Plan to get out of bankruptcy. So there’s the internal conflict of, he doesn’t want to touch what made him famous just to Make Money, because he has Actual Auterish Integrity, but he HAS to make money, so he’s very concerned about making a GOOD sequel. A Main Motif/”joke” is, he’s popping alka-seltzers ALL THE TIME because he’s so stressed. I have no idea how you can Be Creative and Write a GOOD Movie when you’re under this much pressure. He’s worried, but he Pulls Through, he doesn’t fall apart, his True Believerhood in The Power Of Movies gets him through.

I’m not sure it would work this way in Hollywitz, where he wouldn’t bounce back from his initial commercial failure, and just get gobbled up by Bloodsuckerz, and become another Failed Filmmaker.

It was a decent length, at least an hour, when I was expecting a 20-30 minute “making of,” but no, this was a full-blown documentary, and a very-surprisingly good one at that. Made me even more interested in / sympathetic to Refn. Do NOT skip it.

He has Cannibal Holocaust and Texas Chainsaw Massacre posters in his Nice Danish Apartment, but he is not so much of a Myopic Horror Nut where Horror is his Main Thing. Indeed, Scorsese and Cassavetes seem to be even bigger influences. Capturing Really Real Reality, but not in a Reality TV way, or not in an Artsy way, or not in a Documentary way, but in his own way, and convincing the audience that This Is Reality. I have been Convinced Refn is the Real Deal, and worthy of the hype.

I hope his wife does not Take Him To The Cleaners now that he’s successful again and making money. But According to Wiki they have had a second child. I really liked the Home Life aspect of “Gambler”, that he was a “normal” guy with a wife and child (the child is much more important than the wife, OBVIOUSLY!) and not some virgin neckbeard human lampshade sociopath. Not that it takes anything above AVERAGE Social Skillz to Pull’N’Pound Pvssy, but some Film Types have Way-Below-Average Social Skills and couldn’t Pull Pvssy if their LIVES depended on it, and make up the Lowest Divisions of the Omega Hierarchy, like Comic Book Nerds and Computer Game Nerds and Otaku Nerdz. Not that I have anything particularly good to say about Refn’s WIFE, other than she hasn’t scammed’n’left him yet. But he is Really Cool right now. So Hot. But maybe he has a private reason to Trust Her, and for his sake, I hope he’s right about that. I certainly have no reason to trust her!


I liked it. Good sequel. Didn’t live in the shadow of the first. A-, maybe even A for consistency, in which case, #3 def gets an A, because that one is no worse than 2 or 1. This is not how Hollywitz makes sequels. Refn is exactly what Hollywitz needs. A guy with integrity, a True Believer in the Power of Film, who Goes His Own Way and makes Good, Solid Movies. Even when he’s trying to “milk a cash cow”, in this case, making more Pusher movies because he was desperate and bankrupt, he ended up making two great movies and rising like a phoenix such that right now he’s at the peak of his career.

P2 follows Tonny from Pusher 1. Didn’t know how this was gonna play out. IMHO it worked great. Each Pusher film follows one of the “side” characters from Pusher 1 rather than trying to make a “full-blown sequel” of events tacked onto P1. ALTHOUGH Frank from p1 was great and could have carried another Pusher film, although there’s talk of a Pusher 4, and given the trajectory, I wouldn’t mind it one bit!

If LVT and Kubrick are “Story” guys, then Refn is DEF a “CHARACTER” guy (although LVT has been a Character guy at some points, ie Dancer, Breaking, Dogville, ok a lot of the time haha.) ALL THREE of the main chars in p1 are very strong, thus when Tonny and Milo break off into their own movies, we get two more strong movies.


But I think I may have liked P3 a LITTLE better than P2 because: it was a bit darker, especially over the second half; AND I identify more with Slavs, even Southern/Balkan Slavs, than with Danes, even Trashy Gangster Danes. Just slightly. Reading KMac’s Preface to Culture of Critique avail on Cesar’s Appendix to Downfall of Western World where KMac argues that White Europeans have more individualism and less ingroup/outgroup distinction than more collectivist asian and middle eastern (You Know Who!) races. Meaning Whites are more race-blind, more accomodating, nicer, more trusting, etc. And Refn’s Denmark is a VERY “Multicultural” one. Another thing I liked. The subtext is that Immigrants Bring Crime and Drugs and Divide and Conquer Danes, and the Trashier Danes get involved with the Criminal Underworld, which is what Refn portrays exclusively in the Pusher Trilogy. Kinda “funny” to see White Vikings acting like Jersey Shore Douchebags, violent, stupid, sweatpants and stupid tattoos, years in prison, drug abuse, in P2 there is Welfare Mamas and Babies suckling off the teat of the generous Scandinavian Welfare State, and we ultimately see a society that doesn’t seem “Scandinavian” at all. Lots of Mixing with Balkans, Turks, Arabs, Albanians even! Albanians! This was in P3 and I quite liked that, because I’m obsessed with Albanians.

The guy who plays Milo, Zlatko Buric, is I THINK orig from Croatia; but his character Milo might have been intended to be Serbian or Macedonian. Not sure how different the Serbian and Croatian languages are, I thought they were pretty close. Pusher 3 has really very little spoken Danish in it, except, Ironically, when the Criminal Immigrants are trying often unsuccessfully to communicate with one another. The Serb Milo presumably speaks the best Danish (hard for me to tell, hahaha, in fact, I imagine The Average American Idiot wouldn’t even be able to TELL they’re constantly switching languages, haha), the “Pretty Boy” Albanian doesn’t, has to have the somewhat less pretty albanian translate; Milo speaks Serb or Croatian with his huge family and they are always kissing each other 3  times on the cheek; There’s even a POLISH guy in there trying to sell a young Polish woman to a maybe-Danish female pimp, all brought together by the Albanian scumbags.

Milo gets sucked into serving the Albanian Scumbags out of sense of honor to protecting his family, but ironically has to miss an important family event to be the Albanians’ B!tch, serving them in Milo’s own Serbian Crime Club. (Maybe he is Croatian because I thought Serbs and Albanians hated each other so much re the Kosovo thing, you can’t even have an Albanian and a Serb in the same room together without trying to kill each other.)

Milo has a musical, deep, booming voice which is a pleasure to listen to; and where he was more “villainous” in P1 in that he was the Ethnic Scumbag lording over the Danish Ne’er-Do-Well, at times being the Supernice Friend, but he had a Dark Side and was more than willing to electrocute Frank’s Nipples with Milo’s Co-Ethnic Brute Radovan – who also reappears in P3 in a great side role. Anyway, in P3, Milo is now the Good Guy who’s just trying to do the Right thing (despite being a huge heroin dealer), but he keeps getting screwed. He is 17 years older and looks it, a middle-aged Single Father trying to provide for his Daughter, who is a Huge Spoiled B!tch by the way. He’s still that Friendly Warm guy capable of godawful torture and violence, only now he’s older and more worried, very worried, and you see more of his own drug-using habit. Really fleshed out the Milo Character in a great way.

Indeed, it’s Milo’s sense of Honor (MRA’s might call it Foolish Chivalry and White-Knighting, even) that pushes him over the point of no return, and then the movie takes on its ultra-dark tone.

And Refn looks like a typical Lily-White Scandinavian, but has a nice Boyish Charm that makes him look younger than he is. Watch the extras. Yet he is not afraid to paint a picture of Multiculturalism that is not all Roses. Although I doubt he is even a Race Realist, hahaha. He’s just a “Naturalistic” filmmaker, hahaha. And he’s made a series of 3 films here that Are What Sequels Should Be, no going through the motions, every one fresh, good, unique, memorable, yet enough common ground to tie them in together: the characters, the stylized opening sequences with that catchy fun song and the shadowy faces, the Crime Underworld in Copenhagen, the Multicultis, etc.

I prob shoulda talked more about P2, but I just watched P3 last night hahaha. But P2 was nothing to sneeze at, no chopped liver, it was a fun and good movie too. But Zlatko’s performance in P3 really bowled me over. Refn has a Gift for making Great, Complex Characters, and finding the perfect actors to play them.

Watch any one of the Pushers, it’s better than what your Wimminz will pick for Movie Night. Use “Drive” if you have to with that pvssy f4gg0t b!tch Ryan Gosling who All Wimminz want to TIUTA from, and say it’s from the guy who made “Drive” before he sold out, hahaha.

I look forward to watching “Fear X” (at home right now!) and “Valhalla Rising.” And that other one about the british criminal with tom hardy (“Bronson”) ? Refn keeps busy!

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Defeating Perfectionism by only giving 61% even on Fun Hobby of “Writing”!

HBO’s “Girls”  by Lena Dunham (queued) who seems to be (wiki) huge “mumblecore” SWPL GenY Narcissist Privileged Arm-Tattoo Hipster Brooklyn Billyburg Dyk3 C0CK-HOPPER w more FUNGUS on her CVNT than I have on my MOUTH. “I feel very Culturally J3w15H,” she sez, BARRRRFFFFF. Could do whole post on why I like Andrew Bujalski but why I DISLIKE “mumblecore.” Prob bc he’s a MAN, and a GOOD WRITER DESPITE all this SWPL Cr4p. I suppose same could POSSIBLY be said of Duplass but Ihaven’t researched, don’t like name haha. And I D4MN SURE don’t Endorse MumbleWh0res themselves endorsing MumbleWh0ry! But BEING a FullBlown Member of Narciss GenY ExistentialAngst OverEducated UnderEmployed Lazy Scvumbags, I am basically MumbleCore REIFIED, Like it (or NOT!)

DISTINCTION: While I’m privileged and lazy & overeducated & mumbly: I don’t LIKE Brooklyn SWPL Hipsters Wimminz Leftists / That Whole Culture; Not being Thrown Money by Rich Fam to live underemployed in High Cost Of Living Area. I am Jason Segel Jeff Who Lives at Home (queued; Duplass; stupid mumblecore names, even WORDS/NAMES are SWPL!)

Niall Ferguson’s “Civilization” finished recently. Not bad. I THINK he’s in my ideological wheelhouse. introduces many trolly provocative questions esp re Protestant Work Ethic, Max Weber, why did Northern & PROTESTANT European nations like Britain and Germany and Scand do so well econ, but trad Catholic nations like italy and spain NOT do so good? But now Europe is clearly faithless, & Ferg neglects to mention possible cause of Cultural Marxism, Leftist Atheism, and Welfare-State-As-God. “Porn Killed God in Europe”, he sez glibly. Glib but a bit of a point there, I can tolerate HIS glibness. Then shows how BOTH consumerism/capitalism AND religion are currently thriving in USA. Thought kinda glossed over Godless SWPLs on the Coasts, AND that MegaSuperChurches are a kinda Watered-Down Fraudulent Faith: Consumerism MASQUERADING as religion. Interesting topic on TV though! Then Ferg looked at Christians in CHINA. Now THAT was interesting. Said there may be more practicing Christians in CHINA than in all of EUROPE 2012.

as a Catholic who LOVES Hard Work but finds it IMPOSSIBLE to do, I immed took notice to the implication that Protestants might Work Harder than Catholics. ORA ET LABORA is a CATHOLIC thing, SON.

first heard of Niall Ferguson about a year ago, I THINK thru a favourable Bern Chapin review. I don’t think Ferg is a FLAMING MARXIST, in other words!

He also went to Turkey & Istanbul, i’ve been interested in lately as “a major intersection of east and west.” like 20 years ago Turkey was “very secular” but now they are “re-religifying” w a public movement towards stricter islamism, burkas and headscarves and whatnot. reminded me of Mark Steyn’s Work. Is Islam an INHERENTLY Violent or at least STULTIFYING or Civilization-Paralyzing Force? Is non-watered-down Xianity Better Than non-watered-down Islam? Because, in exporting Western Civ, we ARE making value judgments and saying “hey our culture IS superior!” and That’s OK!

PBS show asked lot of interesting questions. Thumbs up. Queue it. TONS of Total Leftist Crap in the “Documentary” section netflix, this isn’t as nauseatingly leftist.

got 500 movies queued. often will search scandinavian or swedish or norwegian, danish, icelandic, finnish, polish, albanian, serbian, balkan, bosnian, croatian, yugoslavian, eastern european, russian, ukrainian, to get Specifically foreign movies. not ton of albanian. how i “DO” Multiculturalism, ha. esp interested in scand & slav & fmr eastern bloc esp NON-USSR commies: yugo, tito, balkans, poland. hungary haha. eurasian caucasus azerbaijans armenians but not kardashians haha.

the whiter the muslim, the more interested i am haha. specifically “bosniaks”, aka bosnian muslims. moderate relig, not violent jihadist Wahhabist Imams. wish angelina JOLIE had not been person to do recent movie about “The Balkan Conflicts”. Terribly interesting topic done by terribly uninteresting person.

Most Wimminz would cheat on their husbands w Brad Pitt, like he’s a superman god, but most Avg Men couldn’t care LESS about Angelina Jolie. They would take a RANDOM 18-YEAR-OLD BEAUTY ANY DAY over some OLD female celebrity, no matter how “hot”. FEMALE YOUTH EASILY TRUMPS ALL.

read somewhere that working muscle to fatigue is the pertinent thing, just simply lifting heavy weights. ie, you could theoretically become WORLD’S STRONGEST RIPPEDEST MAN just by doing Pushups and Pullups. You would just have to keep doing more &more&more.

catherine breillat = sex-positive feminist artsy film director? still intradast piqued, queued. will take 5 years to watch 350 movie queue. debating upgrading to 2 movies at a time = can prob watch MORE THAN 2 X faster qua mailback turnaround time, by sending ONE back at time, watch other, send it back, receive new, repeat. try to CANCEL ALTOGETHER for “busy” months? will queue stick?

tons o spam comments. more than ever did on blogger. plus, wordpress signin page is SO SWPL, makes me SICK! UGH!

having heirs should be seen as a Moral privilege involving relevant responsibility. how can man get the best heirs & best heirs’ MOTHERS considering his own Beta Mate Value? Then U just bang hottest & youngest REGARDLESS of Moral Character, then exclude mother; using Healthy Young women as surrogates. Maintain an Ever-Refreshing Harem of 18-year-old Cuties for S3chz. Seek companionship? That’s FINE! Only HUMAN!  Look to platonic friends, family, or Ugly Women W Great Personalities. Expectation of A Crossroads bw Sex and Companionship is a Tragically Dangerous MYTH! Just Say No!

I am pers trying to Follow Advice I would Give to Young Men so I can Become Successful. Just takes a bit LONGER than if I were 18. I AM technically working on a STEM degree/career!!! YES!!! I AM A STEMGINEER!

Alpha Lions spend majority of their time SLEEPING. It LOOKS lazy, but when they are busy, they are BUSY. They NEED to sleep to USE ENERGY MOST EFFICIENTLY. Can’t WASTE energy being awake all day, doing things that will sap energy & not pay off w ROI in the end. SMART!

Also: re “master/slave” morality: think of BOSS/EMPLOYEE. A GOOD BOSS is GOOD to employees. Also its not SLAVERY, it’s VOLUNTARY, with maybe a 40% element of “pseudo-coercion”. (gotta pay the bills & eat.) But noones holding a gun or torturing or enslaving or imprisoning. it’s MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL to BOTH parties. THIS is what Women Really (Avg) Want out of Men: to be their GOOD BOSS.  Comp/Contr w what EstherVilar sez about Men Desperately Wanting to Give Up Their Freedom to their Wives, that Humans are deep down AFRAID of FREEDOM and WANT to NOT be free. Comp/Contr with SLAVERY vs VOLUNTARY SUBORDINATION.


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