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this is part 2 to part 1 which i posted Two Days Ago.

Pro-Whites DO have a Legit Concern that anti-whites will try to Plant Plants and moles and spies, because they have done so before. Troublemakers at least. I can assure you I’m not one of those. I don’t want any trouble.I don’t even leave comments! I just lurk and have my own blog no one is allowed to comment on. Of course, you’re Well Within Your Rights to use links and 65-word quotes to slander me, hahaha. Good Enough.

discussion topic: the albanians of today are not the albanians of history, scanderbeg and such, who were much whiter, and since then they are majority mixed with turkics. and/or more closely related to azeris. so there is something to questioning the whiteness of today’s albanians. shqipteri.
are albanians white?
the phora
majority rights
stumble inn
lots of racially-aware pro-white FORUMS/FORA as well as blogs. many accusing each other of being jew friendlies and sellouts and traitors, hahaha. whites will tear each other apart for small differences but will take oh i’m sorry mr jewystein, please continue genociding whites! Let me help you out with that!

stormfront Dating Advice forum, hahahah. heh I might have to donate to stormfront in 2013. For the record I did not donate to anybody in 2012. I thought about donating to counter currents but didn’t really. I still might even if greg’s enemies say he is an effete hysterical homo who can’t pull pvssy and only wants money and to milk gullible rich aristocratic WNs so he can live in San Fran and go to Operas.

But why shouldn’t I read Hunter Wallace either.

Heh. I think the bookstore I bought Greg Johnson’s book from was run by Matt Parrott, so now Matt Parrott has my Real Name and Address and could Ruin Me if he wanted. Stealing Mailing Lists and Contact Information has been a Big Deal and has led to conflicts between William Pierce and David Duke, William Pierce and Willis Carto, and in the Hunter Wallace Greg Johnson Debate, it was all about the Charles Martel Society, which publishes Occidental Quarterly and is headed up by 80 year old recluses like William Regnery and people who don’t know anything about computers or databases.

So yeah this is all very legitimate, as I am still trying to get a “Mainstream Bigboy Job” and FACT have to at least kiss Politically Correct Arse to do it, everyone does. Not happy about it but it’s one of the only options to survive. Now I like the Pioneer Little Europe “cultural terrforming” concept, where Blue Collar Jobs are once again made respectable for whites. So a White could be a Janitor or a Security Guard or a Housekeeper and it would be no problem.

Heh. I just learned Matt Parrott and Mindweapons used to do a co-blog. Interesting stuff. And Matt Parrott ran into some Antiwhites regarding his Hoosier Nation, is that why he shut it down? Anyway I’m certainly not Anti Parrott, I’ve liked his writing.

29 year old Pro-White WOMAN who lives in BROOKLYN posting on Stormfront Eligible Bachelorettes of Stormfront. WTF? Well good for her if this is for real.

http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t920862/ depressives
I also like stories of depressives and melancholics and other morally lazy losers too entitled, spoiled, and morally lazy to get out of bed and work for a living, hahaha. But srsly I Sympathize and even Non-patronizingly EMPATHIZE with Those People SOME of the time.

not sure how I got on the first page of google results for pioneer little europe. i think PLE is a GREAT idea, don’t like all this slander towards them. (see media matters hatchet job)

i spent large parts of my CHRISTmas vacation (which I shouldn’t* have had) reading Stormfront, in other words.

uh they don’t like hunter wallace at the beer barrel either. they seem to be a rowdy offensive bunch, like what I imagine australians to be be like, hahah. I kind of like it???

circle of crust? stumble inn doesn’t like alex linder and thinks HE’s a jew?


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Of course we cannot forget how HW Bush and W Bush, along with Clinton, were Total Globalizerz who sold our nation’s future down the river, doesn’t matter what PARTY they were, doesn’t matter how “RIGHT” or “LEFT” they were. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, all that stuff, huge precipitous decline of america manufacturing and a growing trade deficit and ascendance of china. It didn’t begin all that long ago! Early 90s, late 80s! During Our Young Lifetimes!

Dear Heirs. If more Parents gave their Children a 500 page BOOK, written by the parent, when the child was maybe 1 year away from adolescence, and said read this, this is what I’m TRYING to teach you even if I don’t SAY it so well because I’m TIRED from WORKING FOR YOUR LIVING, then MAYBE the world would be a LITTLE better place. If you don’t have the time or money to Homeskool them yourself, and many don’t. Give them a Book you Wrote, and/or Videos For Your Heir. This is becoming My Blog To My Heirs. Heh. I’ll print out the best parts and give it to them in Book Form. Who doesn’t like books. Besides Wimmin and blax, hahahahahahaha.

Prairie Little Europe, is that what it’s called? Small communities of Whites helping each other and preserving White Interests, essentially creating their own new white cities in the middle of the plains.




First heard about this in the April Gaede interview on the Stan Hess show. Though I think Prussian Blue is Corny and Retarded, Mrs Gaede’s got a much more interesting idea this time. Not sure if she invented it, but she is active in the Kalispell Montana site.

I guess this is not the first thing of its kind, there are PROBABLY other similar communities in the middle of “nowhere”, it’s not like you see ads saying “WHITES, MOVE TO IDAHO!” on TV, hahahahahahaha.

What to do with the Smart Blacks, the blacks who are just as smart as whites? You could say that they should then become leaders of Black States, but r-Masses (heh) of Black Morons might be by definition Ungovernable, and overthrow anyone who tries to lead them unless it’s a brutal-4ss warlord/dictator, Idi Amin etc. I would not want to force Smart Blacks to become Sadistic Despots. So in my Little Europe, I would allow these Smart Blacks as Refugees. Give them a peaceful place to live. Human Rights, hahahaha. Just use a damn IQ test. OR, see if they have a Recidivistic Criminal Record. EASY.

Heh. Maybe I should move to a town Like Kalispell. I worry that the Oil Towns in North Dakota, though offering SICK money, might also attract ethnic ruffians. Also I HATE the cold. Real Ironic, that, since it’s largely The Cold that helped Whites Evolve Into Whites!

How about Flagstaff Arizona? someplace in Utah? I don’t dislike Mormons per se. Because you know what ELSE Mormons are (not), hahahaha.

LOA, UTAH, BABY. LOA, UTAH. Not too far north, not too far south, SURROUNDED by forests. Didn’t realize Utah HAD so much forest. OK the green doesn’t mean FOREST on google maps, in this case, it means MOUNTAINS. Hmm.

Okay. You can go to a SWPL metropolis to find your mate(s) then bring them back to Loa, Utah to Re-Brainwash them. Good-Brainwash them. Assuming they haven’t already r-selected themselves into Oblivion. And it’s REALLY Presumptuous and Patriarchal and Racist to assume that these young single wimmin ready for the mating will already BE in the Mini Ethnostate. Heck it took me until I was 30 to figure it out, hahaha.

I calculated it would be Decadent and Nonwhite and too r-selected to have TOO large of a Harem, so THREE would be the perfect number of wives. Any less then you lose hand/power/masculinity, any more and then it’s both decadent AND too hard to manage. You have TEN wives, then that’s too much WORK and too much RISK. So try two to four wives instead. GOOD ENOUGH.


Looking for a warm, foresty place, away from the coast. I’ve actually been in that general Appalachian Mountain region and can vouch that it’s very nice. Charleston, west virg. If I’m moving, I’m not moving again. It has to be WARM. WARMISH.

Knoxville, TN. Asheville, NC. Haven’t ruled out Texas, I like Texans. North Texas. Panhandle. Amarillo. Kosciusko, Mississippi. City with a Polish name haha.


Knoxville vs Asheville.

There were some people on the amarillo forum asking how racist the people would be against a gainfully-employed, upstanding citizen black couple moving in. Note, I’m not THAT kind of “Huge” White Racist – it’s not the gainfully-employed, responsible, mature productive law-abiding citizen Blacks I’m concerned with!

actually I need to find a city of autistic, lazy introverts who do horribly on job interviews and are still gainfully employed, hahaha.



Jew Dork Slimes patronizing working family men hahaha

(hope you cannot deduce My Real Name from all that Google-Added stuff in the URL because I just copied the links str8 from the google results page, haha)

I’m slowly pumping myself up for it Mindweapon, hahaha. These mainstream news sources do give “nice” little slices of life. Often addressing my concern about violent miscreants. Not that I TRUST the Slimes, but I’m looking for something that shows these aren’t just a bunch of violent felonz, but honest family men who just want to work and sleep and not get loaded. But I do pity them for their untrustworthy wives back at home, prob complaining about their husbands who have to WORK, and getting REAMED by Alejandro and Letalvis the meter-readerz hahahaha and then STEALING over half of hubby’s HARD-EARNED Oil Field Money. No Thanks! I’d rather keep my money!

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