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[12-15-12: this is a Time Machine Post (tm BKC) orig written on July 27, 2012, and will take 5 minutes to read if you are an ADDultKidz (tm FP w modz by BKC) like me in the Slowest Quintile of Readers.]

COMMODITY CLASSES. Useful Core Classes All Useful STEM students must take, predictable textbooks & material, can and should take anywhere for the lowest price, not much diff bw TTT & MIT.

took math placement test (required), placed into Calculus 1. Not sure if one CAN place into Calc2. Did not prepare or study. Simply remembered stuff from 10 years ago that helped: soh-cah-toa, FOIL, pythagorean. got f00ked on some of the more advanced trig stuff. my max EXPECTATIONS were placing into Calc1, so those were met & I was happy. By the time I complete degree at age FORTY I will be DEFINITION EMPLOYABLE, because Tech Employers LOVE to hire FORTY year old new grads from TTT’s with little experience over TWENTY year old grads from MIT! Waaah waaah. F00k this sh!t, just go into Welding. Or Cisco Academy.

Armageddon1115 mentioned how too much of the MRM is about watching & sorta encouraging MRM’s to fight & argue and not enough on Positive Action, actual things men can do to live better lives, but endless & unproductive debates, comment wars. Heh. Now I’m glad I haven’t started my YouTube Channel yet.

And also for the reason that I don’t want to get into comment wars, I don’t want to argue with ANYONE right now, not even Feminists, Wimminz, or Leftists! Also I’m very bad at taking Constructive Criticism, let alone Internet Tuff Guy Criticism!

Although I am proud to be an Internet Tough Guy myself by arrogantly stating my opinions as fact. I just don’t want to publicly argue about it! Honestly don’t have the time or energy.

Barbarossaaaa made the interesting, compelling argument that maybe the Nuclear Family is NOT the best idea for the good of society. He & Stardusk make the compelling (redundant yeah SUE me) point that technology has changed our world SO much SO quickly that we just can’t go back to that. Coupled with economy & standard of living that encourages Wimminz to have their own Meeeeeeeaningful (& Lucrative!) Careeeeeeers. Simply put, Wimminz don’t NEED men anymore, well if they ever NEEDED men, but now they need them much less, and they are not shy about Going THEIR Own Way!

A Traditional Wife/Mother will not think twice about abandoning her Traditional Nuclear Family if it’s possible & non-shamed for her to take a BETTER OPTION, whether in her own career, or leeching off a more successful man. see Briffault’s Law, Hypergamy.

This contrasts with Rocking Mr E, who says the Nuclear Family is the Best Way to Raise Children.

Wimminz are proving that they don’t WANT to have Traditional Nuclear Families.

So what are viable alternatives? Because we can agree that we want to raise Well-Adjusted Children, I hope?

I’m just “BRAINSTORMING” Ideas. Maybe a Single Father who works from home, works just enough to support himself & his children, & homeschools the children while he works at home?

Maybe two well-adjusted Gay Men? I think Rocking Mr E is not too hot on Gay Parents, but I’m still optimistic that two Gay Male Fathers COULD POSSIBLY raise a well-adjusted child, provided THEY aren’t nuts, but they PROBABLY will be. But less so than Two Lesbian Mothers!

Barb mentioned an interesting study in sweden about divorces among gay men & women; basically the lesbians were FAR AND AWAY the leaders of the divorce pack, with a rate like 160% that of Gay Men.

So, you give Wimminz the OPPORTUNITY to get rid of men, and they will quickly and gladly take it, Barb says. He points to how QUICKLY divorce rates are RISING in India and China just in the past 20 years, when they had Industrialization, Modernization, Rapid Econ Growth mirroring a more prolonged process in the US. It doesn’t take Wimminz 40 years to Go Bad, it only takes about 10. The Catalyst/FUEL is Always there. They’re not being COERCED by Gov’t, the Gov’t is simply making it EASIER, removing the BARRIERS, and Wimminz are saying “SOUNDS GREAT TO ME!”

So I laid there thinking and came to a few No-Brainer Conclusions that I thought were still profound:





Even BILL GATES’s wife has her moments of doubt, that she could do better.

WIMMINZ DON’T EVEN HAVE LONG-TERM LOVE FOR ALPHAS! They can get bored with ALPHAS same as they do with Betas, it just TAKES a little longer, and the Wimminz’s feelings of Infatuation & Lust are more strong at the beginning so she prob REALLY gets into the TIUTAing for a while at the beginning, all screaming and sh1t.

Even DAVID BECKHAM’s wife gets bored of HIM, and if that marriage fails, it will be HER who initiates it, even if he is better looking-than her.

Wimminz are an element of chaos, disorder, entropy, instability. Wimminz are NATURALLY BIPOLAR. Men naturally desire & work towards Stability, Wimminz….DON’T. In The Modern Western World, put together a stability-loving man with a stability-destroying wimminz and the wimminz will usually win out, because she has MORE INCENTIVE to LEAVE her husband than to STAY with him.

As long as Wimminz have Lucrative Career Opportunities, this will remain the case.

So what do we do? Say wimminz can’t have careeeeeeers? can’t vote? These genies are already way out of the bottle & prob can never go back.

So we ADAPT. Men are USELESS to Wimminz; Wimminz are much MORE useful to men, because of their Hot Young Bodies and their Reproductive Abilities.

So I do agree with Barb that the Artificial Womb is a Possible & def Interesting way to FREE men from their Dependence on WIMMINZ to REPRODUCE. RockingMrE doesn’t like it, but I don’t really agree 100% with him there. That’s ok. I can slightly disagree with him on one thing & still like & respect him as a man!

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Armageddon1115 in “Definition of MGTOW” video reminds us of important point that there’s NO ONE CORRECT WAY to GYOW. Why it’s called Go Your OWN Way. Multiplicity, plurality of WAYS. Which is why I disagree w Stardusk that SOME Men’s “Ways” cannot still involve a very CAUTIOUS, RISK-AWARE  brand of personal involvement w Women, if that’s The Way You Wanna Go.

I will now Speak As-A-Man, For-All-Men. Sometimes We will see a Woman who, on paper, SOUNDS like a 7 at best, but, in the fleisch, might as well be a Hard 9. A certain je ne say qua immediately makes you go SPROIOIOIOIOIOING even though the girl may have notable flaws in face, body, etc. Maybe Chubby or not great face or trashy hair, put somehow she pulls it off & you want to Bang Her more than other seemingly-more attractive girls in the immediate area. IArgue that ThatCertainJeNeSezQua is USUALLY YOUTH. You CAN Explain it. Nothing Arcane, mysterious, special, unique.  In 5 & certainly 10 years, you will NOT feel that animal attraction & she will show true colors, appear as the 7 she is (at BEST, by that time). It’s the YOUTH in her SKIN & Face & Eyes. A little extra Firmness everywhere, even if a bit chubby. Her Fat 4rse looks good because it’s YOUNG. In 5 years it will have sagged immeasurably. YOUTH IS WIMMINZ RIGHT BOWER.

(This might make Male Charisma the Left Bower? to draw out the RB early, but you can still Win The Set several tricks later?)

Lamestream Entertainment Critique: FINALLY watched “2 BROKE GIRLS” for first time, immed hooked. Fat Slvttings plays Art Grad can’t getajob, 900,000$ loans. great investment! Then some skinny girl is Trust-Fund Baby recently CutOff and/or fam went humiliatingly bankrupt, forced to WorkForLiving. Become waitresses/buddies/roomies at diner in Brooklyn, possibly Williamsburg, owned by SUPER NERDY, SHORT, OMEGA VIRGIN ASIAN GUY. Open secret that I would bend Fat over and do horrible, unspeakable things to her, for the next 1 or 2 years at least.

Emblematic/Symbolic/Syptomatic of the Worst of Millennial Culture & “Morals” AND Wimminz AND SWPL Brooklyn Hipsters. SOMETIMES makes entertaining jokes regarding all. was pleasantly surprised that Fat is anti-hipster & pro-hard-work, although she’s still a hipster wh0re. But her “feistiness” is STARTING to grow on me only a LITTLE. Parlayed into desire to bend her fat 455 over and give proper R34MING it’ll never forget. Decent avg Sitcom style, which I’ve always liked: laugh-track, nothing’s serious, forget your worries. Between the girls doing something immoral & contemptible, to their enemies The Rich Trust Fund Hipsters being just as bad, to the sex and SWPL and AvgModernWesternWimminz & wimminz vs men jokes & the pathetic sexless omega Asian who’s too embarrassed to say anything related to The Naughty, I found it more amusing & funnier than expected. Could easily turn south though. Could get 3 months of enjoyment out of though!

Gotta have Saturday Nite MRA party where I eat ice cream & watch marathons of 2 Broke Girls and HBO’s “Girls”.

Not making quick progress on Hoffer’s “The True Believer”, George Lopez rescheduled, listening to more MRAs again thank G-d. Barbarossaaaa said sth like “Many MRA’s Are Just ONE BL0WJ0B AWAY FROM TURNING THEIR BACKS ON MEN’S RIGHTS”, which Ifound very provocative.

Then IThought, “H3ll, some MRA’s are probably even One Pedestalized, Infatuized MAKE-OUT away from denouncing MR, or at least from Supporting the SATFs (Same As The Feminists, see Barb video)

which is some “NAWALT Deflector” Wimminz on the periphery of the MRM, saying they support MRM & denounce Feminism, but they openly endorse Social Conservative Ideas like MANNING UP and shaming Ghosts and MGTOWs and Chivalry & Men Working To Death to Support Traditional Stay At Home Mom; fashioning themselves as the “Traditional, NonFeminist, Nurturing, Motherly” woman that maybe some inchoate MRA could be convinced to marry, w/out addressing the issue that Western Legal Marriage is ITSELF a huge problem. REAL MRM ALLY WOMEN would be like Girl Writes What & say DON’T MARRY, EVEN IF NAWALT. Bc Marriage ENABLES Women to become Wimminz. Ring of Power waiting for you to take it. As humans are corruptible & open to temptation, & this power is usually too strong to resist.

Girl Writes What gives strong commentary on “The MRM Rift” bw Barb/Star & Rocking Mr E, ie, “Anti-Relationship” vs “Pro-Relationship”

I Agree W Her. This SHOULD NOT Divide MRM. See MGTOW allows plurality of Your Own Ways to go. & I don’t think RME EVER said there was NO RISK INVOLVED. Now I believe we probably CAN train/”nurture” ourselves away from the “natural” desire SOME NOT ALL PEOPLE have for Intimate Infatuation-Based Hetero Nuclear Family Relationships, but for those unlucky souls with that desire, this training can be just as much WORK as Managing Risk when dealing w Wimminz.

If you naturally have No Desire for Special Rels w Special Wimminz, GOOD FOR YOU. YOU GOT LUCKY. But for some men, this desire, the ADDICTION as Stardusk puts it, & he’s not wrong, is not overcomable. So those of us, & I consider myself as one of those unfortunate “born addicted” types, have to find a way to MANAGE the ADDICTION qua MANAGING RISK in our Rels w Wimminz & Women.

I don’t even KNOW if “The Rift” is still around. Hope it’s not. It’s SO NOT WORTH splitting the MRM over. It’s just splitting hairs.

But Barb makes the very compelling point that Marxism & Feminism are NOT the main problems, it’s female NATURE, “Small f feminism” as Stardusk calls it. The human nature of corruptibility that wants to dodge responsibility & be lazy. You can get rid of Marxist & Feminism & The LEFT, but 50 years later, Human Nature will find a way to express its perversities in ANOTHER SIMILAR MOVEMENT. Whack-A-Mole. I Mostly agree w this, w some modifications: Defeating the Left IS a great short-term strategy & we should try to. But YES, even if we do, something ELSE will pop up in a few generations. Need a Long-Term solution. I’m VERY interesting in Artificial Wombs & dealing w Real Wimminz for Sex ONLY, but as one of THOSE Men who still desires a Possible Serious Rel w Woman, I also want to focus on improving Legal Marriage so that men & women CAN get married without the Ring Of Power dangling there for the woman to grasp.

Lastly: Girl Writes What is gaining momentum, getting more viewers/audience, staying busy as f00k w actual productive MRA Activism Projects (future Book, Canadian MRA Event, interviews w increasingly-mainstream journos, etc.) Beauty part is, she’s not a Watered-Down MRA or SoCon. She’s the Real Deal, don’t know ANY real-deal MRAs who dislike her, and it will be her, most likely, to break MRM into Mainstream, & we should all support & hasten this. Heh. Wonder what the sleaze at Feminist Blogs say about her!

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Yes, a deliberately meaninglessly sensational title, that. Misandry can potentially be an “issue” for everyone. But I think it has Special Interest for Libertarians, and might not be best Forced into the Exclusive Domain of The Right.

Feud between Barbarossaaaa and CHAPIN??!



comment: “i have watched serveral dozens, dozens upon dozens actually of chapin’s videos but i must say that i feel we’re watching someone come unhinged. the fact that he has vast stores of knowledge on feminism, anti-feminism and men’s rights is being washed away and overshadowed by his near megalomaniacal fantasies about himself and the polital right. it’s almost sad to watch.”

Is this an example of a “Concern Troll”? “Let’s mock the crazy child” thinly-veiled by “I’m concerned for the Poor Baby?” Totally Patronizing IMHO. IMHO, whether you Like The Right or not, Bernard’s tremendous MRA work is NOT being “washed away.”

Stardusk on Left/Right:

I probably could make time to Get Caught Up here, but my Adult ADD Victimizes me as a Passive Helpless Agencyless Victim to follow & comment on all the sides to this debate in a compelling or even coherent manner. SelfMedicating w Caffeine/TonsOCoffee notReallyHelping. Have Designs to actually consult a Medical Professional, get RX Speed. Anything to make more Productive, Work Harder, haha.

I MAY BE WRONG, but it seems to be the Main Gist of the Debate is, does MRM HAVE to be so left/right?

comment: “I think framing men’s rights as either a left or right wing issue, is folly. Both the left and the right hate men.”

Good example of a Useful, NonTrolly, Discussion-Generating comment. Rare for YouTube!

Another comment paraphrased: Libertarianism is NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT, but an entirely different THIRD WAY. It’s not LEFT VERSUS RIGHT where those are the only sides of The Political Spectrum.

That’s the $40 Point of Today’s Post. So where do I stand on this? Still Developing a Final Opinion so help me out plz haha.

I like and respect both Bern and Barb As People, As I have come to know them thru their videos, &IRespect&Appreciate their Arguments. So how do I even KNOW them as people if you HAVE to separate The ARGUMENT from the PERSON? (Ad Hominem) ? Because I’m good at reading people hahaha.

As-A-Person, I might have a SMALL bias towards Chapin because I’ve been listening to him longer & I really like his friendly goodguy personality. But I like both guys and it’s a bit uncomfortable, like watching your “friends” fight. Yes I’m not so much a ForeverAlone, I know they aren’t my real “Friends”!

I’m not in LOVE with how rigid Bern is ie “You’re an IDIOT if you DON’T think Men’s Rights is a Left-Right issue.” He seems totally unwilling to hear alternative arguments on that.

I don’t think those who argue against that line of thinking are even Leftists, in fact, they probably dislike The Left almost as much as Bernard. They’re just trying to break the Political Binary, hahaha, and demonstrate that Libertarianism is a true Third Path that is not “more right than left.”

Me personally, I identify alot with The Right lately, but might I be confused? Perhaps I think I’m a hardcore Rightist simply because I DISLIKE the Left so much. There’s no confusion on THAT point! But maybe disliking The Left doesn’t automatically mean you LOVE the Right?

For example We MRAs must always distance ourselves from The Social Conservatives who are In Bed with Feminists, just as Misandrist as, want to go back to the “tradition” of Male Slavery. Shut Up and Take It Like A Man, etc. No room for MGTOW whatsoever. Pedestalizing Women as Angels. Imprisoning tons of MEN and sending tons of MEN to die in Dubious Wars.

Another commenter paraphrased: the Root problem is not left or right, not even feminism, but MISANDRY. Interesting.

IDon’t Think one could ever pull Bern away from the right. BUT: If I read HALF as many books as Bern I would be a much better man. Yet another reason why I love him. He reads SO MANY BOOKS & talks about them so I don’t have to haha.

Is Barb TROLLING Chapin, just PICKING ON him? “Piling On” similar to how Rocking Mr E got Piled-on? Is this the Fate of FRIENDLY MRAs? If so I may be next hahaha.

Another commenter paraphrased: the “infighting” and internal debate shows that MRM is a Thinking Man’s Movement, it makes the MRM stronger to have healthy debate amongst ourselves, it doesn’t detract from our main goals of fighting feminism & misandry.

Now Bern is getting painted as a RightWing NutJob Insane Lunatic Tinfoil Hat Deranged etc, which is Mean-Spirited & NotGood. “His opinion doesn’t count, HE’S MENTAL!” Patronizing.  I don’t know how I keep forgetting: one of the biggest problems of YouTube is its A55HOLE TROLL D0VCHEBAG COMMENTERS, making divisive and obnoxious and eye-rolling and unproductive comments all the time. There’s good comments sure, but there’s SO MANY bad comments. Maybe that’s what’s REALLY keeping me from starting own YT Channel.

Maybe I just want to see Barb say “Ok Bern, let’s agree to disagree, I still like ya!” But Why am I so concerned with Cool MRA’s LIKING Each other? Prob because of that emo “My MRA Buddies” component, but also because I think BOTH are ideologically sound, and in MY mind at least, both their Ideologies are not ENTIRELY INCOMPATIBLE and they COULD certainly agree to disagree! I want to have a 2-hour Call-In discussion where Bern & Barb are talking to each other live, w some intelligent comments & facilitation. AVfM let’s DO IT!

Is Barb being the bigger A55hole in this debate? Maybe only MARGINALLY. Or is he just marginally more of a SPERG? Again, either one of those Dudes would have to BLOCK me to get me to unsub.

Recap MY 75%-baked position as of now: I DEF dislike the Left for its Marxist ways. This has driven me to an almost reactionary (heh) embracing of the Right. But I have big problems with Social Conservatism & probably just dislike the left more than I LOVE the Right Per SE. I would be comfortable being LABELED as a “Right-Leaning Libertarian.” My phrasing of The Debate is: “Men’s Rights & Misandry is NOT NECESSARY a Left/Right Issue, it’s a LIBERTARIAN Issue.” I will try approaching The Debate with that angle.

Just because Libertarians and Rightists dislike the Left for some of the Same Reasons does not mean that All Liberts Are Rightists!

Now thinking of a Venn Diagram. Liberts PROB, at least IMHO, have more in common w Right than Left. Bigger Overlap. But just because two things have alot in common does NOT mean they are familially, taxonomically, categorially RELATED, ie, descending from / CAUSED by the other.

There was talk about the War On Drugs and Foreign Policy but I’m usually AT LEAST two weeks BEHIND on ALL my YouTube subs, so I couldn’t grasp the point re MRA there. Gotta get with program here.


ABSTRACT: I am very biased towards Bernard, I think of him as my “MRA Buddy”, I bought his SHIRT, I bought his two major BOOKS, I’ve bought books he’s RECOMMENDED, I’ve put my $$ where my mouth is, and have NOT been disappointed. (If Barb had books or shirts I’d prob buy them too.) I know Bern mocks how leftists complain about people’s “TONE”, but Barb’s Tone towards Bernard is a little more Unfriendly than I would have done. Internal Debate CAN BE Movement-Strengthening, but I’d like to see it All in the Open, in real time: One-Hour video/phone call of Barb and Bern talking directly to each other, rather than Response Videos. YouTube commenters are more idiotic and mean and trolly and divisive than not. I still like and respect both guys and want them to Get Along, haha. I concede that maybe in my Dislike of The Left, I’ve confused myself as more of a Rightist than I really Am. Questioning to what extent Libertarians and Rightists are similar vs different, even though they both dislike the Statism of Leftism.

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some search terms in myStats: “cant we all just get along feminist mra” , “barbarossaaaa too angry.” doesn’t mean people are looking for ME thinking THAT’s me or Think That I THINK THAT, but lemme just make crystal clear w

Official Announcement Of My Unequivocal Solid Opinion/Position:

I’ve said “can’t we all just get along” before, but I am NOT a “feminist” or “feminist MRA.” “Feminist MRA” is RIDICULOUS. NO SUCH THING. When I say “CWAJGA?”, it’s not meant to be overthought too spergerly. Imean it for MEN to get along with EACH OTHER, for the diff threads within Manosphere to realize we’re on same team & not get TOO divisive like recent Youtube MRA/MGTOW “rift.” Both sides have great points & great MEN, now shake hands and Fight Feminism!

And more generally, be nice to people you meet bc that makes life easier, in your best interest, they might be nice to you too. Golden Rule. But DON’T TAKE Sh!T, don’t let yourself get taken advantage of, loudly denounce THAT. But don’t be generally an A55hole D0ucheb4g. Just be nice and CHILL. Unless Feminists are in your face.

And NO, I DON’T think Barbarossaaaa is “too angry.” He is Just Right.  I’ll be liking &respecting Barbarossaaaa for a LONG time to come; & one day I’d like to meet him &shake his hand and Buy Him Booze (if he drinks; I don’t) and THANK him for being his Self. SOME PEOPLE THINK he’s “too angry”, but They’re Wrong hahaha.

So Don’t Call me THE FEMINIST MRA. You can call me a FRIENDLY MRA because maybe I am “less intimidating” or a bit of a”Niceguy(tm)” & I Like being Friendly to people sometimes, but make no mistake, I AM A VERBAL BOOT IN THE FACE OF FEMINIST PIGS. I’m not any “friendlier” than Bernard Chapin eh! One reason I like OL’ UNCLE BERN so much is because he seems pretty friendly & I personally like that quality in people. Maybe You don’t! Different strokes!

When I write Swear Words like C|_|ntRaepN!gg3rF4gg0tK!K3 you might be annoyed by the 1337_h4XXX0R_5p33K, OR by the offensive words themselves. My rationale: I like Really Offensive Words, but I think Profligate Swearing is Uncouth & Crass. AND it’s a small Homage to Uncle Bern bc he never swears in his videos. For Him I think it’s a Cover Your 455 kinda thing so he can have no probable cause of being flagged, and to be Family Friendly. I too wanna get The Message out to people of all ages.

Iwannabe Clear and Open and Honest about my own “ideology.” My Official Opinion on Relationships With Women: Men have DIED. Men have been imprisoned for LIFE and Actually RAPED EVERY DAY. Innocent men who gave it all & were CRUCIFIED. Simply because they LOVED the wrong woman. So Protect yourself. Hold Women accountable & make them PROVE themselves to you. You deserve someone AS GOOD AS YOU. Don’t be cowed by desperation & loneliness, even though it IS much harder for Men to “Get” women than for women to “get” men, to Settle For a Piece of Crap just because she LETS you. It is INFINITELY better to be ALONE FOR LIFE than to get SCREWED LIKE THAT. Enjoy and indulge in your aloneness. Celebrate the company and Beautiful Love of your Family and Platonic Friends, you’re not REALLY “Alone”.  And We MRAs already understand “Not All Women Are Like That”. WE GET IT. If you happen to meet a RelationshipWorthy Woman, then good for you. the chances just are just not great.  Realize she could do a 180 Overnight. & get a Prenup. Better yet, don’t get Married Legally. Know the Laws about Common Law Marriage too. Be Vigilant. Read Dalrock’s how to interview a prospective Rel Partner. Watch for Warning signs. This should all be Common Sense, but Men’s Common Sense can get Clouded by Desperation/Loneliness, which we will always have more of than women. Now, not ALL Men have as much of a desire for Rels with Women. They got lucky! But those of us who DO shouldn’t Shame OurSELVES for it – just don’t let it hurt you.

This has been the topic of MRA infighting. I think some MRAs are gonna want Rels with Women, and others won’t, and each group will be pretty set in their ways and won’t be convinced by the other, and that’s FINE. They see some woman and their brain fires with Powerful Infatuation, Oxytocin, & Love-Chemicals. Yes, this may be an Irreconcilable Difference, but need not be a Truly DIVISIVE Difference if ya get me. Men can Civilly Agree to Disagree on that one point. As men, we should all support each other even if we don’t fully understand “why” some men “still want” Rels with Women. IMHO kinda like being born straight or gay. Some men just WANT Rels more. don’t judge them for it, don’t say they shouldn’t, don’t try to convince them never to try. Those who do want Rels just have to be more CAUTIOUS.

On Left & Right: Uncle Bern is very much of the opinion that MensRights is “A Left-Right Issue” & that Feminism Is a symptom of the bigger problem, Leftism. Barbarossaaaa & Stardusk disagree somewhat and are not as Right-Wing in their libertarianism as UncleBern. Maybe that puts me “left” of Bern and “right” of those other two guys, but I think they’re ALL solid. IMHO MRA is a pretty libertarian issue, but I’m not an expert on libertarianism in the western world. Recently watched sth on CSPAN with Rand Paul and Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine discussing Doherty’s new book on the Ron Paul “Revolution.” Noted how Ron Paul really ignited the Rise of libertarianism in the US and has drawn supporters from both left and right. I can only speak for myself, but I am more right-leaning, and I “feel” majority of libertarians are too. I don’t have anything more to add to this debate, & I feel MRAs would be more productive if instead of infighting about it, they spent their time organizing in-person meetups & Fighting Feminism! But I do react with surprise and “wtf?” if a MRA insists that s/he’s a hardcore leftist/liberal/etc, since IT SEEMS TO ME IMHO that you can’t embrace leftism WITHOUT embracing Feminism. However I AM cautiously optimistic that these people, as they spend more time with the MRM, will gradually move away from the left.

$35 Point: SHOW the Women in your life that YOU ARE AN MRA, & MRAs ARE NOT SUCH MONSTERS. Smart, OpenMinded Women like GirlWritesWhat or TyphonBlue can READ and THINK – so can other women! REAL MRAs are not ANGRY EVIL BOGEYMEN or VIOLENT ABUSIVE WOMAN-HATERS. They’re not the Immature Little Creepers like Manboobz says. They’re Loving Kind Good Men with Wives and Families and Children who don’t want to get Screwed Out of those good things in their lives. They Love Justice & what they want is not unreasonable, when you read and think about what Nonextremist MRAs have written. See why it’s not so appalling to call a Feminist a Pig.

While I don’t think I’m “An Extremist MRA”, I am not a “Feminist MRA” or “Feminist-Friendly MRA” (despite being “Your Friendly Neighborhood MRA” haha.)

So that’s a good Next Step: breaking The Angry MRA Stigma by Coming Out of the “Closet” and Showing Women What Real MRAs Look Like. No, not to WIN WOMEN’S APPROVAL OR PRAISE. But to right a wrong, to stand up for ourselves, to not let people SLANDER us and LIE about us.

NO, MRAs are NOT like “Feminists but for the other side.” MRAs have a sense of humour, we’re not Fascist Sadist Jackbooted Thugs, and we LOVE JUSTICE, PEACE, HUMANITY, HONESTY, INDEPENDENCE, AND EQUALITY.

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Anger is associated with men moreso than with women. If any emotion were “allowed” to men, it would be anger. Allowed, but not approved. While anger is seen as immature and violent (why does anger NEED to be “violent”?) and ineffectual and unjustified, it’s still more “manly” and “strong” than feeling weak or sad or lonely or afraid. Then you’re just a weak f4gg0t who can’t stand up for himself and get things DONE and Own Your Sh!t and Be Accountable for your actions.

There is “justified” anger – the righteous indignation you feel when you witness true injustice. And then there is “unjustified”, immature, “little boy” rage that you may feel when you don’t get Your Way.

Men who want to be Heterosexual with women – and many men do – but who fail miserably, never really getting what they want, may be initially attracted to Game, as it seems to teach them a skill to fulfill a rather immediate, pressing, serious want.

Full-Blown, Self-Identified MRAs and MGTOWs are GENERALLY more attuned to Structural Injustices and broader societal and historical trends of Misandry, than are some of the more myopic students of Game, who seemed to be obsessed with Young Tail even more than I am, or at least voice little concern over anything BUT Young Tail.

I fully understand and empathize with the “little boy rage” of the Gamers, and would like to remove the shaming and stigma attached to this “lesser” form of anger. While I don’t think being angry about “not being able to get laid” has the same level of seriousness as being angry about men’s LIVES being DESTROYED on the job, on the battlefield, or in the family courts, I think Anger-over-Sexual-Rejection still has significantly more legitimacy than its detractors claim.

There is a ton of shame heaped on Betas. Lots of patronization. Not just from Feminists who think Game is Misogynist, but from Regular Women who think Betas (and Game itself) are creepy (“Creepy” will almost certainly be a future post, hahaha), to male game-deniers who see all Game-Readers as short-sighted Pv$$y-Beggars, to the Alphas the Betas idolize. Shame, like Anger, CAN be a good motivator, but too much of it can be destructive. The “best” is when you get shamed for BEING angry, because you’re “too angry”, and for the “wrong reasons”. Methinks the Shamers have never experienced Intense Anger and how debilitating it can make one. When you are really really Angry, you are no good to no one. You can’t get anything done. Nothing. So yeah I guess I can understand how Anger gets portrayed as a pathology.

Rambling in circles again. Is it because I’m too angry? Maybe. I do often struggle with anger, and I can attest that it can become overwhelming and not productive or motivating or usable.

For example, it’s valid, understandable, and even “reasonable” to feel anger when you are rejected, taken advantage of, or simply don’t get what you want.  I think framing it as “little boy rage over not getting what the little baby wants” is a STRAWMAN, because even a little child is far less angry for far less time when his parent says “no ice cream for you!” than when one person rejects another.  That’s a difference in KIND as well as in degree: The next day the child is no longer mad about the ice cream, probably because he knows he will have ice cream again soon anyway, and it will be sweeeeeeet. Being rejected by another person is a bit like being told you’re just not good enough as a person, and you never will be. That kind of Stings more than the ice cream, especially if your interest was anything more than just purely sexual, for example infatuation, or you’d deluded yourself into thinking you respected them as a person.

I argue men are, on the average, much MUCH more intimately familiar with this kind of rejection and disappointment than are women. If women had to put up with as much rejection and failure and disappointment and loss as did men, they might be killing themselves in equal proportion to men rather than just dramatically attempting suicide for show.

Of course, a moody depressed woman will still have much more access to the potential pleasure of sex than a moody, depressed man! Note: I am NOT suggesting that moody depressed women go out and have lots of sex, because that will still make you a whore. Go to a shrink, preferably one who believes in “right” and “wrong.” Yes, this may very well be a privilege not available to you. In that case, you can still Notpray All Day to some sort of Nogod. That is likely to have a positive effect if you do it enough. Try repeating this mantra to yourself as many times throughout the day as you need: “Lord Nogod, please help me. Please give me strength to get through this day, and have mercy on my nosoul.” Over and over and over again.

So my point before I got angry was, Rejection sucks and can lead to great anger and instead of getting support and compassion, men are shamed for their anger and just pushed deeper into anger, and then if they “snap” and do something violent, then people conclude that anger ALWAYS CAUSES to violence, anger IS violence, and other nonsense. Its one of those Nuanced Arguments where the Nuances can get too easily confused. I can see how and why people confuse Anger and Violence. But I think that’s a grave miscalculation. A Serious Miscorrelation.

Anger for being Rejected by your Wife and separated from your kids and taken to the Cleaners and Living The Rest of your life in Debtor’s Prison is much, much worse than anger for getting rejected by Cute Young Girls for Sex. But I wonder if some of those in the second group don’t eventually become part of the first group. It’s their own damn fault, though, for being Gameless Betas and letting people walk all over them, isn’t it? True, they have SOME responsibility for that, but I’d place at LEAST 70% of the blame upon the person who does the walking-on. They should really know better.

I recall reading a comment thread somewhere – I know Alek Novy was involved – either at Heartiste or AVfM, where someone did a Venn Diagram of MRA and Game proponents. This might have been during the dust-up of MRA “vs” Game when Paul did his “Chateau Bullsh!t” article and related radio show. I was kinda provoked at that time, and I was a little disappointed in Paul, because I, the bridge-builder, enjoy BOTH AVfM AND Heartiste. Was that because I was a YOUNG man, or at least young enough that my Hormones were raging enough for me to be Obsessed with Young Tail? (But: I can feel myself getting Old, and I am STILL obsessed with Young Tail!)

I’m too lazy to go back and find exactly what was said, but I’d place myself in the intersection of that Venn Diagram. I started out on Game, but then I “graduated” to MRA and MGTOW, however I never fully abandoned Game either. Right now I’m trying to do a synthesis of the entire thing. I want Young Tail AND I want fairness for men in the courts, in society, in the media, and I’ll throw a Mantrum if I don’t get what I want!!!

The good news is that we can Bounce Back from rejection, dust ourselves off and try again as the saying goes; what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, etc etc. I’ve never been a big fan of platitudes but sometimes they’re true. Except when they’re false, except when what doesn’t kill you just makes you weaker and weaker and then eventually the straw breaks the camel’s back, you get a flat tire and then you fall into a psychotic crying weak beta heap in the middle of the street like Crazy Old Nietzsche defending the poor abused horse hahahahaha. But seriously folks. Facing Adversity and Rejection and Just Keeping Living can be a great character-builder, I firmly believe. It makes you a better person, and that’s better than the Hottest Young Tail!

Or is it?

Game, as I view it, isn’t some complicated, esoteric set of routines, and it’s certainly nothing new that was invented as a solution to the “new problem” of Feminism-Empowered Entitled “Average Modern Western Women”. It’s simply charisma and confidence. Good social skills. No big “Mystery” there, hahahahaha. However, it is surprising How MANY Men have Such Below Average Social Skills. Unless, of course, the True Average is NOT to mate. The Real Average is to Have Social Skills So Crappy you’re Unable To Pull Tail. And it may be true (heh, “weasel words”) that, in the Environment of Evolution, 80% of Males died without leaving heirs, and 20% of males – the true alphas – spread their seed among harems of many, many women, and we are the legacy of those very few men combined with those multifarious women. The vast majority of men died alone, angry, afraid, and absolutely Young Tail-less, and so too will they today. Alone and afraid often go hand-in-hand with angry. And Tail-less.

“Mmm-hmm! That just goes to show you WHY anger is sooooo BAD! You push others away with your insecurity!”

I admit  I do have a Pet Peeve for Women who Give Advice. 100% of the time – even more of the time than Most Women ARE “Like That” – even when A Woman gives WELL-INTENDED advice – it comes across as Patronizing and is ultimately less than useless – it’s insulting and angering. Especially when it’s Women advising you on Anger, or How To Change Yourself To Be More Attractive to Women. How about you just STFU because you have NO idea and your opinion is Stupid and Naive and Immature and Insecure and Deluded. The person who does NO Work telling the person who does ALL the work how they should Work Better. Give me a break. How about not being such an Obnoxious B!tch.

Times like that, I will get angry enough to use the B Word!

If Bouncing back from Rejection builds character, and women get rejected far, far less than men, does it follow that women on average have much less “character” than men? I wouldn’t necessarily say that. You can be privileged and Unrejected and still not be an a55 about it! For example, I am the textbook definition of a Privileged White Male, and I try never to forget it. (Yes, I’m aware that much of MRA is about pointing out how Male Privilege is not much of a Privilege. I’m just speaking in terms of personally having a Good Family and Opportunities for College and Career Success. I take full blame/accountability for all the mistakes I’ve made in my life which have brought me to the lowly status I’m at now.)

Men generally place higher value on Honor and Respectability and Morality and Ethics than Average Modern Western Women (AMWW). You can Respect your biological privilege/power of being able to choose your desired mate exactly by not choosing every possible mate and sampling the Schlongasbord during your halcyon days. This is just as “creepy” as George Sodini in a Trenchcoat walking down the street and whipping his Dong out and jerking-off with a big leer to every woman he sees.

Violence is Inherently Wrong. Anger is NOT inherently wrong. Anger does not CAUSE violence or even necessarily LEAD to violence. I argue a very specific combination of anger, ignorance, and evil/immorality leads to violence.  (Yeah I WILL break out the “E” word!) Shaming the Angry as Potentially Violent is just a way to make their legitimate concerns appear illegitimate. This is very low-down, dishonest, dishonorable and disrespectful, and We Don’t Like It.

Those men who do have individual Sexual Frustration IN ADDITION TO “More Valid Anger” about The Broader Issues are in a particularly precarious Shame Triangle, because their opponents will say they’re JUST/MERELY Little Boys Angry That They Can’t Get Laid but they’re too Stubborn and Arrogant to Think “Gee The Common Denominator Here Is Me, Maybe It’s ME who needs to change”, etc etc ad nauseum.

So should those who DO have Sexual Frustration Go Out Of Their Way to DENY they have ANY Anger over that?

I don’t think so.

But I am currently wrestling RIGHT NOW with the notion that the tasteless “jokes” I sometimes make on Twitter wrongly make MRA’s Look Like Women Haters and Women-Violencers. And I do not want to do that to My Brothers. It could be like handing Our Heads to Feminists on a silver platter, and I definitely don’t want to do that, no matter how much I personally enjoy and laugh at Horrible, Evil Jokes about everything from Raeping Women to Gassing J3ws to Eating Babies to Molesting Children to Enslaving and Lynching Blacks, etc.

The best I can PROMISE you right now is that I will try not to make “hateful”, evil jokes every single day, or without a great deal of Thought behind them. Serious, Blogworthy Thought.

But I will NOT promise to not say crude things like “I’ll only b4ng a fat girl if she’s 23 or younger and has a young-looking face and skin.”

I’m honestly flexible on this. I suppose if an MRA I really respected, like Uncle Bern or Barbarossaaaa, messaged me “Stop making childish jokes, it makes us all look bad, it paints us all as violent idiots and sets the whole MRM back”, then I probably would stop.

I’m not gonna lie, when I was listening to the April 2012 AVfM show “All MRAs Are Privileged, Angry White Cis Men”  (not exact title; but great show as always!) I was thunderstruck when they announced the next caller was Barbarossaaaa. I cheered like my favourite sports team made a huge win. He’s one of my favourite MRAs and I’d not-so-secretly hoped he’d be a guest on AVfM one day, and I was/am really happy when I learned he was on a May Episode of AVfM’s new News/Activism show with James Huff & Robert O’Hara. I just didn’t know he had called in to one of AVfM’s other episodes at an earlier time. But it only makes SENSE. All of AVfM’s radio shows are great. I had taken a little hiatus from listening for a few months and I’m glad I stopped that hiatus.

While I do enjoy the Diversity of Opinion and Fierce Independence of MGTOWs, I also enjoy seeing a group of the strongest voices get together and talk. There was a very nice Espirit De Corps when I heard John, Girl, Typhon, and Barb conversing. Naturally in my Fantasy MRA All-Star Radio Show I add Bern and Heartiste to the conversation.

I realize this is pretty far from my starting topic of Anger, but honestly this post got off to a rough start, hahahahaha.

(I will NOT stop saying “hahahahahahaha” even if it sounds “Unprofessional” or “Unserious”, because even though We Are A Serious Movement, I and probably most other men appreciate a sense of humor, and it can be hard to convey a light tone through Sarcasm, or if your Jokes are bad, so I simply say “hahahahahahaha” not as a way to say “don’t take us seriously” but as a way to say “don’t take LIFE so seriously, have a sense of humor sometimes, or you’ll turn into a famously frumpy humorless feminist.” Hopefully everyone has had the experience of having at least one Friend in their lives (usually male!) who always comes across as cheerful, who always puts you in a better mood just by being around them, who is often laughing at their own jokes even if they’re not particularly funny, but not in an arrogant “I’m smarter than you” way, because he always laughs at everybody’s jokes, and improves the lives of everyone around him. I would like to be That Guy. A Real Good Guy Greg. At least with this blog. Since I naturally have a habit of being Debbie Downer in Real Life.)

This blog is a work in progress. Right now I see myself as “practicing” writing, so I don’t – and “The Readership” SHOULDN’T – expect it to be real good at the moment. I haven’t written blogs in a long time. I’m not entirely sure where this one is going to end up, but I know that I DON’T want it to turn into me whining Too Much like an Emotional Beta about my Personal Failures. However I DO feel a need to address my personal emotions to SOME extent, and it’s challenging finding the ideal balance there. But I will TRY to tie them in with Men/Manosphere/MRM. Because I do think it would be short-sighted to claim that powerful emotions such as Infatuation and Anger have NO RELEVANCE to Men. These emotions can be Bad if we don’t Manage them, but they’re not INHERENTLY bad and should NOT be ignored, denied, or shamed.

And regarding SHAMING, I just wanted to say that Slut-Shaming is FAR more appropriate and effective than Beta-Shaming. Betas are inherently more respectable and honorable than Sluts. Betas are not going around with the trenchcoat exposing themselves to every woman they see. Betas are simply trying and repeatedly failing to get a little action for once in their foreveralone lives. Betas need support, encouragement, help, and yes platonic LOVE from other men who have been there, not scorn and shame from Alphas Who Now Pound Piggish Pv$$y but were once whining, pathetic Beta Virgins themselves.

I’m all for Tough Love and Trial By Fire, but I think a little more Soft Love and a lot less Scorn and Shame from MEN towards OTHER MEN would be pretty damn helpful.

And, Sexual Frustration is Valid Frustration and, in generally, Women should just STFU about it and stop trying to give “advice” or commentary because it’s just obnoxious and annoying. Far more so than my tasteless joke tweets.

Things are gonna be a little disorganized and focused and scattershot around here in the start, so just expect that. However I DO expect my writing/this blog to Get Better in the Medium-Term future. Just Gimme 3 Months, hahahaha.

I was listening to AVfM Radio “Telling the truth about boys” show and the show closed with a very relevant and powerful remark from Typhon Blue: LISTEN to your anger. When Paul asked her what advice she would give to boys on how to educate and train them for The World Of Women, for which Media and School and Society and even well-meaning Families do not fully prepare them. Listen To Your Anger. Your anger is an alert system telling you that something’s WRONG, and you would be smart to believe it. Use your anger to help you find what’s wrong and then try to solve that problem or protect yourself from it. Don’t ignore it, don’t think it’s a false flag. More likely that not, your anger is your Gut telling you that something IS wrong and unjust and potentially harmful. So don’t get harmed. Protect yourself and know that you are WORTH protecting. Don’t let your Hormones steer you into sacrificing your self-respect, integrity, and safety.

Very often we think of Logic Versus Emotion, as if they are Enemies, and Logic must Conquer Emotion every time (Well, I often leap to that conclusion!) but the bottom line is that both Logic AND Emotion can serve us well when balanced properly. A little Anger can save our lives. A little Infatuation can bond us to a mating partner and help us stay Faithful. But you have to have Logic to know when you’re getting a Raw Deal. Like Barbarossaaaa says, men are pretty good at knowing when they’re getting a deal and when they’re getting screwed. The problem is when men keep going back to get screwed, even when deep down they KNOW they’re getting screwed, because their emotions overcome their logic.

I do think the current “rift” in which people are taking issue with Rocking Mr E’s MRA+ is a little bit overblown and it will blow over. I agree partially with RME that Love Between Men and Women CAN exist and can be a beautiful, positive emotion, but I also agree with Barbarossaaaa and Stardusk that Women are predisposed to be more selfish than men and that the odds are stacked against men and to Bet On Love is a Fool’s Errand and that even if you have it good, things could go very bad overnight and you could be permanently screwed, so Know The Risks, and most of the time, the Risk Isn’t Worth The Reward. But RME is a great guy so let’s not pile-on him, hahahahaha.

I find it amusing and somewhat discouraging that MRA/MGTOW YouTube videos are filled with comments with MRA’s arguing viciously with each other over religion, politics, race, how selfish are women naturally, game, relationships, and people become Internet Tuff Guys even worse than I do. I could understand if they were ridiculing a Feminist Troll, but I think, in general, MRAs should give other MRAs a little more slack & be more civil and laugh away any personal disagreements because, at the end of the day, as MRAs, as Men, we have a LOT more in common than we don’t.



Attractive Women have a Moral Obligation to know they are Attractive and to act respectfully with that power, and their Parents have a Moral Obligation to Teach them how to do that.

Leonard Cohen is a tremendous, inspiring, beautiful, transformative, transcendent man.

Black MRAs are Powerful!

PS: I’ve always been wary of Comments, because I hate being criticized! It sounds too much like the Wimminly Advice I described above. When I leave comments, it’s not usually to troll, and usually to give support to the writer. If I disagree with anything they said, then I will say it as nicely as possible. If my disagreement is really significant, then I just won’t say anything at all, as more likely than not, our ideological differences will not be settled by any amount of arguing. If the difference of opinion annoys me enough, I’ll just stop reading the blog.

Basically this me saying that if I get a comment I don’t like, I’ll delete it.  Especially if it’s a Wimminz saying something annoying and pedantic and advicey.

Not that I anticipate a lot of comments. I don’t WANT a lot of comments!

What if anger-as-an-alert-system is just trying to tell us that our Anger Itself is misplaced? That our alert system is Broken, like a Little Boy who doesn’t get his Ice Cream and then gets really really angry for days and weeks and months and years? Well then you can get a whole lotta Xanax and just say “OKAY” passively whenever women withdraw their S3x from you so they can give it to More Alpha men.


LATER EDIT: just ignore this, I’m rambling about Caffeine and Leonard Cohen and no MRA stuff, hahahahahaha. I may end up deleting this because Being A Big Leonard Cohen Fan is something that I am easily Real-Life-Identifiable as.

I enjoy writing every day but sometimes the stuff does not really warrant a new post as it is not really on any topic. Or it may be related to the last topic. Or I just don’t want to have a new post. Like today, where I simply wanted to express Thanks and Gratitude to The Cosmos (hehehe) for having a day off and doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, drinking a nice mix of Iced Tea + Diet Mt Dew, a little modification of The Arnold Palmer which I do not have a name for yet. Normally I get up early and drink a lot of coffee all day long. With the sudden blessing of being able to sleep, I have indeed slept, and avoided Coffee for about 30 hours, unheard of. Took a Tylenol to assuage a small headache, but nothing excruciating. Still a sense of being tired and having no energy though. This is nothing new, so usually I Chug An Ocean of Coffee to make myself do what I need to do during the day. But with nothing to do, a First World Privilege if there ever was one, I decided to “detox” from Coffee for a few days while I had that luxury. I did not find a wave of energy in its place, rather, I just slept ALL DAY and went to bed at 6pm. On This, Day 2 of “vacation”, I still felt tired after a full night of sleep. So I “broke down” and got a little caffeine in the form of the “Super Arnold Palmer.”

And this has absolutely nothing to do with Men’s Rights. I was thinking about making a Second Blog for non-Men’s Rights things.

I have always been a big Tom Waits fan and also a big Leonard Cohen Fan. To me, these Singer-Songwriters deserve just as much recognition as “the mainstream” gives Bob Dylan. I don’t hate Bob Dylan, he just comes in at – at most – third place here. Usually I had always ranked Waits above Cohen, but these days I’m finding I’m ranking Cohen above Waits. Going back and listening to all the Cohen albums I’d not given enough attention: “Recent Songs,” “Death of a Ladies Man”, “Various Positions”, “New Skin for the Old Ceremony”, actually, a good 40% of Cohen’s Oeuvre I’m not as familiar with as I should be. All this is probably brought on by Cohen’s new 2012 album “Old Ideas”, which may just be Classic Cohen. The big problem with Bob Dylan is his inconsistency. If every album he made was as good as “Blonde on Blonde” or his first 4 or 5 albums, then he wouldn’t be at such a distant third place for me. Not that I’m crapping on Dylan’s newer albums either. His old-man voice sounds great. I guess Cohen just speaks to me more personally, and even his “inconsistent” albums are growers. Maybe it has to do with him taking at least 4 years between each album.

And I’ve never been a fan of Lyrics for some reason, I just rarely pay attention to lyrics. Maybe it’s my pessimistic view of musicians, and I don’t think they should try to be “poets” too. Pick one or the other because you can’t possibly be good at both. Obviously I don’t feel this way about Cohen. What I really like is how the first verse of lyrics starts off real simple and straightforward and even banal, but then as the song unfolds, he blows that theme wide open and says something spine-chillingly profound, but still related to the foundation he sets in the beginning. The first song on “Old Ideas” def does this.  Maybe even “Hallelujah” or “Suzanne” arguably.

So I’m thankful I “discovered” that new album “Old Ideas”, it got me back on a pretty serious Cohen kick. I’d like him to live forever and keep making new albums, but really we’re fortunate to get this one, it was uncertain whether he would ever make an album of new songs after “Ten New Songs.” And he’s 75 or 76.  Anyway I hope he lives to 120 and makes a dozen more albums. I was also clued into a recent live album called “Songs From The Road” (classic Cohen album title eh?) which was released after the magnificent “Live In London” and features that same Hot Band. (Many of which have been playing with Cohen since the 70s!)  But included some songs which were noticeably missing from LiL, namely, “Avalanche”, “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Chelsea Hotel”, “The Partisan”, and, possibly my favourite, “Waiting for the Miracle.” I’ve never disliked that song but until I heard this live version I wouldn’t think of putting it on the same level as those previous songs. This Version gives the song the treatment it deserves, really breathes new life into it.

Back in the Day I preferred Old Cohen to New Cohen because it sounded more Organic and I thought he sounded better with the Old Bob Dylan style production of just a man and a guitar. When he incorporated a band, it was often overproduced, to my ears, in a “Cheesy 80s” sense, and was a bit off-putting. Live In London and Songs From The Road present a full-band approach to the material that is much more timeless, giving me a new appreciation for the stuff that may have “suffered” with a “dated” production on the studio versions. Of course now I can go back & listen to those albums and they sound fine. But it’s also amazing how a guy with a reputation for being an “intimate singer-sognwriter” can put on such a great live show with band.

And now I’m reminded of the semi-recent “Isle of Wight” live album which was pulled out of the vaults, and that was Solid too. That was no more recent than about 1974 (checked: 1970), close to his “Live Songs”, his first official Live Album, early 70s. Those sounded great too. I guess the man can do absolutely no wrong in my opinion.

Heh. So my “underrated” Cohen Songs Of The Moment Are:

“Waiting For The Miracle” (live 2010ish)

“Tennessee Waltz” (included on 2004ish album “Dear Heather”, but a live track recorded in 1990s I THINK)

“Sing Another Song, Boys” (included on Songs Of Love And Hate but clearly a Live recording from early 70s, proving, as on “Live Cohen”, he still put on a Sick Show back then)

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First Official Post Upon Starting New SemiOfficial Blog

A bit confused/overwhelmed by the WordPress Dashboard. Fair Warning: this is (prob) not going to be Great Writing. This will prob just be Quick And Dirty. With my last blog I tried to “refine” and “revise” and “proofread” and make the writing “strong” and “compelling” and “terse” but here I don’t plan on that right now, I’m just Rambling off the top of my head. Prob because what I really want to do is a YouTube channel but right now I haven’t figured out exactly how to disguise my voice.

Unlike my previous blog, The Evil Ebon Frigid Appendage Of Doom or something which I will not utter the exact name of, I would like to get back to using the First Person, because I don’t want to kid anybody that these are not My Opinions. I started using Third Person as a legit reasonable way to get away from the Navel Gazing Details That blog was heading towards, but that didn’t stop me from revealing Too Much about myself and about Others. Anonymity and Privacy is a Big Concern of The New Blog. Huge. I at least want to pretend like I am obsessed with my Career, and My Opinions and Weltanschauung are nothing if not Politically Incorrect, Offensive, and Career-Killingly Unemployable! So I am trying to make myself unidentifiable to any and all Future Employers. Career Is Survival.

I have always been quite narcissistic, so talking about myself is a pleasure and an end unto itself. But I’m not so narcissistic in Real Life, but I just said I would not talk about My Real Life…

…Other than that one of my main obsessions has been Young Tail (Pv$$y), and this obsession motivates much of my interest in Men’s Issues. I see Gamers mocking MGTOWs and MGTOWs mocking Gamers and thought that MY purpose within the Manosphere was to Bring All These Men Together. In my view, there’s no reason all these “Factions” within the Manopshere can’t get along and coexist peacefully. I don’t think Men should be shaming and attacking each other. All Men should be HELPING each other achieve their own personal goals, whatever they may be. Well, within reason of course, no violence or supersadism.

I am probably leaning more towards MGTOW at the moment because I like their serious talk about The Big Picture Of Men And Women, however I definitely lean more towards Game than any MGTOW. I personally think Heartiste is a great example of a guy that covers all the bases. The only problem is his and his commenters tendency to shame betas and game-deniers and possibly less game-oriented MRAs and MGTOWs. Because I think a lot of the Social and Biological stuff Heartiste talks about IS pretty compatible with MRA and MGTOW. In other words, Heartiste may actually be an MGTOW and not know it!

In short, men have no business attacking, shaming, and mocking other men, when we all in the Manosphere can agree that Feminism, Feminists, and The Modern Mainstream Woman produced by Feminist/Marxist/Statist influence: these are what we should be fighting, these are what MRAs, MGTOWs, and Gamers alike can agree upon as a common foe.

I probably have Adult ADD, Derpression, anxiety, borderline personality, narcissistic personality, avoidant personality, hysterical/histrionic, passive agressive, definitely Sex Addiction, Latent Substance Addiction, bla bla, I really should start Therapy with Dr Tara from A Shrink for men, hahaha. I am as Batsh!t crazy and Overemotional as the Average Modern Western Woman, quite ironic uh?

But sometimes I manage to get it together I suppose.

Rambling but that is what this new blog is about, you don’t have to LIKE it. I am openly an 455hole and will delete your comment if I really want to, hahaha. I say racist, sexist, and occasionally violent and abusive things, although I officially and openly disavow actual violence. I am aware that my nonserious usage of Violent Shock Humour might diminish the Legitimacy of my Serious concern for Men’s Issues, since I might be somehow Tainting these Good Men by association. This could become a serious problem, I’m well aware. However I want to have my cake and eat it too, which I often Criticise Modern Women for doing. I want to laugh at Women-Beating jokes and comics and then also come out and support valid MRA groups like A Voice For Men, and obviously all serious Men’s Groups disavow violence, like they should. My point is, I would never go into Paul’s House and start talking my trash, because he would Ban me, and he’d be Right to do so. However In BKC’s House, I will say whatever BS I want to.

However my Fundamental Moral Stance was solidified when, among other things, I watched “Three Guys One Hammer” one day and concluded that Violence Was Wrong, Immoral, and Evil. That in my mind was one of the mysterious ways The Lord works, and how any benevolent g-d could allow something like that. To Wake People Up to Real Evil.

Note that I am not a True Believer or Born Again anything, but Faith and Doubt and Religion are among my Interests. Recently my position has been that I’ve been annoyed by smug First-world Reddit Atheists, and I’ve been Going Back to reexamine the Religious Tradition in which I was raised.

First World Problems, yep. Oooooooo, Waaaaaaaaaah, “I have to get a job and work for a living like everyone else, woe is me, I don’t even have African Warlords mutilating my family, I’ll probably live to age 74, I don’t have cancer or aids but I’m not 100% Satisfied with the quality of TAIL I’m getting, waah waah waaah,” Yeah I love First World Problems. I got 99 First World Problems and a B ain’t one. Or maybe they’re all of them.

Point: I am interested in Survival and what We have to do to do it. Especially us smug educated privileged First Worlders, and how some of us can come from great backgrounds and then just throw it all away like Defective Total Losers, hahahahaha.

I am fully convinced Men Gain Value as they age, and Women lose value as they age. The Peak Age for Women is Early Twenties. All Women should get married at that time because that’s when they can pull the best possible man. And women should not be promiscuous before then (or ever.) Sexual Power is like the Ring of Power in Lord of the Rings. It can be used for good or for ill. Many if not most women use it for Evil. Or at least for Retarded, hahaha. Women should not be Promiscuous because They don’t have to Work to get C0ck, to have S3x with people they find really attractive. They just sit there and look pretty and early 20s and don’t act a B!tch.  With this power comes great responsibility, and I honestly don’t think I’d want it. I would not like to be tasked with such life-long, long-term decision making when I was in MY early twenties. In fact, in my own early twenties I made some terrible decisions which, in my late twenties, I’m still trying to recover from. The point is, being a man, and since these weren’t c0ck Carousel Spread My Uterus decisions, I CAN bounce back from them. In the Medium Term. Anyway. If A Young Women remains relatively Chaste and Pure and Innocent, then the Gift of her Young Pv55y to a man actually MEANS something, as It Should, because the Young Pvssy is nothing but the Gateway to the Uterus, where the great 9-month Sacrifice is made, and it SHOULDN’T be Thrown around willy-nilly like a horny man beating off 10 times a day to porn.

And when a Young Woman gives her Unbutthexed Uterus to a man, then he possibly CAN commit to that. Also C0Ck Carousel Carousing decreases a woman’s ability to Pair-Bond and commit to her man and to be Loving and Kind and Wifely and Motherly. So the Young Pure Girl falls head over heads in obsessional infatuational druglike oxytocin biochemical love with the man, the man says, well that’s nice of her, I can appreciate her radiant love and her radiant young body, and even as her body falls from graces and starts aging a few years later, he can hold the image of her When She Was Young and that will actually mean something. That she gave the Best Years of Her Life to HIM. And he will respect that by committing. Well ideally he could get a little action on the side too, if he wants.

Men are programmed to want to F everything that moves, to spread their seed, because they had a lot of seed to give and it was real easy to do so. Just Beat and Squirt and there it is. And since they were often being used as Fodder of some sort: going to war, being ripped to shreds by saber-toothed tigers, beaten to death by other men, falling off cliffs, working 24 hours a day until they dropped dead in the field before age 30, well, if they wanted to Leave An Heir they pretty much would have to bang anything that moved, any chance they could get, and chances were few and far between. Many men died hierless.

However, I don’t advocate for the SUPER-Traditional, Social Conservative view of White Knight Men who Work Their 455es off as Mere Utilities and Workhorses for Women. (Although I do believe Stay At Home Mothers are probably better for their children than Careerist Shrikes, hahaha.)

Anyway Women are NOT Biologically programmed to want to F everything the way men are, no matter how much Feministic Educators say that Men and Women are the same and all the differences between us are due to Social Programming alone. My perspective on this boils down to: Female Birth Control can only go so far. You can drive nature out with a pitchfork, but it only comes roaring back again, as the saying goes. (yes I’m well aware Tom Waits did not INVENT that figure of speech!) And even if you’re on female hormonal birth control, that CAN NEVER change the fact that you ARE female and that you HAVE a uterus and that you HAVE the CAPACITY/CAPABILITY/POSSIBILITY of getting pregnant in the first place. Men will never have uteri and will never know this possibility. Many women have been fooled into thinking they have absolute control over their uteri, but I think their Animal Brain can’t be fooled in the end. And because women have different Physical Endowments and Hormones and such, the experiences of their Sexual Lives will always be drastically different than men’s, and trying to fool them otherwise has had dramatically negative consequences in the Sexual Market and in Modern Hetero Relationsh!ts.

The Pill can keep you from Getting Pregnant Temporarily, but it doesn’t Keep Women from BeingThe One Single Sex Who CAN Get Pregnant.

Women can not have Casual Sex because Sex can never be just casual for Women. Women don’t just Squirt a L04d of EGGS out of their Cl!ts. They get 400 eggs per Lifetime and A Uterus than can be occupied for 9 months, let’s not forget the labor of the birthing process, etc. My point is not to be like “Ohhhh Gaia Earth Womb Goddess Of Fertility, Barf” but more like “This is a big RISK with substantial COSTS and SACRIFICES, so you better start ACTING like it.”

So when lots of women go around during their Peak Years having Casual sex, they’re essentially ruining themselves for life, and it’s no surprise that when they “Hit The Wall” by age 30 and the Biological Clock is ticking deafeningly loud and they wonder why don’t my Career and Cats and Casual Flings satisfy my Eternal Soul, well that’s the Nature coming roaring back, only now their bargaining chip in making the most of that deal has been vastly diminished by time and c0cks and cynicism and overinflated self-esteem and treating men as disposable and replaceable.

So I’m interested in Helping Men. Though I shame Betas SOMETIMES (not as bad as Heartiste or more Game-oriented people!), indeed, that I even USE terms like Alpha and Beta seriously does show my own ideological acceptance of Game Ideas which “more” MRA or MGTOW writers would call BS…..anyway I want to Support and Empower men, whether their goal is to Bang Young Tail, or to avoid getting raeped up the 455 in Divorce/Family Court, to not getting married in the first place, to going ghost and GYOW and living your life for yourself and just making the most of it, including surviving in a world where it can be really challenging to even survive in the first world because you made stupid mistakes when you were young and didn’t get a STEM degree and now you’re unemployable and living in your Mom’s Basement and a Shame to yourself and your family, and Invisible to Young Tail, hahahaha.

I don’t agree all the time with my favourite writers, bloggers, youtubers, who I will put on the sidebar, but I do agree with them most of the time. For example, Barbarossaaaa might not like Heartiste but I like them BOTH. Stardusk might disagree severely with Rocking Mr E, but I like them Both. This is what I mean when I say I want to be a Bridge-Builder within the Manosphere. HELL I Even Like Omega Virgin Revolt / The Black Pill, I like Alek Novy, I like all these men. I think as Manosphere Men, our similarities are a LOT more significant than our differences.

Bernard Chapin might be my greatest “influence.” I discovered him a few years ago and things have not been the same since.  (I supposed the same could be said of Heartiste, but I listen to Chapin more regularly and identify with him personally more.) I suppose a large part of that is due to Uncle Bern’s inimitable Male Charisma and Personality than comes across in his videos. I love it and will always have a Mancrush on him. More than anyone in the Manosphere, Chapin is the one guy I would most like to MEET. (Although Barbarossaaaa is gaining to second place, hahaha.)

I’ve said that I would love to see a Talk Radio Show featuring Lively Discussion amongst: Bernard Chapin, Barbarossaaaa, Girl Writes What, and Heartiste; and a bunch of callers too of course. I think Heartiste should accept his unofficial status as “A” Godfather of this “movement” and step out of the shadows and do something like that. And I think he and his crew should stop making fun of Other Men, and those Other Men (the more MGTOW and “game-deniers”) should stop hating Heartiste, because he DOES have a lot of important stuff to say. I also would like to see a Men’s Convention every year with Actual People like those mentioned above. It could be half feasting and partying, and half getting down to serious business and trying to come up with real solutions to Men’s Problems.

Ok that’s enough for now, I both indulge hedonistically in and partially am ashamed of my laziness and propensity to retire to bed early without doing enough Career Work, but I’ve got to get up early AND I would still like to squeeze in some A Voice For Men (really looking forward to hearing the Barbarossaaaa call-in that just recently happened, this is hopefully an example of the bridge-building I’m talking about, as I’ve often wished someone like Barbarossaaaa or Chapin or Heartiste would call in to AVfM, and I’m a big fan of Men Talking and Talk Radio and Actual Voices and Oratory and Speech and Conversations, as opposed to Writing and Reading Per Se, hahahaha.)

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On The Recent MRA/MGTOW/Manosphere Debate Re Relationships With Women

Clarification: MGTOWs such as Stardusk and Barbarossaaaa have lately taken issue with some things said by RockingMrE and especially his cadre of commenters. Let me first say that I am a big fan of RME, sure not as big of a fan as I am of Bernard Chapin, so I was a bit conflicted to see Barb and Star “going at” RME. I like all three and thought “can’t we all just get along.” I still stand by RockingMrE as an indeed Rocking MRA. It seems many of the criticisms levied by Barb/Star are more directed at RME’s commenters, and I’ve not read those threads yet.

As I understand it, IMHO, It SOUNDS like, at least from those two above vids from Star and Barb, that RME or “his camp” are really emphasizing NAWALT and talking about loving “ideal” hetero rels, and may be using a strawman or ad hominem to suggest that Star has “A Gaping Wound” due to alleged emotional drainage due to alleged recent bad rels, which he stated was not the case. But It’s important that he addressed what should be called “the gaping wound shaming tactic” because at root, it is a kind of shaming tactic: “your arguments are not valid because you’re just angry over personal events, and that’s clouding your judgment”, which I’ve seen used before against MGTOWs, marriage-avoiders, happy bachelors, etc.

If Briffault’s Law and the tendency of Female Hypergamy is at all valid, then it correlates that, although both men and women are self-interested as most organisms are, women are generally MORE self-interested than men, and will take advantage of men’s tendency to Sacrifice Themselves for the Benefit of Women, and of course NAWALT, but “NAWALT” is actually a deflection/strawman of the ACTUAL POINT, which is, women are, on average, more selfishly exploitative than men, and that The Modern Welfare State acts as a wealth and power transfer generally from men TO women and makes individual men all the more disposable in the everyday lives of women.

MGTOWs say it’s a bit unreasonable to hold out an example of a NARALT Rel, because men have a natural tendency to want to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack”, or as Star puts it, “a microorganism in the cosmos”, or as I might as “an atom in an ocean.” “So you’re saying there’s a chance.” Otherwise logical men will blindly ignore the cost/benefit difference in this case, when their time, energy, strength, resources, wealth, effort, brains etc could be MUCCHHHH more effectively used to further their OWN interests and goals.

Barb and Star also do a good job explaining that MGTOW does not mean “celibacy”.

And there’s the idea of “Team Woman” (Complementarian Loners?) and also Armageddon1115 on Youtube talked about something similar: Do self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” women WALK THE TALK, or do they implicitly support or not explicitly discourage Narcissistic Feminist Entitlement?

I still Like and Respect Rocking Mr E and could never see myself unsubscribing or stopping listen unless he were magically possessed by Hugo Schwyzer AND David Futrelle. But Star and Barb bring up some solid points that are too important to ignore. I myself still have some home for the “atom in an ocean”, although right now I abide by “guilty until proven innocent” and have learned to put my interests and goals first.

There’s nothing wrong with the “me first” concept, the problem is when people want something for nothing.

RME talks about “reciprocal altruism”, but Star counters that with: such a thing is definitionally impossible, and “MUTUAL REWARD” is more like it.

Ok I’m getting closer to STARTING A NEW BLOG where I post longer things like this basically. But the Twitter’s not going anywhere. Ideally I would use just twitter and a VLOG, a Youtube Channel with Me Talking and Ranting and Rambling in imitation of all my Youtube Heroes, because, right now, I believe oratory would be more effective than writing. For me, and for people like me. But again, privacy and anonymity would be even MORE at stake when you hear my voice. I of course would not show my face, but I would want to find a way to disguise my voice so a. it wouldn’t sound too ridiculously fake b. it couldn’t be reverse engineered to reveal my real voice and blackmail me out of any and all jobs for the rest of my life hahahahahah lololololol. http://tl.gd/h5083a

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I felt compelled, possibly divinely, to post a twitlonger as a way to develop, enhance, expound, expand, ENLARGE hahaha on the broad strokes made by my twitter. In keeping with the off the cuff microblogging approach of twitter, I would like to cut myself off at about 15 minutes and not check the spelling or whatnot. just real fast dump. this TLDR wall of text approach will also discourage any would-be career killers from reading too much and killing my (future, haha) career. As anonymity and privacy was one of the reasons I retired my previous Blog (almost a year ago!) but I do like writing bloggishly. The problem was that too many personal details had gradually crept in. The blog is still out there for people who are obsessionally infatuated in me and contains a ton of great non-personal commentary, but it is private and your email address has to be approved by me on an individual basis!

First, Men’s rights, Game, Misandry, manosphere issues. As an erstwhile Pv$$y Addict, I will be concerned with the “Micro”-Sexual issues of men vs. women for a long time to come, and here my arguments are in a large part formed in dialogue with the ideas presented by much better writers, namely Heartiste / Citizen Renegade / Roissy. This is not to say I am in 100% agreement with him or sheopleishly parrot all his ideas. But 70%? Probably!

Kinda stream of consciousness this will be. Now a full-blown MGTOW like Barbarossa views Heartiste as a lame “PICK UP ARTIST” and SLAVE to Pu55y. I’m not sure you could call Barb “anti-game”, and anti-game does get talked about a lot on Game blogs like Heartiste, and not favourably as You might surmise. A guy like Alek Novy, a notable “Anti-Gamer”, is ruthlessly mocked. I don’t think all this man-on-man mockery is superproductive to the manosphere as a whole. Can’t we all just get along? I really like Barbarossa but I really like Heartiste too. At least Heartiste isn’t lamely trying to SELL A PRODUCT, those are the guys I have very little respect for and would reserve the term “pick up artist” as a pejoriative for them. As opposed to guys who study and write on “GAME”, which I view as basically male/female attraction, male charisma and social power, what is “attractive”, mate values, sexual selection, the same thing Darwin talked about, drawing from evolutionary psychology, human bio diversity, softer and harder sciences alike.

Definition of terms can be problematic.

I might need 20 minutes, he11 this could be an hour but I dont WANT to go longer than 20 minutes so Im just gonna take a 1000 yard view.

My top manosphere guys have been largely Youtube fellows because I personally prefer listening to reading, although I like to read when I have the attention span. (In the middle of “America Alone” by Mark Steyn (total mancrush on his ridiculously charismatic personality!) and “Life at the bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple and a little of “Flipside of feminism” by Venker/Schlafly and “Why men are the way they are” by warren farrel and a bit of “Day bang” by roosh v and trying to start “The long march” by roger kimball, i think that’s all at the moment. I rarely FINISH books or read them cover to cover quickly. If I’m reading it will be those books, or blogs, namely heartiste, gucci little piggy / chuck rudd, in mala fide & ferdiand bardamu (waiting for that book man!), reddits, various fora, some of a voice for men, etc.

But as I say, my preferred method is chilling out and listening to people talk on my mp3 player, for which I use a grabber to download mp3 audios of youtube videos, and my top people there are, first and foremost, Bernard Chapin my eternal mancrush, barbarossa, Stardusk and Rocking Mr E have been welcome newcomers, Girl Writes What who deserves 15 minutes of me talking about her hahaha, John the Other, The Ignored Gender is also a fantastic new guy I’ve just discovered. I could talk a lot more on each of those guys, but I don’t have a lot of time, those guys are all more or less 70% in my ballpark of ideas.

Yesterday for example I listed to a Stardusk video where he was responding to Rocking Mr E, and I like and respect both of those guys mind you, but Stardusk is more “extreme” and more MGTOW and thinks relations with women are unsustainable from a natural, biological, evolutionary perspective: it’s not merely political, it’s not so much right and left and libertarian, sure politics MATTERs, but as a CATALYST that takes a NATURAL impulse of hypergamy, disposability, parasitism, and enhances it and rewards it and perpetuates it, and even if you go to a non-feminist culture, if you bring a woman from say saudi arabia to sweden for example, the feminist culture will encourage the worst tendencies of the female to emerge, no matter where she was raised.

I’m not as MGTOW as Stardusk and I’m closer to Rocking Mr E, who himself seems to enjoy a happy rel with his wife, and I am glad for him.

But then too I AM interested in concepts like “relationship game”, which HEartiste discussed but for that you really need to go read Athol Kay I’m told. But I’m not super DUPER interested in Relationship Game as of yet.

Uhh Girl Writes What IS as amazing as she’s been hyped up to be, and I think it’s interesting that one of the fastest-growing stars in the MRM is indeed a woman, and PERHAPS this speaks to the idea that women are not oppressed by a patriarchy, that overall we are more willing to listen to The Issues Of Men when they are presented by a woman. Lots of the Male MRAs are lumped in with “women-haters” indeed the SLPC just released their intelligence report which used standard leftist propaganda sources to shamefully character assassinate many prominent and not-so-prominent mras and gamers as VIOLENT HATERS. They drew largely off the writings of Manboobz David Futrelle, pretty notorious, and while you do have big names like Roosh and AVfM on there, I was really really surprised that Heartiste did not make the list. Either way the list is a pile of crap and I’ve given it more time than it’s worth.

listening to tons of black metal, no surprise, but still trying to keep the black metal fresh to me. haven’t listened to the new burzum as much as i’d thought. enjoying lots of weakling and mgla. different kinds of black metal each, but both have astounding, amazing, underrated drummers. yes you can have drumming standouts in black metal I’ve learned. of course I could talk about these topics for hours too but I wont.

Personally my intense interests are in the ideas of alpha and beta, and Darwinian Struggle To Survive, applied to my own life, with moments of great self-doubt that I am much more beta than alpha and that I don’t have the energy or the work ethic or the anti-laziness to be able to work my a55 off and pull myself up and pay my dues and put in my due diligence and keep my eyes on the prize to finally, at long last, become a Bigboy with a Bigboy job, finally have the resources and respect to be an Independent Man, finally have a Bargaining Chip to pull Young Tail, etc. Yes I said Young tail. Maybe that is one of my tragic flaws, but I’d argue self-doubt and laziness are the much more significant tragic flaws hahaha. this has been what’s drawn me more towards game and evopsych, because I am much more likely to be “interested” in younger women as opposed to older women, and IMHO, the Mating Peak occurs no later than the EARLY Twenties. If that makes me a creep, I am very comfortable with that, and I’m not interested in dialoguing with Rationalization Hamsters.

Criticism is not hate or anger or “creepiness”, however I admit that I have had to keep an eye on my anger, as I am prone to get angry moreso than a more “alpha” male, hahaha, which perhaps comes from a sense of “beta” powerlessness. Sometimes my judgement and criticism is so fervent that it does border on anger. Of course Righteous Indignation variant of Anger is OK, because its ok to be angry about Valid Injustice, but at any rate, you can’t let it be The Boss Of You, hahahaha.

perhaps most controversial has been my “pendulum swing” from left to right, from atheist to Born Again Hallelujah. of course this is not wholly the case, there are important nuances there which much be understood. I am better described as an Agnostic with a newfound Appreciation and Respect for some Religious Traditions, although I don’t think one could ever discover tangible or even philosophical PROOF of a god. I am however, have become comfortable with “going through the motions” of giving thanks to a god, because it seems to me so much less SMUG and ANNOYING and FIRST WORLD and PRIVILEGED and SWPL to be able to stop whining and be THANKFUL for the good things you DO have rather than just say either “yup i did all that” or “well it’s just an accident of me being born in a first world country” or what have you. Of course, I guess if you HAVE achieved a comfortable life and livelihood through Hard Work, you ARE Deserving to be PROUD of your hard work, I know I would be. So maybe when I am a Big455 winner making the big bucks at my STEM job then I will become a reborn again flaming atheist at age 60, hahahaha.

but doubt and sloth jeopardize that as well in this dark night of my educational soul. i’ve never LIKED school but I’ve always done disproportionately WELL in it with respect to my not really liking it. Eventually that caught up to me and I stopped caring and just skated by at the bare minimum, which was a big poor choice I made, for which I’m now paying the consequences, and which, if I were a religious man, I’d be praying to the lord to help me actively repent for, I, do a 180 and bust my a55 now. Which I sorta AM trying to do, I’ve indeed made some positive changes. But right now I’m stuck on Computer Science 2 (for example, the idea of Templates and the Standard Template Library in C++), and I think jeez if I’m finding this so hard, there’s like 6 more years to go of even HARDER stuff, plus people who are REALLY into this, like paid bigboy computer scientists, spend their free time LOOKING AT CODE FOR FUN and posting on code forums and I get stuck on Day 1 concepts and would rather sleep or listen to Bernard Chapin and theorize on alpha and beta and sexual marketplace and mating and harems and cost benefits of male female interactions and manosphere and feminism and young tail and all that sexy stuff.

So i’ve already gave away too many personal details, hahaha. but as I say, i’ve never been in love with school, which is why it was techinically a good decision not to try to get a phd, even if that was my own rationalization hamster for the brutual truth of I Didn’t Work Hard Enough When I Had My Big Chance to even be ABLE to do a phd. At any rate, my preferred phd would probably be in Evopsych and mating stuff, david buss, roy baumeister, all that stuff. that or just straight up hardcore STEM, hahaha. but getting the STEM bachelors is challenging enough.

see i view education and school as a means to an end, a key to a job, a paycheck. pay your dues then you can finally get paid, get paid enough to survive AND to spread your seed, leave a genetic legacy, etc. Yeah eventually I would like to mate and reproduce and my end of that bargain is that I do gotta be a provider in some sense. However at this point I just want to be able to provide for myself in a respectable manner. separating the bigboys from the littleboys, those who don’t want to work hard enough to survive, etc.

my advice to young men: do trade education while in high school, work your a55 off so you can do well in that and have a company pay for your STEM degree, or join the military, get some $$ to pay for a STEM degree, learn Alpha Charisma Leadership Power in the military, get a useful degree AND just as importantly get Good Experience while you do it, make yourself so marketable the employers come to YOU with your useful STEM knowledge and experience, ?????, profit, mate. Whether you want to have a traditionally monogamous rel or a harem is up to you. Although it’s probably not a good idea to get Legally Married in case your wife goes batty and decides to Take You To The Cleaners and then you’ve lost a huge part of what you’ve worked so, so, so, so hard for. Maybe have a primary “wife” which is the one you’re in “love” with the most (strongest infatuation or obsession or sense of commitment, can’t live without balblablabla), get nonlegally married to her and she can be your primary babymaker if you want heirs, and who DOESN’T hahahaha, and then if you want a harem on the side, that’s gonna be a negotiation you’re gonna have to work out with her. Just get your g0dd4mn STEM degree (and concurrent internships!) first.

have a fun week, i’ve already said way too much, i might do this again in a year or so since I want to minimize the privacy risks of having An Official Blog. Either way I am prone to make ridiculous tweets in the vein of LeviathanPride, ForTweetsSake, IanSquirtus, etc, cause I think that sort of stuff is real funny. But I will never seriously endorse violence of any kind, even “emotional violence”, hahaha. http://tl.gd/h02p32 ·

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