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screeched in Old Finnish Lady Voice.  Some newf@g on the internet once said Mikko Aspa looks like Butthurt Dweller. And I thought the IDEA of him living in his mom’s basement at age 37 (or whatever) was funny. Although I’m 1000% certain he doesn’t. It’s just a FUNNY IDEA. Also something about both Butthurt Dweller and Mikko Aspa being Grumpy and Hateful and Creepy.

let me plug MIKKO ASPA ‘s DOOM project STABAT MATER, which I’ve not done yet, prob because i haven’t had time to listen to it. but today I righted that wrong, and it is IMMEDIATELY obvious, within ONE MINUTE, that this is top shelf Aspa Goods. If you like Clandestine Blaze, you WILL like Stabat Mater. GUARANTEED.

He uses the Growly, Deeper Creamface voice and it sounds even SICKer than Creamface, I might even prefer this to his Black Metal voice. Music is “basically” Funeral Doom mixed with some sludginess I was not expecting, all with that Bleak Mikkoness you’ve come to expect from CB.

Is it because he’s a GENIUS at getting good production, which is SO crucial in Metal, or because he’s A Real Good Songwriter? Heh. Mehopes both. Because he’s improved his production skills over the years somewhat more noticeably than he’s improved his songwriting. what a BIG FINNISH TEDDY BEAR.


recent MA interview mostly on CB, but some good general aesthetic and even SM talk too!


and while i’m there, lemme remember to link to his main Northern Heritage page. Order Some Stuff From Mikko!

Note To Mikko Aspa: Make a bunch more CB and SM T-Shirts! Come to US and A, and play CB and SM shows and contact me to be in the live band, because I support the Mission of Your “bands” 100%, and will not try any funny f@gg0t rockstar business other than to bring your songs to grim bleak antisocial life, and be your instrument-playing slave!


So if you can use BITCOINS to hire a HIT MAN or BUY ORGANS or buy SLAVES or order a SUICIDE BOMBING or easily find Kiddie Pr0n from the DARK NET, do you think you could buy a phony degree too? Bribe someone for a job? I also find it hard to believe that The Dark Net is 10 times bigger than the Above-Ground net (there’s a term for it, I just forgot it.)

What kind of math went into the development of the Bitcoin? Like the inventor had to plan the rate of inflation, and that he was going to increase the Money Supply by x% until there were X,000,000,000 bitcoins in circulation by the year 2050. there has to be an academic career there, hahaha.



(Note: I’ve been entering a “Dark Night Of The Soul” where I once again doubt my “born-again” Christianness, blame my Racial Awakening hahaha)

was also thinking about how BS The Christian idea of FORGIVENESS is. DON’T FORGIVE.

Ok lemme qualify that: don’t forgive unless the person has repented and Made Amends and PROVEN that they’re sorry, and Paid You Back in a way that you think is fair. Otherwise don’t forgive them. It’s that simple. Now this doesn’t mean you go around being angry at them for the rest of your life. No, you Forget and Don’t Forgive, and just let them be Dead To You. They’ve earned that much. And if they want back in your good graces, they’ve got to Earn It. Don’t go around forgiving the people who screwed you over, unless they are really sorry and UNScrew You.

So yeah there is something to the “conspiracy theory” that Christianity is just a big J3VVISH PLOT to Destroy Whites. Forgive Forgive Forgive until your Race Is Gone.

Of course my no-forgiveness rule also applies within the race, like beta males forgiving females over and over again, with no change of behaviour on the females’ part. Don’t do that either!

On the other hand, don’t Stay Actively Angry for too long. I claim you can eventually put that anger on the back burner and get on with your life. Heck you can even LOSE the anger and Forget the person, but Not Forget their Transgression, and Not Forgive where Forgiveness is not Earned.

That’s basically the bottom line: don’t Give your Forgiveness away willy-nilly like a Modern Grrlz spreading their 18-year-old Uterus; don’t forgive people who have not d4mn well EARNED it.

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THANK YOU TO ROBERT STARK AND SDAEDALUS for the Follows! These people are “KINDA” A Big Deal, and I would advise them to strictly “manage expectations” hahaha. If you want Smart, Informed, “Pointy-Headed” Race-Conscious Or Ultraconservative Writing, try The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents or any number of wonderful places (I’ve not given nearly enough praise for TOO!) My own FlogBlog exists mainly to selfishly scratch my Writing Addiction!

Also Try not to email me for the next couple months, as I have let that get real backed up and don’t know when I’ll get back to it. Maybe Thanksgiving or CHRISTmas/Saturnalia time. That applies to the whole world too, I am in Hermit Mode now. Just Blindly Flogging for Fun’n’NoProfit, trying to keep Narcissism at 49% or under, no promises, been grumpy lately. I even take back what I said in a(n unpublished!) post about Mr Stark sounding slightly “spergy” –  I admire Your GOOD WORK and plan on listening to a lot more of Your shows!

Long Post Warning: 998 Words. Just pretend it’s 700.

And Happy Halloween, and Wimminz (aka “Murdererz”, wait til you see the full brunt of this Upcoming Nomenclature Shift) remember: Dress like a wh0re ONCE, even if just for “fun”, then a wh0re you will Always Be! Slippery Slope! Myself, I was thinking of Going As Bernanke, Blankfein, Rothschild, or Zoggerberg this year, try one of those instead. NONSEXUAL Costume. NOT SEXY/SEXUAL. Maybe Merlin Miller. Not to associate him with those others one bit! I Gotta do some Research on him.

It is IMPERATIVE that I address the idea of Marxist/Leftist Anti-Israel-ness. For example, Jewish Social Justice Activists at Elite SWPL Universities Who Have Social Justice Activists, who correctly recognize the Oppressive Brutality of The State Of Israel towards The Palestinians, and then call for “Divestment” and Not Supporting Israel and all that. How does this fit in? Whose side are these people on? Are They Useful Idiots Running Interference and Not Even Realizing It? Certainly we can agree that all the usual suspects of marxist causes they champion (decadence, multiculturalism) are bad, but did they happen to get something right for once with all the anti-israel stuff? maybe, maybe not, I must Do Homework.

Decided to break out the old geetar and practice one of my Go-To Songz, “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach. Fun and satisfying to play. In my New Phase of Born-Again Religious Devotion, I interpreted the song as A Prayer of Thanks To God, which, IMHO, it accomplishes beautifully; and then I tried to think of music that also Joyously and Thankfully Praises God in a similar way, NOT in the Corny-Ass way of Modern Church Music, NOR the super-solemn stuff of Old Church Music (that latter I DO enjoy greatly, particular Monks Chanting; see below for a Hypothesis on Prayer Music both Sad and Happy via Black Metal). So I wanted something Serious, but not Solemn or Sad. Cause sometimes You’re BEGGING God for strength to help you through the proverbial Valley of Tears, but other times, you want to give thanks for the gift of life, because you really don’t have it THAT bad, ya whiny crybaby. Unless you DO, and MANY people do. Sucks to be them! Try to help them out if you can.

If you’re a True Believer, that helps you be a Real True Tryhard with your Education, like really Religiously Studying Your Flashcards and Religiously doing your Unpaid Internships, so you can have an “easier” (though it’s not really “easy” because you’re Trying and Working HARD!) time finally getting the careeeeeeeer than the Cynical Red-Pill Dweller who thinks Educationz are a SCAM. If you think The Whole System is BS, you won’t work as hard, you won’t try as hard, you won’t bust your 455 on Unpaid Internships, and then you’ll ultimately never get that Cushy Cubicle Job: Steady Work, Full-Time Work, Average Income, Health Care, Maybe a Retirement Plan, Probably not Job security, Prob not Overtime, but it’ll be Steady Work while it lasts and you won’t destroy your back or body and become addicted to Opiates, or working with Tuff Guys who want to Knife you like in a Prison Gang, you’ll just have to deal with Stupid Wimminz TALKING, and that is certainly better than getting a knife in the back from a Felon, getting Mesothelioma, or Being in Constant Tortuous Pain for the rest of your life. Then you can install a Tread-Desk and PRETEND to “Work”, while really just reading and blogging, smile and nod your head while all the Murdererz around you get older and fatter and stupider, and you can be ever more happy and thankful you aren’t Enslaved to one of them!

One commercial for a Local “Public” University said “Don’t think of it as 4 years of school, think of it as The Four Years of Crucial Experience That Is Preparing You For That First Interview.” I thought that was pretty telling. Can readily be interpreted two ways, guess which way I chose haha.

So, business it is. Where does The Introverted Businessman have the best odds. Probably Accounting. Accounting it is. Or Quantitative Finance. Wanna PROVE I’m SMART enough to Pass Hard Maths, which I AM, just don’t want to WORK as HARD as an ENGINEER. Need a career where you can call people faggots all day. But Not do Body-Breaking Physical Labour with Violent Felonz. BUT: NON-Body-Breaking Manual Labor with NONviolent Felonz is A-OK, note!

So how’s this. Transcendent Atmospheric Black Metal that captures both the Depths of Despair, a more honest version of “Depressive” black metal, where the end goal is not (always) Suicide, as it is in DSBM, but some sort of Happy Ending, whether that’s giving Praise to God, or Becoming Your Own Ubermensch God, culminating in something very Triumphant and Wagnerian. But Atmospheric, Epic, and fairly Raw/Organic/Unfaggy Black Metal will be the Main Palette here from which this music is “drawn.” Healthy Dash of Race-Consciousness thrown in there too, and Anti-Leftism. Light as Well as Darkness, though it’s strange to think of “Light” Black Metal. Unless you’re Alcest with his Fantasy Happy Land, hahaha, but I do kinda like that. Christian Black Metal giving Praise To The JewGod, now THAT doesn’t sound corny!

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