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[ time machine july 28 2012.  this was originally the first one in my BETA POWER series of Empowering Betas. Now I mixed up the order just to try to confuse myself. the order is irrelevant.]


Would like to touch on that. THAT Differentiates and Value-Adds MY blog, haha. Yes I make fun of betas, but at core I sympathize and sometimes even EMPATHIZE with them, I’m just a big beta myself sometimes, and I want to EMPOWER Betas to become WINNERS: to make money and bang a ROTATION of young tail.


Another thing from watching “KissingOnTheMouth”: The REASON these betas are so passive-aggressive and Niceguy is that Showing Your ANGER is one of the LAST TABOOS (next to RACIAL REALISM, hahahaha!). IMHO, Direct Verbal Aggression and Anger are WAY preferable to disingenuous passive-aggressiveness. This is all a result of Wimminz Shaming Anger as “Creepy” and “Insecure”. So it becomes The Vision Of The Anointed (heh, just got the Thomas Sowell book in the mail today finally!) that Anger Is So Bad And You Must Never Show It, you must never BE anger, and DENY your anger at every turn. So then you get people trying to act happy and nice even though they’re clearly not, and it comes across as hugely dishonest and stupid and f4ggy.

Sh1t. Just Get Angry Already! You don’t have to Physically Assault anyone! It’s just as innocent as raising your voice and frowning and saying “I’m f00king ANGRY at you right now!” Simple as that!

You get ANGRY because something is WRONG; and either you’re wrong about that or something else is wrong. But IMHO being HONEST and OPEN about your ANGER allows you to confront and SOLVE the problem directly, whether the problem is with You (as Wimminz would have it be), with The Other Person, or the situation, or twist of fate, etc.

Better to be Honest and Angry than Dishonest and Passive-Aggressive. YES this is nothing new, I’m RECYCLING ideas, yet I still feel like I LEARNED something by watching that movie and seeing that. It was the scene where Swanberg and the main girl Ellen were arguing about something, about 50% thru, trying to pry information out of each other. He was clearly angry but trying gayly to hide it and came across as a spineless passive-aggressive beta.

It’s like they FORGOT HOW to become angry; it’s been BRAINWASHED out of them; they have been nurtured OUT OF their basic nature…..OR HAVE THEY??


also partially inspired by “KissingOnMouth” and Beta Men therein, considered wrt Nature vs Nurture, which in many cases is Too Close To Call, or even Too Close To Even MATTER;

Do Millennial Western Men become so Beta, so Feminized, Emotional, Passive-Aggressive, Clingy, Needy, Emo, Faggy, BECAUSE they’ve been NURTURED that way by Marxist Father-Hating Mothers & Nanny State & Fathers Squeezed Out Of Picture?

OR: Do men need the NURTURE of a Strong, Unemotional, Masculine Father to become the “Emotionally-Distant” masculine stereotype? And that NATURALLY, both boys and girls are about the SAME emotionally, ie, both quite emotional and not afraid to SHOW it?

But then why would Modern Wimminz be LESS emotional than Modern Minz? (heh, that’s my brilliant addition to the word I constantly steal from WimminzBlog.)

Did I read about a study where baby boys CRY less than baby girls? Dunno. Yes, Yes I did. I also read a study that said Men were superior to Wimminz in every possible way and that if Wimminz would join harems for Betas who would then become WORLD-IMPROVING alphas.

So I’m asking, What IS the actual Natural NATURE of MAN? To be more emotional or more unemotional? It ALMOST seems to me that being more emotional is more natural, as it seems natural to express things unfiltered, and unnatural to hold back and censor or even CONTROL yourself. Heh. Jeez. Rabbit hole. But Self-Control can obviously be a useful and honorable trait. AND I myself am quite emotional so there’s my own personal bias. Maybe I’M the Unnatural Abberation!

Dunno. Most Wimminz Take Too Much C0Ck and Chug Too Much Kvm for me or anyone to take them seriously. Maybe this IS the Natural State of Wimminz, and they need the Nurture of Shaming to Push them into the Straight & Narrow & thus Honorable.

My other big point is that people can be effectively BRAINWASHED (ie ubernurtured) to do things even clearly against their nature. Sex slaves, prisoners of war, Salo Sadistic Fascism, enslavement to a Leader, etc.

But my question is, free them from this mind-control, and how long before they revert to their original nature? Do different types of brainwashing STICK better than others?

Why is is SO difficult for an old dog to learn new tricks, esp re “Late Bloomers” in life who, if they’d developed good habits before the age of 18, would have had a MUCH EASIER time keeping the good habits & becoming Winnerz?

Day 1 of Cutting Back On Caffeine for the 9,000,000,000,000th time, on the rationalization that it makes me Crash unless I drink a Steady Stream of many cups of coffee ALL DAY LONG, which is obv not good. Otherwise I go to bed at 8pm and don’t feel like doing ANYTHING & limbs feel like lead, not a good Recipe For Success!

So, trying 1 cup of coffee in morning today and THAT’S IT. Might try to “nurse it” ALL DAY LONG. Dunno. Typo guy who can chug a bigcuppa and then go right to bed. NEVER ANY ENERGY TO DO ANYTHING EVER. Could be a GLUTEN thing, hahaha.

What amuses me is when Wimminz accuse men of having “TRUST ISSUES.” [dec 2012: fagspeak] It’s STUPID to TRUST someone who CAN’T BE TRUSTED! It’s STUPID to trust a Dishonest, Phony, Hypocritical, Lying, Cheating person! At BEST Wimminz are FLAKES – you can’t Trust FLAKES either!

It took me too long to figure out that whenever Wimminz criticize Men – trust issues, mommy issues, too insecure, too creepy, angry, passive-aggressive just be friends – they’re PROJECTING their OWN insecurities. On the average, Wimminz are 9,000,000,000,000 times more insecure than men, that’s why Wimminz are always calling MEN Insecure. F00K THAT Sh1T!

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talked about giving Fiction/Stories/Plays a go. I would PROB do Dystopias&Eutopias. Get people or at least mySELF FIRED UP over AN IDEAL WORLD. In some cases this might sound like “FANTASY”. I don’t have a prob with that. AND I acknowledge sometimes a little Escapism is not a bad thing, if we can escape an unideal world, and go recharge our batteries in a fantasy ideal world, and then the next day after a good 9 hours sleep, we can be fired up to boil the frog / baby step our way to that Better World One Day At A Time. Yes that sounds corny but IMHO Corny is sometimes Good. I didn’t come here to fool ya, hahaha. (I think I’m stealing that from Leonard Kohan, “Hallelujah” on “Live In London.”) These stories might not always have political or racial implications, sometimes it might be pure Nice Girl Fantasy Pedestal Porn. Sometimes it might deal with Fixing the Mistakes and Regrets of my path, What Ifs, Alternate History for if I have lived my life differently, done Smart things when I was young, how “small changes” would have had big good consequences later. Heh. Since those would be personal I would prob not publish the most personal ones. I am a Both/And Kinda Glass Half Empty Kinda Guy, hahaha. I think, in this case, you can have your cake and eat it too, in that you can be BOTH a Successful Fantasy Writer living 49% of your life in your fantasy world, AND be Successful and Well-Adjusted in The Real World Too. Don’t let Zios tell you otherwise! Just to clarify, those ones about Living In My Own Past and making my own Alternate history would be the Most Risky, and I will handle those with caution / sparingly.


Heh. I never said Nurture couldn’t overpower nature. Think of that kid in Syria that was forced to behead the Assad loyalist. Methinks before too long that kid is gonna be an unimpeachable WARRIOR MAN who LUVS beheading. If you brainwash/traumatize kids YOUNG enough and SEVERELY enough, no amount of nature or nurture can bring them back from that Severe Nurture later.

MY PLAN: So Basically raise kidz in Concentration Camp Conditions UNTIL 6 or 7. NO, don’t ABUSE them physically or verbally. Per Se. OK ConcCamp was the wrong word obv. Raise them in SPARTAN WARRIOR conditions. Put them into Boot Camp and make them get up at 3 am and Fight and Lift and Run and Brainwash them with emotional and scary propaganda to learn MORALS, if not Political or racial stuff. Now don’t be a savage psychopath and beat and raep the children or force them to kill each other or call them inferior subhuman scum. Just train them HARD. Like 900 ZOG Bootcamps so by the time the child is 7 years old he is an Elite Warrior. AND THEN you can back off and give him a “Normal” Easy Childhood. And since you’ve used Hardcore Nurture to overcome Lazy Nature, the child won’t WANT to watch cartoons or play vijyagaymz or eat candy. He’ll WANT to continue his physical, mental, and moral training, you won’t even have to punish or coerce him. AGAIN, DON’T BEAT OR ABUSE CHILDREN! I DON’T HAVE TO SAY THAT!

You don’t have to feeeeel guilty about it because you’re not abusing or beating your child! You’re not getting MAD at them and MOLESTING them. No, you’re just TRAINING Them hard. BIG DIFFERENCE. Now in the Movies at least, Drill INstructors often Verbally Abuse the cadets, but I would err on the side of caution and not do this to children. Children are innocents, you don’t need to BREAK THEIR SPIRIT, you just TAKE their spirit and mold it RIGHT AWAY! There’s no need to Break Them Down first!

Raise Kids to be Harcorde NINJAS to use the Fagspeak, from the earliest age possible, as intensely as possible, so this training STICKS for the rest of their life when you take the intense conditions away. It’s that simple.

The younger and more severe/intense the Nurture, the closer it approximates Nature.

Now if you can’t tell the difference between Intense Training and Abuse, you’re clearly not smart or moral enough to do this. Your children are a lost cause, continue dropping them off at day care and pubskoolz.

to be continued with part 2 in 2 days….

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1984 (1984) by ORWELL by MICHAEL RADFORD

I INTENDED to publish this on January 3rd, but I accidentally hit publish before I could change the date, and the instant you click that button IT’S DONE, the email alerts go out, the RSS feed gets updated, and those you cannot possibly change, so now I have to look like a Tryhard Neckbeard Blogger where all I Do Is Blog All Day, which I can assure You is not the case, i’m just saying f00k this sh!t and accepting what I cannot change.

FOR NOW (IE January 2013) I will continue doing one 600-word/ 3 minute post per day (hehehe.) in the NEAR future I might cut it back down to 600 word posts on M, W, F, Sat, and Sun.

1984 (1984) by ORWELL by MICHAEL RADFORD


Ryu helpfully reminds us that you can watch the whole of the Orwell 1984 movie on Youtube. THANK YOU RYU. Prob other sites too. esp usefull bc there is no dvd on netflix, not even sure if that one is ON dvd, which is a shame. go watch it and see what will happen post 2062 after The Frog Has Been Boiled. Heh. The video is pretty grainy low-res but I am quite attracted to Julia. The actress is Suzanna Hamilton and I have never seen her before. Born in 1960 makes her 24 in 1984, hehehe. Been too long since I Banged a Girl like that, where her Attractiveness makes you go DAAAAAAAMN that’s something. Hamilton’s Value-Add (hehehe) is that she is YOUNG, pale, girl-next-door, has that Innocent Schoolgirl look. SPOILER you get to see her small bewbs and nice Big Bush. That stirred a quiet Rumbling deep within me. Heh. She looks like a Nice Girl, not the type to spread her perfect young body for all the sad sacks in the Outer Party. But I’ll let the characters get away with their “decadence”, because Orwell portrays it as a revolutionary act, where the State is trying to destroy The Family by Destroying Sex by Destroying Orgasm. Interesting. When Today’s ZOG is destroying the Family by destroying Love and devaluing Sex for Wimmin. They give their Sex to everyone but then have no love left to give, so they ultimately sell their soul and children to the State. In 1984 they have an Anti-Sex League and encourage celibacy and destroy sex, in 2012 the encourage Mindless, Decadent, Wanton, Promiscuous sex to get the same result. Heh. One of the few things Orwell didn’t get right in his vision of the future, but he tried, so I give him an A for Effort hahaha. Besides Orwell was half right, in his world they are trying to destroy Love too, as Love Plus Sex makes The Family which is clearly a threat. And Julia at least SAYS she LOVES Winston, not sure if she says that to All the Party Betas she spreads for. They ways she plays the role, yes, you think what she feeeeels for Winston is truly special family-making, thoughtcriminal love, so that’s good.

Alternately: PERHAPS Today’s Betas get less tail than EVER before; so today’s betas have more sexual frustration than ever before; back in The Day betas could be guaranteed (“entitled to”, hahahaha) at least a minimum of Memorable Pvssy, but now they get NONE and become obsessed with Game and Pickup and become Sperzerkers (tm Eradica.) In other words, Today’s Beta Men are exactly what The State wants. Like when Winston is stroking Julia’s smooth radiant young prime of youth skin after busting a HUGE nut in her uterus and thinks “was there ever a time when this seemed ordinary?” For Today’s Beta Men, no, there absolutely never was.

While it’s nice that kids often read this VERY IMPORTANT BOOK in PUBLIC SKOOL – or DO THEY? I just assumed it was one of the Top 3 High School MANDATORY Reading of All Time! should research that. Seems kinda ironic having such a potent Mindweapon or Thoughtcrime right in the middle of a Zog Blue Pill Factory. If that’s true, it just means No One Gets It. They’re clearly not Getting it. It’s just another boring 4ss book with no real lessons that stick. And that’s too bad. I read the book and enjoyed it, but to be honest, I’m a Visual Kinda Guy, so watching the movie is a VERY WELCOME Supplement, and makes the book more important to me, sticks in the mind more. Some Of Us ADDultKidz really do Learn better with Movies, hahaha. Fortunately it’s a very well-made movie and very faithful to the book. I think. But it is very powerful and should be shown to the kidz, maybe then the message would get thru their thick skullz like it finally did for me. Can’t believe Zios produced this movie. Weird that 1984 has such a large following against people who really SHOULDN’T like it: Pub SkoolTeachers, ZioProducers, etc. And they didn’t even transform Orwell’s message!

Maybe it’s because Orwell was a Leftist Marxist Shabbas Goy hahaha. No, I don’t know if Orwell was a Zionist but I’m pretty sure he was a dirty leftist. It’s really a paradox how he wrote 1984 and other Important Political Literature. I’ve heard his other stuff is good too, not just Animal Farm. Wish that MORE Modern Leftists could be like Orwell!

But it’s kinda disappointing that THIS movie isn’t more ubiquitous like the book. Proles don’t remember books, books don’t stick. Heck books are hard to stick for ME. Ideally this movie would have a HUGE DVD/BluRay release, tons of extras, would have a big display case at Walmart, would be a big seller, would play on TV all the time, but it’s tragically languishing in movie obscurity. The book is huge but the message isn’t sticking. If this movie were huge, it could change that. THEN they’d probably stop “teaching” the book in skoolzzz.

And John Hurt is always real kewl, I’ve always liked his grumpiness and his great voice. Underrated actor. Richard Burton is great too! He died way too soon.

Tend to forget “little details” from the book that are important, f.e. the copious consumption of Victory Gin. Keeps the Proles blind and drunk, keeps Winston blind and drunk, and is his cowardly way of dealing with the shame of being a failure. heck he should just be a suicide bomber, that would be way more honorable! However he IS tortured by the state, and I’m not gonna say that his pain there wasn’t real. that’s a good reason for one’s spirit being crushed and becoming a sad bastard drunk4ss. Heh. MANY people become those WITHOUT State Torture, but just because they have a Spiritual, Moral, Sexual, Existential VOID! The feeeeeeeeeeling with No Name, hahaha.

I also like that WInston is a COWARD. His mind is in the right place, he has noble ideas, he rebels in little ways, but when he gets busted, he gets BUSTED. That totally destroys him. Rather than go down in a blaze of glory, he sh1ts his pants, gets tortured, and then gives up and becomes a dead drunk. Heh. I can relate. It’s not fair that Cowardly People can even be open to good ideas, hahaha. very tragic. when the thought police burst in, he just stands there quaking rather than jumping at them, even when they unchivalrously punch julia in the stomach like cowards, he’s just as big a coward. Damn.

Not just your ideological enemies can be cowards. My calling is to do Coward Rehab for the Cowards on My Side. Heh. Good Cowards and Bad Cowards. Cowardly Lion was prob a good coward. He had a great heart and mind but he was just too damn cowardly! So how do you fix a Coward? you put him to the test and see what he does, if he breaks/gives up or dies fighting.

and i was quite naive to think there were videos or audios of orwell speaking or giving interviews. but how does a writer of that importance not have a single recording? because he hated radio?

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More On Race. Was listening again to Dr Pierce.  (“Doctor! William! Luther! PIERCE.!” ) I sorta agreed with him that Short-Sighted Materialism that’s infected us all is a Jewish thing, but it’s more of a Morality thing IMHO, and Jews needn’t be Inherent Amoral or Immoral. They just overlap a LOT with Materialistic, Godless, Soulless, SWPL Amorality. But they can beat that if they want to! [Important Update: It might even be a Christian US-Colonial Calvininst Protestant Work Ethic thing!! see future post]

But it was smart of Pierce to recognize that this is also partially an Egotistic (Egoistic?) HUMAN thing. We’re all animals who want creature comforts to an extent. But I also agree with him that it’s important to keep focus on The Eternal, although we might disagree slightly on what The Eternal is.

At the moment [update: heh just wait a week!], I am probably more “comfortable” (not that COMFORT should be one’s main goal!), or a better “fit” with Christianity than White Nationalism, although I do think Race is important and very interesting and all people should investigate their own race and ethnicity and background and heritage and ancestry and genealogy.

But this leads me to the next dilemma of, Christianity is really nothing more than another form of Jewish Mind Control. It’s not White at all. It’s Judaism For Whites. You want White Religion, you go back to the pagan gods or asatru or whatnot. Don’t worship the Jewgod! That’s how they’ll REALLY getchya In Eternity!

But as I don’t really dislike Jews for being Jewish, but for being scheming society-ruining materialistic amoral marxist usuring greedy leftists!

It’s about Damn Time I have a discussion of MONEY in here; So I was listening to Wm Pierce and agreeing in parts but also disagreeing in parts; then I went to some Counter Currents Podcasts, including a nice interview with Jack Donovan on “The Way Of Men” and Manly Virtues (wish list!) and a piece by Greg Johnson on Money. Namely, the creation of money out of Thin Air, with no work-value behind it, by interest-charging bankers; and how the whole system of banking and loans and interest is just an ungodly poisonous thing. At least the way The Banks are doing it now. And Jews have this reputation as Bankers, and how it was Immoral to ever charge interest, but NOT for the Jews, so if you wanted a loan, you had to go to a jew and then get jewed up the 4ss with interest.

I guess you could consider it the price for the service of getting a loan, but what I’m really talking about here is probably fractional reserves and what banks actually do with the money you deposit. How they loan out more money than they actually have and are honestly Magically Creating Money like Johnson says. I remember we actually talked about it in my Banking Lesson in Econ, and it surprised me and blew my mind, and I still don’t understand it, and I SHOULD Understand it, cause it sounds fishy as f00k. I’m not sure that Banking Or Loaning NEEDS to be Like This. Not even sure the term for it. I should read my mises.org, that’s what it’s THERE for. To EDUCATE.


Just came across this recent Vox Day article on “Debased money, debased marriages” where he talks about “CREDIT DOLLARS”. And mentions everybody’s favourite Philistine Dalrock. Yes I still like Vox Day and Dalrock. I guess I just don’t see how they’re NOT on The Right Side!

“Fractional Reserve Banking” and the Creation Of Money, I think that’s the term I need to use.


I think Murray Rothbard is PROB a Jew I can Trust, hahaha! See, You can trust individual jews if they’re trustworthy and on The Right Side!

And this Magic Money is not going back into the economy even, it’s just making Banks and Bankerz richer. Johnson started talking about possible solutions, some involving An Ethical, Accountable-To-The-People-Who-Elected-Them Government Creating Magic Money and just giving it to people to let them spend as they wish in a Free Market. That sounded kinda funny and I’m sure he had other solutions, but I was tired and it was my Paleo Bedtime so I had to stop there.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions, that’s what I believe. Even a lot of these Marxist Sickos are actually WELL-MEANING, they think they are Saving The World and True Believers in Social Justice and Helping The Downtrodden. It’s what I believed when I was a Marxist Drone: I believed that Marxist Social Justice was the best way of showing COMPASSION to those who need it the most, and that Conservatives and Rightists and Anti-Marxists were Rich Greedy Scumbags just genociding the poor as fodder. So if you were a Kind, Moral person, you chose Marxism. I had the best of intentions, but was embarrassingly Naive and Young.

Good Intentions, combined with Stubborn Blind True Believerness in the Corrupt Cause Using those Intentions, combined with the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES that led to the Corruption of that cause and the Moral Decay of Society – that’s how it works IMHO. Maybe some of them are evil, but a lot of them are just brainwashed as f00k, and don’t see their good intentions are causing more harm than good.

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