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bkc blog post? try this. may 24 2013 [technically not LIVE Live, but it’s only a ONE DAY time machine, we can all rationalize that]

started my feels blog for fat NEET losers. It’s actually going very well, better than expected. I do not intend, now at least, to share that here, unless you are a White NEET Neckbeard Loser v9k Virgin who really needs help. And there is ALREADY enough hints out there for the astute STALKER to find it. I just do not want to serve it up on a silver platter to BKC readers right NOW. anyway, that explains why i’ve slowed down here a little bit lately.

Some controversy now on Mindweapon, Hipster Racist vs Chechar? Accusing Chechar of being a “9/11 Liar?” HR not liking the way Greg J or M Parrott deal with 911? HR seems to have been In The Movement/Community for a Long Time. I have mostly enjoyed and have MIRED his comments, but I do not approve of the uncouth language he uses towards Chechar.

But I’ve been realizing that this IS such a controversial Movement, that it’s Not Unlikely that there ARE Actual ZOG Spies Among Us! Or at least JIDF. HR “joked” “I just assume everyone’s a plant.” I had to laugh at that!

Anyway, as for me, I am Just Some Guy On The Internet right now, but I am not a plant. Of course you don’t have to believe that, but that’s just The Truth.

Heh. Reason # 600,000,000,001 I do not allow comments here.

I never 100% understood Commenters who have a Reputation as Being Commenters. IMHO they should make The Big Leap from Commenters to Bloggers! You can be a Coward like me, who only blogs and never comments!

TLDR, I think HR would have an interesting BLOG!

OK I guess he started one just this month: search: hipster racist wordpress dot com. Not bad!

To give you some indication of Where I’m At on the Journey, I have not even bought one of Kevin Macdonald’s BOOKS until yesterday when I bought “Culture of Critique” FINALLY. I have read the introduction to CofC on Chechar’s site, I have listened to many interviews and talks with KMac, I look forward to his talks on the David Duke Show, and the Robert Stark Show, and the Counter Currents Show, I think he should have his Own Show,



I’ve been making a point to read TOO more, and it’s all good, but I never bought a physical book until now.

I’m not even SURE if I’ve moved from WN Sympathizer to WN. Feelsweirdbro.jpg.



I agree with the majority of what WN’s believe in, I’m fairly Racist, I read and listen to a ton of Racialist Blogs and Podcasts and say RIGHT ON MAN, My Anti-Jewishness is pretty VIRULENT, yet I’m not sure that “I AM A WN.” If only because, HYPOTHETICALLY, what if I met a Real Nice and Cute Nonwhite Girl (I Haven’t), or what if a friendly, decent, moral nonwhite man appeared in my Social Circle and I befriended him (I Haven’t).

But yeah. I’m WORRIED that I could Fall In Luv with a Jewish or an Indian Girl, because of my perverted Jew Fetish and my perverted Indian Fetish. And then I question how “perverted” these “fetishes” really are. It’s basically the same Nonperverted Nondecadent thing I want with a White Girl, and indeed I would PREFER a White girl, I just haven’t ruled out Jewish or Indian girls yet. And if that gets me kicked out of the WN-Sympathizing community, then so be it. I’ll still BE white, I’ll still SUPPORT Whites, I’ll still not like Jews.

So there. Full Disclosure. So if WNs want to say what a coward and a j-lover and a miscegenator and a faggot, weakling, loser, antiwhite, traitor, JIDF, plant, mole, spy, fence-sitter, clockwatcher, talker, coward, deserves to die, etc, well I can’t stop them. Maybe they’re RIGHT. WN Ambivalence Feelz.jpg

I wouldn’t mind a White Homeland, but I ALSO wouldn’t mind A Murka where blacks, browns, and mudslimes don’t act like savages – basically acted nice and proper and civil like white people.

Heh. That statement will get me banished BOTH from WN, AND from Educated Enlightened Normalfag Antiracist Society.

So does that make me “A Moderate?”

Heh. I have pondered the “moderate” vs “fence sitting coward” debate before.

New BURZUM album out, I listened a couple times, it’s not bad, but I just want to say to VARG: Keep doing your writing on Thulean Perspective, what you are doing there is AWESOME. And listen to that one commenter who commented favorably about Your Charisma in videos and interviews. He was RIGHT. I watched this interview

and you gotta start making a regular thing out of this buddy. Writing and Blogging is GREAT, but when you got a Great White PERSONALITY as well, you GOTTA show it. Let Your White Light Shine. And the best way to do that is through: podcasts, interviews, vidyas, Face Time, meets and greets, lectures, roundtables, talks, networking. People Skills. Vidyas and Podcasts at the VERY least. Hearing the VOICE is key.

So DO IT, VARG, just make a 10 minute video of you talking to your computer once a month, and put it on your new ThuleanPerspective Jewtube channel. I GUARANTEE You it will be received VERY positively.


But Then again what do I know, I got aroused by an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White-Mix Girl once, and I enjoy the music of Leonard COHEN, even though I saw You included him in that gallery of Jews Who Are Ruining The World.

But I agree that Race-Mixing is worth Very Serious Thought. I mean, I’m basing this mostly on HYPOTHETICALS and THEORETICALS and NEUROTIC FEAR/WORRYING/FEEEEELZ. And when it comes to Mating, you KNOW how men can put Prime-Of-Youth Girls on a pedestal, or become infatuated with an idealization, with a fantasy, NOT the reality.

For example, say I started “dating” an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White Mix (and how likely is THAT?), was all in The Honeymoon Stage, and THEN I met her filthy devious scheming antiwhite Kke FAMILY, all rubbing their hands together and counting their Jgolds, and talking about how GREAT it will be when The White Man is Genocided. THEN I would say, UM NO, THIS ISN’T GONNA WORK OUT, BABE. LOOK AT WHAT YOU COME FROM. LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE.


Point is, people don’t exist in a vacuum outside of their FAMILIES. And scheming conniving antiwhite J families are, on average, much less desirable than White families.

AAANNNDDD Jews are MUCH better than Whites at seeing Their RACE as Their SUPEREXTENDED FAMILY. See, I was about to say, “Well, if there’s some good Jews out there, doesn’t it follow that there must be some good jewish FAMILIES?”

The whole Jewish Race is like ONE BIG FAMILY!

So, In Conclusion, Becoming More Masculine will prob help me get off the fence regarding race-mixing, and become a better white. And Becoming More Masculine, as it also affects Being A Winner And Not A Loser, is something much better suited to my NEW blog, NOT this one. Because I gotta talk about Being A Loser a LITTLE bit, to pave the way for Becoming A Winner, and I will not have Loser-Talk on THIS blog. I don’t want Feeeeeelz Creep on this blog. But I think, in its PROPER place, it’s not entirely bad.

Aaaaand here’s a great Hourlong Lecture By MIKKO ASPA from Feb 2013 on Noise / PE music:

aaaaannd here’s a great, super-in-depth interview from after 2010 with Mikko on Clandestine Blaze:

ht   tp://killmecreator.blogspot.com/2011/05/clandestine-blaze-northern-heritage.html


RIP Jeff Hanneman, RIP Ray Manzarek, oh wait I forgot Slayer and especially the DOORS were antiwhite, so thus I must be antiwhite, even when I THINK I’m being prowhite.



So as of May 2013, I am back to being an 80%-90% White Nationalist Sympathizer, but the more accurate term to label me might be “trying to be pro-white”, aaaaand I have a godawful weakness for 18-year-old Jewish and Indian girls, even though I PREFER 18 year old white girls. Though it becomes SCREAMINGLY obvious that Miscegenation Is Bad when you think about, at the very least:

a. The Clash of the two FAMILIES

b. The poor helpless choiceless CHILDREN that you would have – you’re essentially DEPRIVING THEM OF A RACE.

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part 1 was one or two posts previous.

So anyway, here I am, such a Race Traitor, trying to dream-up excuses for Nonwhites to be allowed into My Ideal Citystate. Oh sure we can let in Blacks and Jews and Mestizos so long as they’re SMART, have a high IQ, have no violent felonies, have no violent mental illness, no pederasty, no weakness, no antiwhite activity, and they’re ultraconservative not neoconservative, and we have the same basic political beliefs, then yeah all races are welcome. And then I’m Hanging on the Day Of The Rope! Am I still THAT scared of being called A Racist? Maybe even I’m NOT A Racist even though I’ve been trying to be one! Or maybe I simply have been PRIVILEGED enough in my life so far to have not experienced all the horrors of Diversity. Even though I Write Opinions that are generally Against Multiculturalism and MODERATELY Racist, Moderately Anti-Zionist, etc. And I used to live in close proximity to a neighborhood that had been Ruined By Blacks. Violent, Criminal, Thuggish, Unrehabilitatible, Low-IQ Blacks. And I’m still letting Ultraconservative, Smart, Safe Blacks into My Perfect Country! Thomas Sowell!

Well, my response to these charges of softness and fence-sitting and flip-flopping and cowardice and moderation and weakness and treason on my part is: [Uhh just got sidetracked reading Chechar’s various blogs. I learned he experienced horrible abuse from his father, who to the world seemed a perfectly nice man, but he was in fact Jekyll and Hyde and very “codependent” with the mother. Anyway I am sorry Chechar had to go thru this, and I am grateful my own family was loving and never abusive. They only thing they did was Coddle me too much so now I am an ADDultKid and Weakling Coward, although that’s more MY fault than THEIRS, hahaha.]

I guess I just believe Political Beliefs and Political Systems and I guess Nurture must be more important than Race. Although I do agree that A Multicultural Underclass goes VERY well with a Bloated Welfare State working the former dominant race (whites) to death to support nonworking crimmigrants who in a few generations’ time become the new majority. then what happens, when there’s no more whites to work for the coloreds’ welfare? then TSHTF I suppose and the US turns into Africa only with more muslims and mestizos. Heh now there’s my favourite word of the week.

A comment on Chechar’s post on Day of the Rope (he thankfully gives a HUGE excerpt of the Pierce chapter which I should read) says that Kevin MacDonald is censoring comments on TOO, so KMac’s “not as supportive of free speech as he claims”, thus hypocrite etc. Yes being a hypocrite and dishonest is one of the morally worst things ever next to being lazy and a coward (hahaha) but I think KMac is Well Within His Rights.

Or at least I am, hahaha. And I’m not telling You you have Free Speech on MY Blog, in fact you have NO speech, and only I have speech! Call it COWARDLY, but it works for me. If U don’t like it, complain about it somewhere else on the internet and leave a trackback to me. Just don’t post my real name because I gotta WORK FOR A LIVING, SON, and so should you. I don’t get how people don’t get that. I don’t use my real name or post pictures of my real face getting with Decadent Skankz because my Racial Opinions, however Moderate And Cowardly, DO make me Unemployable 4 Life. which is not good for my survival, let alone my future heirs!

So anyway. Chechar. I like Real Provocative Bloggers, period. Now you could “explain away” his hardcore, perhaps violent, non-moderate stance because he was molested/raeped by his father, and I would not even wish that on my Ideological and Political and Racial enemies. But that would be a jew move on my part to explain away, because he still makes very VALID points, and, if I ever get around to reading all of his stuff, he hints at talking about a Judeo-Liberal movement in Psychology (Alice Miller?) and Anthropology (Boas?) where you can explain away horrible child raep AS LONG AS IT’S NONWHITES doing it; like oh that’s just part of their CULTURE, it’s not WRONG or anything, our morality does not apply; well I say BS and I think Chechar does too!

Heh. I have taken many fake personality tests but they are all pretty consistent, I am the classic introverted Protector. I want to help and protect the downtrodden of all races. Sacrifice myself to save the lives of poor weaklings. Stupid Social Worker. ACTUALLY, I would probably make a good Traditional WOMAN. Wife and mother, nonpromiscuous, GeishaKate or sommat. Heh. Too bad I had to be Born With A DANGLER, hahaha. It’s a huge cross to bear, haha.

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[up to date note: on comments: reached my “october 2012” deadline, when I said I MIGHT open comments. NOPE. Until January 2013, My New Comment Policy is very similar to Lawrence Auster on View From The Right. Don’t even THINK of them as “Comments.” Think of them as “Thoughtful, nice EMAILS.” You can email me at bkctmoap at y mail dot com and then I MIGHT post it if it’s nice and thoughtful, with my response, or as a separate post cuz these things have word limits SON. I appreciate blogs/bloggerz who are Man Enough to allow comments, but it just seems trolly and unproductive in the end. Of course you’re well within your rights send me trolly emails too! Note: I only check that email once a week or so.]

Went to do a Market Research Survey for Pay, I get these once in a while (not enough!). This was interesting because I had to go to the more affluent side of town. Started pinpointing the Outer Limits of Where Jewish People live as I drove the 40 miles or so. 50 years ago they used to live here, until eventually the blacks moved in, then they moved even further in XY direction. Jews may love blacks but they don’t love LIVING with them!

But moreso it was a geographic demonstration of Cognitive Elites and Bigboy Jobs, and obv a little bit of ZOG dashed in as I just described. This is where people with Good Educations and Good Careers Work and Live. Definitely the Top 20%, if you will. Raising their families, perpetuating the cycle of Elite Education and Careerism. (And ZOG, hahaha.) I drove into a more rural outskirt of this “Belmont” to use Charles Murray’s term hahaha and while there were some farms, there were more Housing Developments with RIDICULOUSLY HUGE MANSIONS, not sure if they were McMansions; but HUUUUGE f00king houses on HUUUUGE pieces of land. Houses big enough to house at least 200 hondurans or albanians or blacks or poor white trash. I thought about the Elite Families who lived there: the husbands and wives and x-husbands and x-wives and the educationz and the careers and the children and the boys and girls and teens going off to college, c0q carousel, internships, careers, friends of the family, etc.

I came to the site, a large, well-known Fortune 50 company. A security guard (subcontractor) watched the desk, to get into the proper work area you had to have proper ID. Engineers and Business People, all with Grad Degrees in the field. Everyone under-30 were Asian-Americans certainly with Engineering degrees from elite universities, everyone was making BIG Monay, except for the security subcontractors of course, but they seemed cheerful and chill and were probably doing OKAY at least. (Just pointing out that they certainly did not have LEET DEGREES like the ASIAN ENGINEERS.) And there was little old underachieving lazy loser me doing the market research study because it paid roughly $30 an hour, hell yes I’m gonna do it if the opportunity arises!

I should have Approached one of the under-30 Asians and asked them about their Educations and Internships. Was called in by a 45-year old white guy. Didn’t know if he was Engineering or Marketing, but I assumed Marketing. Real nice guy, SLIGHTLY beta, didn’t seem Scumbag Alpha enough to be Business, but who knows. Forgot to look for a wedding ring. But he mentioned a “brother-in-law” so I assumed he was married. Guys with Bigboy Careers at this company don’t have a lot of trouble Pulling Wives, probably not even the Gameless Asians! (Not that the Wives they’re pulling are not Gold-Diggers, but they can usually get at least a couple heirs out of them…)

Nice guy. Breezed through the study in about 1 hour, got $75. Nice. He mentioned how his BS was Industrial Engineering at a….2.5-Tier Tech University. Not MIT but not so crappy you couldn’t get a GREAT job. “Wow, Nice, pretty hot degree innit” I complimented him. He said there was not a lot of on-campus recruitment for industrial engineers so he went to work in CONCRETE for “8 bucks an hour.” A winter doing that persuaded him to go back to school. He managed to get a Big Company to pay for his schooling for a Masters in STATISTICS at a Univ slightly less prestigious than his undergrad. After that, he was pretty well set. I wanted to ask him for a Resume but chickened out. This little chat got me from the office to the door, and rather than pump him for more Career/Education advice like I should have (I should really be SHADOWING Career Professionals at least Once A Week while I am Underemployed), I thanked him with a firm manly handshake and left, already getting crabby about the drive, as I REALLLLY do not like driving.

I did ask him where he was from, he said from the same general area as myself. Upper Vaisya, no j00z, however at his time it was more upper vaisya, and since then, it has become noticeably lowered due to un-pre-educated immigrants and general Hard Times. Will still take another good 20 years to get totally ruined by blacks though, hahahaha.

He mentioned his brother-in-law who was On The Assembly Line, great lazy loser work if you can get it, but obv that golden goose is long gone. He was “too smart for the line” so he took his buyout money and knocked out a BS in Computer Science at age 42. “It’s never too late!” I affirmed. Now it sounded like he was using the degree in a Good Job with a Good Company. “Good for him!” I said. And I don’t think the guy went to an ELITE University either. “Like a 40 year old Union Shop Rat taking a Buyout can go to a Leet Univ anyway!” laugh the Brahmin ZOG Elites, even though they are supposed to be anti-classist.

Good jobs. Hope these guys have good wives and not total Scumbag Housewives C00nts taking them to the CLEANERS. Raeping them up the 4ss without even the courtesy of a REACHAROUND (was that “Full Metal Jacket”? Prob be using the 4ssraep/Reacharound nomenclature for the next month, hahaha)

Anyway. Not sure if the surrounding gayborhood of Leet Rich Jews and GoodJobbers was technically “Brahmin” according to Moldbug’s definition, but if MY hood is “upper vaisya” as I’ve been saying, then yeah it WOULD be brahmin. That, or my hood is really Lower Vaisya qua moldbug.

A way I like to look at it: Is the land value / home value / real estate value trending UP or DOWN over the next 30 years or long-term or the rest of your foreseeable life? Are Good Careerists willing to move in and school their children in the schools and live there for 30 years? Or do they know right off the bat they would want to Hyperg to somewhere Better?

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Might tie this one in with my “about” page since it applies to this whole “blog”. Occasionally I like to Flatter myself by giving unnecessary explanations, clarifications, and disclaimers about my BLOGGING, haha.

Had my first “brush with the big boys” recently, as I was reblogged by my new favourite blogger Firepower. I got pretty excited, because I’d just discovered his blog in the past WEEK through his comment on Roissy’s recent post on Beta Seating Postures (heh). Been trying to read more blogs lately, next step to reading more books, better use of my time than writing nonsense or watching movies. My RSS reader is very disorganized but I started adding more new blogs anyway, and started Following more blogs w the WordPress “Follow”, Ithink that’s how he found ME.

Then I got nervous. Seeing how he ruthlessly mocks Brandon-bloggers, I knew I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. Would be uncomfortable, bc no-one likes being called stupid by someone they would call smart, especially since my own Blogging Style atm Superficially seems quite Stupid, ADD, GreatBooksForMen, Teenage Girlish, Glib, Underclass-Raised-on-Vidya-Games, etc. Fiddling while Rome Burns, not getting it, distracted by trivialities, dumbed-down-to-meaninglessness, can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear (I like that phrase haha)

He shreds other bloggers I like, calling them stupid, plagiarizers, hypocrites. I don’t get offended by much, but I would not like being called those things!

I like reading big comment threads where they really get into it, but there’s usu so much nastiness  I never wanted to PARTICIPATE in them. Blame my Beta Sensitive Ego.

So, rather than being all coy and disingenuous and Hypocritical in the sense of: why even have the OPTION of comments If I don’t WANT people leaving impolite comments, I am now going to CLOSE COMMENTS for a trial period of 3 months (just because this is my standard Trial Period for almost everything) while I try to figure out what the Real Purpose of this blog even IS. Right now it’s just seat of my pants, thinking out loud, processing what I read, figuring opinions out, all while amusing myself and anyone who chooses to be amused by it. I like the “helping men” bit, but I’m still not sure HOW I’m gonna do that. Teaching by example? Don’t do what I did? Don’t want to self-deprecate TOO much, haha.

on the off-chance a reader REALLY wants to talk to me, which they should really only do if they want to offer me a Bigboy JOB, or have a serious-but-fun discussion of The Issues, or recommend good books, they can do it privately by EMAIL:

bkctmoap (no ghow, haha) at the domain of: y mail daht kom.  not even sure if wordpress has a private message feature, but one could use that too.

I’m flattering myself to think he would spend so much time on Little Old ME, but of course he would find plenty of fodder here, and he’s done Blog Reviews which are hilarious, but again, you don’t want to BE That Guy!

I don’t understand being so mean to people who might not be THAT ideologically different from you. Or ARE they? My first impression is that people like Ferdinand/IMF or Piggy or Dalrock and their readers are very open to The Red Pill. But the Red Pill involves many different things over which hairs could potentially be split. Not everyone shares the same opinion on some of the Racial stuff, for example. And I certainly don’t expect to agree with even my allies all of the time! If I agree with somebody “only” 70%, I say, D4mn, that’s pretty GOOD! And consider them as on “my side.”

However, I concede that Firepower has read many, many more books than I, and has indeed given me some new books to put on my Wish List (eg Robert Bork); and has forced me to think more deeply on Blogging itself. Just trying to understand his meanness. The ratio of me-liking-his-ideas To me-grimacing-at-his-meanness is the most pronounced of any blogger I’ve come across in recent memory. I can understand being mean to Leftists, Feminists, Marxists, Parasites, The Dumbest of the Dumb – but to people who seem more open-minded or at least more in agreement with more of your “side”? – then I can’t understand the hair-splitting. But there might be some personal vendettas on both sides. Don’t know. Got more reading to do.

So I’m shutting down comments for 3 months (approximately, haha), to not even give the IMPRESSION that I welcome comments, because while I WOULD welcome complimentary, polite comments, that’s not a real productive debate. there’s no chance to learn anything that way. But I don’t want to INTERACT with people right now, so, it’s more honest to not even GIVE that impression. If someone wants to nicely give me reading suggestions, compliments, or Jobs, they can email me.

And I guess if you REALLY wanted to call me names, you could use TWITTER.

I do intend to keep regularly posting ADD-ish, Internet Tuff Guy (but one-sided!) Opinions, Mouth-Frothing Hyperbole, just because doing that much is really FUN.

So check out Firepower’s Blog if you want some interesting reading. Can’t guarantee you’ll LIKE it, but you won’t forget it. I’ve been very stimulated by what I’ve read, even if I have reservations about some of his interactions with other bloggers!

Have a good weekend, if you can’t be Super Intelligent at least be Medium Intelligent, and you’ll probably still be safely above average. And don’t take sh!t from people.

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