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Pedestal Porn, Cuddle Porn, Niceguy Nicegirl Porn, Infatuation Porn, not too sure a SHORT name to call this Genre I Created.  don’t normally like using “porn” for things that aren’t Porn, like “Torture Porn” or “Food Porn” but in this case I’ll allow it.

OK. Beta Fanfiction. We all know about Romance and Rip-Chested Fabioz ravishing young princesses, from which “50 Shades” is just the next “logical” (heh) step, only a bit more decadent and modern. Escapist Sexy Luv for Aging Wimminz, where pure virgins are ravished by Dominant Manly Men. It makes perfect sense, I ain’t mad about it brah. BUT I was thinking a Great New Market would be The Equivalent Romance Fairytales FOR BETA F4GG0T WEAKLING LOSER NICEGUYS. Like the Niceguys who think Game is too sexist and No NAWALT I’ll continue Just Being My (Virgin) Self, one day when I’m 60 I’ll find That One Special Virgin Princess who likes me for me. The Nicest, most pathetic virgin niceguys who like watching the notebook and who get a raging hardon thinking about making-out and cuddling and marriage and Being In Luv and Pillow Talk and think Wimminz should Take It More Slowly. So write stories where the hero is a Total Niceguy like that, and he meets The Only Nice Girl In The World he’s been waiting all his life for. Every scene/chapter would be like “Porn” and pure escapism. No tension, no drama, just lush detailed loving stories of them going out on dates and having deep emotional talks and the Climax would be them Holding Hands for the First Time or Kissing for the First Time and it would take like 4 books for them to finally Have Sex for the First Time, and the rest of it is all walks in the park, and dates, and movies, and meeting the families, and talking, and romancing, and picnics, and crunching leaves in the fall, and warm fires and hot cocoa in the winter, and all that. Something very warm and soft and wholesome for Beta Niceguy Virgin Faggots to escape into when the Real World gets too harsh and depressssssing. Guys who are Pre-Game, who refuse to Accept Game, who think “I don’t want the kind of woman who falls for that type of macho nonsense, I want a nice uncorrupted woman”.

Homework: There’s GOTTA ALREADY BE stories like this. Hell I think I even WROTE a few many years ago, I might try to find them. BUT I think, with the right Marketing Push, stories and authors like this could become Big Business. Somewhere in that vast area between “50 shades” and wimminz raep romance or twilight, and career moneymaker PUAz like Neil Strauzz and the guys whose JOB it is to run pickup boot camps and sell DVDs and packages and all that. Gay Emo Beta Male Romance Escapist Cuddle 9000-Mile-High Pedestal NICE GIRL “Porn” could be bigger than THAT and then Mainstream Mediaz would talk about it. So there’s my Value-Add hahaha. This could be my Entrepreneurial Venture for 2013.

Taylor Swift. I am actually listening to TS RIGHT NOW. I had vh1 on in the background while doing CALCULUS HOMEWORK and they were playing a lot of Taylor Swift Storytellers Live At Harvey Mudd College, which due to the overplay, I figured is a pretty new release. At least 35% of Taylerz audience is Beta Faggots, sort of like the ones I described above as the Target Demo for Nice Girl Porn, straightish guys that are SO Faggy and Romantic you can’t even tell WHAT they are, gay or straight. They LOVE Tayler. And they don’t JUST want to Bang Her, No, they want to Court Her for a YEAR and do all those Nice Girl things, and become Monogamously Married before they bang her. You want to see what beta pedestalizing looks like, look at these male fagz who love Tayler Swiftz.

Note to self: There’s GOTTA be FANFICS By Betas For Betas where Average Beta starts a Fantasy Romance with Tayler and they live happily ever after. Be a good starting point for me. Search it, link it, trackback it. I can’t knock it too much, like I said, I once wrote a few chapters of crap like that, many years before Tayler ever existed.

But Tayler is saying to me, now is the time. If I don’t capitalize on my idea, someone else will. Tayler is the Harbinger of Mainstream Beta Luv.


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