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ネット右翼  , netto uyoku, net uyoku.

Heh. I had never heard of this before, until Vulture of Critique linked to me, and said that’s what I was. Anyway, go check out his blog, he seems like a good Ideas Man. I won’t link to him because I don’t like linking Bloggers and Forums right now, even when I DO like the blog, and indeed my first impression of VoC is pretty positive. heh. just type “vulture of critique” into a search engine. DuckDuckGo.

Well, he/You have a POINT, I do like to use Edgy Pictures to spice up an otherwise banal and boring blog, just because the Feds haven’t hauled me away YET,


I do seem to embrace Political Incorrectness esp Far-Right and Racialism with some enthusiasm, I do take “advantage” of the semi-“anonymity”, because I would never say these things under my real name, I DO write like a 13 year old girl with autism just because I CAN…..

But prob a good hacker, and i am not even a “script kiddie”, COULD find my real name a LOT easier than I think.

Prob I am ALREADY on a list – ALREADY being watched by Feds.

Just because I occasionally TALK about “THE J QUESTION.”

Anyway buddy, my first impression of YOU is pretty positive, I’m gonna have to take some time and read more of your blog.

What I’ve seen I like:

the idea of the net uyoku to describe….what exactly?….well, I like to THINK of myself being More Than An 3Edgy5U 4chan Teen, but more as a TRUTHSEEKER who happens to sometimes read 4chan. Some people on either Stormchan or 4chon were arguing like faggots about how “Red Pill” is not a good term to use, because it comes from a J-movie “The Matrix.” I don’t really have a prob with the term or idea of “RED PILL”, but I think “TRUTHSEEKER” is another good synonym.

Anyway Vulture, you DEFINITELY have a better grasp on Net Security than I do, hacking, privacy, etc. In one recent post you mention how a Net Uyoku is pretty amateur in their own Security skills, so they really aren’t enjoying as much anonymity as they/I think. And this is almost certainly correct, and def describes me, as my tech skills are godawful.

(Yeah I did find that 4chan archive site, by the way. heh yes it only took a 2 second search.)

And the second a hacker publishes my real name, I will delete this blog SO FAST, of course then the hacker will then immediately post the backup they made of this entire blog and be line, “BKC Realname Shoulda Learned To Be A Hacker, So Now I’m gonna End whatever Career he has now, and forever into the Future. I Am Going To, in this way, Figuratively Murder BKC.”

Which would not be too cool, obviously.

In short, learning Hacker/Security skills could only benefit me, and my ignorance can only hurt me. Us.

I have taken some “Computer Science” courses, but when I saw what my competition was – people that have coded hours and hours  and hours a day For FUN for years and years and years – and I’m still on Babby’s First Learning Curve for C++ right now, I decided to quit while I was ahead, ie light years BEHIND. It would be more feasible to learn SOCIAL skills, and make more money in SALES.

However, I am prob better at Coding C++ than a 13 Year Old Girl, I got an A in C++ 2, and I AM aware of “The Deep Web” or “Darknet” or .onion sites and have used it TWO TIMES with TOR, heh.  Babby’s First. Total Newb. And again the Newbishness does not help The Net Uyoku, perhaps they/we/I am just offering our own heads on a silver platter.

So thanks for introducing me to that term “net uyoku” and I look forward to reading what you have to say about These People.

As someone who has been in or around The Manosphere for years, it’s interesting to see where it’s going. Several years ago, I was real big on MRA and MGTOW and ghosting and such. Barbarrossssaaaaa and Stardusk and all those guys. But I was of course still interested in Game. I remember about 3 years ago there was a “Big Dust Up” between Gamers and MRAs. I laughed and said this is st00pid as f00k, why don’t they see you can be both.

And Vulture I am 100% with You on what you see as Game being Short-Sighted, and that there are much more important things in life than Sex, and that the spiritual life is the highest life. I agree. And this is why I have moved away from strictly “Manosphere” stuff at this time. I do have quite a spiritual and even downright RELIGIOUS streak in me.

And then I stumbled across Eradica and it was probably Ryu who first got me thinking about Racial stuff, and then Counter Currents and Mindweapons and David Duke and KMac more or less Sealed the deal for me there.

And now goes Federal Agents to BUST Ryu and Mindweapon right now. I HOPE Not!

I have never been busted, have never even received a threatening email from my ISP, never been interrogated by the FBI. I guess the main thing is that IT’S POSSIBLE, and that I never really encourage anything too extreme here….although ZOG thinks that just saying WORDS like ZOG IS Extreme.

Anyway. Basically the Man/Woman, Game, Sex etc stuff didn’t go FAR enough for me, did not provide a satisfyingly broad worldview, and RACE does. In a nutshell.

I am kinda bored by Game but I can see how many would not be. IMHO, all of Game can be summed up in two words: BE MASCULINE.

And I think Being Masculine can only HELP men in EVERY facet of their lives, be it decadent one-night stands with harlots, traditional monogamous long-term rels with the Mother of Your Children, help you succeed and advance in your Career, etc. Men were Born To BE MEN.

And that is real boring stuff, and that is why I have a Babbling Blog and not a Sweeeeet 30k a year Professional Journalism Career at The Daily Caller, hahahahahahahaahahaha.

So yeah Vulture, I HEAR YA.

So I’m not the only person who started out in “The Manosphere” and now is Graduating To Bigger and Better things. There are probably a few others in this Graduating Class from Man Stuff to Race Stuff, or just general “Truth” stuff.

The name “Vulture of critique” makes me think you probably think favorably of Prof K-Mac. Heh. At this point I think quite favorably of him too!

But in terms of 4chan not being “super mainstream like Reddit or Facebook,” (heh way quote me when I sound the MOST like a 13 year old Girl!) while it’s true an avg “normalfag” has never even HEARD of “goatse” for example, I suppose 4chan is like its OWN “mainstream”, and it could very well be a HONEYPOT.

Anyway, I am glad I’m not the only “blogger” reading 4chan. And you are probably way less crazy than me. I am trying to Un-Crazy myself so I can Be A Better Man, basically.

Keep your Eyes Open and continue developing your Net Uyoku framework!

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ok back to Time Machine Old Microwaved Freezer Posts Again

I first heard about “The Silk Road” about 4 months ago. It holds appeal for us paranoid conspiracy types. Concerned with privacy and anonymity and overreach. So
it has a weird URL with a .onion extension, and these can only be opened by the Anonymity / CLoaking browser TOR, something about Onion Routing and proxies.

Theoretically you could look at Kiddie Pron all day and never get busted. (well prob not. I aint some security nerd where this is the sorta stuff I do for fun, and then mock all the guys that WORK in CompSec for being incompetent. Then why don’t YOU get a job and make some MONEY if yr so SMRT, hahaha, I know I would. ) ANYWAY The guy talked about it being an online black market where you could buy drugs and weapons and slaves and organs. I was completely incredulous. Well he was mistaken about everything but the drugs hahaha, part of The Silk Road’s mission is not to sell anything that can harm people. Like Weapons.

ok i downloaded the tor browser and am looking at it and it’s mainly drugs. w33d and “opioids” and ecstasy and whatnot. half ounce of w33d 10 bitcoins, about 80 bucks? actually right now 1 bitcoin is prob closer to 15 bucks. ok 13.

finally listened to some of PARAMAECIUM’s debut album and it is pretty SICK. REALLY Pleasantly Surprised. Australian Doom Death, VERY heavy, raw, yet listenable, 1993, great time. Back in my antichristian days I think I was put off by their Christianness, now it’s a bonus thing. It was a pretty ballsy thing to do when all metal people hate christians. the drummer Jayson Sherlock is also in Mortification, which I’d also heard of and unfairly mocked back in the day. That is more death metal. What I just learned today was Sherlock does a SOLO BLACK METAL PROJECT called HORDE, Christian Black Metal which is called “Unblack Metal”. will now listen to that. sounds like black metal to me! NOICE! PRAISE THE LORD! He’s a prty gud drmmr too! sick blasts brah! as a serious lifelong Metal fan now becoming more tolerant of the xtianz, this is RIGHT in my 2013 wheelhaus. AND it’s good enough to be enjoyed by antichristians as well. Prank them by telling them AFTER they start enjoying it! be like B!TCH you just liked CHRISTIAN METAL! TROLOLOLOL!

crimson moonlight swedish unblack christian black metal nowadays with huge death influences.

Antestor from norway had Hellhammer Blomberg playing on one of their albums, catchy melodic blackish.

Living Sacrifice. I shoulda given them a serious chance in my “Bad4ss Trog Metal” days, haha. They could well STILL be enjoyable.

But for the record, I’m still not THAT much of a Believer. I’ve only become 1% less Agnostic, but orders of magnitude more respectful, appreciative, and open to the Christians, that’s the Big Subtle Distinction You must Understand about Me, hahahaha. Maybe if one of these Christian metal bands were distinctly CATHOLIC? That’s my Identity Niche. Catholic Chillout Black Metal, hahaha.


O that’s nice! Good Godly Work Guys! Now a lot of the Christian Metal seems to be Emo Pussy Fag Metalcore Melodeth Fagcore like Underoath or As I Lay Dying or Devil Wears Prada or Whitechapel (and these ARE Christian bands, I was not aware!). I would be much more into Metal Less Faggy, like that Australian stuff I just mentioned, or Living Sacrifice, or something like BURZUM or Mayhem or Clandestine Blaze or Trist or any of the nonchristian good black metal bandz.

looked up “catholic black metal”, can’t find anything too conclusive.

“Bad Catholic” blog might be fun. I have used the term to describe myself. Although this guy is more of a True Believer than I am. I just go thru the motions because it can’t hurt and hopefully helps me pay off my Karmic Debt, hahaha. And it’s def better than Laying Around being A Morally Lazy Loser. I have accepted that I am Stuck Being A Catholic for better or worse, and I am starting to appreciate The Brighter Side of that. I am absolutely NOT at an EVANGELIZING stage, and “kinda sorta” don’t want to be. Although I would say it’s a good choice for Moral People OR white people OR antizionists OR antiWorldJihad.

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screeched in Old Finnish Lady Voice.  Some newf@g on the internet once said Mikko Aspa looks like Butthurt Dweller. And I thought the IDEA of him living in his mom’s basement at age 37 (or whatever) was funny. Although I’m 1000% certain he doesn’t. It’s just a FUNNY IDEA. Also something about both Butthurt Dweller and Mikko Aspa being Grumpy and Hateful and Creepy.

let me plug MIKKO ASPA ‘s DOOM project STABAT MATER, which I’ve not done yet, prob because i haven’t had time to listen to it. but today I righted that wrong, and it is IMMEDIATELY obvious, within ONE MINUTE, that this is top shelf Aspa Goods. If you like Clandestine Blaze, you WILL like Stabat Mater. GUARANTEED.

He uses the Growly, Deeper Creamface voice and it sounds even SICKer than Creamface, I might even prefer this to his Black Metal voice. Music is “basically” Funeral Doom mixed with some sludginess I was not expecting, all with that Bleak Mikkoness you’ve come to expect from CB.

Is it because he’s a GENIUS at getting good production, which is SO crucial in Metal, or because he’s A Real Good Songwriter? Heh. Mehopes both. Because he’s improved his production skills over the years somewhat more noticeably than he’s improved his songwriting. what a BIG FINNISH TEDDY BEAR.


recent MA interview mostly on CB, but some good general aesthetic and even SM talk too!


and while i’m there, lemme remember to link to his main Northern Heritage page. Order Some Stuff From Mikko!

Note To Mikko Aspa: Make a bunch more CB and SM T-Shirts! Come to US and A, and play CB and SM shows and contact me to be in the live band, because I support the Mission of Your “bands” 100%, and will not try any funny f@gg0t rockstar business other than to bring your songs to grim bleak antisocial life, and be your instrument-playing slave!


So if you can use BITCOINS to hire a HIT MAN or BUY ORGANS or buy SLAVES or order a SUICIDE BOMBING or easily find Kiddie Pr0n from the DARK NET, do you think you could buy a phony degree too? Bribe someone for a job? I also find it hard to believe that The Dark Net is 10 times bigger than the Above-Ground net (there’s a term for it, I just forgot it.)

What kind of math went into the development of the Bitcoin? Like the inventor had to plan the rate of inflation, and that he was going to increase the Money Supply by x% until there were X,000,000,000 bitcoins in circulation by the year 2050. there has to be an academic career there, hahaha.



(Note: I’ve been entering a “Dark Night Of The Soul” where I once again doubt my “born-again” Christianness, blame my Racial Awakening hahaha)

was also thinking about how BS The Christian idea of FORGIVENESS is. DON’T FORGIVE.

Ok lemme qualify that: don’t forgive unless the person has repented and Made Amends and PROVEN that they’re sorry, and Paid You Back in a way that you think is fair. Otherwise don’t forgive them. It’s that simple. Now this doesn’t mean you go around being angry at them for the rest of your life. No, you Forget and Don’t Forgive, and just let them be Dead To You. They’ve earned that much. And if they want back in your good graces, they’ve got to Earn It. Don’t go around forgiving the people who screwed you over, unless they are really sorry and UNScrew You.

So yeah there is something to the “conspiracy theory” that Christianity is just a big J3VVISH PLOT to Destroy Whites. Forgive Forgive Forgive until your Race Is Gone.

Of course my no-forgiveness rule also applies within the race, like beta males forgiving females over and over again, with no change of behaviour on the females’ part. Don’t do that either!

On the other hand, don’t Stay Actively Angry for too long. I claim you can eventually put that anger on the back burner and get on with your life. Heck you can even LOSE the anger and Forget the person, but Not Forget their Transgression, and Not Forgive where Forgiveness is not Earned.

That’s basically the bottom line: don’t Give your Forgiveness away willy-nilly like a Modern Grrlz spreading their 18-year-old Uterus; don’t forgive people who have not d4mn well EARNED it.

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