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OK, how about they all will be live, unless otherwise stated.

Yeah, srsly thinking about creating a Second, Secret blog, A Feelz Blog, that is all about Feelz and Halping Neckbeard NEET Wizard Kissless Virgin Beta Omega Basement Dweller Introvert Sperglord Austimal muh autism NEETBux AustimsmBux(Tm) annoying friendless loser virgin retard faggot annoying narcissistic hugless friendless unlikeable creeper loser unemployable underemployed unmotivated omega  loser morally lazy morally inferior slothful sinful damned to hell despairing lazy lazy lazy fat faggot f00k failures failers falers shamfur whining neckbeard whinging gormless fat fupa doritos eating code red guzzling vidya fapping call of d00dy team fortress halo niceguy basement dweller at age 25, 30 year old virgin, weird, fat, chubby, soft, omega, awkward, loser, pathetic, “clinically depressed” aka whiny spoiled neet loser who want to kill themselves because they SHOULD, going on r9k with their feeeelz and people tell them go to therapy and or kill themselves, niceguy, kissless dateless hugeless handholdless friendless nobody likes them 32 year old virgins, etc etc etc. demasculated emasculated castrated faggy faggots who have lost all masculinity and it painfully shows. totes lazy losers who deserve to be culled from the gene pool, who clearly do not survive in the survival of the fittest, do not have what it takes to live in the world, in an ideal world they would be EUTHANIZED, people who fail in every way, fail at school, fail at work, fail in Luv, fail socially, Losers At Life.


heh. you get the picture. this is a little hobby of mine, alongside the politically incorrect right-wing and racial stuff. I guess primarily it would be meant for White Men, but not sure if I would want to BLOCK nonwhites who were lazy losers from benefiting it, even if I COULD block them. I guess I could put a big fat “WHITES ONLY, IF YOU’RE NONWHITE, I DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU” right at the top of the page. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

What is for certain is that I want to help White Men The MOST, because they are my people, and because I believe they are Especially Vulnerable to the Feminizing, Sissifying, Faggifying, Jewifying, Decadentifying, Soul-Crushing of the Plutocratic Modern World, and More likely than Black, Brown, or Jish Men to become Basement Dweller Morally Lazy Losers who Give Up on Life.

I don’t like to see The Antiwhite Ruling Elite doing that to My Fellow Whites, and I don’t like to see Whites doing that to themselves.

Maybe it is easier for Poor Blacks or Browns to get on a downward spiral of drugs and crime and jail and violence and what have you. Not that whites don’t get mixed up in that Nonwhite Antisocial Life, many do. But I’m more talking about the Neckbeard Whites that are a drain on their Immediate Community rather than a drain on The Larger Community. If our Racial Brethren are Dead Weight, should we encourage themselves to Cull Themselves? Heh Because I’m such a Good Guy, I tend to think NO. We have to try to rehabilitate them. Fix them. Help them reach their White Potential. Spit out the poison. Fight back against the poisonous world. Win.



Heh. Maybe develop some Racial Awareness along the way, but I’m not sure that would be the VERY First Order of Business.

This is semi controversial because maybe I SHOULD be encouraging Loser Dead Weight Whites to Cull Themselves. Because say they become Productive Members of Society, but in a Traitorous way, a J-Serving way, such that they should Hang on the DotR, or not be welcome in a White Homeland?

Yeah, I guess I’m not that hardcore yet. I am notoriously soft & forgiving & lenient on Race Treason, for better or worse. I might even BE a Race Traitor deep down.  Full Disclosure: long before I had my Full Racial Awakening, I wanted to MATE with a Nonwhite girl, like willing to have mixed babies. (Excuse: She was POY, & She LOOKED hella white, if ya know what I mean.) I am glad I did not, but still Feelsbadman.jpg.





So yeah thinking about having a second blog for Feelz Stuff. Plus I got excessive feelz which I cannot fully blow off through Physical Exercise. Would not immediately, if ever, share that blog with (the 2, hahaha) readers of this blog. Because to be so focused on Feelz is not very White Warrior.

However, it is possible that Whites feel more Profound Emo Feelz than nonwhites. OR that nonwhites turn anger Feelz Outward, while whites turn Anger Feels Inward.

But I don’t want THIS blog to be excessively about Feels! Other than maybe a few nonfeelzy statements about the Feelz Capacity/Experience of Whites in relation to nonwhites; or White Psychology; Towards a Healthy White Psychiatry, etc. Jung, Chechar, K-Mac, I dunno.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul.

Heh. And there IS a difference between me Emo Whining about my OWN feelz, and giving Straightforward Bullet Points to Whites on how to Master their own Feelz. Waaah Waaaah Waaaaah woe is me, I have too much food to eat and too much money to spend, first world probs, vs General Positive Motivation stuff like

*Clean Your Room at least a little bit

* Babby Steps! Babby’s First Babby Steps!

* Exercise Regularly

* Eat Healthy

* Lift Heavy Weights

* Do Martial Arts

* Do something nice for someone (white)

* go for a walk in the park

* do at least one productive thing every day. start with just one if two is too much.

* destroy the Kke Box, ie The TV. Do Not Watch TV At ALL.

* Do not ever look at Pr0nography, that Kke FILTH.

* have a healthy Social Life, with an emphasis on Positive Healthy Role Model MALE Friends. Try Shunning Wimmin for a while if they’re CRAZY.

* Eliminate J Filth from your life bit by bit. J Detox, J Rehab. And believe me J Filth is EVERYWHERE, it just seeps in like CANCER.

* Don’t take out big college loans.

* Don’t go to college for anything REMOTELY gay, do STEM, not just STEM, but Good Stem not Bad STEM, because half of STEM grads, esp at Third Tier Toilets, are NOT gonna get STEM Jobs, so be fully prepared to be at the TOP of your Class.

* ORRR just don’t go to College at all, haha.

Heh. Stuff like that. Common sense No Sh1t stuff, but I guarantee You that’s way less annoying than me Whining about myself and muh feels!

Direction/Advice for Wayward White Men. Saving our White Souls. Not giving up on White Men who have given up on themselves.  Helping heal their souls from the  J Cancer of The Modern World.

Some whites will vehemently disagree with me, that from a economic and Race Survival PErspective, we might be actually Killing Ourselves by pouring our energy, resources, effort, time into Stopping those “outliers” who are more directly killing themselves from killing themselves. We should let them do their thing and we do ours, our energy would be much better used doing more Proactive things to Save Our Race: Starting White Businesses, Creating White Jobs, Creating White systems of Capital and Financing, Creating White Media and Politics, Having White Children, Creating a White Mannerbund STEMM Academy, etc.

And these ARE great ideas. Heh. I don’t think doing these things is mutually exclusive with what I’m Volunteering to do, of helping White Get Back On Track in their individual lives.

Heh I am just feelzy right now because I: have been reading /r9k and /adv a lot (4chan.) Plus I had a VERY humbling experience at a Job Fair recently. No, WIMMIN, I am NOT UNEMPLOYED, but I am trying to IMPROVE my current employment, so I can make enough money to have Three White Children some day. Heh, that is a hint of the stuff I might discuss on Muh Feelz Blog, but which I don’t want to go into too much detail here.




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time machine: october 20, 2012

So, for the Omega Underachieving Lazy Loser Lost White Male Neckbeard who just Can’t Win, doing strength exercises until Muscle Failure is a very effective and easily-doable way to Remind Yourself You’re Still A MAN, G0ddammit! And that you have SOME power! So go out and Exercise this growing power. First until you can carry your own weight. Then you can take a long-term view. But I’m not sure you can ever be effective in the long-term if you don’t get the short-term squared away. Don’t wanna be Dead Weight.

So that’s the Tip / Hack of the day for the Desperate Loserz: do SUPERSETS until you cannot do any more reps. Then rest two or three minutes and do another superset. Don’t try to do more than 4 or 5 supersets. That’s good enough for now.

You’ll KNOW when you get there; You’ll get USED to this “extreme” experience and it won’t be so intimidating anymore, so you can do it again and again and effectively&efficiently IMPROVE your BODY; you’ll feel like you actually DID something.

Was listening to the Jack Donovan interview and he was taking a real “VIRTUES” based approach. I liked that. Strength, Courage, Honor, Skill/Mastery, these are the especially manly virtues. All virtues are good for All People, but some are more manly and some more womanly. Like “Temperance” is good for everybody, but especially good for women, because it keeps them from becoming whores/sluts. Virtues. There’s something I don’t talk enough about! It’s a little more concrete and teachable and learnable and doable than “MORALITY.” Building Blocks OF Morality.

To be completely honest, here is the big secret to how I “blog”: I just sit there eating flamin’ hot cheetoz and chicken mcnuggetz and guzzling Code Red (heh NO) but seriously folks, I simply crap words into the WHITE box of a gmail draft. After about a week, the draft gets really long. Then once a week, I go through the draft and copy & paste 700-900 word chunks into wordpress, add a title and some tags, and there’s my post. This results in about 10 posts a week, but I only publish 3 or 4, and put the rest in the “kitty”. Either to publish them way later as “bonus” posts, or never to post them. While making new posts, I sched posts for Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings, and Sundays sometimes. I try to get a mix of both older and newer posts but it tends towards the newer. That’s it. The End.

If someone’s nice to me, then I’m nice to them. It doesn’t matter what Race they are. If they’re real nice to me and I like and respect them, maybe I’ll want to be franz with them. If someone is not nice to me, I say, “screw you 4sshole!”, walk away, and stay away from their Useless Dead Weight.

Greg Johnson just used the word “dysgenics” which got me thinking that there is a sound scientific reason not to race-mix. You get less healthy babies. Not that I had PLANNED on Race-Mixing anyway!

And then I just read something on Counter Currents that sorta implied Lawrence Auster was wrong. [“Name The Jew!”] Ok the complaint is that he has histrionic jewishness which interferes with his paleoconservatism.

It might even be useless for me to Speculate and Mental-Mastvrb8 on Race and Economics and Politix and Philosophy AT ALL until I get my own personal affairs in order; until then, I might be WASTING PRECIOUS RESOURCES by spreading myself too thin. So uh expect more “Personal Development Self Improvement” on this Flog.

Avoid grainz and sugar, get enough sleep, do Big Muscle Group Lifting Supersetz FTW. And don’t let others make your Political decisions for you.

So how much and how bad are the Toxins in Non-Organic Mass Produced Factory Food, say the mid-to-low-shelf Budget Coffee I buy at Wal-Mart? Cuz I was reading on the Bulletproof Diet guy’s page that even Starbucks coffee is full of horrible additives that sap energy from your body, just like the additives in all sorts of cheap food, and if you “just” spent more money to buy organic food, you’d have a lot more energy. I’m insinuating my own Energy Agenda into that somewhat.

Come up with Fake Fictional Stories of how you are a Team Player for your job interview, cause to SAY you are a Team Player and you LOVE working with others isn’t good enough, you have to PROVE it with Made-Up Stories.

Ok so I was helping a customer and didn’t know the answer, and the Team Member near me was helping another customer and SHE didn’t know the answer, so we helped both customers together and together were able to answer BOTH customers’ questions so awesomely that they wrote thank you letters to the manager.


succeedsocially.com . That is prob the single best #1 go-to website for Socially Anxious Awkward Dorks Who Don’t Know How To Talk To People. I should be printing off at least 20 pages size 8 font there. HIGHLY recommended. Note: put in blogroll. I pray to to the jewgod that you’re never in the position to find this site useful; but if you need to, it definitely is. A Blessed Gift from the jewgod.

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yes I mean the David Duke Harold Covington one. And No I don’t REALLY believe w33d is worse than alcohol, but that it is much worse than Morally Lazy Loser Stonerz say.

But honestly. At this point I care more about making money and Banging Prime Of Youth Tail. Can’t wait till Manopause, hahahaha. Nonetheless, despite my Red-Blooded Slavic Libido, I have a disturbingly low level of “HUSTLE” or “CHUTZPAH” and just want to Sm0ke W33d all day like the “DROPOUTS” in “Turner Diaries.”

I was listening to Michael Savage who talks like & prob IS a Huge Jew, but I enjoy SOME of his Social Conservatism, and he was talking about how Marijuana is one of the most underratedly destructive drugs ever. Everyone says its safe and good, but it’s really godawful and horrible. Quite a provocative opinion with a fair kernel of truth to it. I do agree with Savage more completely that alcohol is horrible and destructive. But he made an interesting point about how Churches are more full of people on Weeknights for AA and NA Meetings, than they are filled with Religious Worshippers on Sundays. Now alot of these people go to these meetings because they HAVE to, for probation. They don’t necessarily really WANT to stop drinking or Drugging.

And then I thought, but Savage did not mention, because this is too controversial for “even him”, how Drunk Driving has become a Much Bigger INDUSTRY than it has been in generations past, a REVENUE CENTER if you will for Cities. 30 years ago they would throw you in the drunk tank leaving nothing on your record, or let you off with a warning, now they arrest you, it goes on your permanent record and can never be expunged and will come up every time you apply for a job; AND will cost you 5 to 10 grand going straight to the city and lawyerz and courtz and probation and PolizeiPiggiez; AND your boss getting notified and you getting fired (ok not all the time!); and HR receiving updates every time an employee gets busted for DUI and then telling their bosses and getting them fired (or maybe this is just my paranoid fantasy of ZOG OVERREACH); and you have to make it a big shameful secret because everyone will think you’re a Filthy Crack Addict, even though your GRAMPA got thrown in the drunk tank every friday & saturday night and he was still an upstanding citizen providing for his family, because back in the Good Ol dayz you could still have One Misdemeanor and not have your Life Ruined.

Not speaking from Personal Experience, but I know perfectly FINE people who have, and they shouldn’t be treated like MONSTERS or PEDOPHILES or FELONS or MURDERERZ or UNEMPLOYABLE INTROVERTS (hahahaha), and I am certainly very against this BIG DUI BIZNAZZ. It’s not about Saving Lives like the Madd Motherz Screeching, it’s all about more money for your city to blow on copz cadillac pensionz hahaha. And HR Ditzes (tm The Cap) 30 points dumber than You, screening you out for GoodJobz, even though you’re way overqualified.

Anyway, I agree with Savage that Marijuana is Horribly Destructive and Satanic if you Smoke It All Day Every Day because then you get LAZY; and MJ is the type of drug where it makes you WANT to Use it All Day Every Day, and it’s possible to do just that and still survive…but only at the Bare Minimum. However, I think you can probably smoke it Once A Week and still turn out ok, and that that would prob be better than getting Raging Sh!tfaced Drunk once a week. The End.

The Epilogue: Yep, just drink some Bulletproof Coffee with a Strong Helping of “Magic Butter”, then once you start spazzing out, go into the Weight Room and “Throw Big Weights Around Like An Angry Gorilla” (tm Frost), then once your whole body is exhausted and sore, crawl into the Sauna with a nice little spl1ff and clamb4ke it out for at least one hour, then go and play music and write speeches and figure out sweet STEM equationz, then maybe call in your most Prime Of Youth mate and have a nice relaxed mating session where she sits on top and does all the work and you can take it easy from your Exhausting Workout, then send her off to do her pinterest or etsy or zombiez or nintendo ds fashion gaymz or whatevz, then watch a nice nonzionist movie like Triumph Of The Will (bwahahahahahahaha), play with your kidz if you have any, read to them and educate them and train them in weights and martial arts and engine repair and making sales and being a man. The End.

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On thanksgiving and CHRISTmas, I always fail to remember, our Noncollege Town gets flooded with all the Beautiful, PRIME OF YOUTH College Kidz that Come Home From (Getting Pounded At) College. I went out to a local bar/restaurant and there was a table with 20 College Kids, half of which were beautiful prime of youth girls, half of which were handsome, successful, up-and-up boys. People that Go Away To College, like to the Bigger Party State colleges in the state rather than the closer local ones, Living At Home and not being as Promiscuous in Parents’ Basement. The girls were young and beautiful but still Seeeeemed annoying and dumb and chattering and playing with their phones and blank stares and Whorish Fashion… but slightly “Classier” State College Whore Fashion. White, Too! Many of the Local White Girls DISAPPEAR To College right as they’re STARTING The Prime Of Youth, so for suckers like me, they practically don’t exist, hahaha. What’s left are….White Trash and Nonwhites. I’m exagerrating, there’s still a decent number of white girls left, but boy howdy, would their price be driven WAY WAY DOWN if these OTHER girls were still in town! DAAAMN!

What’s it called again when you have No Energy and No Motivation, No Will to Do Anything? The Horde of Communist Anti-Americans Amng Us call it “Depression”, but that’s a farce, fraud, and a hoax! I call it MORALLY LAZY LOSERNESS. DEAD WEIGHT.  IF YOU’RE A LOSER, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT, THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, IS BY BLOWING YOUR BRAINZ OUT!



As I was driving at night I was thinking I didn’t have anything against blacks for not being of my race (WHITE), I just didn’t like it when they got together in huge unruly mobs and CHIMP OUT. Now, we can easily say that, On Average, Groups of Blacks are more likely to Chimp Out than Groups of Whites. My question is, how much LESS did blacks Chimp Out in the Segregated Neighborhoods of the Old Jim Crow Days? My point is, people still obviously segregate themselves. To a large extent. A white isn’t going to choose to move right in the middle of the black ghetto. The worst ghetto black probably won’t show enough personal initiative to go to a gummint worker and apply for a house smack in the middle of a white neighborhood (rather, you can get slightly less-worse ghetto blacks to move in black groups into apartments CLOSE TO white neighborhoods, and there the chimping-out problems start to Creep In like a Cancer.)

For example, you probably won’t see a Poor Inner City Black Thug being “forced into” a neighborhood of McMansions where everybody is White or Jewish AND has a masters or better degree, great job, top 15% income or so, Murray’s Superzip Belmont Brahmin Elite if you will. It’s much more realistic if the neighborhood is, say, Solid Vaisya Working Class, certainly even Upper Working Class. Heh. Yes I am interested in the demarcation between Upper and Lower Working Classes, there’s prob a middle in there too haha.

Maybe I’m getting on a Class Kick again. Remember I’m not even a huge Racialist, even though I have had a bit of a Race Awakening, because I still think Sex, Class, and Intelligence are APPROXIMATELY as Important as Race. But Sex, Intelligence, and Race are Hereditary, and Class is a Function of Intelligence and Family, thus, Class is hella hereditary as well. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.

I was at a pub drinking a cola and eating a sandwich before seeing a Jewish Singer whom I adore and have no plans to stop adoring, when I was Delighted to see two “Girls” safely PAST The Prime Of Youth ™ in that they were clearing past 22 and Their Skin Radiance/Gleam was starting to diminish…..BUT they were still younger than 30 and very, very physically attractive. Got the Biochemicalz Flowing QUITE Handily. This was comforting because it reminded me I’m not LIMITED to 18-22 Prime Of Youth Girls to Satisfy my Manly, if slightly Decadent, Desires. Wouldn’t MARRY em though!

Gotta research Common-Law Marriage. Since I am staunchly against Legal Marriage. But states have laws saying that once you’ve been with a wimminz X years, then you’re as good as married, with many of the forces of zoglaw behind that. But it differs from state to state, wrt to number of years, and the penalties involved. I guess a good easy rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have a separation after 5 years. Just MOVE OUT. Of course at this point, 5 years is unthinkably long for Committment To Any Wimmin, although The Power Of The Pedestal (not the Pvssy Per Se!) can make a man do funny things with HIS most important Natural Asset: His COMMITMENT.  NEVER GIVE THAT AWAY FOR NOTHING!

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