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yes I mean the David Duke Harold Covington one. And No I don’t REALLY believe w33d is worse than alcohol, but that it is much worse than Morally Lazy Loser Stonerz say.

But honestly. At this point I care more about making money and Banging Prime Of Youth Tail. Can’t wait till Manopause, hahahaha. Nonetheless, despite my Red-Blooded Slavic Libido, I have a disturbingly low level of “HUSTLE” or “CHUTZPAH” and just want to Sm0ke W33d all day like the “DROPOUTS” in “Turner Diaries.”

I was listening to Michael Savage who talks like & prob IS a Huge Jew, but I enjoy SOME of his Social Conservatism, and he was talking about how Marijuana is one of the most underratedly destructive drugs ever. Everyone says its safe and good, but it’s really godawful and horrible. Quite a provocative opinion with a fair kernel of truth to it. I do agree with Savage more completely that alcohol is horrible and destructive. But he made an interesting point about how Churches are more full of people on Weeknights for AA and NA Meetings, than they are filled with Religious Worshippers on Sundays. Now alot of these people go to these meetings because they HAVE to, for probation. They don’t necessarily really WANT to stop drinking or Drugging.

And then I thought, but Savage did not mention, because this is too controversial for “even him”, how Drunk Driving has become a Much Bigger INDUSTRY than it has been in generations past, a REVENUE CENTER if you will for Cities. 30 years ago they would throw you in the drunk tank leaving nothing on your record, or let you off with a warning, now they arrest you, it goes on your permanent record and can never be expunged and will come up every time you apply for a job; AND will cost you 5 to 10 grand going straight to the city and lawyerz and courtz and probation and PolizeiPiggiez; AND your boss getting notified and you getting fired (ok not all the time!); and HR receiving updates every time an employee gets busted for DUI and then telling their bosses and getting them fired (or maybe this is just my paranoid fantasy of ZOG OVERREACH); and you have to make it a big shameful secret because everyone will think you’re a Filthy Crack Addict, even though your GRAMPA got thrown in the drunk tank every friday & saturday night and he was still an upstanding citizen providing for his family, because back in the Good Ol dayz you could still have One Misdemeanor and not have your Life Ruined.

Not speaking from Personal Experience, but I know perfectly FINE people who have, and they shouldn’t be treated like MONSTERS or PEDOPHILES or FELONS or MURDERERZ or UNEMPLOYABLE INTROVERTS (hahahaha), and I am certainly very against this BIG DUI BIZNAZZ. It’s not about Saving Lives like the Madd Motherz Screeching, it’s all about more money for your city to blow on copz cadillac pensionz hahaha. And HR Ditzes (tm The Cap) 30 points dumber than You, screening you out for GoodJobz, even though you’re way overqualified.

Anyway, I agree with Savage that Marijuana is Horribly Destructive and Satanic if you Smoke It All Day Every Day because then you get LAZY; and MJ is the type of drug where it makes you WANT to Use it All Day Every Day, and it’s possible to do just that and still survive…but only at the Bare Minimum. However, I think you can probably smoke it Once A Week and still turn out ok, and that that would prob be better than getting Raging Sh!tfaced Drunk once a week. The End.

The Epilogue: Yep, just drink some Bulletproof Coffee with a Strong Helping of “Magic Butter”, then once you start spazzing out, go into the Weight Room and “Throw Big Weights Around Like An Angry Gorilla” (tm Frost), then once your whole body is exhausted and sore, crawl into the Sauna with a nice little spl1ff and clamb4ke it out for at least one hour, then go and play music and write speeches and figure out sweet STEM equationz, then maybe call in your most Prime Of Youth mate and have a nice relaxed mating session where she sits on top and does all the work and you can take it easy from your Exhausting Workout, then send her off to do her pinterest or etsy or zombiez or nintendo ds fashion gaymz or whatevz, then watch a nice nonzionist movie like Triumph Of The Will (bwahahahahahahaha), play with your kidz if you have any, read to them and educate them and train them in weights and martial arts and engine repair and making sales and being a man. The End.

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