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[Note: H3ll NO I’m not awake right now! But this is for the benefit of Those In The World Who Are, hahaha, & to get Good Spreadage on my Sunday “Reader Appreciation” Posts.]


SUNDAY “READER APPRECIATION” POST! Heh one week I will stop doing this. Drive up the price, stop GIVING it away, hahaha.

Average Young Wimminz have routinely been on the receiving end of depraved sex acts most Average Young Minz can only DREAM of doing, and which they jerk-off desperately to.

Whips-out Mini Tape Recorder Alan Alda style: Great idea for depraved porno: BUKKAKE WEDDING, where the bride and groom slowly walk down the aisle, and the church is filled with big dark meathunks beating-off on and ravaging the lip-smacking bride, totally COVERING her with sperm by the time she gets up to the front and finally MARRIES the CHUMP, hahahahaha. Probably smearing a bunch of the sperm on him too, hahaha.

Not far off from the Average Modern Western WIFE, hahahaha!

(How much you bet I get invited to Weddings All The Time, haha!)

Average Wimminz have driven several Average Men crazy, or close to. Average Men have Prob not even driven ONE Average Wimminz crazy – it took a series of Nonaverage Alphas to do that.

So, Brahminz are trying to Steal/Poach Smart people from lower classes via Leet Univz/Jobz. End result of a Total Brain Drain on Non-Brahmin castes. Re my interests: a gradual dumbing-down of The Vaisya and even Upper Vaisya, my own home caste. I had a chance to go brahmin but I blew it, which only now I’m starting to see might be a great thing. the blowing, that is. So now I’m thinking, how can the Smart Vaisyas who for whatever reason REMAIN Vaisyas into Adulthood USE their smarts to HELP their Born Caste? Their PEOPLE? Starting Businesses, Creating Jobs for the Less Intelligent, Running for Local Vaisya Office, and Strengthening Vaisya Neighborhoods, of course!


Been meaning to see this for a while. Didn’t disappoint. Not a CLASSIC but a much better-than-avg movie. Memorable. Unique. Original. It’s no secret I love Norwegian Culture (Or What’s Left Of It, hrmmmm….) and will watch Norwegian movies just to hear the language and look at the Nature. Fjords and Forests and Mountains and Sognland and all that. Blame Burzum for biting me with the Norway Bug. Of course it’s all the more interesting nowadays with the Superliberal Govt, Insane Multiculturalism, Breivik, etc. But if they’re THAT “Socialist” then why aren’t they going broke like Greece or Portugal? Will that happen soon or not?

And I’ve long enjoyed Theodor Kittelsen’s artwork, again via Teh Bvmzvrz, and his Loving portrayal of Norwegian Nature and Legend, in his case, often concerning TROLLS. They really DO tell their kidz TrollStories in Norway, and it’s nice to see a Norwegian movie effectively capturing this part of Norwegian Culture. In a fun way, and not even disrespectfully. I feeeeeelt the movie honestly celebrated Trolldom, rather than saying “let’s get rid of Our Traditions and Culture to make all the new Jihadist Immigrants feel more at home.”

Character development was good, especially with the Trollhunter himself. You really grew to like him quite a bit.

And just enough humor and comic relief. Dry, but light-hearted. I wasn’t sure it was supposed to be a “horror” movie, and lemme just clarify, it definitely wasn’t. Even intended to be. That’s fine. Didn’t need to be. And it succeeded on its own merits and on its own level.

Of COURSE I wanted to tear the young Norwegian girl in half, although I don’t think she’ll age well. She looks like a slutty frog.

Not too serious, not too ridiculous, just right. goldilocks. Also not too long. And during the end credits I (correctly) guessed the band was Kvelertak even though I’d never actually HEARD them before, only READ about. Hmm. One of the more highly-touted of the young modern “black’n’roll” groups.

A good FUN movie. Didn’t think Norwegians knew how to have fun! We should all be able to appreciate that! B or B-plus.

Morality. Ethics. Respectability. Honor. Doing The Right Thing. Whatever you wanna call it, I argue it’s not complicated, AND, even among All The Cultures Of The World, they’ll 80% agree on what is right and wrong. So, Morality Is 80% OBJECTIVE, THEREFORE (QED), MORALITY IS OBJECTIVE. THERE IS ABSOLUTE RIGHT AND WRONG. GOOD AND EVIL.  Lying, cheating, stealing, jewing, murdering, raping (Even Decadent Whorez don’t Deserve To be Raepd!), non-defensive violence, sucking out a BabySlurry(tm) from your Womb thru your Cvnt/K0kHole, cheating on your husband or Boifran, making him raise another man’s child as his own….these things, chirren, are all WRONG. BAD. Here’s some examples of GOOD things: being honest; hard-working; not lying; being gentle and compassionate; walking in the other person’s shoes; empathy; sympathy; kindness; altruism, even if done selfishly. Not hurting people; Not jewing people. Not sending men to die. Get the picture yet? Nope?

Write these down on your True Believer Kollige Memorizer Flashcards for your Big Exam Then Pay Me $9000:

1. Once you know how to get it, sex can be gotten for FREE.

2. Honest Men will never want to marry a promiscuous, aka promiscuous even for One Brief Phase, Wimminz.

3. TodayzWimminz have nothing to offer other than Sex. Unless you want to Marry a Wimminz who previously gave away Sex For Free to Manny Cox (tm, BKC). Because that was in the past and she feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelz different about You. At this moment.

When I say “True Believer”, I’m being inspired by Nydwracu, who is in turn being inspired by Eric Hoffer. I read the first 20 pages of “The True Believer” and should prob just buy a copy, haha, so I can have it on-hand for the 20 years it’s gonna take me to read a little 100 page book, hahaha. Important, Profound, SMRT book though! That Hoffer was/is a HELLUVA Guy!

Fake True Believers are just as bad as Real True Believers. Atheist True Believers are even worse and closed-minded and stupid than Religious True Believers. Wimminz/Whorez are True Believers in First and Foremost Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz, then Cox and Marxism.  Well, the order can be debated. All three tie in together. Add Zog in there too, of course, if you’re a “True Believer” in ZOG, hahahaha. I’ll leave that one up to You. I’m

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a True Believer, just make sure it’s in something Morally Good, WHICH, we just established, is Objective and Not Up For Debate! Be a True Believer in Good, and then BE an AGENT of that Good!

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