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Yeah this blog is not really uptodate, trying even less than usual.

Officially in the midst of a Hateful Phase until about June 2013 approx. Just gonna celebrate the hate. no apologies, no excuses. K-kes have turned wh-te men into f-gg-ts and wh-te women into wh-res. K-ke poison infests everything: TV/news/media, health care, jerbz, careeeeeers (k-ke kareeeer kult), i have come out of the closet and begun using the word “k-ke” liberally in my private writing and now, I suppose, my public writing.  my other current favourite racial slurs are “sh-tskins” and “mudslimes”.

plenty of whites are wannabe k-kes. but they don’t even KNOW they want to be k-kes. they’ve just been poisoned by skool and media and Boomer families that didn’t know any better.

k-ke cancer. k-ke pharmaceuticals creating lifetime customers, not curing illness, not helping people. k-kes promoting all sorts of degeneracy and saying it’s right….because THEY’RE not right.

living in a CAVE eating BUGS and ROOTS would be healthier for the white soul than watching k-ke tv, working in k!ke careers, eating k!ke food.

K!ke FOOD! filled with chemicals and toxins and poison. not just k-kes but the Collaborator Race Traitor WHITES who LET all this happen because it meant more MONEY for them, to poison their own people!

Anyway I hope to let the Hate transform me in a Positive Way, make me tougher and meaner and stronger and healthier and better.  that is why i am putting the time limit on it.  If I am “Consumed By Hatred” after june 2013, then and only then I will start worrying, but before then, NO PROBLEM MON.

SOME of it is due to Personal Setbacks and Failures and Weaknesses and Regrets and things I’m not too proud of, that really are no fault of the K!kes, but MY fault alone. Although for a long time I wanted to believe J-w LIES!

And yet I am still the same Niceguy who started this “Blog” almost a year ago, except now I am not afraid to say the word k!ke.  KIKE.

I have not gone off “the deep end”, however I am prob more committed to My Racial Awakening.  It is a tuff thing and it did not happen overnight. But I feeeeeeel I might have turned a corner. Went past the point of no return. Crossed the RUBICON.  For me that is represented by not being afraid to say words like KIKE. For You it might be represented by something else.

There is the objection that “I’m Doing This” because I’m just into Acting Out, Getting Attention, and being POLITICALLY INCORRECT, and what’s more Politically Incorrect than being a RACIST? Next thing you know the most cutting edge artsy hipster Brooklyn SWPLs will be wearing Swastikas like Sid Vicious to protest the Man, or sommat, and will then be inundated with 18 Year Old White P-ssy.

However there are much, much, much more important things in life than P-ssy, even Wh-te P-ssy, if all it is is Decadent K-ke Poison!

Currently a big thing for me is, How Jewish IS Christianity. Is christianity a “jewish conspiracy” to make whites bend the knee to their jewish overlords.

At the moment I currently LIKE much of the characters of, for example, Jesus and Mary. I LIKE the priest at the church go to most often. I have a generally POSITIVE opinion of the churchgoers there, EVEN the nonwhites! However I can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing; and the idea of The White Race is Feeding My Soul more than the Christian Religion; and I certainly wouldn’t put it PAST those sneaky YouKnowWho’s to at least USE Christianity to SOME extent as a weapon against the goyim. the stupid, stupid goyim.

Also something about being BORN white, but you can’t be BORN christian.

Despite an awareness of the J Poison in Televitz, I have been watching tons of it: Gayme of Thrones – is it just filthy p0rn poison pretending to be “fantasy”, or is it actually ok to enjoy it? Star Trek TNG: great characters, but how “poisonous” is it; Breaking Bad (all “caught up”), actually all caught up on the undeniably Filthy K-ke Kancer “Girls”; picking back up on Battlestar Galactica again. wrote a bunch of stuff on these shows, might post some.

Ideally will free myself from this J-vvish “need” for ENTERTAINMENT but I have a gloominess and grumpiness and bawwwww feeeeeelz which overcome me during the cold bleak winter months. this is much less healthy than the Little Bit O Hatred, which is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, We must be careful of Trace Elements of POISON which SLIP IN to the things we LIKE and still manage to POISON us bit by bit.

Fun Entertaining New To Me Music:

SARGEIST: Let The Devil In. Sort of new discovery, Finnish Black Metal that proves Sweden and Norway have been Ruined By The J-w. This is exactly what black metal SHOULD* be. this album was released in 2010, quite a late date. Black Metal is alive and well.

TENHI another Finnish group I’ve heard OF but never really listened TO till now. Might make a “Dark Folk” fan out of me.

Even though these musicians might not be personally Race-Awakened, they are definitely still Honest Whites, and their Poison-Free Music can Nourish the souls of other Honest Whites. Especially if you have a hardon for FINNS, hahahahaha.

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screeched in Old Finnish Lady Voice.  Some newf@g on the internet once said Mikko Aspa looks like Butthurt Dweller. And I thought the IDEA of him living in his mom’s basement at age 37 (or whatever) was funny. Although I’m 1000% certain he doesn’t. It’s just a FUNNY IDEA. Also something about both Butthurt Dweller and Mikko Aspa being Grumpy and Hateful and Creepy.

let me plug MIKKO ASPA ‘s DOOM project STABAT MATER, which I’ve not done yet, prob because i haven’t had time to listen to it. but today I righted that wrong, and it is IMMEDIATELY obvious, within ONE MINUTE, that this is top shelf Aspa Goods. If you like Clandestine Blaze, you WILL like Stabat Mater. GUARANTEED.

He uses the Growly, Deeper Creamface voice and it sounds even SICKer than Creamface, I might even prefer this to his Black Metal voice. Music is “basically” Funeral Doom mixed with some sludginess I was not expecting, all with that Bleak Mikkoness you’ve come to expect from CB.

Is it because he’s a GENIUS at getting good production, which is SO crucial in Metal, or because he’s A Real Good Songwriter? Heh. Mehopes both. Because he’s improved his production skills over the years somewhat more noticeably than he’s improved his songwriting. what a BIG FINNISH TEDDY BEAR.


recent MA interview mostly on CB, but some good general aesthetic and even SM talk too!


and while i’m there, lemme remember to link to his main Northern Heritage page. Order Some Stuff From Mikko!

Note To Mikko Aspa: Make a bunch more CB and SM T-Shirts! Come to US and A, and play CB and SM shows and contact me to be in the live band, because I support the Mission of Your “bands” 100%, and will not try any funny f@gg0t rockstar business other than to bring your songs to grim bleak antisocial life, and be your instrument-playing slave!


So if you can use BITCOINS to hire a HIT MAN or BUY ORGANS or buy SLAVES or order a SUICIDE BOMBING or easily find Kiddie Pr0n from the DARK NET, do you think you could buy a phony degree too? Bribe someone for a job? I also find it hard to believe that The Dark Net is 10 times bigger than the Above-Ground net (there’s a term for it, I just forgot it.)

What kind of math went into the development of the Bitcoin? Like the inventor had to plan the rate of inflation, and that he was going to increase the Money Supply by x% until there were X,000,000,000 bitcoins in circulation by the year 2050. there has to be an academic career there, hahaha.



(Note: I’ve been entering a “Dark Night Of The Soul” where I once again doubt my “born-again” Christianness, blame my Racial Awakening hahaha)

was also thinking about how BS The Christian idea of FORGIVENESS is. DON’T FORGIVE.

Ok lemme qualify that: don’t forgive unless the person has repented and Made Amends and PROVEN that they’re sorry, and Paid You Back in a way that you think is fair. Otherwise don’t forgive them. It’s that simple. Now this doesn’t mean you go around being angry at them for the rest of your life. No, you Forget and Don’t Forgive, and just let them be Dead To You. They’ve earned that much. And if they want back in your good graces, they’ve got to Earn It. Don’t go around forgiving the people who screwed you over, unless they are really sorry and UNScrew You.

So yeah there is something to the “conspiracy theory” that Christianity is just a big J3VVISH PLOT to Destroy Whites. Forgive Forgive Forgive until your Race Is Gone.

Of course my no-forgiveness rule also applies within the race, like beta males forgiving females over and over again, with no change of behaviour on the females’ part. Don’t do that either!

On the other hand, don’t Stay Actively Angry for too long. I claim you can eventually put that anger on the back burner and get on with your life. Heck you can even LOSE the anger and Forget the person, but Not Forget their Transgression, and Not Forgive where Forgiveness is not Earned.

That’s basically the bottom line: don’t Give your Forgiveness away willy-nilly like a Modern Grrlz spreading their 18-year-old Uterus; don’t forgive people who have not d4mn well EARNED it.

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[Real Time Edit to comment on The Daily Outrage (tm Eradica) of the honestly Immoral, Evil, Appaling CT School Shooting, also pushing this WELL into Long-Post, SEVEN-minutes-of-your-day category:


Go Read Eradica First, I’m just ripping them off. This has become my Biggest Day Ever because I somehow got a trackback on STORMFRONT, was not expecting that. Well, I do like David Duke but I do not participate in any forums.

So the big skool shooting in CT just happened yesterday. We all know I have a Grim Fascination in Shootings like this. I don’t know if there’s actually MORE shootings nowadays, or the MEDIA is reporting on it more. Or the shootings are just BIGGER and elicit somber commentary from Your Prez. I honestly feeeeeel There Are More Shootings than even 30 years ago. MY POINT IS, behind MOST of these shootings, there’s LIKELY to be a WHITE BETA. WHITE Sperg Virgin, White Unemployable Introvert, White Angry Young Man who is NOT getting Young Tail. The key ingredients are: WHITE, Undersexed/Lesser Beta/No Game, and Socially Awkward/Sperg/Introvert/Loner. PROVE ME WRONG. AM I WRONG? YOU CAN’T PROVE IT!

But I like how this one Adam Lanza was outed by his brother as being “SOMEWHAT AUTISTIC”, the Autist Community will prob have a FIELD DAY over that one. That was last night. Seem to be playing that comment down understandably and now saying he “SUFFERED FROM A PERSONALITY DISORDER.”


Not to diminish the suffering of the families whose children were slaughtered or the terror and pain and agony and dread the children and other victims felt as they met their maker in a “pretty” godawful way. Of course, this is just The Lord saying, “You See What Happens When You Take Me Out Of Skoolz! If you let people pray in pub skools maybe I coulda saved these kidz!” Trollery, hahaha.

But I guaranteed if this Autistic Gothic Sperg Virgin Omega Introvert Creepy Unemployable Feminized Western Male* had: Pvssy on the Reg and FT Work On The Reg, he would not have done this. Guarantee, 100%. But instead he’s a total nutcase who kills his own mother and kills little kids. Good Job Moses Hessians, hahaha. Zionist Marxist International Shylox!

So I will have more to say about that later prob. *”Feminized Western Male” tm Chechar.


heh. a trackback for Eradica’s Thoughts, hahaha. This is a great example of “The Daily Outrage” exactly because it is more outrageous than the average daily outrage. I guess you need a good Monthly or Quarterly Outrages and have a nice hierachy of Useless Outrages, hahaha. They talk about ZOG Drones slaughtering 30 innocent children a day for ZOG; Terminator-caliber rocket launchers being wielded by Average Serve and Protect Police Copz! and how all it takes is one Dedicated Nut (tm Bukowski) to get past all this Rocketpower and kill a sh!tload of American Kidz. Another good comment on Beta Rage: Men Who Are Mating Market LOSERS getting revenge against Mating Market WINNERS, by killing the winners’ kids, like Knife Attacks On Children in China. Heh. This is why Eradica is my Daily Newspaper hahaha. Thanks for nicely offering me the writing gig BTW. I do have “extra posts” I could give You. But my concern is that my stuff is not As Serious and Sober in tone as Eradica. I like to have fun and joke around, and also am in many ways a Weak, Feminised Western Beta Male Unwilling to Act. Laziness.

Also I know FP is very against Dumbing Down and 140 character Twitter Soundbites, but I do really like his little “POEMS/AXIOMS” he often leaves in comments, where he reduces things down to their essence. Not sure if he is being facetious, but IMHO this was always The Power Of (Bukowskian) Poetry for me: saying the Profoundest Things in the Fewest Words Possible with very little Ambiguity (unless Ambiguity is what you’re going for in the Poem. But Ambiguity is generally F4ggy anyway, try to stay away from it.)


highly truncated/edited to consrv &emphasise wrdz; block quote on Mikko Aspa from


start ”


seeks to portray urges &interest from predatory &masculine angle. majority of his body of work revolves around themes of degradation &abuse spiced with extensive amount of decay.  aims to destroy any elements of actual person’s ego or mundane being, & transform everything into objects of pure aesthetic value. work focuses often on theme of decay. Be it moral or physical condition of object or its surroundings.  Subjects include  “unprofessional” human nudity &obscene displays of perversions, which seek to distance sexuality from simulations of pro-creation. sexuality portrayed always involves predatory or voyeuristic angle.  zero attempt to normalize deviancy or seek acceptance for bizarre desires. [This] Anti-Social aspect of pornography remains exactly the opposite [of] apologetic approach of “sex art activists”.

…His paintings &illustrations are BLUNTLY NAIVE (heheheh), seeking nothing else than to portray idea of a specific act or object obsessing the creator’s mind…

Aspa considers himself SEER OF DECAY, who accepts &celebrates role of gutter artist… illusion of a new dawn is so distant, politics often enter only as side-product, and most often as uncomfortably and coldly inhumane as the rest of the work.

” end blockqt.

I have a Huge Mancrush on Mikko Aspa, that’s all. Plus get VAST majority of searchterms for his name.

If A Girl is Nice to you rather than all b!tchy and unpleasant, that might mean, “be a charming charismatic man to me, &you’ll prob get to Bangme. You’re gonna have to go out of your way to screw this one up.” which is fine &dandy if you find the girl particularly attractive. but what if you find that you feeeeeeel that you don’t really WANT to bang her? should you make the effort ANYWAY, just so you can get some more bangs in, assuming you haven’t banged 20 Wimmin Yet? (Trying to establish the Average Number Of Wimmin The Average Man SHOULD Bang in his lifetime so as to be a healthy nonpedestalizing nonslave nonbeta, to have the power to make his own choices regarding Mate Choice. I think I said before it was APPROX 20.) I GUESS if you still need to Get To 20, then go ahead &Pay Your Dues, &you’ll prob pull Hotter Tail in the Future. (NO I’m not ROCK SOLID on 20. But I can’t IMAGINE that number POSSIBLY being lower than 10. Even 10 is way too low. 30 seems a little too decadent, EVEN ALLOWING for that Men are Allowed to be More Decadent than Wimmin. So, APPROX 20. CLoser to 20 than to 10, hahaha. So 17. This works considering the Average Nonalpha Male Bangs a lot less than the Average Wimmin does, and a lot less than She THINKS He does, as she mistakenly believes Men and Women are the Same, with Comparable Sexual Experiences! HELL, I bet Average (ie Beta) Modern Males butthurtedly LONG for being able to bang even TEN – that Dangerously Low Minimum I just mentioned above! Leads to a Society of Men Well Below Ten, Grinded Down to Marry Wimmin well Above 20!


Not bad, pretty good, more artsy than hoped, but Tom Hardy was ELECTRIFYING. “Fully Inhabits the Role.” Oscar-Worthy, not that the Oscars are worth much. Tom Hardy is in my Upper Echelon of Current Young Men and this only solidifies that. Handsome as f00k too, and he looks even better in the Bronson role with Bald Head and Flamboyant Moustachery. When feeling Beta, look to him here as Your Alpha. It was a little Clockwork Orangey which is just fine, as that is one of my All Time Favourites. Hardy was VERY impressive, showing some subtle Physical Comedy I wasn’t expecting. This was before he became “A Name” with Inception too. Daniel Day-Lewis-Level Bravura, hahaha.

Don’t want to say the artsiness killed it, but overall it was just a little too WEIRD for me. All over the place. Losing Coherence. I know Refn knows what he’s doing, and in the extras we see that indeed Refn wants to portray the Effeminacy of Being An Artist, and how this very Manly Man had a Feminine side: He was a True Artist, AND completely Bonkers. It might help to know more about The Real Bronson. There’s a nice recording of him doing “monologues” and he does have a very unique way of speaking, although it’s almost completely unintelligible. I can never understand what Well-Enunciating Americans are saying anyway, so I usually watch movies with Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired, which would have helped for this movie.

But about 80% through, I just wanted the movie the end so I watch the extras. Sometimes I Want to like Refn more than I actually do. Even still he’s better than 90% of Filmmakerz.

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[Dec 9 2012: Time Machine Post from June 26 2012. Don’t CARE about hits, rather about EXPERIMENTING with what might get hits, so I can getta Internet Jawb. In this case, Mikko Aspa. Got at least 2 other “Unpublished” Aspa posts just in case! Also Long Post. 1101 words.]

Though I have no respect for Katy Perry, some of her songs are catchy and she has Absolutely Fantastic Big455 T1TT4YZ which are enough to MAKE a man into a T1T man, and I would Plow them. In 5 years they will be saggy as hell though, but don’t tell HER that! hahaha.


some fun reviews on a Mikko Aspa CREAMFACE album. “add legitimacy to pornogrind” “abyssward gazing social commentary” “willfully entering into own exploitation” “one of a few artists to make a name on analyzing the degradation of women” etc etc clear that The Big Guy is right in my Wheelhouse.

Stabat Mater is his Funeral Doom Band.

Nicole 12 is one of his Power Electronics bands. Also deals with Pornography & Raep & Child Abuse & Disturbing transgressive creepy etc. 3 guys 1 hammer of the music world.

What IS POWER ELECTRONICS? Might have to take the plunge… music for murderous paedophiles apparently.

heh someone calls this Nicole 12 album “TRYHARD” hahaha. “power electronics is not for social commentaries.”

for me I don’t ENDORSE such perversion, violence & EVIL, but it IS possibly interesting. Don’t know WHY it CAN’T be a social commentary. Or, don’t know WHY the creator isn’t ALLOWED to take a moral stance on it upon presenting it. Don’t think Aspa really goes around raeping & torturing little girls! He’s MORE LIKELY to be a real nice guy who would make a Great Father, but Wimminz thinks he’s “Creepy” because he’s in all these pornosadism bands!

Heh the next song box just popped up to say that the next CREAMFACE song was “J!ZZ DRINKER.” great name!

OK, time to read all the interviews w Aspa I can find. Trying to determine his Moral, Political, & Ideological Wheelhouse. Hoping he doesn’t Authentically Endorse Violence or Act Like That. Although actually MAKING the Porno Tapes might be a step in the wrong direction.


this is the first major interview I read w him, remember reading it about 6 months ago, long and detailed, interesting.

Should prob give CLANDESTINE BLAZE and GRUNT a listen uh? [Dec 9 : CB is Preeeeetty Sweet!]

he sez some pretty Politically Incorrect things about Zionism which all the Leftist Fans of DsO probably wish to ignore!

PowerElectronics itself seems pretty PInC anyway. Shining cold white light on the absolute Worst parts of Human Nature. Very SERIOUS, none of the Silliness of Pornogrind. Might be new fave genre. Truly misanthropic & cynical, makes most Black Metal look like My Little Pony.

Whitehouse one of the founding groups of PE. Then Blackhouse was a “Christian PE” group.

Trying to relate all this back to: My Born-Again Catholicism; to Human Nature; to more nondenominational morality; the concept of Sin, Original Sin, degradation, suffering. SCHMERZ.

then there’s “HARSH Industrial” which seems kinda similar if not synonymous.

anyway I would be presenting all this will the Moral Judgment that it’s bad or wrong or an example of what not to do, but that we need to be “educated” in our Sinful Selves in order to get the proper un-appreciation of it? By listening to PE, NOT by DOING horrible immoral things like 3G1H or AMWWimminz or Creamfaced wh0res.

RELATED TANGENT: BLACK SABBATH was actually a CHRISTIAN band, esp see the “Master of Reality” album. Satan controls this world & our bodies (compare DsO), so all the more reason to turn to G-d for the afterlife world.

ALSO: Australian Funeral-ish Old-Skool Doom group PARAMAECIUM also pretty Christ-friendly.

ALSO: Kirk Windstein of CROWBAR is “apparently” pretty Catholic & some of his lyrics deal with soul-searching, conquering personal demons, crosses to bear, etc. Just not super inYourFace ConvertOrDie Evangelical. I was surprised, bc he’s friends w all these satanists haha.

I am NOT all evangelical, but I DO like to emphasize the Human Moral Potential & Power to Rise Above Degradation & Sleaze, the triumph of the human spirit, regardless of Whose Name you choose to do that in.

& again I think of “Industrial” & their themes of “Humanity Is the Scum Of The Earth”, stuff like early Godflesh or Swans. Don’t know ANYBODY who disses that stuff.

AlthoughI might have a fundamental disagreement w Aspa because I am way more Christ-Friendly, I DO share his extreme GRUMPINESS and CYNICISM. Not sure if I would PAY homeless people to f!st their own 45535 or shove cigarette butts in their open wounds while I filmed it, though.

However as long as he doesn’t molest children or kill people, I don’t have a PROBLEM w him, haha. I find his Worldview Interesting, haha.

He KNOWS how LOW Humanity can GO.

So Depths of Degradation is NOT the exclusive domain of PowerElectronics. See: Industrial. also reminded of Eyehategod & Mike D. Williams (there’s a YouTube interview w him where he seems like a Really Nice Guy.)

“College is a Scam” say all the people who took out $900000 in loans to get useless degrees & can’t get a job. I say, they’re partially responsible for choosing useless degrees, BUT that College SHOULDN’T*[*Dec 9 2012: not sure if I knew the Proper Usage of “Should” at that time, hahahaha] cost so much, hahaha. & If you’re even Sorta Smart in High School, everyone’s Ramming the Idea of College down your throat, & you have to be way above average mature to choose NOT to go. Way more mature than you are smart!

MY Excuse was, I honestly BELIEVED a Useless Degree would get me a Subsistence Entry Level Bigboy Job Easily, so I DID have a sense of entitlement. If I had known that only people with Sick STEM degrees have an EASYtime getting jobs (&really, NO ONE has an EASY time finding a job, EVERYONE’s gotta bust their 455 & HUSTLE and CHUTZPAH in the Cult Of Careeeer), I would have Never Gone, thus, it has been one of the Biggest Mistakes/Regrets of My Life, shoulda never done it, still struggling to come back from it X years later, &That’s all I’ll say about that, so STFU.

But d4mn! you ever see these young wimminz that are such TRYHARDS. Doing the BEST in College & then getting the BEST career have become their GOD, WAY MORESO than Young Tail has become MY “god”. TRYHARDS. But I’m secretly Jelly of the Tryhards, because their Hard Work Usually Pays Off. Lesson Learned: Try Hard, Work Hard, Make $$$, B4ng B!tches, Fall Down On Your Knees & PRAY If you have to.


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Heh. One part of that title may be more relevant than the other. Work In Progress. General Rules of Thumb: Approx 1,000 Words Per Post. (May change to 1,200.)  Write 10 Drafts In Advance If That’s What It Takes, just Break It Up. Now I don’t really CARE if people read this – in fact, I’d rather have LESS people read it than more, considering it is CAREER POISON/CANCER/SUICIDE; BUT I do want to Hone All The Valuable Skills I possibly Can, and IF I were to become a Freelance Writer, it would BEHOOVE me to keep the posts closer to 1,000 words than 3,000 words, simply because No One wants to read Huge Long Posts. I shy away from watching 20 minute + videos on YouTube, I would shy away from reading 3,000 word articles. Just say what you want to say. You can “still” absolutely make it funny, just break it up some. Spread it out. I used to post 10,000 word posts once a week, thinking it was a Big Occasion; in reality, no-one, not even me, wants to read a 10,000 word post, even when it’s About me, hahahahahaha.

Also, some WordPress Help File recommends to use no more than 10 Tags per post. So I’ll try that. I’ve been using more tags than abs necessary, thinking it will Increase My SEO. Maybe I AM trying to Gain Readers, that’s not really the point. The Point is Helping Men, Crushing The Arguments Of and Shaming FemiFascist Pigs, and being Funny, without being Cutesy Internet Faux Nerd Girl Funny. Good and Proper Alpha Man Funny. Not Man Show Lamestream Media Misandry Funny, just str8 up old school classic undeniable timeless Trendkilling funny. Not Gurrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssss talking like thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss with Self-Photos and Skrillex and puking rainbows and kitties and Steampunk Cthulus (HT: Guy I Used To Know Whose Blog I Still Read!) That’s what I mean when I say “Girly” Qua Funny Comedy.

About 700 words left. When I have a SERIOUS topic I’d like to give SERIOUS analysis to, that should take 1,000 words focused on that one thing alone. Like a laser. But I can talk for 650 Words about Doom Metal, Absolutely. At LEAST.

SKEPTICISM of Finland is a Pioneer of the Funeral Doom genre, starting in the early 90s, around the same time as THERGOTHON. I have this “Theory” that the Music We Discover from ages… say 5th grade to 16th grade leave the biggest impact on us and our lives and shape 99% of our Musical Tastes For Life, and, like it our not, this will be our favourite music. Every so often I’ll “discover” some music, and say, I wish I would have listened to less X and more Y back in those days, I would have liked to have a deeper connection to what is probably “Better” Music, or have it be magically osmosisally influential to my own Music-Making Artistic process.

Anyway I DID listen to Skepticism during Those Formative Years, so that’s probably why I still enjoy them so much. I DID have a big Doom Metal period before I entered my “current” Black Metal period, and now I’m revisiting Doom once again. And maybe even One Day I’ll have a Death Metal phase, indeed, I’m appreciating some Solid Death Metal right now too. Mainly Incantation. Old-School Stuff with tons of Integrity and Atmosphere. Whether it’s Black, Doom, Or Death, “Atmosphere” is the thing that ties all my favourite Metals together. Skepticism’s got it; Burzum’s got it.

Skepticism used to be very private, never releasing their names or photos, kinda like what Drudkh did later. (Although we’ve since discovered Who the guys in Drudkh are.) Around 2008ish, around the time of “Alloy”, during the time when I was Avoiding Metal, Skepticism had their Coming Out, and started playing Shows regularly. At first I was shocked, but now I’m happy and thankful. I would LOVE to see Skepticism Live. That would be a SICK show. I enjoy watching the Youtube vids.

What is their Hook? How do they Add Value? Differentiate? They have the “tribal” sounding drums due to playing with Felt Beaters rather than sticks. This gives a big epic echoey Timpani sort of sound as well as a “old-school ceremonial” thing. Very Solemn. I like lots of Solemnity in my Doom. Doom is very varegiated, if you look at people’s Top Doom Albums list, you’ll see more Stoner/Weed Sabbath Style Doom than Funeral Doom. Though I love Sleep, I prefer the Slow Solemn Funeral Doom. They probably still smoke tons of W33d, they just don’t blatantly worship it in their lyrics or themes. There will often be an Open High Hat being hit once every couple of seconds to create the slowest tempos imaginable. That’s my area of expertise. It HAS to have a rhythm or beat though, it HAS to have that impossibly slow but regular High-Hat (like the Hands Of Death’s Clock Slowly Ticking Towards Your Imminent Doooom!), and it CANNOT be “formless” Sludge with No Beatkeeping, eg Stephen O’Malley I’m Lookin At You. No disrespect but I just can’t get into that stuff. I need a beat, however slow it may be. In fact, the slower the beat, often is the better the Funeral Doom.

Skepticism has Solid, Non-W33d-worshipping stuff, solemn, atmospheric, Drenched in Nature and Foresty Atmosphere like a Scand Black Metal Band, but they have that Offbeat Not-QUITE-Scandness that comes with being from Finland and Not Sweden. Or at least that my racist mind associates with Finland vs Sweden. They’re not quite as slow as I hinted at above, plus the beats have less High-Hat emphasis, but they’re still plenty slow, slow enough to be called Funeral Doom. The Church Organ doesn’t hurt either.  I like that they are pretty much First Wave funeral doom. And that they are Normal-Looking Mid-Thirties Finns with Short Hair and No Tattoos. Just Normal Average Everymen, probably Hard-Working stiffs with Children, hopefully not being Raeped in Finnish Family Court. I’m def intredasted in the State of Finland, specifically: its Metal and Culture and Politics and its Modern Westernism and comparing it to, especially, its interesting neighbours of Scandinavia and more Eastern European /formerly Communist states. What Differentiates Finland and makes them Unique Modern Finland? How bad is their Feminism and Socialism? My initial Feeeeling is that they are not as “far gone” as Sweden/Norway and keep it a bit more Real, but I could be proven wrong. I never met any real-life Finns. (Other than when I meekly said “Hi” to the drummer of SENTENCED 10 years ago during one of their few US tours – now gimme a minute to get rid of all these excess 18-year-old girls storming my Harem to get a brush with My Brush With Fame; I cap The Harem at 50 Girls, and they have to be no older than 18 and no lower than 8.8;)

To wrap up: Skepticism is Probably my Favourite Funeral Doom band, over Thergothon (ThergPros: great classic songs; cons: sorta unhelpful production; not as much of quantity OF quality as the much longer-lived Skepticism), over Mournful Congregation (haven’t fully listened to their discog, or for long enough of my life, but “The Waterless Streams” is my (Non-Formative-Years) Song Of The Month May 2012), over disEMBOWELMENT (IMHO “better” than Thergothon; possibly just as important as Skepticism; but I wouldn’t call them “FUNERAL” doom to the same degree as Skep, hahahaha. But they are Slooow, AND they are classic/timeless/legendary and Absolutely Essential for any fan of non-ridiculous True Doom.) I would almost like Skepticism to be more “f4ggy” with flowery (metal-flowery at least, I’m actually thinking of Mournful Congregation’s more “soaring” Iron Maiden Leads) Epic Guitar Harmonies or something, but they don’t really NEED to be, and being Primitive and Minimalistic is part of what makes them Skepticism. Besides shaping my concept of Funeral Doom, Skepticism has also shaped my concept of Finland. Funeral Doom is IMHO the Purest Form of Doom and should wrestle the power away from more ridiculous “Stoner” Doom. That’s kind of a unspoken understanding, SOMEWHAT like if Bob Marley wrote ALL his songs/lyrics about “partaking ganga.” You don’t need to SAY it. (Note: I have No Beef with Stoner Doom Per Se, as I think SLEEP is Outstanding and Transcendent. They got it Really Right.)  Also I should probably talk about Candlemass and so-called “Classic” Doom too. For some reason my mind recently wanted to compare and contrast Candlemass and Crowbar. In the sense that each is not super-sub-differentiated Doom; they are both straightforward Riff Machines of Big, Catchy, Super-Heavy, Sorta Slowish Riffs that build into great songs. But all that other doom stuff is another day’s discussion; Today, I am honouring SKEPTICISM.

“The March And The Stream” at a Doom Superconcert in A Church, gotta put that in here too!

1337 Words. Heh Heh. 1337.

Teasers: in addition to Doom-related Candlemass and Crowbar talk, I’d still like to hold some attention on Finnish Metal, this time Death(ish) Metal, namely Very Old Sentenced and Very Old Amorphis. Not “kinda” old, but old-old. Old-School Death Metal Old.  (SOTP album cover comparison)

Overlap between Doom and Black Metal, In My Perspective. Doomy Black Metal? Black Doom Metal? Depressive Suicidal Black Metal? vs Doomy & Slow Non-Suicidal Black Metal? Black Metal With Doom Riffs, Doom Metal With Black Riffs, Nortt, (Bethlehem?), but espec The Ruins of BEVERAST. Maybe I’m just bored with the New Burzum Album, but I’m taking a Little break from Black Metal and I don’t mind. A smidgen of Old-School Death Metal in there too, which is not altogether not raw or doomy. Autopsy is a fine example of one of Those Bands I would have liked to listened to more during my Tastemaking Formative Years.  1521 words, hahahaha.

It seems my Long-Awaited End Of “Educational & Career-Helping” Classes has influenced my Lazy Choice to Blog/Write More, when the WHOLE POINT was to use this time to Improve Career More. LAZINESS IS A MORTAL SIN.

This is absolutely a $30 post. And that last one I said was $20 – that was probably $30 too. So despite being Lazy, the good news is, I’ve already produced 60 Theoretical Dollars Worth Of Product as a Quasi-Freelance Writer!

1731 words. Next post will be closer to 1250. Then 1000.

Not sure if I will make metal/music posts a Regular Thing. If I had Another Blog this would go on there. Heck Yesterday I got Kinda Anxious and thought about SHUTTING DOWN both this new blog AND Twitter!

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