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To CLARIFY on my Controversial And Very Popular Post about the CT Skool Shooting: NO, I don’t think he shot the kidz BECAUSE he was WHITE, and not getting TAIL. What I was TRYING to say, and I said it poorly, was that White Betas have a Harder Time Fitting In than Nonwhite Betas; Have A Harder Time Pulling Pvssy Because White Boys are More Feminised than Nonwhite Boys, and thus Pull Less than their Nonwhite skool peers; White boys get the Rawest Deal when it comes to Hiring and College Admissions; White Boys are most likely to Be Sperg; and then wrap that all up and you get white boys who are most likely to be simmering with psycho anger and playing 9000 hours of call of duty and having no friends and being huge hateful virgins who when they’re not playing call of duty, are scheming up ways to Lash Out against The Society That Rejected Them. “I’ll Show Them! I’ll Kill Them and Then I’ll Kill Myself!” and this all sounds like THE GREATEST IDEA IN THE WORLD to them.

IN SHORT, Go Read Eradica’s stuff on the topic, haha:

Eradica coined the GREAT term “Sperzerker” or “Spergzerker” to describe these impotent angry alienated sperg virgins, b!tch single mothers, public skools, “23rd place t-ball tournament trophies” hahaha, can’t get tail, can’t get a job, can’t talk to people, can’t function; plus my opinion is that our Modern Society is not good for Spergs, too overstimulating and forcing idiots in your face in school and work, only jobs available are customer service jobs, even with all the autism awareness and pc tolerance of spergs, this might be the worst time ever for a sperg to live, ironically! see Marie Cachet’s thoughtful article  https://mariecachet.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/5-autism-an-explanation-from-the-inside-en/ )

Of course, the related Sex and Race Experiment I wanted to do was, for High-School Aged Kidz, do Nonwhite Boys get more and/or better Tail than White Boys?

Semi-Related: I would say 10 minutes with a 10 would be better than 10 hours with a 1. So a Man’s “NUMBER” really isn’t a measure of his Sexual Success; what IS, is a COMPOSITE of: His NUMBER, multiplied by the 1-to-10 of each of these Wimmin, multiplied by the amount of hours he spent Inside Her Bod. Out crunches the REAL number. Like I say, if you bang 100 1’s going hogging, shamefully squeezing out sperm into disgusting Road Hawgs, you will not be as confident as the man who has Mindblowing Sex with a “mere” 10 perfect 18-year-old 10s, fully enjoying the pleasure of the Prime Of Female Youth and Beauty, as opposed to Rancid Table Scraps.

So keep that in mind. It’s Quantity AND Quality MULTIPLIED.

While it’s FUN to Shame Sluts, the grim truth is that BEHIND EVERY ONE RUINED WIMMIN IS AT LEAST TWO RUINED MEN. AND THE RUINATION IS NOT THE SAME. The Wimmin are Contemptable Womb-Judases, Emotionally Retarded Hamsters who can still Mate if they want to; while the Men are PITIABLE, PITIFUL creatures whose only sin was to be TOO NICE. They can NOT mate if they want to. (“MRA’s are angry because women can choose their mates; because women have the Right To Mate”)

Next time some Wimmin or Marxist pulls the Men and Wimmin are the SAME, Gender Is A Social Construction BS, say, OH YEAH, MEN AND WIMMIN ARE THE SAME. (bear with me!) IN ATTRACTIVENESS. WE CAN USE THE SAME METRIC TO MEASURE THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF BOTH WIMMIN AND MEN. (wait for it…)

So when a guy sees a really “Hawt” Wimmin and gives her a 9, we can find some Beefy Meathunk who Wimmin Likewise value as a NINE and makes THEM swoon “ooo lawd he’s so HAWT!”

Both Men and Wimmin use the 1 to 10 system to rate both men and wimmin – whatever they find attractive – and it’s a useful language for a heterosexual man – attracted to WIMMIN – to communicate with a heterosexual WOMAN (*** Huge Proofreading Error – originally wrote “MEN”, f@ggots will say I did a Freudian Slip)  – attracted to MEN – to communicate the attractiveness of each other’s mates, where if a heterosexual MAN were to put himself in the shoes of a heterosexual wimmin to describe how HAWT ANOTHER GUY IS, that’d be f@ggy as f00k!!!

Ok, so there’s the bait, now here’s the switch. Tell your marxist race traitor interlocutor that on average, WIMMIN can get MUCH more ATTRACTIVE MATES than MEN; That Wimmin have the “Right To Mate” while Men do not. The End. Use the 1 to 10 Mate Value System to “Equalize” Men and Wimmin JUST to point out how TRULY, VASTLY DIFFERENT men and women ARE.  Use THE SAME measurement system to PROVE how DIFFERENT Men & Women are. The End.

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[12-15-12: this is a Time Machine Post (tm BKC) orig written on July 27, 2012, and will take 5 minutes to read if you are an ADDultKidz (tm FP w modz by BKC) like me in the Slowest Quintile of Readers.]

COMMODITY CLASSES. Useful Core Classes All Useful STEM students must take, predictable textbooks & material, can and should take anywhere for the lowest price, not much diff bw TTT & MIT.

took math placement test (required), placed into Calculus 1. Not sure if one CAN place into Calc2. Did not prepare or study. Simply remembered stuff from 10 years ago that helped: soh-cah-toa, FOIL, pythagorean. got f00ked on some of the more advanced trig stuff. my max EXPECTATIONS were placing into Calc1, so those were met & I was happy. By the time I complete degree at age FORTY I will be DEFINITION EMPLOYABLE, because Tech Employers LOVE to hire FORTY year old new grads from TTT’s with little experience over TWENTY year old grads from MIT! Waaah waaah. F00k this sh!t, just go into Welding. Or Cisco Academy.

Armageddon1115 mentioned how too much of the MRM is about watching & sorta encouraging MRM’s to fight & argue and not enough on Positive Action, actual things men can do to live better lives, but endless & unproductive debates, comment wars. Heh. Now I’m glad I haven’t started my YouTube Channel yet.

And also for the reason that I don’t want to get into comment wars, I don’t want to argue with ANYONE right now, not even Feminists, Wimminz, or Leftists! Also I’m very bad at taking Constructive Criticism, let alone Internet Tuff Guy Criticism!

Although I am proud to be an Internet Tough Guy myself by arrogantly stating my opinions as fact. I just don’t want to publicly argue about it! Honestly don’t have the time or energy.

Barbarossaaaa made the interesting, compelling argument that maybe the Nuclear Family is NOT the best idea for the good of society. He & Stardusk make the compelling (redundant yeah SUE me) point that technology has changed our world SO much SO quickly that we just can’t go back to that. Coupled with economy & standard of living that encourages Wimminz to have their own Meeeeeeeaningful (& Lucrative!) Careeeeeeers. Simply put, Wimminz don’t NEED men anymore, well if they ever NEEDED men, but now they need them much less, and they are not shy about Going THEIR Own Way!

A Traditional Wife/Mother will not think twice about abandoning her Traditional Nuclear Family if it’s possible & non-shamed for her to take a BETTER OPTION, whether in her own career, or leeching off a more successful man. see Briffault’s Law, Hypergamy.

This contrasts with Rocking Mr E, who says the Nuclear Family is the Best Way to Raise Children.

Wimminz are proving that they don’t WANT to have Traditional Nuclear Families.

So what are viable alternatives? Because we can agree that we want to raise Well-Adjusted Children, I hope?

I’m just “BRAINSTORMING” Ideas. Maybe a Single Father who works from home, works just enough to support himself & his children, & homeschools the children while he works at home?

Maybe two well-adjusted Gay Men? I think Rocking Mr E is not too hot on Gay Parents, but I’m still optimistic that two Gay Male Fathers COULD POSSIBLY raise a well-adjusted child, provided THEY aren’t nuts, but they PROBABLY will be. But less so than Two Lesbian Mothers!

Barb mentioned an interesting study in sweden about divorces among gay men & women; basically the lesbians were FAR AND AWAY the leaders of the divorce pack, with a rate like 160% that of Gay Men.

So, you give Wimminz the OPPORTUNITY to get rid of men, and they will quickly and gladly take it, Barb says. He points to how QUICKLY divorce rates are RISING in India and China just in the past 20 years, when they had Industrialization, Modernization, Rapid Econ Growth mirroring a more prolonged process in the US. It doesn’t take Wimminz 40 years to Go Bad, it only takes about 10. The Catalyst/FUEL is Always there. They’re not being COERCED by Gov’t, the Gov’t is simply making it EASIER, removing the BARRIERS, and Wimminz are saying “SOUNDS GREAT TO ME!”

So I laid there thinking and came to a few No-Brainer Conclusions that I thought were still profound:





Even BILL GATES’s wife has her moments of doubt, that she could do better.

WIMMINZ DON’T EVEN HAVE LONG-TERM LOVE FOR ALPHAS! They can get bored with ALPHAS same as they do with Betas, it just TAKES a little longer, and the Wimminz’s feelings of Infatuation & Lust are more strong at the beginning so she prob REALLY gets into the TIUTAing for a while at the beginning, all screaming and sh1t.

Even DAVID BECKHAM’s wife gets bored of HIM, and if that marriage fails, it will be HER who initiates it, even if he is better looking-than her.

Wimminz are an element of chaos, disorder, entropy, instability. Wimminz are NATURALLY BIPOLAR. Men naturally desire & work towards Stability, Wimminz….DON’T. In The Modern Western World, put together a stability-loving man with a stability-destroying wimminz and the wimminz will usually win out, because she has MORE INCENTIVE to LEAVE her husband than to STAY with him.

As long as Wimminz have Lucrative Career Opportunities, this will remain the case.

So what do we do? Say wimminz can’t have careeeeeeers? can’t vote? These genies are already way out of the bottle & prob can never go back.

So we ADAPT. Men are USELESS to Wimminz; Wimminz are much MORE useful to men, because of their Hot Young Bodies and their Reproductive Abilities.

So I do agree with Barb that the Artificial Womb is a Possible & def Interesting way to FREE men from their Dependence on WIMMINZ to REPRODUCE. RockingMrE doesn’t like it, but I don’t really agree 100% with him there. That’s ok. I can slightly disagree with him on one thing & still like & respect him as a man!

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LONG POST 1101 wds. ASSUMING “Average” readers read 200 wpm, then this will “COST” you approx 5 and a half minutes of your TIME. To borrow a concept from Ryu.


Dec 9 2012 Real Time Bulletin: Wanna say THANK YOU to FIREPOWER for REBLOGGING me at Eradica re my Cowardice vs Moderateness post; and he nicely articulates the idea of “Narcissism Of Small/Minor Differences”  (funny joke here) (YES I know WHAT Freud Was!) & “Sour Grapes” which I’m still lazily “working” on grasping, haha.  if I wanted to make BLOGGING my JOB, I wouldn’t be Blogging About THIS, haha. And if I DID want to make blogging my JOB, that would be f4ggy as f00k & I wouldn’t want to know me; &also the writing wouldn’t be FUN any more, and YES there’s more important things in life than FUN,  and ZOG LIKES it when whites are Preoccupied with Having FUN, but FUN can be important to one’s mental state nonetheless!

Really my effort needs to be expended into making myself a stronger White Man, as of right now I am “Pretty much” Dead Weight In Real Life. But I am not afraid to “Name The Jew” and Ryu has a great related point (though it feeeeeeelz Reallllllly Supplicating Beta agreeing with someone who would prob Throw You To The Wolves!) about people being too afraid to use “THE N-WORD” even when it is COMPLETELY appropriate re describing thuggish, violent, chimping-out, antisocial, dead weight, freeloading, obnoxious, dishonorable n!ggrish behaviour; Even I am too afraid to say it without c3ns0r!ng myself, although I’ve taken a blogger (Firepower?) up on using words like “Coloreds” or “Negroes.”

THAT BEING SAID, I recently had a Race Traitorous Antiwhite Antiracist (heh, heh) Life Experience where I met a lot of perfectly nice and friendly Nonwhites (Southeast Azn’z); AND I’ll prob have a post coming up about Nonwhites incl Blacks I experienced at a Super-Devout Catholic Church, AND more of the (i.e., my) usual talk on Race vs Religion, ad nauseum. AND Which Races are the Most vs Least Physically VIOLENT To Whites: Negroes, Asians, Mestizos, Mexicans, El Salvadoreans, or Hondurans, that kinda stuff. AND who’s the biggest 4ssholes out of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Thais? I’ve actually heard glowing reviews of Thais ie them being Nice. AND Stay tuned (heh) as I examine the effect Even Friendly Nonviolent Immigrants have on White JOBS! For example, Middle-Working-Class Hospitality Jobs for People Without Fiat Masterz Degreez.

PS Warning:  I’ve got over 100 drafts in the “kitty” just because I Write Too Much, and will now officially DO  “ONE POST-A-DAY” thru the end of the Year (21 more dayz)  just to Clean House. For instance this post, which is a Constipated Turd from November 10.


Greg Johnson, Homosexuality essay in “Confessions of”, where he writes of Augustine and “Montaigne” writing profoundly of Male Friendship, then being “outed” by Postmodern Marxist Queer Theorists, when they weren’t necessarily homosexual, they were just rightfully praising the benefits and beauty of male friendship, and now Men can’t even enjoy Male Friendship without it being GAY. Which makes men more Insecure about their Friendships. And if ANYTHING’s gay, it’s insecurity hahaha. No, not necess “gay”, just beta. Uhh look up and find linx to writings by those authors to get an example of those profound things they said.


Good Old Saint Augustine. Even the most Socially-Anxious Introverted Beta Creeps Are Social Creatures with Social Neeeeeedz. And even the Alphaest Lone Wolf can benefit from Social Contact.


Enjoying Vox Day’s hierarchy of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Sigmas, etc. (Keyword: “SOCIO-SEXUAL HIERACHY”) Because I think Alpha and Beta does oversimplify sometimes. Well, if you get enough sex you’re an alpha, if you don’t you’re a beta, but there is MASSIVE variety among Betas. Some get ok sex, others get godawful sex, some get no sex, and Vox’s hierarchy accurately describes all these.

The Hard Truth is that I am Not Yet Man Enough to Attract And Hold On To the Type Of Traditional, Pure, Womanly, Wifely, Mother-Of-My-Childrenly Woman I want to attract and hold onto as a Primary Monogamous mate. Not saying that in a “WHINY MRA” way, because the good news is: I can BECOME That Kind Of Manly Man. It’s just HAAAARD when you’re a Weak Beta to not show any Beta Weakness. It’s the Classic Catch-22: Need a Job to Get Experience, can’t GET a job without experience. Once you get some tail, you get more tail than you need, and the poor betas that REALLY need it don’t get it at ALL. IMHO the best solution here is simply Legalized Prostitution. That might help you Learn Game quicker, which will help you pull Real and Better Tail quicker. Having Practice Girls makes the whole becoming-a-man process MUCH quicker and easier, otherwise you might still be a 30-year-old ADDultKidz (tm FP) hahahaha.

But “GAME” shouldn’t be seen as Those Separate Skills For Pulling Tail, it should (and WAS) seen as just part of Being A Man. Manly Charisma. Men Have Game. It’s a Natural Part of being a Man. It’s not a way of Jumping Through Hoops To Be Wimminz SLAVE. And the Charismatic Personality will help you in Many other ways that just pulling TAIL, it will make you a Better MAN altogether: better citizen, leader, inventor, entrepreneur, scholar, gentleman, saint, priest, “husband”, father, harem-master, do-gooder, job-creator, every positive role a man can possibly have.


PLUTOCRACY vs OLIGARCHY. heheh. http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Plutocracy don’t forget about metapedia. whenever someone talks about “metapolitics” that’s code for they’re a right-wing racist. one of the good kinds of racist, hahahahahaha.


So I can feeeeeeeel a Sea Change of myyyysellllf and by extension this FlogBlog becoming SLOWLY, SLIGHTLY less Anti-Woman, less Hostile to Wimmin. (I don’t NEED Women, but I would LIKE a Nice, Good, Decent Woman to settle down with One Day, but if I don’t, I won’t DIE, I’ll just become a Single Father, although, Ideally, a Child “Should” know their Mother.) Wimmin aren’t The Enemy. It’s hard to say Who The Enemy even IS – Zionists, Plutocrats, Ruling Elites, etc – but it’s Not Wimmin Themselves. Wimmin have certainly “internalized” the “value system” of The Enemies, so it can be confusing. Or you can also def say that Wimmin are Poisoned and Ruined by “Decadent, Amoral Junk Culture.” Let’s go with that. But Wimmin are NATURALLY Conformist, they are more prone than men to look for someone or something to Lead Them. And right now they’re sucking down that Junk Culture and thus becoming quite Junky. And OF COURSE The Ruling Elites want to turn Men and Women against each other. Divide and Conquer. Make Wimmin Wards of the State, and gradually eliminate Non-Elite Men altogether & use them as Fodder/Fuel. But WE have the power to fix that!

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Ended up linking to 5 diff Firepower/Eradica Pages. Not Intentionally Fishing for a “Pingback”, not sure if I can turn that off, but I’ve been making the most concerted effort to read His Entire Blog  vs other other Blogs lately; really like his straightforward, cut-to-the-chase, no BS, and lotsa jokes style. He might be responsible for eventually convincing me to stop loudly proclaiming myself as “An MRA”, haha (more later.)

Firepower places William Bennett in his First-Tier of Inspiring Chaps, alongside Charles Murray and Robert Bork. Bill Bennett gets a lot of flak in the Manosphere for a few articles calling men to Man Up. Yes, the articles were unfortunate, but not sure they could discredit an entire solid career. Heh. I need to be spoonfed soundbites from Blogs because I’m too ADD to read a WHOLE BOOK!

Plus Today’s Brandons (Firepower heh) DO need to “Man Up” in the sense they need to become less feminine and more masculine…but this is NOT what is USUALLY meant by the term “Man Up”, so I don’t want to confuse the issue further. When you hear “Man Up”, it doesn’t mean the positive thing of “Be more masculine!” it means the negative thing of “Do What Mommy Tells You Or Get 4ssraeped!”

I can’t argue with Firepower’s “Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism.” Very solid. (Summary: “1. Black Fascists 2. Open Borders Supporters  3. Gov’t Unionists & Academics 4. Feminists 5. Homosexual Activists) This is why I shake my head at the “The MRM is Not A Left/Right Issue!” and am more on Chapin’s side than Barbarossaaaaa’s “side”. (Note Well: Chapin does NOT really talk about Race!) Feminist Governance is just ONE part of Leftist Totalitarianism, which is why we need to be focused on MORE THAN Just Men’s Issues!

Attn Blacks and Gay Men: If I AM somehow a “White Nationalist” (by association), I’m prob the biggest Black-Lovin’ (And Gay-Male-Lovin’) White Nationalist there is!

I (And prob most Anti-Leftists) Are WAY LESS RACIST against Nonwhites than Leftists are against whites!

And I (and prob most anti-leftists) would be happy to welcome nonwhites with anti-leftist views! Not All Anti-Leftists are WhiteNationalists, Not All WhiteNationalists are Hateful, Violent Extremists, etc.

Heh. See I am too easily influenced. Gullible Brandon. Automatically took a neg view of Bennett just because MRA’s don’t like him. Didn’t even know he had a Daily Radio Show.

Of course next think you know I will be a hardcore anti-democratist because I’ve been reading a lot of Moldbug lately. But that jives well with my Core Belief that People Are Average Stupid, and that Average Intelligence is located somewhere no higher than the 45% percentile.

So one of Bennett’s newer books is called “The Book of MAN: Readings on the path to MANHOOD”. INTRADASTING. Esp in light of his unfortunate MAN UP comments. Wonder if MRAs have actually read this book. OK GreatBooksForMen did, writing a low-on-the-GBFMSpeak Serious, Negative review, calling Bennett a Judas selling out for Fiat Butthexed Bernanke Dollars to Gamble Away, all to use Young Men as Cannon Fodder Fiat Dollar Fodder. Not surprising given GBFM’s strong anti-TheFed stance, but I still like GBFM, wouldn’t argue against him, however I AM willing to give Bennett a chance, haha.

But what’s WRONG with being a Workhorse, a Protector, and a Provider for a Woman?

Maybe it’s acceptable IF AND ONLY IF the Woman is NOT a Wimminz, AND the Woman treats her man with love AND respect AND Loyalty AND works hard to serve him and the family just as much as he does.

Pretty tall order, uh? That’s because it SHOULD be. It IS. A Good Wife is Even Harder to find. So Just Don’t Marry. You can even get decent COMPANIONSHIP out of Harem/Rotation. You won’t get A Good Wife, but you can still have Heirs, provided you’re willing to do All The Work yourself. & it Can be done.

Firepower sez DON’T join the military because you’d be supporting our corrupt government, our Leftist Nanny State, and Saudi Greed for Higher Oil Prices. Whereas I’ve said DO join the military as more of a positive individual-development thing, ie, be trained in how to be a Successful Alpha Male.

Maybe join the military, get trained, become alpha male, bang rotation, get money for college, then be sure to LEAVE military and not become a Career Militarist. Although I wouldn’t blame you for being Swayed by the Attractive Benefit Plan!

search term getting hits here: “is mikko aspa a child molester?” No, he just wants Morons to Think so, hahaha. I get what he’s doing. He’s Totes My Kind Of Provocateur. I HOPE he’s not a child molester, hahaha. feel like listening to some CLANDESTINE BLAZE RIGHT NOW as a matter of fact.

“mikko aspa sociopath.” NOPE. You want a SOCIOPATH, look for your avg Brahmin (or Brahmin-WANNABE – seems that is the New Way of the Upper Vaisya!!) Hipster SWPL Millennial, or an Avg Modern Wimminz. Pretty sure Mikko knows how to Genuinely Empathize with other people. Probably even TOO much!

“ora et labora JOKES.” Funny how that corny Ora Et Labora post is my biggest Hitmaker. Had very little to do with O et L, certainly nothing Informed. But I wouldn’t mind seeing these jokes either! Jokes can be educational as well as entertaining!

A Low, Droning, Low-Brassy “War Horn” can sometimes be heard in some Grim Black Metal (clandestine blaze:“call of the warrior”, burzum “keliohesten”, graveland something off “1000 swords”), playing nothin’ fancy….AND I LIKE IT.


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Harems really are the best solution for men. The Social Proof of Other Wimminz Attention keep all/each Wimminz in line. This extinguishes hypergamy before it even starts. If a man just has One Wimminz, that WimminzHamster eventually begins to ask “is this the best I can do? OTHER WIMMINZ don’t even want this guy! I should be competing with other wimminz if this were a REAL Alpha man!” QED, have a Harem, & you will have many well-behaved Wimminz working to keep you happy, rather than One Wimminz Being a B!tch to you. Win Win.

So College can technically never be a “BUBBLE” per se because it isn’t a COMMODITY like a house, ok we get it, COLLEGE BOY. Just suggesting it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Bubble possibly because it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Commodity. Just beginning my Seriousest Reseach on the topic.

So bachelors degree is new high school diploma, graduate degree is new bachelors degree, also of COURSE interested in the devaluation of degrees & superfluous credentialization of jerbs.

Smart Money sez go into the trades. Which Trade is the best (long-term security, ease of finding a jerb).

I think James Altucher has written on this topic, I’ve enjoyed his writing before. Note to self.

Top Tech/Engineering/IT Firms don’t HIRE from THIRD-TIER-TOILETS. Possibly it’s the notion of Creative Risk Takers CREATE the company & get Dedicated, Super-Competent Loyal Company Men to produce for it.

My question is, what’s the best ROI for someone who HAS to or who PREFERS to go to a Third-Tier Toilet??

Even simpler: Which has better ROI, Computer Science Bachelors from TTT, or a Good Welding Cert? Cisco Cert? Electrician cert? As far as I know, TRADE SCHOOLS don’t have Ivy League vs Third-Tier Toilet distinctions, and I LIKE that they don’t. Cuz I have NO RESPECT for Bourgie Tryhard Career-Worshipping College F4gg0tz Wot Never learned the value of WORK.

Harems make men Happier & make Wimminz behave better. Harems are better for EVERYBODY. JUST HAVE A HAREM. ONEITIS IS A SOCIETY-KILLER.

It makes Men S3xually Frustrated, Lonely, ForeverAlone, Pining, Weak, Unsatisfied, Unhappy, Unproductive; it makes Wimminz even more Hamstery, Awful, & Evil. ATTENTION BETAS: WIMMINZ **WANT** YOU TO HAVE A HAREM. This is about the one good idea they DO have.

It worked in the Past & it can Work Again!

But Wimminz don’t SAY they want it, they say they DON’T want it. Avg Men’s problem is they LISTEN to what WIMMINZ SAY too much.

WARNING: I do not advocate Raep, that is violence & I don’t advocate violence; if a Wimminz says “no” when you’re about to stick it in, just calmly grin and say “Fine, Baby, but a word of Advice: no-one likes a TEASE. YOU’RE WELCOME.” then GTFO. Good chance she’ll then throw herself at you (Last Minute Resistance.) & if she doesn’t, move on to another Wimminz in your Harem, no harm, no foul. Harems allow men to stop artificially overvaluing sex because they’re about 9,000,000,000 times less DESPERATE for it, & it stops being such a powerful Carrotstick wimminz can use to control men to do their hamstery bidding.

I would thank You not to Hawk Huge Loogies around me because it is rude and obnoxious, but I wouldn’t blame You to do it around Wimminz, cuz it’s an effective way to get them in your Harem. Macho Man.

encounter broadsides june 2012 college bubble glenn reynolds. yea or nay.

Initial Firepower/Eradica Discovery: (ie, this post was written a little while ago)


just found this blog of firepower/eradica from his comment at heartiste. firepower is super provocative and thinks he’s SO SMART and makes fun of other manosphere bloggers and says the MRM will fail because the guys are a bunch of keyboard jockeys and diapered 25 year olds who don’t actually DO anything.

just spend 30 minutes reading his site, very interesting. seems to be into a broader White Nationalism & Alt Right thing. Don’t like how he Mocks GLPiggy and Dalrock and some of my favourite “sacred cows”, but I don’t think he’s more than 50% full of sh!t either. Heh if he were on twitter I might read more. He and his buddies seem pretty smart & well-read & I don’t mind reading some more. Just gotta remember to haha. Def smarter and Better-Read than myself. Not been reading blogs lately, or ESPECIALLY searching for fresh new blogs like this one. Kind of a Polarizing figure: (“delusional troll”) If I like Him, then maybe some of my own MRA Buddies might stop liking me! haha. &I DEF don’t want to provoke HIM because he would verbally REAM me & I don’t want that. Anyway I recommend checking Firepower’s blog out.

So out of reading blogs, so into my own Narcissism, that I didn’t even know FERDINAND BARDAMU STOPPED WRITING / IN MALA FIDE SHUT DOWN, now In Mala Fide is basically a Manosphere Link Aggregator, all the content taken DOWN.

Firepower has some interesting ideas on blogging, people recycling old ideas, trying to get paid for blogging, traffic, hits, etc. He says, read the stuff when it was written first and best by Charles Murray, Robert Bork, Thomas Jefferson, Orwell, Thomas Sowell. Is the impression I’m getting. He REALLY doesn’t like Chuck Rudd and many prominent manosphere bloggers have BANNED him for his trolly comments. But I don’t find the writing/ideas on his blog BAD!

Just Spent a few solid hours clicking links, subbing to rss of blogs, this is the prob w relying on TWITTER as your personal article link aggregator / new rss reader, bc like 40% of these bloggers don’t use it. but I like retweeting ppl haha.

Hamster-Rationalization For My Moral Laziness / Sloth: It’s not that I CAN’T Work Hard for a Long-Term Reward, it’s that I can’t work hard for ONLY a Long-Term Reward, and want/prefer some short-term rewards pushing me to the long-term reward. But having my basic NEEDS met for food, shelter etc should be ENOUGH of a short-term reward no? Yes and no, haha. Good Lord, I’m NO BETTER THAN THE WIMMINZ I MOCK, EXCEPT I DON’T TIUTA* FROM STRANGE MEN.

*”Take It Up The 4ss”, Credit Wimminz/AfOR, read his blog.

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Great Firepower post explaining Why He Is Suspicious of Blogging/Bloggers:


part 2: http://eradica.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/blogging-the-gilded-cage-ii/

Boils down to: all talk, no action. rehashing the same stuff ad nauseum. echo chamber, circle-jerk, keyboard warrior, ritalin ranger (I’m plagiarizing that one from FP!), pretending the obvious is profound, repeating the same things over and over and over again and pretending it’s new and they’re so smart for coming up with it, when the ideas are basically Charles Murray’s.

I don’t like his Mean Tone, but I do like his POINT: that at some point BLOGGING becomes pointless. If you really believe what you’re writing, the time comes to ACT on it, and no-one’s ACTING, they’re always “one outrage away from action.” (FP comment) and their actions prove they are more interested in being Internet Celeb Bloggers than actually Practicing what they preach.

Needless to say FP’s words have been resonating with me. What IS the best way for MRA’s and Red Pillers and indeed Patriotic Americans to ACT? He says some pretty extreme stuff about being in Foxholes and knowing how to use a Gun and I’m not sure where he’s going with that. He clearly thinks the Shit will Hit The Fan soon, and that will involve violence against Average Americans, that we should know how to protect ourselves from. Will the violence come from Angry Ethnic Mobs? Blacks? Muslims? Albanians? Poors? Domestic Terrorists? Angry Young Unemployable Men? State-Controlled Jackbooted Thugs? A combination of all?

Within the limited context of Men’s Rights, I Believe Game and MGTOW ARE two routes of effective ACTION. One is to meet your sexual needs with the least risk to yourself from Wimminz (ideally, although Not All PUA’s Are Like That, and either take Pvssy-Slaving Risks, or are Big Sell-Outs trying to Fleece Desperate Omegas); MGTOW is how to generally live your life in the best way possible, with as little interference/thievery from Wimminz as possible.

Now, there are many different ways of doing each of those things, which leads to a lot of Unproductive Typing.

Also, not enough talk (or action, heh) on Legal Action against feminist laws. Even as ridiculous as a MRA March On Washington would be, it would be a more visible and productive action than Thomas Ball burning himself to death at the courthouse.

So. FP is saying, and I agree to an extent, that Typing the same things over and over is a form of pseudointellectal masturbation, and simply not a productive use of energy anymore, if all we’re doing is regurgitating old ideas because we are too AFRAID TO ACT.

FP said it much more succinctly & beautifully in the linked post.

But I STILL don’t approve of attacking Dalrock, GLP, or Ferd so much. While the acronym HATSOFF (Heard All That Sh1t on Fox, Ferdinand) is funny, Ferdinand certainly served a few Red Pills in his day. Sometimes the first place we hear about other people’s Old Ideas is through bloggers being the messenger.

And doesn’t Dalrock do a fair amount of “Original Research” with his Graphs and Survey Data? I certainly don’t try that hard!

But FP WANTS us to Try Hard to save our country. To wake up from the Ritalin, ADD, derpression, laziness, TV, media, opium of the masses, bread and circuses, tunnel vision, etc. and save our country & make it better for future generations. That’s the Real Red Pill.

In other words, I should spend less time BLOGGING; take that time and energy to get a Minimum Bigboy Jerb, THEN use THAT position of power to secure myself & my future, & if I can manage to do that, use the remaining time and energy to help other men secure THEIR futures. Of course a big problem is that many men can’t even begin to secure their own futures; I might not even get to that point of making MYSELF strong enough to help others. Many man DIE before reaching that point. Because it IS so hard to “make it.” To BE a Bigboy, if not a True Alpha.

Doing BARE MINIMUM is HARD, VERY HARD. That’s why Butthurt Basement Dwellers complain & whine on blogs. Is the best thing to do here just to blow your brains out and stop Being A Big Buzzkill who doesn’t DO anything? Because The Founding Fathers had it WAY HARDER. Dying of diseases we can now easily cure, life expectancy of 40, 10 mouths to feed, doing back-breaking, spine-shattering labor in the fields 23 hours a day, couldn’t BLOG, couldn’t READ, tiny number of people, no technological tools compared to today, and yet they managed to Establish America. & Today we have so many more people, so much more potential power, yet people are so LAZY they don’t CARE if it all goes down the TOILET. How and why did THAT happen, FP asks, and How and What can we do to ACT?

FP’s strong words have forced me to reconsider why I am “blogging”. If it’s just for Selfish Personal Pleasure, why publish it at all? Isn’t that another level of disingenuity / dishonesty beyond wanting people to post only “backslapping, you blog brah!” (FP) complimentary comments & censoring the rest? Because I want to PROVE I’m Smarter than WIMMINZ who don’t blog because they’re busy with their Meeeeeaningful Careeeeeeer? Which I should be TOO, in the sense of Spending A Lot more Time WORKING, even if I prefer doing REAL HARD WORK at a JOB.

The reality is, Blogging is LESS Meeeeeeeeaningful than these Wimminz Careeeeers because you’re not getting PAID.

It’s legit to have HOBBIES in Your life. But I Wonder if Bloggers are just the TYPE of guys who like Blogging In Circles and who easily let it become more than a hobby, then it becomes unproductive & an energy-waster. It’s FINE to have FUN. I just don’t want to ESCAPE into FUN all the TIME.

I guess the ideal would be to have something be fun AND productive; so you could have Fun While being productive with your life. But blogging probably ain’t it.

It’s too SAFE, it’s Hiding in your Comfort Zone, Avoiding Discomfort.

Firepower has in the past day moved that On Blogging post to the top of his front page, a fitting seeming mission statement, and Discussion (hehe) is increasing on Actual Tangible things People can DO to improve our lives & culture. FP and Ryu talk about “WHITE NATIONALISM” a bit, which to many sounds “extreme” or “racist”, but I don’t really mind it. It doesn’t mean you Hate Blacks. IMHO, It’s not much different from saying Men and Women are Biologically Different and That’s OK.  I’m not sure HOW different races/ethnic groups are from each other, biologically, but, regardless of nature/nurture, it does seem some groups are very resistant to assimilation, and NOT in a good, healthy, productive way.

Heh. After 1100 Words, time to Drop The Hobby, it’s more productive/overall better to look at indeed.com or go for a Brisk Jog. While those things aren’t FUN like BLOGGING, they are indeed truly meeeeeeeeeaningful.

So have a Good Day, we had another Mass Shooting at a Dark Knight Rises showing in Colorado, approx 13 dead. I do find Mass Shootings very fascinating. It def gets people’s attention for a while, then you forget about it, until another one happens x months later. Most times it seems the shooters are trying to Make A Statement about The Decline Of American Society using “Domestic Terrorism”, but I don’t think they’re going about it the right way. I do not support violence! Unless in Self-Defense! (Yes, I UNDERSTAND how the concept of “self-defense” and “standing your ground” is a MINEFIELD.)

Good actions you CAN take include: Working Out, and Openly & Publicly & Nonviolently shaming & shunning Bad Behaviours of All Sorts.

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Might tie this one in with my “about” page since it applies to this whole “blog”. Occasionally I like to Flatter myself by giving unnecessary explanations, clarifications, and disclaimers about my BLOGGING, haha.

Had my first “brush with the big boys” recently, as I was reblogged by my new favourite blogger Firepower. I got pretty excited, because I’d just discovered his blog in the past WEEK through his comment on Roissy’s recent post on Beta Seating Postures (heh). Been trying to read more blogs lately, next step to reading more books, better use of my time than writing nonsense or watching movies. My RSS reader is very disorganized but I started adding more new blogs anyway, and started Following more blogs w the WordPress “Follow”, Ithink that’s how he found ME.

Then I got nervous. Seeing how he ruthlessly mocks Brandon-bloggers, I knew I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. Would be uncomfortable, bc no-one likes being called stupid by someone they would call smart, especially since my own Blogging Style atm Superficially seems quite Stupid, ADD, GreatBooksForMen, Teenage Girlish, Glib, Underclass-Raised-on-Vidya-Games, etc. Fiddling while Rome Burns, not getting it, distracted by trivialities, dumbed-down-to-meaninglessness, can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear (I like that phrase haha)

He shreds other bloggers I like, calling them stupid, plagiarizers, hypocrites. I don’t get offended by much, but I would not like being called those things!

I like reading big comment threads where they really get into it, but there’s usu so much nastiness  I never wanted to PARTICIPATE in them. Blame my Beta Sensitive Ego.

So, rather than being all coy and disingenuous and Hypocritical in the sense of: why even have the OPTION of comments If I don’t WANT people leaving impolite comments, I am now going to CLOSE COMMENTS for a trial period of 3 months (just because this is my standard Trial Period for almost everything) while I try to figure out what the Real Purpose of this blog even IS. Right now it’s just seat of my pants, thinking out loud, processing what I read, figuring opinions out, all while amusing myself and anyone who chooses to be amused by it. I like the “helping men” bit, but I’m still not sure HOW I’m gonna do that. Teaching by example? Don’t do what I did? Don’t want to self-deprecate TOO much, haha.

on the off-chance a reader REALLY wants to talk to me, which they should really only do if they want to offer me a Bigboy JOB, or have a serious-but-fun discussion of The Issues, or recommend good books, they can do it privately by EMAIL:

bkctmoap (no ghow, haha) at the domain of: y mail daht kom.  not even sure if wordpress has a private message feature, but one could use that too.

I’m flattering myself to think he would spend so much time on Little Old ME, but of course he would find plenty of fodder here, and he’s done Blog Reviews which are hilarious, but again, you don’t want to BE That Guy!

I don’t understand being so mean to people who might not be THAT ideologically different from you. Or ARE they? My first impression is that people like Ferdinand/IMF or Piggy or Dalrock and their readers are very open to The Red Pill. But the Red Pill involves many different things over which hairs could potentially be split. Not everyone shares the same opinion on some of the Racial stuff, for example. And I certainly don’t expect to agree with even my allies all of the time! If I agree with somebody “only” 70%, I say, D4mn, that’s pretty GOOD! And consider them as on “my side.”

However, I concede that Firepower has read many, many more books than I, and has indeed given me some new books to put on my Wish List (eg Robert Bork); and has forced me to think more deeply on Blogging itself. Just trying to understand his meanness. The ratio of me-liking-his-ideas To me-grimacing-at-his-meanness is the most pronounced of any blogger I’ve come across in recent memory. I can understand being mean to Leftists, Feminists, Marxists, Parasites, The Dumbest of the Dumb – but to people who seem more open-minded or at least more in agreement with more of your “side”? – then I can’t understand the hair-splitting. But there might be some personal vendettas on both sides. Don’t know. Got more reading to do.

So I’m shutting down comments for 3 months (approximately, haha), to not even give the IMPRESSION that I welcome comments, because while I WOULD welcome complimentary, polite comments, that’s not a real productive debate. there’s no chance to learn anything that way. But I don’t want to INTERACT with people right now, so, it’s more honest to not even GIVE that impression. If someone wants to nicely give me reading suggestions, compliments, or Jobs, they can email me.

And I guess if you REALLY wanted to call me names, you could use TWITTER.

I do intend to keep regularly posting ADD-ish, Internet Tuff Guy (but one-sided!) Opinions, Mouth-Frothing Hyperbole, just because doing that much is really FUN.

So check out Firepower’s Blog if you want some interesting reading. Can’t guarantee you’ll LIKE it, but you won’t forget it. I’ve been very stimulated by what I’ve read, even if I have reservations about some of his interactions with other bloggers!

Have a good weekend, if you can’t be Super Intelligent at least be Medium Intelligent, and you’ll probably still be safely above average. And don’t take sh!t from people.

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