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time machine june 17 2012

[real time “live” commentary / excuses: seems my “harem” wasn’t doing much at this time. this kind of Impotent Rage w a side of OCD does not reflect well on The Antifeminists! I am thankful for having come to my senses, put things in perspective, and put these dark days well behind me. the Racial Awakening helped a lot with that!]

I might be twice as crazy as Avg Men, but AVG WOMEN ARE THREE TIMES AS CRAZY AS I AM.


Women can get all their Sexual “Needs” (ie, wants) fulfilled at drop of hat, on-demand, (Not sure how AvgWomens’ SexualWants compare to AvgMen’s SexualWants, prob a LITTLE bit lower on AVERAGE, but they STILL want it IMHO, just not w Average Guys) we all know that. Bear with me.

Corrolary: (Avg)Men have (Avg) Level of Sexual Frustration MUCH higher than level of Sexual Frustration for Avg Woman. ie, Men Are Much More Sexually Frustrated Than Women, on the average.

My Question for Sexual Frustration AND Laziness Expert MD is: is my Sexual Frustration Much Higher than for Avg Men (& I have a 50 girl HAREM!) (&I suspect he would say no.) So I have Avg Sexual Frustration, nothing to be concerned about.

(formerly it was Dr Levine; first part of post written when I though Levine could do no wrong, had not heard about Paedophilia, had not convicted Levine in my mind; just blissfully aware, nurturing new mancrush)

[Really don’t need a J “Expert” to Solve Laziness, let alone a disgraced Paedophile! You just roll up your sleeves, head down, & the Tuff Get Going, like an OX. But I still think it wouldn’t hurt to Have Our Own Psychologists – Decent White Men addressing the actual causes of Laziness, helping J’ified Jordies and Brandons tear themselves away from the Call Of Duty, Fantasy Sports, Neckbearding, MTV, TV, McDonalds, Mtn Dew, and go out there and BE SMART & WIN.]

But Avg Men DEAL WITH this avg level of SFRust & STILL go on to succeed ANYWAY. They don’t LET IT dampen their productivity. Don’t LET it distract them when they’re studying Thermodynamics in the Library at 3 am Sunday Morning / Saturday Night. Don’t LET it distract them from getting Well-Paying STEM job, even though they’ve spent the last 10 years horny as h3ll with No Release. The WEAK people get sidetracked into Laziness, into drugs/alcohol, into Underachievement, take their eyes off prize. MORAL TURPITUDE. MORAL LAZINESS.

[heh. touche. good point. when put to The Test, some men win and some men lose, and no doubt this is related to The Courage And Strength Deep Within. Which is why we need to develop Good Habits in our children when they are very young.]

So what is avg for Men re productivity and success? Is Lazy Average? or is productive average? I would say many more men are productive than lazy, if we just use UNEMPLOYMENT rate as an indicator of Moral Laziness. Which it is!

So, Avg Men don’t get so distracted by Avg Sexual Frustration. They put their head down, study & work, keep eyes on prize, know the CARROT will come LATER, can appreciate DELAYED GRATIFICATION & don’t NEED INSTANT GRATIFICATION so DESPERATELY, like a WIMMINZ does. Ew. UGH.

[or like nonwhites, hahahaha. Hedonistic Want for Instant Grat absolutely does not become whites. RISE ABOVE.]

want to get out of navel-gazing NOW!!!

do not publish until DECEMBER 2012.

[this post is more than TEN months old. honestly it does not even serve the purpose of Time Machine Posts, which is supposed to Emphasize Continuity and Timelessness Of Thought. Well let this be an example of Dark Days, AND the Triumph of The Will in Rising Above those dark days! You Can Do It!]

OK glad to be done Blogging about Dr Levine. Put that behind us.  AT LEAST I don’t MOLEST BOYS.

But, being a Productive Man, I want to Improve the Overall Quality of my Harem.Always room for Improvement in Everything! Particularly: Increasing the Kindness & Loyalty & pleasantness, decreasing Flakiness & volatility of turnover & attrition (although note that A Rule is a girl Automatically MUST leave when she passes her peak by about age 23); most importantly, gradually bumping up the Average Quality of the “Talent”. Get fewer 7’s and more 8’s.  THAT – The Average Attractiveness of a Man’s Harem – is directly related / CAUSED by the level of his Alpha: Social Status * Bold Charisma. (Still figuring out the Coefficients there, haha). So, I need to raise one of those two factors.

[Having a 50-girl HAREM is SO Nonwhite. The very IDEA and even the WORD for “Harem” is nonwhite. Just like laziness and failure and instant gratification and Moral Turpitude, Harems and the r-selection they represent do not become Whites. They moreso become an Unhealthy, Shameful Obsession with Sex and Conquering as MANY Wimmin as possible, when there are Better things to be concerned about. Ideally the White Family will have One Husband and One Wife bound for Life by Mutual Love which grows out of Mutual Infatuation, leads to at least three children. Although since Mutual Infatuation is a Tall Order, I am weighing the White Benefits of having a SMALL number of child-bearing wives, like say TWO or THREE wives. But this business about FIFTY Wimmin Haremz? NO.]

Oh yeah before Iforget:


good enough to warrant 250-500 wd “review.” Final Grade: B/B+. I’d never seen Iron Man 1. Saw Iron Man 2 in theatre during my theatre-going period ($5 shows monday thru thursday RIP). That was OK but not great. Iron Man 1 was the better movie, even if Mickey Rourke was prob better villain. Jeff Bridges is good too, always is. And Terrance Howard is by Far the better Col Rhodes than Don Cheadle. Both good actors but Howard played role much better – I felt Rhodes NEEDED to be more cocky and unflappable to Tony Stark; Cheadle just didn’t seem to have the b4lls. IM1 was entertaining from the first minute. Lost interest about 75% through, right before Final Act started. Pretty good for me to keep interest THAT long.

RJD [ he should*n’t have same initials as Ronnie James Dio!]

[see how the J Mindworms had gotten to my Brain? RDJ vs RJD. WOW. ]

[NOTE: over the past ten months I am watching MUUUCH fewer Movies, despite the Spate of Movie Reviews in these Time Machine Posts. And when I DO watch movies or TV, I can assure You, my Friends, that I am watching them with New Eyes and a New Mind, nudge nudge wink wink. If you have a TV, the Poison IS in it.]

storms out of the gate, giving us fully-crafted Tony Stark from the beginning. Great character, great Alpha, can bang any woman he wants, whenever he wants, essentially the mate value of an 18-year-old girl. but he’s SMART and SUCCESSFUL and RICH and WITTY and COCKY etc. Omega Virgins – study Tony Stark if you want to finally pull some puke pu$$y. Graduate MIT at age 18 and know how to build complicated machinery with Scraps In A Cave.

Liked that first Iron Man suit, the old-school-looking one, possibly even better than the Recognizable Modern Movie one with the red and gold.

Liked that what Stark was doing was not at all technologically possible. Bet the Tech Geeks had a field day complaining on the internet about that. Not the point. Entertainment is, and it delivered.

Like when he was Flying To Afghanistan in a SUIT and battling Fighter Jets, IN A SUIT. Again super ridiculous & impossible, but FUN and ENTERTAINING.

Still, wasn’t quite in the MOOD to watch it, so I was tempted to fast-forward near the end.

This is the REAL benefit/value-add of Netflix, is that you’re not Browsing through the store/publib picking up something you MIGHT want to watch. You watch exactly what you’re in the mood for. ORDERING of the QUEUE. Rather than grabbing something you are ambivalent about, then half-heartedly watching it and fast-forwarding a lot because you’re not really in the mood but you’ve gotta return it soon. NO MORE.

Also I don’t usually like Gwyneth Paltrow, could never take her seriously bc she shows her T!TS in several movies, but I did actually like seeing her T!Ts when she was Younger in “Shakespeare in Love” and since then wouldn’t mind banging her. And even though she is old now, and Old in Iron Man, she still looked bangable & I liked the red hair for some primal reason. She is welcome to a temporary Guest Spot in my Harem. 10 bangs then GTFO.

[This kind of Decadent Disposeability would not become a 100% White Woman, which of course Paltrow is NOT. But again, I am grateful for the New Eyes which have allowed me to See Beyond Just Sex. Great example of the J Mindworm that has infected many wayward whites, largely as a result of being encouraged to separate Sex and Love.]

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Harems really are the best solution for men. The Social Proof of Other Wimminz Attention keep all/each Wimminz in line. This extinguishes hypergamy before it even starts. If a man just has One Wimminz, that WimminzHamster eventually begins to ask “is this the best I can do? OTHER WIMMINZ don’t even want this guy! I should be competing with other wimminz if this were a REAL Alpha man!” QED, have a Harem, & you will have many well-behaved Wimminz working to keep you happy, rather than One Wimminz Being a B!tch to you. Win Win.

So College can technically never be a “BUBBLE” per se because it isn’t a COMMODITY like a house, ok we get it, COLLEGE BOY. Just suggesting it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Bubble possibly because it’s a h3lluva lot LIKE a Commodity. Just beginning my Seriousest Reseach on the topic.

So bachelors degree is new high school diploma, graduate degree is new bachelors degree, also of COURSE interested in the devaluation of degrees & superfluous credentialization of jerbs.

Smart Money sez go into the trades. Which Trade is the best (long-term security, ease of finding a jerb).

I think James Altucher has written on this topic, I’ve enjoyed his writing before. Note to self.

Top Tech/Engineering/IT Firms don’t HIRE from THIRD-TIER-TOILETS. Possibly it’s the notion of Creative Risk Takers CREATE the company & get Dedicated, Super-Competent Loyal Company Men to produce for it.

My question is, what’s the best ROI for someone who HAS to or who PREFERS to go to a Third-Tier Toilet??

Even simpler: Which has better ROI, Computer Science Bachelors from TTT, or a Good Welding Cert? Cisco Cert? Electrician cert? As far as I know, TRADE SCHOOLS don’t have Ivy League vs Third-Tier Toilet distinctions, and I LIKE that they don’t. Cuz I have NO RESPECT for Bourgie Tryhard Career-Worshipping College F4gg0tz Wot Never learned the value of WORK.

Harems make men Happier & make Wimminz behave better. Harems are better for EVERYBODY. JUST HAVE A HAREM. ONEITIS IS A SOCIETY-KILLER.

It makes Men S3xually Frustrated, Lonely, ForeverAlone, Pining, Weak, Unsatisfied, Unhappy, Unproductive; it makes Wimminz even more Hamstery, Awful, & Evil. ATTENTION BETAS: WIMMINZ **WANT** YOU TO HAVE A HAREM. This is about the one good idea they DO have.

It worked in the Past & it can Work Again!

But Wimminz don’t SAY they want it, they say they DON’T want it. Avg Men’s problem is they LISTEN to what WIMMINZ SAY too much.

WARNING: I do not advocate Raep, that is violence & I don’t advocate violence; if a Wimminz says “no” when you’re about to stick it in, just calmly grin and say “Fine, Baby, but a word of Advice: no-one likes a TEASE. YOU’RE WELCOME.” then GTFO. Good chance she’ll then throw herself at you (Last Minute Resistance.) & if she doesn’t, move on to another Wimminz in your Harem, no harm, no foul. Harems allow men to stop artificially overvaluing sex because they’re about 9,000,000,000 times less DESPERATE for it, & it stops being such a powerful Carrotstick wimminz can use to control men to do their hamstery bidding.

I would thank You not to Hawk Huge Loogies around me because it is rude and obnoxious, but I wouldn’t blame You to do it around Wimminz, cuz it’s an effective way to get them in your Harem. Macho Man.

encounter broadsides june 2012 college bubble glenn reynolds. yea or nay.

Initial Firepower/Eradica Discovery: (ie, this post was written a little while ago)


just found this blog of firepower/eradica from his comment at heartiste. firepower is super provocative and thinks he’s SO SMART and makes fun of other manosphere bloggers and says the MRM will fail because the guys are a bunch of keyboard jockeys and diapered 25 year olds who don’t actually DO anything.

just spend 30 minutes reading his site, very interesting. seems to be into a broader White Nationalism & Alt Right thing. Don’t like how he Mocks GLPiggy and Dalrock and some of my favourite “sacred cows”, but I don’t think he’s more than 50% full of sh!t either. Heh if he were on twitter I might read more. He and his buddies seem pretty smart & well-read & I don’t mind reading some more. Just gotta remember to haha. Def smarter and Better-Read than myself. Not been reading blogs lately, or ESPECIALLY searching for fresh new blogs like this one. Kind of a Polarizing figure: (“delusional troll”) If I like Him, then maybe some of my own MRA Buddies might stop liking me! haha. &I DEF don’t want to provoke HIM because he would verbally REAM me & I don’t want that. Anyway I recommend checking Firepower’s blog out.

So out of reading blogs, so into my own Narcissism, that I didn’t even know FERDINAND BARDAMU STOPPED WRITING / IN MALA FIDE SHUT DOWN, now In Mala Fide is basically a Manosphere Link Aggregator, all the content taken DOWN.

Firepower has some interesting ideas on blogging, people recycling old ideas, trying to get paid for blogging, traffic, hits, etc. He says, read the stuff when it was written first and best by Charles Murray, Robert Bork, Thomas Jefferson, Orwell, Thomas Sowell. Is the impression I’m getting. He REALLY doesn’t like Chuck Rudd and many prominent manosphere bloggers have BANNED him for his trolly comments. But I don’t find the writing/ideas on his blog BAD!

Just Spent a few solid hours clicking links, subbing to rss of blogs, this is the prob w relying on TWITTER as your personal article link aggregator / new rss reader, bc like 40% of these bloggers don’t use it. but I like retweeting ppl haha.

Hamster-Rationalization For My Moral Laziness / Sloth: It’s not that I CAN’T Work Hard for a Long-Term Reward, it’s that I can’t work hard for ONLY a Long-Term Reward, and want/prefer some short-term rewards pushing me to the long-term reward. But having my basic NEEDS met for food, shelter etc should be ENOUGH of a short-term reward no? Yes and no, haha. Good Lord, I’m NO BETTER THAN THE WIMMINZ I MOCK, EXCEPT I DON’T TIUTA* FROM STRANGE MEN.

*”Take It Up The 4ss”, Credit Wimminz/AfOR, read his blog.

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So, NAPPING is probably more useful/productive than Blogging Past the Safe-For-Hobbyists Limit, which prob many bloggers go over. Or watching Gaystream TV.

READING blogs is better than WRITING blogs, bc then you have a better chance of LEARNING something.

PLUS you’re not contributing to the Total Amount Of Blogs, and if your stuff is Worse than Average, then you’d be BRINGING DOWN the average.

Grimly Excited by the investigation on the Aurora Colorado Shooter. As I said this is a hobby of mine.

I GUARANTEE he is a Virgin. More attention should be given to the Virginity of these Shooters. I hypoth that Sexual Frustration leads to at least 70% of these shootings. Beyond that, prob some schizophrenia, or bipolar; abuse from parents, the usual suspects.

College Girls Show THEIR Hand by expressing shock, disbelief, privileged naivete & inability-to-relate, that ANY Man could be a Virgin past the age of 18, or especially 21. But I hypoth it happens a lot to Male Science Students. He was an honors student at UC Riverside, in Neuroscience. Not the worst field certainly, but also not the best in terms of Hardest Sciences. This is basically a more scientific version of Psychology, so there were prob more Wimminz in this program than say MATH or CompSci or ChemE. Don’t know much about Riverside other than it’s HUGE. Saw an “Undercover Bosses” where the President of UCR went undercover. Huge student body, very multiculti, lots of Azns, Latinas, Blacks.

Not a Third-Tier TOILET but prob not a “Public Ivy” like its UC brethren BERKELEY.

I would think this “middle ground” status would make the Girls Party Animals Dying To Get F00ked. But I guarantee he was a Gameless Omega who was Nervous around girls and buried himself in studying. Hence, honors student, 24 year old virgin.

If not a virgin, then probably only B4nged a COUPLE of times and was DUMPED by the WIMMINZ for being too clingy, and couldn’t get over that; OR, had only banged drunk disgusting 5’s and thought “this is IT? is THIS as good as I can do?” and got bitter.


I thought I heard something from an Ethnic San Deigo Neighbor saying he couldn’t Find A Job with a Masters Degree, so then he decided to Wait Out The Bad Economy In More Grad Skool. Not sure if true, but would be interesting.

My Hypoth: Disenchanted, bitter Young Men who take on a lot of debt for College, only to find they picked the Wrong Major, can’t get a job, thus become very Frustrated. Add to that the frustration of being a 24-year-old Virgin and, ticking time bomb.

Wanna know more about his dropping out of the PhD program. Was it at UC Boulder or a less prestigious UCol? Because if you get a PhD from a Third-Tier Toilet, then you can only get a prof job in a fourth-tier  toilet or community college, and that’s understandably difficult for the PhD student to accept, although you’ve GOT to accept it, or you’re going to be a very unhappy person, haha. I couldn’t have accepted it at 24! Heck it caused a lot of frustration for me at 24!

To get a nonadjunct job in a THIRD-TIER TOILET, you need a PhD from an IVY, or close to. At my local Third-Tier Toilet, the profs have PhDs from VERY prestigious schools. Yeah this is anecdotal haha.

Wish I could fast-forward this investigation and see what they find about this guy!

The booby-trapping of the apartment is an interesting oddity. And why did he TELL them? why did he WANT to be captured alive?

Anyhow this does demonstrate the Action-Power of One Determined, if deranged, individual.

Sure, the victims might have been “Brandons” and Ritalin Rangers and Reality-TV watchers and Sheeple and Blue-Pill Gobblers and not even bright enough to write a regurgiblog, but I’m still a Traditional Black-and-white Moralist enough to believe they didn’t deserve to DIE!

You could argue he was SAVING them from a lifetime of  servitude, slavery, FODDER… but then he would have found a more painless and less terrifying way to “euthanize” then.

Although Wimminz could never rationalize having S3x with such a Creepy Omega, they CAN rationalize a Mass Shooting as not being Inherently Wrong or deranged or Psychotic. Because there’s a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation for this! He was emotionally disturbed! NOT CRAZY! He was raeped by a priest! NOT EVIL!

(Counterarg: Maybe Wimminz are trying to say that because he’s not legally insane he SHOULD be held accountable/responsible for his actions. And I would agree with that!)

IMHO,  shooting innocent people is ALWAYS a sign or Crazy OR Evil! Fail to see the Political Statement there. It’s not HARD to think of an Obviously Politically-Motivated Target: Examples right of the TOP OF MY HEAD:  a Government Project full of 9000 poor criminal blacks, or a bank filled with 9000 jews, or the fed reserve or a mosque; federal bldg like McVeigh, Congresspeople like Arizona/Loughner. Sure those people would still be innocent victims of course. But a MOVIE THEATRE? No discernable motivation EXCEPT Pure Mindless Ticking Time Bomb Sexual Frustration, much like the Virg Tech shooter, George Sodini, Columbine, etc.

So that’s my working hypothesis: Oneitis and Sodini-like Celibacy, or just b4nging no higher than 5’s, so thus not getting real satisfaction.

When you bang 5’s, that’s only about 2 times (at most) as satisfying as j3rking-off, so the guy sez “This is IT? this is the BEST I can DO?” and that’s a bit humiliating. Ideally It should be at least 10 times as satisfying as j3rking-off. Makes the guy go “H3ll YEAH that was SWEET.”

Not to trivialize the innocent people who died. But I am interested in the gunman’s Sex Life, just as I am interested in most Mass Shooting Gunmans’ Sex Lives.

My hypoth is that Raging Sexual Frustration causes these men to Lash Out in ways that are unfocused and Antisocial, rather than intentionally Islamist or Political Terrorism. He’s not trying to make a larger statement, he’s just trying to get random revenge on a society that never accepted him.

Heh. That’s my SPECULATION. Of course I will be watching this investigation develop, as I have a long-standing interest in these types of criminals, what motivates them to do what they did.

Have a Good Day, don’t shoot people, don’t Plan to shoot people, however don’t be Afraid or unable to DEFEND yourself if you are ATTACKED.


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Had to change that from “Best Post Ever” because I would like to keep that possibility eternally open.

let’s make an argument about the Sinfulness of Sin: One lonely omega beating-off to pron all the times in his LIFE is prob not AS SINFUL as One Wimminz Choosing To Appear In One Porno One Time. Chew on that one, Mr. Chew!

You shouldn’t LIKE Wimminz because they will IMMEDIATELY, EASILY Open Their Uterus, and later murder babies from guys who don’t like them and who they don’t really like either, just because they’re Big and Handsome and Sexy, meanwhile make YOU jump through HOOPS just to HANG OUT with them and BUY THEM DINNER, and No Uterus For You, After All That! JUST SAY NO! F00K THAT SH1T!!! DIRTY WH0RES! COST PER BANG is $0.001 for Sexy Men and $9,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for YOU? NOPE, DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!

PORNOGRAPHY DEGRADES MEN EVEN MORE THAN IT DEGRADES WIMMINZ. These Wimminz already have very little self-respect to lose, doing even One Vanilla Porno scene can wipe out almost all of your self-respect, so subsequent scenes don’t really do much. But some Lonely Omega Dweller, beating off ForeverAlone day after day, chipping away at his self-respect like water torture, now that’s horrible. Gradually comes to believe that the best he deserves is some filthy porno wh0re. That’s the REAL tragedy.

Wimminz are terrible at long-term financial planning and especially housing. They will pay exorbitant housing costs for bullsh1t cultural cachet SWPL Brooklyn “Coolness” that isn’t really worth the money, because being Envied by Other Wimminz is PRICELESS. They are impulsive and will make Major Life Decisions without thinking, always assuming, not even consciously, that some Man will Bail Them Out if things don’t work out perfectly, and, They can usually find a man who WILL! Give them a place to stay, give them a job, etc. WHAT A WORLD OF WIMMINZ! THIS is why I don’t Respect Wimminz! Because they have no HONOR or HONESTY!

Women vs Wimminz. It’s a fuzzy line sometimes. Sometimes you think they’re Women but they end up showing themselves as Wimminz. Oh well. Cut Your Losses and Move On to someone Worth Your Time.

Wimminz always expect Men to “move on” and “get over it” very quickly, because Wimminz are used to “getting over” men very quickly, because they view men as Disposable Sex And Money Machines. When one isn’t PERFECT, dispose of and pick another. Of course Wimminz “get over” THAT easily! Gradually losing this power-to-choose-use-dump-and-replace can make a Wimminz even more Crazy, as can when the seemingly-disposeable man has the B4LLZ to dispose of HER FIRST.

D4MN, this could be a Post Of The Month! Don’t Hold THIS one back!

On Sat mornings, instead of just cartoons for the kids, now they also have Career-God Indoctrinations for the High School students where they interview especially AMBITIOUS young people. Today was a cute, smart 16-year-old girl talking about her Hard Work to become an Entrepreneur in selling Eco-Friendly Sugar Packets. She emphasized the importance of never giving up, believing in yourself, being able to handle rejection and persist on until you reach your goals. 16 years old. Haha, I’m just jelly this indoctrination didn’t sink into my brain when I was 16, otherwise I might have been successful like her.

The more Successful a Man is, the More Co-Ed his Social Circle Is. IE, the more he is seen around Women/Wimminz, and the more likely THEY are to be attractive.

Unsuccessful Nerds rarely hang-out with Wimminz, and when they do, they’re not likely to be Attractive.

Then these nerds b34t-off to attractive but nasty, dirty porno wh0res and think they’ll never be able to pull that “GOOD”, and because they have no confidence, charisma, game, success, social status, popularity, charm, social dominance, and are also probably ugly and fat, then they’re RIGHT. They become right.

There’s a slippery slope and a self-fulfilling prophecy there too.

The major problem with Bribing People to Get A Job is because it’s not a LEGAL CONTRACT, they could send Ethnic Mobsters over to Break Your Legs if you don’t CONTINUE TO PAY after you’re UNFAIRLY FIRED from the job you bribed so much money to get. Problem w Bribes is that you can’t ENFORCE their FAIRNESS.

newSearchTerm resulting in ThisBlog: “bernard chapin loser.” I mention Bernard Chapin a lot, and losers a lot, but I think Bernard Chapin is one of the Biggest WINNERS EVER. Let there be no doubt about that!

I am So Over this MRA Left/Right Rift thing. Let’s just agree to disagree, that some MRAs are Left-Leaning Libertarians and other MRAs are Right-Leaning Libertarians, and that’s its ok for there to be a Libertarian Left AND a Libertarian Right.

But: Feminism is intimately intertwined with The Left. Or with Big Bankers seeking to divide and conquer The Western Populace. And Leftists would take offense to the idea that Big Bankers are Leftists. So maybe we can agree they’re Totalitarian as f00k!

As far as What To Do About Wimminz: B4ng them if you want to, Avoid them if you want to, just take precautions not to get hurt or hosed by them, and know that not-avoiding women carries more RISK because you’re Actually Encountering Wimminz who might Use or Lie About you, put you in Jail, ruin your Life, etc.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad if you can’t get Wimminz out of your mind, or you are always suffering from Infatuations. Some Men just get these more than others. It hearkens back to Our Natural Human Urge to Want To Be With Women. Men have always had these Heterosexual Partnership Urges stronger than Wimminz do, who have no Serious Reciprocal Love for Men, and that’s truly a shame and worthy of some sadness. Just don’t blame yourself.

If you have a very high libido, and many men do, and if you don’t want to go broke using Attractive, Expensive Prostitutes: get the largest HAREM you can so you can get tail whenever YOU want. Build the Harem using Game: Charisma, Confidence, Cockiness, Humor, 455holery, Machismo, etc, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time & energy Working Out, just work out your Chest, Arms, and Upper Body so you Look Stronger and the B!tches give you the LOW Cost Per B4ng rather than the HIGH. Having a Harem with Lots of Diff Wimminz will make EACH wimminz want to / compete more to get F00ked by you, because they know THEY’RE expendable.

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That will be my starting point but I fully intend to go off on a few tangents. I might even talk about Finnish Funeral Doom Metal because I haven’t started my “off-topic” blog yet. Or my YouTube channel, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Upon listening to Paul and Dr T’s show “Sh!t Tests”, what seemed obvious to me, and which the people weren’t saying but it HAD to be on their minds at least implicitly, was the concept/emo of DESPERATION: How DESPERATE for Pv$$y do you have to be to sacrifice your self-respect and let yourself get taken advantage of?

I was eavesdropping on a conversation the other day where a Young Girl appeared to be debating the merits of Breaking Up with her Boyfriend. I wish I could have gotten more details or even inserted myself in the dialogue without being “CREEPY”, but, it still reminded me of some Power/Life Experience/Demand Differentials and prompted me to recognize a few generalizations that you can either agree with, or get all uppity about:

Regarding Young Couples, it’s USUALLY the woman who DUMPS the man;

The Man USUALLY takes it harder because he has a more pressing fear that he’ll never be able to Pull Pv$$y THAT good ever again, and in many cases, he is RIGHT;

The Woman has a Moral Obligation to Let Him Down Easy;

The Woman wants to Get Out of the Rel more than the Man does; She is less attached/infatuated with him than he is in her; she has invested less than he has; the balance of power tips in HER favour.

These are all slightly different ways of saying the same thing.

Many times, the Woman already has her eye on another Viable Option, if she’s not already sexting photos back and forth with his L04d on her smiling face, hahahahahahahahaha.

“That’s Bitterness! That’s Anger! That’s Little Boy Rage!”

Or that might just be the shrill cry of a short-sighted Sl00t who was burned because she foolishly sexted photos of her with 104d on her face, haha.

But with that “immaturity” out of the way, you can still comprehend my point. The Young Woman has a world of options, and she’s got a case of “The Grass Is Probably Greener”.

The guy, more likely than not, is not “coming” from this same “place” of privilege and has a vested interest in holding on to the “good thing” that he’s got. “Good” in terms of it’s a Beautiful Young Body that keeps him in an Infatuation High. Not Good because she’s giving him the Runaround and Not Respecting him as a Man or even as a Fellow Human Being.

One of my favourite euphemisms for Female Dumping is “I had to LET HIM GO”, as if it’s so PAINFUL for the Woman, but she has to Do The Right Thing for them Both, and both of them will ultimately be happier for it. It’s a Win-Win!

More likely she will be ecstatic in the short-term and he will be crushed and angry and desperate!

I think this all boils down the idea of desperation and options. The man would not be NEARLY so upset if he had a Harem of Options. So what if One Beautiful Young Girl Flakes Out? He’s got others to take her place. Otherwise, the man might feel burned at what he interprets – very ACCURATELY! – at him being REPLACED with a Better Model.  If he has the power – the HAND – to replace HER with a better model, he’s not going to be even 1% as angry. He’ll just keep on doing what he’s been doing: B4nging Young Tail and Winning.

I see this more of a Young Person’s Thing. It’s the difference between Twenty and Thirty between Men and Women. Hopefully by the time he is Thirty, the man will have his Affairs and Life and Career more in order and he too will begin to enjoy the privilege and power of OPTIONS. Enhancing this power is also the fact that Thirty Year Old Women do not have even 1% of the power that Twenty Year Old Girls do. There is a difference in the quality of the SKIN and the FACE and the ATTITUDE that signifies that Father Time has left his inexorable mark. Even if Women do not notice, men most certainly do. Even if they’re not CONSCIOUS of it.

I’m very interested in the idea of The Power Of Options – Sexual CHOICE, in other words – so I like Game Writers like Heartiste who articulate this topic. Of course, Not All Game Writers Are Like That, that’s just a Game-Related interest of mine.

In New Blog, Posts Are About This Long. The type of thing you could give a quick 8-to-10-minute YouTube-length Speech about, so I’ll think about Wrapping it up. I just wanted to Open the topic permanently. I will certainly be discussing it more in the future. Maybe even appending to this very post in the Near future.

One last analogy: You could almost compare it to an Excruciating Job Search. I don’t know Any Man who LOVES the Job Search process. Every part of it is excruciating. But it’s gotta be done. I imagine that once one secured a Halfway Decent Bigboy Job  – although it might not be one’s “Dream Career” that Careerist Wimminz tremble over in hushed tones as if they were in the presence of A Very Sexy Alpha Man-God – but enough to pay the bills and the debt and health care and live in safety outside of an Underclass War Zone, the man might breathe a grateful sigh of relief that he can stop Looking For A New Job, and just focus on doing well at the job that he HAS. He’s already done more than enough Due Diligence and invested enough of himself up to this point. And now Working Hard has become its own reward. The LAST thing he wants to hear is “YOU’RE FIRED!” and then have to start the long hard road all over again from the beginning!

Semi-related is this Eureka Moment I had, where when a Wimminz wants to DUMP a man, they have to NEGOTIATE A CONTRACT which basically includes a Schedule Of “Severance Bangs.” No man is going to take it lightly when the woman essentially says, “You’re immediately cut off, as of right now, from my body, ever again.” Unless he has Options, Hand, Sexual Choice, whatever you want to call it. It would be a lot easier to take (see “Moral Obligation To Let Him Down Easy”) if she said, OK, Since I’m unilaterally ending this and I probably have more options than you – (Essentially She is the Management or “The Employer!” ) – I’m going to Pay Out 50 more Bangs to you, which will end on such and such a date.  (For the sake of example, no sooner than three months in the future. Just because IMHO I think The Fiscal Quarter of Three Months is not too short and not too long and a period of time everybody should be able to live with for most things, hahahahahahaha. Not talking about Cancer or more extreme things of COURSE.)  This would be more Compassionate and Just for the Beta, and I certainly don’t think it would be causing undue Emotional Damage to the Wimminz either.

Yes, this is similar to the notion of Guys “Hooking Up” with Their “Exes”, but I think there’s much more dignity, honor, honesty, justice, etc in the much more unambiguous Contract version outlined above. Yes this is all theoretical because if we could write and enforce contracts like this, we wouldn’t have The Marriage Problem in The West Today. Wouldn’t It Be Nice.

And NO, I’m not speaking from Personal Experience, because I have enough Self-Respect that I will always stand up for Myself even if the Options situation is slightly less-than-ideal – any lack of hand will not coerce me into being a Lickspittle Supplicator! Although I do think, in general, we should have More Sympathy For The Beta, because we’ve all been there or can at least visualize and empathize with Being There.

That’s all for now, Have A Productive, Peaceful, Powerful Day.

And, As Usual, If You don’t have anything NICE to say…..


Pure Narcissism Edit, Next Day: I call it that because this may not add anything Substantive to the original post, but is just me going through my daily writing Preening Ritual: I want to write something, and for a not entirely articulable narcissistic reason, I want to Publish it, although I’m not claiming it’s Awesome Profound writing (although I hope it will be!), so does that still make it Narcissistic?

I would really like to talk about Funeral Doom, specifically Mournful Congregation, but I would also like to talk about something, anything, more “on-topic” first. Because, this is first and foremost, and I should really have a Mission Statement, a Men’s (And Fetuses, haha) CIVIL RIGHTS Blog!

That is my idea of “Humor” or “Comedy”. I was just driving along minding my own business, just trying to get away from the other drivers, when I thought “How’s that for a pickup line for the Bourge Marxist University Activist Pv$$y: I’m a CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. Or HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST. But just for Men and Fetuses!”

This makes it sound like I care more about Young Tail than I do about Genuine Men’s Rights. That is a unsettling thought, though I admit from the outset that I am abnormally obsessed in Young Tail. This is perhaps what makes me a “Larval” or “Pupae” or “First-Stage” MRA – I’m still too much what Philip Roth in “Portnoy’s Complaint” so pithily termed “Cvnt Crazy” that I can’t see the forest through the trees; my judgment, logic, emotions, and skills are impaired by my Libido; I am a prime candidate for being Brainwashed through my S3xual Desire, etc.

Then I was thinking “Average Modern Western Women Just Don’t Respect Their Uteruses/Uteri.” Though AMWW have the most severe long-term penalties/costs for Sexual Miscalculation, they still seem to act “unnaturally” in favor of the Short Term, ignoring the Long Term Consequences altogether, probably because they have been Enabled in their Poor Choices by: The Average Modern Western Government & Culture & Lamestream (hehe) Media which says they can do no wrong.

But I keep thinking about the Uterus. This Natural Organ is itself a Long-Term Thing, where A Fetus can Grow for 9 months. Yet AMWW are throwing it around like a Horny Young Man Beating-Off into a Sperm Sock: having Babies with extremely “irresponsible” False Alphas.

It sounds like I’m making the Traditionalist, Social Conservative, White Knight, Man Up, Protector/Provider, Captain Save-A-H0 Argument of Women Good, Men Bad; Women are Holy Sacred Cows who must be protected at any cost, and Men are the Brutish Fodder, who, just because Sperm is Cheap and Eggs are Very, Very Expensive, then it only Naturally Follows that Faceless Men should be Lining Up To Die To Protect The Holy Pv$$y, Gladly Sacrificing their Lives, which are clearly Worth much, much less.

Strawman alert! While I do believe Eggs are Much More Expensive than Sperm, and that this IS related to why it’s no big deal for a Boy to Beat-Off 10 times a day & it IS a big deal for Women to Throw Away their Uterus on Thuggish Abandoners, it DOES NOT Follow that I believe Men-As-Humans are Worth Less than Women-As-Humans; on the Human Basis we are Equals. You could have all the Women in the World but you STILL couldn’t produce New Human Life without One Man, One Sperm. In that case, this one sperm would be Priceless, and No One would make the mistake of treating men as Expendable, Disposable, Replaceable Appliances.

As Modern Western Men enter into adulthood, the notion of “Dating” Single Mothers becomes more and more and more of a realistic, and shockingly, even reasonable option. I still avoid doing so on principle. I say Listen To Your Genes. Think With Your Selfish Genes. Many Kind, Loving Beta Men end up Being A Father to Children they have NO Relation To. I’m not saying to Shame these men; to the contrary, I find their Selfless Love very Honourable and Beautiful. But I ALSO Think: Wow, If they’re such a Good Father to a child they’re not even related to, imagine how good of a father they would be to a child that they actually ARE related to! Their Selfless, Sacrificing, Honorable Love has made them DESERVING of a Genetic Heir of their OWN! Yet their time, effort, energy, resources, and love are diverted away from their own genes, and instead used on the genes of the AMWW they’re dating!

I think at this point it becomes more about The Child than the Woman: In other words, No AMWW With Bastard Child is going to be comely and charming and magnetic and infatuation-generating enough to convince even the Kindest Beta Sap to Love Her Kid because SHE’S so awesome. The man is doing it because he has a Good Fatherly Instinct, and my stance is, by that point, he’s Passed The Father Test, and THESE are the kinds of men the AMWW should have had the babies with in the FIRST place.  If they had actually Treated Their Uterus with the Respect it Deserved and really Took the time to Evaluate The Man who was Impregnating Them. They should have Closed Their Legs and Thought for a Minute: Is this man who’s impregnating me Good Long-Term Father Material?

I suppose in those cases, a Good Willy-Nilly Frivolous Abortion might not be such a bad idea. I am still Struggling with my Official Stance on Abortion, this is likely to be Evolving for a while. Although I am probably leaning towards the Pro-Lifer Crowd, hahahaha. But not solely for as much of a Religious Dogmatism as for my rigid SocioBiological Deterministic Dogmatism, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Sacred Womb, Golden Uterus, etc.

Reminder that I do want to talk about Chivalry and Troubadours and Courtly Love and the Ideas of Which that started in the Middle Ages with the Arthur Legends and songs and all that. Not today. I’m almost done with my Narcissism Appendment.

Anyway to finish up Today’s Thoughts on Abortion: I think AMWW Are, to put it Simply, Abusing Their Uteri. Really Beating It Up Bad Beyond All Repair. Along with The C0ck Carousel comes the Pregnancy-By-Cads Carousel and the Abortion Carousel, and I’m simply stating my Opinion that the Uterus is something quasi-sacred that should not exposed to Carousels of ANY kind! (But not disproportionately Sacred to Men’s Sperm, or, more accurately I guess, Testicles! )

Of COURSE we have to take Social Class into this, and, rightfully, Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” has generated fervent discussion in the Manosphere and the larger social/political sphere in the 6 to 9 months since its publication. I haven’t read it, but I watched Murray present the main points of the book on CSPAN Book TV, and have read a lot of Manosphere Analysis onnit, hahahahaha.  Anyway, the point I wanted to throw out there: Are too many of the wrong people Getting Abortions, or, put another way, are the people who “SHOULD BE” Getting Abortions NOT getting them? Are The Underclass Hoi Polloi in Fishtown getting knocked up by Caddish Thugs and then giving birth to babies they can’t support, so they rely on (at best!) The Kindness of Betas, or (more troublingly) an entitlement-happy State? Whereas The Urban Hipster SWPL Bourgeversity-Education “Belmont” types in New York (everyone from “Manjawed Lawyercvnts” to Bon-Iver-Loving Zooey Deschanel Wannabes), who are more likely to be Career-Obsessed and to actually HAVE a Living-Wage Career, are also more likely to Abort the Fetuses, which if they had Carried To Birth, would probably be Less Likely to Rely On The State to Support?

So yes I’m taking these SocioEconomic things into account and not just my Born-Again Catholicism into account when considering abortion.

One last thing for today. I was watching TV, too ADD and angstily libidinous to Read, when I came across a “documentary” on NatGeo about Hasidic Jews, something fairly recent called “Only For God” or “One With God” or something like that. It was an Over 9000-Yard View of a day in the life of “modern” Hasids and left me wanting more, but I found this superficial introduction interesting nonetheless. If I were a Jew I would have made a pretty good Hasid. In particular I remember a Young Man who was born to a Catholic Father and a Jewish Mother. His family life was much more Catholic than Jewish and he went to Catholic Schools until age 18. Then he moved to a Hasidic Community in Brooklyn and jumped in the deep end. Yes it screamed “overcompensation” and “Pendulum swing” but I can relate to that. To an extent.  And then there was a Hasidic Wedding, with a Big Smiling Teddybear Chubby Chumpy Beta Niceguy with a Huge Hasidic Neckbeard getting married to A Nice Religious Jewish Girl (who probably wasn’t as big of a Wh0re as non-Hasidic Jewesses, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! )  My initial reaction was quite positive considering it was a Wedding/Marriage! I especially liked how they kept the men and the women separate at the Reception Party, and then finally lifted the bride and the groom up so they could see each other over the Dividing Curtain. I still have to “process” these Initial Emotions to see if I can find the Deeper Meaning behind them. It probably connects to my newfound appreciation for “Extreme” Religious Devotion and how THAT in turn relates to the Religious, Cultural, and Legal aspects of Mawwaige. Recently I’ve argued that Modern Western Men, should they find in themselves an inexorable desire to marry, that, if they feel they HAVE to appease that urge, to do so ONLY in a Religious/Spiritual sense and NOT in a Legal/State sense.

At any rate, the TV Show was as Superficial and Devoid Of Meaning as you expect from A TV SHOW, but it was better than Wh0redashians, and it did leave me with the lingering feeling that I would probably Get Along Well with these Hasidic Men. Then we could each have 1000 heirs with 1000 18-year-old virgin girls, and Give Thanks To The Lord with Really Solemn Funeral Doom.

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