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Gon try something new here. tired of time machine & so R U. back to extreme fragments. basically a long tweet. a short post. new & fresh. news o the day. friday march 29 2013. Real Time. def under 1000 words!

gay marriage. really amusing is facebook reaction. tons of wimminz changing picture to pink equal sign on red background. good for you. Most amusing hilarious thing is the GUYS who do the same. i mean the straight guys. seeeeems like they are begging for approval &attention from wimmin: “look at me! See, All guys are not homophobic hateful brutes! (“Fwisky Bwute” tm Eradica) I’m a compassionate caring niceguy! Date me! Date me! (heh tm Chapin)

Now, wimmin are FAMOUSLY very Facebook-Activist regarding anti-homophobia, gay rights, gay marriage, loving gays, having contempt for Family Values Rednecks, and in general,  being huge Facebook Fanz of Mainstream Daily Show Rachel Maddow Alex Wagner MSNBC Librulism, etc. Yet any man who’s Ever Lived A Day In His Life knows that Wimmin Find Homophobic Men more Manly, so you’re not helping yourself Get Laid by Pretending to Support Gay Marriage to show how Tolerant , Nice,  Enlightened andLibrul you are, Ya Beta Neckbeard Kissless Virgin!

Even if the guy is Already Getting Laid, putting up this pic ensures he will get laid worse/less. It can only HURT his Sex Life.

Of course maybe you realize there’s more important things In Life than Your Sex Life (and boy is there ever!) and you’re willing to sacrifice that to show your solidarity.

IMHO this should be a States Issue not a Federal one, and I am quite suspicious of SCOTUS. Compared to some Radical Conservatives or Traditionalists, I have less of a problem with gays, &have even gotten along well with gays in the past. their gayness does not bother me as much as the RAFT of Lame Gay Faggy Librul Swpl Marxist YKWish anti-white Issues SO OFTEN associated with Gays.

I don’t want it to be Slippery Slope to Decadence. IMHO Gayness is not as Decadent as the MUCH more worrisome & prevalent pandemic of young white girls taking n00d photos, racking up High Partner Counts, HookUp, Friends With Benefits, Sex-Positive, Soft Polyamory, No Commitment, No Consequences, FunSexperimentation, Moral Relativism, Open Relationships, The Slut Phase, “Dating Around”, Spring Break, Having Fun, Hedonism, Anal Sex, Weirder Fetishes being Normal, They Think It’s Right Because They’re Not Right,  etc. And even more decadent than all THAT – and contributing to the General Moral Decay, and the Gradual Acceptance of That Laundry List of Everyday Decadence –  is the PORN Poison millions of people watch every day.

But then how many Gays are Radical Conservatives who are against all those?

Heh. “CORNUCOPIA” is not a new word, but I’ve not used it till now, so there it is. In my understanding, refers to the abundance &availability &low price of, at very least, the necessities of life (compare with TSHTF & you have to trade guns’n’ammo & yr 18 year old daughter for One Can Of Beans); but can also IMHO refer to general Mentality of Decadence, Materialism, Cheap Fast Food, Excess, Immoderation, Hedonism, Sensualism, Disposeability. Of people as well as products.

Point is, the Cornucopia spoils &poisons &rots people &makes them really unprepared for when The Cornucopia inevitably runs out.

Heh heh REAL profound stuff, hahahahaha. So Go Read Mindweapons. Go Read Eradica. I’m just having fun over here. Just jerkin the gherkin. but at least i’m not exploiting girls of my race.

Trying to Ruthlessly Eliminate Fagspeak, Snark, Irony, Coyness, Cutesyness, Sarcasm, Weakness, Waffling, etc from my language. Hard habit to break, but slowly getting there.

[search: “my little pony friendship is magic bronies as example of New Sincerity” “what is New Sincerity” “My Little Pony New Sincerity”]

Becoming less of a White Nationalist Sympathizer and more of a White Nationalist, heh heh. I feeeeeeeeeel the “label” is breddy Freeing, maaaaan, and not at all restrictive like most labels. maaaaan. Pretty simple (“pretty” is a fagword, as you may have suspected!) but also pretty deeeeeep, maaaaaan. Not to make a mockery of the cause, but I’m Born White, and nothing’s gonna change that, so I can either be ashamed of it, or be PROUD of it, and protect My Race from harm & shame.  Breddy clear choice, MANG.

But I am still def in the Beginning Newb Stages, a NEWB, need to LURK MOAR.

my tolerance for gays and my Decadent, Jewish Obsession with Sex will not go over well with much of The WN Community. IMHO I can getawaywithit because I do NOT want to have mixed BABIES or nonwhite longterm mates, even though I will totes bang cute 18 year old nonwhite girls (note the youth distinction). Though I certainly don’t find them MORE attractive than 18 year old white girls!

Just trying to be honest with my allies here.  not gonna LIE and say I DON’T find some nonwhite 18 year old girls attractive!

ok enough Meta/Narcissism!

not sure whether “Racist” or “Racialist” is better term. don’t have a prob atm with “RACIST”, like say it loud and say it proud, “I Am A Racist!”, though that might scare off people who’re on the fence, on the verge of Their Awakening. And I was one of them a year ago, so, I can relate. Either word is good. I guess use “racialist” or “race realist” if your buddy is on the fence, but open to discussion.

But you might be pleasantly surprised at how many Whites are A Little Racist!

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I have decided to Write a CHILDREN’S BOOK, combining my interests in Educating The Children, Being A Single Father, A Book For Your Heirs, Raising kids up right, instilling them with good values, teaching them good lessons, winning minds AND hearts.


Bobby was a little boy about 6 years old but maybe 5 or 7 too. He lived at home with his Mommy and Daddy and he was a Happy Boy and they were a Happy Family. [oh jeezum crow]. Bobby’s Parents Home Schooled him and taught him lots of fun math and science. He got to play with other boys and girls too, his family weren’t complete nutcases. Bobby noticed that the girls and the boys liked to play in different ways. Generally. One of the girls was a Tomboy and liked to play with the boys. And once in a while Bobby would go play house with the girls and he would play the daddy. After about 10 minutes he found that was too funny though. “You’ll understand it when you get a little older” said both his Dad and Mom.

Bobby’s Dad worked Hard on the Oil Rig and sometimes Bobby wouldn’t see him for a few weeks at a time. But every night Bobby and his older brother (age 8) and younger sister (age 4) would gather round with their Mom and they would do a Skype Talk with Dad, and they looked forward to seeing his big red smiling bearded face, and were very thankful when he did come home. It wasn’t that bad. It’s not like he was gone for a year at a time. Ever 20 days or so, he would come home for 10 days and they would have a great time. Dad would join Mom in the Home Schooling and also teach some of his own lessons, like Shooting and Guns and Martial Arts and Weight Lifting and Camping and Hunting and Wood Working and Welding and Electrical and Plumbing and HVAC and Engine Repair. The kids couldn’t believe how much their Dad knew about everything. Their Mom was pretty smart too.

[heh. yeah I just started writing that right now. ruff draft son. hell no i don’t know where it’s going. hell no it’s not supposed to be “good.” but it is supposed to be easily understandable and teach Good Virtues and Values and Lessons! ]

[Heh maybe I should just read Bill Bennett’s Book Of Virtues. Hope he’s not a Ziocon. MY Story will NOT be Ziocon!]

[I might change the boys name from bobby. although it’s a good name and I might not! did not want to name him something like adolf or sth. and since I’m a big softie, the only racial implications in this nonviolent story will be that races are different, won’t be showing a bunch of Ooga Booga SpearChuckin Chongo-Molongo Mandingo Tar-Skinned Baboon Black Groids, or hooknosed shylocks drinking the blood of goybabies.]


If you like Franks Red Hot Sauce, then I also recommend Franks EXTRA-HOT Hot Sauce. The company’s probably owned by antiwhites but in this case I’ll still enjoy the Hot Sauce, hahahaha. I suppose the best thing would be to make my own but I am way too lazy. And I am Prescient to know no one cares!


SPERM BURPIN GUTTER SLVT is a GREAT Insult to use on Modern Wimmin. If you are pressed for time, SPERM BURPER is perfectly acceptable too. f00kin Sperm Burperz.
briefly tried researching who invented the term “sperm burping gutter slvt” nothing conclusive.



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