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spent several hours yesterday abs neckbearding on several *chans:


/pol thread on JIDF. some guy dropping great “Red Pill” pictures left and right. Frontlines of Internet Race War exposing the Real Life Race War.

[yeah those links will give you 404 even when you delete “delete”. meaning once it’s older than page 10, it’s GONE. but I think there is an archive site. but not for ALL threads. ]

Was looking for the one last night I was reading on Baby Boomers, that one had some good stuff too. Like there are 2 STEM Grads for every ONE STEM job. story of the stem grad 40K in debt, could only get a job at BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD, living in physically unsafe multicult neighborhood, driving 20 year old car that always breaks down, making 12 bucks an

hour, this was his reward for getting a STEM degree, internships, all that. Heh I bet with all his money, status and success,  he’s really popular w the Ladeez.

Then another guy sez degrees are useless, go into HVAC with no degree and make 20$ an hour. Not the first and prob not the last time I’ll hear about HVAC!

So what’s the first poster’s prob? HE got the wrong STEM degree? something like “Biology” instead of “Biomolecular Engineering?” Did not go to a “God Tier” Univ, but prob a TTT? Did not network enough with Successful Kkes? Check, Check, Checkmate.

Heh supposedly if you say “kke” that means you’re JIDF posing as an antiJ. Well, I say “kke” alot but I can ASSURE you I am not JIDF!

Had at least 4 chans open, switching tabs back and forth: 4 chan /pol, 4 chon /news and /r9k, stormchan /storm and /news, wizardchan /v9k GOOD LORD and some /wiz, 5 chon /news.  Heh, I did not even have time to get to 4chan /b.

if none of this makes REMOTELY any sense to You, I suggest you visit the boards for a few minutes! Yeah it is kinda confusing AT FIRST, but once you go there for a few minutes and Drink It In…..uh then it starts to drink you in.  This is How People Become Foreveralone Neverevergf KV HHV Neckbeard Dweller Autismal virgins, but it’s not as bad or Jish than TV or Porn!

The main point is that there is a visible dissident, conservative, racialist, pro-white, anti-kke element even on The Largest Most Mainstream site, 4chan, that you would NEVER see on a Mainstream Media COmments Section. B&’d hahaha.  So at least the J Overlords are kind enough not to censor their opponents on these sites, haha.

TLDR: I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED BY 4chan /pol. Not as bad as I thought. 600,000 times better than reddit. Decent anti-antifa presence.

I guess 4chan is not REALLY SUPER mainstream, like Reddit or FAGCEBOOK, though. “Normalfags” have never even HEARD of 4chan in the first place and would shun it as soon as they saw a creepy picture.

And then Wizardchan thinks 4chan are normalfags because they are normal enough to talk to wimmin. There was a guy on wizardchan whining that he was so socially Isolated he couldn’t even get friendzoned, he could only hope to get “Acqaintancezoned.” ACQUAINTANCEZONED!!!!

Handholdless KV  Wizards Are SO OMEGA, they can only DREAM of the FRIENDZONE, the best they can get is ACQUAINTANCEZONED. FRIENDZONE is for those oh-so-alpha BETAS!

THAT BEING SAID, as pathetic and weak as those faggots are, I CAN relate, I CAN empathize, so I would never troll them nor encourage anyone to troll them. I will take their side against normalfags. but, like the people that are still obsessed with Pvssy and Porn and Game and Wimmin, I think their SOULS could benefit GREATLY from a Racial Awakening!

And, I have a suspicion that most Wizards are White. Because Whites are More Feminized than Nonwhites, Less Masculine, thus less likely to Pull. Much, much, much more on this later, like current Hot News of Nonwhites bullying White Girls to “date” them with “das raciss beotch”, or White Girls in Norway being more likely to “date” Nonwhites than White Norwegian boys.

Are white women so desperate for Masculine Men that they’ll turn their back on their own Men? NOT SURE. I think there’s still plenty of Masculine White Men left, but that on the whole, White Men are those MOST affected by Kke Feminization. So that on the whole, Nonwhite men are now prob overall More Masculine than White men. MORE LATER.

But this is the most fascinating, in depth picture I’ve ever seen of the NEET “subculture.”

heh. they say, this is not a board for BETAS, this is a board for OMEGAS. Betas are too normalfag because they have female acquaintances, or maybe they have had S once with a Fat Drunk Fugly Snorlax.

hopeless threads about you can’t assume you could even pull with Fat Fugly Drunk Snorlaxes because they too would reject your omegaest of the omega autismal creepy loner annoying awkward sperglord 4ss.

Now I’m not saying these guys are not annoying! Because they are! It’s just an example of how Bad Habits can crush the White Soul, and a Sick Degenerate Jified Society enables Bad Habits in Whites which can lead whites to Explicit, Actual, “Literal” Suicide, as the Jezebelz say now, “literally” is their new favourite word of May 2013, not that that will last! “Actually” was the predecessor of “literally” and not sure what the next will be. Place your bets, boys.


/pol guy graduating w STEM degree and observing the fggotry, kkery, and ngrloving at his univ.

heh. thread is on page 9 after about 2 or 3 hours. i can’t even find the one about the boomers from last night. though 4chan had search function, but you gotta use outside service. couldn’t find. where does stuff go when it is too old for page 10.

TLDR: you can find GOOD TALK on the first 10 pages 99% of the time. pictures that are hilarious and educational. With a HEALTHY dose of anti-anti-whiteness. Even among Teen College Students. And I would say this antiantiwhiteness is morseso Authentic than it is “EDGY”. 80/20. at least.

Heh Heh. You bloggers should read the chans more, there is great stuff to be found.

4chan’s 10 page cycle can’t be much longer than 10 hours. A smaller board like Stormchan, in contrast, has not even yet GOTTEN to 10 pages in its entire existence. Does not mean it’s not a great site. Wish it were more active.

umm takes about 24 hours for a thread to rage page 10 on 4chon? kinda faster than i thought.

Yeah there is some degeneracy esp regarding PORN, these virgins need to QUIT that J Poison, but, on the whole, as a breddy conservative-minded white cis male hahaha, who is gradually becoming more J-Wise and Racially Awake, the chans, even The Biggest Chan, are Better than You Might Expect. As of May 11 2013.



Note: I found it strange that the author would sign their name on such a thing, and indeed I don’t 100% approve of The Swastika, but, if you go to Ben Garrison’s site, he says right away that some “Nazis” have stolen his work and misappropriated it for “anti-semitic” purposes. Now, the Real Garrison is Anti-Fed Reserve, Pro-Ron Paul, Pro-Gun, etc.

ANYWAY, I do not wish to Smear or Libel Garrison, so please note that he did not really draw that picture. [“Pleeeeease don’t report my blog, Mr. Garrison!”]I would of course prefer that he became J-Wise and that he DID draw that picture! Anyway here is the one that Garrison DID draw (I think):



I would argue, the two images are not THAT dissimilar! Garrison is prob already “halfway there”, but he has been CONVINCED by The J, like SO many people, that being a Racialist is the MOST EVIL THING EVER, so he refuses to believe that he could EVER POSSIBLY be an Evil Rac(ial)ist.

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March 7, 2013: NEW POST! NOT “TIME MACHINE”! which basically boils down to: more racist, (and racist is GOOD), more hateful (and a little bit of hate is GOOD!), using The K Word a lot (just blowing off a lil steam, prob eventually use it a little less), and pretty slapdash and slipshod and incoherent, which is not so good.


College is A K!ke Casino – why would you DOUBLE DOWN on a LOSING BET? ok, partially because of White Pride, and THAT’s a good thing, but white pride will still not help your odds winning a k!ke game. so you hate skool & get a bachelors degree and then figure MORE SKOOL is the SOLUTION? DOUBLING DOWN AT THE K CASINO? yeah, the pride is f00kin with you, you don’t want to be wrong, you don’t want to have wasted TONS of time and money, but that’s exactly what you’re wasting even MORE of!

the best thing you can do is say f00k the K’s & not become their DEBT SLAVE.

if becoming a Health Information Technologist doesn’t work, become a welder.

if being a Welder doesn’t work out, become a Climate Control Tech.

if that doesn’t work, become a X Ray Tech.

if that doesn’t work out, become a Medical Assistant.

if that doesn’t work out, become a “Power Engineer”.

if that doesn’t work out, become a CNC Molder Machinist (heh.)

if that doesn’t work, become a Surgical Technologist.

if THAT doesn’t work out, you’ll prob be senile or dead and then at least you tried. gave it the good ole college try hahahaha. white college, not K college. f00k K’s.

absolutely disgusting, how such a small group of people can weaken/poison/cancer such a large group of people. it’s not like we’re being swarmed by 90000000000 K’s. whites outnumber K’s 100 to 1, & yet they can still do all this damage. real underdog story amirite hahahahaha.

it’s because whites are so NICE and forgiving and kind and welcoming and accepting. Our Kindness Is Our Greatest Weakness.

[star trek tangent: we Sperg Wannabes really identify with Data because he is super smart and has bad social skills. but deep down spergs are lonely and crave Human Contact and Luv and Affection, they just can’t get it, or don’t want it from the annoying idiots and turks that surround them.]

we whites need to be careful not to too quickly write other whites off as white trash or murkans or idiots just because they are dumb and annoying and like the murkan cartoon of the murkan bear guy on the scooter with the american flag shirt scootering back and forth with the bottles of diet coke. or one white is too low class trailer and antiintellectual, while another white is too bourgey and SWPL and intellectual.

we must see whites as our Brothers and Sisters! unless of course they betray our trust by REALLY selling us out to YKW. the goddam K’s using CLASS and their K college to divide and conquer whites, turn whites against whites, cuz some of em have more book learnin. f00k books. f00k K’s. naw hahaha, SOME books are good. lotsa books. just not the K college books.

i meant a picture like this hahahaha



WHITE MAN, what you should ask yourself is, WHAT HAS YKW EVER DONE FOR YOU. Well uhhhh he made a more tolerant and peaceful society. More civil rights for all. So that people get jobs in a meritocratic manner, the best person for the job.

Wrong wrong & wrong, and even if they were true, those things wouldn’t help you anyway.

Also not talking about J3vvish Doctors who may have saved your life in the hospital or sommat.

I am talking about J3vvs who have individually Proved Their Love for you and gave you something which you were deeply grateful for.

Who has done this for you? Other whites.

Stop jumping to protect and defend K’s! WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE FOR YOU???

No, I’m NOT suggesting anyone go out and “KILL K’s”. I’m saying Fight The K’s symbolically and individually, by not falling for their scams, not becoming their SLAVE, by becoming a Free Strong White Man raising Healthy White Children. At least 2 or 3! This is the Best and ONLY way to overcome the K Plague, is if each white can do this! don’t NEED to Kill People! although in 40 or 50 years, you might want to have

a lot of gunz &barbed wire around your house like they do in south africa, so you can protect your WIFE &CHILDREN from the hordes of violent marauding colored barbarians the k’s are flooding your country with! & you better be sure THEY’ll have guns! Funny you don’t have any K neighbors saying diversity is so great! They only say that from the safety of their elite neighborhoods!


create white propaganda encouraging whites NOT to go to college, well, not to take out any LOANS to go to college; if they do, one of those real tryhards who honestly LIKES and EXCELS at skool, then do a HOT STEM degree; otherwise, do a HOT TRADE &  make money and have families and prosper – escape the K1K3 YOKE.

create flyers, simple one sheet flyers or billboards or posters, basically countering all the K propaganda in skools which urges whites to kill themselves.

atm I am more anti-k than anti-black: i believe if you solve the k problem, the black problem will then solve itself.

steer clear of any negative or hostile imagery in the flyers. just have smiling, happy, strong, proud, healthy, fertile white people succeeding in life because they became plumbers or hvac or HIT or lab techs or surg techs or xray techs or welders or oilmen.

show pictures of happy white families with 3 young children, happy white neighborhoods, free of the k yoke.


march 9 2013

going further into the chan rabbit hole. 4chon, stormchan, talk on the stormchan meta board suggests that 4chon is in decline, and people looking for a serious pro-white community should stick to stormchan. 2chon, 5chon (or chan??) and wizardchan are other chans which stormchan has listed as possible sources for contributors. debate over trips vs anons. what is the right level of debate.

JIDF Jewish Internet Defence Force using real ALINSKY tactics on pro-white organizations. how true is 4chon. what exact are “newggers”. suggesting the 4chon /new board is being “taken over” by “white nationalist conspiracy tinfoil hat” types. but NAWNALT.

i am not big on conspiracies, but I am pro-white, and I am not fond of YKW. are some 4chonners just “pretending to be anti-semitic” as a gimmick? what’s the point of that?

I like the huge kissless virgins on the wizardchan. they think their sperglordness makes them wizards but it just makes them foreveralone virgins. But I love reading Life Stories of Losers like that. I don’t think they’re Bad People! At All! I can relate better than most “normalfags!”

Forgot about “Tagechan.”

TL;DR there are a ton of chans out there, all at their own snapshot in time, chans change and shift and live and die, it can be hard to say what the ideology of any given chan is, groups break off and form their own chans, always “inherent tension” in a chan. Stormchan might be on the way up, and is prob a better chan To Watch than 4chon, although IMHO it does not have regular enough posts ATM. It will take at least 3 months of immersing self in various chans to get a handle on them and report on What They Are. but Stormchan’s “stock” is highest IMHO ATM. In General Chans are Fun and often informative/educational, and not AS Poisoned by Cancer than Reddit, which is full of wimmin S’ing Maddow’s D, who screeeeeeeech “rape apologist scum!”  or “racist rapist!” when you call something “gay” or GOD FORBID “faggy” or “jewish.”


stupid word of the day is “HNNNNNNGGGGG!!!” which either indicates a meme of a guy having a heart attack, or animu otaku virgins obsessing fetishistically over sommat, or a way “tumblfags” announce themselves on an anonymous one on one chat thing called omegle which I’d also never heard of.

I prefer to keep it simple and encourage an interpretation of you getting a raging hardon over something.

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