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I try to treat myself to Good Book from Amazon every week or every two weeks, something hedonistic and pleasurable, some mind-food, something to Recharge the batteries, positive reinforcement schedule, etc, since drugs and alcohol are bad, my careeeeeer is stalled, lifting weights would be great but I’m too lazy, and meaningless decadent jewsex with decadent sluts in the harem has lost its appeal – and I’ve taken a vow of Chastity so as to Practice What I Preach & be honest and unhypocritical. I usually look for Cheap Books (1 cent plus 3.99 shipping.) This leads to me buying good books which I end up not really feeeeeeeling like reading at the moment, for example Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” which I plan to get to properly but so far I’ve only skimmed. Then there was “Bell Curve”, that turned out to be more up my alley at this moment in my Intellectual Development. This week I decided to Splurge and spend Big Money on a book I reeeeeally wanted, even though it was consid more expensive. This was a good idea, as I got a Big Mindboner when the book arrived Lightning Quick from the white-friendly bookstore. (I woulda bought it direct from Counter-Currents, BUT the seller Lighthouse Literature will be closing its doors soon, they had a cheaper price, I wanted to support them, AND I entered Amazon through the Counter-Currents “gateway” (link) to give them some “affiliate marketing” which they apparently like. Not sure how much money that brings in for them.)

Short book, I took about 90 minutes and skimmed the whole thing, read the first couple essays in full, and so far, so Great! Very satisfied, very glad I spent the big bucks, very worth it, should do this more often. I really relate with Johnson as a Soft-Spoken Polite Niceguy who initially wanted to do an Academic Career. He lives in SAN FRANCISCO and his voice is kinda faggy and beta and niceguy.  since I’m much more Homosexual-friendly than the Avg Far Rightist, this might be a good thing for me. Also, one of the Essays therein argues that WNs need not be anti-homosexual per se because One’s Sexuality is not a foundational part of one’s identity, and the notion that it IS, is of course, a product of the Freudian and then later decadent sex-obsessed postmoderism; and Johnson reminds us of the Manly, Masculine, Heroic, Warrior, Prinicipled Heterosexual Spartans and Greeks and Romans who used to Bugger Boys, and then go on to be more-or-less heterosexual husbands and fathers. Sexual Orientation is not the be-all end-all of Your destiny, and to put it at the forefront of Your Life makes you a decadent sex addict.

(Kinda ironic that Postmodernism emphasizes that everything is a Spectrum and nothing is black-and-white, except for the rather notable exception of Sexuality! Although yes there is the kinsey scale that emphasizes a spectrum, or the idea of “Wimminz Have FLUUUUUID Sexuality!” But by that argument, maybe some homosexual men might be less homosexual than they’ve been brainwashed by the homosex-loving media/culture to believe!)

Johnson talks about A RAFT of interesting issues: Deep Ecology, Alan Watts, West Coast San Fran hippie Dippie and Niceguy Racialists, Race Mixing, immigration, practical solutions, commentary on Harold Covington, SWPL and Christian Lander, Books and Movies of interest (“A Conversation on Race” by Craig Bodeker (not on netflix!) ) Racialist Awakenings, alternate histories, jews, anglo saxons and then later white euro immigrants: slavs & italians; what is white, and the great variation among whites like northern europeans vs dravidians in india; a bracing review of Jim Goad’s “Sh!t magnet” and the pros and cons of Goad (pro: good satirist/writer ; con: decadent, narcissistic, immoral); plenty of talk on “decadence”; a great “primer” on introductory ideas for the Newbie Like Me or You.

Would have liked more on his personal Awakening. The Awakening is an important thing IMHO, possibly just because I’m in the middle of it RIGHT NOW. Hell it might be in there, I haven’t read the whole book.

But yes I like his Niceguy yet not-too-sentimental or fluffy approach. Like me, he is staunchly nonviolent, and he comments on some of the more violent WN literature (“all race traitors must be killed!”) but oooops I jerked-off to an attractive 18-year old black girl one time, looks like I must die.

This is not to say Johnson’s message is “soft” or “watered-down”. It’s just nonviolent, and very cool-headed. Cool as a cucumber.

Again I want more on Johnson’s life: what moved him to the PhD and academic career, what made him throw all that away for WN; I ASSUME his PhD is in literature or philosophy or sommat but he doesn’t say. Also I like that he is “tolerant” or at least friendly and open to Christians as well as homosexuals. Yes, “Tolerance” is generally Bad, but I agree with him here where Christians and Homosexuals can be valuable Whites!

He talks about his friend who was instrumental in his own awakening; this friend VERY, VERY reasonably wanted a mate who was not corrupted by Western Marxist Feminism and Decadence (heh my “new” fave word), so his solution was to marry a Filipina. This I find VERY interesting given my interests in Finding A Good Mate – what if All White Wimminz are Corrupt, and White Men who want a good mate have to look for Nonwhites, because most Nonwesterners are Nonwhite? This is a VERY valid concern. So that marriage did not work out, but apparently the guy did not get hosed either; and he ended up marrying a white woman and having 5 children. Johnson did not clarify if this White Woman was a Decadent Wimminz but I assume he wouldn’t even bring up the anecdote if she were.

Then I thought: Given the choice between a Good Nonwhite Mate and a Bad White Mate, what the hell do you choose? Considering: no matter how good the nonwhite might be, you still have to deal with a RAFT of complications from her FAMILY and CULTURE that could be enough to ruin a Good Marriage. Johnson also mentions the idea of the person with ideas of racial purity but they don’t get to put it into practice because they never mate; versus the person that does mate, but interracially. I have to read deeper here. Matt Forney has raised the VERY important issue of: yes whites are slowly dying out and we need to have more white babies, but Most White Wimminz are Decadent Trash who aren’t WORTH having Babies with – is it better to produce White Trash, or White Nothing?

This is where I bring in “my” solution of Voluntarily Single Fathers. And since they can choose their mate/egg, they should choose the healthiest one within their race that they can, then bust their 4ss doing the work of both Traditional Father AND Traditional Mother, because Wimminz sure as hell aren’t going to.

Where’s MY awakening coming from? In short: The DECADENCE of Western White Wimminz. I’ve been concerned with that for a LONG time. THEN when I started reading Eradica via Firepower, I couldn’t help but notice Ryu. I blame Ryu, for talking about WN all the time, hahahaha. I was jolted and thought, “WAIT a minute, how did we get from Decadent Wimminz to this scary paranoid violent idea of WHITE NATIONALISM? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” And as I read more, I find maybe it’s not. AND that WN is not necessarily so scary and violent and paranoid.

PLUS I’ve been reading Counter-Currents for quite some time, been interested in the Far Right and Alternative/New Right for some time, it’s just that the “White” component never really Clicked for me until now. To Ryu’s credit, he is a Really Provocative writer! Also, I’ve been reading Varg Vikernes’s stuff for years (“Articles” near bottom), he’s essentially a New Rightist and should get more active in that, hahaha. So I’ve never been a big stranger to the Politically Incorrect. I’ve also been Suspicious of Blacks ever since childhood because I grew up in an area where there was noticeable Racial Tension. So perhaps I’ve always been a Racialist but never really recognized myself as such.

Oh yeah. Johnson gets “The Thomas Sowell Question” out right away. Because intelligent nonliberals can’t help but run into Thomas Sowell at some point, he’s too tremendous and talented and smart not to be noticed, and then you’re even more surprised when you find out he’s BLACK. Then you think, thank GOD for Thomas Sowell, it means I’m not an Evil Racist! I CAN’T BE a racist because I really like and respect this guy! Why can’t MORE blacks be like him?”

Answer: Because he is an exceptional black. An outlier. Not an average black. And Johnson wisely also immediately mentions that just because you’re a racialist doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate INDIVIDUALS of ANY race. You can like Thomas Sowell, you can like Gustav Mahler. We kinda DO need to keep saying NAXALT because The Media portrays Racialists as Crazy Stupid Violent Gun Nuts who Always think AXALT and are too dumb and illiterate to know about Sowell. And this is JUST NOT TRUE.


More importantly, Johnson asks “is one Thomas Sowell enough to compensate for the amount of destruction Blacks have Wrought? For the amount of White Thomas Sowells they have displaced or killed?” Via Vanguard News Networks Alex Linder (and I think there’s been some controversy / falling-out with him since, gotta look into) provocative question “Because the black race produced Thomas Sowell, the white race must die?”

Though at this moment I’m still an optimist, and in my Ideal Race World, Blacks could Nurture Blacks to produce More Thomas Sowells and fewer violent thugs!

Also the idea that Nervous SWPL White “SOLICITOUSNESS” and Niceness/Politeness to blacks makes blacks feeeeeeel whites are being racist towards blacks. Just treat us like Normal People, they’re saying. Don’t give us preferential treatment. (unless it’s for jobs and educationz hahahahahahahahaha)

I would add to this that White Nationalists and Black Nationalists could probably have a more productive conversation together than Average Whites and Average Blacks. Maybe.

Johnson talks about Real and Interesting Stuff every single page. Not a gram of Turgidity or Bloatedness here. If I had the money I would have bought the Hardcover. I would buy a hardcover of every Counter-Currents book. Greg Johnson is my type of guy and I can feeeeeeeeeel a mancrush developing.

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[To Mindweapon: I have not forgotten about You! I am not consciously/intentionally blowing You off, and your email gave me A LOT to think about, which I can’t even begin to respond to all of it in a week. But I have neglected the Common Courtesy of Politely Acknowledging You, so please accept that at least. I don’t want to be like the Narcissistic Teen who never Calls/Emails people back! I appreciate your initiative, action, & network-building, this is a great example for Men to follow! Unfort I am not a Full Man yet, still in the process of struggling-to-become.]

Half Sigma makes an interesting argument (link) that The College Degree itself is no longer a great demarcation between Prole and Elite/SWPL/Bourgeois/Brahmin/UpperClass because Proles gotta get a Degree eventually to make a Good Prole Living. Nope, the demarcation is, do you complete your degree BEFORE AGE 25? ( see also “Graduate Degrees and Class.” (Hahaha now maybe HS will blogroll me. But I feeeeeeeeeeel I don’t read him enough, hahaha.) )

I know Firepower makes fun of Half Sigma, and perhaps this age-25 thing isn’t Totes Original, but I still give HS credit for spoon-feeding me it! Plus it captures the whole Leet Univs vs Fourth-Tier Sewers distinction as well. I’d wager less than 1% of Bachelors Degrees grads from Ivies are over 25. Over 23 even. You get one shot. Plus I like how HS watches and comments on Real Trashy TV and its Implications. Really Spellz it out for Idiotz like Meeeeeeee.

Ryu apparently did an interview with Robert Stark of Voice of Reason Radio, which in general is something I should be devoting more time to.

Heh. I’m SYMPATHETIC to major PARTS of WN, although not being a full-blown self-identifying WN. Yet. hahaha. Remember, my big weakness is that I would “sell out” heart and soul and race for a Good Job and Good Tail – I might not even CARE about race if I were a “winner” like that. Although I would still prob care about Rightism and America and antiMarxism! It’s the Marxism, not necessarily the JEWS, even if Marx was a jew and ZOG USES Marxism to powerful effect!

Like I’ve said before many a time, I don’t have a problem with Individual Blacks, or Wimminz, or Brahminz, unless they’re directly rude and obnoxious to me. And honestly it’s Wimminz who are the Most Obnoxious to me in my Daily Life, but that’s prob because I encounter many more Wimminz than I do Blax or Brahminz!

Been enjoying the Aug 2012 Christian vs Game Discussion, involving many: Dalrock, Vox, Mentu, GBFM, commenters. Someone ought to Edit A Book, hahaha. Basically, don’t expect Wimminz In Church Or even Christian Pay dating sites to have low numbers. And the rare 1% who DO, expect them to be gamed out from under you IF you’re a Gameless Beta. It is now Beta Men who are the Virginal Brides, and Wimminz who are the Promiscuous Cads with Male Harems. The Roles have changed.


For the benefit of The World And My Future Heirs, I will continue to Chronicle The Experience of Huge Rejection And Debilitating Depression in a NORMAL, HEALTHY, MORAL way, to serve as an example (FOR MY HEIRS!) of how this SHOULD be done.

Distraction and mind-numbing can be helpful just to pass the time, but DO NOT use drugs, alcohol, or, as Wimminz do, Promiscuous Sex with any number of Takers. Just sit there in front of the Boob Tube. This is if you’re too drained to do something actually useful, like Strength Workout or CareeeeeeeeerBuilding. Find a Banal TV Show that puts you to SLEEP and then Sleep Away the Time. Time is your friend. Time DOES Heal All Wounds. Pretty much, hahahaha.

You will have MUCH LESS ENERGY than normal. Just Sleep It Off.

Of COURSE you should not see the person WHATSOEVER! They’re DEAD TO YOU, remember? Delete phone numbers, texts, emails, fagbook, notes, pictures, DELETE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You are not going to have contact with this person for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Take some Time Off Work if you can afford that BOURGEOIS LUXURY, and just spend the entire day in BED. Thankfully my job is not demanding and I can still go in there and put up a convincing front. This is really only relevant for the First (Hardest) week anyway.

Now, I have a Calculus 1 test coming up and some homework, but I’ll just half-4ss it on the day before it’s due; copying the majority of the homework from the Solutions Manual, and since it’s not Rocket Science, just Natural Logs 101 and The Chain Rule, I almost “pretty much” know it anyway. I would NOT want to have 20 credits of tryhard hard classes right now, though.

As usual, continue NOT LISTENING to WIMMINZ and anything THEY say. As usual, they are NO help. Listen to your family and friends and those few you actually trust and respect.

Jim Goad paraphrased: “If I don’t work, I’ll starve; If I don’t WRITE, I’ll DIE.” Right on SIR. Heh. yeah I got several Goad books on wish list.

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