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time machine june 17 2012

[real time “live” commentary / excuses: seems my “harem” wasn’t doing much at this time. this kind of Impotent Rage w a side of OCD does not reflect well on The Antifeminists! I am thankful for having come to my senses, put things in perspective, and put these dark days well behind me. the Racial Awakening helped a lot with that!]

I might be twice as crazy as Avg Men, but AVG WOMEN ARE THREE TIMES AS CRAZY AS I AM.


Women can get all their Sexual “Needs” (ie, wants) fulfilled at drop of hat, on-demand, (Not sure how AvgWomens’ SexualWants compare to AvgMen’s SexualWants, prob a LITTLE bit lower on AVERAGE, but they STILL want it IMHO, just not w Average Guys) we all know that. Bear with me.

Corrolary: (Avg)Men have (Avg) Level of Sexual Frustration MUCH higher than level of Sexual Frustration for Avg Woman. ie, Men Are Much More Sexually Frustrated Than Women, on the average.

My Question for Sexual Frustration AND Laziness Expert MD is: is my Sexual Frustration Much Higher than for Avg Men (& I have a 50 girl HAREM!) (&I suspect he would say no.) So I have Avg Sexual Frustration, nothing to be concerned about.

(formerly it was Dr Levine; first part of post written when I though Levine could do no wrong, had not heard about Paedophilia, had not convicted Levine in my mind; just blissfully aware, nurturing new mancrush)

[Really don’t need a J “Expert” to Solve Laziness, let alone a disgraced Paedophile! You just roll up your sleeves, head down, & the Tuff Get Going, like an OX. But I still think it wouldn’t hurt to Have Our Own Psychologists – Decent White Men addressing the actual causes of Laziness, helping J’ified Jordies and Brandons tear themselves away from the Call Of Duty, Fantasy Sports, Neckbearding, MTV, TV, McDonalds, Mtn Dew, and go out there and BE SMART & WIN.]

But Avg Men DEAL WITH this avg level of SFRust & STILL go on to succeed ANYWAY. They don’t LET IT dampen their productivity. Don’t LET it distract them when they’re studying Thermodynamics in the Library at 3 am Sunday Morning / Saturday Night. Don’t LET it distract them from getting Well-Paying STEM job, even though they’ve spent the last 10 years horny as h3ll with No Release. The WEAK people get sidetracked into Laziness, into drugs/alcohol, into Underachievement, take their eyes off prize. MORAL TURPITUDE. MORAL LAZINESS.

[heh. touche. good point. when put to The Test, some men win and some men lose, and no doubt this is related to The Courage And Strength Deep Within. Which is why we need to develop Good Habits in our children when they are very young.]

So what is avg for Men re productivity and success? Is Lazy Average? or is productive average? I would say many more men are productive than lazy, if we just use UNEMPLOYMENT rate as an indicator of Moral Laziness. Which it is!

So, Avg Men don’t get so distracted by Avg Sexual Frustration. They put their head down, study & work, keep eyes on prize, know the CARROT will come LATER, can appreciate DELAYED GRATIFICATION & don’t NEED INSTANT GRATIFICATION so DESPERATELY, like a WIMMINZ does. Ew. UGH.

[or like nonwhites, hahahaha. Hedonistic Want for Instant Grat absolutely does not become whites. RISE ABOVE.]

want to get out of navel-gazing NOW!!!

do not publish until DECEMBER 2012.

[this post is more than TEN months old. honestly it does not even serve the purpose of Time Machine Posts, which is supposed to Emphasize Continuity and Timelessness Of Thought. Well let this be an example of Dark Days, AND the Triumph of The Will in Rising Above those dark days! You Can Do It!]

OK glad to be done Blogging about Dr Levine. Put that behind us.  AT LEAST I don’t MOLEST BOYS.

But, being a Productive Man, I want to Improve the Overall Quality of my Harem.Always room for Improvement in Everything! Particularly: Increasing the Kindness & Loyalty & pleasantness, decreasing Flakiness & volatility of turnover & attrition (although note that A Rule is a girl Automatically MUST leave when she passes her peak by about age 23); most importantly, gradually bumping up the Average Quality of the “Talent”. Get fewer 7’s and more 8’s.  THAT – The Average Attractiveness of a Man’s Harem – is directly related / CAUSED by the level of his Alpha: Social Status * Bold Charisma. (Still figuring out the Coefficients there, haha). So, I need to raise one of those two factors.

[Having a 50-girl HAREM is SO Nonwhite. The very IDEA and even the WORD for “Harem” is nonwhite. Just like laziness and failure and instant gratification and Moral Turpitude, Harems and the r-selection they represent do not become Whites. They moreso become an Unhealthy, Shameful Obsession with Sex and Conquering as MANY Wimmin as possible, when there are Better things to be concerned about. Ideally the White Family will have One Husband and One Wife bound for Life by Mutual Love which grows out of Mutual Infatuation, leads to at least three children. Although since Mutual Infatuation is a Tall Order, I am weighing the White Benefits of having a SMALL number of child-bearing wives, like say TWO or THREE wives. But this business about FIFTY Wimmin Haremz? NO.]

Oh yeah before Iforget:


good enough to warrant 250-500 wd “review.” Final Grade: B/B+. I’d never seen Iron Man 1. Saw Iron Man 2 in theatre during my theatre-going period ($5 shows monday thru thursday RIP). That was OK but not great. Iron Man 1 was the better movie, even if Mickey Rourke was prob better villain. Jeff Bridges is good too, always is. And Terrance Howard is by Far the better Col Rhodes than Don Cheadle. Both good actors but Howard played role much better – I felt Rhodes NEEDED to be more cocky and unflappable to Tony Stark; Cheadle just didn’t seem to have the b4lls. IM1 was entertaining from the first minute. Lost interest about 75% through, right before Final Act started. Pretty good for me to keep interest THAT long.

RJD [ he should*n’t have same initials as Ronnie James Dio!]

[see how the J Mindworms had gotten to my Brain? RDJ vs RJD. WOW. ]

[NOTE: over the past ten months I am watching MUUUCH fewer Movies, despite the Spate of Movie Reviews in these Time Machine Posts. And when I DO watch movies or TV, I can assure You, my Friends, that I am watching them with New Eyes and a New Mind, nudge nudge wink wink. If you have a TV, the Poison IS in it.]

storms out of the gate, giving us fully-crafted Tony Stark from the beginning. Great character, great Alpha, can bang any woman he wants, whenever he wants, essentially the mate value of an 18-year-old girl. but he’s SMART and SUCCESSFUL and RICH and WITTY and COCKY etc. Omega Virgins – study Tony Stark if you want to finally pull some puke pu$$y. Graduate MIT at age 18 and know how to build complicated machinery with Scraps In A Cave.

Liked that first Iron Man suit, the old-school-looking one, possibly even better than the Recognizable Modern Movie one with the red and gold.

Liked that what Stark was doing was not at all technologically possible. Bet the Tech Geeks had a field day complaining on the internet about that. Not the point. Entertainment is, and it delivered.

Like when he was Flying To Afghanistan in a SUIT and battling Fighter Jets, IN A SUIT. Again super ridiculous & impossible, but FUN and ENTERTAINING.

Still, wasn’t quite in the MOOD to watch it, so I was tempted to fast-forward near the end.

This is the REAL benefit/value-add of Netflix, is that you’re not Browsing through the store/publib picking up something you MIGHT want to watch. You watch exactly what you’re in the mood for. ORDERING of the QUEUE. Rather than grabbing something you are ambivalent about, then half-heartedly watching it and fast-forwarding a lot because you’re not really in the mood but you’ve gotta return it soon. NO MORE.

Also I don’t usually like Gwyneth Paltrow, could never take her seriously bc she shows her T!TS in several movies, but I did actually like seeing her T!Ts when she was Younger in “Shakespeare in Love” and since then wouldn’t mind banging her. And even though she is old now, and Old in Iron Man, she still looked bangable & I liked the red hair for some primal reason. She is welcome to a temporary Guest Spot in my Harem. 10 bangs then GTFO.

[This kind of Decadent Disposeability would not become a 100% White Woman, which of course Paltrow is NOT. But again, I am grateful for the New Eyes which have allowed me to See Beyond Just Sex. Great example of the J Mindworm that has infected many wayward whites, largely as a result of being encouraged to separate Sex and Love.]

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Gon try something new here. tired of time machine & so R U. back to extreme fragments. basically a long tweet. a short post. new & fresh. news o the day. friday march 29 2013. Real Time. def under 1000 words!

gay marriage. really amusing is facebook reaction. tons of wimminz changing picture to pink equal sign on red background. good for you. Most amusing hilarious thing is the GUYS who do the same. i mean the straight guys. seeeeems like they are begging for approval &attention from wimmin: “look at me! See, All guys are not homophobic hateful brutes! (“Fwisky Bwute” tm Eradica) I’m a compassionate caring niceguy! Date me! Date me! (heh tm Chapin)

Now, wimmin are FAMOUSLY very Facebook-Activist regarding anti-homophobia, gay rights, gay marriage, loving gays, having contempt for Family Values Rednecks, and in general,  being huge Facebook Fanz of Mainstream Daily Show Rachel Maddow Alex Wagner MSNBC Librulism, etc. Yet any man who’s Ever Lived A Day In His Life knows that Wimmin Find Homophobic Men more Manly, so you’re not helping yourself Get Laid by Pretending to Support Gay Marriage to show how Tolerant , Nice,  Enlightened andLibrul you are, Ya Beta Neckbeard Kissless Virgin!

Even if the guy is Already Getting Laid, putting up this pic ensures he will get laid worse/less. It can only HURT his Sex Life.

Of course maybe you realize there’s more important things In Life than Your Sex Life (and boy is there ever!) and you’re willing to sacrifice that to show your solidarity.

IMHO this should be a States Issue not a Federal one, and I am quite suspicious of SCOTUS. Compared to some Radical Conservatives or Traditionalists, I have less of a problem with gays, &have even gotten along well with gays in the past. their gayness does not bother me as much as the RAFT of Lame Gay Faggy Librul Swpl Marxist YKWish anti-white Issues SO OFTEN associated with Gays.

I don’t want it to be Slippery Slope to Decadence. IMHO Gayness is not as Decadent as the MUCH more worrisome & prevalent pandemic of young white girls taking n00d photos, racking up High Partner Counts, HookUp, Friends With Benefits, Sex-Positive, Soft Polyamory, No Commitment, No Consequences, FunSexperimentation, Moral Relativism, Open Relationships, The Slut Phase, “Dating Around”, Spring Break, Having Fun, Hedonism, Anal Sex, Weirder Fetishes being Normal, They Think It’s Right Because They’re Not Right,  etc. And even more decadent than all THAT – and contributing to the General Moral Decay, and the Gradual Acceptance of That Laundry List of Everyday Decadence –  is the PORN Poison millions of people watch every day.

But then how many Gays are Radical Conservatives who are against all those?

Heh. “CORNUCOPIA” is not a new word, but I’ve not used it till now, so there it is. In my understanding, refers to the abundance &availability &low price of, at very least, the necessities of life (compare with TSHTF & you have to trade guns’n’ammo & yr 18 year old daughter for One Can Of Beans); but can also IMHO refer to general Mentality of Decadence, Materialism, Cheap Fast Food, Excess, Immoderation, Hedonism, Sensualism, Disposeability. Of people as well as products.

Point is, the Cornucopia spoils &poisons &rots people &makes them really unprepared for when The Cornucopia inevitably runs out.

Heh heh REAL profound stuff, hahahahaha. So Go Read Mindweapons. Go Read Eradica. I’m just having fun over here. Just jerkin the gherkin. but at least i’m not exploiting girls of my race.

Trying to Ruthlessly Eliminate Fagspeak, Snark, Irony, Coyness, Cutesyness, Sarcasm, Weakness, Waffling, etc from my language. Hard habit to break, but slowly getting there.

[search: “my little pony friendship is magic bronies as example of New Sincerity” “what is New Sincerity” “My Little Pony New Sincerity”]

Becoming less of a White Nationalist Sympathizer and more of a White Nationalist, heh heh. I feeeeeeeeeel the “label” is breddy Freeing, maaaaan, and not at all restrictive like most labels. maaaaan. Pretty simple (“pretty” is a fagword, as you may have suspected!) but also pretty deeeeeep, maaaaaan. Not to make a mockery of the cause, but I’m Born White, and nothing’s gonna change that, so I can either be ashamed of it, or be PROUD of it, and protect My Race from harm & shame.  Breddy clear choice, MANG.

But I am still def in the Beginning Newb Stages, a NEWB, need to LURK MOAR.

my tolerance for gays and my Decadent, Jewish Obsession with Sex will not go over well with much of The WN Community. IMHO I can getawaywithit because I do NOT want to have mixed BABIES or nonwhite longterm mates, even though I will totes bang cute 18 year old nonwhite girls (note the youth distinction). Though I certainly don’t find them MORE attractive than 18 year old white girls!

Just trying to be honest with my allies here.  not gonna LIE and say I DON’T find some nonwhite 18 year old girls attractive!

ok enough Meta/Narcissism!

not sure whether “Racist” or “Racialist” is better term. don’t have a prob atm with “RACIST”, like say it loud and say it proud, “I Am A Racist!”, though that might scare off people who’re on the fence, on the verge of Their Awakening. And I was one of them a year ago, so, I can relate. Either word is good. I guess use “racialist” or “race realist” if your buddy is on the fence, but open to discussion.

But you might be pleasantly surprised at how many Whites are A Little Racist!

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JUNE 13, 2012

Shadow Everyone. All yr friends wot have Bigboys, Shadow Them, buy them lunch, learn to do what they do, it’s like Training only you’re bearing all the burden of the cost, nice value-adding crypto-bribe since you can’t legally bribe, and training is a thing of The LongDead Past, AdaptOrDie. Of COURSE squeeze a blurb onto your RES, if you can’t get a ResBlurb out of Something, it just ain’t WORTH IT & you should just Blow Yer Brains Out(figuratively!), it goes without saying, if you need to hear someone SAY it, Blow Yer Brains Out (figuratively!) Right Now, because yer not fit for SURVIVAL and DEF don’t Deserve a Survival Job!

When yer broad gives you hard time about constantly j3rking-0ff to p0rn, don’t get all beta or defensive, use it as a Teaching Moment: “Well BABY, maybe if you looked prettier, like HER, and did the things SHE does, I wouldn’t have to use pr0n every day, but as it stands now, yer getting OUTSHINED on several fronts.”

Men j3rk0ff to pr0n because the Wimminz they’re having Actual S3x with aren’t ATTRACTIVE enough, and thus aren’t providing good enough s3x to keep him away from p0rn. Very simple. No hidden agendas.

Ideally, the Wimminz you’re banging would be Hot enough and the S3x good enough so you didn’t HAVE to use P0rn. (Note: Wimminz don’t get “better at s3x” the more guys they s3x. they just have to be good-Looking. No learning curve in Taking D!ck!!)

Again snagged by an MSLSD Documentary, very sensational, this time on John Jamelske


of Syracuse NY who had a SEX DUNGEON/BUNKER where he Kidnapped/Enslaved no less than 3 girls over many years, banging them every day. They talked to HIM in jail and he seemed very delusion that what he was doing was a serious crime, thought he would just get community service.

To his credit, he didn’t Sadistically, Violently Torture the girls. He fed them Steak and Played Games with them and gave them a bucket to poop in and water to drink and never beat them, just wanted one bang per day until he set them free, alive and all. Really interesting case. You’d assume most sex-enslavers would torture or kill their victims. not him. Although IF he wanted to be REALLY Generous, he could have furnished the bunker/dungeon a little better because did look pretty inhospitable.

Never heard of this guy. Hit the news around 2003/2004.Wonder what his mental deal is. Sperg? Anal retentive? A bit of a hoarder. OCD? Delusions? He was also pretty emo, could be driven to tears pretty easy. Maybe Bipolar? He had a Wife and said he started kidnapping girls once his Wife got sick and couldn’t give s3x any more, so he had to “look elsewhere” to fulfill his needs.Obv you don’t need to KIDNAP Girls, you can have a perfectly legal non-kidnapped 50 18-year-old-girls HAREM! No need to break any (perfectly valid, reasonable, appropriate, doing-what-laws-SHOULD-do) LAWS! (Kidnapping & Sex Enslaving IS a kind of violence, although not as bad as Abortion or 3G1H haha!)

Caffeine Pills (Vivarin, No-Doz) to self-medicate Undiagnosed Adult ADD? Say break up 1 pill 3 pieces per day? ADHD but no hyperactivity? Inattention And VERY LOW Energy?

If “Free-Thinking” Wimminz want to break down Gender Binary & Norms by having S3x with Herb Betas (“See? We have S with WHOEVER WE WANT! Those MISOGYNISTS Don’t KNOW What Women Want! Sometimes We Think Sensitive Emo Boys are Sexy Too, So we have Random Sex with them!”) , then they should RELINQUISH their “right” to complain about him getting “creepery” or “clingy” “just from s3x”.  They just opened up Pandora’s Box, what do They expect? They should ALSO contractually agree to Severance Bangs after they get bored and dump him, and also an agreed-upon number of Photos and Videos for the Beta. That would clearly make HIM less “creepery”, would clearly Mutually Reward BOTH woman and man, yet the wimminz Don’t Do This, because it involves Too Long-Term of Thinking! You Wimminz Bring it all upon yourselves! You Get The Men You Deserve! You Get The Men And Behavior Which You Reward with Your Stank Sn4tch or which you Punish By Withdrawing Your St4nk Sn4tch, until your sn4tch becomes SO stank that it loses its power to Manipulate & Condition Men’s Behavior!

This is the Tragedy of being a S3x-Addict, is you’re obsessed with something that’s nowhere NEAR as INTERESTING as the Masculine Sciences you SHOULD be interested in! Because your Chakras are imbalanced! Ever hear a MAN talk about CHAKRAS? (outside of original religious meaning)

Girl has Short hair? TIUTA! Hipster Hat? TIUTA! Tattoos esp on arm? TIUTA! Nose Pierce? TIUTA! Dyed Hair? TIUTA! Feminist/Leftist? TIUTA!


(stole blatantly from Wimminz Blog, go read his blog. Great guy, great blog. Underrated.)

Perhaps “Laziness” is better conceptualized in Current Literature as “Procrastination”, “WORK AVERSION DISORDER” (haha), or simply Lack Of Motivation. The Carrot & The Stick are Broken and can’t condition you to Do Things. Reinforcement/Punishment Schedule is Out Of Wack. What Motivates People To Do Things. What is Good Reward, Good Punishment? Decent Entertainment, Young Tail, Tasty food, ph4t bl00ntz. But eat too much yummy food you get fat. screw pooch. kill golden goose. stops being a reward. being fat is HUGE, CONSTANT, DRAINING PUNISHMENT, prob WORSE than all that food was GOOD.Ok Napping/Sleeping.

Laziness-as-Sin perspective. Yes I LIKE, just want to go beyond. Enlarge. Laziness-As-ADD. Ok. Write Dissertation, turn into Book. fill Gap. Laziness in Western World. Synthesize all the perspectives!

Clearly the best Job for a LAZY person is a UNIONIZED PUBLIC/GOV’T EMPLOYEE! I will bribe you at LEAST $70,000 (over 30 year period) for sth like that. Who do you gotta KNOW. Will bribe them 70 grand. If private sector workers are all Jelly over the Public Bennies, get a Public Job! Unless you have to be Super Smart & Harvard Bourge to get Gov’t Job. But then they wouldn’t have reputation for Laziness! Huh? HUHHH??!!

Not as Hyper as this writing suggests.

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How To Get An Easy Engineering Degree, Continued: (aka Videos For My Heir)

MAYBE take online classes if u can be productive late at night, or if yr underemployment schedule demands it. Can sometimes be MORE WORK than the In-Class Classes. Buyer Beware! however you don’t have to DRIVE or INTERACT with PEOPLE. Check out the rating of the Instructor. Needless to say, a Good Instructor can be a Gift from the Lord, but can be hard to find.

Take 2 classes per term if feeling confident & notlazy. If feeling Burnt-Out, just persist till end of term then take 1-term hiatus, but DON’T get a bad grade. take the next term off & start b34ting-off & praying more. Use my patented b34t-off Chest Muscle Workout Machine to become bigger and butcher while you b34t-off. Ideally, THROW YOURSELF into an Internship during the hiatus. Really Add Value, DO a lot, get great refs, great Resume Bullets. Achievements. FIRST TO ARRIVE, LAST TO GO. OUTSHINE EVERYONE. Unless they threaten you. Then suck it up and lick their 455h013 & say “i’m so sorry sir, I’m just trying to get a good job like you have, so I can pay child support to my b!tch ex-wife and try to get more custody of my child. She’s a promiscuous alcoholic & a bad mother to my poor child, the real victim in this case. I want to gain custody so I can raise the child up GOOD.”

Buy People Expensive Lunches AND Expensive Dinners.

Be the Best-Dressed person there.

Become everybody’s FRIEND & don’t get involved in Petty Office Politics. Make Everybody TRUST you.

Gradually work your way up, baby steps, from banging lower-value strippers in VIP room, to banging hotter strippers, then talk to non-strippers like they were strippers or 4n4l wh0res in yr pr0nos & bang THEM, accentuate yr game w buying them DRANKS until you don’t even need to, then make them FWB so you can get it on the Reg, then get several of THOSE for a full-blown HAREM.

If B!tches give you Sh!t, then Pull Down Your Pants and Fart In Their Face with your BARE HAIRY 455. (Don’t do this w your Managers. Abase & Humiliate yrself before them until one day you’re rich & powerful enough to B4ng the bosses’ teen daughters. that can be yr comeuppance.)

Maybe wine & dine people in Local Government so maybe one day you can get a cushy unionized public sector job where you can be even LAZIER than if you were UNEMPLOYED, AND get a GOOD RETIREMENT out of it! Sm0ke BLVNTZ on your PORCH all day! INCENTIVIZED!

These are the RIGHTS REWARDED to people who took the Responsibility of Doing Good in STEM!

No need differentiating, it’s just STEM, it’s all STEM, one thing, STEM. $TEM = $$$$.


Yes I do have some admiration of the Style of GreatBooksForMen. OBV!


Thinking there HAS to be an Evolutionary Reason So many people find FARTING so HILARIOUS. Working on some hypotheses.

Normal Average People Fart Regularly throughout the day. Farting Relieves Gas Pain so you shouldn’t Hold it in like a f4g. So farting makes your Guts more COMFORTABLE AND it makes you LAFF, thus HAPPIER! More Farting, More Happiness! Fart More!

GirlWritesWhat recently talked about diff bw PAEDOPHILIA and EPHEBOPHILIA. Pedophiles mainly like Prepubescent BOYS & that’s clearly unhealthy, sick, and wrong. Ephebophiles mainly like YOUNG BUT POST-PUBESCENT GIRLS. YOUNGER WIMMINZ ARE BY DEFINITION OF “FEMALE ATTRACTIVENESS”, MORE ATTRACTIVE. SO MUCH OF WOMEN’S ATTRACTIVENESS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THEIR YOUNGNESS. Thus, Ephebophilia is perfectly natural, normal, & should be UNSHAMED & UNSTIGMATIZED. Nothing CREEPY about a 50  year old man finding 18 year old girls attractive!

Of course the LAW draws a LINE usually around 18. Maybe 17. But Law-Abiding Ephebophiles usually don’t have a BIG PROBLEM sticking to the 18 year old line of demarcation. NOT TOO STRESSFUL.

However, if the LAW made it 17, that prob wouldn’t be too stressful EITHER!

Deathspell Omega: “Drought” has got me listening to tons of “Paracletus” again. def a Grower, but more enjoyable & Cohesive & Coherent, IMHO, than both SMR,C AND Fas. (Except for “Carnal Malefactor”, haha.)

One of Mikko Aspa’s bands is called CREAMFACE. NICE. I know he’s interested in S3xual Sadism & Humiliation & has possibly made Pornographic VIDEOS exploring this (don’t think he APPEARS in them though?) which supports his reputation as a sick, twisted Pervert. Seems like a nice, smart TEDDY BEAR of a guy to me though! Just took a while for me to warm-up to his vocals over Shaxzul’s, though.

Deathspell Omega is going to have an increasingly harder time staying “anonymous” bc their Following is growing, plus they have a somewhat mathy, techy, & progressive Style, so Gear Nerds want to interview them on every piece of EQUIPMENT they’ve ever used.

Also, I’m SURE there’s demand for a DsO Rehearsal Recording. I would be interested! & They MUST rehearse! BUT they would NEVER willingly release a rehearsal rec.

So what’s to keep an unscrupulous fanboy from recording a rehearsal? Or a HACKER? Aspa or Hasjarl must ALREADY have something like this on their COMPUTER!

I’d wager there’s nothing “mysterious” about the recordings, they’re just really good at what they do. Total Professionals making impossible stuff seem easy. No sacrifices or mutilations or satanic sorcery in the studio, just French F4gg0ts confident in their playing ability.

But yeah I do respect & admire their long-standing practice of no names, no pictures, no interviews, no shows. (Though a SHOW would be SICK!) Many metal bands like Mugging For The Camera even BEFORE they’re famous, just because it’s Fun!

The internet STILL doesn’t know what Hasjarl’s real name is, or Who The Drummer is!

&Finally, they’re NOT as “Mathy” as I’ve suggested. Even their “Mathy” riffs end up being very catchy/memorable!

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WARNING: This is 3200 wd post but I had darn good reason. Nice little twist halfway thru! Won’t do every time OBV.

Ordered book from Amazon bc: good price, author was Medical Doctor, had the keyword “Laziness” in TITLE, generally good reviews, &wanted to figure out & solve my own Pervasive, Destructive Laziness.

Only read first 24 pages, just got it yesterday haha. lots of “helpless victim” talk. book focuses mainly on School-Age Children, 5 to 18; Levine is a Pediatrician also interested in “neurodevelopment” and learning & how all people’s Minds are somewhat different. Professor/Research Institute director at UNC; Founder of Nonprofit “A Mind at a time”; seems pretty good credentials. Did not want hippy dippy author with counseling degree from Capella College, haha, & no real research work. Levine got Med Degree from Harvard, good enough.

Anyway he doesn’t blame Lazy Losers for their “moral turpitude”, although from what I’d heard of book, didn’t really expect him to. NO, they’re not LAZY, they have…get this! OUTPUT FAILURE!!!! roflmoa. This sounds damning when I describe it, but Dr Levine’s Compassion is evident from the start of the book. Honestly a Nice Caring Man who became a Doctor because he wanted to Help People. I can actually Respect that!

&Perhaps I wanted to secretly believe I wasn’t to blame for my OWN laziness, that I wanted to shift blame & not be accountable for my own Failure To Launch & Live Up To Potential & Apply myself. Heh. I wanted to “learn more” about the “topic” of laziness.

“When we call a person lazy, we condemn a human being” he sez, or something similarly emotional. “we’re basically saying, ‘I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU.’ It says more about us than about them.” How could I fall for such touchy-feely stuff, but I did. Maybe I was Touched by Dr Levine’s Genuine Compassion, OR I was just actually THAT desperate for an Excuse for my own laziness. Doesn’t matter, that’s my BIAS & I’m announcing it.

But I’m oversimplifying. Levine goes on to discuss Writing & Motor Skills Impairment. Apparently lazy, underachieving, smart-but-“output-failure” kids have great trouble WRITING. they can READ and THINK very smart, but their “Graphomotor” area is underdeveloped; to do any motor function requires 7 steps and breakdown in any can lead to Smart Kids being unable to WRITE, whether it’s forming actual letters, typing on keyboard, or synthesizing the ideas & putting into words. They hate writing bc they just can’t do it. Often they have trouble with other Motor Skills, be it the Gross Motor Skills of Gym/Athletics, or “Fine Motor skills” of drawing. Or something they’re real good at Fine but horrible at Graphomotor.

So book did not give me Vindication & permission to be lazy (there’s a disclaimer in there too, that he does not want children to not be held accountable for their output) especially because I LOVE to WRITE. No Motor Impairment There! Almost ADDICTED to writing over more productive things! Addicted to the Nonproductive! he says the need to Produce & Work & Be Appreciated For Your Work is a  Basic Human Need that contributes heavily to Self Esteem. Maybe I don’t have that Basic Human Need, haha.

But not really, because I DO get ashamed at my “inability” to Produce Enough & Good Enough Output, which is a (small!) blow to Self-Esteem indeed. Haha yes I AM a “Millennial” of the “SELF ESTEEM GENERATION!”

Like the 11 year old fatboy who took 10 minutes to laboriously write 4 lines of illegible printing, but was real smart in science, good talker & thinker, took machines apart & put em back together was all depressed and suicidal because he didn’t like himself & other people called him fat and laughed at his small penis which looked even smaller due to his fat.  Heh. If he were REALLY lazy he wouldn’t have an INTEREST in SCIENCE or MACHINES!

Heh. I’m not Lazy, I just have a Graphomotor Impairment in the Region of my Brain that manages Job Searching. Every element of is Overwhelming and Impossible, from Finding the jobs, to actually Applying for the jobs, to Following-Up, to Interviewing, hahaha. I can write BLOGS but the GRAPHOMOTOR NEURODEVELOPMENTAL BIOCHEMICAL NEUROTRANSMITTER PATHWAY for writing ANYTHING ELSE, ESPECIALLY COVER LETTERS, (Or Graduate School Admissions, or Graduate-“level” papers) JUST CAME OUT WRONG AS MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE MIND WAS FORMING.

There’s more stuff sth like people w low productivity are often OBSESSED w their social lives, with other people, what other people think, because they don’t have enough of their OWN WORK to be Focused On, so they focus on other PEOPLE. Like WIMMINZ perhaps? INTRADASTING.

However you’d have a better chance Making A Living with B4nging B!tches (successful Salesman/Entrepreneur variety of super-mendacious Pick Up Artist) than with BLOGGING.

Was thinking I’d be a good Pimp or Wh0remaster: Selling Women To Men. But I’d treat the Women Good, be a Good Master. Wouldn’t Torture or Sade them. Might smack them around once in a great while, for Conditioning purposes, like how a Good Parent might Spank their Child, a couple times in life only, to teach a real lesson, and the Parent would get no pleasure from it.

In “GameOfThrones” they have attractive wh0res even in the “boondocks” of Winterfell. The SERVANT BOY Greyjoy can afford to go MULTIPLE TIMES before the age of say 21. Lord Tyrion FLIPS HIM A SINGLE COIN to pay for his next visit. The most valuable piece of Normal Currency we have today is The $100 bill. The Benjamin. The Hundo. The Bill. No question there. How much is that One Coin worth in today’s dollars? how much could a single coin be worth? Unless Pure Gold? I’m trying to argue that coin was worth NO MORE than $100 2012 USD. My bigger point is, if Young Men could get bangs from ATTRACTIVE wh0res for $100 a pop, easily and legally, the world would be a Much Better Place.

Still have 24/240=90% of book to finish reading, ha. Could easily write 500 to 1000 more words once done. Right now: interesting surprises on laziness qua writing and motor control; moved by author’s Legit Concern. He just wants to Help Kids. Wimminz could never be so loving & selfless! & he’d be an Omega Virgin labeled a creep and paedophile if he weren’t a High-Status Harvard Medical Doctor, Tenure-Track Medical Professor. I hope his Wife doesn’t Cheat on him just because he’s a NICE GUY and she could Get Away with it! Heh I always think about The Author-as-a-person when reading a book. Levine comes across as Good Guy Greg. Works hard, produces alot, quality enough to earn leet creds, top bourgeois social status, though STILL remains GoodGuyGreg, DESERVES Huge Harem. A New 18-year-old 9-10 every nite of his life. Wife is LUCKY to have him. She better SHOW her gratitude.

Don’tAgree w everyWord he says, but admire his Compassion. Anyway says “adulthood is 10 times EASIER than childhood because you’re not expected to excel at so many things, you get to pick what you’re good at and just do that for the rest of your life.” Sounds NICE, but often not true. He acknowledges there are plenty of Adults w Output Failure, can apply principles in book. Woulda preferred book was more focused on these adults than children bc I’m an adult who seems like a child cuz I have trouble proving my productivity to productive adults. Find adulthood 1000000000000X times harder than Childhood. was smart & productive enough to Excel at “Challenges” of childhood. Never good in sports/gym, never popular w Girls, target of MINOR teasing about being “Gay” (Ie Beta Who Couldn’t Pull Pv$$y) but no big deal. Did well in all classes, had friends. Didn’t LIKE school, still ANGRY & pessimistic & misanthropic & escapist, but didn’t start Output Failure / Life Failure until AFTER age 18, so, hard to relate to Levine’s characters. Found demands of Adulthood 900000000X more hard than in Childhood. But that’s just one sentence in book, don’t think he meant to be taken LITERALLY.

Levine”Myth” : anecdotal sth like “You don’t know what you really believe until you READ what you WRITE.” Writing as a way of Processing & developing Thoughts & Beliefs. Thinking, Reading, & Writing are all complex, beautiful, miraculous processes. ILike to Write MORE than read. Write about Frustrations, Perceived Injustices, & Wish Fulfillment of Banging Young Tail, Whining. This is not Solving Problems. This is not Scientific Thinking, Deductive or Inductive. In OTHER WORDS, Nothing PRODUCTIVE. LAZY WRITING. What would Levine say about THAT notion? Would really like to have a SESH with him, get professional eval. Ironic that Doing So (traveling to North Carolina, paying for services) would PROB be no more expensive or less feasible or less plausible than paying an Attractive Pross for Bang.

I ALWAYS make distinction bw ATTRACTIVE & Nonattractive Pross. Fat or old or Crackhead or Methhead, vs Young & Pretty. Alot like Attractive Stripper Vs Unattractive Stripper.

Heh. But my “writing” may be Productive if it is the LEAST bit Persuasive or Compelling in its Argumentation. Even 1% would justify. Heh. Don’t wanna Quit my “Writing” just bc it’s “unproductive.” This is FUN for me. Hope book examines distinction bw FUN and PRODUCTIVE. Can Productivity/Work/Output BE FUN, or Mutually Exclusive?

Also will be examining book in relation to: depression & ADD & other Psych stuff.  He makes it sound like Bipolar is often the Final Diagnosis when shrinks go thru a laundry list of other diags that don’t quite fit/stick.

It’s like Playing Guitar. I know how to Move Fingers to Make Chords, know basic scales, know basic idea of Keys and Fifths and Majors and Minors, know diff ways to make chords all over fretboard, know which chords for which keys, have pretty good Ear for Notes, average sense of Rhythm, all at nearly intermediate level, but I can’t PUT IT ALL TOGETHER in a CREATIVE fashion to WRITE my own music. So challenging & unproductive, almost have NO DESIRE to, had I not had some rare, exceptional experiences Writing Songs before. But the output is SO LOW. I could not be like Varg Vikernes or Roman Saenko or one of those guys that writes an ALBUM A YEAR. I write ONE SONG every FIVE years or so.The work was VERY REWARDING, but also very draining. A rare example of when I was at Peak, Ideal Output…but hard to imagine ALWAYS being at that level. Picked up guitar for first time in like 6 months yesterday, kinda like riding a bike, still remembered most of what I know. stuff sounds ok, it’s just elementary & BORING & I’m not sure how to GET BETTER or even if I WANT to get better.

Blame the BOOK for making me NAVEL-GAZE! Priority for posting this is low haha, u won’t see it for another 6 months at least haha.

But yeah. If EFFORT doesn’t seem to PAY OFF, you stop making effort. Carrot & Stick again, here, not a good enough carrot. Juice not worth squeeze. Maybe if I was raised with more Sticks I woulda turned out better hahaha. Not like Abuse, of course,  but more like “we’re KICKING YOU OUT ON THE STREETS on this date” or “We’re CUTTING YOU OFF” or “You WILL become a DOCTOR, & that’s FINAL” or “We signed you up for the MARINES, you’re leaving NOW.”  Had maybe One Spanking when Child, certainly didn’t HURT, wonder if MORE would have HELPED, haha.

Oh yeah. in Levine’s “Laziness” he mentions as a way to increase yr productivity, the classic ADD/Depression technique of doing things at the time of day you have most energy, learning yr circadian and energy rhythms, saving yr work till then, trying to do when tired is frustrating. yeah well harvard boy some of us don’t have that BOURGEOIS LUXURY, hahaha. And he also mentions “take a nap OR TWO through the day to stay well rested & productive when you need to be.” TWO naps. That’s GREAT. I thought who RECOMMENDS TWO NAPS. Then thought who WANTS to take TWO naps a day?

DEF Me. TWO NAPS PER DAY is IDEAL for me. D4mn. want to take a NAP after I finish GETTING READY IN THE MORNING, even THAT is a LOT of WORK, haha. Get ready, nap, go to work, come home, nap, do something productive re career, nap, exercise, nap, do something social w friends, nap, spend quality time with your children & add value & raise em up good & be world’s best father, nap, s3xytimes with Harem, go to sleep for night, repeat till death. So, ideally would take FIVE NAPS A DAY!

When you’re Real Lazy, doing One Official Whole Task is tiring enough to make you want to take nap!





Kinda ridic to write in cursive font to his wife entitled “My Suicide Note.” D4mn this is so weird.

About the only thing to make me lose respect for an Admired Man is if he Molests Children. Kinda weird I didn’t heard about this BEFORE buying the book and admiring him as a Good Guy Greg with Real Compassion for Children.

So you SEPERATE the MAN from his WORKS from his DEEDS, right? Like even though Varg Vikernes is a MURDERER, I still Like HIM!

What’s WORSE? Murder or Child Molesting?

& we’ll never know if he really molested those boys. Eh, he PROBABLY did. even if he said “this suicide note is not an admission of guilt.”

hmm. this svx. was looking forward to reading more soon, now conflicted. have never had this happen before. What do you do when…

well I think if he DID molest the boys, he was honestly deluded enough to think he WASN’T HURTING the boys. Some commenter got all vocal and said he RAPED 40 BOYS & that RAPING even ONE BOY undid all the good he did in his life with his work.

Probably he just fondled their peepee a little bit and didn’t THINK he was really HURTING or RAPING them. I think his Compassion for Children was Genuine, but one component of that was A Little Off.

So it’s Morally Okay to Molest Boys if you don’t THINK you’re HURTING them?

He went to HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL! HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Insofar as even a little peepee fondle = Molestation = Hurtful, LongTerm Developmentally/Psychologically Damaging!

So maybe he had great pride/arrogance/hubris to think that HE knew better than the medical research saying so? that he was special? that what he was doing was different?

Well, I guess better to find this out sooner than later.  I was researching the institute he founded, “All Kinds Of Minds”, wondering why he was never mentioned, but he resigned from in in 2009 when the accusations started coming up, killed himself in 2011 when more came up.

As An MRA I am all too aware about the notion of False Rape Accusations which Ruin Men’s Lives and often drive them to suicide. But re that I usually think of a wimminz lying about a man raping her, or a wimminz lying about a man molesting her/their children, not 40 PATIENTS saying their DOCTOR molested them. this seems a bit harder to coordinate for potential Liars. Although not impossible.

g-dd-mn it. Just when I had found a New Hero to champion my laziness or at least be a Good Guy Greg to Respect, I can’t respect him as readily any more. even if he DIDN’T molest those boys. impossible to know for sure.

but that “my suicide note” with the font is SO ridiculous. Seems like an ANAL CONTROL FREAK that WOULD think he’s smart enough to outsmart the system and molest boys and get away with it because he’s the doctor and he’s smart and he’s always right and he can’t POSSIBLY want to hurt people.

okay I just read the comment at:


lotsa comments there, incl one by alleged victim: “I know he’s guilty bc he put his mouth on my p3n15 during an exams, is THAT standard operating procedure?”

and that this wasn’t a one-time thing, he had SETTLED claims before, had other sets of allegations in years past, they “long dogged him.”

Must say the case is not looking good for Dr Levine, altho I’m no criminal defense attorney.

Terrible Woody Allen esque joke that Levine’s style of “Differentiated, Individual-Mind-Tailored” Education has been doing to Traditional Education what Dr Levine had done to all those boys!

well I’d joked about what would I do if someone I had a REAL mancrush on, like one of my MRA Buddies…what would cause me to stop liking them? Probably they’d have to be a HUGE PEDOPHILE. Just molesting SCADS of boys intentionally and unrepentantly over a 40 year period. Which is exactly what Levine got accused of. Like I said, this SUCKS for everybody. Prob still continue reading “myth of laziness” though haha. Still. earlier today I honestly thought about EMAILING him to either THANK him for showing compassion for the LAZY, or even asking him for Advice on my own Laziness! Couple hours later I hear he’s dead and disgraced! honestly haven’t HAD an experience like this.

SWEAR I’m not LAZY. I just have a problem READING. AND ABSORBING NEW INFORMATION. I learn my Hard Sciences best by looking at pictures or videos or comics.

I don’t approve of MURDER, It’s Morally Wrong, but I don’t think of Varg Vikernes as “A MURDERER.” Plus I think HE honestly thinks it was still Self-Defense. Plus I’m pretty sure he won’t be murdering anyone else anytime soon & will be content to live the rest of his (hopefully long!) life in PEACE and QUIET on his FARM with his FAMILY.

But what about Woody Allen? Wasn’t he accused of not just sex with the underage Soon-Yi but with possibly fondling one of the other even younger children?

I think with Hardcore Pedophiles, you eventually get a LOT of accusations, like 40, of stuff that happened habitually for a long time. Happens w Priests a lot too obv. Basically saying if Woody Allen were a TRUE pedophile, a LOT MORE of these accusations would have come up against him, esp as he is super old now.

better go to bed before I learn any more disappointing facts!

but see how I’ve already CONVICTED Levine in my mind! “Facts?” Idunno, my initial reaction is, I’m not happy about the DURATION of time and the NUMBER of allegations. seems real hard to lie about.

wonder how this impacts his BOOK SALES hahaha. no wonder got book for a good price.

Does this make me Always Bad At Judging If A Man is a Good Guy Greg or not? I HOPE not, Thought I was USUALLY pretty good judge of that character.

Jeez. Was looking at the Author Photo last night. “He looks a little goofy. Maybe he secretly Molests Boys, HAHAHAHA. He’s got DUCKS on his tie. well he really likes animals, gotta h4rd0n for animals, he’s got a FARM full of animals. Maybe he secretly molests boys too, HAHAHAHA.” HOW IRONIC.

So does this discredit his IDEAS? I was starting to like his Learning/Education related Ideas, esp that I might not be Morally Lazy.


(And I never even mentioned anything about “MELVIN LEVINE” being Obviously You-Know-What!)

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((Warning: that title has very little to do with THIS post, although I WILL be glorifying Mr. Chapin in future posts, not too surprisingly!)

When Mincing, Hand-Rubbing, Leering French Paedophiles start thinking too obsessively about Little Boys’ B|_|tth0les, they increase their likelihood of getting overly excited, which leads to them licking and smacking their lips excessively. Not too surprising. This Constant Lip-Licking leads to a Nonfatal but Embarrassing Medical Skin Condition called “perleche”, which is French for “Excessive Licking of the Lips Caused by French Paedophiles getting excited over Little Boys’ B|_|tth0les.” In USA we call it “angular cheilitis” and it can unfortunately occur to Straight, Alpha, Non-Boy-Molesting Men such as Your Humbly Narcissistic Narrator.

This has only been happening in the past year of my life or so. I tend to get very chapped lips during the winter which I treat with liberal amts of Chap Stick, sometimes the tingly “Medicated” variety. I assumed that the dry, cracked corners of the mouth were simply how “chappiness” presents in that region of the Lips. Then it persisted after the exit of winter. A little research taught me about the Paedophiles and that it may in fact be caused by a BACTERIA or FUNGUS because either you DROOL while you sleep, or have terrible HYGIENE, or have low Iron, and sh!t starts FESTERING in the corners of your mouth. And here I was making fun of “Cvntfungus” or “Funguscvnt” or what have you, when I have a filthy festering neckbeard no-hygiene MOUTH teeming with FUNGUS. This, like Thinning Head-Hair, is one of the biggest Tests to your Confidence that an Alpha Male can face, but, if endured, will make you a more successful, dividend-reaping Alpha. Separates the Men from the Boys, the Alpha Pv$$y-Pounders from the Omega Virgins.

My diet is not ideal and my Constant Chronic Fatigue leads me to suspect that an Iron Deficiency / Anaemia might be going on; I’ve also heard that B and “B Complex” Vitamins might be similar to Iron in this respect. So I went to Meijer, despite their MISANDRIC COMMERCIAL about “motivating your lazy, useless husband to get off his useless, lazy, loser @55, sleeping like an unemployed, umemployable BUM in the HAMMOCK to actually make himself USEFUL FOR ONCE and do some Yard Work! He’d better shape up because You’re still 39 And Hot & High-Powered and can Get a Younger, Hotter, More Muscular, More Successful, Bigger, Handsomer, Taller, Stronger, Winninger Man!” but since Meijer is Signif Closer than Walmart, and BECAUSE it’s Close and HAS Everything, it’s basically the Only Place I “Shop”, and purchased some QTips, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vaseline, “Extreme Multivitamin”, and B-Complex Vitamins.

And that’s the 417 word story of me Being The Bo55 of an Embarrassing Medical Condition that could have potentially cost a few 18-year-old B4ngs.

I LIKE sitting here and writing narcissistic nonsense. So why didn’t I take my Interest and hone it into a Skill (i.e., something One is GOOD at) and then develop that skill into a Hot Skill, and then make that my Career? This is a perfect example of the type of Navel Gazing which typified the Old Blog and which MUST not Taint the New Blog. Because “majoring” in “journalism” at a “university” would have been only marginally more useful than what I did Major in, and still No Contest to a Good Hard STEM major. And that Journo Programs are more likely to be a huge joke and Permeated By The Left than they are not, and when I was Young, I was unfortunately very susceptible to Leftist Emotion, and not sure I would have Gone My Own Way without my Grateful, LUCKY Discovery of A NonLeftist Male Mentor, and I didn’t discover Bernard Chapin until well after my College Years. And, finally, because the alternative choice to a writing career outside of Journalism, ie, “Creative” Writing, well I could barely muster up the stomach to write the words, without dying of laughter, or Flipping The Table in a Rage. “Creative Writing” ain’t NO kind of Writing, and even LESS of a Life Worth Living!

I’m sure there are Bourgiversity Writing Students out there who do an Independent Study and have a Huge Blog BE their Honours Thesis, and then they coast into a Dream Career Job writing for The Nation or Harpers or Dave Eggers or NYT or CNN or AP or Reuters or wherever Professional Leftist SWPL Careerist Writers Work (With Benefits!). (Yes, I’m aware that the majority of Professional Writers do Freelance Work.) Still, I would rather be a Shop Rat and Work For My Money, and then try to write in my Free Time, non-free-lance. IMHO, making Writing Your Career takes a lot of Integrity out of it, unless you’re one of the Top 1% Writers. You’re MUCH more likely to keep your Integrity AND make a Good Solid Alpha Living being A STEMgineer, so don’t even take the chance – just SHUT DOWN ALL the Humanities and Social Sciences and Journalism and Arts and Poyetry and Non-STEM University Departments, PERIOD. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. FOREVER.

“Sounds like the talk of somebody who just wasn’t GOOD enough to make it as Professional Writer, to cop-out and say they never Wanted to be a ‘sell out pro writer’ anyway!”

Marxist, Feminist Chicoms!

Yes, I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh, but I don’t think I “mindlessly parrot” his words, even though I do enjoy USING his words, and other “stereotypical tea party / rightist” jargon. Chicoms, Lamestream Media, etc.

How do you measure the WORTH of a Man? A man gets scored 20% for getting Bigboy Benefits (some sort of health care at least) with his Bigboy Job. The Actual 50 hours of Work per week at your Bigboy Job count for the remaining 80%. Therefore, if you’re a OWS Handout-Seeking Socialist Slob who only “works” 30 hours a week at the Coffeehouse with No Health Care Bennies: -20 for no bennies to get 80%, and then 30/50, then times that by 80, and final answer, 48%. You are 48% Of A Real Man. Your opinion counts for 48%, you get 48% of a vote, etc. Note: you DO have to be a 100% Man to Pull Pv$$y that’s at least a 7. The highest a 99% Man could pull is about a 6.9. So the highest a 48% Man could pull is approx 3.44. Do you want to be pulling 3’s and living in your Parents’ Basement the rest of your 48%-Worthwhile Life??! Then go out there and do what your parents and betters did, and get a Bigboy Job, Scumcvnt! Stop WHINING and Start WORKING!

(go to1:29)

Very Important Clarification: Although an unwashed, Lip-Smacking OWS Might Well use the above paragraph as “Satire”, let me clarify my Complex and Nuanced Position that: A Man should NOT be measured solely by his Work or shamed for his Career “deficiencies”, although We MGTOWs and Red Pillers will see this sentiment in The Real World Everyday Everywhere; and though I may share my belief with OWSers, my similarity with them starts and ENDS right there. I mock them as Pathetic, Lazy, Entitled, Spoiled Leftists and Hippies and Communists, and I DO have a SERIOUS appreciation for the Notion of Hard Work. Which I will have to Enlarge later, because this post is now 1169 Words. Have A Nice Day.

Also, this post is worth $30 because I DID do 2 minutes of editing after the initial 1,000-word Dump. Actually lemme bump it up to $35 because although I’ve made at least $90 of Fake Money so far, BUT I would like to expand and increase that revenue stream slowly but constantly. $90 is good, but it’s not good enough.  1234 not bad! 1000 nextime.

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