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Time machine post from september 2012


I think it’s Uruguayan, that’s a first for me. The main girl was pretty cute, very skinny and frail, I would easily tear her in half and enjoy it at least 20 times. Decent story & decent execution, I just was Not That Into It, the Target Audience, I suppose, is simply people who Like Things more than I do. Haunted Abandoned House, one continuous 79-minute shot, skillfully done handheld camera (not too jittery or obnoxious), I was expecting to like this a lot more, but it was pretty boring. Not BAD though, maybe I just wasn’t in the MOOD. Sure the girl was being STUPID (“why don’t you just run out of the house!”) but that’s to be expected. Just not in the mood. However, IMHO, It’s part of a Horror Movie’s Job to put you in the mood. This isn’t 3 hours of Andrei Rublev or sommat. Still, not unwatchable. Better than Mainstream TV. You can’t even find a corny History Channel “documentary” anymore with the greek guy with the red face and crazy hair  because every channel’s too busy with increasingly retarded “reality” shows. So with TV, I’m “stuck” watching Fox Newz, and even THAT gets old after a while. It’s prob just a Tool Of Zog anyway, hahahahahaha. (Not that Movies aren’t!) Best part was when she loses her lamp and has to use the camera flash bulb to see in the dark, getting a half second of blinding light, then stumbling around in total darkness in between. Played to rather effective horrific effect, fortunately. Not gonna run out and queue the American Remake anytime soon, though.

I don’t have a “Gaping Wound”, I just have a Big Freezing Black Icebox where my heart used to be (remembering vaguely some stupid hit song from about 4 years ago), hahahaha. It’s entirely possible that I could then cause Psychological Baggage to a Nice Nawalt Girl, but I’LL TRY NOT TO. Not like I’m NOT HONEST when it counts. Would not tell a 1% Nice Nawalt that I’d Commit, just to get S. Would just get easier non-committal sex from the 99% Awaltz! KARMA, B!TCHEZ!!

So what do I care if our High-IQ Cognitive Elite are sifted out and shipped away? Don’t I believe that all people are NOT equal, and that Like Should Be With Like, and so shouldn’t the High-IQ’s have their own little enclave, like the J’s and the B’s and the Wimminz? Not NECESS, because I think Race Trumps IQ, and that each race HAS their OWN Cognitive Elite, and they will WANT these people to STAY WITH THEM to provide effective leadership, economic development, etc, rather than be STOLEN BY ZOG to SERVE ZOG & NOT YOU.

Will it get to the point where you have to Master Differential Equations & Organic Chemistry 3 to be a Receptionist? Answer phones, use Word/Excel, schedule appointments? Probably.

Or there will be a Telecom way to Outsource Reception to Cheaper International Labour. How could you outsource MacDonalds cooking & service?

What’s the LOWEST level of Skill OR Education OR IQ that you’ll be able to getawaywith to make an Average OR Living Income? No, not $30 an hour like those greedy public union scumbagz, hahahahaha.

Obviously, Trucking and Trades and physical un-outsourceable things are the best to go into, because it prob won’t be cost-effective to import TRUCK DRIVERS from Chindia. Right?

This brings me back to my original question which has been Destroying My Brain 4Yearzzz: is it ROI-y to get an in-demand degree (Chemical Engineering) from a not-in-demand college (SouthWestern West Virginia State), OR should you just become a welder or truck driver?  (This question is for men only – obv if you’re a Wimminz, you get a degree in something retarded like Special Education or Social Work or Hospitality Reception or How To Get Phat Elbowz)

Weak Battery. The battery does not hold a LOT of energy, it gets DEPLETED QUICKLY and EASILY, so you’re ALWAYS recharging it, but the Full Charge ends up always being pretty weak, and hopefully not getting weaker.

My VALUE-ADD (Fagspeak (tm BKC) ) here is that I’m KindaPrettyMuch (Fagspeak (tm BKC)) speaking to an audience of Prospective SINGLE FATHERS. Men who want to have heirs and raise them up GOOD, WITHOUT the inference of Wimminz. Not PROMISING to do this personally, especially because I don’t have the resources or maturity to raise a Good Heir by myself, and will be a LONG time before I get to that point. Just saying it’s a Valid & Honorable Idea.


I like Nice Buttz on my Young Wimminz, but I can also be a sucker for Nice Long Legz on my Young Wimminz. Gams. Walking Stickxz.

Production on Arghoslent’s “Hornets” beats production on same’s “Incorrigible Bigotry.” Slightly more “organic” on the guitars and drums. IMHO.

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heh great title. If a Wimmin is Socially Awkward and thinks she’s a SPERG, she’s probably NOT, because Wimmin are Average Less Intelligent than Men, AND Average Less Likely to Be Legit Sperg. Yeah, there’s still a NEGLIGIBLE Chance, OF COURSE.


It is not natural and not good for Men and Women to be so At Odds with each other. Men and Women are Different, but they are Complementary, and thus fit together. The Ruling Elites are trying to Force Men and Women apart, to Divide and Conquer. And I’d say they are doing a damn good job of it in this generation. That’s why you see SO MANY Omega Virgins turning to GAME – because more men than every before are having Problems with Wimmin they’d never had before. Of course this is largely because Todays Wimmin are so different from Yesterday’s Women. By getting no tail, Todays men are slowly waking up to that, and trying to Engineer Solutions to How To Get Tail. Of course that is just a short-term, band-aid “solution.” I predict it will take at least a full generation (see 14 words!) for the pendulum to swing back and for Wimmin to gradually become Better. Then whammo, men and women will be Complementary once again, Game will be an antiquated anomaly, cause guys won’t have to Try So Hard to get Tail, and they won’t be coerced by Desperation to Marry Bad Wimmin. They will reject Bad Wimmin and Marry Good Women.


MAYBE I will open comments one the One Year Anniversary. Because Comments are usually “Yeah BUT you forgot to say THIS.” at best. I do not forget to say anything, I’m just saving it for later. Eventually I ALWAYS think of it, and no amount of f!ggy COMMENTS are gonna jog my memory. Just wait for it and I’ll address it soon enough.


If you’re uncomfortable with The Idea Of Race, Whitey, even as your race is gradually being KILLED, maybe this will awaken you: The Ruling Elite are themselves very much LIKE A Race. (Some would say they ARE a Race – Jews. And the whites who serve them.) But disregarding The Jewish Question for THIS point, maybe the more reasonable dividing line for you is Class, Not Race. That’s fine, there IS a huge, important class difference in there. They are rich and powerful, you are neither. I would say this Class Difference is So Deep, it might as WELL be a Race – which is why I like it when Moldbug talks about CASTE, which is like a Race AND a Class.

I have played into The Ruling Elite’s plan quite nicely, because I Wasted My Youth. Instead of Agitating and Instigating and doing Physical Things with my youth and energy, I did nothing. I was neutered. The time when I could have done the Most good, I did nothing. And now I STILL have very little energy. I argue that’s a Holdover of my Moral/Spiritual Disease which Ruined me during my youth, in other words, I can still beat that and get SOME energy back, but I’ll never be as strong as I could have been at say age 20. I guess the good news is, I still CAN become the strongest I have ever been in my whole life, considering I was pretty weak when I was 20!


It’s not very CHRISTIAN to go around JUDGING people like I always do, calling them F@gg0ts and K!kes and Wh0res and N!663r5 and ragheads and losers and pillow biters and 4ssspreaders and sperm burpin gutter slvts and always calling everyone immoral and morally reprehensible and chongos and groids and free air inhalers and shylocks and babymurderers and dirty albanians and tryhards.

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Just used the Decadence Brandon Toy (Good Price Newegg Refurb Laptop Dec 2012 semi Time Machine) to read Eradica for at least an hour. I Can NOT argue with that! Talk vs Action. Waking Average White Men like me UP to DO SOMETHING before it’s too late. Things wont get violent for 20 or 40 more years, and when it is finally Showdown Shootout time, we will be very old or dead and it will be up to our GRANDCHILDREN to do the fighting. And do you think THEY’LL be ready?

This is where Emotion can be useful, to build attachment to a cause, to get people passionate enough for action, to care enough to do something, and FP’s writing is real good at that. And packed with more information than I even care to read with all the links and citations. but that’s good writing. you should cite your sources if you want to be taken seriously. I don’t care that ZOG Professors do it in their Publish Or Perish articles. Just drop a link to show you aren’t talking completely out of your 4ss. OR say IMHO like me, cause nowadays I specialize only In My Own Opinion, hahaha. So: I am Today’s Brandon only well past the prime of youth, my best fighting years are behind just like ZOG wants it, now I’m old and tired and just want 3 hots and a cot and to work a steady job and sleep. I can see the wrong turn the US and The West are taking but I don’t care enough to stop it, or to even resist it.

But there’s very little that separates me from the Handout-Hungry Hippos other than a Good Family, which I am thankful for. I had Good Nature AND good Nurture, and I still can’t figure out how or why I chose to Give Up. Because Not Giving Up was Not “Incentivized” (Fag Word) Rewarded? Because Giving Up Was Rewarded? Because Hard Work Didn’t Pay Off? I talk about wanting Children some day when I’m Able, but would it REALLY kill me NOT to? Will I really ever be able? In many ways I am a str8 up Mating Market Loser, have just Given Up, just don’t care. So uh let me be your cautionary tale, let me fill You with the Passion and Energy and Vigour that I do not have, that I feebly wished I had. Let me get YOU fired up cause I can’t seeeeem to get fired up no mo. At this point my life is dedicated to trying to pay back those individuals who have directly helped me survive. And I will be very lucky if I can do that, let alone go beyond.

Talk About A Whiny Screeching Beta Faggot! Heh. Time for bed. Maybe I can get both you AND me Fired Up tomorrow. Always been a Moooooody Baby.

ok had to come back here and right that wrong after a good nights sleep, didn’t want to start my “holiday vacation” on the wrong foot. This is just to show that I can be my Own Worst Enemy and a pretty convincing one at that. Don’t let yourself be your own worst enemy, my children! Streams of extremely pessimistic thoughts like that used to tempt me to Drink. Thankfully I have overcome the temptation to Drink, yet I still get the same streams of thoughts and feeeeeelings. I hope Firepower doesn’t get that from all the Bourbon he drinks, hahahaha. Nothing wrong with Jim Beam! I wish I had drank more “Bulleitt”, I hear that’s real good bourb. I don’t count this as “Oversharing” because IMHO The Writer Should* (tm FP) be honest with his audience about Who He Is, and Who He Is can and should be part of What He Writes. Just not in a bad or oversharing way. The Man Is His Writing Is The Man. At least in My Opinion. You’re free to disagree. But since that’s what I believe, I’m gonna Live Up To It.

Go read articles, go watch videos, write your own articles, intro body conclusion, just like they taught you in Gummint Union Skool. But you’re Smart, so take that simple format and make it work for you. Read interesting articles, be sure to cite and link to them. don’t be afraid to have an opinion hahaha. keep the intro and conclusion short, like one sentence saying “my opinion/argument is this”, make a provocative, poetic, profound statement to get the people fired up, awake the sheople from their slumber. Keep the whole thing 600 or 800 or 1000 words, I fully agree, long posts are stupid. If you can’t keep from writing a long post, just break it up into shorter posts. not so difficult.

Still listening to The Turner Diaries. Great example of a Rousing, Firing-Up Story. although it does drag in parts, other parts are real good.

To be honest, I am the world’s biggest truest True Believer in BOIL THE FROG. I’ve said this but it bears repeating. Baby Steps. (Pierce mentions it several times in the TurnerDiaries too.) Boil The Frog is an extremely effective and successful way of Making Big Changes. Both in your own life, and in The World. Our Civilization. One little thing at a time, one day at a time, 1% at a time (don’t think of OWS, I mean 1% in the strictly Percentage Sense!), and then 100 days later, you’re at 100%. It’s not overnight but it’s certainly not a LONG time either. If I were gonna do my part to Save The World it would def be thru Boil The Frog. I just gotta Boil my OWN Frog FIRST. Maybe help YOU Boil Your own frog too.

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On thanksgiving and CHRISTmas, I always fail to remember, our Noncollege Town gets flooded with all the Beautiful, PRIME OF YOUTH College Kidz that Come Home From (Getting Pounded At) College. I went out to a local bar/restaurant and there was a table with 20 College Kids, half of which were beautiful prime of youth girls, half of which were handsome, successful, up-and-up boys. People that Go Away To College, like to the Bigger Party State colleges in the state rather than the closer local ones, Living At Home and not being as Promiscuous in Parents’ Basement. The girls were young and beautiful but still Seeeeemed annoying and dumb and chattering and playing with their phones and blank stares and Whorish Fashion… but slightly “Classier” State College Whore Fashion. White, Too! Many of the Local White Girls DISAPPEAR To College right as they’re STARTING The Prime Of Youth, so for suckers like me, they practically don’t exist, hahaha. What’s left are….White Trash and Nonwhites. I’m exagerrating, there’s still a decent number of white girls left, but boy howdy, would their price be driven WAY WAY DOWN if these OTHER girls were still in town! DAAAMN!

What’s it called again when you have No Energy and No Motivation, No Will to Do Anything? The Horde of Communist Anti-Americans Amng Us call it “Depression”, but that’s a farce, fraud, and a hoax! I call it MORALLY LAZY LOSERNESS. DEAD WEIGHT.  IF YOU’RE A LOSER, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT, THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, IS BY BLOWING YOUR BRAINZ OUT!



As I was driving at night I was thinking I didn’t have anything against blacks for not being of my race (WHITE), I just didn’t like it when they got together in huge unruly mobs and CHIMP OUT. Now, we can easily say that, On Average, Groups of Blacks are more likely to Chimp Out than Groups of Whites. My question is, how much LESS did blacks Chimp Out in the Segregated Neighborhoods of the Old Jim Crow Days? My point is, people still obviously segregate themselves. To a large extent. A white isn’t going to choose to move right in the middle of the black ghetto. The worst ghetto black probably won’t show enough personal initiative to go to a gummint worker and apply for a house smack in the middle of a white neighborhood (rather, you can get slightly less-worse ghetto blacks to move in black groups into apartments CLOSE TO white neighborhoods, and there the chimping-out problems start to Creep In like a Cancer.)

For example, you probably won’t see a Poor Inner City Black Thug being “forced into” a neighborhood of McMansions where everybody is White or Jewish AND has a masters or better degree, great job, top 15% income or so, Murray’s Superzip Belmont Brahmin Elite if you will. It’s much more realistic if the neighborhood is, say, Solid Vaisya Working Class, certainly even Upper Working Class. Heh. Yes I am interested in the demarcation between Upper and Lower Working Classes, there’s prob a middle in there too haha.

Maybe I’m getting on a Class Kick again. Remember I’m not even a huge Racialist, even though I have had a bit of a Race Awakening, because I still think Sex, Class, and Intelligence are APPROXIMATELY as Important as Race. But Sex, Intelligence, and Race are Hereditary, and Class is a Function of Intelligence and Family, thus, Class is hella hereditary as well. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.

I was at a pub drinking a cola and eating a sandwich before seeing a Jewish Singer whom I adore and have no plans to stop adoring, when I was Delighted to see two “Girls” safely PAST The Prime Of Youth ™ in that they were clearing past 22 and Their Skin Radiance/Gleam was starting to diminish…..BUT they were still younger than 30 and very, very physically attractive. Got the Biochemicalz Flowing QUITE Handily. This was comforting because it reminded me I’m not LIMITED to 18-22 Prime Of Youth Girls to Satisfy my Manly, if slightly Decadent, Desires. Wouldn’t MARRY em though!

Gotta research Common-Law Marriage. Since I am staunchly against Legal Marriage. But states have laws saying that once you’ve been with a wimminz X years, then you’re as good as married, with many of the forces of zoglaw behind that. But it differs from state to state, wrt to number of years, and the penalties involved. I guess a good easy rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have a separation after 5 years. Just MOVE OUT. Of course at this point, 5 years is unthinkably long for Committment To Any Wimmin, although The Power Of The Pedestal (not the Pvssy Per Se!) can make a man do funny things with HIS most important Natural Asset: His COMMITMENT.  NEVER GIVE THAT AWAY FOR NOTHING!

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[note: BONUS POST / LEAK: This newer one accidentally “leaked” onto the RSS feed yesterday due to my hastiness with the publish/schedule date/button. SO, might as well make it officially available at this time. “ENJOY”!]

Top Companies recruit only from Top Universities. If you went to a Crappy University, expect to work for no better than a Crappy Company. Problem is, Crappy Universities are still expensive as hell, and gullible kids gamble their lives away thinking they’ll work for a Good Company Eventually, White Knights wanting to find a Good Woman To Marry, etc.

No, I’m just being grumpy and pessimistic bc I’m tired and crabby and sick of seeing people everywhere. To Rebut: I know PLENTY of people who went to Crappy Universities and got PERFECTLY good jobs. So yes it can be done. You just won’t find RECRUITERS from that company at your SKOOL, EAGER to GIVE you a Careeeeeeeeer, like you would at Harvard.

But just because you are a College Grad and are “supposed” to have a higher IQ (110 vs avg 100) doesn’t mean you are SMART, look at all these stupid Wimminz getting “GRADUATE” degrees in “EDUCATION”, hahahahaha. I don’t care if that’s offensive to Wimminz. It offends me that these are the ZOGz shaping our Youf. Home Skool, Baby!

“Class” by Paul Fussell. Looking for a good shortish funnish book on Class In America, this might be a good one.

BRAHMIZOG. Hahahaha. Tired and short of temper. No energy and a disturbing sense of DESPERATION over everything and nothing. Strangely enough, feeling quite libidinous despite this complete lack of energy. Just want to get ballzdeep in a beautiful long-legged bright-skinned 18yo virgin girl and let it rip raw dog, just drain a huuuuuge b4ll-draining l04d that goes ON and ON and ON; then crash into a stupor, wake up to eat a nice meal, go back into stupor.

It is no joke that I enjoy FRIED CHICKEN every bit as much as Blacqs. I will go to a RESTAURANT and order A FRIED CHICKEN DINNER. not chicken STRIPS, mind You. (Although I enjoy Chicken Strips too!)

Fell asleep at 6pm while watching “Soylent Green” (Eradica Recommendation!), it was good, but I was that tired, “pretty much” slept till 5am next morning, so, feeeeeeeeling a bit better now.

So ZOG perpetrates Shady Scheming at the Macro, Structural Level; but I’d argue WIMMINZ Outzog the Zogs on the individual, micro, interpersonal level – wreaking MUCH more havoc in the lives of those around them than individual Zogs ever will. Most average working slobs will rarely cross paths with a Powerful Zog-Person the way they will with Wimminz.

I saw a stupid TV news bit on a stupid story from a stupid wimminz magazine on What Wimminz Find Most Attractive In Minz. Certainly they didn’t say “Alpha”, but it was pretty clear; but my favourite thing was “gets ready quickly”. Whether you’re ready to jump and serve her; jump and get to WORK at your Influential, High-Prestige, Elite Careeeer; aren’t a lazy Bum with no ambition, no productivity, has no energy to be a powerful man.

So Iaughed at that, as I am not a “mornings person” and am very grumpy and surly for the first 3 or 4 hours after getting up at 5am, move very slowly, taking a shower or going to the bathroom is a huge chore, need to drink 2 huge coffees, etc. Almost like being hungover with no alcohol.

But I am not ANGRY or RESENTFUL about it, because it means I HAVE a job and am being somewhat productive. So I drink my gallon o’ coffee and do what I need to do. But it’s not particularly FAST. And I don’t go to the GYM at 4:30am like a REAL TRYHARD.

TITO PERDUE. There’s a name I need to mention more. Published novelist, possibly by Mainstream ZOG Publisherz, who has decidedly nonzog sympathies and is friendly with many of the new rightists. 74 year old alabama man also assoc with “southern US literary tradition”, faulkner and all that.

Where did Greg Johnson get his PhD, what was his dissert, how possibly would it be for him to Be Active in a Leftist ZOGiversity and try to turn the tide?

I might have read somewhere that the “notorious” Prof Kevin MacDonald (Long Beach) is kinda “don’t rock the boat” in his teaching life and does a super vanilla Psych 101 course where probably 100% of the kidz don’t know who he is.

I think Andy Nowicki also teaches kidz English in Kollige. If these guys could get hired despite their Clear and Present Controversial Views, would talking about them in class get them fired?

Maybe set a demarc at 50% of Saved Posts, where don’t intend to publish the older stuff at ALL because it’s still “formative.” That or post 4 times a week with a “bonus post” on Sunday or Saturday.

Good Lord. Mrs Varg Vikernes’s blog has been HACKED by “Morrocan Ghosts.” But I’m still getting the RSS. Mrs V has interesting stuff about Thals (paging Koanic Soul and the seemingly-growing Alt-Right who are interested in Thals!) but she doesn’t post that often and really didn’t need to be hacked. All because the Vikernes-Cachets are far-right “racists” and American Hackers are often OWS-lovin’ Leftists.

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getting way ahead of myself here re scheduling posts. might even forget about this one. but it DOES have a good title!

try testing mem sticks in slots 1 & 3 only. chipset is same as “motherboard” or “mobo.” MAYBE. I don’t get a HARDON for this nerddom, even though I am sloooooowly getting a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, that’s just so I can GET A JOB someday. I’m just SICK of the COMPUTER CRASHING.

Just Call Me MR NO ENERGY. Mr CantGettaJob. Mr CanBarelyGetOuttaBED, hahahahaha. Would DEF not be FIT enough to SURVIVE back in the DAY.

The Sexeperience means too MUCH to Betas-and-below, and too LITTLE to Sluts/Wh0res/Pigs/Wimminz. Ironic, then, that it’s with Huge Sluts that Betas&Omegas prob get most of their Sexperience!

How to Indicate on your RESUME that you have a high IQ, if you didn’t go to a high-IQ college And Get High-IQ Degree that serve as “screens” for the IQ because you can’t test for IQ directly? What little nudge-nudges and wink-winks can you get away with? Uhh say you got A’s in CALCULUS 3 AND COMPUTER SCIENCE 3 AND PHYSICS 3. That should do it. Maybe ORGANIC CHEMISTRY while you’re at it, that one has a reputation sometimes. Try not to LIE, but if you HAVE to lie, lie about things that can’t be CHECKED. Which is…..?? Put MENSA on your RESUME.

If WIMMINZ don’t ANNOY you, then they’ve BRAINWASHED You (and prob for a price too low, ie not enough Sex – and ANY quantity AND quality of sex is a price too low for the Integrity of your Moral Mind)! Force Yourself to take a look at Wimminz VALUES and ask yourself, do I REALLY AGREE with These VALUES??

LIE and say you’re an EXTROVERT when you’re REALLY a HUGE INTROVERT. They can’t PROVE it!


2 Spanish guys, same who did Rec 1 thankfully, this should be standard for sequels. Not bad. Not overly long. Watchable. Prob not as good as 1 but def still watchable. Not overly corny. Gotta stop using “overly”, that’s pretty much a Wimminz Word just like “pretty much.” No major complaints. Well done, well-made. All Horror movies should be this good. Actually, All Horror movies SHOULD be better, and you should be able to say “DAM THAT MOVIE WAS SCARY!” but that very rarely happens. So mere entertainment is Good Enough. Wimminz will find it scary sure, weird since they aren’t terrified about the idea of Tearing Their Ever-Living Children out of their Uterus & Murdering them!

When I was a Leftist, what used to Offend me about The Right was that The Right Falsely Protrayed the Left as LOVING the ACT of Abortions. That Pro-Choicers had FUN when they went in to get an Abo, when in REALITY, NO ONE, Right Or Left, ENJOYED the procedure in any way. It was a TRAUMATIC, HORRIFYING experience for the Poor Beleaguered Wimminz who had it done, so let’s not make a mockery of them by making people think they LIKE doing this!

My Response As A Born-Again Rightist: Who CARES how the Left Feeeeeeeels what people THINK about them. Yeah, in REALITY they probably don’t have FUN getting abortions, but they still “Rationalize” (ie Hamsterize) the experience more than they Should, and go back to Stupid Behavior of Uterus-Spreading, rather than Learning From Their Mistakes. Also it’s good to just Offend The Left solely for the sake of offense & ridicule.

Note: Price Check Blockbuster vs Netflix. for 2 discs at time, 12 vs 14 $, netflix better.

what is the SINGLE BEST BOOK for learning good social skills, namely Business Networking, stuff that will improve your JOB. Because that’s MONEY, that’s SURVIVAL. You can then just extrapolate from there, once you get there, to improve your social and sex lives.

What I keep forgetting to say: MUMBLECORE is just the current version of NOAH BAUMBACH. There. Although I find Baumbach more Soulless and Stiff than most Mumblecore I’ve seen.

So What exactly happens when TSHTF? Who will be the most likely party to storm your home and Kill You? Of course the Fed Gummint could always Poison the Food you buy at Walmart every week.

Just because I HAVE a High IQ and like to MOCK low-IQ people for Blatant annoying Stupidity does NOT mean I generally PREFER the company of High-IQ people, who can often be MORE ANNOYING in their own pseudointellectual, tryhard, maoist, chicom, antiwhite, spergy ways! You can’t be a TRUE INTELLECTUAL if your IQ is below 140! (which mine is below, hahaha).

Avg ID for MD’s and PhD’s is 125. Yaaaay I R SMRT ENUFF!  http://www.assessmentpsychology.com/iq.htm

Yes I DO like to BRAG about my HIGHHHH IQQQQQ to a reasonable extent! The real issue becomes, DON’T WASTE IT!

You don’t need a High-IQ to be MORAL or Matewithable! Although I would PREFER to mate with high-IQ-but-immoral, if given a choice, bc I believe IQ is more heritable than morality, and in this case I would be assuming Primary Care of the child anyway. Just assume BabyMama is out of the picture permanently. Just a HIGH-IQ HIRED WOMB.

Rotation of Young Tail can be used for BOTH sex AND Companionship! Now THAT’s an Archimedes Moment! Once their companionship sucks, switch em up!

Henry Rollins and Janeane Garofalo need to have a Leftist Barely-In-The-Closet Gayrriage. THAT SAID, I still enjoy Hank’s stories about his Youth and Adolescent Angst-related Struggles. And I Queued one disc of his TV show because he talks to Werner Herzog and Paul Thomas Anderson. Just wished he’d talk less about Politix and more about Sex, like in the good Old Days. He does not make a great leftist; of course, I can’t think of any leftists who do.

What about Rightists who like to Rock-out to Rage Against the Machine? I know there’s more than a few! I just pretend their passion/energy is devoted to The Right and Not the Left. The Cost of Living This Lie does not outweigh the benefits of the rocking music.

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