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HOPE YOU ALL HAD A Good CHRISTmas with your Families. If you have horrible families then I have pity and MERCY on you. But Welcome Back, I will be posting one a day at 5:15 am for the remainder of the YEAR, haw haw haw. This one is TOO LONG once again, I don’t even want to TELL you the godawful number of words.

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WILLIAM PIERCE appears on 60 minutes, “interviewed” by mike wallace. do not portray him too flatteringly haha. connecting him with tim mcveigh etc and then they bring out the SPLC etc. Weird seeing the big contrast between the Ziomedia and some of these antiZio people I’ve been interested lately. They get portrayed as racists and crackpots.

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Heh and this is only from the past MONTH hahaha. New Short List Addition. Well at least he went to an Ivy (so he says, can’t tell if sarcastic) but he PROB does have a Good Job, if not a Careeeeeer, and I think he might agree with me that Careeeeers ie the College Career Cartel Cult is Gay Bad BS.
Son Of Brock Landers, saw him commenting on Eradica, and his blog his immediately sweet. Heh. Keep an eye on this guy. Been writing for years. Specific Policy Ideas. SWPL Mocking. I have a feeeeeling he might appear in my 2nd Tier, hahaha.
he also does this other blog which is more about WIMMIN specifically. But I have such a Favourable First Reaction to him that Ima put him in my blogroll immediately, that’s how Fired Up I am about him, and you know I don’t get Fired Up easily, it’s my tagic flaw hahaha. A Wonderful Member of the ERADICASPHERE, hahaha.


heh. used my new decadence toy (ie New Laptop Computer, decent quality, GREAT price, present to myself hahaha) to find a stream of episode 1 online rather than wait for netflix, pay for netflix, wait for the disc to be released, then wait the long wait, then get the disc. internet, whatta thing for the bread and circuses. i could become a real shut-in omega virgin here.

I didn’t come all the way out here to the internet just to fool ya: i really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was hilarious IMHO and Jewham shows all her strengths. a good writer for any age, let alone a 24 year old swpl GURL. I will never like the Generation and Subculture she represents, but I’m starting to think she might not love it either, despite being swept up in it, but I think part of that is the Sad Sack Helpless Child LOSER role she plays, which she fits nicely into. the role she was born to play. but i can appreciate that dunham herself is both smarter and stronger and better than that, plus the loser character succeeds at being hilarious. the show nicely captures the unpaid internship postcollege artist swpl brooklyn stuff that is De Rigeur for some colleges, some grads, and it was a pretty popular lifestyle among the students at my university for sure. I never got into it, and indeed now I’m an outspoken critic of it, hahaha.

But I am glad dunham introduces the FInancial aspect right away, since In The Real World, you’re a fool not to. ADDultKidz Not Making Good Money and with $Fifty Thousand of student loans to pay back cannot afford $2000 a month to live in some sh!tty apt. I liked that Dunhams Parentz were cutting her off, and those scenes were all written very well too. I have been underestimating Dunham as a Comedy Talent, she really is one of the FUNNIER Wimmin I’ve seen in a while. Yes they make the “Sex and the city” reference early too, I thought she was too stupid and arrogant to realize that, but no. The men are either beta faggots who are going to get dumped for being too nice, while dunham falls in luv with the Guy With Game: the arrogant 4sshole who uses her as a Harem “FWB”. Here SHE becomes the beta supplicator. Now the guy isn’t really cool, he’s a huge hypocrite and SWPL too, he’s just comparatively more brash than the Total NIceguy who’s gonna get dumped, and that’s why he gets a harem of girls texting him for sex, rather than being cutt off altogether and marching smilingly towards his execution like Beta Boy. NOw he’s still an annoying brooklyn artist, walks around his messy apt in jeans and no shirt. my jew “buddy” alex karpovsky also appears playing himself: the consummate annoying jew, but he’s confident and full of himself and talkative, and does not seem to be hurting for tail like betaboy.

I will give this episode a Full Blown A, it was both a lot more funny and intelligent than I was expecting. I will NEVER kiss lena dunham’s arse though, but I might work for her on a New York Living Wage. This is very close to the SWPL Comedy Of Manners I’ve been looking for and which Whit Stillman is a bit too old for. Noted that Dunham genuinely LOVES Barry and Stillman is much more politically palatable, leaning towards the right as he does. But I think Dunham is waking up to the Decadence of Her Generation, even if she is decadent herself. also she hasn’t made the connection that betas need not be shamed. she or more accurately her hotter franz just shame and dump betas. but we’ll see how this show goes, would like to see more from the betas. plus methinks that it’s “Easier” to do a tv show than to do movies, and if dunham does a lot of writing, then we can quicker get a handle on her style and her substance. Much like you only need to print out 10 pages of a 9,000,000 page blog like mine to get a 90% accurate picture of what it is.

Thankfully Dunham does not seem to preach the smug swpl antivirtues and social justice ™, if this pilot is any indication, which it Should* be.

I don’t have to think these characters are COOL or want to hang out with them – QUITE the opposite! – to admire and enjoy and find the show hilarious and very well-done. It was JUST GREAT when the Semi-“Alpha” Slob told Lena to BEND OVER and then GOT THE LUBE and then grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear “YOU MODERN CAREER WIMMIN, YOU’RE ALL THE SAME, YOU THINK YOU’RE SO STRONG AND INDEPENDENT, BUT YOU JUST WANT A MAN TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND BEND YOU OVER AND REAM YOU UP THE 4SS.” And by Lena’s Submission we can see this is TRUE!

I just want her to suck it up even one step further and show that it’s Mommy State and Cultural Antiwhite Marxists who have contributed so much to the Social Construction (hahaha) of the Feminized Western (Beta) Male that appears is gonna be such a big part of her show, and I don’t mind having a cold white light cast on these, HOWEVER I want Wimmin to share as much blame and shame and fault as the Feminised Western Men themselves. WIMMIN, YOU GET THE MEN YOU DESERVE!!!

So don’t knock the show Firepower hahaha I am sure that You like Me will get Perverse Enjoyment out of it.

See they complain that the men aren’t manly enough, and while this is true, these wimmin don’t deserve Real Men. The lesson Betas learn is: simply PRETEND to Be A Man and you will get all the pvssy you want. And if all you want out of life is pvssy, it doesn’t really matter if you ever become a real man or not. Wimmin are too stupid and decadent to know or care if you’re a Real Man or you’re just faking it.

Ok I just watched 4 episodes in a row, because I, like Lena, have no skills that can get me hired at a Real Job, and I can more safely say that Widdle Wena has a gift for comedy. I was srsly LOLing, and not just in a mock the decadent unmarriageable wimmin way, but that she also is good at writing jokes and funny dialogue and characters and situations. Jewex Jewkovsky with his Harelip and Obnoxiousness is also pretty funny too. Was not expecting show to be THIS funny. Good 4 Leeeeeeeena! “You can’t SUE me, you don’t have the wherewithal to be at WORK by TEN am, you don’t have a Sueing APP on your iPhone!” honestly there’s a good number of quotable jokes, which you rightfully don’t expect out of a Modern Wimmin. Any I will try not to waste any more precious blogink on this show like HALF SIGMA or CHUCK RUDD or something (heh jk) because there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE GOING ON RIGHT NOW THAT MOST PEOPLE JUST SLEEP THROUGH.

Also, gladly, SPOILER The Beta seems to be growing a sack and putting his b!tchy GF in her place, taming the wild hamster. might not last but nice to see him get even a minute of redemption. Also the Virgin Girl is Cute, it’s too bad she’s ashamed of being a Virgin because all her franz are huge godless wh0res of babylon. I MY show she would stay a virgin until she nonlegally marries a man she’s in totes luv with then she starts having babies. JEwbabies. all the characters are h33bz and antiwhite. I promise I will not sell out and become soft. But Jokes, especially jokes about SWPL Decadent anitwhite hipsters, are my achilles heel.

Moral of the story: don’t watch too much TV, even fun semi-intelligent TV,

BECAUSE EVEN THE BEST TV DOES NOT COMPARE TO A LIFE WELL-LIVED. GET OUT THERE AND HUSTLE, SON! HUSTLE! (in the manly move and shake way, not the scammy scheisty way wimminz “hustle” men)

Was Playing Around with the Provocative Idea (“NOTION” is a F@ggot Word) that maybe THE LORD GOD has it in His Plan for Some Men to BE Lazy Losers where their Life Purpose is just to Watch TEEVEE and BLOG and be Underemployed, hahaha, so instead of feeeeeeeeeling guilty about it, the men should give thanks to GOD and embrace GOD’S PLAN FOR THEM. More later. Insert “Belus” or “Baldr” or “Perun” or some other EuroPagan God if you’re uncommmmmmftrble with the “Jewish” God, VARGIE VARG. But this is PROB the Great Deceiver trying to Rationalize a Life Of Slothful SIN by making the Sinner think he is doing God’s Work. God wants Men to DO SOMETHING. Which is understandable. Valid.

The guy who plays Nick Smith the Arrogant Alpha in “Metropolitan” Chris Eigeman (sp?) has a Role in Girls, I THINK he is Leeeeenaz FATHER. Which got me thinking, Gen Y is the children of Gen X. SWPL Brahminz the children of WASP Optimates. NEw Yawk Internz the chillunz of New Yawk YUPPIES. Leeeeenaz the chillen of Stillman. And this “newfound” commitment to sustainability and social justice and making a difference and work life balance and stop corporate greed and anything but MONEY might be a “reaction” against their parents’ generation where the primary criterion of how Good Your Careeeer was was how much money you made? But it’s still about status 15and New Yawk Jobs.

Also funny how he is a Conservative WASP in Metro but a wimpy ass liberal jew in Girls. In 5 episodes there’s been No Mention of Jewishness. Are we to just ASSUME that Dunham is a Jewess? One of those secular atheist nonreligious jews of course. they wait till 30 to discover their jewishness hahaha and make their birthright trip. no starz of david or synagogues in the show. all we have to go on is What She Looks Like, ie, pretty jewish looking hahaha. And knowing that Dunham herself is and identifies as “VERY CULTURALLY JEWISH” (I’ll never forget that quote!) And that her character’s name is “Hannah Horvath” and that sounds hella jewish.

In Hipster Brooklyn 2012, SWPL WASPs and SWPL Jews COEXIST very nicely together, at that point, the whites might as well be jewish.

OK Chris Eigeman actually plays Leeeeenaz Intern Boss at the gay pubzogging house.

Been appreciating Emotion more, rather than always championing Logic over Emotion like I used to, and now acknowledging that Emotion has Its Place, and that stuff like STORIES or novels or fictions can and should engage the emotions. Logic wins the mind and emotion wins the heart. which is why we need stories and storytellers and writers who write stories and characters. Dunham has proven herself to be prob the best storyteller of and about her generation, but I’m not sure what her Endgame is. I would like to see Girls end with her soundly condemning the hypocrisy, stupidity, immorality, decadence etc of her generation; her saying these characters are f00ked up and unredeemable unless they REPENT for their Careeeerism and Promiscuity and Hamstering and Narcissism and Constant Abortionz and AntiManness and Antiwhiteness.  [tm I recall the Kvlt Lousiana Metal Band Acid Bath / Dax Riggs using the word “ANTIMAN” in 1994 “The Bones of Baby Dolls” but I am seizing and redefining the word now as my own new synonym for misandry haha hmm i wanted to shrink this parenthetical text down to a very small font because it’s not really important or relevant and it’s stupid wordpress does not have that on their toolbar, chr!st you have to go into the html, which i certainly CAN do, but even BLOGGER had a font size option LIKE JUST SAYIN N STUFF note to self: use <span style=”font-size: x-small;”> bla bla </span>] NO, not repent to God necessarily, but just be sincerely sorry for their mistakes. “MISTAKES” seems to be a stated theme of the show according to Dunham. So do you really LEARN from the mistakes, and I argue that involves being Sincerely Sorry for them, rather than saying, this is just what young people DO. Anyway I am starting to appreciate Stories and Storytelling More, I can relate, I have a bit of that in me, I used to write a lot of stories before I switched to blogging and whining hahaha.

I would not mind being my own Guest Character on the show who comes out and totally judges all the girls and says I would rather move back to my parents BASEMENT than leech 2 grand a month off them, “Working” an unpaid job. But the show is notable for pointing out how stupid and retarded and gay and godawful Internzhips are. Good For Jewham for realizing what a stupid racketscam they are.

Also interesting is when Leeeeeena briefly works at the Touchy Feely Niceguy Jewbeard’s Office (In MY show, the Male protagonist would have struggled for the entire season just to get interviewed for such a “crappy” job, it would have gone to a Young Girl, and he would have said “f00k this sh!t” and begged his Good Family to let him move into their basement for 900$ a month and save some money, haha) and her coworkers are 10 years older, Gen X while she is Gen Y, but they are CLEARLY Less Educated and More Prole and thus Stupider and Crasser and Lamer. Not the Careeeeeer-Track gen X’ers. At the end of the Day, Educated SWPL 24-year-old Leeeeeena is not much different than them. Woulda liked to see this play out more, but of course SPOILER Leeeeena quits the job, and will probably easily find another steady FT easy boring office job by the next episode. She “should” have had to go to a Prestigious Grad Skool to get the Boring Easy Secretary Job she FLIPPANTLY QUIT in the first place!

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Whole Lotta Swanberg Lately. Been wanting him to make a movie where the main character isn’t a crazy annoying unlikeable K00nt, or at least be more blatant in saying these K00ntz suck. But MAYBE his style is to say that without sledgehammering it, because the WIMMINZ are all the sledgehammer you’d ever need, although I think it isn’t Gauche or Crass or Untoward to come out and SAY it loud and clear. I just really don’t want him to say “I LIKE & SUPPORT THIS! THIS IS OK WITH ME!” and he hasn’t yet.

LOL was again good, not great. Swanberg seems to be “A Natural”, ie, incapable of making an unwatchable movie IMHO. So he uses a cheapo camera, tiny crew, no budget, everything on his computer. It’s good enough. Like to see more of this “Super-independent” stuff, because even “Independent” film is Burgher Bullcrap and IFC and SXSW might as well be Hollywood to the Average Joe. But Swanberg gives us hope (in the positive way, heh) that ANYONE can make a good movie, ie get over the Tiny Barriers To Entry. (Also: “Marble Hornets” is a great example of very-DIY but also very enjoyable film series in mystery/horror genre). You don’t HAVE to be Kubrick to make a good movie!

Here the main characters are men, thank god. Greta Gerwig DOES appear as one beta guy’s GF. Crazy as hell again. I think she’s just crazy IRL!  telling example of how men can be BEWITCHED by Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Way more dangerously effective than ZooeyDeschanel. Note Greta’s BF is beta as hell. even has small faggy lisp – Feminization Of  Millennials. If the guy wasn’t Brahmin, he wouldn’t be getting Sex on the Reg in the FIRST place, crazy girl or not, and certainly not as young&cute as Gerwig.

However, beta as MillennialBrahmins are, their one bit of “pseudogame” is their Total Sociopathic Narcissism. Maybe. EG, he isn’t afraid to tell her he doesn’t like her unsexy n00dz, send more &try to be more sexy this time kthxbai. But this-being-“game” IS quite arguable. Also, he totally lays down to her crazy tests, she clearly holds all the power.

main star is “Alex”, Kevin Bewersdorf. He has the “best” game but doesn’t know it. Comes mainly from him being a selfish 4sshole (but legit talented) SPERG allowing supernerdy nonpromisc superyoung Brahmin girl to orbit HIM, and he ruins his pseudogame by getting all pissy. Making unreasonable demands of the fawning girl is good; getting mad when they can be fulfilled is not. But he doesn’t even WANT to bang the girl! He’s a weirdo, an idiot, AND an 4sshole.

Swanberg has another GREAT find in Tipper Newton (watch the extras interview!), a 19-year-old Columbia College student nonactor presumably, a Cute Hipster Girl who has some Credible Innocence about her, UNLIKE Gerwig, who has taken so Manny Cox up the 4ss. See, you can get GREAT performances out of nonactors!

FullDisclosure: IHave Weakness for SWPL Hipster Brahmin Boyish Girls w Short Dykey Hair. But it really HELPS if they’re YOUNG and INNOCENT. Note: Newton was 19 at the time, and pretty innocent-seeming & adorable. Looked better than she does in this photo, haha. HOPE Swanberg didn’t eventually talk her out her clothes on camera like he does with 80% of his stars!

So Tipper falls in luv with Alex, but he’s such a sperg 4sshole it’s doubtful he likes her or even wants to bang! watch this movie for examples of The Girl Giving Clear Signals. He could have easily done a Kiss Close at LEAST 3 times, but he just walks away and leaves her hanging.

If he wants anyone, it’s the skanky internet wh0re he wants to meet in St Louis, who flakes out on HIM, which is apropos, because he flakes out all the time: using that nice innocent girl for her car, saying he’s going on tour when he’s not, calling his friend an 4sshole when HE’s the 4sshole for EXPECTING to just swoop in and play a show on no notice, trying to get internet in Walter’s (the GIRL’S name is “Walter”!) Mom’s house so he can check for email from his Internet Skank, calling Swanberg to make HIM check his email for him, Spergy Unreasonable Demands of Other people. TOTAL Annoying Jagoff.

Plus the technology thing seems dated by now. Texts and Sexts and Smartphones and even more Internet Access. I guess Swanberg’s making the Not-Too-Smartypants point that Modern Tech leads to Miscommunication, but Alex doesn’t know how to COMMUNICATE PERIOD. He’s a Sperg Tool. He doesn’t need Technology to Miscommunicate!

What makes this interesting is that he’s a genuinely talented Musician/Artist, and his video/music project with the “Noiseheads” was very neat and fun and compelling.

Watch the extras and you will see Kevin Bewersdorf talking about Music. He’s clearly talented, skillful, Spergy, and possibly full-blown Intellectual. He DEF went to Music College, but I think this was actually a GOOD move for him. He talks about Pseudointellectual stuff in a way that makes me think he’s an Actual Intellectual! Music Is His Life! AND he doesn’t seem as much an annoying, unempathizewithable sperg tool rude jagoff IRL!

Also that little song he performs at his living-room show where he first meets Walter is neat. “The chill of winter… is nothing… compared to watching your lover… getting murdered…. in the spring.”  True Artists are Selfish, Spergy 4ssholes I guess, and even Innocent 19-year-old Boyish Virgins THROW themselves at them to be deflowered, I guess.

Not a perfect movie, kinda frustrating in its blatant imperfections, yet despite this, much more watchable than it sounds. Thinking by now Swanberg is Just In My Wheelhouse, and I should email him and beg/bribe for an Unpaid Internship, provided I don’t have to show My Peepee On Camera to the Whole World. Try to have NonSwanberg next time. Maybe Aki Kaurismaki finally.  981 wds.

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Again as with KissingOnTheMouth, didn’t Dislike. Main thing I disliked was Main Character Hannah! Again Swanberg’s film shows how corrupt, empty, toxic, chaotic is the Modern Wimminz. Yet here she’s more of a “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” that all the beta guys fall in love with, and she of course can’t make up her miiiiiiind and dumps them all, and even ADMITS to leaving a “wake of destruction” in her path.

MANGINA REHAB (term stolen from Rocking Mr E): When the Wimminz ADMITS to leaving a wake of destruction, BELIEVE her. I know you’re not usually supposed to listen to / believe what Wimminz say, but here’s a big exception.

Diff bw this and Kissing on the Mouth is that Greta Gerwig really is a good find for Swanberg. I personally find her very cute and I might have been taken in by her “Manic Pixie-ness”. Part of why she can get away with it is because she’s YOUNG. This was 2007 and she looked quite young. Even though she was technically over the peak, she still looked close enough to the peak, and she wasn’t declining rapidly. Now in 2012 however, she looks much older and much less cute (ok, she actually looks pretty good for 29) and wouldn’t be able to get away with as much Wimminz BS like in this movie when she was 23.

Thought to myself: wanted to see a sequel that takes place 5 years later. “All of the sudden”, guys stop being in LUV with her, people stop finding her so Cute, she gets called more on her immature BS. What does she do THEN?

All a bunch of SWPL Chicago 20-something Brahmins. She’s an UNPAID INTERN in a “Production Company.” Andrew Bujalski and Kent Osborn play writers here. Then there are two secretaries/adminassts/interns, and the owner, who is honestly hilarious, but completely incompetent. “Hannah” either shows Swanberg’s own Naive Brahmin Distance from the Real Non-SWPL World; OR it’s an intentionally naivete. Again, Southern Illinois Univ is not screamingly Brahmin, and I think Swanberg is Honest AND Insightful enough to understand Real Life is not like this, so he’s intentionally making things all rosy-coloured. The good thing is he succeeds, and I willfully entered and somewhat enjoyed this fantasy world.

Again, the men are a lot nicer, kinder, better people than the Wimminz; here, the only Wimminz is Gerwig and her seldom-seen, even more idiotic roommate. The men aren’t MUCH smarter; ALL these people are IDIOTS. If THEY can get a BIGBOY JOB where they SIT AROUND ALL DAY AND THROW A NERF BALL BACK AND FORTH AND ARE ALWAYS OUT TO LUNCH, then so can I!

Mark Duplass plays her First Boyfriend, and I didn’t expect to like him at all, but I did. He was a lot more Handsome than I expected a Mumblecore Duplass to be. Almost a more handsome, more masculine version of John Krasinski, that huge pvssy. So Duplass was a huge musician loser who quit his job (never hear what it was) because he wasn’t haaaaaappy with it, but he didn’t seem unhappy at all. He seemed like a nice, friendly, happy-go-lucky guy that even I wouldn’t have a problem socializing with. But Hannah dumps him, just like she dumps every guy.

She has THREE “BOIFRANS” in the under-90-minute movie. She gets very fleeting “crushes”, then gets bored quickly, then dumps them. She “dates” (ie Slurps-n-TIUTAs) BOTH of the writers she WORKS with, and gives NO indication that that’s a wrong, scumbag thing to do. When she dumps Duplass, he goes out of his way to NOT get angry or emotional, like “ok I have no say in this, I have no right to have any feelings about this, you’re right, whatever you want, and I’m ALSO gonna do you the convenience of “dumping” YOU, because I can tell you want to dump me but don’t have the balls to say it.”

Not a poorly-written scene, QUITE to the contrary, it reveals a lot about Hannah and Her Weird Brahmin world filled with Beta Orbiters!

I thought it was interesting that you NEVER SEE DUPLASS AGAIN after that. Very cleanly, conveniently DELETED and replaced with another in a series of c0cks on the immediately post-peak (post-Colllllllege) Carousel.

The Next c0ck is Bujalski or “Booj” as he is known. Buj was my introduction to the world of Mumblecore, & I enjoyed “Mutual Appreciation” AND “Beeswax” quite a bit. I liked his character in “Hannah”, he’s less of a SWPL hipster and more of a huge dorky nerd beta and LOOKS it with his shirt and khakis and non-hipster glasses, but still a nice but non-self-deprecating guy. Likeable. Shame that he probably doesn’t pull as “good” as Gerwig just because he’s comfortable/SECURE looking like a nerd. So she “dates” (ie, slurrrrrrrrpppppp! TIUTA!) him for 10 minutes before she becomes vaguely dissatisfied with one little nonspecific imaginary thing, and decides to dump Buj for his FRIEND and COWORKER that they ALL HANG OUT WITH AND WORK WITH. This is SUCH Typical Wimminz Behaviour, so in THAT way it’s realistic. I really wanted to see Hannah called out for her sh1tty behaviour, but since everyone kisses her 4ss all the time, she doesn’t even KNOW it’s sh1tty. She thinks it’s OK to act this way. Which is why I want to see a sequel, “Hannah at 30”, suddenly finding she can’t act like a SPOILED CHILD anymore!

Buj was clearly upset when she Dumped him, but even he regains composure quickly and sez “Okayyyyy” and shuffles meekly away rather than getting angry at her.

The opening titles and use of the 1812 overture and trumpets were good.

Gonna have to read some reviews on this one. Because Gerwig is So Young and Cute, she’s VERY effective at casting this SPELL where you might forget that she’s actually a PILE OF CRAP, which everyone in this movie also conveniently forgets. Even SHE doesn’t know she’s a pile of crap.

Even if the movie was in a Fantasy World, the men at least had a warmth, heart, honesty, & likeability, just like in Swanberg’s KOtM and the Bujalski Stuff.

SUMMARY: Mumblecore MEN are OK, Mumblecore WIMMINZ, like non-Mumblecore Wimminz, are Big Overrated Piles of Crap, and prob moreso.

Would LIKE to see Swanberg (or Bujalski!) apply their Male Likeability & Honesty to:

something OTHER than a SWPL, Brahmin, Collegeboy, or fantasy World

where MEN work Real, Long, Believable Bigboy Jobs

where MEN go out to the crapbar after their long, tiring jobs, and can’t even get DUMPED by wimminz of lesser attractiveness than Gerwig, because they can’t even find wimminz to TIUTA from them in the FIRST PLACE.  Maybe a Lower Vaisya milieu? Still studying Moldbug’s Caste Distinctions haha, but “Hannah” was surely str8 Brahmin.

Swanberg’s made 9000 films, so I STILL need to watch MORE to see if he FINALLY makes a Moral Judgement on these PILE O’ CRAP WIMMINZ already. I suppose it’s not a good sign that he hasn’t done it in the two movies I have seen so far. I WANT him to.

These Swanberg Men are KINDA Beta, but they’re not beta enough to take this kind of CRAP without SAYING anything. That’s the main thing that surprised me about this movie.

These men getting dumped by some Wimminz who really should be GETTING dumped herself aren’t allowed to even have an OPINION, just sit there and take it like a little b1tch and say “OK, You’re Right, Whatever Cupcake Wants, You don’t owe me any Severance Bangs for this Flaky Wimminz Bullcrap.”

The REAL travesty is that they’re blinded by her Young Body and coquettish, cutesy, pixieish ways, and SHE Dumps THEM BEFORE they discover she’s got no redeeming qualities other than having S3x with her Body. Otherwise – if they had banged her maybe 5 or 10 or 20 more times – they’d CLEARLY come to the conclusion that this isn’t worth it. She’s an Annoying Nutcase. Instead, they GET dumped at that unfortunate time when they pathetically LIKE her the MOST. Forget HER. If you watch this with a Wimminz and she Does NOT Blatantly Disapprove of Hannah – or god forbid LIKES Hannah or finds her kewl or kute or inspiring or empowering or fun etc – that’s a Big4ss Red Flag. Pump & Dump.

Still like Swanberg’s style though, just wish he’d stop focusing on these Looney Toons Wimminz, or at least start taking a Moral Side and SAYING they’re Huge Piles Of Bullcrap, and/or focus more on Real Vaisya Men, hahaha.

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Officially gone beyond the point of no return into the World Of Mumblecore.

Joe Swanberg is one of Those names that gets mentioned alot, so now that I’m grateful to have the privilege of Netflix, I figure why not, what’s one more bad movie. See what the hype is about.

Lo and behold, I liked this movie. Didn’t LUVVV it, it wasn’t AWESOME, but it was sure as heck better than the previous movie I watched, “Answer This.”

Andrew Bujalski and Lena Dunham so far have been the extent of my foray into Mumblecore. Bujalksi uses more hand-held, Dunham is very stylized and set-up, both are pretty good. Swanberg, here, is TOTAL DIY, the with most obviously low-budget Mumblecore I’ve see so far. It looks like a Home Video. But it was still watchable. Decently edited, he pays attention to things like Pacing like a competent director should. There’s SOME pseudo-artsy, pretentious blurriness, but not too much to ruin the movie. You might not like the close-ups, especially of SWPL artsy stuff like shots of people’s FEET while they’re talking, but I didn’t mind.

The impression I got was that Swanberg, DESPITE being a SWPL BETA DORK COLLEGEBOY, is also a STRAIGHT SHOOTER, and HONEST. NOT a hypocrite. Swanberg himself is immediately a pretty likeable Beta Niceguy: REALLY dorky looking, nice, no game, just a big dork who likes movies. I can relate!

I have SYMPATHY FOR THE BETA, remember.

As per usual, I liked the Wimminz less than the Men. Even though the Men were Beta as hell. But at least Beta men are nicer, more honest, more honourable than the Hamstery, hypocritical Wimminz. But you can see how Beta Men and Hamstery Wimminz reinforce each other, vicious cycle. See the Wimminz complaining: “He’s like a WOMAN! Always wants to TALK! About WHAT? We’ve ALREADY talked!”

Yet a possible reason these men are “like women” is because Leftist Mothers raised their Sons without Oppressive Gender Roles.

Won’t waste words describing the “plot” of the movie, you can find that yourself, not much of a plot anyway, this is lowest-budget mumblecore. And indeed Swanberg has a MUMBLY voice.

The Amount of Frank Sex surprised me. This is DEFINITELY an “Unrated”, ie, plenty of Penis. Usually I don’t like all this Nudity, from men OR women, but I think it fit well in this movie. IMHO it took a fair bit of Ballz for Swanberg to Pony Up and show his OWN peepee. Though if you had TOLD me that before seeing the movie like I’m telling You now, I woulda said “WTF, is this some kinda Shortbus type real sex garbage?”

The Wimminz think they are EXPERTS on RELATIONSHIPS just because they have a lot of SEX, and often demand Sex Without A Relationship, even though the beta GUY wants one, then the wimminz blames the guy for being too emotional, and seeks and gets validation from her other HamsterWimminz Friends. Swanberg might not be a Red Pill man, but in his goal to Honestly Explore The Lives of Millennials, he’s showing some Red Pill Stuff. This movie was made in 2005 and I think if he keeps doing this, he may WELL come to a Red Pill conclusion: Modern Wimminz Are Phony Bullcrap. If he’s not TOO much of a Niceguy Beta.

At first I thought the f4ggy emo guitar music was cloying and unprofessional and embarrassing and cheesy, then I started to like it. I imagined Swanberg himself playing it, and he probably did.

He’s the most “unprofessional” Mumblecore I’ve seen so far, and I mean that in a positive way: it looks the least like a movie, and/or it makes you think, if he can make a movie, I can make a movie too; and the bonus part is, this movie did not end up being too bad!

There was a “collaborative” element which was interesting: It wasn’t totally Swanberg’s movie, it was the Four Main Actors’ movie, and they all co-wrote and co-directed and improvised a alot. Kinda neat. But I still give Swanberg the “Lead Author” credit in my book because I’m SURE he was the one to come up with the idea and lead his friends in this project.

Once the movie ended, I realized I didn’t really LIKE the main character Ellen. And I think Swanberg wanted us to at least kinda like her….or does he???? I didn’t HATE her, but I just felt I didn’t like her as much as I was “supposed” to, just because I’m a Red Pill man and I can spot that Hamster crap a MILE away and just don’t tolerate it. I would have put her in her PLACE, and said “F00k that sh1t, b1tch!” and got a ROTATION going, instead of being a F4ggy-haired Male Photographer falling back in LUV with some stupid broad who doesn’t even have a Real Job, hahaha.

That was another interesting thing. I don’t know if it’s a Chicago thing – and Swanberg incorporates a Nice Chicago feel I did quite like! – but these people are NOT huge tryhards like the tryhards I use to define tryhards. They don’t have High-Status Good Jobs or Meeeeeeaningful Careeeeeers. They must have not gone to a First-Tier Tryhard Bourge Leet University (would that be Mencius Moldbug’s “Brahmin?”) ! OK, he went to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, that explains a lot. If he had gone to NORTHWESTERN, these losers would not be so laid-back.

But I still think Swanberg is a Good, Honest, Decent guy, (and indeed, I didn’t mean to imply that Third Tier Toilets are not a good place to find Good Guys – indeed, TTT’s are a BETTER place than Leet Univ’s to find Good Guys! The Wimminz are just more baldly stupid and even less pseudointellectual though.)

I loved his look: a dorky, slightly chubby, fair-skinned, long unkempt hair that looks bad but he thinks looks good because he likes long hair, and the coup de grace, a REALLY DORKY long RED chin-goatee, NO mustache. He LOOKS like SUCH an OMEGA VIRGIN, and I like someone who is that comfortable in their uncoolness. Nowadays he looks more “normal.”

Swanberg has a small passive-aggressive edge to him that undermines his likeability and probably comes from him hanging out As Friends with Wimminz all the time. These Wimminz make him less likeable. But I think despite his Beta Niceguyness, he STILL gets Sex much more regularly than Average Beta Niceguys, so….should he NOT be overvaluing the P and thus shouldn’t be so INFLUENCED by Wimminz? OR maybe because he spends more TIME with Wimminz than the Average Beta, he unfortunately becomes more LIKE a Wimminz? Double-Edged sword.

But overall, I like his happy-go-lucky, non-psuedo-intellectual, honest, straightforward personality, and hopefully I’m accurate in ascertaining that, and that this quality makes his other movies ok too. I will be watching a few more to see how he Develops after 2005. (Queued: LOL, Hannah Takes The Stairs, Nights and Weekends, Alexander the Last). Plus I like how he is pretty much My Exact Age (I am Older than my manchildish writing suggests, hahahaha.) Symbolizes the Inability of My Generation to Man Up, hahaha. but seriously, to GROW up.

Also, I thought it was Clever and Creative how he interspersed “documentary monologues” of Real People in the film. Blurring the lines between Narrative Film, Reality TV, Documentary, Mockumentary, & Real Life Itself.

So I’ll give a B+, 3.5/5.

UPDATE: If Swanberg had A Twitter I’d follow him, but he doesn’t; however his WIFE does, she plays Ellen’s friend in KOTM and is more likeable. Let’s see if she Blocks me for being a Creepy Reactionary, hahaha. I like that she changed her name to “Swanberg” instead of doing a gay hyphen or possibly even worse, the new couture of saying “Wimminz MaidenName MarriedName” with NO hyphen, just TWO surnames. BELCH.

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Right now my ShortTerm Queue is alternating among: Mumblecore, Aki Kaurismaki, Hiyao Miyazaki, Foreign Horror, Werner Herzog, Tarkovsky, LarsVonTrier, GayOfThrones.

B+, maybe even A-.  Much Better than I expected. prepared to tear it apart. I ALREADY HATED Lena Dunham& everything she stood for, the evil effete ennui privileged SWPL Decadence & Laziness of Arts Grads Avoiding WORK. BUT I figured should actually WATCH SOMETHING she’s done before Ijudged. “Tiny Furniture” was  most efficient&effective starting point.  Wanna watch “Girls” but not privileged or employed enough to have HBO, because I didn’t get my Medical Degree from HARVARD.  Long Post. REALLY TRIED to keep it to 1000 words, but couldn’t stop.

said before Ihated everything Mumblecore & Dunham symbolizes: SWPL privileged hipster first-world brooklyn f4gg0ts, entitled, socialist, leftist, TRYHARD, don’t know meaning of work, neurotic, j3wish, crazy, bipolar, rich, annoying rich pig scum of earth, goto  Bard College. But I let Andrew Bujalski “get away with it” because he’s “actually” good. (Or IS He?) As much as PAINS me to say it, maybe “Tiny Furniture” is “actually good” too, & here Dunham is like female Bujalski.

her REAL sister plays younger sister, and PROBABLY her real mom playing her mom. Interesting. Anyway the sister was beautiful, I fell in infat with her immediately. Pre-peak, peakING, beautiful little high-achieving J3wish Tryhard Cute-Glasses-Girl.

Liked how Dunham portrayed herself as HUGE LOSER. If she’s gonna be NARCISSIST, might as well be SELF-DEPRECATING one. Same excuse Iuse, hahaha. She doesn’t pretend to be tooDEEP or SMART. f00king FAILURE, UGLY DUCKLING who NEVER got pretty, PAST her PEAK & she might even KNOW it, only DOWNHILL from here & she’s “only” 22. She can’t get a good job & will probably be less successful than her mother & sister, went to college for NOTHING. There was a sense of HONESTY I was not expecting. I appreciated that.

I’d never gotten good look at her til now, & I never knew she was so “FAT” and “UGLY” and FRUMPY. & She KNOWS it, making Jokes about her unfortunate Big Stomach and Small T!ts combination. NO, she’s not UGLY, but she’s DEF not PRETTY either. Very Plain and Frumpy, & I can sympathize with those people better than people who ARE pretty, but think they’re ugly because daddy/brother/uncle/teacher raeped them up the 4ss too much.

Extras: conversation with recently-deceased Nora Ephron. Never got into her work so much, but apparently influential for Wimminz Writers and Filmmakers. Mentioned Gloria Steinem. Not sure who’s Hamster Wheel won there. Prob Ephron bc she’s older & hamster’s had more practice. Excruciating but somewhat enlightening talk. Mentioned Woody Allen, they both love, I love, common bond there. Ephron said she didn’t want people to make bigdeal out of her being Female Filmmaker, she was just trying to be a “New York” filmmaker like Woody Allen or Mike Nichols. OK, FINE. I AGREE. But then sez 2 seconds later she sez sth about How Dunham is great role model for Female Filmmakers, & why don’t more Wimminz make Films?


So I think Dunham IS sincere in having being bit by the Movie Bug. I can tell, I’ve kinda been bit by it too, and the Writing Bug. I would “totes” make a movie if it weren’t so damn HARD & took so much EFFORT.

Extra with a short talk by Paul Schrader was Spot-On & summed up everything I’m trying to say here. Dunham’s representative of a cult movie movement that’s become saturated, and she’s brought it to its artistic peak and possibly logical conclusion. Well-written and acted movie with a very intentional Structure/Composition that brings it above average “Mumblecore.”

It was interesting she essentially wrote her Father out of the movie, since IRL she has a Father, but movie doesn’t. I was thinking, “THIS IS **EXACTLY** WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A FATHER IN THE HOUSE, AND TOO MANY CRAZY C00NTZ RUNNING AROUND IN SWPL TRIBECA.” That Father needs to Man Up because his daughter is going off the rails, she needs a stronger male influence in her life, quite desperately.

& Taking Casual C0cks from the Cute Chef isn’t gonna help, it’s gonna HURT.

Appreciated Dunham’s HONESTY, though. This movie does NOT reflect well on FEMINISM. This is the Modern Western Family Unit & Neuroses enabled by Feminism, & the movie does not CELEBRATE it. Dunham Criticises her “MALE FEMINIST” ex-boyfriend. We KNOW INSTANTLY that she would Get F00ked by that Hot Chef Who Gave Her “Negs” all the Time in a HEARTBEAT, that she would gladly spread for him in a PIPE, no condom, even though he had a girlfriend, AND that she (Dunham) would fall in love with him, and that he would never call her again “See you Soon!” she says excited, “see you LATER”, he says, distracted, running away, afraid of getting caught. This is the effect STRIKINGLY HANDSOME men have on Wimminz. & Honestly, he WAS way too handsome for her.

It’s kinda like Beta Men dealing with Attractive Women, haha. So yeah, Wimminz get this too, only when dealing with the Top 20% Attractive Males, but not YOU, beta boy. They just take it OUT on you after they’ve been RODE HARD & HUNG-UP WET.

I was thinking that Women become SWPL Hamstery Wimminz because of REJECTION. Women aren’t Good at taking rejection over and over and over again like MEN are, it actually WEAKENS Wimminz and makes them Crazier and Weaker and WORSE. Every time a Wimminz gets pumped and dumped by a really handsome guy, she becomes more crazy.

Though I DON’T think the movie is Criticising Feminism Itself. In this sense Dunham herself is still Solid Blue Pill Wimminz. She’s “Sentient” enough to know she doesn’t like Sensitive Feminist Men (BETA!) & Prefers Cocky, Distant, Neggingm Handsome, Charismatic Men, & she goes thru with Stupid Decisions KNOWING they’re stupid, but she still Prattles on about WOMEN-IN-FILM & Gloria STEINEM.

But I thought the scene where she gets humiliated by her LITTLE SISTER was very effective. Sister is 17 years old, BEAUTIFUL, PRE-Peak, Tryhard, won a national poetry award, about to get into a LEET BOURGE UNIV & most certainly SHE won’t be coming back home afterwards because she will be a SUCCESS like the Successful Mother, Not a LOSER like the coming-back-home Frumpy Older Ugly Duckling Post-Peak Daughter Who Never Got Pretty & Will Only Get Uglier. That scene was hilarious, honest, and sad. Older sister was JEALOUS of younger sister (and she has every REASON to be!) & then younger sister b!tchily calls her out “look at you, so DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION from 17-YEAR OLD BOYS you parade around in your UNDERWEAR!” is a naked slap in the face, although what I just said 2 lines above would have been even worse!)

& she DOES parade around in her underwear too much. I don’t know if this is supposed to be “Fat-Acceptance.” She’s not even “fat”, she’s not hideous or really UGLY or anything, she’s just an average non-pretty, non-ugly girl, a perfect 5-6. So I do sympathize with her realizing her cruelly diminishing mate value, and juxtaposed with the even more cruel shining radiant increasing beauty of the younger sister – who is her Real Sister! – it’s especially Poignant. Also she never goes around narcissistically telling everyone she’s “beautiful” or anything. I think she might just be Comfortable with her Average Body, and I’m actually ok with that, if that’s really what she’s doing.

So she probably DOES know that that Chef is TOO Handsome, that he Won’t Call, that she IS making a stupid mistake, but she can’t HELP it, because he’s just THAT hot. Not sure Feminists would love that! They’d want to interpret it as “You Go Girl! You BE Accepting of yourself, You Bang Whoever You Want, Whenever You Want!” (I don’t even WANT to look up feminblogs/jezebel reviews of TF/Girls/Dunham, bc I’m sure they’re GUSSSSHHHING.) But it’s clearly not portrayed as that. I don’t think. She needs a Moral Center. She needs a Father!

Doesn’t Examine Reality that a GUY with Equal Sexual Marketplace Value (ie Beta Male, 80% of Men) does not get to have even ONE one-time hook-up with a COMPARABLY HOT WIMMINZ (comparable to the Hot Male Chef that is). He’s DESPERATE to EVEN BE “Pumped & Dumped” Emotional Condom for some Girl, meanwhile, a “Beta” Woman could get Pumped and Dumped like this ONCE A MONTH if she wanted! hahaha.

Also, that Beta Male would NOT have the PRIVILEGE of having a “College Girlfriend” like Aura Freeman (Lena Dunham) had “The Standard College Boyfriend”, just like her Flaky Artist Mother before her. She’s either being dishonest in saying she doesn’t miss him, OR she’s being immoral in discounting his human value & viewing him as a Disposeable, Replaceable ENTITLEMENT.

And also Alex Karpovsky, the guy who’s in EVERY Mumblecore movie, the consummate annoying SWPL Brooklyn Obnoxious UGLY Harelip J3w, and he’s playing that role TOO well once again. He treats her like garbage too, & she wants his hideous disgusting nutz FOR it. Usually I don’t like stuff that’s so Insecure and Self-Deprecating (“oooh I’m garbage and I deserve to be treated like it, beat me, raep me, boss me around, pull my hair & choke me & slap me while I TIUTA”), but I just didn’t expect Lena Dunham to be Self-Deprecating, but I think in a way she MIGHT BE sorta criticizing the Empty No-Values of SWPL Mumblecore Crappy No-Life-Experience Millennial Generation just the same way I am (although I do so much more blatantly!), and maybe I had Gotten Her Wrong all along.

Or at least a LITTLE bit wrong. Not in LOVE with her though.

But this is just ONE movie. I will reserve my final judgment because I don’t have ENOUGH INFORMATION regarding her views on Feminism, Millennial Narcissistic Immorality, Sexual Marketplace, Men. (Though the ACTIONS of her CHARACTER Shames Betas & Luvs Alpha C0ck,  not a good sign) I hear she Jumps The Shark with “Girls”, hahaha. (The one comment I’ve allowed so far was actually by a SWPL Brooklyn Girl-Blogger who criticizes Dunham for not being realistic re Financial Realities in “Girls.”  &She probably stupidly takes too many c0x as well in the show!) At any rate, “Tiny Furniture” was better than I expected, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it.


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Defeating Perfectionism by only giving 61% even on Fun Hobby of “Writing”!

HBO’s “Girls”  by Lena Dunham (queued) who seems to be (wiki) huge “mumblecore” SWPL GenY Narcissist Privileged Arm-Tattoo Hipster Brooklyn Billyburg Dyk3 C0CK-HOPPER w more FUNGUS on her CVNT than I have on my MOUTH. “I feel very Culturally J3w15H,” she sez, BARRRRFFFFF. Could do whole post on why I like Andrew Bujalski but why I DISLIKE “mumblecore.” Prob bc he’s a MAN, and a GOOD WRITER DESPITE all this SWPL Cr4p. I suppose same could POSSIBLY be said of Duplass but Ihaven’t researched, don’t like name haha. And I D4MN SURE don’t Endorse MumbleWh0res themselves endorsing MumbleWh0ry! But BEING a FullBlown Member of Narciss GenY ExistentialAngst OverEducated UnderEmployed Lazy Scvumbags, I am basically MumbleCore REIFIED, Like it (or NOT!)

DISTINCTION: While I’m privileged and lazy & overeducated & mumbly: I don’t LIKE Brooklyn SWPL Hipsters Wimminz Leftists / That Whole Culture; Not being Thrown Money by Rich Fam to live underemployed in High Cost Of Living Area. I am Jason Segel Jeff Who Lives at Home (queued; Duplass; stupid mumblecore names, even WORDS/NAMES are SWPL!)

Niall Ferguson’s “Civilization” finished recently. Not bad. I THINK he’s in my ideological wheelhouse. introduces many trolly provocative questions esp re Protestant Work Ethic, Max Weber, why did Northern & PROTESTANT European nations like Britain and Germany and Scand do so well econ, but trad Catholic nations like italy and spain NOT do so good? But now Europe is clearly faithless, & Ferg neglects to mention possible cause of Cultural Marxism, Leftist Atheism, and Welfare-State-As-God. “Porn Killed God in Europe”, he sez glibly. Glib but a bit of a point there, I can tolerate HIS glibness. Then shows how BOTH consumerism/capitalism AND religion are currently thriving in USA. Thought kinda glossed over Godless SWPLs on the Coasts, AND that MegaSuperChurches are a kinda Watered-Down Fraudulent Faith: Consumerism MASQUERADING as religion. Interesting topic on TV though! Then Ferg looked at Christians in CHINA. Now THAT was interesting. Said there may be more practicing Christians in CHINA than in all of EUROPE 2012.

as a Catholic who LOVES Hard Work but finds it IMPOSSIBLE to do, I immed took notice to the implication that Protestants might Work Harder than Catholics. ORA ET LABORA is a CATHOLIC thing, SON.

first heard of Niall Ferguson about a year ago, I THINK thru a favourable Bern Chapin review. I don’t think Ferg is a FLAMING MARXIST, in other words!

He also went to Turkey & Istanbul, i’ve been interested in lately as “a major intersection of east and west.” like 20 years ago Turkey was “very secular” but now they are “re-religifying” w a public movement towards stricter islamism, burkas and headscarves and whatnot. reminded me of Mark Steyn’s Work. Is Islam an INHERENTLY Violent or at least STULTIFYING or Civilization-Paralyzing Force? Is non-watered-down Xianity Better Than non-watered-down Islam? Because, in exporting Western Civ, we ARE making value judgments and saying “hey our culture IS superior!” and That’s OK!

PBS show asked lot of interesting questions. Thumbs up. Queue it. TONS of Total Leftist Crap in the “Documentary” section netflix, this isn’t as nauseatingly leftist.

got 500 movies queued. often will search scandinavian or swedish or norwegian, danish, icelandic, finnish, polish, albanian, serbian, balkan, bosnian, croatian, yugoslavian, eastern european, russian, ukrainian, to get Specifically foreign movies. not ton of albanian. how i “DO” Multiculturalism, ha. esp interested in scand & slav & fmr eastern bloc esp NON-USSR commies: yugo, tito, balkans, poland. hungary haha. eurasian caucasus azerbaijans armenians but not kardashians haha.

the whiter the muslim, the more interested i am haha. specifically “bosniaks”, aka bosnian muslims. moderate relig, not violent jihadist Wahhabist Imams. wish angelina JOLIE had not been person to do recent movie about “The Balkan Conflicts”. Terribly interesting topic done by terribly uninteresting person.

Most Wimminz would cheat on their husbands w Brad Pitt, like he’s a superman god, but most Avg Men couldn’t care LESS about Angelina Jolie. They would take a RANDOM 18-YEAR-OLD BEAUTY ANY DAY over some OLD female celebrity, no matter how “hot”. FEMALE YOUTH EASILY TRUMPS ALL.

read somewhere that working muscle to fatigue is the pertinent thing, just simply lifting heavy weights. ie, you could theoretically become WORLD’S STRONGEST RIPPEDEST MAN just by doing Pushups and Pullups. You would just have to keep doing more &more&more.

catherine breillat = sex-positive feminist artsy film director? still intradast piqued, queued. will take 5 years to watch 350 movie queue. debating upgrading to 2 movies at a time = can prob watch MORE THAN 2 X faster qua mailback turnaround time, by sending ONE back at time, watch other, send it back, receive new, repeat. try to CANCEL ALTOGETHER for “busy” months? will queue stick?

tons o spam comments. more than ever did on blogger. plus, wordpress signin page is SO SWPL, makes me SICK! UGH!

having heirs should be seen as a Moral privilege involving relevant responsibility. how can man get the best heirs & best heirs’ MOTHERS considering his own Beta Mate Value? Then U just bang hottest & youngest REGARDLESS of Moral Character, then exclude mother; using Healthy Young women as surrogates. Maintain an Ever-Refreshing Harem of 18-year-old Cuties for S3chz. Seek companionship? That’s FINE! Only HUMAN!  Look to platonic friends, family, or Ugly Women W Great Personalities. Expectation of A Crossroads bw Sex and Companionship is a Tragically Dangerous MYTH! Just Say No!

I am pers trying to Follow Advice I would Give to Young Men so I can Become Successful. Just takes a bit LONGER than if I were 18. I AM technically working on a STEM degree/career!!! YES!!! I AM A STEMGINEER!

Alpha Lions spend majority of their time SLEEPING. It LOOKS lazy, but when they are busy, they are BUSY. They NEED to sleep to USE ENERGY MOST EFFICIENTLY. Can’t WASTE energy being awake all day, doing things that will sap energy & not pay off w ROI in the end. SMART!

Also: re “master/slave” morality: think of BOSS/EMPLOYEE. A GOOD BOSS is GOOD to employees. Also its not SLAVERY, it’s VOLUNTARY, with maybe a 40% element of “pseudo-coercion”. (gotta pay the bills & eat.) But noones holding a gun or torturing or enslaving or imprisoning. it’s MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL to BOTH parties. THIS is what Women Really (Avg) Want out of Men: to be their GOOD BOSS.  Comp/Contr w what EstherVilar sez about Men Desperately Wanting to Give Up Their Freedom to their Wives, that Humans are deep down AFRAID of FREEDOM and WANT to NOT be free. Comp/Contr with SLAVERY vs VOLUNTARY SUBORDINATION.


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