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[time machine from JULY 29, 2012, hehehe. Anyway Beta Power And Beta Sympathizing (more like Beta Empathizing! Iiiiii’m an EMPATH (Fagspeak) was a small series I wanted to do. As a Recovering Beta I want us strong alpha Warrior Men to teach our children well and not become Feminized Western Males. BETA REHAB.]

Betas Gonna Beta, but they definitely are not DUMB. Their Pvssy SLAVERY might be overcome if the Wimminz took TWO MINUTES to use his Favourite Drug to Train him in a more positive way. She wants him to be more “manly”, that’s actually the one idea she has that isn’t a complete CROCK, because it WILL prob benefit him to be more Manly. (Provided it’s not the “Man Up” Be My Useful Slave version, but just being A Man’s Man. More training/education, from caring MEN like myself, will be needed to make sure the Man chooses this wiser path).

So this shows how little PATIENCE Wimminz have for Betas. They won’t even give a beta TWO MINUTES even when he’s an Intelligent Fast Learner and they’ve got the One Thing that can motivate him most! They hate betas SO MUCH that it’s one strike and he’s gone, which just worsens his Betaness.

OR: Think back to when you had a Real Good Bang with one of the MORE Attractive Wimminz you’ve ever banged, where she was at least a 7, and you were really into it. After you blew yer l04d all over her lip-smacking face, you probably felt like the Biggest Man On Earth. That feeling of Profound Masculinity needs to Permeate you at all times, not just when banging Attractives. Because we know that Betas can lose an Attractive after only a few measly bangs because they “screwed up by not being manly enough” & the wimminz wouldn’t give them a second chanced. So clearly this sense of Postbang Manliness must wear off quickly for these betas. You gotta force it out if you want another hit of your drug. Fake it till you make it.

You’ve heard stories of the person who does heroin for the first time and then they’re IMMEDIATELY ADDICTED because they think it’s the BEST THING EVER, then they throw their lives away on heroin or cheaper more available opiates, and it’s never as good as that first time they’re always hopelessly chasing. This is what it’s like with Attractive Wimminz and the Beta, except if he’s a bad enough beta, he can’t even get a CHEAP SUBSTITUTE. A 6 is not a cheap substitute for a 7; a substitute MAYBE, but DEF not CHEAP. One of the WORST things that can happen to a gameless beta is for him to get “undeserved” action from a 7+, to get “lucky” as it were. Doesn’t happen that often, doesn’t even happen once to every beta. But if it does, it can make Recovering from Betahood even more difficult. But not impossible!

So. Just Trying to Figure Stuff Out. Men universally want YOUNG Women, Ie, PEAK, IE, age 18-22 or so. That is IDEAL. ALL Wimminz attain this age and are at their most attractive then. 100% of them. On the other hand, Wimminz universally want ALPHA men, which is a VARIABLE quantity – NOT ALL MEN ARE ALPHAS. It’s always a PERCENTAGE and it’s HYPERGAMY that determines where this percentage cutoff is.

Regardless there are still generally Alpha traits (MANLY), so that if a guy is more alpha than beta, you can generally tell pretty soon. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. He’s famous or really good looking or athletic or tall or popular or rich or high-status or socially-dominant, etc. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. NO NEED TO SPLIT HAIRS. You can usually tell if a guy is more alpha or more beta within a few minutes, if not a few SECONDS. So can Wimminz. Even Moreso.

Thing is, whether wimminz hypergamy determines only 5% of men or 10% or 20% of men are Alpha, it’s always a MINORITY. Usually. I’ve gone with 80/20 beta/alpha, meaning betas outnumber alphas four to one. Not a hard and fast rule, maybe it’s three to one. But it’s DEFINITELY not two or one to one. OK?

Not ALL men can be alpha, but ALL men WANT the SAME thing: 18-22 year old girls, OR barring that, at LEAST a 7. ALL WIMMINZ want an Alpha. So it’s only LOGICAL that SOME men are going to have to FAKE IT to get what they want. This is my tentative response to those of the anti-gamers who say “But you’re not really teaching men how to be better people, you’re just teaching them how to Fake a Phony Persona To Get Laid.” So I say, the ends justify the means.

But I see what you mean. I SYMPATHIZE with the BETA. I don’t see how a Regular Goodguy (gonna start saying Goodguy instead of Niceguy cuz I think it conveys my meaning more accurately, plus “nice” really means “stupid!” ) can POSSIBLY be as repulsive to Wimminz as an Unnattractive Wimminz is to a Man, but I guess that’s Biological. We can either complain about it or we can DO something about it.

I have no problem admitting my own Betaness, in fact I DO have a problem admitting it TOO much! I was born a Beta – small, introverted, and grew up a beta – introverted, meek, socially awkward, unathletic, shy, lazy. I don’t Work Out enough, have a Soft Tummy, have a Receding Hairline, have a Low-Status job, etc. There are some aspects of Beta we can’t change but other aspects we CAN.

Also I think being a Beta is more inherently GOOD than inherently BAD. Betas are more likely to take care of their children. Maybe that’s the Beta’s PURPOSE: take care of the children while the Alpha Father runs off and sires more heirs. Also, if Wimminz DE-SELECT Betas for mating, how come there’s so much Betaness Today? Because like I just said: not all of Betaness is Biological. A lot of it is social. See: Leftist, Liberal, Modern society.

So I’ve grown to view Being Beta as a Point of Pride, Hell YEAH I’m a Beta and Proud of it; rather an ALPHA pride about BEING beta, which I have summed up with my Slogan BETA POWER! This is my protest against Wimminz making betas Pretend to be Fake Alphas just to get stupid tail. If wimminz were SMART, they’d see how AWESOME Betas are. Well, some betas. Not the REALLY Whiny Niceguy ones.

But that’s the thing I never understood about the Friendzone. 1. If the Wimminz can’t see that this beta obviously WANTS her, she’s RETARDED (& I think most Friendzoning Wimminz DO recognize it, they just LIKE THE ATTENTION, and that’s awful) 2. The Beta keeps coming back for more. That’s why I’m never in the friendzone. If I get Friendzoned, I just UP AND LEAVE AND NEVER SEE THE WIMMINZ AGAIN. So even if the Wimminz likes the Attention, YOU still hold enough power to END IT RIGHT THERE.

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june 24 2012 is when this time machine post is from.

You know how you stop being Lazy? You Force yourself to DO THINGS when you FEEEEL like NOT doing things. The End. Don’t MAKE Things So COMPLICATED! Most things are Easy & Clear & Simple & Transparent & we already KNOW what we have to do! Don’t just SIT THERE, TAKE ACTION! Problem solved. B4ng B1tches!

Might change career to WELDING. Need some good old-fashioned, old-school, Unoutsourceable Man’s Trade Work, just some Collegeboy F4gg0try. Can pass college classes but all those collegeboys are f4gg0ts & all the collegegirls are Marxist Wh0res. NOT COOL, MAN.

BIG difference between “HATE” and “DISRESPECT.” I don’t HATE anybody! You can ABSOLUTELY disrespect people without HATING them! HATING is too much energy/work/effort/draining, plus it gives THEM power over YOU. There’s no Power Struggle in disrespecting. You can just be proud & HAPPY to be morally superior & go on your merry way LIKE A BOSS.

I don’t HATE Wimminz, but I sure don’t RESPECT them!

Anyway, it’s best for You if You spend time with people you Respect as opposed to people you don’t respect. So don’t go to College w a bunch of unrespectable f4gg0ts & wh0res! Become a Welder or Plumber or Cisco Network Admin. or electrician or HVAC or.

Ever feel like Every Limb of your Body weighs 5000 lbs, and you just lay Smashed Face Down on the Bed, even though you got Enough sleep the night before & didn’t even have a Full Bigboy Day & it’s sunny and Beautiful & glorious outside, but you’re still too tired to watch fresh episodes of one of yr current favourite TV shows? YEP that’s LAZINESS. FORCE yourself to DO SOMETHING Or be Condemned to a life of Lazy Loserhood!

we might be able to argue that there is a difference between the experiences of Banging, And/Or between the very essences of the Bangee themselves, of: an ugly wh0re, an attractive wh0re, an attractive stripper who does $100 f00k&sucks, a regular non-wh0re wimminz you pulled easily because she was more into YOU which means she’s likely old, drunk, or fat but you were on a drought & desperate for anything you didn’t have to directly exchange cash for, vs an FWB or a Wimminz who’s actually attractive, vs a Wimminz you’re infatuated in and the S is all Transcendent and Transformative & spiritual & religious & chemical.

The Lord revealed His Will to me recently, that when I return from my School Sabbatical, that I ONLY take THE HARDEST CLASSES, well, in particular, start off with the CALCULUS and PHYSICS classes I’ve been purposely AVOIDING. Won’t take 9000 credits per term to “graduate fast” because don’t care, no benefit to me to graduate fast anyway, already passed the Ageism Discrimination Spike, already be Working Till Forced Retirement Death, what else you got.

B34t-off 9000 times a day to the weirdest most extreme pr0n if it keeps you from THINKING about Lame Wimminz so much. The weirdness & “unrealisticness” of pr0n is VASTLY OUTWEIGHED by the benefit it gives you of NOT THINKING about b4nging b!tches AS obsessively. Just get it over with & go about MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE things.

for example, you’d THINK – ie, she SHOULD be – this girl is too young and pretty and radiant to do Gaping Anal Wh0ry, but you’d be H3114 Wrong: (NSFL)

[modern day decision to redact even the nondirect link to a pr0n video, an “example” of how this J Poison destroys white wimmins bodies, and white men’s minds and souls. some beautiful blond white 18 year old girl who is real young and innocent looking, real “QTP2T”, getting totally reamed up the 4ss for 32 minutes by some swarthy brute, lots of close ups and lip smacking, a bit of gaping. in order to walk my “new” talk I will remove the link so as not to support or encourage that filth. 1. this is what YKW does to W’s. 2. Though they want us to believe it is “normal”, it is not yet reflective of the Majority Of Reality and hopefully reality is never transformed into that trash. We are MORE than strong enough to RESIST it!]

she does THAT for $500, yet the avg man can’t pull a girl “that hot”? Hot enough to defile her body so Smilingly?

[ non time machine, march 21 2013. ok I was WAY OFF here. gotta do a 180. All Pr0n is J-Poison which has the power to destroy a man’s mind and soul.  his ability to get along with Real Life Women. Hand-Rubbing Christkillers making BILLIONS of dollars by paying weak-willed white girls to do things that should* ONLY exists in the darkest depths of a man’s perverted imagination, which, when brought to life, degrades EVERYBODY involved. All to YKW’s profit. So just give up pr0n altogether. Now I won’t pretend some white wimmin aren’t Poisoned Pigs who no amount of re-education can make into a Good Wife and Mother, but…um point is, do the “no fap challenge”, fix your warped mind, stop looking at J Mindworm Mindvirus p0rnography (tm Mindweapons who BTW I declare as Blog Of The Year 2013, DAMN that guy is GOOD, stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW, take the next day off, and read his ENTIRE BLOG RIGHT NOW!!), if you can’t find a decent monogamy-worthy woman, just charm a more decadent wimmin to drain your b4lls & you’ll find that Normal S with her is more satisfying that beating off like a Poisoned Little Hamster to that J FILTH where max hardcore’s girls are vomiting into each others rectums and whatnot.  ELIMINATE J POISON/FILTH FROM YOUR LIFE – START WITH PR0N.]

Yahoo Answers does not smile upon ppl asking what is the EASIEST ENGINEERING DEGREE. “You’re in the WRONG FIELD if you want an EASY DEGREE. Engineers are responsible for LIVES and BILLIONS of $, do you want them half-455ing their work?”

F00K THAT SH1T, I say resoundingly! I will now be your Travel Guide on How To Get A Lucrative Engineering Degree EASILY and LAZILY. Well, Computer Science, but it’s on the Payscale top 7 of Most PayingBack Degrees, so, Good Enough. But my program SHOULD prob be adaptable to petroleum or chem or biomedical or whatever else on there.

1. take ONE Class (Science/Math prereqs) per semester at yr local Cheapo Loser College. (didn’t say this would be FAST.) Befriend the “Creepy” Science & Math Tutors or become one yourself for extra cash. These are honourable Men just trying to do the Smart thing JUST LIKE YOU! Maybe tutor THEM on how to B4ng B!tches, they’d greatly appreciate.

2. Network & get Internships AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THIS is the key. THIS is much more important than graduating fast. Without internships, degree is useless. Even MORE useless than the internships would be without the Degree. You have BOTH, or you have NOTHING. This part should be harder than the actual classes. This is where the actual blood sweat tears martyrdom and grinding celibacy come in. Just keep j3rking off to Gaping 4nal Teens because in a few years, it will be YOU jackhammering those radiant-skinned “pure little 18-year-old angels” Up The 4rsch.

[march 2013 UM NO. in june 2012 my own mind had been warped a bit by The Filth, very happy to be out of that phase hahaha.]

More General Life Advice:

Take all that KINDNESS you waste on WIMMINZ & give it to OTHER MEN instead. They NEED it more, & they APPRECIATE it more. Plus they’re more likely to PAY IT BACK, both long-term AND short-term; both with Better Jobs, AND with immediate soul-nourishing reciprocal companionship.

Wimminz think “Nice Guys” are FAKING being nice just to “Put kindness coins in the Sex Dispenser & hopefully get some Sex!”. That’s only 40% accurate at TOPS, I Rebut that these guys are just nice to EVERYONE. Just easier to ACT nice to girls because men have been shamed into thinking it’s GAY when they’re overly nice to other guys, but maybe they wish they COULD be More Overly Nice to other Men without Seeming GAY. F00K THAT SH1T I SAY, be NICE AS H311 to Other Men. If they call you Gay, call them a F4gg0t. Anyone who doesn’t LIKE IT when PEOPLE ARE NICE TO THEM has a SCREW LOOSE. Show them a WIDE BERTH.

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REAL LONG POST. This is over TWICE as long as my ideal 2013 post. I will only do Long Posts if the whole thing is all on ONE topic.

OKAY, SLUTS. WE GET IT. “NICE GUYS” AREN’T REALLY NICE, THEY’RE CREEPERS. THANKS, I THOUGHT THEY WERE THE NICEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. Big Immature Deluded Dishonest Hypocrites who you do not want to spread your otherwise-readily-spread uterus and 4ss for. NO BIG DEAL. I also do Nice Guy Rehab. I used to be the worst nice guy. Here’s a good gameplan for nice guys who want to break the chains of The Franzone!

* you don’t really like Wimmin, we get that. THAT’S OK! THAT’S RIGHT AND JUST! The guys who BANG Wimmin don’t really like wimmin EITHER! You’d be a FOOL to like such unreliable, immoral, decadent, deluded, stupid, boring, unreedeming, unredeemable, UNLIKEABLE PIGS! It’s RIGHT not to like Wimmin – there’s very little TO like other than their Prime Of Youth Radiant Gleaming Bodies. YOU SHOULDN’T LIKE WIMMIN, and you DON’T, so you’re off to a GREAT start. So just be Honest and Outright. Just Be Your Wimmin-Disliking SELF! Win Win Win! You won’t be labeled a Creepy Niceguy, You’ll be doing what comes naturally, you’ll bang harems of pvssy, and you’ll never fall into the friendzone again! You just gotta WAKE UP to the perfectly reasonable reality that you don’t LIKE wimmin because they’re honestly only rarely something there TO like, and you don’t need to be nice to people you don’t LIKE! Save being nice for people you DO like, like your male friends!

The nice guys who whine about But I treat Girls Nice, but they always choose the guys who treat them bad over me! You don’t like that! You’d be a fool to like that! So just BE that 4sshole! Don’t treat people nice who don’t deserve to be treated nice! Yes! BE That 4sshole and YES you will get your precious pvssy! Just don’t whine about wanting to stay a nice guy. Awaken The 4sshole Within!

Just in case you think I’m oversimplifying: you CAN still be a Nice Guy to your REAL Friends and Family – those who DESERVE it. Who have EARNED it. Because I get it, I used to be a HUGE Nice Guy, but I so glad I Woke Up before I got Old. I haven’t accomplished much in my long life, but I’m grateful to have learned that lesson before too long. And guess what, I still enjoy being nice as hell to the people who deserve it. Not b!tches.

HuffPo F@ggot B!tches going out of their way to hate on nice guys. NIce guys don’t need your hate, and you don’t really want to Fix nice guys. You want nice guys to stay around so you can forever mock them. I want to HELP them STOP being Nice Guys.
Back when I was a Nice Guy, SWPL Sluts hating on nice guys would have made me mad. Now I just laugh. It is a funny site. I laff. But I think the Wimmin Haterz are stupid and I shake my head on behalf of the niceguys and Hope they Learn from my Advice Above. I like them alot more than the 4ssSpreader who runs the site does! I can only imagine all the wimmin who comment “omg yr so right, these nice guys are so really like not nice n stuff.
There’s the Are You A Nice Guy Test Flowchart. Yeah, it’s funny, and it’s true, but the b!tchy tone these b!tches take says a lot more about them than about the niceguys they think are worse than raepists. Good Luck Finding A Good Man To Marry You In Ten Years!

Yes, wimmin “pretty much” are obligated to have S with you because THEY HAVE GIVEN IT UP MANY TIMES FOR A LOT LESS EFFORT! In a just world you would get more bangs than you can handle just by putting in that “due diligence.” It’s not a just world, but here’s the good news: you don’t HAVE To put in due diligence! Just learn a few EASY lessons, namely, TELL wimmin you don’t like them and you only want to use them for S, and then you too will get sh!tloads of bangs by DOING NOTHING! ZEN, MAN!

SO WHAT If nice guys think they deserve sex in return for being nice. THEY’RE RIGHT. They see guys not being nice and getting tons of sex, so they figured if they’re nice, they’ll get even MORE sex! And since they’re predisposed to being nice instead of mean, then win win! Tons of sex, no effort, just being yourself! You’d be stupid if you WEREN’T a Nice Guy for a period. It just makes SENSE. But once you see it doesn’t work, you HAVE to wake up from it as I’ve described above.

Now see that HuffPo with 1000000 comments. The “Nice guy” issue really divides men and women, and makes me glad I’m a man, and makes me VERY GLAD that I choose not to hang out with or talk to women, if THIS is the kinda stuff they say. f00K that sh!t, they’re too annoying to BE AROUND. DON’T HANG OUT WITH WIMMIN, THEY’RE STUPID AND ANNOYING.

One last thing haha: and i’ve said this before. wimmin don’t see a problem with them putting men in the friendzone. They think it’s all the guy’s fault. Heh. I say it’s 80% the Wimmin’s fault for being a Lying Sadistic Selfish B!tch who doesn’t even see the Niceguy as a Human being – she KNOWS she’s STRINGING HIM ALONG, AND SHE LIKES IT! Then she plays dumb, but she knows EXACTLY – if maybe unconsciously – what she’s doing. YES, the guy deserves 20% of the blame because he’s stupid for not saying “f00k this sh!t! You can’t PUT me in the friendzone because I don’t WANT to BE THERE! I’m AUDI 9000!” and then flip the proverbial table. NICE GUYS, BREAKING OUT OF THE FRIENDZONE IS SO EASY! JUST AS EASY AS NOT BEING A NICE GUY!!!

Putting a man who loves you into The Friendzone IS NOT FRIEND BEHAVIOR! FRIENDS DON’T CRUSH FRIENDS SOULS!

So be a NICE GUY to your MALE FRIENDS, they’re your REAL Friends!

One day, Nice guys, you too will see things this clearly. But I tell you what, Regularly Socializing with WIMMIN doesn’t help. I used to socialize with Wimmin a LOT more, and I used to be much more of a Pathetic NIceguy Omega then. YOU NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME AWAY FROM WIMMIN to see them for the stupid, annoying, dishonest, immoral, babykillerz 75% of them in their prime of youth ARE.

ok done with rant. I just learned about that stupid anti nice-guy blog so I had to blog about it, hahahaha.

not quite. So I said songs like “My Girl” Breed Niceguys. You know who else does? VAN MORRISON. BIGTIME. The good news is, Van Morrison is STILL awesome, you can break the chainz of niceguyness and still totes LUV VAN.


Yes I get pretty passionate because I used to BE That guy and I want to save those guys now, but now I am quite cool and detached and don’t get all mad when wimmin throw themselves away and become poison of the soul, I just don’t get poisoned by it. But I can stop other guys from getting poisoned! I don’t even “HATE” “ALL WIMMIN.” I KNOW NAWALT. And there’s a big difference between HATE and DISRESPECT, hahaha.



THINK ABOUT IT: HAVE YOU EVER LEARNED A VALUABLE LESSON FROM A WIMMIN? Has a Wimmin ever TAUGHT you anything? And I’m NOT talking about where YOU learn something about yourself and not letting yourself get WALKED on, because of how shoddy some wimmin was. In those situations you’re teaching YOURSELF and the wimmin is just a catalyst. Bet they’d like to take credit for that one too!

And in the end, you don’t even end up HATING wimmin. I don’t hate wimmin unless they directly hurt my family or children. Wimmin Are Poison only because they are poisoned by living in a world they are not suited for, not MEANT for, and the powers that be telling them it’s GOOD for them, and BETTER than what came before. UM NO, as Wimmin say.

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HOPE YOU ALL HAD A Good CHRISTmas with your Families. If you have horrible families then I have pity and MERCY on you. But Welcome Back, I will be posting one a day at 5:15 am for the remainder of the YEAR, haw haw haw. This one is TOO LONG once again, I don’t even want to TELL you the godawful number of words.

Totes Off Topic Sweet Youtube Embed:

WILLIAM PIERCE appears on 60 minutes, “interviewed” by mike wallace. do not portray him too flatteringly haha. connecting him with tim mcveigh etc and then they bring out the SPLC etc. Weird seeing the big contrast between the Ziomedia and some of these antiZio people I’ve been interested lately. They get portrayed as racists and crackpots.

Totes Off Topic Urgent Linkage New Blogroll Addition Sweet New Blog Discovery Edition:


Heh and this is only from the past MONTH hahaha. New Short List Addition. Well at least he went to an Ivy (so he says, can’t tell if sarcastic) but he PROB does have a Good Job, if not a Careeeeeer, and I think he might agree with me that Careeeeers ie the College Career Cartel Cult is Gay Bad BS.
Son Of Brock Landers, saw him commenting on Eradica, and his blog his immediately sweet. Heh. Keep an eye on this guy. Been writing for years. Specific Policy Ideas. SWPL Mocking. I have a feeeeeling he might appear in my 2nd Tier, hahaha.
he also does this other blog which is more about WIMMIN specifically. But I have such a Favourable First Reaction to him that Ima put him in my blogroll immediately, that’s how Fired Up I am about him, and you know I don’t get Fired Up easily, it’s my tagic flaw hahaha. A Wonderful Member of the ERADICASPHERE, hahaha.


heh. used my new decadence toy (ie New Laptop Computer, decent quality, GREAT price, present to myself hahaha) to find a stream of episode 1 online rather than wait for netflix, pay for netflix, wait for the disc to be released, then wait the long wait, then get the disc. internet, whatta thing for the bread and circuses. i could become a real shut-in omega virgin here.

I didn’t come all the way out here to the internet just to fool ya: i really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was hilarious IMHO and Jewham shows all her strengths. a good writer for any age, let alone a 24 year old swpl GURL. I will never like the Generation and Subculture she represents, but I’m starting to think she might not love it either, despite being swept up in it, but I think part of that is the Sad Sack Helpless Child LOSER role she plays, which she fits nicely into. the role she was born to play. but i can appreciate that dunham herself is both smarter and stronger and better than that, plus the loser character succeeds at being hilarious. the show nicely captures the unpaid internship postcollege artist swpl brooklyn stuff that is De Rigeur for some colleges, some grads, and it was a pretty popular lifestyle among the students at my university for sure. I never got into it, and indeed now I’m an outspoken critic of it, hahaha.

But I am glad dunham introduces the FInancial aspect right away, since In The Real World, you’re a fool not to. ADDultKidz Not Making Good Money and with $Fifty Thousand of student loans to pay back cannot afford $2000 a month to live in some sh!tty apt. I liked that Dunhams Parentz were cutting her off, and those scenes were all written very well too. I have been underestimating Dunham as a Comedy Talent, she really is one of the FUNNIER Wimmin I’ve seen in a while. Yes they make the “Sex and the city” reference early too, I thought she was too stupid and arrogant to realize that, but no. The men are either beta faggots who are going to get dumped for being too nice, while dunham falls in luv with the Guy With Game: the arrogant 4sshole who uses her as a Harem “FWB”. Here SHE becomes the beta supplicator. Now the guy isn’t really cool, he’s a huge hypocrite and SWPL too, he’s just comparatively more brash than the Total NIceguy who’s gonna get dumped, and that’s why he gets a harem of girls texting him for sex, rather than being cutt off altogether and marching smilingly towards his execution like Beta Boy. NOw he’s still an annoying brooklyn artist, walks around his messy apt in jeans and no shirt. my jew “buddy” alex karpovsky also appears playing himself: the consummate annoying jew, but he’s confident and full of himself and talkative, and does not seem to be hurting for tail like betaboy.

I will give this episode a Full Blown A, it was both a lot more funny and intelligent than I was expecting. I will NEVER kiss lena dunham’s arse though, but I might work for her on a New York Living Wage. This is very close to the SWPL Comedy Of Manners I’ve been looking for and which Whit Stillman is a bit too old for. Noted that Dunham genuinely LOVES Barry and Stillman is much more politically palatable, leaning towards the right as he does. But I think Dunham is waking up to the Decadence of Her Generation, even if she is decadent herself. also she hasn’t made the connection that betas need not be shamed. she or more accurately her hotter franz just shame and dump betas. but we’ll see how this show goes, would like to see more from the betas. plus methinks that it’s “Easier” to do a tv show than to do movies, and if dunham does a lot of writing, then we can quicker get a handle on her style and her substance. Much like you only need to print out 10 pages of a 9,000,000 page blog like mine to get a 90% accurate picture of what it is.

Thankfully Dunham does not seem to preach the smug swpl antivirtues and social justice ™, if this pilot is any indication, which it Should* be.

I don’t have to think these characters are COOL or want to hang out with them – QUITE the opposite! – to admire and enjoy and find the show hilarious and very well-done. It was JUST GREAT when the Semi-“Alpha” Slob told Lena to BEND OVER and then GOT THE LUBE and then grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear “YOU MODERN CAREER WIMMIN, YOU’RE ALL THE SAME, YOU THINK YOU’RE SO STRONG AND INDEPENDENT, BUT YOU JUST WANT A MAN TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND BEND YOU OVER AND REAM YOU UP THE 4SS.” And by Lena’s Submission we can see this is TRUE!

I just want her to suck it up even one step further and show that it’s Mommy State and Cultural Antiwhite Marxists who have contributed so much to the Social Construction (hahaha) of the Feminized Western (Beta) Male that appears is gonna be such a big part of her show, and I don’t mind having a cold white light cast on these, HOWEVER I want Wimmin to share as much blame and shame and fault as the Feminised Western Men themselves. WIMMIN, YOU GET THE MEN YOU DESERVE!!!

So don’t knock the show Firepower hahaha I am sure that You like Me will get Perverse Enjoyment out of it.

See they complain that the men aren’t manly enough, and while this is true, these wimmin don’t deserve Real Men. The lesson Betas learn is: simply PRETEND to Be A Man and you will get all the pvssy you want. And if all you want out of life is pvssy, it doesn’t really matter if you ever become a real man or not. Wimmin are too stupid and decadent to know or care if you’re a Real Man or you’re just faking it.

Ok I just watched 4 episodes in a row, because I, like Lena, have no skills that can get me hired at a Real Job, and I can more safely say that Widdle Wena has a gift for comedy. I was srsly LOLing, and not just in a mock the decadent unmarriageable wimmin way, but that she also is good at writing jokes and funny dialogue and characters and situations. Jewex Jewkovsky with his Harelip and Obnoxiousness is also pretty funny too. Was not expecting show to be THIS funny. Good 4 Leeeeeeeena! “You can’t SUE me, you don’t have the wherewithal to be at WORK by TEN am, you don’t have a Sueing APP on your iPhone!” honestly there’s a good number of quotable jokes, which you rightfully don’t expect out of a Modern Wimmin. Any I will try not to waste any more precious blogink on this show like HALF SIGMA or CHUCK RUDD or something (heh jk) because there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE GOING ON RIGHT NOW THAT MOST PEOPLE JUST SLEEP THROUGH.

Also, gladly, SPOILER The Beta seems to be growing a sack and putting his b!tchy GF in her place, taming the wild hamster. might not last but nice to see him get even a minute of redemption. Also the Virgin Girl is Cute, it’s too bad she’s ashamed of being a Virgin because all her franz are huge godless wh0res of babylon. I MY show she would stay a virgin until she nonlegally marries a man she’s in totes luv with then she starts having babies. JEwbabies. all the characters are h33bz and antiwhite. I promise I will not sell out and become soft. But Jokes, especially jokes about SWPL Decadent anitwhite hipsters, are my achilles heel.

Moral of the story: don’t watch too much TV, even fun semi-intelligent TV,

BECAUSE EVEN THE BEST TV DOES NOT COMPARE TO A LIFE WELL-LIVED. GET OUT THERE AND HUSTLE, SON! HUSTLE! (in the manly move and shake way, not the scammy scheisty way wimminz “hustle” men)

Was Playing Around with the Provocative Idea (“NOTION” is a F@ggot Word) that maybe THE LORD GOD has it in His Plan for Some Men to BE Lazy Losers where their Life Purpose is just to Watch TEEVEE and BLOG and be Underemployed, hahaha, so instead of feeeeeeeeeling guilty about it, the men should give thanks to GOD and embrace GOD’S PLAN FOR THEM. More later. Insert “Belus” or “Baldr” or “Perun” or some other EuroPagan God if you’re uncommmmmmftrble with the “Jewish” God, VARGIE VARG. But this is PROB the Great Deceiver trying to Rationalize a Life Of Slothful SIN by making the Sinner think he is doing God’s Work. God wants Men to DO SOMETHING. Which is understandable. Valid.

The guy who plays Nick Smith the Arrogant Alpha in “Metropolitan” Chris Eigeman (sp?) has a Role in Girls, I THINK he is Leeeeenaz FATHER. Which got me thinking, Gen Y is the children of Gen X. SWPL Brahminz the children of WASP Optimates. NEw Yawk Internz the chillunz of New Yawk YUPPIES. Leeeeenaz the chillen of Stillman. And this “newfound” commitment to sustainability and social justice and making a difference and work life balance and stop corporate greed and anything but MONEY might be a “reaction” against their parents’ generation where the primary criterion of how Good Your Careeeer was was how much money you made? But it’s still about status 15and New Yawk Jobs.

Also funny how he is a Conservative WASP in Metro but a wimpy ass liberal jew in Girls. In 5 episodes there’s been No Mention of Jewishness. Are we to just ASSUME that Dunham is a Jewess? One of those secular atheist nonreligious jews of course. they wait till 30 to discover their jewishness hahaha and make their birthright trip. no starz of david or synagogues in the show. all we have to go on is What She Looks Like, ie, pretty jewish looking hahaha. And knowing that Dunham herself is and identifies as “VERY CULTURALLY JEWISH” (I’ll never forget that quote!) And that her character’s name is “Hannah Horvath” and that sounds hella jewish.

In Hipster Brooklyn 2012, SWPL WASPs and SWPL Jews COEXIST very nicely together, at that point, the whites might as well be jewish.

OK Chris Eigeman actually plays Leeeeenaz Intern Boss at the gay pubzogging house.

Been appreciating Emotion more, rather than always championing Logic over Emotion like I used to, and now acknowledging that Emotion has Its Place, and that stuff like STORIES or novels or fictions can and should engage the emotions. Logic wins the mind and emotion wins the heart. which is why we need stories and storytellers and writers who write stories and characters. Dunham has proven herself to be prob the best storyteller of and about her generation, but I’m not sure what her Endgame is. I would like to see Girls end with her soundly condemning the hypocrisy, stupidity, immorality, decadence etc of her generation; her saying these characters are f00ked up and unredeemable unless they REPENT for their Careeeerism and Promiscuity and Hamstering and Narcissism and Constant Abortionz and AntiManness and Antiwhiteness.  [tm I recall the Kvlt Lousiana Metal Band Acid Bath / Dax Riggs using the word “ANTIMAN” in 1994 “The Bones of Baby Dolls” but I am seizing and redefining the word now as my own new synonym for misandry haha hmm i wanted to shrink this parenthetical text down to a very small font because it’s not really important or relevant and it’s stupid wordpress does not have that on their toolbar, chr!st you have to go into the html, which i certainly CAN do, but even BLOGGER had a font size option LIKE JUST SAYIN N STUFF note to self: use <span style=”font-size: x-small;”> bla bla </span>] NO, not repent to God necessarily, but just be sincerely sorry for their mistakes. “MISTAKES” seems to be a stated theme of the show according to Dunham. So do you really LEARN from the mistakes, and I argue that involves being Sincerely Sorry for them, rather than saying, this is just what young people DO. Anyway I am starting to appreciate Stories and Storytelling More, I can relate, I have a bit of that in me, I used to write a lot of stories before I switched to blogging and whining hahaha.

I would not mind being my own Guest Character on the show who comes out and totally judges all the girls and says I would rather move back to my parents BASEMENT than leech 2 grand a month off them, “Working” an unpaid job. But the show is notable for pointing out how stupid and retarded and gay and godawful Internzhips are. Good For Jewham for realizing what a stupid racketscam they are.

Also interesting is when Leeeeeena briefly works at the Touchy Feely Niceguy Jewbeard’s Office (In MY show, the Male protagonist would have struggled for the entire season just to get interviewed for such a “crappy” job, it would have gone to a Young Girl, and he would have said “f00k this sh!t” and begged his Good Family to let him move into their basement for 900$ a month and save some money, haha) and her coworkers are 10 years older, Gen X while she is Gen Y, but they are CLEARLY Less Educated and More Prole and thus Stupider and Crasser and Lamer. Not the Careeeeeer-Track gen X’ers. At the end of the Day, Educated SWPL 24-year-old Leeeeeena is not much different than them. Woulda liked to see this play out more, but of course SPOILER Leeeeena quits the job, and will probably easily find another steady FT easy boring office job by the next episode. She “should” have had to go to a Prestigious Grad Skool to get the Boring Easy Secretary Job she FLIPPANTLY QUIT in the first place!

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part 1 was the post before last.

Equally fascinating is the Undeniable Fact that Tayler has taken more c0x than she can count. Literally EVERY SONG is about ANOTHER C0K which she has been taking since the age of TWELVE. But Betas and even Recovering Betas can easily not-see that because Tayler still has the Gleam of the Prime Of Youth about her, she looks pretty innocent, and, importantly, she doesn’t seem to do a lot of public vocal Beta-Shaming, ie talking about Creepers and Stalkers. When certainly if these Niceguys were to try to “Date” her, she’d think they were Creepers, then go get Pounded Up The A55 by some Emo Faggot, but a Tall, Handsome Emo Faggot who’s banged girls before. But she or her managers are smart to keep her from getting on the mic and talking ill of betas, because that’s A Sizeable Minority of her market. 35% let’s say. In fact, she could get away with a LITTLE Beta Shaming and these self-deprecating betas would just ignore it, or say “yeah, I AM a little creepy”, and still listen to her and fantasize about her religiously.

Case in point: I think she is Attractive, even with her freakishly long arms, although I do have a Tall Girl Fetish; AND I like her Innocent Prime Of Youth Look, such that I started falling under the spell that these betas are in total thrall to; AND I find her MUSIC increasingly catchy, and Storytellers sealed the deal, and now I am listening to a Live 2011 Tayler album on spotify RIGHT NOW. The songs themselves are not filthy or decadent or cvm-encrusted or sassy like other more openly wh0rish female singerz like PINK or Katy Perry. Tayler really works the Squeaky Clean Teen angle well for those Betas “intimidated by a grown wimminz sexuality.”  And would be the perfect soundtrack to these Beta Cuddle Fantasies I mentioned.

The End. And I can’t HATE ON Tayler because I ENJOY the Nice Girl Fantasy too much. I’m still a Nice Guy who WANTS to put Single Wimminz On A Pedestal. WTF. Ultimately tho Tayler, the Known Wh0re, is probably healthier than doing this with Real Life Wimmin. And she adds more value with her catchy songs, hahaha. It’s Happy and Cheerful and I can’t listen to Depresssssive Suiciiiidal Black Metal all day, that can be a downer!

It is funny the beta faggot niceguys in talyers audience would have a much harder time Holding Her Holy Hand, than some More Experienced Emo faggot with a Little Game would have getting into her Stretchy Stenchy Snatch.

looking for that ByABetaMale Fanfiction, harder than expected. Lotsa stuff by Teen Girls writing Twilight/HungerGames/HarryPotter Fanfiction “inspired by” Taylor Swift songs. HAHAHAHA. Not surprising, but DEF NOT what I’m looking for. Hmm. the market may be More Untapped than I thought!

It’s also revealing that Fanfic is not entirely what I thought. While I – or the hypothetical Beta Male Faggot Niceguy in Taylers Audience – would write that Emo Cuddle Nice Girl Porn about him, the nobody, Dating Tayler, all I can find are Mashups written by GIRLS where Tayler dates Justin Bieber or gets Gangbanged by One Direction, hahahaha. Not what I’m looking for. Nothing of the Everybeta meeting Tayler backstage in Nebraska or something where they start an unlikely Perfect Traditional Romance.

Actually I’m surprised that GIRLS are WRITING so much. You usually think it’s MEN who WRITE. Granted it’s all Ripoffs of Girly Books Written By Girls, but still, you wouldn’t think Average High School Girls would be inspired to WRITE ANYTHING, even if they’re just ripping-off the crap they read! And SOME of it probably isn’t totally crappy, Ie these High School Girls know how to SPELL and write a coherent English Sentence!


But Teen Girls absolutely CANNOT write A Taylor Fanfic from the POV of a GUY who wants Taylor. If they do, it’s probably POV of Hunky Emo One Direction Boy or Peeta Katniss or whatevz. You couldn’t make a Wimmin write convincingly from the POV of a PATHETIC BETA FAGGOT NICEGUY if you wrapped it up as a Meeeeeeaningful Careeeeeeer. Now THAT would be TELLING, do a “Psych Experiment” getting WIMMIN to TRY TO WRITE AS NICEGUYZ! They would totes make them out to be creeper stalkerz.

I ain’t HATIN, I’m just commenting on HOW DIFFERENT men are from wimmin; and we should never forget it; and it’s amazing and horrifying when The Media and The Socialization of Skool and Kareer tell us men and wimmin really aren’t that different. BS! THEY ARE WORLDZ APART!

Another interesting thing is that Teen Girls Idolize and Look Up To and Pedestalize Tayler just as much as Beta Niceguy Fagz. But these girls prob have a more realistic notion of How Manny Cox Tayler Takes….AND THEY’RE OK WITH THAT! THEY’RE NOT INTIMIDATED BY THE POWER OF THEIR OWN FEMALE SEXUALITY!

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I try to treat myself to Good Book from Amazon every week or every two weeks, something hedonistic and pleasurable, some mind-food, something to Recharge the batteries, positive reinforcement schedule, etc, since drugs and alcohol are bad, my careeeeeer is stalled, lifting weights would be great but I’m too lazy, and meaningless decadent jewsex with decadent sluts in the harem has lost its appeal – and I’ve taken a vow of Chastity so as to Practice What I Preach & be honest and unhypocritical. I usually look for Cheap Books (1 cent plus 3.99 shipping.) This leads to me buying good books which I end up not really feeeeeeeling like reading at the moment, for example Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed” which I plan to get to properly but so far I’ve only skimmed. Then there was “Bell Curve”, that turned out to be more up my alley at this moment in my Intellectual Development. This week I decided to Splurge and spend Big Money on a book I reeeeeally wanted, even though it was consid more expensive. This was a good idea, as I got a Big Mindboner when the book arrived Lightning Quick from the white-friendly bookstore. (I woulda bought it direct from Counter-Currents, BUT the seller Lighthouse Literature will be closing its doors soon, they had a cheaper price, I wanted to support them, AND I entered Amazon through the Counter-Currents “gateway” (link) to give them some “affiliate marketing” which they apparently like. Not sure how much money that brings in for them.)

Short book, I took about 90 minutes and skimmed the whole thing, read the first couple essays in full, and so far, so Great! Very satisfied, very glad I spent the big bucks, very worth it, should do this more often. I really relate with Johnson as a Soft-Spoken Polite Niceguy who initially wanted to do an Academic Career. He lives in SAN FRANCISCO and his voice is kinda faggy and beta and niceguy.  since I’m much more Homosexual-friendly than the Avg Far Rightist, this might be a good thing for me. Also, one of the Essays therein argues that WNs need not be anti-homosexual per se because One’s Sexuality is not a foundational part of one’s identity, and the notion that it IS, is of course, a product of the Freudian and then later decadent sex-obsessed postmoderism; and Johnson reminds us of the Manly, Masculine, Heroic, Warrior, Prinicipled Heterosexual Spartans and Greeks and Romans who used to Bugger Boys, and then go on to be more-or-less heterosexual husbands and fathers. Sexual Orientation is not the be-all end-all of Your destiny, and to put it at the forefront of Your Life makes you a decadent sex addict.

(Kinda ironic that Postmodernism emphasizes that everything is a Spectrum and nothing is black-and-white, except for the rather notable exception of Sexuality! Although yes there is the kinsey scale that emphasizes a spectrum, or the idea of “Wimminz Have FLUUUUUID Sexuality!” But by that argument, maybe some homosexual men might be less homosexual than they’ve been brainwashed by the homosex-loving media/culture to believe!)

Johnson talks about A RAFT of interesting issues: Deep Ecology, Alan Watts, West Coast San Fran hippie Dippie and Niceguy Racialists, Race Mixing, immigration, practical solutions, commentary on Harold Covington, SWPL and Christian Lander, Books and Movies of interest (“A Conversation on Race” by Craig Bodeker (not on netflix!) ) Racialist Awakenings, alternate histories, jews, anglo saxons and then later white euro immigrants: slavs & italians; what is white, and the great variation among whites like northern europeans vs dravidians in india; a bracing review of Jim Goad’s “Sh!t magnet” and the pros and cons of Goad (pro: good satirist/writer ; con: decadent, narcissistic, immoral); plenty of talk on “decadence”; a great “primer” on introductory ideas for the Newbie Like Me or You.

Would have liked more on his personal Awakening. The Awakening is an important thing IMHO, possibly just because I’m in the middle of it RIGHT NOW. Hell it might be in there, I haven’t read the whole book.

But yes I like his Niceguy yet not-too-sentimental or fluffy approach. Like me, he is staunchly nonviolent, and he comments on some of the more violent WN literature (“all race traitors must be killed!”) but oooops I jerked-off to an attractive 18-year old black girl one time, looks like I must die.

This is not to say Johnson’s message is “soft” or “watered-down”. It’s just nonviolent, and very cool-headed. Cool as a cucumber.

Again I want more on Johnson’s life: what moved him to the PhD and academic career, what made him throw all that away for WN; I ASSUME his PhD is in literature or philosophy or sommat but he doesn’t say. Also I like that he is “tolerant” or at least friendly and open to Christians as well as homosexuals. Yes, “Tolerance” is generally Bad, but I agree with him here where Christians and Homosexuals can be valuable Whites!

He talks about his friend who was instrumental in his own awakening; this friend VERY, VERY reasonably wanted a mate who was not corrupted by Western Marxist Feminism and Decadence (heh my “new” fave word), so his solution was to marry a Filipina. This I find VERY interesting given my interests in Finding A Good Mate – what if All White Wimminz are Corrupt, and White Men who want a good mate have to look for Nonwhites, because most Nonwesterners are Nonwhite? This is a VERY valid concern. So that marriage did not work out, but apparently the guy did not get hosed either; and he ended up marrying a white woman and having 5 children. Johnson did not clarify if this White Woman was a Decadent Wimminz but I assume he wouldn’t even bring up the anecdote if she were.

Then I thought: Given the choice between a Good Nonwhite Mate and a Bad White Mate, what the hell do you choose? Considering: no matter how good the nonwhite might be, you still have to deal with a RAFT of complications from her FAMILY and CULTURE that could be enough to ruin a Good Marriage. Johnson also mentions the idea of the person with ideas of racial purity but they don’t get to put it into practice because they never mate; versus the person that does mate, but interracially. I have to read deeper here. Matt Forney has raised the VERY important issue of: yes whites are slowly dying out and we need to have more white babies, but Most White Wimminz are Decadent Trash who aren’t WORTH having Babies with – is it better to produce White Trash, or White Nothing?

This is where I bring in “my” solution of Voluntarily Single Fathers. And since they can choose their mate/egg, they should choose the healthiest one within their race that they can, then bust their 4ss doing the work of both Traditional Father AND Traditional Mother, because Wimminz sure as hell aren’t going to.

Where’s MY awakening coming from? In short: The DECADENCE of Western White Wimminz. I’ve been concerned with that for a LONG time. THEN when I started reading Eradica via Firepower, I couldn’t help but notice Ryu. I blame Ryu, for talking about WN all the time, hahahaha. I was jolted and thought, “WAIT a minute, how did we get from Decadent Wimminz to this scary paranoid violent idea of WHITE NATIONALISM? Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” And as I read more, I find maybe it’s not. AND that WN is not necessarily so scary and violent and paranoid.

PLUS I’ve been reading Counter-Currents for quite some time, been interested in the Far Right and Alternative/New Right for some time, it’s just that the “White” component never really Clicked for me until now. To Ryu’s credit, he is a Really Provocative writer! Also, I’ve been reading Varg Vikernes’s stuff for years (“Articles” near bottom), he’s essentially a New Rightist and should get more active in that, hahaha. So I’ve never been a big stranger to the Politically Incorrect. I’ve also been Suspicious of Blacks ever since childhood because I grew up in an area where there was noticeable Racial Tension. So perhaps I’ve always been a Racialist but never really recognized myself as such.

Oh yeah. Johnson gets “The Thomas Sowell Question” out right away. Because intelligent nonliberals can’t help but run into Thomas Sowell at some point, he’s too tremendous and talented and smart not to be noticed, and then you’re even more surprised when you find out he’s BLACK. Then you think, thank GOD for Thomas Sowell, it means I’m not an Evil Racist! I CAN’T BE a racist because I really like and respect this guy! Why can’t MORE blacks be like him?”

Answer: Because he is an exceptional black. An outlier. Not an average black. And Johnson wisely also immediately mentions that just because you’re a racialist doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate INDIVIDUALS of ANY race. You can like Thomas Sowell, you can like Gustav Mahler. We kinda DO need to keep saying NAXALT because The Media portrays Racialists as Crazy Stupid Violent Gun Nuts who Always think AXALT and are too dumb and illiterate to know about Sowell. And this is JUST NOT TRUE.


More importantly, Johnson asks “is one Thomas Sowell enough to compensate for the amount of destruction Blacks have Wrought? For the amount of White Thomas Sowells they have displaced or killed?” Via Vanguard News Networks Alex Linder (and I think there’s been some controversy / falling-out with him since, gotta look into) provocative question “Because the black race produced Thomas Sowell, the white race must die?”

Though at this moment I’m still an optimist, and in my Ideal Race World, Blacks could Nurture Blacks to produce More Thomas Sowells and fewer violent thugs!

Also the idea that Nervous SWPL White “SOLICITOUSNESS” and Niceness/Politeness to blacks makes blacks feeeeeeel whites are being racist towards blacks. Just treat us like Normal People, they’re saying. Don’t give us preferential treatment. (unless it’s for jobs and educationz hahahahahahahahaha)

I would add to this that White Nationalists and Black Nationalists could probably have a more productive conversation together than Average Whites and Average Blacks. Maybe.

Johnson talks about Real and Interesting Stuff every single page. Not a gram of Turgidity or Bloatedness here. If I had the money I would have bought the Hardcover. I would buy a hardcover of every Counter-Currents book. Greg Johnson is my type of guy and I can feeeeeeeeeel a mancrush developing.

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15 Tweets About Female Promiscuity & Longterm Mate Value Strung Together

Twxperimentation Time. Women are Physically Attracted to Social Dominance & Confident Charisma, Analogously As Men are to Pre-Age-24 Radiant Fertile Female Bodies. For Women,GoodGuyNess(NotEven necess NiceGuyNess!) Is A NONSTARTER.

I Argue: Modern American Women Who Aspire to Respectibility Ought, Once Determining A Man Physically Attractive Due to His Charisma, IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, begin a concerted process of Evaluating The Just-As-Important-as-charisma-secondary Characteristic of: “Is He A Douchebag? OR A (Phony) NiceGuy(tm); OR A Genuinely GoodGuy(tm).” Sure, Probably Not A NiceGuy(tm)(i.e.,Passive-Aggressive Beta) Because “Niceness” – AND EVEN “Goodness” ! — CANNOT Trump Social Dominance & Charisma in generating Female Attraction. S.D.&C DEMAND A Certain Baseline Of “4sshole”.

HOWEVER: A Guy CAN Be Charismatic AND&& Merely Moderate in his 4ssholeness, being moreso a Genuinely Good Guy (Greg). The key to Separating Wheat From Chaff Is: Wait &Get;to Know the Guy first (10Date Rule) ⫬Chug The Single-Barrel Pump-Action Yogurt Cannon, Considering Women are Biologically, Naturally, Traditionally,and Culturally The SUPPLIERS Of Heterosexual Sex — DESPITE what PC Drones, Mainstream Media, and Feminists Tell You! — So Women Are OBLIGATED to Be Exponentially More Sexually DISCREET Than Men, Who, At Best, After years of Practice, Will Only Get 15% Success Ratio, and for the Average (Beta) Man, more like .01%!

It Is The SAME As If A Man Takes A Second to Evaluate The Real Personality Of The (Hopefully) Attractive Woman He Has A Chance With: He Asks Himself, “Does She Want ME, or Is She Just A Drunk Dirty Sl*t Who Wants D*CK, & Has She Been Known to Do This Type Of Thing Before?

Men, Even With Their Abysmal Average Success Rate (.01%),are Proportionally MORE Likely to Ask This Personality-judgment Question Than Women Are ; i.e., “Is This Attractive Man (who, ironically enough, I Have A 99% Average Success Chance With, not that that is true or means anything /s) Just Going to Pump&Dump;Me,OR Will He Be a bit More Chivalrous?”

TLDR:AdviceForWomen: NEVER Deviate From A 10DateRule, during which time you must Evaluate The Character Of A Charismatic Man … Unless you Want Your Mate Value Permanently Ruined. (That is the TradeOff for having such a high Success %; for being Suppliers of Heterosexual Sex; for being The Choosers.) Stop & actually THINK About It , Like A Man Would, About A Loose Woman Approaching Him. Chr*st, At Least For The Man, A Same-Day-Lay With A Dirty Slut Has Comparatively Negligible Impact On HIS Lifetime Mate Value, (see Sexual Success % Differential – nothing inherently WRONG with it, just Recognize and RESPECT it) he will STILL have a second thought about it, because he chooses to be more Rational, and to pay more attention to Long-Term Consequences of his actions. http://tl.gd/f16dp5 ·

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