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june 24 2012 is when this time machine post is from.

You know how you stop being Lazy? You Force yourself to DO THINGS when you FEEEEL like NOT doing things. The End. Don’t MAKE Things So COMPLICATED! Most things are Easy & Clear & Simple & Transparent & we already KNOW what we have to do! Don’t just SIT THERE, TAKE ACTION! Problem solved. B4ng B1tches!

Might change career to WELDING. Need some good old-fashioned, old-school, Unoutsourceable Man’s Trade Work, just some Collegeboy F4gg0try. Can pass college classes but all those collegeboys are f4gg0ts & all the collegegirls are Marxist Wh0res. NOT COOL, MAN.

BIG difference between “HATE” and “DISRESPECT.” I don’t HATE anybody! You can ABSOLUTELY disrespect people without HATING them! HATING is too much energy/work/effort/draining, plus it gives THEM power over YOU. There’s no Power Struggle in disrespecting. You can just be proud & HAPPY to be morally superior & go on your merry way LIKE A BOSS.

I don’t HATE Wimminz, but I sure don’t RESPECT them!

Anyway, it’s best for You if You spend time with people you Respect as opposed to people you don’t respect. So don’t go to College w a bunch of unrespectable f4gg0ts & wh0res! Become a Welder or Plumber or Cisco Network Admin. or electrician or HVAC or.

Ever feel like Every Limb of your Body weighs 5000 lbs, and you just lay Smashed Face Down on the Bed, even though you got Enough sleep the night before & didn’t even have a Full Bigboy Day & it’s sunny and Beautiful & glorious outside, but you’re still too tired to watch fresh episodes of one of yr current favourite TV shows? YEP that’s LAZINESS. FORCE yourself to DO SOMETHING Or be Condemned to a life of Lazy Loserhood!

we might be able to argue that there is a difference between the experiences of Banging, And/Or between the very essences of the Bangee themselves, of: an ugly wh0re, an attractive wh0re, an attractive stripper who does $100 f00k&sucks, a regular non-wh0re wimminz you pulled easily because she was more into YOU which means she’s likely old, drunk, or fat but you were on a drought & desperate for anything you didn’t have to directly exchange cash for, vs an FWB or a Wimminz who’s actually attractive, vs a Wimminz you’re infatuated in and the S is all Transcendent and Transformative & spiritual & religious & chemical.

The Lord revealed His Will to me recently, that when I return from my School Sabbatical, that I ONLY take THE HARDEST CLASSES, well, in particular, start off with the CALCULUS and PHYSICS classes I’ve been purposely AVOIDING. Won’t take 9000 credits per term to “graduate fast” because don’t care, no benefit to me to graduate fast anyway, already passed the Ageism Discrimination Spike, already be Working Till Forced Retirement Death, what else you got.

B34t-off 9000 times a day to the weirdest most extreme pr0n if it keeps you from THINKING about Lame Wimminz so much. The weirdness & “unrealisticness” of pr0n is VASTLY OUTWEIGHED by the benefit it gives you of NOT THINKING about b4nging b!tches AS obsessively. Just get it over with & go about MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE things.

for example, you’d THINK – ie, she SHOULD be – this girl is too young and pretty and radiant to do Gaping Anal Wh0ry, but you’d be H3114 Wrong: (NSFL)

[modern day decision to redact even the nondirect link to a pr0n video, an “example” of how this J Poison destroys white wimmins bodies, and white men’s minds and souls. some beautiful blond white 18 year old girl who is real young and innocent looking, real “QTP2T”, getting totally reamed up the 4ss for 32 minutes by some swarthy brute, lots of close ups and lip smacking, a bit of gaping. in order to walk my “new” talk I will remove the link so as not to support or encourage that filth. 1. this is what YKW does to W’s. 2. Though they want us to believe it is “normal”, it is not yet reflective of the Majority Of Reality and hopefully reality is never transformed into that trash. We are MORE than strong enough to RESIST it!]

she does THAT for $500, yet the avg man can’t pull a girl “that hot”? Hot enough to defile her body so Smilingly?

[ non time machine, march 21 2013. ok I was WAY OFF here. gotta do a 180. All Pr0n is J-Poison which has the power to destroy a man’s mind and soul.  his ability to get along with Real Life Women. Hand-Rubbing Christkillers making BILLIONS of dollars by paying weak-willed white girls to do things that should* ONLY exists in the darkest depths of a man’s perverted imagination, which, when brought to life, degrades EVERYBODY involved. All to YKW’s profit. So just give up pr0n altogether. Now I won’t pretend some white wimmin aren’t Poisoned Pigs who no amount of re-education can make into a Good Wife and Mother, but…um point is, do the “no fap challenge”, fix your warped mind, stop looking at J Mindworm Mindvirus p0rnography (tm Mindweapons who BTW I declare as Blog Of The Year 2013, DAMN that guy is GOOD, stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW, take the next day off, and read his ENTIRE BLOG RIGHT NOW!!), if you can’t find a decent monogamy-worthy woman, just charm a more decadent wimmin to drain your b4lls & you’ll find that Normal S with her is more satisfying that beating off like a Poisoned Little Hamster to that J FILTH where max hardcore’s girls are vomiting into each others rectums and whatnot.  ELIMINATE J POISON/FILTH FROM YOUR LIFE – START WITH PR0N.]

Yahoo Answers does not smile upon ppl asking what is the EASIEST ENGINEERING DEGREE. “You’re in the WRONG FIELD if you want an EASY DEGREE. Engineers are responsible for LIVES and BILLIONS of $, do you want them half-455ing their work?”

F00K THAT SH1T, I say resoundingly! I will now be your Travel Guide on How To Get A Lucrative Engineering Degree EASILY and LAZILY. Well, Computer Science, but it’s on the Payscale top 7 of Most PayingBack Degrees, so, Good Enough. But my program SHOULD prob be adaptable to petroleum or chem or biomedical or whatever else on there.

1. take ONE Class (Science/Math prereqs) per semester at yr local Cheapo Loser College. (didn’t say this would be FAST.) Befriend the “Creepy” Science & Math Tutors or become one yourself for extra cash. These are honourable Men just trying to do the Smart thing JUST LIKE YOU! Maybe tutor THEM on how to B4ng B!tches, they’d greatly appreciate.

2. Network & get Internships AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THIS is the key. THIS is much more important than graduating fast. Without internships, degree is useless. Even MORE useless than the internships would be without the Degree. You have BOTH, or you have NOTHING. This part should be harder than the actual classes. This is where the actual blood sweat tears martyrdom and grinding celibacy come in. Just keep j3rking off to Gaping 4nal Teens because in a few years, it will be YOU jackhammering those radiant-skinned “pure little 18-year-old angels” Up The 4rsch.

[march 2013 UM NO. in june 2012 my own mind had been warped a bit by The Filth, very happy to be out of that phase hahaha.]

More General Life Advice:

Take all that KINDNESS you waste on WIMMINZ & give it to OTHER MEN instead. They NEED it more, & they APPRECIATE it more. Plus they’re more likely to PAY IT BACK, both long-term AND short-term; both with Better Jobs, AND with immediate soul-nourishing reciprocal companionship.

Wimminz think “Nice Guys” are FAKING being nice just to “Put kindness coins in the Sex Dispenser & hopefully get some Sex!”. That’s only 40% accurate at TOPS, I Rebut that these guys are just nice to EVERYONE. Just easier to ACT nice to girls because men have been shamed into thinking it’s GAY when they’re overly nice to other guys, but maybe they wish they COULD be More Overly Nice to other Men without Seeming GAY. F00K THAT SH1T I SAY, be NICE AS H311 to Other Men. If they call you Gay, call them a F4gg0t. Anyone who doesn’t LIKE IT when PEOPLE ARE NICE TO THEM has a SCREW LOOSE. Show them a WIDE BERTH.

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JUNE 13, 2012

Shadow Everyone. All yr friends wot have Bigboys, Shadow Them, buy them lunch, learn to do what they do, it’s like Training only you’re bearing all the burden of the cost, nice value-adding crypto-bribe since you can’t legally bribe, and training is a thing of The LongDead Past, AdaptOrDie. Of COURSE squeeze a blurb onto your RES, if you can’t get a ResBlurb out of Something, it just ain’t WORTH IT & you should just Blow Yer Brains Out(figuratively!), it goes without saying, if you need to hear someone SAY it, Blow Yer Brains Out (figuratively!) Right Now, because yer not fit for SURVIVAL and DEF don’t Deserve a Survival Job!

When yer broad gives you hard time about constantly j3rking-0ff to p0rn, don’t get all beta or defensive, use it as a Teaching Moment: “Well BABY, maybe if you looked prettier, like HER, and did the things SHE does, I wouldn’t have to use pr0n every day, but as it stands now, yer getting OUTSHINED on several fronts.”

Men j3rk0ff to pr0n because the Wimminz they’re having Actual S3x with aren’t ATTRACTIVE enough, and thus aren’t providing good enough s3x to keep him away from p0rn. Very simple. No hidden agendas.

Ideally, the Wimminz you’re banging would be Hot enough and the S3x good enough so you didn’t HAVE to use P0rn. (Note: Wimminz don’t get “better at s3x” the more guys they s3x. they just have to be good-Looking. No learning curve in Taking D!ck!!)

Again snagged by an MSLSD Documentary, very sensational, this time on John Jamelske


of Syracuse NY who had a SEX DUNGEON/BUNKER where he Kidnapped/Enslaved no less than 3 girls over many years, banging them every day. They talked to HIM in jail and he seemed very delusion that what he was doing was a serious crime, thought he would just get community service.

To his credit, he didn’t Sadistically, Violently Torture the girls. He fed them Steak and Played Games with them and gave them a bucket to poop in and water to drink and never beat them, just wanted one bang per day until he set them free, alive and all. Really interesting case. You’d assume most sex-enslavers would torture or kill their victims. not him. Although IF he wanted to be REALLY Generous, he could have furnished the bunker/dungeon a little better because did look pretty inhospitable.

Never heard of this guy. Hit the news around 2003/2004.Wonder what his mental deal is. Sperg? Anal retentive? A bit of a hoarder. OCD? Delusions? He was also pretty emo, could be driven to tears pretty easy. Maybe Bipolar? He had a Wife and said he started kidnapping girls once his Wife got sick and couldn’t give s3x any more, so he had to “look elsewhere” to fulfill his needs.Obv you don’t need to KIDNAP Girls, you can have a perfectly legal non-kidnapped 50 18-year-old-girls HAREM! No need to break any (perfectly valid, reasonable, appropriate, doing-what-laws-SHOULD-do) LAWS! (Kidnapping & Sex Enslaving IS a kind of violence, although not as bad as Abortion or 3G1H haha!)

Caffeine Pills (Vivarin, No-Doz) to self-medicate Undiagnosed Adult ADD? Say break up 1 pill 3 pieces per day? ADHD but no hyperactivity? Inattention And VERY LOW Energy?

If “Free-Thinking” Wimminz want to break down Gender Binary & Norms by having S3x with Herb Betas (“See? We have S with WHOEVER WE WANT! Those MISOGYNISTS Don’t KNOW What Women Want! Sometimes We Think Sensitive Emo Boys are Sexy Too, So we have Random Sex with them!”) , then they should RELINQUISH their “right” to complain about him getting “creepery” or “clingy” “just from s3x”.  They just opened up Pandora’s Box, what do They expect? They should ALSO contractually agree to Severance Bangs after they get bored and dump him, and also an agreed-upon number of Photos and Videos for the Beta. That would clearly make HIM less “creepery”, would clearly Mutually Reward BOTH woman and man, yet the wimminz Don’t Do This, because it involves Too Long-Term of Thinking! You Wimminz Bring it all upon yourselves! You Get The Men You Deserve! You Get The Men And Behavior Which You Reward with Your Stank Sn4tch or which you Punish By Withdrawing Your St4nk Sn4tch, until your sn4tch becomes SO stank that it loses its power to Manipulate & Condition Men’s Behavior!

This is the Tragedy of being a S3x-Addict, is you’re obsessed with something that’s nowhere NEAR as INTERESTING as the Masculine Sciences you SHOULD be interested in! Because your Chakras are imbalanced! Ever hear a MAN talk about CHAKRAS? (outside of original religious meaning)

Girl has Short hair? TIUTA! Hipster Hat? TIUTA! Tattoos esp on arm? TIUTA! Nose Pierce? TIUTA! Dyed Hair? TIUTA! Feminist/Leftist? TIUTA!


(stole blatantly from Wimminz Blog, go read his blog. Great guy, great blog. Underrated.)

Perhaps “Laziness” is better conceptualized in Current Literature as “Procrastination”, “WORK AVERSION DISORDER” (haha), or simply Lack Of Motivation. The Carrot & The Stick are Broken and can’t condition you to Do Things. Reinforcement/Punishment Schedule is Out Of Wack. What Motivates People To Do Things. What is Good Reward, Good Punishment? Decent Entertainment, Young Tail, Tasty food, ph4t bl00ntz. But eat too much yummy food you get fat. screw pooch. kill golden goose. stops being a reward. being fat is HUGE, CONSTANT, DRAINING PUNISHMENT, prob WORSE than all that food was GOOD.Ok Napping/Sleeping.

Laziness-as-Sin perspective. Yes I LIKE, just want to go beyond. Enlarge. Laziness-As-ADD. Ok. Write Dissertation, turn into Book. fill Gap. Laziness in Western World. Synthesize all the perspectives!

Clearly the best Job for a LAZY person is a UNIONIZED PUBLIC/GOV’T EMPLOYEE! I will bribe you at LEAST $70,000 (over 30 year period) for sth like that. Who do you gotta KNOW. Will bribe them 70 grand. If private sector workers are all Jelly over the Public Bennies, get a Public Job! Unless you have to be Super Smart & Harvard Bourge to get Gov’t Job. But then they wouldn’t have reputation for Laziness! Huh? HUHHH??!!

Not as Hyper as this writing suggests.

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Having a Harem/Rotation allows Men to be more Objective and Impartial when choosing among murdererz; he doesn’t delude himself that he’s in pedestaLuv with one particular murderer just because she’s the only one who lets him BANG her. Banging Multiple Murderers at a time allows the man to be more rational, logical, cool-headed, make better long-term decisions benefiting himself and his genetic legacy.

(see what I mean about This New “Murderers” Nomenclature? Pretty catchy uh?)

Not ONLY will having Oneitis give that One Murderer much more control over you, this dictatorship is the BEST CASE SCENARIO! Worse, and more common, is, she’ll just DUMP you for being a needy beta and then you won’t even GET sex from her any more! She thinks you’re so worthless she doesn’t even WANT to CONTROL and USE you!

Also Think about the COMMENTS Murdererz make. These COMMENTS are obnoxious, patronizing, have no “VALUE-ADD” (hahaha), impolite, naive, annoying, dumb, gay, pseudo-pedantic, that being said, pretty much, yeah but it’s good to just do what feeeeeeelz good like decadence, murder, promiscuity, etc etc etc ad nauseum. Just Keep Your Dumb Mouths SHUT! Shut your Mouth ON MAH D!CK, B!tch!

You should stop watching Pornos cause that is a form of Pedestalization and holds you back from actually engendering the decadence portrayed within. If you weren’t so scared and grumpy and creepy and uncharismatic around Real Life Murdererz, you too would soon find out that you can get Rotations of them to Do that kind of Decadence on your D!CK and then you’d never have to watch pornos ever again!

No, I’m not talking to YOU, or ABOUT myself. Per se, hahaha. I think it’s good to Recognize Decadence when we see it, and then RISE ABOVE it.

Hmm New Evoken album, “Atra Mors”, seems pretty Sick! New Lunar Aurora album “Hoagascht” also seems pretty good too. Genre-molding bands that have been around for MANY YEARS and have maintained a very inspiring level of Consistent Quality  -even if it means taking long, well-deserved, well-used Hiatuses, before coming back with Comebacks that Live Up To Expectations. NICE.

I first became a DOOM fan because of bandz like Evoken, Skepticism, diSEMBOWELMENT, so it was always weird for me to think of Candlemass as “Doom”. My first real Doom Album was Morgion “Solinari” which is STILL a favourite, and they really like Candlemass, but were a little more “Epic” maybe. Not trying to Crap on Candlemass, anything But, just sayin (heh) that it’s a VERY DIFFERENT kind of DOOM than Funeral Doom or Death-Doom or more extreme Doom like EVOKEN or MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, for example. Anyway go out and buy an EVOKEN T-Shirt, they could put your money to good use, put food on their tables, diaperz on their kidz, etc. Nothing but integrity, honor, and honesty with these guys, and they keep raising the bar for DOOOOOOOM. And not even CLOSE to being Hipster/SWPL/Green/Brooklyn/etc. They prob work dead-end jobz.


I like using the word “FAGGOT” cause I thought it was the MOST politically incorrect word, and made Wimminz/Murdererz screech “Creep! Rapist! Violent Bad Man! Anti-Semitic Homophobe! Hate Crime Committer! Beta Virgin!” but then I realized that to call things “gay” meaning “stupid” is gradually starting to come back into vogue; and that I hear more and more Young Wimminz using the word “GAY” in that manner without fear of being labeled a Hateful Homophobe, and then recently I even heard some young murdererz using the word “Fag” or maybe even “Faggot”, and that really made me take notice. How things have changed even in the past 10 years! Of course, these were Albanian/Immigrant young wimminz, maybe 18 years old. Now, I don’t think the Albanian immigrants are especially anti-american, but they definitely retain The Albanian Culture of being Loud, Vulgar, Obnoxious, and Hyper-Masculine, the latter of which is kinda positive, if but for the first things! And even if their kidz are born in the US, this Albanianism definitely carries over. Now, technically, Albanians ARE Whites, and they actually CAN be Really Nice and Honest. Anyway. Just want to keep an eye on Young Wimminz using “Homophobic Invective” vis-a-vis the various Identity Categories.

Should Americans WORK WITH Islamists towards a common goal of decreasing Israel’s power? But we don’t want to Exterminate All Jews, we just want Israel to be Held Accountable for its Oppressive, Bullying Behavior. Right? And I’ll admit that I don’t understand why both Jews and Arabs want that same TINY piece of land immediately around Jerusalem. So who do Islamist Fanatics hate More, Israel or the US? Jews or Christians? Of course Israel couldn’t exist without the US, “The Citadel of Israel’s Power.” How could the US go about distancing/divesting itself from Israel, weakening the friendship if you will? No more slumber parties with Bibi, hahahaha. Maybe even a Stern Rebuke: Bad Ethnonationalists! BAD!

I am so ignorant of the Middle East that I didn’t even know Saudi Arabia was a Completely Artificial Fabricated State, by the Insanely Rich Royal Family, with absolutely no regard towards Ethnonationalism & Ethnic Groups. And I just ASSumed that since Mecca was like uh pretty much THE Muslim Holy City n stuff, that Mecca was PrettyMuch “Muslim Jerusalem”, thus Muslims would want Mecca and Saudia Arabia as THEIR Homeland, so what do they want Israel for. Heh. Need to bone up on my Middle East History, hahaha.

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Had to change that from “Best Post Ever” because I would like to keep that possibility eternally open.

let’s make an argument about the Sinfulness of Sin: One lonely omega beating-off to pron all the times in his LIFE is prob not AS SINFUL as One Wimminz Choosing To Appear In One Porno One Time. Chew on that one, Mr. Chew!

You shouldn’t LIKE Wimminz because they will IMMEDIATELY, EASILY Open Their Uterus, and later murder babies from guys who don’t like them and who they don’t really like either, just because they’re Big and Handsome and Sexy, meanwhile make YOU jump through HOOPS just to HANG OUT with them and BUY THEM DINNER, and No Uterus For You, After All That! JUST SAY NO! F00K THAT SH1T!!! DIRTY WH0RES! COST PER BANG is $0.001 for Sexy Men and $9,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for YOU? NOPE, DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!

PORNOGRAPHY DEGRADES MEN EVEN MORE THAN IT DEGRADES WIMMINZ. These Wimminz already have very little self-respect to lose, doing even One Vanilla Porno scene can wipe out almost all of your self-respect, so subsequent scenes don’t really do much. But some Lonely Omega Dweller, beating off ForeverAlone day after day, chipping away at his self-respect like water torture, now that’s horrible. Gradually comes to believe that the best he deserves is some filthy porno wh0re. That’s the REAL tragedy.

Wimminz are terrible at long-term financial planning and especially housing. They will pay exorbitant housing costs for bullsh1t cultural cachet SWPL Brooklyn “Coolness” that isn’t really worth the money, because being Envied by Other Wimminz is PRICELESS. They are impulsive and will make Major Life Decisions without thinking, always assuming, not even consciously, that some Man will Bail Them Out if things don’t work out perfectly, and, They can usually find a man who WILL! Give them a place to stay, give them a job, etc. WHAT A WORLD OF WIMMINZ! THIS is why I don’t Respect Wimminz! Because they have no HONOR or HONESTY!

Women vs Wimminz. It’s a fuzzy line sometimes. Sometimes you think they’re Women but they end up showing themselves as Wimminz. Oh well. Cut Your Losses and Move On to someone Worth Your Time.

Wimminz always expect Men to “move on” and “get over it” very quickly, because Wimminz are used to “getting over” men very quickly, because they view men as Disposable Sex And Money Machines. When one isn’t PERFECT, dispose of and pick another. Of course Wimminz “get over” THAT easily! Gradually losing this power-to-choose-use-dump-and-replace can make a Wimminz even more Crazy, as can when the seemingly-disposeable man has the B4LLZ to dispose of HER FIRST.

D4MN, this could be a Post Of The Month! Don’t Hold THIS one back!

On Sat mornings, instead of just cartoons for the kids, now they also have Career-God Indoctrinations for the High School students where they interview especially AMBITIOUS young people. Today was a cute, smart 16-year-old girl talking about her Hard Work to become an Entrepreneur in selling Eco-Friendly Sugar Packets. She emphasized the importance of never giving up, believing in yourself, being able to handle rejection and persist on until you reach your goals. 16 years old. Haha, I’m just jelly this indoctrination didn’t sink into my brain when I was 16, otherwise I might have been successful like her.

The more Successful a Man is, the More Co-Ed his Social Circle Is. IE, the more he is seen around Women/Wimminz, and the more likely THEY are to be attractive.

Unsuccessful Nerds rarely hang-out with Wimminz, and when they do, they’re not likely to be Attractive.

Then these nerds b34t-off to attractive but nasty, dirty porno wh0res and think they’ll never be able to pull that “GOOD”, and because they have no confidence, charisma, game, success, social status, popularity, charm, social dominance, and are also probably ugly and fat, then they’re RIGHT. They become right.

There’s a slippery slope and a self-fulfilling prophecy there too.

The major problem with Bribing People to Get A Job is because it’s not a LEGAL CONTRACT, they could send Ethnic Mobsters over to Break Your Legs if you don’t CONTINUE TO PAY after you’re UNFAIRLY FIRED from the job you bribed so much money to get. Problem w Bribes is that you can’t ENFORCE their FAIRNESS.

newSearchTerm resulting in ThisBlog: “bernard chapin loser.” I mention Bernard Chapin a lot, and losers a lot, but I think Bernard Chapin is one of the Biggest WINNERS EVER. Let there be no doubt about that!

I am So Over this MRA Left/Right Rift thing. Let’s just agree to disagree, that some MRAs are Left-Leaning Libertarians and other MRAs are Right-Leaning Libertarians, and that’s its ok for there to be a Libertarian Left AND a Libertarian Right.

But: Feminism is intimately intertwined with The Left. Or with Big Bankers seeking to divide and conquer The Western Populace. And Leftists would take offense to the idea that Big Bankers are Leftists. So maybe we can agree they’re Totalitarian as f00k!

As far as What To Do About Wimminz: B4ng them if you want to, Avoid them if you want to, just take precautions not to get hurt or hosed by them, and know that not-avoiding women carries more RISK because you’re Actually Encountering Wimminz who might Use or Lie About you, put you in Jail, ruin your Life, etc.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad if you can’t get Wimminz out of your mind, or you are always suffering from Infatuations. Some Men just get these more than others. It hearkens back to Our Natural Human Urge to Want To Be With Women. Men have always had these Heterosexual Partnership Urges stronger than Wimminz do, who have no Serious Reciprocal Love for Men, and that’s truly a shame and worthy of some sadness. Just don’t blame yourself.

If you have a very high libido, and many men do, and if you don’t want to go broke using Attractive, Expensive Prostitutes: get the largest HAREM you can so you can get tail whenever YOU want. Build the Harem using Game: Charisma, Confidence, Cockiness, Humor, 455holery, Machismo, etc, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time & energy Working Out, just work out your Chest, Arms, and Upper Body so you Look Stronger and the B!tches give you the LOW Cost Per B4ng rather than the HIGH. Having a Harem with Lots of Diff Wimminz will make EACH wimminz want to / compete more to get F00ked by you, because they know THEY’RE expendable.

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Very Hot Day for some of us, try not too be too much of a tryhard today.

This post was written about one week ago and dives right into the middle of some Fresh New Themes I’ll be talking about in other posts, such as “Career-Is-God” Career-Worshipping Tryhards who elevate their MEEEEEEEEEANINGFUL CAREEEEEEEEEEEEER to far and away the most important thing in their lives. Because they are Narcissistic, Sociopathic, Blasphemous, Materialistic Tryhards who don’t know how to Relate To Other People, Or to Their Higher Power (haha.) I also reveal the identity of my latest Mancrush.

Heh. The REAL HBD people will go around mentioning the name of actual genes which “explain” a certain behaviour. Like oh that’s clearly coming from the R5GH34T7 Haplotype which is concentrated in this area of the world haha. Don’t know my Genetics well enough. Trust me its in my Future Hard Sciences Curriculum. $5 5-year-old Textbook from amazon haha.

gotta strengthen argument that its even more “silly/stupid” to Worship Career than it is to Worship God, after strengthening arg that Wimminz/Millennials are indeed treating Careers as Religions.

Well basically you’re coyly, indirectly worshipping yourself, and there’s no room for Failure. “God” might not exist, but He still accepts your failure as part of your Humanity. He doesn’t want you to be a Tryhard who attempts to take His place. And He wants to Help you. Dunno. Still in the beginning phases here haha. Just Note that I will never try to Proselytize or Evangelize. Not for a few years at least! I respect the diversity of my Treasured Readers! You can be a Hardcore Atheist ALL DAY just as long as you’re not all SMUG like the f4gg0ts on Reddit!

MY Excuse for my “underachievement, output failure, procrastination, amotivation” is 50% DerpRession & 50% Morally-Shamable Laziness. 50/50. The HIGHEST I will grant out on the Moral Laziness is 50%. The End.

See, if a Guy Feeeeeeels like he’s a Loser, that will reflect in his Confidence, and ultimately he will never get Tail. Well, IF he does it’ll be Sh!t-Pv$$y & he won’t like it one bit. Because Young Hot Tail is a Religion/God, haha, it’s very important that Men not feel like Losers!

But srsly, it’s not good for a man’s Personal Health to feel like a Loser. So HOW to Not Be a Loser, or at least not FEEEEEEL like a Loser (even though I USUALLY think FEEEEEEEELINGS are ret4rted, but not in this case) ? Here I bring back our disgraced child-molesting laziness expert Dr Levine. People like to feel they’re accomplishing something worthwhile to them, and they also like getting praised by others for it. Even if he molested 9000 boys, I still agree w Levine.

Rank in terms of How Silly is it to Worship-____-Like-In-A-Religion: God, Career, Young Tail. IMHO, from Least Silly to Most, ie, Best Idea Getting Worse: God, Young Tail way below God, Career way below Tail. What else can we add.

Wimminz mock and diss Men for not manning up & playing video games & not being marriage material, but a large reason Men are doing this is because it’s a BETTER DEAL than spending time with Wimminz! Video Games provide A Consistent, Satisfying Reward Schedule! Wimminz Don’t! BLAME YOURSELVES, WIMMINZ!

Yes, listening to violence, raep, torture, death, mutilation, aids, slavery, cancery, child abuse, slavery, 3g1h, Blown-Out 4N41/Rectal Prolapse (PROLAPSE is the word I was looking for! Don’t even go to the Wikipedia page! Gross!), degradation, sadism, evil worship of The Power Electronics Genre is good for Channeling & Releasing, ie, Getting Rid Of, Anger & Negative Emo. Argubly the “Darkest” form of Music Out There.

I just have MANCRUSH on Mikko Aspa. Going through Top Power Electronics Albums on RateYourMusic. Whitehouse’s “Bird Seed” “Out-Nicole12’s Nicole12”, thought that was funny. Sampled some of latest Nicole12, also some Sutcliffe Jugend, & some Grunt. Maybe I like the Subject Matter more than the actual Music. An Interesting Aesthetic. TABOO. Watching the NatGeo show Taboo joking “THAT’s NOT TABOO!” like Taboo:Booze & a bunch of drunks getting into a fight. True Taboo seems like the stuff many PE Artists deal with, all that HORRIBLE stuff.

Maybe Mikko is just an EPHEBOPHILE but he feels STIGMA of Society telling him he’s a sick paedophile. Or very possible he just likes making Music about Sick Things. Again, I would THINK most PE Artists have a Moral Opinion on their disgusting subject matter. Maybe a way of Releasing their own disgusting, taboo, shameful thoughts, without needing to ACT on them. Separating the THOUGHT from the ACTION from the PERSON from the ENDORSEMENT.

Possible Rebuttal to my “Wimminz Worship CareerAsGod” Hypoth: NO, they DON’T, they’re just taking HEALTHY INTEREST in SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THEIR LIVES. It just SEEMS TO ME that they “WORSHIP” it bc IAMA LOSER who doesn’t like WORKING or TRYING hard.

Is that an Ad Hominem? Really it just attacks my def of “worship” vs “normal healthy nonworshipful reasonably prioritized interest.”

You can’t say “Gimme A Job Because Everybody Needs A Job”. You gotta Have Career FOCUS. and DEMONSTRATE why you are THE BEST PERSON for the Position AND the Organization because being A Human Resources Middle Manager in THIS Player In The Hospitality Industry is an INTEGRAL PART OF EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING!

R1mming 455 for free as Gopher B1tch Boy & begging to be Free Intern, Paying to Svck D1ck isn’t CAREER-WORSHIP, it’s just MANDATORY MINIMUM for getting a RESPECTABLE JOB. Like, if you ever want to Pull, Own A House, Have Children, or Associate with people who aren’t Drug-Addict LOSERS. It’s simply Doing What Humans DO: ADAPTING OR DYING.

I’m BLOWING IT OUT OF PROPORTION because it SEEMS so different from my INFERIOR perspective, so I’m trying to SHAME THEM when it’s ME who should be shamed!

But you gotta be careful about self-deprecation, because that not only pushes away stupid sh1t like Young Tail, but Important, Essential Stuff-you-want like Bigboy Employers and Male Friends!

Feel an Appropriate sense of SHAME, then WORK to FIX THE PROBLEM, THEN once you get that balancing act PERFECT you can FINALLY be within your rights to pull Young Tail, otherwise you never will, & will only pull Gross Seacows At Best & Never stop Obsessing about Better Young Tail!

PERFECT example of BENEFITS of PORNOGRAPHY: Effective&Efficient Release of THAT kind of Nervous Sexual Stress, which DISTRACTS you from PRODUCTIVE (“Meeeeeeeeeaningful”) WORK.

Healthy people stay BUSY. You think Mikko Aspa sits around and MOPES all day or even Molests Innocent Young Ephebes? NO! he spends 16 hours EVERY DAY running his record Labels, Doing Mail-Order, (If you order something from Northern Heritage / Freak Animal, he’s prob the one wrapping it up and mailing it to you!) Record Store, & Working on 10 different Musical Projects! I don’t know HOW he stays so Productive!


for example, the cover art for Nicole 12’s most recent album “Black Line” IMHO perfectly captures the “creepy horribleness” of N12 & PE in General:

That’s Just Not Right, Amirite?

credit: guy on Nuclear War Now forum


I don’t think you’re a Creep, Mikko, And I would be happy to buy you Dinner, Dranks, & sth from Your Store next time I’m in LAHTI, FINLAND! Would also like to do a Fancy-But-Fun Interview/Convo for my “Late Night With BKC” Talkshow, and Collaborate with You on One Perverted, Disgusting Song. OPEN INVITE!


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very offensive rant today. Anger not inherently BAD. Angry, even so-called “Hateful” Words are GOOD for Expressing  & Releasing Anger, don’t let yrself be SHAMED for it. Is NOT a slippery slope to Violent Behavior. I agree with Femipigs that Violence Is Bad and Wrong. (Even when Tearing Your Fetuses To Pieces!) But that Writing or Saying Angry Words does NOT Equal violence or Advocating Violence. I abhor & will never advocate violence. But I reserve the RIGHT to write about my ideological enemies & call them “hateful” names like f4g, f4gg0t, b!tch, wh0re, Tryhard, PIG, sl00t, c0cksucker, etc. Still would never advocate violence on them or anybody! Also, do not advocate verbal abuse of people, where you’re angrily calling actual people those names. In THAT case it CAN BE abusive & a slippery slope to violence. It’s ok to get angry at people, but keep it in a healthy LIMIT, don’t scream at them or verbally abuse them or call them horrible names for more than ONE OR TWO MINUTES. Or, say “I’m angry at what you did, I think I deserve an apology. Treat me with the respect I deserve, YA STUPID B!TCH,” hahaha.

stay cool, jump in the pool/lake, don’t be a g0dd4m TRYHARD running a marathon out there.

difficult to formulate a final verdict on Pr0nography. Pros & Cons, good & bad, useful & harmful, depends on context/situation. Good for convenient, quick, unemotional release for bound-up men. Serves that purpose ridic well. Not good when men become addicted to, watch all the time. Also kinda degrading to Wimminz. ALSO, & my major point, can INCREASE frustration for Omegas who want The Real Thing & Pr0n seems like a cruel tease for something they desperately want but can never have. Or, at best, the drunk warpigs & seacows they can pull w their low mate value, might not be able to get it up & not as much FUN as b34ting off to the Sexy Pr0n, seems like a cruel Joke, distance bw reality and fantasy, yet that fantasy is a kind of reality for the men in those videos the Omegas vicariously live thru. Next best thing would be hiring an ATTRACTIVE Pross who looks more like one of the p0rno girls, but the PRICE is MUCHHHH higher. Nonetheless I argue this is the much better step into “Real Sex” for the Omega Perv than Soul-Sucking Seacow Sex with “Real Girls.” Gotta take Baby Steps Along the Right Path. Pr0n, THEN to Attractive Pross, THEN to Attractive Realgirls.

Sounds like I’m demonizing/attacking Ugly Girls. HELL NO. Ugly Girls can have Great Personalities sometimes, & be Great People! If anything I’m “attacking” Ugly Drunk Underclass BAR Girls with Bad Bodies AND Bad Personalities, the lowest-hanging fruit, the lowest possible mate value, the very bottomest of the barrel, ie the most likely a Pr0n-Addicted Omega could pull. is also, not coincidentally, gonna provide the LEAST rewarding experience.

So save yer money slowly from your underjob & spend it on a wh0re with a good body at least. Get what you pay for. It’s not going to be cheap. Another prob w pr0n is that you can get it so Cheap, so you thing The Real Thing, even from a NonReal GIRL, will be comparably cheap. F00K no. In A Just world, that Price Diff between Most Cheapest & NEXT/MARGINALLY Most Cheapest S3chx would be much smaller, but OH WELL. ADAPT. WORLD’S NOT FAIR. BUT YOU ARE SMART AND STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE IT. ALOT MORESO THAN THE YOUNG WH0REZ YOU B34T 0FF TO. NO HONOR.


Naturally leads to another Important Point in my Everflowing Stream Of Superficial Philosophy Of Morality: It’s lame & g4y to be a TRYHARD, but being a LAZY, NO-ACCOUNT, IRRESPONSIBLE SOCIALIST expecting EVERYONE ELSE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU is EVEN WORSE!


Answer to that will go to the end of the NEXT post at least, haha. &I will be trying to figure it out for rest of LIFE, ha. Not necessarily the Odyssey of a Miserableist either!

So all the Professional Liberals who have the Privilege of Working For Social Justice rather than working for Their Own Survival, oooh, how SELFLESS, what a great way to Do The Right Thing because of Your Born White Privilege! they’re all happy that the SCOTUS did not overturn the health care bill. Like they’re not getting Cadillac Health Care from their Bourgeois Career Employers! Yeah this is just me being BITTER bc I coulda been successful like them but I did not Choose Wisely, haha. So what do ya do. ADAPT. LEMONADE. APPLESAUCE. Stay Away from Soul-Poisoners, who, dismayingly often, are also Wimminz! Be A Little Productive, mostly every day, until You Too have Power & Health Care, then use your new power to do the REAL Right Thing!

Be Yao Ming Face & Not WTF Goatee Guy Face. No POINT getting BUTTHURT about it. But you ARE JUSTIFIED to go through a substantial PERIOD OF BUTTHURT. Wimminz will NEVER let you do that, but Men who know better will! I’ll even give you as much as A YEAR to be Butthurt!

See, don’t you like my Didactic Advice-Giving much more than that of Wimminz? Because it’s REAL and HONEST. I’m not telling you you have to be PERFECT and get everything right on the 9000-point CHECKLIST. “It just wasn’t going to work out, because YOU weren’t fully self-actualized yet. YOU WEREN’T PERFECT.” This is What Wimminz’s advice boils down to. They so clearly don’t know sh!t that it’s HILARIOUS (Yao Ming), but initially it IS frustrating (Goatee Guy). So BE Butthurt for a little while, then eventually you WILL No Longer Give A F00k. & The longer you listen to Know-Nothing Wimminz SHAMING you for being Butthurt & telling yourself “O NOES! I shouldn’t be butthurt”, the longer you WILL be Butthurt. So maybe that is Wimminz’s “secret agenda”, their desired result for you, to MAKE you Butthurt LONGER by TELLING you NEVER to be? Nah, that’s too prescient & meta & smart & while Some Wimminz MIGHT be that smart, I would say, in 55% of cases, that would be Thinking Too Hard for them. Time Burglar from Book Clubs and Cupcakes and Buying Clothes and using Facebook and Career-Worshipping Tryhardism and Pinterest “these cupcakes are soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee” or tweeting Rachel Madcow SMUG GLIBERAL SWPL Bullcrap.

Gradually Going From:


heh, ideally would have a Perfectly Continuous Morph Animation there, but I’m no TRYHARD.

Men accept Wimminz for Who-They-Are all the time, well, except when they’re pedestalizing & idealizing & romanticizing them. We Men just ask for the same or-even-similar acceptance. NOBODY’S PERFECT, MORON. DON’T BE SUCH A TRYHARD SMUG WORLDCHANGER. You’re no more HAPPY or BETTER than a POOR ANTI-INTELLECTUAL RACIST REDNECK GOD & GUNS BITTER CLINGER “DEY TERK OUR JERBS!”, in fact, you’re probably LESS happy, & a much worse person. Go F1St your own 455, hahaha.


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