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[I “should” “probably” comment on the Election, which is occuring Right This Second, but wait a week or so, as I do most posts at least a week in advance, and there’s really nothing Pressing/Immediate for me to say no matter who wins.]

Fun Experiment Re The Decadence of Murdererz/Abortionistz/Wimminz: AT WHAT AGE DOES THEIR “NUMBER” REACH THEIR AGE? 17? 18? 19? 20? Certainly by 21 or 22!

Even Better: At what age does their number DOUBLE their age? Probably starting in the later twenties. And only THEN do Wimminz want to settle down. Congratulations, you get to MARRY a Wimmin who looks less than half as good as she did at 20, has taken TWICE as Manny Cox as she had at twenty, AND she gets older every day, AND you have to pay for this Increasingly-old (and already WELL pre-used!) cvnt about a MILLION times more than the other Men had to Pay for it, who got to Bang when she was at least TWICE as hot! CONGRATULATIONS! SIGN ME UP!!!!

In contrast, I find Men usually need to, by some point, double their own age in order to gain the optimum detachment, unneediness and realistic-mindset, ZEN if you will, regarding Wimminz.

At BARE MINIMUM – and this is NOT ideal, but it’s a helluva lot better than Current Status Quo 2012 – Menz Number needs to EQUAL Wimminz Number for any chance of things not to devolve into an UNGODLY Power Struggle.

Men need to be MORE “Promiscuous”, and Wimminz need to be LESS Promiscuous, in other words.

Day 30 of My Rejection. I had the girl on a higher pedestal than I even knew, until now. Good Lord. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be counting at Day 30. The Pedestal is a very dangerous and destructive thing. Essentially, it’s as if your True Love has DIED. Wimminz and other Marxists like to Discount Infatuation as a meaningless thing, – “You’re Overreacting!!” – This is the Cultural Marxist way of saying Love isn’t real, Only Sex Is Real, Love is a Patriarchal Oppressive Myth that drives people apart and subjugates them – BUT I argue to the contrary, that it’s VERY meaningful and powerful, and you need to honestly acknowledge the powerful feeeeeeeeling in order to “process” it, (god i sound like such a marxist fag) ie, Deal With It in a Healthy Way. This is what builds strong families, strong mothers and fathers, which builds strong children, strong families, strong CIVILIZATIONS.  If your Beloved Wife Soulmate had just suddenly DIED, you’d be Sad for a LONG Time. More than 100 days. It might even take more like 200 days. So what do you do? Just take it One Day At A Time. You can LIVE 200 Days, you’ve already lived THOUSANDS of days, and it’s not like YOU’RE Dying, Unless you have CANCER or something. So just be a Grumpy Loser Failure Creep for 200 Days and count the days off on the calendar, and then by the end of it, you’ll have more energy to do stuff. And know that it could be a LOT worse, like if your Wife had BETRAYED you and had taken all your CHILDREN and MONEY. There you’d be right to be ANGRY. But now you’re just Sad. And that will pass, albeit slowly, not as quickly as you’d like. So throw yourself into your Work and Your Careeeeeeer. Make MONEY, Lift WEIGHTS, Sm0ke huge Spl!ffz, Eat Nicely Marbled Juicy Steakz, and BANG the decadent broads in your harem, but don’t let their decadence rub off on You to an unhealthy extent.

But it’s one day at a time, and longer than you would like. But you SHOULD be able to get out of BED and Go Thru the MOTIONS of doing the Bare MINIMUM after 2 or 3 weeks. If you can’t, then beg to God for mercy until you can, and hope you don’t get FIRED or THROWN OUT ON THE STREETZ TO DIE like so many other lost souls.

But this also Proves the Pedestal. If it were some Rando AWALT who had taken 20 Cox, you wouldn’t CARE so much.

But Marxists/Wimminz/Alinskyites will tell you not to care so much, and, strangely enough, prob many MRAs or Game types would tell you not to care so much, not to be a Pedestalizing Beta. Now, while I don’t deny the MRAs are caring for YOU in giving this advice, I simply am offering Vastly Different Advice: Be a huge f00king Sad B4stard for 100-200 days, because the situation WARRANTS it. You DESERVE it. You’re ENTITLED to it, hahahaha. Listen to nothing but THE CURE and JOY DIVISION. Cry Rivers of Bitter Beta Tearz. As long as you’re not DYING or on the streets, It’s All Good, Son. Maximize your White Privilege of Beta Weeping, hahaha.

My POINT Is, BECAUSE it IS TRUE LOVE, you are well within your rights to suffer in TRUE SORROW. This is not an IMAGINARY loss, it’s a REAL Loss, so GRIEVE mournfully, screaming like the widow in “Fanny and Alexander.”  Cut me, I Bleed.

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15 Tweets About Female Promiscuity & Longterm Mate Value Strung Together

Twxperimentation Time. Women are Physically Attracted to Social Dominance & Confident Charisma, Analogously As Men are to Pre-Age-24 Radiant Fertile Female Bodies. For Women,GoodGuyNess(NotEven necess NiceGuyNess!) Is A NONSTARTER.

I Argue: Modern American Women Who Aspire to Respectibility Ought, Once Determining A Man Physically Attractive Due to His Charisma, IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, begin a concerted process of Evaluating The Just-As-Important-as-charisma-secondary Characteristic of: “Is He A Douchebag? OR A (Phony) NiceGuy(tm); OR A Genuinely GoodGuy(tm).” Sure, Probably Not A NiceGuy(tm)(i.e.,Passive-Aggressive Beta) Because “Niceness” – AND EVEN “Goodness” ! — CANNOT Trump Social Dominance & Charisma in generating Female Attraction. S.D.&C DEMAND A Certain Baseline Of “4sshole”.

HOWEVER: A Guy CAN Be Charismatic AND&& Merely Moderate in his 4ssholeness, being moreso a Genuinely Good Guy (Greg). The key to Separating Wheat From Chaff Is: Wait &Get;to Know the Guy first (10Date Rule) ⫬Chug The Single-Barrel Pump-Action Yogurt Cannon, Considering Women are Biologically, Naturally, Traditionally,and Culturally The SUPPLIERS Of Heterosexual Sex — DESPITE what PC Drones, Mainstream Media, and Feminists Tell You! — So Women Are OBLIGATED to Be Exponentially More Sexually DISCREET Than Men, Who, At Best, After years of Practice, Will Only Get 15% Success Ratio, and for the Average (Beta) Man, more like .01%!

It Is The SAME As If A Man Takes A Second to Evaluate The Real Personality Of The (Hopefully) Attractive Woman He Has A Chance With: He Asks Himself, “Does She Want ME, or Is She Just A Drunk Dirty Sl*t Who Wants D*CK, & Has She Been Known to Do This Type Of Thing Before?

Men, Even With Their Abysmal Average Success Rate (.01%),are Proportionally MORE Likely to Ask This Personality-judgment Question Than Women Are ; i.e., “Is This Attractive Man (who, ironically enough, I Have A 99% Average Success Chance With, not that that is true or means anything /s) Just Going to Pump&Dump;Me,OR Will He Be a bit More Chivalrous?”

TLDR:AdviceForWomen: NEVER Deviate From A 10DateRule, during which time you must Evaluate The Character Of A Charismatic Man … Unless you Want Your Mate Value Permanently Ruined. (That is the TradeOff for having such a high Success %; for being Suppliers of Heterosexual Sex; for being The Choosers.) Stop & actually THINK About It , Like A Man Would, About A Loose Woman Approaching Him. Chr*st, At Least For The Man, A Same-Day-Lay With A Dirty Slut Has Comparatively Negligible Impact On HIS Lifetime Mate Value, (see Sexual Success % Differential – nothing inherently WRONG with it, just Recognize and RESPECT it) he will STILL have a second thought about it, because he chooses to be more Rational, and to pay more attention to Long-Term Consequences of his actions. http://tl.gd/f16dp5 ·

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