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bkc blog post? try this. may 24 2013 [technically not LIVE Live, but it’s only a ONE DAY time machine, we can all rationalize that]

started my feels blog for fat NEET losers. It’s actually going very well, better than expected. I do not intend, now at least, to share that here, unless you are a White NEET Neckbeard Loser v9k Virgin who really needs help. And there is ALREADY enough hints out there for the astute STALKER to find it. I just do not want to serve it up on a silver platter to BKC readers right NOW. anyway, that explains why i’ve slowed down here a little bit lately.

Some controversy now on Mindweapon, Hipster Racist vs Chechar? Accusing Chechar of being a “9/11 Liar?” HR not liking the way Greg J or M Parrott deal with 911? HR seems to have been In The Movement/Community for a Long Time. I have mostly enjoyed and have MIRED his comments, but I do not approve of the uncouth language he uses towards Chechar.

But I’ve been realizing that this IS such a controversial Movement, that it’s Not Unlikely that there ARE Actual ZOG Spies Among Us! Or at least JIDF. HR “joked” “I just assume everyone’s a plant.” I had to laugh at that!

Anyway, as for me, I am Just Some Guy On The Internet right now, but I am not a plant. Of course you don’t have to believe that, but that’s just The Truth.

Heh. Reason # 600,000,000,001 I do not allow comments here.

I never 100% understood Commenters who have a Reputation as Being Commenters. IMHO they should make The Big Leap from Commenters to Bloggers! You can be a Coward like me, who only blogs and never comments!

TLDR, I think HR would have an interesting BLOG!

OK I guess he started one just this month: search: hipster racist wordpress dot com. Not bad!

To give you some indication of Where I’m At on the Journey, I have not even bought one of Kevin Macdonald’s BOOKS until yesterday when I bought “Culture of Critique” FINALLY. I have read the introduction to CofC on Chechar’s site, I have listened to many interviews and talks with KMac, I look forward to his talks on the David Duke Show, and the Robert Stark Show, and the Counter Currents Show, I think he should have his Own Show,



I’ve been making a point to read TOO more, and it’s all good, but I never bought a physical book until now.

I’m not even SURE if I’ve moved from WN Sympathizer to WN. Feelsweirdbro.jpg.



I agree with the majority of what WN’s believe in, I’m fairly Racist, I read and listen to a ton of Racialist Blogs and Podcasts and say RIGHT ON MAN, My Anti-Jewishness is pretty VIRULENT, yet I’m not sure that “I AM A WN.” If only because, HYPOTHETICALLY, what if I met a Real Nice and Cute Nonwhite Girl (I Haven’t), or what if a friendly, decent, moral nonwhite man appeared in my Social Circle and I befriended him (I Haven’t).

But yeah. I’m WORRIED that I could Fall In Luv with a Jewish or an Indian Girl, because of my perverted Jew Fetish and my perverted Indian Fetish. And then I question how “perverted” these “fetishes” really are. It’s basically the same Nonperverted Nondecadent thing I want with a White Girl, and indeed I would PREFER a White girl, I just haven’t ruled out Jewish or Indian girls yet. And if that gets me kicked out of the WN-Sympathizing community, then so be it. I’ll still BE white, I’ll still SUPPORT Whites, I’ll still not like Jews.

So there. Full Disclosure. So if WNs want to say what a coward and a j-lover and a miscegenator and a faggot, weakling, loser, antiwhite, traitor, JIDF, plant, mole, spy, fence-sitter, clockwatcher, talker, coward, deserves to die, etc, well I can’t stop them. Maybe they’re RIGHT. WN Ambivalence Feelz.jpg

I wouldn’t mind a White Homeland, but I ALSO wouldn’t mind A Murka where blacks, browns, and mudslimes don’t act like savages – basically acted nice and proper and civil like white people.

Heh. That statement will get me banished BOTH from WN, AND from Educated Enlightened Normalfag Antiracist Society.

So does that make me “A Moderate?”

Heh. I have pondered the “moderate” vs “fence sitting coward” debate before.

New BURZUM album out, I listened a couple times, it’s not bad, but I just want to say to VARG: Keep doing your writing on Thulean Perspective, what you are doing there is AWESOME. And listen to that one commenter who commented favorably about Your Charisma in videos and interviews. He was RIGHT. I watched this interview

and you gotta start making a regular thing out of this buddy. Writing and Blogging is GREAT, but when you got a Great White PERSONALITY as well, you GOTTA show it. Let Your White Light Shine. And the best way to do that is through: podcasts, interviews, vidyas, Face Time, meets and greets, lectures, roundtables, talks, networking. People Skills. Vidyas and Podcasts at the VERY least. Hearing the VOICE is key.

So DO IT, VARG, just make a 10 minute video of you talking to your computer once a month, and put it on your new ThuleanPerspective Jewtube channel. I GUARANTEE You it will be received VERY positively.


But Then again what do I know, I got aroused by an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White-Mix Girl once, and I enjoy the music of Leonard COHEN, even though I saw You included him in that gallery of Jews Who Are Ruining The World.

But I agree that Race-Mixing is worth Very Serious Thought. I mean, I’m basing this mostly on HYPOTHETICALS and THEORETICALS and NEUROTIC FEAR/WORRYING/FEEEEELZ. And when it comes to Mating, you KNOW how men can put Prime-Of-Youth Girls on a pedestal, or become infatuated with an idealization, with a fantasy, NOT the reality.

For example, say I started “dating” an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White Mix (and how likely is THAT?), was all in The Honeymoon Stage, and THEN I met her filthy devious scheming antiwhite Kke FAMILY, all rubbing their hands together and counting their Jgolds, and talking about how GREAT it will be when The White Man is Genocided. THEN I would say, UM NO, THIS ISN’T GONNA WORK OUT, BABE. LOOK AT WHAT YOU COME FROM. LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE.


Point is, people don’t exist in a vacuum outside of their FAMILIES. And scheming conniving antiwhite J families are, on average, much less desirable than White families.

AAANNNDDD Jews are MUCH better than Whites at seeing Their RACE as Their SUPEREXTENDED FAMILY. See, I was about to say, “Well, if there’s some good Jews out there, doesn’t it follow that there must be some good jewish FAMILIES?”

The whole Jewish Race is like ONE BIG FAMILY!

So, In Conclusion, Becoming More Masculine will prob help me get off the fence regarding race-mixing, and become a better white. And Becoming More Masculine, as it also affects Being A Winner And Not A Loser, is something much better suited to my NEW blog, NOT this one. Because I gotta talk about Being A Loser a LITTLE bit, to pave the way for Becoming A Winner, and I will not have Loser-Talk on THIS blog. I don’t want Feeeeeelz Creep on this blog. But I think, in its PROPER place, it’s not entirely bad.

Aaaaand here’s a great Hourlong Lecture By MIKKO ASPA from Feb 2013 on Noise / PE music:

aaaaannd here’s a great, super-in-depth interview from after 2010 with Mikko on Clandestine Blaze:

ht   tp://killmecreator.blogspot.com/2011/05/clandestine-blaze-northern-heritage.html


RIP Jeff Hanneman, RIP Ray Manzarek, oh wait I forgot Slayer and especially the DOORS were antiwhite, so thus I must be antiwhite, even when I THINK I’m being prowhite.



So as of May 2013, I am back to being an 80%-90% White Nationalist Sympathizer, but the more accurate term to label me might be “trying to be pro-white”, aaaaand I have a godawful weakness for 18-year-old Jewish and Indian girls, even though I PREFER 18 year old white girls. Though it becomes SCREAMINGLY obvious that Miscegenation Is Bad when you think about, at the very least:

a. The Clash of the two FAMILIES

b. The poor helpless choiceless CHILDREN that you would have – you’re essentially DEPRIVING THEM OF A RACE.

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Good afternoon, my friends. good to be here. grateful to be alive &not dying. as for my enemies if I have any, well you f4gg0ts can go comment on a blog or write your own blog about what a whiny f4ggot I am, but your f4ggotry is more fggoty than mine!

Like most of you, RIGHT NOW I am/have been watching MSM reports of boston marathon bombingguys. Immediately interested in backgrounds, who are, what’s deal. MSJBC had interview with emotional uncle called them “losers who were just jealous of people who’d settled into society” . heh. butthurt did not get into Harvard, MIT, BostonU, BostonCollege, had to settle for UMass. Shoulda had better ECs haha.

But did not sound like ButtonMashing (tm Firepower) Murkans; older brother saying had no american friends, etc; younger brother having not-necessarily-“loser”-grade academic track; them possibly having military-style training. Knowing how to use guns &bombs &stay cool in face of Manhunt &to basically wage a two-man war against an entire region of millions of people.

Sorry I can’t “add any value” here, other than to say those Chechens look like Albanians, and Whites need to remember that just because these Swarths may have lighter skin than your average Semite, they are still not white.

it is interesting to see the Elephantine Law Enforcement Presence shutting down the entire Boston area, and how one guy with a minimum of training has managed to evade them for so long.

MIT police officer killed. Older brother did boxing, younger brother did wrestling. they were not fat slobs. might have done training in russia or libya? ethnic and religious conflicts in the more central-asia parts of russia. dagestan, kyrgystan. radical violent muslim jihadists with light skin and dark hair. younger kid was “pre med” and got an academic scholarship? how “elite” was their high school? how did they get into the Elite High School? how “elite” is “UMass Dartmouth?” Don’t usually assoc UMass with the More Elite skools in the region, HOWEVER, it’s prob elite enough to catapult Motivate Students to Semi-Elite (ie, Top 5% as opposed to Top 1%, good enough for You or Me!) Careeeeeers. Social Media Presence. Star Athlete and Student for the Younger. Not a Sperg Psycho. One was arrested for Assaulting Gurlfran. heh. just got a huge dump of Bio Info on Fox J3wz. Youtube playlist of “Terrist” vidyas.

Promise I’ll keep this to 1000 wds!

On Mindweapons recently there was a commenter Hipster Racist who now may be Hipster Feudalist and they were discussing hypothetical White Communities where the Nuclear Family kinda melds with the Extended Family, and the theory of “Brood Mares” where prime-of-youth women MIGHT have children by several different men, and men hold enough power to keep the wimmin in line, or banish them from the community. I might be misrepresenting.

Old School Nuclear Family vs New School Nuclear Family; how nuclear families can exist within a larger supportive community, rather than nuclear families being isolated & atomized in Suburbs; just because you have a nuclear family doesn’t mean you can’t be real close to your Extended family and help each other all WIN;

hardcore STEM, trade, skill, and Military training for boys; obviously this will all be done in a homeschool or a white community school, rather than a Jified Pub School designed to get white boys to get bored with math and science and become button-mashing, mcdonald’s eating, porn-fapping, neckbeard sperg kissless virgins who contribute nothing to society and either sperg out, become feelzy emo suicides, or just fat neckbeard losers who lose at life and have no children. or loser children at best, who themselves will because neckbeard losers.

what is the proper role for women. This idea of the BROOD MARE has really stuck with me. real interesting at the moment. I am OPEN to discussing the idea, hahaha. (not on this blog of course.) Hypothetical: perhaps SOME whites are best suited to Monogamy with One Wife, while other whites are better suited towards Polygamy. And perhaps, in a society that produces Winning Strong Children, you could have a kind of “Polyandry” where women are encouraged to be baby-makers for several different men, and then the children raised by a group of women and a group of men. Big reservation for me is that I believe it is beneficial for the child to have a close connection to both their mother and father, that to consider a group their parents.

But I see no reason why Nuclear Families cannot live side by side in Extended Families, creating White Ethnic Enclaves like nonwhites often do. Hire fellow whites, sell your house to fellow whites, heh stop reading me and just go over to Mindweapons RIGHT NOW. This is why he’s Man Of The Year 2013!

SOME take umbrage about Whites using “nonwhite tactics.” Whites are more honest and have more honor than that. I will just reiterate MW’s rebuttal: In an IDEAL WORLD, whites prob would not use these tactics. But we are At War, we are Being Engaged, we must do what it takes to win, we must adapt or die, and you can Go Native Without Going Traitor. Once you secure an Existence for You and Your Children you can get back to a more honorable way.

Also. People on theInternet have big egos &WILL fight bitterly, this is a Natural Law of the Internets. Even among Small, Tight, Mainstream-Vilified groups like Ultraconservatives or White Nationalists. You’d THINK that would be a common enough ground to keep people from calling each other traitors. Now, Traitors and Treason IS important, IS a valid threat, should not be taken lightly, but IMHO the equivalent of “Tripfags” on Chan boards should not go around accusing everyone who agrees with them only 99% of being traitors who Must Hang. COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.


Feelz Guy is a good Meme for me, haha.

gettin back into Nick Cave. HELLUVA Guy. song is hard 2Overplay. Bad4ss.

Have Good Day, secure existence of Your people & a future for Your Children.

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LONG POST. feb 1 2013.

Ryu. What a guy. Answer for everything. I like his confidence, boldness, Leadership, & Vision. Maybe A WIDDLE SCAWY, but now I dig that.  def loves his race, &if you’re white, you have every reason to like Ryu, and if you’re not, you have every reason not to. Heh. Prime Specimen of a White; guys like him make You Proud To Be White. Ifn yer white that is. If you’re not, you have plenty of reasons &cheerleaders for being proud about not being white. Meanwhile, everyone who tries to make you Proud To Be White is labeled a hatemonger &neonazi &aryan nations etc. While it IS Right to Monger a Little Hate, especially against The Tribe, hahahaha, how do you make Average Everyday Joe White Proud to be White? Or is he part of the Chaff that’s bringing the white race down?

Thinkin. because Ryu mentioned there are some Blacks &Nonwhites who are apparently betraying their own races &trying to court white racial realists – nonwhites saying white is right, &they prefer company of whites. Exactly the type of nonwhites I might* be willing to ally* with, in other words.

Ryu argues that in situations of life &death, these Nonwhites WILL ultimately “go to the mat for” their OWN race and NOT the whites they claim to love. So they are good for nothing, and so are the whites that allow these “friendlies” into their ranks, &this is a way of separating the white wheat from the white chaff, and it’s happening right now. It might be happening to ME. Say I, as I listen to “Leonard COHEN Live at Isle Of Wight 1970”, hahaha. Whose side am I really ON anyway? Would I be willing to Throw My Whole Race under the bus, just so I can be a fan of Leonard COHEN? But I honestly do love Leonard COHEN, and don’t want to give him up. 90% of other jews I could do without though. Ha, Ha, Ha.

was watching MSNBC or HLN or some Televitz, did story on guy assoc with AryanNations who shot up  Jewish CommunityCenter in LA, killed Filipino-American mailman. Ihad never heard of this guy, Buford Furrow or something. Biff Farrell. Big Balding guy with big glasses & stache who looks like child molester, hahaha. but they brought out some of the jews who said some OMG stuff like “you can’t JUST get over this, you have to have time to Embrace Being A Victim, because you ARE a victim!” then they talked about how aryan nations never recovered. ishould* look it up, happened late 1990s. this is how prowhites are character-assassinated! WWDrWLPD???

Good Leadership is hard to find, especially with White Racialists/Racists, &I wonder if there’s been a “Leadership Void” since Dr Pierce passed in 2002. Who will take his place? Kevin Strom? Greg Johnson? Alex Linder? Chechar? Varg Vikernes? David Duke? Kevin MacDonald? Carolyn Yeager? Don/Derek Black? Hunter Wallace? Harold Covington? The American Nazi Party President who I’ve only seen one video of? IMHO I think Ryu would be pretty good candidate. Mindweapon too! Men under 50 (I assume) who still have lotta fight &energy.

Conchobar, “ERADICASPHERE”  guy big on White stuff, &I was surprised to learn he was such a YOUNG man, early twenties. makes me haaaaappy and hooooopeful!

So I def hate blacks less than A Good White Nationalist should*, &have even suggested WORKING WITH Race-Awakened Blacks. Maybe I was just being IDEALISTIC &looking at a VERY remote possibility. For as unlikely as it is, Whites would be better off not pursuing it. The rewards could never exceed the risks, even if it DID work out.

atm I’m more concerned about The Forces that’ve ALLOWED Blacks &Nonwhites to BECOME the destructive forces they are. I don’t need to tell you, YKW!!!

I agree OmegaVirginRevolt should try to distance himself from that name. Black Pill is nice, go with that instead, not both.

Feminized Western Male so Feminized &Crushed by Sexual Frustration, because he can’t get Any, BECAUSE he’s so feminized, that he becomes OBSESSED with sex as be-all end-all. Sex with any Pretty Young Thing, no regard to race, so that your Main Goal in Life is to be Sex Addict, “Negroid Playboy” to quote commenter on My Favourite Blog, hahaha. FeminizedWhiteMen aspiring to nothing more than being a Groid Playboy is Not Good.

Would problem be solved by Game &White Men actually GETTING laid? NO, because many men DO learn game and DO get the Sex they so desperately want, &successfully transform themselves….but how many graduate beyond that, beyond Just Sex As Their God? Some, but not all.

like OmegaVirgin, I’m IN SOME WAYS a BIT of omega. I don’t think he is PROUD of it, just as I am not PROUD of it… but should* I even MENTION it, even in the case of being HONEST? I can see being Honest with your allies, but why should you be honest with your enemies, or people who haven’t proven themselves as your allies? I know I’ve said Honesty Is The Best Thing Ever, but is it really? Why be honest with enemies or NonAllies? THEY don’t need to know I’m an Omega Loser! F00k no!

Me being Omega Loser is not Society’s fault, not Women or Wimmin or Blacks or Alphas or Family or Skools or Gummint or even You Know WHO, it’s ALL on ME, and just in case you forgot, 20% of this Blog’s Mission Statement is Helping People Improve Themselves, including my Self.

Ok enough WEAKNESS!

Conclusion: Ryu should* start a Youtube channel and give Electrifying Speeches. Including Practical Advice for Men.

Well it’s’not Calc2 haha: Get up early, work out until you’re muscular, strong& athletic, eat well, read read read, don’t be LAZY, learn practical skillz, work on projects, hone yourself into the strongest warrior you can possibly be, journey that never ends. Constantly Hone Yourself.  simple to describe, hard as f00k to DO.

I am inspired by Ryu saying positive things about Hate – atm I’m becoming convinced A Little Hate Is A Great Thing. Thank the j-wg-d for this serendipity.

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If you want to Steal A Slogan from me, steal that one, that’s the best thing I came up with in Jan 2013.

1. Your Race Is Your Superextended Family. The Team you were born on. Every race inherently wants to preserve and strengthen their race, but this subconscious urge CAN be subverted and overcome. With disastrous results!

2. You can probably strengthen your race, without wanting to Cleanse other Races. Not necessarily a zero-sum game. Grow the Pie, not necess steal the pie.

3. Clearly defined Racial States would help Objective 2: Room for everybody. Lebensraum hahahaha.

4. The states could peacefully coexist and trade for natural resources like oil, precious metals, water, etc. SURE THEY COULD!

////// Kind of an ADD Post 4 All U ADDultKidz (tm FP)


heh. I forgot how good Encyclopaedia Dramatica is. (always NSFW!)

I do not intend for the excessive amount of Racial Slurs in this post to diminish the uncharacteristic seriousness of the post, hahaha. But this little section is not superserious, because EncycDram is Fun Good Times For All Races. CELEBRATING Racism. See, Racism isn’t so bad!


heheh. even if they are at heart anti-racists, this stuff is HILARIOUS. And i’m not sure they CAN be crypto-anti-racists BECAUSE this stuff is so hilarious!


note to self: check out david allen coe “rated x” album (x rated hits??)

oh that’s just great. that put a big smile on my grim face. but it does not have the infamous song “n!663r-hatin’ me.” and i am doubtful he addresses the You Know Who question.

note to self: discover musicians who DO address the You Know Who Question.

it is funny how every review of “X Rated Hits” goes out of its way to mention that the drummer on the album was black, so thus DAC doesn’t Hate All Black People.

This one right here ^^^

Have been listening to “Ni993r F00ker” over and over again, VERY catchy. As you can expect, all the comments on the vid are Very Stupid. Not Representative of Smart Racists Whatsoever.

Or the rumour that the YKW Shel Silverstein actually wrote “N!663R F00ker”. I can’t really hate on Silverstein because I GREW UP ON “Where the sidewalk ends” and “a light in the attic” and “the giving tree” (Should You think twice about giving those books to YOU Children? Are they REALLY Anti-White Propaganda?) and of course Silverstein was a bit of a country songwriter too, most famously “A Boy Named Sue.” It’s POSSIBLE Silverstein MIGHT be “A J3w I Like”.



you have 2 seconds to tell me the integral of csc or YOU’RE FIRED!

– ln (abs (csc x + cot x) ) + C ????

Heh is that how engineeeeeeeeeeering careeeeeeeeeeeeers really work?

story idea: “engineering firm” (aka engineering building where engineers engineer in all manner of engineering all day, haha) where they employ a Company Cop from HR maybe who pops up and quizzes engineers to make sure they REALLY know their stuff and them passing the Fundaments of Engineering Exam was not just luck.  One young man stammers and temporarily struggles to remember Gabriel’s Horn or some really weird sh!t. He eventually remembers it correctly. The Company Cop then strongarms people from the young engineer’s Past to find out he was the Last Person To Leave while taking an exam in Calc 2 like 4 years ago. He did well on the exam,

best score in the class actually, but he did it very slowly and carefully. the teacher could not tell the Cop due to FERPA but the Cop got the information through less than honorable means, snooping and spying and hearsay. Then the engineer is Railroaded from his Good Job, the first Real Good Job of his life, and is blacklisted from The Good List Of Good Jobs for Life, all because he took his TIME on One Math Test many YEARS ago even though he got the answers RIGHT, and he is forced to live the rest of his pathetic life in his Parents Basement and work The Worst Of Customer Service Jobs, hahahahaha.


Neil Young & Crazy Horse: “The Losing End” is a Deep Cut that doesn’t get enough love. Honestly and powerfully describes Unrequited True Beta Love of a Niceguy Friend. But at least when he gets rejected, he’s smart enough to not be crawling around the wimmin like a lapdog. He’s just sad and lonely and alone. Great song. Great music, great lyrics. Kind of a “country” swing to it, crying in your beer sort of thing. However I’m biased, “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” is def one of my Top Ten Albums of All Time. And songs like this are why.

Entering huge Neil Young Phase again and quite liking it!




Customer Service. You can get a Job in Customer Service even if you tell them in the interview you hate serving customers and that you’re horrible at it, because everyone hates serving customers and it does not matter if you’re bad at it, they just need a warm body to sit there and attempt to deal with idiots. Anyway it is better to be grumpy while you are serving customers because then you are getting paid. better than being grumpy and NOT getting paid.



The Idea of the Unpaid Internship is Inherently YouKnowWho-ish. Whereas Whites are inherently fair and honest and just (well, the ones that aren’t Slaves to YKW) and will want to give an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. But it’s JUST LIKE YWK to EXPLOIT VOLUNTEERS. Repackage a Perverted Form of Volunteering as A Mandatory Part of Work. The idealization itself of careeeeeers is YKW (tm Mindweapon). Honest people realize there’s plenty of dignity in shoveling fecal matter as long as long as you’re not living off other people’s work.


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This is not necess What I Believe, but it is an Interesting Idea:

world the world be a better or worse place if wimmin gave more Pity/Charity bangs? This is related to my “Wimminz Greed Is Like Corporate Greed” hypothesis, where a tiny fraction of people (men) hoard most of the wealth (pvssy), but I hate talking about it too much, because it sounds like Wealth Distribution Pvssy SOCIALISM. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” BARF.

But I still am interested in the idea of a PVSSY WAITING LIST, where the men who have been WAITING&WORKING for it the LONGEST, get it FIRST. And if the system worked like that, ALL Men could get Satisfactory Sex, except the alphas who got Attractive Sex every day

might have to wait every other day. Then the Poor Betas would get it every other day, and they would be Overjoyed and 90000 times More Productive, and Cure Cancer and Fix All Social Problems and Colonize Outer Space and invent Great Technology that otherwise might never be invented.

Anyway IMHO, there are a LOT of Undersexed Betas and Omegas out there who would LUV a few Pity Bangs. Much better than NO bangs ever! ESPECIALLY if it were attractive wimmin who were Doling them out! Rather than Betas Struggggggling to get Gross BonerKilling Bangs from Gross 37 yo Fat Single Momz on OKC and Plenty of Filth.

Heh. I supposed Charity and Welfare are Acceptable as long as they are not Doled Out by the State at Taxpayerz Expense. But by the church or something. or your Superextended Family, haha.


If someone is a KindaSorta Potential Ally, My (and prob many others’!) rule of thumb is to GIVE THEM THREE STRIKES, and TELL THEM when they have incurred a strike. This way you can give people A Fair Shake, but still not let yourself get WALKED ON. Obviously within reason. If they do something Real Traitorous, One Strike is all that’s needed. And conversely, little Narcissism Of Small Difference Arguments or Opinions might

not even count as One Half A Strike. Just try to give people a Fair Shake. Sometimes it takes at least One Year of Seeing Somebody Semi-Regularly to really get a handle on them, to even begin to enter the Circle of Trust. They could be White, Black, Jewish, Wimminz, Albanian, Mestizo, Tartar, Pygmoid, Maori, Native, Azeri, they can call pass or fail the Three Strikes Test.

Although I think if you plug in Race X vs Race Y, then you can order the races with respect to who strikes out the fastest vs a given opponent.



This is risky and harder. You could take one of your FWB’s whom you’re obviously not in LOVE with, but whom you GET ALONG WITH well enough, and agree to use HER as your rent-a-womb, with the understanding that you would get primary custody. But it would be “weird’ (Everything’s “WEIRD” with Some Wimmin) for you to have SOME Relationship with the Wimmin, her agree to do this for you, and her agree

not to see the Child very much. She’s gonna want to see the child, and that’s probably a reasonable thing for her to want to do in this case, not being a straight up womb for hire. See how it gets complicated. I guess you could do a 70/30 custody deal. OR she could come over and hang out and see the kids any time she wants, because you’re not Divorced and Don’t Hate Each Other and are hopefully Still Just Friends, hahahaha.

What I’m trying to figure out is: ok so you’re not SO madly in love with the wimmin that you’d want to LIVE with her. But isn’t it best for the kids to have parents who LIVE together. Trying to find the best compromise there, so the parents don’t have to LIVE together. Maybe they could live NEAR each other, like Next door. But that’s obv hard if someone wants to move to NYC or San Fran for Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.


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