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bkc blog post? try this. may 24 2013 [technically not LIVE Live, but it’s only a ONE DAY time machine, we can all rationalize that]

started my feels blog for fat NEET losers. It’s actually going very well, better than expected. I do not intend, now at least, to share that here, unless you are a White NEET Neckbeard Loser v9k Virgin who really needs help. And there is ALREADY enough hints out there for the astute STALKER to find it. I just do not want to serve it up on a silver platter to BKC readers right NOW. anyway, that explains why i’ve slowed down here a little bit lately.

Some controversy now on Mindweapon, Hipster Racist vs Chechar? Accusing Chechar of being a “9/11 Liar?” HR not liking the way Greg J or M Parrott deal with 911? HR seems to have been In The Movement/Community for a Long Time. I have mostly enjoyed and have MIRED his comments, but I do not approve of the uncouth language he uses towards Chechar.

But I’ve been realizing that this IS such a controversial Movement, that it’s Not Unlikely that there ARE Actual ZOG Spies Among Us! Or at least JIDF. HR “joked” “I just assume everyone’s a plant.” I had to laugh at that!

Anyway, as for me, I am Just Some Guy On The Internet right now, but I am not a plant. Of course you don’t have to believe that, but that’s just The Truth.

Heh. Reason # 600,000,000,001 I do not allow comments here.

I never 100% understood Commenters who have a Reputation as Being Commenters. IMHO they should make The Big Leap from Commenters to Bloggers! You can be a Coward like me, who only blogs and never comments!

TLDR, I think HR would have an interesting BLOG!

OK I guess he started one just this month: search: hipster racist wordpress dot com. Not bad!

To give you some indication of Where I’m At on the Journey, I have not even bought one of Kevin Macdonald’s BOOKS until yesterday when I bought “Culture of Critique” FINALLY. I have read the introduction to CofC on Chechar’s site, I have listened to many interviews and talks with KMac, I look forward to his talks on the David Duke Show, and the Robert Stark Show, and the Counter Currents Show, I think he should have his Own Show,



I’ve been making a point to read TOO more, and it’s all good, but I never bought a physical book until now.

I’m not even SURE if I’ve moved from WN Sympathizer to WN. Feelsweirdbro.jpg.



I agree with the majority of what WN’s believe in, I’m fairly Racist, I read and listen to a ton of Racialist Blogs and Podcasts and say RIGHT ON MAN, My Anti-Jewishness is pretty VIRULENT, yet I’m not sure that “I AM A WN.” If only because, HYPOTHETICALLY, what if I met a Real Nice and Cute Nonwhite Girl (I Haven’t), or what if a friendly, decent, moral nonwhite man appeared in my Social Circle and I befriended him (I Haven’t).

But yeah. I’m WORRIED that I could Fall In Luv with a Jewish or an Indian Girl, because of my perverted Jew Fetish and my perverted Indian Fetish. And then I question how “perverted” these “fetishes” really are. It’s basically the same Nonperverted Nondecadent thing I want with a White Girl, and indeed I would PREFER a White girl, I just haven’t ruled out Jewish or Indian girls yet. And if that gets me kicked out of the WN-Sympathizing community, then so be it. I’ll still BE white, I’ll still SUPPORT Whites, I’ll still not like Jews.

So there. Full Disclosure. So if WNs want to say what a coward and a j-lover and a miscegenator and a faggot, weakling, loser, antiwhite, traitor, JIDF, plant, mole, spy, fence-sitter, clockwatcher, talker, coward, deserves to die, etc, well I can’t stop them. Maybe they’re RIGHT. WN Ambivalence Feelz.jpg

I wouldn’t mind a White Homeland, but I ALSO wouldn’t mind A Murka where blacks, browns, and mudslimes don’t act like savages – basically acted nice and proper and civil like white people.

Heh. That statement will get me banished BOTH from WN, AND from Educated Enlightened Normalfag Antiracist Society.

So does that make me “A Moderate?”

Heh. I have pondered the “moderate” vs “fence sitting coward” debate before.

New BURZUM album out, I listened a couple times, it’s not bad, but I just want to say to VARG: Keep doing your writing on Thulean Perspective, what you are doing there is AWESOME. And listen to that one commenter who commented favorably about Your Charisma in videos and interviews. He was RIGHT. I watched this interview

and you gotta start making a regular thing out of this buddy. Writing and Blogging is GREAT, but when you got a Great White PERSONALITY as well, you GOTTA show it. Let Your White Light Shine. And the best way to do that is through: podcasts, interviews, vidyas, Face Time, meets and greets, lectures, roundtables, talks, networking. People Skills. Vidyas and Podcasts at the VERY least. Hearing the VOICE is key.

So DO IT, VARG, just make a 10 minute video of you talking to your computer once a month, and put it on your new ThuleanPerspective Jewtube channel. I GUARANTEE You it will be received VERY positively.


But Then again what do I know, I got aroused by an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White-Mix Girl once, and I enjoy the music of Leonard COHEN, even though I saw You included him in that gallery of Jews Who Are Ruining The World.

But I agree that Race-Mixing is worth Very Serious Thought. I mean, I’m basing this mostly on HYPOTHETICALS and THEORETICALS and NEUROTIC FEAR/WORRYING/FEEEEELZ. And when it comes to Mating, you KNOW how men can put Prime-Of-Youth Girls on a pedestal, or become infatuated with an idealization, with a fantasy, NOT the reality.

For example, say I started “dating” an 18-year-old Light-Skinned Khazar-White Mix (and how likely is THAT?), was all in The Honeymoon Stage, and THEN I met her filthy devious scheming antiwhite Kke FAMILY, all rubbing their hands together and counting their Jgolds, and talking about how GREAT it will be when The White Man is Genocided. THEN I would say, UM NO, THIS ISN’T GONNA WORK OUT, BABE. LOOK AT WHAT YOU COME FROM. LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE.


Point is, people don’t exist in a vacuum outside of their FAMILIES. And scheming conniving antiwhite J families are, on average, much less desirable than White families.

AAANNNDDD Jews are MUCH better than Whites at seeing Their RACE as Their SUPEREXTENDED FAMILY. See, I was about to say, “Well, if there’s some good Jews out there, doesn’t it follow that there must be some good jewish FAMILIES?”

The whole Jewish Race is like ONE BIG FAMILY!

So, In Conclusion, Becoming More Masculine will prob help me get off the fence regarding race-mixing, and become a better white. And Becoming More Masculine, as it also affects Being A Winner And Not A Loser, is something much better suited to my NEW blog, NOT this one. Because I gotta talk about Being A Loser a LITTLE bit, to pave the way for Becoming A Winner, and I will not have Loser-Talk on THIS blog. I don’t want Feeeeeelz Creep on this blog. But I think, in its PROPER place, it’s not entirely bad.

Aaaaand here’s a great Hourlong Lecture By MIKKO ASPA from Feb 2013 on Noise / PE music:

aaaaannd here’s a great, super-in-depth interview from after 2010 with Mikko on Clandestine Blaze:

ht   tp://killmecreator.blogspot.com/2011/05/clandestine-blaze-northern-heritage.html


RIP Jeff Hanneman, RIP Ray Manzarek, oh wait I forgot Slayer and especially the DOORS were antiwhite, so thus I must be antiwhite, even when I THINK I’m being prowhite.



So as of May 2013, I am back to being an 80%-90% White Nationalist Sympathizer, but the more accurate term to label me might be “trying to be pro-white”, aaaaand I have a godawful weakness for 18-year-old Jewish and Indian girls, even though I PREFER 18 year old white girls. Though it becomes SCREAMINGLY obvious that Miscegenation Is Bad when you think about, at the very least:

a. The Clash of the two FAMILIES

b. The poor helpless choiceless CHILDREN that you would have – you’re essentially DEPRIVING THEM OF A RACE.

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Yeah this blog is not really uptodate, trying even less than usual.

Officially in the midst of a Hateful Phase until about June 2013 approx. Just gonna celebrate the hate. no apologies, no excuses. K-kes have turned wh-te men into f-gg-ts and wh-te women into wh-res. K-ke poison infests everything: TV/news/media, health care, jerbz, careeeeeers (k-ke kareeeer kult), i have come out of the closet and begun using the word “k-ke” liberally in my private writing and now, I suppose, my public writing.  my other current favourite racial slurs are “sh-tskins” and “mudslimes”.

plenty of whites are wannabe k-kes. but they don’t even KNOW they want to be k-kes. they’ve just been poisoned by skool and media and Boomer families that didn’t know any better.

k-ke cancer. k-ke pharmaceuticals creating lifetime customers, not curing illness, not helping people. k-kes promoting all sorts of degeneracy and saying it’s right….because THEY’RE not right.

living in a CAVE eating BUGS and ROOTS would be healthier for the white soul than watching k-ke tv, working in k!ke careers, eating k!ke food.

K!ke FOOD! filled with chemicals and toxins and poison. not just k-kes but the Collaborator Race Traitor WHITES who LET all this happen because it meant more MONEY for them, to poison their own people!

Anyway I hope to let the Hate transform me in a Positive Way, make me tougher and meaner and stronger and healthier and better.  that is why i am putting the time limit on it.  If I am “Consumed By Hatred” after june 2013, then and only then I will start worrying, but before then, NO PROBLEM MON.

SOME of it is due to Personal Setbacks and Failures and Weaknesses and Regrets and things I’m not too proud of, that really are no fault of the K!kes, but MY fault alone. Although for a long time I wanted to believe J-w LIES!

And yet I am still the same Niceguy who started this “Blog” almost a year ago, except now I am not afraid to say the word k!ke.  KIKE.

I have not gone off “the deep end”, however I am prob more committed to My Racial Awakening.  It is a tuff thing and it did not happen overnight. But I feeeeeeel I might have turned a corner. Went past the point of no return. Crossed the RUBICON.  For me that is represented by not being afraid to say words like KIKE. For You it might be represented by something else.

There is the objection that “I’m Doing This” because I’m just into Acting Out, Getting Attention, and being POLITICALLY INCORRECT, and what’s more Politically Incorrect than being a RACIST? Next thing you know the most cutting edge artsy hipster Brooklyn SWPLs will be wearing Swastikas like Sid Vicious to protest the Man, or sommat, and will then be inundated with 18 Year Old White P-ssy.

However there are much, much, much more important things in life than P-ssy, even Wh-te P-ssy, if all it is is Decadent K-ke Poison!

Currently a big thing for me is, How Jewish IS Christianity. Is christianity a “jewish conspiracy” to make whites bend the knee to their jewish overlords.

At the moment I currently LIKE much of the characters of, for example, Jesus and Mary. I LIKE the priest at the church go to most often. I have a generally POSITIVE opinion of the churchgoers there, EVEN the nonwhites! However I can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing; and the idea of The White Race is Feeding My Soul more than the Christian Religion; and I certainly wouldn’t put it PAST those sneaky YouKnowWho’s to at least USE Christianity to SOME extent as a weapon against the goyim. the stupid, stupid goyim.

Also something about being BORN white, but you can’t be BORN christian.

Despite an awareness of the J Poison in Televitz, I have been watching tons of it: Gayme of Thrones – is it just filthy p0rn poison pretending to be “fantasy”, or is it actually ok to enjoy it? Star Trek TNG: great characters, but how “poisonous” is it; Breaking Bad (all “caught up”), actually all caught up on the undeniably Filthy K-ke Kancer “Girls”; picking back up on Battlestar Galactica again. wrote a bunch of stuff on these shows, might post some.

Ideally will free myself from this J-vvish “need” for ENTERTAINMENT but I have a gloominess and grumpiness and bawwwww feeeeeelz which overcome me during the cold bleak winter months. this is much less healthy than the Little Bit O Hatred, which is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, We must be careful of Trace Elements of POISON which SLIP IN to the things we LIKE and still manage to POISON us bit by bit.

Fun Entertaining New To Me Music:

SARGEIST: Let The Devil In. Sort of new discovery, Finnish Black Metal that proves Sweden and Norway have been Ruined By The J-w. This is exactly what black metal SHOULD* be. this album was released in 2010, quite a late date. Black Metal is alive and well.

TENHI another Finnish group I’ve heard OF but never really listened TO till now. Might make a “Dark Folk” fan out of me.

Even though these musicians might not be personally Race-Awakened, they are definitely still Honest Whites, and their Poison-Free Music can Nourish the souls of other Honest Whites. Especially if you have a hardon for FINNS, hahahahaha.

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Heh. I am not much of a socializer, let alone in large groups, let alone in majority nonwhite groups, so I was grateful for the opportunity to Socialize in a Majority Nonwhite Group, to test my White Supremacist Theories. Okay there was 9 people: 4 whites and 5 Nonwhites: 1 latino who looked much moreso white than brown; 1 filipino; 3 vietnamese. They were all very nice and friendly. As A Gullible White, I thought this meant maybe All Nonblack Nonarab Nonwhites NonMestizos must be Nice and Friendly! (When I say “mestizo”, I’m prob abusing the term, and what I mean is those hispanics who are visibly more brown than white.)

Then I thought, Hypothetically, what if a White were to move into Vietnamese OR Cambodian OR Thai neighborhood, vs moving into a Black hood? This got me thinking that you could probably Rank Races on how Violent and Unfriendly they had been to Whites. For example, I have this Mental Stereotype that Filipinos are generally very friendly and would be nonviolent to whites if a lone white were to movie into a Filipino hood. But I could be wrong!

And when it comes to Race, I Still can’t Jettison the notion (how’s that for some F@gspeak?) of RELIGION not having any influence. What I’m thinking of now are MEXICANS and FILIPINOS who are VERY CATHOLIC. This would then lead to them trying to live their lives in a “Christlike” manner so theoretically they would get along just fine with Catholic Whites also living in a Christlike manner.

Note to self: investigate “POLISH NATIONAL CATHOLIC CHURCH” which I just learned about while reading the intro to “Our Heritage Missal” (can’t remember exact name) at a Slovak (but still Roman!) Catholic Church which was a LOT more Gung-Ho Devout Pious Catholic than the usual Non-Ethnically-Affiliated Catholic Church I usually go to.

The Catholic Church prides itself on being “catholic” aka UNIVERSAL, aka people of all races are all God’s Children, all called to follow Christ, etc, and dividing ourselves into races is a false flag, tower of babel BS, don’t be deceived by The Deceiver. And I can’t say that this argument is BS! No, I’m not a RACE TRAITOR, I’m just a CATHOLIC!

BUT, and here’s the real point, I was wondering about Assyrian Christian (aka Chaldean Catholics) and Coptic Christians and Maronite Catholics and those various national/ethnic versions of the “Catholic” Church, ie, they’re Not Protestant, heck I’m not even sure they’re Eastern Orthodox. They’re Catholic but not necessarily strongly Roman Catholic / Papists….? If I had any energy at all I would do Homework After Asking these questions, hahaha.

But needless to say, I have a Special Interest right now in Churches/Religions that do address Racial or Ethnic Issues.


Better than I expected, maybe B+! Andrew Garfield was better than I expected, his prettyboyness did not overwhelm. Always like Emma Stone, I’d give it to her GOOD. Nice to see Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Denis Leary. Struck just the right chord with the amount of corniness, sentimentality, and overwrought drama IMHO I expect from a COMIC BOOK MOVIE. Stan Lee is 90 years old and has a cameo. That J is so rich I can’t even imagine, but I sorta respect some like that with his Creative Empire. Decent Life’s Work. But I’m not a Comics fan, I can take or leave. Wouldn’t rule out becoming one in the future though. Like the ridiculous internal and external conflicts of The Superhero. Campbell Scott’s in here too! Great voice, you’ve heard him in many Zog Commercialz. Like to see if he starts resembling his father George C as he gets old. Gotta watch “Patton” again, hahaha. Can’t bring myself to watch the Tobey MacGuire / Sam Raimi Abortionz, and it this reboot is off to a solid start.

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To The Guy Who linked this on Stormfront, saying that I was claiming “Most White Nationalists Want To Miscegenate With Jews”, and Stormfront Readers who then come here thinking I Am saying that:

I am NOT Saying that, I am simply bemoaning an experience I had with a J Fetish, and trying to find out if the MSM has said anything about this. Not surprisingly, they haven’t said anything compelling about it. I was speaking only for My Past Self and Not All WNs, and I don’t know how “David Duke Fan” came to that conclusion. I don’t know if he is an Anti, but he has been on SF since 2009, so I am willing to give him Three Strikes.

I certainly don’t consider myself an “ANTI”; While I don’t consider myself a Full Blown White Nationalist, I am in the midst of a Racial Awakening as we speak, as You all were once. I sympathize with much WN’s say, and I definitely would consider myself pro-white, my own race! I’m not like that Australian comedian that wrote a series of articles about how creeeeepy and racist Stormfront was! I’ve been spending a decent amount of time reading SF and have mostly enjoyed it!

A lot of this blog lately is me being Interested in WN and what parts of it I like, and which parts I don’t like. Now True WN’s won’t like this pick and choose, “cafeteria” approach, but I argue you don’t have to be a White Nationalist to be Pro-White. Especially if you ARE white!  However I do have a few opinions that border on “Race Treason.”  But I don’t want to mate with nonwhites and I wouldn’t want my children to either.

In short, I do not think “MOST WN’S WANT TO MISCEGENATE,” so don’t believe that claim.

I was simply saying that Jews can be a tricky subject for some, especially before some Whites awaken to the fact that J’s are NOT white, because SOME jews, particularly young white-skinned jewish girls, look just like whites, and, AS WE KNOW, many J’s do not go around trying to convince Whites that J’s are Not White.

Interestingly enough, I am also a David Duke Fan, and DD’s work has been instrumental in my own awakening.

And FYI, this blog is filled with posts that would be considered “Anti-Semitic” by Antiracists.

I haven’t even POSTED on SF yet! Don’t give me the High Hat before I’ve even POSTED!

I understand WN Forums need to Vet Poster’s Bona Fides to make sure they’re not Antis, that’s fine. But I tell you what, I am DEFINITELY NOT a “Clllumnist”, I AM A BLOGGER! Paid Professional “Journalism” Is Repugnant to Me, and I have a lot of fun Writing Racist  and Narcissistic BLOGS and NOT Making a Careeeeeeeer out of it! This is NOT f00king GAWKER dot com!

///// END ////

I Kinda want to Bang the Manjaw Manhands Wimmin in the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial where she is a HUGE B!TCH who says “UM YR A TALKING BEE” NO SH!T YA DUMB B!TCH! And then she grabs the box with her Huge Manhands and says “WHAT’S THE RUSH” when the bee tries to leave when he sees that she is a psychopath with dead insects in frames.

This MIGHT be the same Wimmin from the Credit Card Commerical you saw over Commercialmas where she buys the Fantasy Princess Toy House for her daughter, and the cashier says “Have A Magical Day!” And she says “MKAY” like a B!TCH and has trouble squeezing the huge product in her SUV. (Citibank, Citigroup). she looks better in the Citi commercial. Yes she’s WAYYYY past prime of youth, into straight up MILF/Cougar territory. I am more decadent and perverted than the average White Nationalist, but less sex-obsessed than the Average Beta Chump.

her name is Jacy Dumermuth (aka Jacy Gross and Jacy King).

yes it is the same woman in both commercials. me and my nonwhite fetish hahaha. come on. she looks more like a man than she looks like a nonwhite! my d!ck is trying to kill my race!

“white men fetish for jewish women”
http://jezebel.com/5415364/on-details-hot-jewish-girls-and-sloppy-knee+jerk-misogyny (jezebelz screech snarkily & get paid for it)

the jewish fetish girl thing seems to have been brought about by a december 2009 details magazine “piece” featuring a broad with a star of david Tramp Stamp, and all this is pretty indicative of The State Of “LADS MAGS” in 2009, but still some interesting food for thought in there. and the last time the “phenomenon” was mentioned in the Mainstream Media


funny story about same day lay on curvy jewish butterface hahaha

[this might have been the sentence that turned on  the Stormfront Guy:]

so that’s me unfortunately. that will def get me kicked out of VNN, and Hanged, but I do think there is a connection between my “jew loving” and my “jew hating.” I think it’s due to The Tribe being such a Tiny Percent of the Worlds Population (less than 3%??) yet having SO MUCH POWER, AND their Young Wimmin looking the Whitest of any non-white race, such that they can EASILY Pass with the less racially-aware.

Heh. My defense is that my Jewish Fetish is not nearly as bad as it once was, I’ve got it under control, and I do have proof positive of also getting equally, if not more, fired-up over White Girls. SO there’s some hope for me yet.


UH OH, somebody looked up “bkctmoapghow” on google and I don’t THINK it was me. UH OH. I don’t think it records me, i do it all the time but it never recorded. Of course it brings up tons of results, like every single post or tweet. maybe i am being stalked by White Nationalists. Or Jewish Nationalists. Or by 18 Year Old Pale Slavic Girls who want to slip and slide all over me in the sauna, hahaha.


Because Of my prejudice against Wimmin and Pro-Men, I am prob more willing to allow White MEN to race-mix than White Wimmin. Because White Wimmin are Mud Sharks mating with Ghetto Criminal Blacks, while White Men usually get (rightfully) sick of White Wimmin and mix with ASIANS who are superficially more loving and feminine and stand-by-your-man. Heh. But I’m not sold on them, I think they can be huge scammers too, hahaha. They’ll just divorce theft you when they’re 25 rather than 35 hahahahahaha.

[ok that might have been the paragraph that was SOOOOO Offensive. OH WELL, it’s my OPINION. I am willing to cut white men more slack for Sleeping With Asians, than I am White Wimmin for sleeping with Blacks. IN AN IDEAL WORLD, however, neither of these unions would produce poor mixed babies. but to make ANOTHER Offensive-To-Everyone, Racists AND Antiracists, Generalization: I think a Mixed Baby with a White Father and an Asian Mother has Better Chances At A Good Life than a baby with a White Mother and a Black Father.]

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semi time machine, I saw this on dec 30 I think. 20 days ago. heheh. See if anyone remembers this movie a mere 3 weeks later. Predict no. Movies Suck and have no staying power and there’s 9000 new sucky movies released every week.

I actually didn’t HATE it, it was just 40 minutes too long. AND felt thrown-together at parts, like he gave up halfway thru. And Django and his wife were not compelling characters. Christoph Waltz carried the movie and (SPOILER) when he died about 70% thru, movie lost a lot of steam. Movie had its good parts, namely, Quentin IS capable of writing good dialogue. But the story ain’t really there. Style over substance I daresay. And I LIKED Kill Bill, I LIKED what I saw of “Inglorious Basterdz”. Even though it’s all about let’s kill the evil Germans, let’s kill the evil whiteys. Actually this movie wasn’t AS Racist as I expected. Or maybe I just was not offended by Evil White Slavemaster saying the N Word throughout.

Now when the movie was good, it was better than average, and when it was bad, it no worse than Average Bad. So I wouldn’t call it a complete TURD, but I was DEF disappointed. Sam Jackson was better than usual – I’ve gotten tired of him – but here he “pushed his limits” playing The Old Dark Crotchety House-N. A ridiculous role and he had plenty of makeup / mask type stuff, that was fine. Leo was charming as the Plantation owner. Jamie Fox was ok as the Titular Django but nothing spectacular. Again, Waltz stole the show.

Some of the music was good (nice pick of Richie Havens singing “Freedom”!) some of it was godawful (out of place gangster rap). Character development was disappointingly weak. Django is just a monosyllabic former slave, there’s no explanation why Leo is so Sadistic towards some of his slaves, he’s a good actor but I didn’t think the Sadism worked with the otherwise Charming character. It’s nice that Django is so chivalrous towards his wife, although the MRAs will be up in arms that he was doing all this for a woman, and the WNs will be all about the antiwhite portrayal of whites and how blacks do not have sense of honor and fidelity to their monogamous wife. I just thought the movie was long and drawn out and below Tarantino’s Average and got boring after Waltz is killed. Stuff to that point takes on a slow premeditated buildup and the buildup does not deliver. Within one minute both Waltz and Leo are dead. Come on. Weak.

On the whole, no more Anti-White than the Average Anti-White movie though. Nothing for Pro-Whites to get a huge bee in their bonnet about, hahaha. Produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, hahaha. I was expecting something really provocative and offensive and shocking, maybe like how “Pulp Fiction” was back in the day. But I got Tarantino on Autopilot.

Plus I’m sure not all White Slavemasters were awful Sadists. I SHOULD watch “Inglorious Basterds” just to see the Hatchet Job he did on Germanz. All I know about that movie is that the Blonde French Girl is really attractive and she realllllly does not look Jewish. Though plenty of Jews look white, very few jews look THAT white!

I have not been to a Movie at the Theatre in at least 4 or 5 months. You see the previews and the commercials before the previews and you see what f@gg0t bullsh!t it All Is. Stupid Movies, Stupid AD Slogans, forget about the Anti-whiteness for a second, even nonwhites should be insulted by this massive affront to human intelligence and integrity! The previews included “Gangster Squad” which seemed interesting for Sean Penn playing “Mickey COHEN” who CONTROLS the whole city, very interesting to see a Big Jewish Villain, why didn’t they just name him a goy name? I think Sean Penn actually IS a Goy, although a Gay Awful one, hahaha.

Then previews for Die Hard 5, Scary Movie 5, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crappy Tom Cruise postapocalyptic thing called Oblivion, some weak horror thing “Dark Skies” and the most promising was “This Is The End” with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Daryl Robinson, and Danny McBride playing themselves at the end of the world. Of course Danny McBride has to carry that bunch, he’s clearly the funniest. A bunch of crap in other words, and I will not go back to the theatre until there’s something new by LVT or Gaspar Noe or Woody Allen MAYBE. Maybe Refn’s next big movie. I didn’t even go to Dark Knight RISES.

I deliberately picked the Less “Multicultural” theatre out of the 3 closest theatres. And the Multiculturals aren’t even that badly behaved at the MOST Multicultural theater of the 3. I don’t know if I thought the movie would provoke Racial Tension, or if I just didn’t even feel like LOOKING at Albanians. That might have been it, hahaha. There were a couple blacks in my Django theater but they were very well behaved. They deserve an award, hahahaha.

It was either this or The Hobbit so I went on Metacritic and this beat the Hobbit soundly, like 81 to 61. Now movie critics are stupid and gay and evil but I thought they usually underrate things. And this movie had such significant glaring flaws (too long, Patchy Story, weak characters) that I can’t believe these critics couldn’t see that. Shoulda gone to the Hobbit. Which I also hear was not too good. Christoph Waltz was very good but not enough to make an average movie into a great movie. And I hear The Hobbit was not that great: too long and boring. Would not be surprised. I can’t believe they’re gonna make THREE movies out of that. Even TWO is too many. Heh. Not sure why I even WATCH movies any more. Probably just to Criticize them!

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That’s a song title but I can’t remember by whom. Possibly Superjoint Ritual. I SHOULD break this post up into 2 posts OK FINE I WILL!

ok maybe I should STOP writing about racial stuff because I am a NOOB and should at least read Stormfront and VNN for several months and report back later.

and also research White Genocide in South Africa. Whites being raped and murdered and mutilated by blacks.

Uhh huge falling out with Hunter Wallace betraying the trust of Greg Johnson
Johnson and Alex Linder might not REALLY hate each other and were friendly up until recently?
Huge controversy about Matt Parrott and his Mormonism and how pro jewish or anti jewish is he really
Robert Stark being mocked
Umm what I can glean is that VNN is super duper antizionist and I can appreciate that. Very unfriendly but also probably very prinicipled, to borrow Linders Friendliness vs Principled Matrix hahaha.
Quite honestly it’s f00king CONFUSING!
So yeah I could learn something by spending hours and days and weeks and months and years at VNNForumz. I never said I was Anti-Linder or anti-VNN, just that their Very Strong Opinions regarding White Writers is a little intimidating to The Newb!

greg johnson and hunter wallace fighting each other on a message board good lord
HW does not like Linder and calls him a neonazi

VNN seems like a magnet for drama within the Race-Conscious Community. Linder is a very controversial and charismatic, but also seems quite Courageous and Smart. Def Extreme though. But isn’t Extremer Better with Racial Consciousness?

Like I say, I’m Not There Yet, I might never be. I would not want to be in a position of influence or leadership if its just people arguing about how true you are and if you’re betraying people or not. what a waste. Hardly more productive than Bread and Circuses and Opium.

What’s the metric for how much you’re supposed to think The Holocaust Is A Holohoax before you become a White Race Traitor, in other words? I’m in the interesting position of Not Liking Jews, however I still think Jews were killed. But maybe Holohoax is saying the issue is not whether alot of jews were killed, it’s that, is 6 million jews even such a big deal compared to 11 million ukrainians + several million poles and millions of nonjews being killed. Though I prefer it when people address The Jewish Question rather that ignore it completely, it would be funny if I were accused of being PhiloSemitic just because I thought More Jews Died than “actually” did. hahahaha.

so much infighting. narcissism of small diffs “But THESE Differences AREN’T SMALL! They’re Huge and Traitor-Making!”

At any rate I Resolve to Lurk and Read More on VNN in 2013. But as of 2012 I prefer the Tone of Civility on Stormfront, hahaha. Because I’m a coward who refuses to Grow A Sack For My Children And The Future Of My Race.

And I can’t really be pro-hitler because of his crimes against poles and other whites. unless those are all jewish lies too, hahaha.
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t775095/ “did hitler hate poles”
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t275274/?highlight=poland+polish polish thread
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t369043/?highlight=poland+polish slavic thread
http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t207986/ polish german cooperation in WW2

try Committee for Open Debate On The Holocaust
heheh I have an achilles heel for the “academic”, “pointy-headed” types that go out of their way to say they don’t “HATE” and who don’t use “Racist” Language indiscriminately. And for that I deserve to be called a traitor and a plant and a mole and a loser by Alex Linder, hahaha.

there are “even” jewish holocaust revisionists, which appeals to my sense of Tolerance and Turning The Cheek and being a Niceguy Shabbas Goy, hahaha. If I were really extreme I would not read one word Any Jew Writes Ever About Anything.


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“Feminized western males in the white movement (see e.g., here) freak out when confronted with what William Pierce called “The Day of the Rope.” However, the absolute need for retribution is understood when pondering upon the history of the Iberian Peninsula: what happened once the Gothic mores were replaced by Christian ones.” END QUOTE

“here” is link to Greg Johnson “freaking out” about violent retribution, ie extermination of race traitorz, white race traitors hanging and scaring the sh!t out of the other whites. I HOPE I’m misunderstanding this; of COURSE I didn’t take the time to read Chechar’s post about Spain vs Portugual cuz I’m LAZY; AND I need to buy a new computer so I can read and write about this stuff in PRIVATE in PEACE in my BED where I have time to read and reflect on it all. [semi time machine, that part was written in early december haha]

One could say that whites have no business exterminating other whites, be they spanish v portuguese or poles vs russians or norwegians vs swedes etc. But that does make me think of times when whites HAVE been very brutal to other whites, for example ukrainians slaughtering poles?? then you could argue that “eye for an eye” is justifiable under the rules of war.

and I’m prob “freaked out” by the “day of the rope” because I know I would prob be hanging from it, with my SOFT and LENIENT and FEMINIZED stance! I guess “eye for an eye” is FAIR, but I would be too willing to give the benefit of the doubt, to keep co-ethnics from hanging for any imagined “crimes”. If you had evidence of a white directly killing other whites, that would be another story! But I couldn’t support hanging myself or Pat Buchanan simply because we don’t subscribe to the most extreme, violent, “masculinized”, retributive form of WN! Hanging for being soft on hanging!

But I should not be commenting on this anyway because I KNOW I’m misrepresenting Chechar’s argument, and Dr Pierce’s for that matter.

Also for some, the whole concept of “American Patriotism” needs to be thrown out, and I’m just NOT ready to do that yet.

THAT BEING SAID, I can understand the concepts of SYMBOLISM and SENDING A REAL MESSAGE. I’m just a Feminized Western Male SCARED of DEATH and VIOLENCE and KILLING and WAR, even JUST war. I guess this is what separates the MEN from the BOYS, in which case I’m def still a boy who might not WANT to be a man!

Reading Pat Buchanan’s 2011 “Suicide of a Superpower” and liking that, developing mancrush on Pat. Not disappointed by the first 30 pages. If that makes me a Big Softie, SO BE IT.

the trick would be to get trained as a WARRIOR when you’re YOUNG, when you’re a BOY, like in SPARTA. I def had the antithesis of that experience!

Note: WN is not MY LIFE, it’s only 40% of my Blogging/Reading Life at this moment! Other signif portions of My Life include working on my HEALTH, and “developing” my careeeeeer, etc.


Eh it was ok, kinda weird, didn’t really know what it was about beyond christians and pagans. good looking though. not bad, but no pusher hahaha. Don’t think Refn can make a BAD movie, but he does have the capacity of going pretty far “Out There.” B. Mads Mikkelsen is a Versatile Actor though. Playing the Boisterous N Bumptious Tonny in Pusher, the Silent But Deadly One-Eye in this movie, and I just realized he played the Villain in “Casino Royale.”


Once upon a time I met a (Prime Of Youth) Girl who was Mixed Race: Asian (Japanese I think, obv the Most Superior Asian Subrace!) and White (Slavic: Obv Not the most superior White Tribe, But the one that’s Closest To My Heart!). With her I might have been a Willing Race Traitor because I found her Orders Of Magnitude more attractive than Pure Asians or Chinese for example. Plus her face didn’t look SUPER Asian AND she had the delectable Curves of a Slav where the Asians have none. Of course. predictably, she was a Brahmin Kareer Kultist and ended up going to Harvard Medical Skool or something before I could bang her, hahahaha. I don’t even remember her name but I think it was something weird. I think I talked to her once and she didn’t come across immediately like a Total B1tch. Good for her! I was drinking plenty of Liquid Charisma because I wasn’t accustomed to talking to Pretty Prime Of Youth Girls, but I handled myself pretty well considering. But not good enough to bang, apparently!



Fun 30 minute Documentary On William Pierce. Only watched the first 10 minutes but I wanna remember it. It seems like it could be not Anti-Pierce! And makes his hysterical haters look like idiots.


VARG VIKERNES has been posting a lot of articles in the past month or so. IMHO these articles are more compelling than his most recent Book. I am trying to raise Varg’s profile among more than Just Burzum Fans, but among people that might be interested in his Pro-White, Anti-Zionist message. Copied Directly from http://www.burzum.org/eng/news.shtml :


Paganism: Part XIX – Comparative Mythology, my RPG & Europe,

Paganism: Part XX – Pagan Honour


War in Europe: Part VI – Regarding Adam Lanza and His Tribe


War in Europe: Part V – Breivik Unveiled

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